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Detrez Green /// Part 1 /// 525

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Detrez Green /// Part 1 /// 525

Part 1 of 2www.TrueCrimeGarage.com On January 21st and 22nd of 2017, forty tornadoes touched down in just under forty eight hours in the state of Georgia. The strongest was an EF-3 tornado with winds of one hundred and fifty miles per hour. FEMA and the National Guard were called in to support the rescue efforts. Damage estimates were around one hundred million dollars. Fifteen people died in Georgia and five more in other southern states as a result of these twisters. When the EF-3 tornado hit the Piney Woods Estates Mobile Home Park, two parents claimed the storm took their two year old boy Detrez Green. Join us in the Garage as we take a look at the parents strange story and discuss what really happened to little Detrez. Beer of the Week - Rally Point Bohemian Style Pilsner by Service Brewing Company Garage Grade - 3 & 3 quarter bottle caps out of 5 Our other show - True Crime Garage “Off the Record” is available only on Stitcher Premium. For a FREE month of listening go to http://stitcherpremium.com/truecrimegarage and use promo code GARAGE

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there are few things more terrifying than a tornado when this friends: go off Clamouring whale warns of an impending force of nature. Strong enough to lift a home off of its foundation, Human instinct is to run, take cover and pray we are all talking at a young age to love mother nature, but the fear her wrath as well. When it comes to a tornado, our parents taught us to take shelter in our basements at school. We would take cover under desk, but what a two year old. Little kid
have to rely on the protection of a parent or the help of a caring adult. The southern states are typically more prone to experience, tornadoes due to atmospheric conditions and other meteorological forces. We won't pretend to understand the state of georgia. suffers its share averaging about twenty tornadoes a year, the storms a range of damage? Summers minor damage to property, taking down trees, he's in power lines others are more destructive buying to entire buildings, but even in those cases rarely people killed warner systems are in place now buying all seek shelter in a bunker basement to wait out the twister above equally at least twenty minutes notice is given an answer. to allow everyone to find a safe place to ride the storm out, but in georgia on January, when he first and twenty second of twenty seventeen for
detour, NATO's touchdown in just under forty eight hours, the strongest was an e f three, with winds one hundred and fifty miles per hour a mild wide pad. The damage was indescribable in the wake of the storms. The state resembled a wasteland and was declared a state of emergency fema and the national guard were called in damage. Estimates were around one hundred million dollars, but even more important The destruction of homes, farmhouses barnes and buildings was the loss of life. Fifteen People died in the state of georgia and five other and other southern states as a result of these twister's, which left total devastation in their wake in time, neighborhoods were flattened by the storm one of the areas. Hit and dougherty county was a mobile home park located in albania. This was piny woods, estates, mobile home part occupying the thirty five hundred block of sylvester
as you can imagine the company of a powerful tornado and mobile homes, many of which are not permanently attack, sure foundation is deadly around fifteen p m on Sunday january, twenty second, the tornado directly hit the mobile home part. According to the Albani Harold, it's stayed on the grass for seventy one miles, ripping across the county and within minutes most of the mobile home park was pretty much wiped out. Some of the trailers were reduced to match, stick size pieces of Trees from the woods surrounding the park were everywhere: sinks, toilets, grills and furniture. We're stuck in trees in cars were overturn. It looked like a zombie apocalypse, but disoriented people staggering for help One CNN rapporteur described it as looking like a nuclear bomb went off. One hundred and forty five people who were displaced
The storm sought, shelter at albany civic centre turn into a makeshift hostile for the newly homeless. It was chaos and displaced. Residents despair at the total loss of their homes and their belongs this week, true. Crime story is less about those two we'll storms that affected so many people and more about what, was brewing behind closed doors, this is true crime garage, and this is the case with the treads green one of the mobile homes in the park located at three thousand five hundred and twenty seven sylvester road lot number eight was occupied a family of five on site, a january twenty? Second young parents Kevin a green and audacious rainy, and there,
a young children to boys and a new born girl weather the storm, mobile home. They decided not to heed evacuation warnings that had blared throughout the park. Although a trailer still stood after the storm pass through. It was declared a total loss because of a large oak tree that fell through the roof into the kitchen area of the home, as described by the outgoing harold rainy home like the rest of piny woods estate was a disaster area after the storm photos of the wrecked trailer showed dirt litter shoes and toys amid piles of debris and as they picked themselves up and came to their senses in the nuke after the storm cabinet in a data noted the absence of their two year old son distress so we have here captain the green family. It's going to be a family of five. We have Kevin a green and his
