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Diane Schuler ////// 69


The Taconic Parkway Crash of 2009 was one of the areas most tragic stories. The fatal three car crash resulted in the deaths of eight people. It was quickly determined that Diane Schuler 36 years of age was responsible for the crash and the homicides of the other 7 innocent victims. An autopsy determined her blood alcohol level to be .19%, that's more than two times the legal limit for the state of New York. Her husband and sister in-law have publicly stated that Diane was not a drinker and this was not a homicide but in fact an accident. Her erratic driving was the result of either a stroke or a health issue. Tonight we examine the Schuler families' statements and take a look at the facts. Why was a seemingly good mother driving under the influence with 5 young children in her vehicle?Don't drink and drive and please stop texting and driving!

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In new orleans, twenty twelve bruce twelve here chair, I drove to an address some one had given him that didn't exist ass. He stood in the park lot where the address should have been, he was shot and killed. I'm you d umbra join me for the newest season of counter clock as I die, the motive behind bruces murder, a series of events that have never been fully investigated until now. Binge all fourteen episodes of counterfeit season: five, wherever you listen to podcasts.
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It gives a more detailed description of what happened before she went off on the treadmill saturday and what you had to eat together with the conversation right from the moment, you woke up woke up at six o'clock and went out to my boat to point it out. Do what I gotta do came back about four to seven seven o'clock and woke her up. Saying we have this dog lena camper, like getting all before driver. She woke up Imagine the bags always not awaken. It gives up slowly again the kids dressed the unloaded, the camphor, while the bags outside the camper- and I will the guy me lord among a cup of coffee took up above it. Then we left
You remember your last word just adding wonder why I like you, we were trying to locate the coordinated and making them thinking. What would that they were? I they were ended. Tarrytown run better, I'm trying
a friend of mine, the gorgeous girl, girls, camping, a very young girl, deal that denied the girl, the girl just called in this sram the cars driving very radically. We think she sang the anthem and picking up the cell phone right now and his sister called you can't talk anymore. There's three kids in the car they're trying to five they're trying to locate her. The woman's name is Diane Schuler. They just put it out to the postcard and see if they could locate her because the the the woman is driving the car and they think is having a medical emergency. She cause she called and she couldn't talk anymore and she got five kids in the car. No one in your car is registered to your car, the on The
most of you will know that death from the trailer and from the sound clips involved in a trailer that today, we are talking about the chronic parkway crash that took place July. Twenty six, two thousand and nine now you're saying well. This sounds like an accident: wire sounds like an accident that you're doing the show. It also sounds like a car accident. However, we bank and at the end of it over, we did are very fine. Halloween show if you ve, not checked that I'll go back and check that out, but what we did was we both picked are top ten favorite, true crime, documentaries, and after that was released, we had a lot of great feedback from the. nurse stating you know. Oh, I you ve given me documentaries to why that I'm excited to check out. Have you seen this one? Have you seen that one? and don't overwhelming Lee we got is we should check out there's something with aunt diane yeah, which I was
Julie released on hbo, and I watched it recently on amazon prime so there's some ways to to find that out in to watch out for yourself, but as the captain said, we had a ton of people saying this is one of my favorite quote: unquote, true crime documentary. So that's what we we discussing today so one- and we had one of my bodies- just tell me- should cover this. This is not a kick. It is not a crime, maybe drunk driving, but, like you were staying, your to me, the police. Then they they world is a homicide. Yeah yeah. According to the westchester medical examiner, the crash was quickly ruled a homicide because all the victims were killed due to diane's driving, regardless of the toxicology findings that did, they would come up with
after the crash so too, to set this up. Diane schuller is the driver of of the vehicle that caused the accident that cause the crash and she was born and nineteen. Seventy three she was the fourth child of warning Eileen. ants she's the only girl in the family when Diane was about nine years old. Her mother left the family. Now this would be something that she didn't seem to like to talk much about or to go into much detail of, but it sounds like her. Mother may have left with a neighbor man or family friend, but after she. leaves diane kind of takes on some of the mother type roles. I hate I hate to box that into the mo mother category cause it's not mom's job to clean the house or clean the kitchen, so I don't want any of that feedback. But that's what took place took place in this situation
Being the only girl she took on some of those duties that the the mother might have generally done beforehand now at some point in their lives, the her and her brothers, lives, the mother did reappear and reach out to the different children and try to have some type of relationship, I'll make amends some kind and I'm not certain at work point in their lives is took place, but it sounds like the diane was not accepting of her mother, where the other children have some sort of relationship with her now However, once she left the family left, Diane's life diane chose not to let her back into hers. Diane is described by friends and family as a very smart woman, hard working as she seemed to be the take charge, kind of person, her friends and
We all said that if there was any kind of situation regardless of family or what what you were out to be doing that day, she was always taking charge of each city patient. She, as we said, hard working. She worked her way up the ladder at a big business ass. She worked for cable vision and she was the director of credit billing and collections, and she proximately like a hundred thousand dollars a year, so she was a driven person. She was successful. She was married to Daniel shore and her Daniel. They had two kids together and they worked opposite schedules, though Daniel was a security guy and he worked which, as you know, primarily in niger, That's why he worked. He worked lots of knights and diana worked more traditional hours with the her job at the cable vision, company
As we said, Daniel and Diana had two children. These were young children, a young daughter and young son. At the time of this crash ends, They also had three nieces and the way that what they were doing this week and what led up to this was they had taken a family camping trip, and they took the three news, like your long ground, young, the typical you know, you park your trailer at a low spot, maybe there's a lake and in the short They had a boat, serbian, gowned boat, yeah, it's it's! It's a summer, knows the summer months, it's July. It says you know probably great whether you get out on the boat. Your family, you have a great time. Well, on Sunday, it's time to leave this is Sunday July. Twenty, sixth,
around nine thirty. A m Diane left the hunter late campground, now she's driving a two thousand and three ford windstorm van. This is red, color van with the ski rack, and it's not her van. It's a vehicle that was borrowed from worn and jackie hands, worn is her brother and they are also the parents of the three nieces three daughters, so in the vehicle with Diane were her five year old son Brian her two year old, daughter, Aaron and ass, said her three nieces. This is anna, who is eight years old, alison, who is seven in kate, who is only five years old now daniel her husband is leaving the campgrounds. That day is
at the exact same time as a matter of fact, but he's in a truck and he's going to be traveling alone and and a witness at the campground who had seen them that morning and saw them leaving said that everything appeared to be normal. This is just a family packing up and heading home for from a great weekend trip while and like I heard in the trailer Daniel is talking about there. You know what happened when they woke up. They woke up had a cup cup cup of coffee. You know a couple of cups of coffee. Ah then he goes down to the boat. He does what he needs to get done and and wraps that all up and probably connects the boat to the truck trailer and then she's going to take off, separate. So again, he's he's claiming that there was nothing odd about. There was no fight. There is no argument goin on and she packed up the stuff and packed up the kids and went on there.
And the the general idea here is that Daniel's going to head straight home and he's you know, he's got the truck and he's going to go straight home and now Diane, with the with the children, is going to stop off at mcdonald's to get breakfast or get something for her kids to eat, so they make their stop at the mcdonnell restaurant and the cashier their says it. He remember seeing diane and the children and that nothing seemed to the abnormal to him? And you know I'm gonna and throw this out there you know shadowing away? You know set aside, but restrained As you know, she did not seem intoxicated or under the influence of anything. Nor does he smell any alcohol on her breath yeah, but I mean I've gone through mcdonald's drive through at night intoxicated I dont, promote
chicken and driving, but sometimes it happened. A buzz driving is drunk driving. Ah tat to me, is there much weight to this? I witnessed not much, and the reason why I think that is because they exchange is going to be so quick right. You know, you're going to you, go to win one, you give them your money. You got a window to grab your food. How much? How much do you actually talk to the person handing you your food Even if you go into the restaurant itself, it you know it's nine thirty on a sunday right is people, I don't even like mcdonald's, but I find myself there for breath just about wants nothing wrong with one time. Rio month, you know, cause it's convenient and its they earn its quick in sure, like I said, there's so many people in and out of there that he may or may not buy the way he went to mcdonalds. Today I decided I did find a way, so they,
but the mcdonald's and nothing seems to be abnormal to anybody. Now at ten forty six, a m diane stops at a sonoco gas station and this she goes in and she asked for some kind of pain medication. This would be your typical over the counter type pen, pain, medication. I dont know what type she specifically asked for I'm guessing, maybe anville or something of that nature, but for whatever reason, these sonoco did not carry the pain medication that she was looking for. Now she did speak with the gas station attendant an he says that the again everything see normal here. You know she doesn't seem to be intoxicated or acting strangely to him and right and look unless she has a allergy of some kind to a different pain medicine like to me of her pain. Was that out of his a headache I mean to me, it doesn't matter of its tylenol or advil Yeah giant. I just
she's the one that our pan us in order to prevent their brand too? There are listeners, but so to me. I find that odd, where, if, if was in pain and they say what we don't have this kind. But we have this other time, then, when you just take that other kind right right that seem strange, because it is all? Maybe she wasn't in that much pain may visit headache or again and again, We won't know this, but what I meant, what if she wasn't in pain, what if she was stopping, get payments and for one of the kids you know, maybe she asked for and is what the here's a thin with eyewitness accounts with this
change the whole, you know: speculation and the whole conspiracy and all that kind of stuff. With this crash, if she was act ass, you know what if she was asking for children's tylenol sees it where we don't have that right. You know, but she didn't than when did she talk on the cops she doesn't register all she has for children's town, yet in so far nothing out of the ordinary here, but now the next spot on the timeline is where things I think things start to seem weird to me so now that we're at eleven thirty seven a m and die and using her cell phone calls Jackie Hance. This is the mother of the nieces that are traveling with her and she calls basically just to say you know we're running later than we expected and I'll have the girls home later than expected. The reason why this starts to get weird to me here captain and is it's eleven thirty seven, you know
according to Daniel, they left the campground at nine, thirty, so now over the two, our mark, since they been gone, and I've heard that this is supposed to be like a thirty five minute. Maybe forty minute trip home. I understand that they stopped at the mcdonald's and now they're, making a second stop at the sonoco, but but still were starting to see an amount of time elapsed. that seems seems a little more than necessary to me. Yet why think? One like, I tell everybody go forward by. Then, sir back five men snoop I'm yellow off, but I mean mcdonald's parking, its it's not a drive through a you know. At nine Thirty in the morning at ten o clock in the morning, it's it's a parking lot. So how long they spend their. I don't know what they could have stayed in eight there or eight in the car that were taken. Sometimes especially he's being young children you would have to help them assist that make sure that you don't end up with ketchup. Smeared,
over the back seat. Yeah or you stop and you eat in the parking lot, and then you take everyday and to use the restroom. So to me, but again I am starting to see a at a time a lapse here this seems a little more yeah seems a low, fishy, well, twelve p m at noon by this I'm dyin, while quick question when she makes the phone call to the girls mother. Is she able to like finished the conversation? It's like a complete commerce idea. Please conversation basically just stating that their running later than expected and shall have the girls home later than expected. by noon. They have made their way this diane in the red afford when star van along with the child, they have made their way to interstate eighty seven we have an eye witness here as well. His name's gerald solaris salerno sorry and he is driving