partner, a data rainy, often A point out in a lot of these news. Articles and new summaries of this story. There were gone. To be quoting in mentioning through our story. In our time line of this case, they will often refer to a danger rainy, as simply by her last name rainy and often kevin a green by his last name. Greens. I don't want anybody to get confused as we move our way through this up. Story here, standing outside of what was left of his home Kevin. A green described for a cnn reported the last time he saw his son distress now, keep in mind. Distress is two years old, quote
Last time I saw him he was playing with the toy. I just hope they can find him. You know I've been cry and man, but I dont want to cry in front of the cameras. You know this is what governor tells the reporter. He goes on speaking with their border to say, see that tree right here, it kind of divine me and then he's asked where you with your two year old when this happened. He response no sir. Well, we were in the sea. area, but we work together. Kevin I explained the last I saw him. He was right by that door. I was cooking and he was kind of right by me kind of its real difficult. I can't find my son don't got a place to stay. Those were his statements to cnn jerry green cabinets Rather, he told the following story to the atlanta journal constitution according to jerry green,
haven't told him later. They were watching tv when the storm hit and trends was playing with a remote control car on the kitchen floor quoth. He said he could hear the storm and strong winds and everything blow. the train was near the kitchen door when it flung open about the same time, a massive tree fell and split. The trailer separating pay it's from the child. On the other side, a data started toward distress, but cabinet was afraid. She'd get her and through her down with the kitchen door, open the window Rounded the parents screamed in the dark and after noon and wondered how they would save their boy until quote it snatched. My nephew out of the trailer jerry green said the traces mother, a data never spoke to the media. It sounds to me captain like did she not speak to them on that day, I dont think. Nor could I feel,
anywhere that she ever spoke with the media? In regard to this situation, we have a lot of her statements that are coming second hand through people that no her ass. He could be this too or broken too, speak on the matter. She's. Reportedly too, told investigators that detroiters slipped away from her and walked into the kitchen area toward the back door of the trailer just before the massive oak tree crash through the roof nowadays told emergency responders that she did not see the child leave the home or get swept away, but believe that indeed he had been carried off by the storm, and this is what she told her family,
the same kind of story but sort of so willie rainy. This is a dangerous grandfather. He tells the media quota data told me that he meaning detract kind of got spooked from the storm and that he ran toward the kitchen. The tree hit the house in the back door, flew open and the storm pulled him out of the house, and I quote this was they are radically possible of course after all, the average two year old weighs about twenty seven pounds, literally nothing too powerful for an e F, three tornado. Everyone agreed that the storm that powerful a storm that powerful could take a trailer off the ground, so it certainly could have taken a two year. Old child will think about the pounds of pressure to take just to open up the door. We don't know if that door was locked or or unlocked, but or latched yeah, and then also the pounds of pressure and the force that would have to
repertory out in smash into the mobile home, and I want to be clear about something before we move on here captain when we say a data told emergency responders emergency risk, others are responding to that area immediately after the tornado leaves the area. These are not statements that she gave to those respond when they are arriving on scene and will see how that breaks down as we go through our time line here now, captain here's a breakdown of day, one of the search for little distress, green. So within an hour. This is exactly what I'm talking about re or within an hour after the storm hit. The park emergency management officials convened on dougherty county to survey the dam
and to assist people who were injured, stranded or otherwise, although first responders were swamped and overwhelmed by the number of people needing aid after the storms pass through on sunday afternoon. Of course, a missing toddler swept up by the storm, we'll take top priority sunday night, no, the times here the tornado roles through their about three fifteen that afternoon in an hour. Emergency services are in the area there at this mobile home park. It sought until that night that their searching for distress and will find out why, here in a bit, but by sunday night captain, it was all hands on deck in the search for detract green. We have dozens of albany search and rescue personnel members of state agencies. We have civil air patrol and specially trained sir,
rescue firefighters, descending on that piny woods estates, mobile home park and mobilise to scour the area for detracts from also guessing at this time. There's no electricity in that area. No, but the personnel that where describing here, would be used to that type of situation, and given the area you know, the the southern states are more prone to these types of storms and tornadoes, then up in the north and other parts of our country. This is not their first rodeo answer they know what they're doing and their experienced They know where to look, and we have this statement that kind of backs this up. This comes from the dowered county search and rescue team member lan scala, who told w tee
I shall quote. We started working this area based on the rotation of the winds if the child was taken out of the home and sucked over to the side where we thought he might have landed. So we took all these debris fields apart and the georgia search and rescue team came in and went back to the house. The child was supposedly living in and took that debris field and house apart. We covered out to the northwest going out, the bypass just to make sure that the child was not carried out in that direction of the storm. So what he saying here is based on. The information that we had based off of the information and of the storm itself right in the direction that it was true, Lange and what we ve seen in an from previous storms and previous damage done by these types of tornadoes. We had a good idea of area to prioritize when looking for this little boy and
He saying we started with this area. We didn't find a treasure. We find any trace of it right we're not finding clothing or shoes or anything belonging to the boy or anything to indicate to us that he ended up in this area So then we're moving on to the next most likely area that he would be to the point where it finally, there finding themselves at the next priorities area. Being the trailer itself being his home, it's to make sure hate he's not under the tree. He's not You know, he's not remaining in that area, so the searchers basically dismantled. What was left of the families destroyed mobile home me ensure that determines wasn't under that voluntary or in the rubble of the home itself, either injured.
scared and hiding or otherwise, now per w a l b rescue crews searched through every inch of that home and both cadaver an search dogs were brought into aid in the search for truth, green. But a very difficult situation is, like you said, he's under thirty pounds the small little child. We have big pieces of debris that her have fallen all over the place had been moved all round. This is a very difficult search. extremely difficult, you're. Absolutely right! Now, let's go through days two and three because day one unsuccessful. Now they didn't get started until Sunday night. But let's see what happens with days, two and three as the intense searches continued for detract green. So we have searchers
coming through what was left of the surrounding homes, the surrounding homes. Next to greens, parents, home and the woods that is around the park itself, the mobile home park itself. in total the search parameter was a half mile in diameter quote. We are doing every We can to try to find this child, and hopefully alive, stated dougherty county emergency management agency officials on Tuesday helicopters, hovered over piny woods estates and the surrounding woodlands, in swamps, searching for any sign of the boy. Now, captain Bobby spargo of the opening fire parliament told the avenue Harold quote. We have are georgia, search and rescue teams in here today they have gritted off the search area and they are taking it into by inch they're, not moving a foot forward.
until they see dirt. It is going to be a long drawn out process As far as we know, the boy is the only missing person from this area. It was tough going because this area is swampy with areas covered and thickets and brush. As you said, captain debris was everywhere and parts of the surrounding landscape. We're chile flooded with storm waters from four inches of rain that the area received over that we get now search crews had to hack their way through the brush and cut through downed trees. It was basically like searching for needle in a very complex, dangerous haystack lane, scala the dougherty county search, a rescue team member, told fox thirty one. We re
some time grid searches. This morning. My understanding is that georgia, search and rescue is getting ready to start taking debris fields apart, we're going to cut them up, pull them apart, piece by piece to make sure we get a thorough search of this area. The search and rescue teams had to cut paths into the debris field, to clear a way for cadaver and live search dogs into these areas. All to look for this missing little boy there stand in water around this area rang in parts yeah in parts, so they received four inches of rain over the course of that weaken in our search word now to tuesday. So there's been some time for the earth tubes with some of that brain for to run off so yeah. They have parts that are still
holding some water, we're not talking. You know feet of water, we will be talking inches of water and, as I said, there are some swamp areas that I would be in the woodland area that surrounds this mobile home park. So those areas are always very difficult. As you pointed out, I mean it's, it's just a really incredibly difficult situation, number one you're looking for a small boy, that's a different kind of search than if you are looking for an adult and then compounds with the storm that came through, and you know when you see these when you see these mobile home parks and the devastation that a t three tornado can cause anywhere, but especially in mobile home parks. You see. z in inner fox news or your low
will channel and you go wow. I mean it's just it's incredibly shocking and I think it also kind of reminds us just how small we are individually right, that that we aren't that powerful and that when mother nature comes in man, she can make a big mess, and she certainly did here in this situation at that mobile home bond looks with some of the overviews that I am looking at here. It does look like there are some deeper areas of water, It's almost like a like pawns. Yes, there is a pond that is in that same area. The other thing, though too. You know we talk about these dogs coming in, be it cadaver dogs or live search and rescue dogs and you have already this complex situation, but now you situation where you're being told that the boy was in his mobile home he's near the door, the dog