Vehicle was well he's travelling south on interstate eighty seven when he says that a vehicle came up on him rather quickly. This is the red ford, winced van and the vehicle started, jumping back and forth between between too he has gone from the right lane to the centre land back to the rightly exactly and is changing the vehicles changing lanes very aggressively, but he also claims that it was precise. that it wasn't like moses, right right, you're grass aggressively shift lane we're, like somebody trying to get somewhere fast right massively changing lanes and he can see the driver. It's a female driver and she appears to be holding on to the wheel as normal and but he says, intensely focusing on the road is what he could tell, and this is
first incident, where we start having reports of some something going on in the vehicle that there's some erratic driving going on. That leads us to twelve thirteen p m. We have another eyewitness involved here now we're at the location of the harriman toll plaza now. The eyewitness here is France's baggily and he's driving in his vehicle and his vehicles in front of the red ford wind star Van, and he states that at diane's card the van was so close to his that he could not see her headlights. You know so she's tailgating him. Basically
that's the worst and he can't see or headlights, and she starts to honk the car at francis in his vehicle and hung the horn and she's she's haug it. Yes, a honking as if to tell him to get out of the way and at some point she pulls out onto the shoulder as if she's going to pass him in that way. However, she does not pass him instead of passing him. She just simply pulls back into the lane and once again she is behind francis now Francis describes the driving to his wife. This with him, you note, he says that this person must be some kind of not because you know she's she's, all over the road she's haunting the porn at me as she's, trying to pass using the shoulder. This is some kind of not that's boy rate, but I mean we. I think we are agree. I mean people that use their horn excessively arc. Are crazy people
hey it's like when you sit ally and turns green and eat some sorts hawk and right away. I shot up. Ok, the shot up get up. That is not what the purpose of the horn is for. Well, she continues to hunk the horn at frances. His car don't pay that purse, and this is, as he is, pulling off of the year at off of the three way there, and they're going to a rest stop now. This is one of those larger rest stops the kind where he there's a parking section for the semi trucks and parking for regular vehicles. Now, francis in his wife jean, they continue straight ahead, which leads them the general parking area and diana who is still behind them
she now actually pulls off into the truck parking areas. This is where jean sees diane open up the door to the van and she gets Diane gets out of the van and she says that diane was possibly getting sick. You know maybe possibly throwing up jean sees diane kind of hunched over and in a manner that would allude that she probably getting sick on the site. It is physically ill and- and so then, The whole thing is that they go into the rest. Stop come out there? Thinking? Oh, maybe we'll lemme, see her and then maybe will confront her at this point. They don't really but not very sure that their children in the vehicle right because all they see as diana and as the captain said, you know Frances and jean say that they did not see diane or see the driver
the vehicle again, because the francis had every intention of confronting the driver. You know and and saying hey, maybe back it off a little bit. You know or stop being ass, yeah, but he doesn't have that opportunity at twelve. Fifty five p m is where we start seeing some more activity with diane's phone there, a wrong number that is called an dialed from diane's phone shortly. After that this puts us at one o, one p m: you know they they can. Don't go over this point. But to me I wonder you no one Is that one of those phones where you decide dial the numbers and then once you get to a certain number into styles? Maybe it maybe it's a pocket dial. You know what I mean, or was it like an area code that somewhat made sense yeah or or is it she's miss dialing the phone because she's getting sick
and ran. I mean getting sick is no easy thing. I've been laelia, you can't really do a whole lot of other things when, when you're going through that, especially of its vomiting yeah yeah and so at one o, one p m diane calls war enhance now remembered this is Diane's brother and on this call, Diane has described as worn. He says it. She sounds dishevelled. almost incoherent at times in she even calls her brother worn. She calls him Daniel, which of course is Diane's. Husbands name Warren is concerned because he can hear the kids in the background and they sound like they are crying and he is getting extremely worried about the children and his sister, so he tells her. You know what diane sounds like you got something going on here. Why don't you stay put, and I will come up there and I will go and get you and I will get the kids.
It's also around this time that the oldest niece remember. This is eight year old, Emma She is on the phone with her parents and she is saying that there is something wrong with aunt diane in it she. You know so she's on the phone with either her father or mother, both and she's, telling them a few different things that that day, the ant diane can't see and that there is something wrong with aunt Diane. Now were worn. It just shortly got off the phone with Diane stating stay where you are right now, I'm going to come and get you and get the kids will back to this timeline right after this quick. Let's take a second and talk about two of the grossest words in the english language dog food. dog food is literally how we describe food, so growth are tongs one. It touch it with a ten foot path.
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season. Five, wherever you listen to pipe break and were back and where we left off. We had just talked about these phone calls that are happening. Ok, so we have the call with Emma she's, the oldest girl she's, only eight years old she's in the foot. Third, when star van with Diane who's driving, and she called her parents to say that there is something wrong with aunt. I am that. Does she can't see- and it sounds like they're in need of help here- you now Diane was on the phone with warn her brother, and this is the phone call where war and says that she sounded incoherent and it she's, calling him by the wrong name, and he can hear the children crying in the background and this phone call only takes place for about two to two and a half minutes, and it ends pretty abruptly here at one ten p m
one dials, three wrong numbers from diane's phone we'd already seen the call take place earlier. a wrong number was dialed from her phone now we're seeing three. This is happening three times now shortly after one o'clock at one, fifteen Warne is trying to reach his sister he's calling her back, but I think about this panic state yeah. I mean your your sister, which we we had from all the council. The documentary it seems like now normal mother, pretty normal person now you're trying to get a hold of her and cheese. You know talking gibberish on your last call now you're trying to get a hold of her, and it's mainly going to straight to voicemail, yeah and and, like you said, not only pretty normal person, but we had said driven, you know and we're seeing a a situation where her and her husband don't work the same,
hours, an so she's? Probably the mom that's putting in the more time and during the heavy load of being a mother, parent and taking care of the kids, while he's working knights, and not only that she must be a good parent because who would lie there are three daughters go with her on a weekend, camping trip if she wasn't united, so this is this is something that of a surprise to warn and in, like you said, the panic here you don't you're on the other end of the phone, and you don't know what's not you have no control over what's happening on the other end, you're only getting information from your dad whose very young that doesnt really know what's going on and from yours, your sister, who is not making any sense to you. You have the situation where you're concerned about. What's going on you, you, you have no control over in your children. Are there and
and they can do in diameter adele and at one fifteen p m, as we said, warns trying to reach a sister and this phone call just go straight to her voice. Mail by this time Diane has made it just pass. The tappan zee bridge toll area is a little pool off section there, where you can pull your car off and she must have pulled off their because later someone would find diane cell phone on one of those like waste, high barrier divide or type things ass. She had placed her phone on top of that barrier when put while pulled over. It is also thought this. She may have been getting sick again at this time. To this point, her rout her round is just really what you would expect her to take. You know the route from the camp ground to her home
and that that's what strange here to me, because he or she is en route going from the camp grounds to her home and its taking a considerable amount of time again, oh read, but we have to stop and not the rest up now she stopping at the show but but to our knowledge, she's, not lost or she's, not taken a wrong turn or anything like that. He is following the rout pretty well here, but it's at about this time that Diane would veer off of that. out, authorities are not quite sure what route diane would have taken to get to the chronic state parkway area as there are several options for this. But by this time she is now nearing that's conic, state, parkway area and he is no longer and ran to her home after these strange phone calls and diane and the kids are being gone much longer than expected. Diane's brother, James and her indictments huh.
Daniel, they are not that they are now out driving and they are going to go out. Looking for diane Now Diane is seen driving on an exit ramp. Now this is where cars are trying to exit the state, parkway and she is basically using the exit ramp to enter the state, parkway pete in a lane, royal, are driving that day. Their exit attempting to exit off of the state park parkway they encountered diane. Who is driving right at them almost like there even there like she doesn't see them at all now peter who's driving. He starts flashing, his lights and hitting the car horn and trying to to let the other vehicle. No, you know you're in our way we're we're. To get off this ramp here and you're going the wrong way, and basically she keeps going straight at them directly at them and they are first off the road and into the grass just to avoid a collision
peter and Alain then see diane's vehicle go around the bend and onto that to conic state parkway. So now, Diane has the vehicle. The van with the children and the vehicle and she's had in south and the north bound lane, and now we're gonna start in a bunch of thanks. Two nine one, one claiming hey some some lunatic, here drive in the wrong way on the freeway? Yet in some Those calls they're going to report her the vehicle travelling at about seventy mm I'll per hour, going the wrong way and so listen about diane? Is she drives one seven miles the wrong way in the fast lane. Mind you so she is
only on the parkway for less than two minutes travelling at that speed. She hits a vehicle, the ford winced, our van hits a vehicle, and this vehicle is like a grey chevy trailblazer type vehicle and inside that vehicle. There are three men in their guy distorting he's forty nine years old, Michael distorting, whose eighty one and Daniel Longo who seventy or they it's a head on collision. You know is so if they are both. If she's going seventy miles per hour, we could assume that the other vehicles probably try lying about that same rate of speed, so they're both travel and they hate each other head on in. So that's that's to view
hitting one another at two hundred and forty miles per hour now, guy posterity vehicle then hits a third vehicle. Diane's Van den travels off the road down the hill in it begins to burn. The van is by the time that the people can reach this van to try to assist the van is like fully engulfed in flames. The front of the vehicle is fully engulfed in flames now, and there are two gentlemen: these inputs. Let's tag them good samaritans. They are going to try to save diane and the kids and they are attempting to pull the driver and the passengers from the burning vehicle. Now they do have some trouble with this. You know these doors aren't going to open very easily this. If anybody's seen a picture of this vehicle was in terrible condition and but they are able to somehow get the driver out. Who is diane and her body pretty much just it. Just kind of like falls out of the vehicle
and it's not she's not showing any signs of life at all. Now the kids are in another portion of the vehicle in the way that these two gentlemen describe it is that their kind of just like piled up on one another, and they are going to start pulling the children from the vehicle and checking their vital signs and answer, doing so, the men are realising that the just like the driver that the child passengers seem to be dead as well. There not respond to anything when the men get to the bottom of the pile they find the body, little boy, but he is actually still alive. Thank god and he's fighting for his life. The men then check the other vehicles. They they go over to the great trailblazer, and this is where they find guy posterity, Michael distorting and daniel Longo. They find those three gentlemen, and they are all deceased at this point also on that day,
along with the the three gentlemen that were in the great trailblazer yeah, we also have Diane Schuler the driver of the Van. She was thirty six. She passed away that day as well as her daughter, Erin and her three nieces, which are kate, allison and Emma. So we have this horrific scene. We have an eight dead seems like they're a had at the scene, we now have all these weird events that happen prior to this. We have all the eyewitnesses counts of. Diane driving on the wrong side of the road and now it becomes what happened. We. We need answers for this, that we need to figure out why there are eight people have lost their lives. We have. We have one sole survivor, which is Brian witches, Diane son. He suffered several broken bones and severe head in.