kicked open by the storm somehow and then either he pending, on which store you want to give more weight to dad story or them. Story either he sucked out of the trailer or he made his way to the door and then got lifted by the tornado We have to take into consideration here. You ve brought in these dogs to look for assent or to find this boy having to clear pathways for the dogs to have something to smell, to have something to kind of trace. To look for the tress right- and this is not going to be a quick process- this is going to be a long time consuming process top that off with we ve covered plenty of cases where you have a person that goes missing and they bring in sent dogs oars. You know somebody may have been abducted and they bring in dogs to try to track the person or track what happened to them
and they have a cent to follow. They have somebody who walked on the ground to to get to where they were going or even a child being lifted by an adult and carried away. You still have something to trace, and here, if, if you have a boy, the spin lift it up off of the ground and carried away by a tornado. I don't know what there would be to to trace for these dogs to track. I guess with a cadaver dog, they are trained to find a cadaver. her. So if that were the situation, they dont technically need a cent to follow. They are going to be looking for sense of human remains. You know, someone that that has expired. But again I just said: there's so much debris on some level that has to throw off their proficiency. The
a difficult thing to is and we'll get into the details of this as we go through our time line and through the details of the case. But what were they using to give to the dogs to have them? wreck the boy. There is no mention of that, and I think that there's probably pretty good reason for that, and I think will see that as we go on because overhead view of this area goes from my mobile park home neighbourhood to basically those psych, A trash dounia psych looking for is looking for a small person and a junk yard in it, it's a junk yard. There was created hours ago, and he could be under any of that rubble. Now I want to mention something here, because the kind of breeze through it a little bit, and I think that it would be a disservice to not
really underline and echo in point this. This fact out. We have these search and rescue expert. the teams that were brought in the face of that search and rescue efforts. The media person is telling the media. The trend is the only person in the storm. There has not been found, Now that was on tuesday right the storms which took place on sunday on tuesday. This person is telling the media he's the only person. That's not been found this storm, havoc on the area. There were people that lost their lives, maybe not This immediate area, but in the end, the overall spectrum of where this tornado hit there were people that lost their lives. Basically, without going into too much information here. What that person is telling us is, He found all of the other people, carried away or affected by the storm b, dead or alive. We float
everybody else. This is the only person that we have not been able to locate number one number two. We don't have any trace of this boy as well, very bizarre and we're going to see some more bizarre activity as we continue along death by tornadoes is, cannot all over the map of two thousand and twenty one. We have seventy three deaths and to the two thousand and twenty we have as seventy six people that perished in tornadoes compared to. thirty, two and two thousand nineteen, so they're gonna all over the map, but it's obviously very rare rare and it's going to be completely based off of you- know that
when he tore NATO's. You have and then the severity of those storms themselves right, because if you know we have statistics on car accidents and people that die and vehicle related incidents right, if nobody drove vehicles than that number would go to zero. You know. So it's it's a very it's. It's a difficult thing to put a number on right to say that there is an average number for that because, as all based off of weather and storms, that We all hope, don't happen again, and fluctuation varies just in the amount of tornadoes that we have one thousand and one year to one thousand five hundred the next year in a significant jump. You know it's not like. We can say well, we know for certain there's going to be one thousand five hundred tornadoes every year I've been very lucky. I've experienced a lot of tornado warnings and really only two real tornadoes
hit my immediate area that I can recall? You know I couldn't age, and that's that's one of those things. I love those southern states, man and, in the summer time, eimer minded when I, when you flip on the news, it's just heartbreaking, you hear of some some years. You know you you referenced. Fifteen hundred tornadoes one year, some years that it's, like you turn on the t v and it's those storms are too frequent and too devastating, now or or people that have to also experience hurricane on days. Four and five: the searches for detroit has resumed at dawn with even more her hands on deck civilian volunteers who turned out in droves to help look for the missing toddler after hearing about him on the news were permitted to help at this time days: foreign five crews, search through the debris and demolish homes. Looking for any
line of dress video is available of rescuers in fatigues chopping through dance brush and down branches. To look for him, I mean it was a mess. Wednesdays search was described by the dayton daily news as search and rescue workers in Albany were looking for. The missing toddler, from dawn until dusk, rescue crews had come through the rubble of the boys home, but found nothing on Wednesday. They were still sifting through debris of neighbouring homes. Albany fire captain Bobby Spargo said that searchers were trying to maintain a positive attitude, but it was not easy according to w F ex l search dogs ray added to a pod. This is there the? U water area that you are talking about, reacted to a pond behind the trailer park, so they decided to go ahead and drain this pod pumps.