worry and trauma, and he ends up remaining he's in the hospital for over two months. He, like I said, he's he sustained a serious head injury in the crash and, as a result, he suffers from a nerve policy in his eye which affects the movement in his right eye and, of course, he's undergone. Surgeries and stuff like that. To try You help him recover from that injury, but but, as I said, we need to figure out why? Ok, why was diane driving like this. Why was she knowing the wrong way on on a road she had probably been on several times before. Yes, she is driving a vehicle that may be strange to her right. You know you ever knows that when you, when you borrow somebody's car you don't really know how to turn on the windshield wipers. Sir, you know, maybe you accidentally turn on the lights instead of the windshield way, as if you're not gonna, drive the wrong way on a freeway potential, barring a car right
my in my initial thoughts on all this. As you know, some kind of stroke, that's what seems like me, maybe with children, know claiming that she's having a hard time scene and she'd seems oriented ons on some level. So is it a stroke? Is a oncoming heart attack, but, but was so strange for me is. Why did she keep driving why doesn't she stopped and maybe in them, when we talk about when she goes onto this different path, because I don't know the area is she trying to reach somebody was it that she felt ban and felt second, thought want is going to try to get home At some point, it's like I can't get home in that fight or flight mentality, and it's now I'm going to just try to get help. I'm going to try go to the hospital or something, but but if it's a stroke, maybe an
I'm not a doctor or nurse I'm a captain. Ok, I know about boats, that's about it, but you know, is she sewed disillusion? All from this on onset, a stroke. But when will we be able to see that in the medical records yeah well and they and the other thing to is. Why did this trip that that should have taken about thirty five minutes? You know plus some time for stopping off, but we're talking for hours. The crash took place at one thirty, five p m renee left at nine thirty. You know this is for hours has elapsed here. So let me introduce the the attorney that did the family. The shoulder family would be working with after the accident. His name is Dominic barber and he some people might know him from the howard stern show he used to.
I don't. I don't know if he was friends with howard, stern or if he was a friend of the show, but he used to be on there from time to time he's kind of a let's say, lawyer to some some some stars may be some entertainers, but he he would come out. Very shortly afterwards with a press conference and him and Daniel Diane's husband are going to say that we don't understand what happened, because in the end, the autopsy that followed they, they did not opt this the day after the crash, and it was pretty quickly determine she had some things in our system. That did you re alcohol internet is a that in our system. Souci had a blood a level of point nine, which is roughly about ten drinks. Now I don't know if that's ten beards retreat, ten shots, there was
vodka, a bottle of vodka found in the van, so one can assume that if she was drinking, that's what she was drinking point, nine, and then she was also found with some teach see willingness. Systematic. Allow is point one, nine point one and four point nine. She would have expired long time before, but so bug, blood alcohol content for her was point one nine and she also tested high for a high level of th c and, as the captain said, we're talking about get to that level? Is approximately you know, you got a factor in weight in all these other things, but once you figure that out if factors in that she probably had about ten drinks, ten alcoholic drink, One I'm operating at point nine, all the time well
We all know from health class, but you know, let's review real, quick. What that alcohol level means for most or all of us. So point zero. Six, two point: one: zero per cent. What you will experience is reduced information, processing, impaired reflexes, impaired depth, perception the inability to judge distances or your peripheral vision and speed control. All those things are going to be impaired now, you get a little bit higher from point one, one to point: two: zero percent. You have everything that we just talked about. Plus eureka, in time is now severely impaired your motor control is severely impaired and you are probably staff during or and experiencing slurred speech, now point three two point: three: nine. It is likely that you will die at that level. So she's at point one that. Should give you an idea of the level of intoxication that she had now that we met
the tac? On top that keep in mind the alcohol increases, the absorption of th see, meaning that it can enhance it. So they believe, due to the high th sea levels, that she would smote, marijuana or ingested marijuana sometime between fifteen minutes to one hour before the crash of place and I mean this is our confusing made, because again the husband insane yeah, ok, while she would smoke pot occasionally and should drink occasionally, so this very Abnormal in again on em, mind may She had a migraine or something maybe she's, trying to self medicate. That's kind of a very strict, they need to be driving. Kids and trying to self medication doesn't seem to be that type of person. Well there, the families attorney as
well as a husband would say that diane is not an alcoholic. She was not enough alcoholic. She rarely had a drink. They both claims. That Diane's erratic driving was due to a medical issue. They, if she may have suffered a stroke right, they also have stated the diane suffered from diabetes. But this is rumoured to have been just gestation. All diabetes, which is like a temporary condition. It's not you know chronic condition. Drop me. I'm just gonna go off on a rat for a minute, I had a really good friend of mine guy, that was in good shape, played it gigs with him. He he would drive down from cleveland and he was not take no with diabetes and he was driving home and pretty much was hallucinating for again. I'm not a frequent doktor said. Don't don't.
judge me, but who's driving home and basically they collusive aiding. I didn't have any clue of. What's happening, pretty much was black and out, and then pulls over on the side of the road or almost racks, and a two hour drive. It took him, hours and hours and hours to get home same type of situation. Now he didn't go, you know on to head on traffic or anything, but then because of that instant they were, he was checked out and then he was diagnosed with diabetes, so that he know was her condition getting worse and and on on another onset yeah it. But the you know I have the autopsy that is conducted just the day after the crash right, okay and that's red flags everywhere, yeah in in the family, in the attorney, are bringing up all these possible health issues or a health reason being the cause for her driving that day.
they even bring up a tooth abscess, so that she had for about seven weeks prior to her death, and apparently this was something that was going untreated and but in the in the actual autopsy. They specifically state that the medical examiner found that she had not suffered the diana not suffered from a stroke and aneurysm or a heart attack. So those three things are ruled out right there in the what the glaring red flags are here is the alcohol level, as well as a teenage sea levels, one in the woods confusing, as is there's a party that does doesn't want to believe that this autopsy is real rain like that there they if these claims and then maybe they're this wrong, or
maybe they got mixed up somehow. You know this paperwork got shuffled with the paperwork wrong name. You know different different autopsy. I you know that that is a possibility. The likelihood of that, I would say, is pretty slim to none right and then we have the Finding of the vodka button bright, which the husband claims you know, yet we have a vodka bottle and its and their camper and you know we'd go out and at night, when the kids go to sleep, whom I have a couple drinks, that's pretty normal. he thought it was odd that it was in the van. So here's a little clip of the husband
interview by Larry king talking about this mark about daniel alleys blamed the vodka. We usually will keep it in our camper throughout the whole season. One bottle why why penal collide, using my account of what was the vodka bottle doing in a car, my wife back all the bags tat day in a camera and these and by the door? I carry him from the camphor tree. The trucks I'm very surprised at the vital bottle was now. I had no idea: why does it give you? Does it give you pause to think that? Maybe just maybe she was a great girl, you didn't know it available thirteen years, absolutely not dangled by appear here. Why keep on doing this? The truth which would walk about
alright, you have to understand danny, doesn't want the other families to think that a drunk driver killed their families. That's why we are out to prove that you try to prove that she wasn't drunk. So basically, we have this autopsy saying that she had this high blood alcohol level, and then she also had we in our system and now we have this husband, saying: ok again, we're gonna. Try to this is not true so again, so maybe there's that possibility that the autopsies, just they messed up How did the wrong autopsy on the wrong person? The likelihood that doesn't seem like much and in the documentary you see a psychologist talk about sometimes when the tragic event happens, that people go on the other side of the spectrum. So all this bad things happen now they're dead and now you don't think anything bad of home, and we go to Saint hood right, so she was a saint she was
Mother- and maybe there are some things that What on in her life, the husband didn't know and that's it possibility and then, if it, with his absence tooth by that, a route. Can our needed a route canal? Does one the most painful things that you can go through, and maybe it was only for a couple weeks I and she's driving home and she's in a bunch of pain and for some reason he was. I take a couple shots. Maybe helps mean that doesn't make a lot of sense brown, how much? and she was in I mean we know that she stopped to get some kind of advil or something, but it's you know it hasn't line much of this doesn't line up, but that also brings up a good point here. Could she have been a? Could she have been a functioning alcoholic without her husband. Knowing you know is he is he just going on the forefront here in and taking one for the team and standing up for her covering up?
herb you know things her by her bad things for her. Now that she's gone or or did he not even now, you know why, light we talked about before they worked opposite schedule. So it is possible- and I agree with that statement because- and I tell you what here's the thing to fort firm alcoholics that are hiding their alcoholism. Vodka can be the the voice right, but you know right, and you know they don't smell it, and so through MR ryan smell. It is something that you can kind of put in everything else that you drink. You know I have first hand and expel. since with without all, is well know, with the person that that was hiding their alcoholism and now, thank god. This person is in great health and has, fully recovered and no longer drinks, but for years this guy, he he drank anyhow from his family, and he used to what he would do as vodka was his choice as well, because now, because he loved vodka, but because
hide it easily from the family, and you know he would go outside it, take a smoke break and he would keep a bottle. Europe, hidden in the garage or outside somewhere he'd, go outside and smoke a cigarette and chug a little bit of vodka each time. Well they only caught onto because eventually he started falling over and having some some health problems, and but he was able to hide this from them for years. While my big question is, is this. The is this. The vodka bottle from the camper Does the family is not going to come out and go well, you know what we looked in the camper and guess what we saw bottle vodka, because that to me, if there is still a bottle of vodka in the camper and there was one in the van and will never know that because they do have agenda, I mean they say so at the end of that clip work were coming out, we're trying prove were gone, approve. That issue is happening or something- and she was an alcoholic for she didn't, have a drug problem again met me.