were brought in and ran all night long being the water level. By eight feet, then the lounge county dive team was brought into com the depths of the shallow murky water searches continued for five full days and during these five, the old days of searching for little to tread green. There was no sign of the missing child one. If you just do a simple google search on the power of tornadoes. Tornadoes have picked people and items up carried them some distance and set them down, sometimes without injury, but they also have been known to pick up people and animals and have transported them up to a quarter mile with more serious injuries. I couldn't imagine being carried a quarter of a mile away and it is just insane
Now searchers for detracts found nothing. As we said, there was some evidence of him or of a child anyway, inside the home, the he lived in photos of the wreckage show children's shoes in such, but the truth was nowhere to be seen and, as we pointed out, he's supposed to be one of three children living in that trailer. So to say that They found evidence of him. I think they are going out of their way here to tell us captain, we found evidence of a child, not specifically detract green, bright, lawn scala, told w t accept that there was very than it was very rare for a person to vanish without a trace. During a tornado, saying in a search situation. Usually we find some clothing. We find some human articles weaken tie to the victim. In this case, we didn't
anything to have a report on what he was wearing, though, because it is a toddler. So it's like you know how many times you the friend's house when they have a little one in and he just kind of walking around in diapers or maybe a one z, e right and that's I mean again work we're going to see the complex of this case, get even more complex as we go, because what we don't have here captain is, we don't have parents in the area helping with the search we don't have parents, speaking with law enforcement and search and rescue, to help in any way with the search browser. have this incredibly difficult search going on and mom and dad, or am I a right? What are searching expert is saying
Basically what he means it. Normally things belonging to the missing person, be it a doll or child, or what have you close and so on should have been found in the search area somewhere, but they these weren't, found nothing was low aided in this situation. And yes, it's a complex area. it's a needle in a haystack situation. But again this is not these people's first rodeo when it comes to these types of searches, their familiar with two it is therefore my with the damage that they do and their familiar with how to find people as quick as soon as possible and spend a lot of time building strategies to conduct these types of search and rescue efforts. Jan, it's not like these experts are coming to the parents and saying hey, look, there's no hope, don't worry about search of form. There's there is no hope there is no sign of him, and there is no hope when you have experienced
but you said, train experts. It's it's hard to know how one would react specially if you saw him or the like. You said this is a dramatic situation. There could be things that they they may be. They did see him get swept away by the tornado and they just can't remember it with details because it's a traumatic they, but so maybe consciously. They know that their child is gone and we won't have to there's no point of searching form. But if it was me, I'm I'm lookin as long as I can stand as long as I can move as always, I can keep working. I am looking for this child everybody.
out there in parts are known. Please make note of this. If I go missing, I want the captain in charge of the search and rescue efforts, he's not stopping until the colonel or whoever is looking for is located, and that's what these search and rescue personnel were attempting to do with the treasure green. But don't you find it strange that these strangers are willing to put more effort? into searching for this child than his own family members well and, of course, and that cause that will led to all kinds of questions in regards to the family, the family dynamic, to tread green. What was going on with the family. Are we to believe in
these stories away, hearing of him being swept away in the storm, because, after more than five days of intense costly and frantic searching, officials felt that they had exhausted all search avenues. Dougherty, county emergency management agency director wrong row said in his friday daily press conference. This is to update the public about the storm clean up and search endeavours for de trends that they had done all that they could possibly do and said that the case of missing the treasure green was being remanded to the towers county police department.