With that drug problem, wasn't you know you know her mother laughter? I dont know why her mom left, maybe her mother had a drinking problem who knows and she and talk about it, and this has been done. It bring it up and in price into this which would have her, I thank you your wife a little bit better than that, but ah but maybe her mom had some drinking problems. Who knows, but that's a very good possibility. There is also a possibility that this bottle vodka had nothing to do with a bottle that was in the car or maybe there wasn't even a bottle on the camper. Maybe this bottle could have just been something she kept stashed away are on in her own belongings or vehicle that she was driving, that it was in fact something that she was hiding from everybody right now, the other question is the weed we have our call that was found in our system. point, one nine and then now we have this. This we'd, which would
be more potent because she was drinking what the corner was saying so, since the husbands for about we'd on a layer occasion, she would a deafening that that we absolutely was used to relax. The solutions for stress was coming. She used for an occasion on occasion to relax. That's all my true everything natural. When did you use marijuana cheese which isn't working now now at least I think mostly to be able to get a good night's sleep. I think it is accelerating was done closer. I and land use dine kitchen, bad books, read everything was done and maybe should have some before she went to sleep. It wasn't like you and ever think she ill. You need to look at her and think she
well hot, but some people do but did she ever discuss it with you like why she took it or what was that? No, I just knew that she smelled okay, somebody please tell me what a weed person looks like because that's what I hear in the interview shit. Why? and if you'd looked at her, she then, if you looked at, She looks like somebody that smoke the weed what does a week, person look like well, first of all and then the husband try me not since the husband says occasional impatiently, occasionally should smoke the path. Occasionally, as you know, that But you download lag a weed parson right and at the end of the interview that lady a same more, but I knew she smiled. So she obviously smoked enough part that this person, was well aware of it more aware of it. Then it seems like the husband was again. I think this is the saint dumb thing,
she never would it on this. Well, the ears, here's a couple things that I noticed about that clip in particular, if there was more telling things about that of the t, h c clip than the alcohol clip for me and here's the two things that pointed out, one is what I didn't hear in the clip. Okay, when when I read the report, the medical examiners report that says to have a th sea level did that that was that high. She must have and soon the marijuana within fifteen minutes to an hour before the crash. While that puts her in the company of four children. What I did not hear in that clip was her husband, saying yeah. She smoked pot, but she would have never have done it around the children. I didn't hear that in the clip right, because my first thought is, you know we. We all know people that smoke, some weed you know, but but but but
is the thing do we do? We know people do. I know people that smoke weed around their children. No, because I wouldn't be friends with those people may rent. You know what I mean. That would be the red flag to me saying these are small children. These are small children. And I dont know how the editor cut up this sound rise or his interview and and cut it up, but if I wanted to hear that in that no, I wanted to hear that she would have never done that in front of the children, because you spend the whole documentary telling me what a good mother and what a good wife and a good person she was. However, I did not hear she would have never have done that in front of the children. Now. What I did hear in that clip was the sister in law stating that, while, yes, she smoked sometimes to get a good night's sleep. While that was a red flag to me too. Why? Because it's something you and I discussed earlier when we had said Daniel, says his wife
not an alcoholic daniel says that his wife only smokes we'd occasionally grant Daniel is at work four or five. Maybe six nights a week at night time when she is done with her work day when she is done taking care of the children. Who knows who knows? Could she perceived because she's been smoking patent drinkin every night where she put the young children to bed and black out or have some horrible, all is on problem or addiction problems that he was unaware of my body, I think it's possible because of their separate schedules. one also I mean he's he's a man and eyes How much is he Japan, attempting to his wife? I don't know soon, not a lot right. is why, where I'm gone with, and its, but nobody. We throw people on his boss, like I mean people drink around their kids and when all shame them super hard in, I think are I'm not saying they should be mere past,
the joint around when your kids are in the room, but am but now yeah. This is a very odd now, a month after hiring the attorney The family would then hire a private investigator investigative firm to to kind of they want to discredit the autopsy findings and they want to bring to did they that their mom in their wife was not an alcoholic. She was not drunk. She was not high when this crash happened, that this was a medical, some kind of medical reason for this crash right. Makes a lot of logical sense. I mean, like has set a mean that thing about the diabetes or a stroke or something of that nature, and I'm not faulty the husband as if the husband is not aware of this stuff, then how can he addressed the problem? And so this could essentially be the first time that he is actually hearing about this being a problem
an end. What he's goin off is if he loves this person and obviously loved his kids, and one of his kids died in it and the other kid a went through. You know all these surgeries and and What did it make it and then his three nieces died in this. So I'm not following him for what what what the fuck happened right. and if it is the first time of him learning about any of this than his first react. He's gonna be gone. I can't believe it. I can't believe it, like when somebody was married and their spouses living a separate life, maybe or year may be for a couple years and when it all comes out and the wash this can't believe it cause. I didn't see it coming, and maybe that is what's happening here. It's just with addiction problem and in but there
also that level of denial too, amongst the survivors, but back to the private investigator that the the schuyler family they hired a tom ruskin and his investigative firm- and they end up complaining quite a bit about about this investigative firm and tom ruskin, they really dont think that he did anything other than take their money. Obviously, the family once answers right. but this seems like it's very spearheaded by jay schuyler, the other anti secession law, Daniel and so when, Get this lawyer involve and they get. This investigator involve the vestiges of sorts atkins. For ten thousand dollars thirteen thousand dollars and she has a good, their family members involved too. In order to pay for the sea. I think he ends up charging them close to thirty thousand dollars in yeah right and what did he do? I'm not really for sure, and this guide to seems kind,
like a scumbag, because in the documentary when the when the film is the filmmakers, are trying to get him to do an interview just not worth our time. Twenty five thousand dollars twenty five thousand dollars in vienna on a documentary documentaries. Don't they money, thummim document you can burns Some, you know billionaire I'll. Do a documentary for fifteen hundred bucks I'll do one for thirty bucks in case a beer? I agree with the captain when, when they play a part Tom ruskin's on the phone with the documentary and being asked if he would be in open the story or his findings to the documentary, and he any gives answer of oil. Well, they want twenty or twenty five thousand dollars to beyond the documentary that was a very slime boy answer. In my opinion, I understand You want to get paid for your time and that you are running a business, but but you ve,