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standing room, cheers to you, MR captain. Now we have a statement here in regards to where we left off right, where we have the emergency aid he direct IRAN row telling us. You know we ve done all we could, and now We're handing this over to the police department to the dougherty county police department and his statement is, as such, We ve had over two hundred personnel here in town, including georgia, search and rescue teams working out, there's an hour's doing a search and rescue operation. We ve cleared all three areas: a b and c divisions that were gritted off. We cleared in area to ground level and below at least one hundred and fifty yards away from the site we ve drained a pond to where you could walk through it. We have put dived
aims. In other sections of it we have been a mile and a half down stream. We ve have been hundreds of yards pass, this pond area. We ve literally cleared the ground to dirt. We have completed this and we have officially ended our search for them, in child. We have completed our mission. It is in our best expert judgment there in this area. The missing person is not there at this time again. That last line was the missing person is not there at this time. So this statement is pretty unequivocal right now per the albany herald, dour, the county police chief, Jackie battle, said that going forward to tresses case would be handled by the D c. P d, as a missing persons case, saying quote information we were given is that this child was lost in the storm and, of course, we called in search and rescue and
As you ve heard, Dave exhausted everything chief battle said that the d c p d investigation would continue and that they were in the process of conducting interviews about detour, ass. So now, captain after the official searches for deters were called off. Investigators began to question what they have been told about de tresses disappearance itself. There were some red flags, they told the media and sergeant David mcveigh, who was the chief deasey pd detective on the case said they pulled out all the stops in the searches for distress which went on for five days involved. Hundreds of personnel costs several millions in manpower and acquitted we're pretty confident we would have come across his remains. He said, but the oddity of the child vanishing into thin air wasn't the only thing that raised investigators, eyebrows, something was wrong here and it started. It started with the parents governor in a day
asia, brain and now, in our time line, the media starts to read between the lines in the official statements about the boy right, which hinted that all was not right. And so some members of the media started to do some digging of their own here's. An excerpt from the atlanta journal constitute- and when the wind died down, residents emerged to see the devastation Chris Terrell. Thirty three who lived near to tresses family, told the atlanta journal constitution. He went to help name aunt rainy and grains trailer, so he's at Detroit as his family's trailer. He says that there he helped extract a baby girl who was apparently unharmed between a fallen dresser and the wall. Terrell said he then asked to
men in front of the trailer if they needed more help. One of those men was kevin, a green, the other, a neighbour to which both said no ok. So to be clear, what this statement means is we have parents, We have one of the parents is there with another person standing in front of the trailer this man just poor, little girl, your baby girl from the trailer who was lodged under debris inside the whole, This is immediately after the storm Kevin, a green, possibly has a missing two year old at this time, immediately after the storm the storm, this, rosalie took the child according to his statements and his eyeballs, what he says he saw with those eyeballs he's asked if he needed any help in apparently no we're all good right. What parent in their right, mind, who could not find their child
would say no to an immediate offering of help he saw with his own balls, but They need help him when he says I am all good here, we're all good. We don't need our help is cousin. They lookin. So if you ain't looking than why would you need help? Look they look in in part of me wonders. Have they not come up with this scenario yet right? Have they not come up with the idea that their child was taken by the storm because it was too fresh was to new an old dad ain't that quick, then we have others who also noted the disinterested reaction of both of detroit as his parents. They go on the record to tell us what they were witnessing now, the fall. Doing is all from the atlanta journal constitution, so we have LISA coolly. This is a audacious and These two were very close with lisa
being a mother figure to the young woman. Lisa tone the atlanta journal constitution that her niece in Kevin's behaviour after the tornado was odd. Lisa said she. Never saw a deja cry as she was shocked by how soon her niece referred to detract in the past tense and lisa sister, whitney rainy said she confronted their knees, out the tress. They were having a video chat and data. Wouldn't look her in the eye while telling those last moments talking about those last moments in the trade was just going to say I, the these are major red flags. You you're not asking for help you're, not even looking you don't seem to be concern. You seem to have. No,
ocean and now, when you're talking to a family member, you came and look at them straight into the to the eyes and what I find so interesting about this. Your captain is in regard to caviar. But, more importantly, here with a data is that we have people saying look. This doesn't feel right, something's wrong here and that's not just law enforcement or the search and rescue teams. Now it's her own family people that she was close with people that would have her back they're. The ones saying there's something off here, there's something strange going on. I think the first question for law enforcement is: is it possible for this child to be swept away by the tone
and you go yes and then, even with the expertise of the search team, you start goin. Is it possible that that this child was picked up moved? We know that the actual, like adults have been picked up by tornadoes, moved a quarter of a mile you if you have this child move too to actual moving body of water? If he it's that water young, then he could even travel further any just would never find them. So is that possible? Yes, this possible, so it's possible. The tornado took him away its possible that the tornado took him in to a situation that these these expert searchers were not able to find him. That is all possible, but why doesn't the parents care? Why does it seem like this child wasn't even in the trade? Exactly and that's why
we have to call everything into question you're one hundred percent right. It is possible that he was swept away and they just couldn't find him doesn't to be likely from what the experts are telling us but possible, and then you have not just law enforcement questioning the parents themselves, neighbours questioning the parents, but you have a dangerous Emily right. Like I mean if somebody somebody walked up to you on the street some person you never met and in your life walks of maximum the fake locks up to you and says so, and so a real, a real turd burglar. Or turn ferguson or somebody that you ve known forever light you ve known me forever If I walk up to say so, and so is a real, a real turd ferguson, aren't you going to believe
me like doesn't my statement? Carry a lot more weight than just some stranger, some random person that you ve met within the last day. This is her family, saying something's, not right here we dont believe her. We have sergeant mcveigh the detective. He said he was concerned because in his assessment the parents, emotions work in it. He also noted that caviar and data gave conflicting statements about what happened to distress, Then we have really rainy days. Uranium grandfather said that he noted was Kevin complaining about a missing cellphone after the storm saying that Kevin was intent on looking for the phone but not his missing sun and here's where it gets really interesting. This is, per the in a journal constitution article six days
the tour, nato, a child welfare worker, took custody of de tresses three year old brother, an infant sister asked why the kids were taken. The de F c s spokeswoman would simply say that the agency listens to police seems like a pretty simple and forward answer, maybe we have read between the lines a little bit but sounds to me like they have. Cause to believe that the other children could be endanger based off of what police are telling them. So One had alerted the f c s that thee gaining children of caviar anna data might be, could be and possible danger in the care of their parents, abu ikey. Imagine being that grandfather and hearing that year, caviar- and perhaps everyone says, stupid name- is looking for a cell phone in those upso said about self,
but does it seem to be upset about as two year old son? We do have Kevin's brother, jerry green, who were feuds all of this. He kind of goes to Kevin's, defend, saying that remembers his brother and the data crying inconsolable e after de tresses disappearance. He told the newspaper Does anybody know my brother like I do he ain't lion, but I don't know regardless to me captain it seems like did there's so much more than just the lack of emotion on the part of the parents. That raises suspect send to me and obviously too many others out there, they say you know hurt me once shame on me. Hurt me twice: you're dead to me hurt me three times your family. Maybe there is some rifts between son and father and in the end, he's not in the grandfather's. Now,
accurate depiction of actual what happened. Yeah I mean it is a tricky situation. You have your saying that the police have a hunch. The neighbours have a hunch, now? Family members have a year, and basically, what I see here is you, like you just said, everybody has a hunch, the we want. That seems to be coming to the defence of of these. Two of the parents is Kevin's brother, jerry, green everybody else's, calling it everything into question the you know her grandfather her her aunt, her other family members, everybody else's saying again that they're just something that's suspicious here incredibly suspicious. Let's take that suspicion a step further because de tresses parents they stop talking to media after that one initial clip in which Kevin told them that he hoped they would find his son. So that that brief little cnn spot is the
only time that I could find that either parents spoke with the media in regards to their missing sun, which right. We ve been doing this long enough to know that that's an incredibly bizarre behaviour. We have the statements of long for in saying that this is the only time that that any of them spoke with yeah. I don't. I don't really have a problem with that, because I think if my child went missing specially a two year old, I I don't think I want to talk to anybody other then search deemed law enforcement, family members that be the only people that be talking to right. I mean it's not a situation that I'm thinking that my child was abducted. If I thought my child was abducted now course from talking to the media- and I am talking I'm doing press conferences to talk to that individual- that I think maybe abducted my child, but that its this is a different story.
Patient. I agree, but when you agree that it starts off as a different situation than after six or seven days and search and rescue personnel telling you we should have found him or a trace of him by now. Right as apparent, aren't you going ok, well any things possible. Maybe maybe the storm took him in somebody found him a bad person found him, I mean, would you be willing to shift gears, make adjustments in. Do anything pull out all the stops after I mean I again it after day, one day to maybe day three, but at some point I'm goin this shitting work and let's try something new here and I mean, let's take it a step further as from a long for my perspective. They are hoping and praying that the parents will speak with media. Why? Because talking to law enforcement. So if DR they're gonna get statements at all their hoping that it will come by way of me yeah and despite the news, media, tv cameras and crews and reporters being all
for the mobile home park, staking out the family. destroyed residence in talking to neighbours, no one was found. This is the other bizarre think. No one was found at the piney woods states where they lived. Who ever recalled seeing detractors ever no one ever recalled. seeing him at any point any of the neighbors. So one network, fox thirty one. Do it back up a second chance follow saying there they ve never seen the child ever so the place where they lived. Now they lived there for the entirety of distress. Greens life, but they live there, long time the media reporters are going round and asking neighbours questions because again that the parents aren't speaking with the media either, so they, the media once did the story. This is a story of interest, it's a missing toddler and a story Mr blame: it's a rare situation there in the business
Telling stories fastening stories then are rare stories and this hidden here, that's what you have. So it was of interest to the media. There bay the parents first statement or to do an interview and outside of that one interview that other does was CNN. They got nothin so interviewing neighbours that lived in this trailer park in this mobile home park and saying tell us about the family. Tell us what you think happened up. Tell us about concern in the community for this little boy in every person, after person, after person neighbour, neighbor after neighbour, all saying the same thing all the time that they lived here. I never saw that little boy, I've never once seen him. They couldn't find anybody that lived in that mobile park, go on record or camera saying that they had seen the kid at any time ever? Why else would become the tricky situation, because two other children that were taken away from my a toddler in infant and three year old was cracked, so
The train was the middle child. There wasn't, there isn't older child slightly older, and then we have the little baby girl that, after two trends is missing and parents are not cooperating with the search and rescue effort brain supposedly according to child services, they are told something by lease and they make a determination that lobbies, other kids, could be endanger based off of what could have happened to distress. So let's go in there and take these kids and but I also wonder of today's that as a tactic, if we take their other kids, maybe they'll start trying to cooperate with us. I will start trying to talk to us, so here's a breakdown of what I could find in regards to people saying that they ve seen to treasure, have not right so the out. So we have one person right. I did find a car
from the treasures aunt kasza griffin. She told a new station that the train was friendly and he would walk up to you and hold onto you. But then we have the search and rescue worker who tells a different new station quote we talk to people in the mobile One park nobody said they had ever seen: either parent with the child, although they had seen the parents buying diapers, nobody in the mobile home park had ever come up and said. Yes, we saw that child here that day, so that made it difficult for us and quote now so what they're buying diapers we just went through who lives in the family. We have two other small children, hopefully they're, buying diapers yeah. They had three children that would all be in diapers at that time. So I think captain we can just
wordly, say here right like so again despite the news, media tv cameras and crews and reporters being all over the the park, confining money to say that we. saw him, and then we have the actions or reactions of the parents themselves. They stop talking to the media. After that, one interview by cnn with the father and then he saw two. You start to remind yourself. This is not how concerned parents act and therefore you know it, have the parents out creating publicity. We don't have them handing out flyers, we don't have them posting on social media are doing anything at all to spread awareness of their missing little boy. It's almost like if it went now. The way they say that went down, it seems to me they're, fine with it or they're, just gonna sit back and do nothing and allow everybody else's search, but they are not going to do anything not actively anyway. So I think we
say when every penny listening at work and in their cars is thinking right because, as you can see, this boy is missing. No doubt about that but just six days or so into the search for two years: the treasure green people started to wonder when was to try, has really seen lives. Thank you so much for joining us and like all ways for everything through crime check out true crime garage dot com join us back
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