you ve been paid by the family. You know this benefits the family. You were paid to release your findings to the family So it was a very slight boy answer in my opinion. Now he would go on to state that the investigation included interviewing diane's, family and friends missing the camp ground in the driving route for leads in obtaining the video footage from the sonoco station and according to tom ruskin, all monies were spent on those activities, as well as a dish. Lab test. Now, I will say those lab test or not cheap. First of all, for the second All to his credit, they did find his investigative firm found the surveillance footage at the scenario that that was not something that that was presented by body else ya mean Islam or answer, but at the end of the day, who knows there three sides every story right in his their side in the truth, and it could be just that
J, fuller, whoever hounded so much and maybe we're so rude to him. That's there. He does thought in a way the I did a bunch of work. You don't think I did, I was paid for that work and I Ask me for more stuff and understand what this all well in results of those additional lab tests that they conducted were the same results that the medical examiners office came up with originally. So I hear you running the problem of ok, I work for you, you ve paid me exe dollars to help you get to the truth of this matter? Unfortunately, the conclusion I came to- is what we already knew well or the truth is now changed in my opinion, and so I am now telling you something that you don't want to hear. So your dissatisfied with my investigation, because it didn't have the outcome or the results that you were look for that. You wanted, or as this gas line ball that he charges them for these tests and never has new tests done
I mean I don't know I mean I can it funny evidence of that, but when I put you know, if he this line. I wouldn't wanna put that passes slime great right. I do want to point out that it has been reported that Daniel accepted a and offer you know they did this documentary and that he accepted accepted an offer for a hundred thousand dollars from that film company to do what would end up being the hbo documentary. This was back and twenty eight ten Now I dont I'm not gonna fault Daniel, for this at all marries a single father now he's a single father, and he I do believe that there is a part of him that believes that there is more truth out there and that he didn't have the ability. to do that on his own, and I think he thought maybe this documentary would give him the answers he was looking for. I think what ends up happening as he gets the guy reminded of the answers he didn't want to hear in the first place, but I dont fall and for taking the money because, as you said,
he's a single father. There there's an investigative firm to pay that day the caution most thirty thousand dollars law and then there's all site. There's there's surgeries for your sought right right. And on top of that there is going to be law, suits data are going to end up being filed. You know enough december of twenty ten The starting family filed a lawsuit against diane Schuller and against her brother war, enhance who now he was the owner of the vehicle brain and now, as some people. If you you know, evolved in civil suits, and things like that. You, you will know that any good. Attorney will tell you that, if, if, if I'm walking down street in the lamp post falls on me. Well, I don't just soo, I don't see the person that they own the house, they own the lamp post ice, I'm to sue the homo I'm to sue the state axor, I'm to sue the manufacture of the lamp polio.
Maybe in the manufacture of the light bulb. They will, Shout they will soon everybody because europe, you know, you're hoping to get ordered some money outside of court or that that these other proceedings will enhance. But your internal laws right be you're, you're, suing the father of these three young girl. yeah, no earlier her estate estate. Yes- and you know it it's rough, I think too soon the honor and break my brother. That's what I'm talking about the state fine but soon. The brother that just lost his three daughters and to me that's that's wrong in July of two thousand and eleven jackie Hance. She filed a law suit against her brother in law, Daniel Schuler. This would be the mother of the three nieces, so we we have all kinds of legal proceedings that need to take place in lawsuits that are needed.
be dealt with. You know, there's really, there's really nothing good can come of this theirs. I dont think that any but he's gonna get the answers that one I think. At the end of the day she was intoxicated she was high. Can I pay that no other long under the nice ecology death? I mean you can't autopsy than other. That's the proof! What I mean is I can't I can't say she was drinking vodka and van. I can't say that she was smoking to join in front of the kids. I can't say any of that, because we don't know that for certain, but we have the laptop Why and will the sun ever remember, yellow the sunlight,
One day say no. I do remember her drinking. Who knows yet it is the only real statement that they ve passed along, that he seems to say when they have pushed him for answers as to what had happened was that he said something to the nature that she had heard her head or that she could. She was having trouble seeing, which was reported by one of the nieces on the phone as well. Think what we have here captain is. We have four hours at the past and we have a lot of that time. That's not accounted for, and I think that during that time, when she was consuming alcohol and when she was consuming marijuana now according to the document, she's, a very good mom she's, a very good person. She is a very good wife, I believe, all three of those things I've seen pictures of children? None of them appeared to be malnourished or abused or not taken care of appropriately, where I think all that was going on
If she was a hard worker. I think she was a good mom. She was a good wife just not on that day. Not that day she wasn't right and I I apologize. But that's that's what I see yeah and I think the only if there was some weird medical thing that was happening and that caused the drinking or that cause the smoking again, I'm I'm not a doktor site, I dont it doesn't make any logical sense to get to that point. At the end of the day, this is horrible, tragic thing, These children lost their lives there the mother lost their life the innocent man, three any man in the wrong place. Wrong time I mean that's he could imagine what their families are gone through. Its is over the sad tragic event and my hearts go out for everybody. That's involved and hopefully again
I want went to say hopefully there's answers, but I don't think it matters. Like I dont, think manners if she was drunk driver or if it was a medical Dana yeah. Maybe it matters as far as like a civil law sue and all that stuff, but that doesn't bring back these these individuals. I was pleased to see at the end of the documentary they were talking about. Brian Brian is the little boy the survived the crash. I was happy to see that he apparently is receiving counselling and then they he's going to some form of counselling. I hope that they see that through because here's the thing man, the worn and jackie, I hope I get their names right that but the mother and father of of the three nieces they lost all three they lost,
all their children. That day in and I dont know you know- I'm a big advocate. You are as well for counselling and for seeking our help and talking about things and in working through things. I dont know that there is any He way through that, even though the pain of losing a child is something that people you know unless you ve got. yourself. You have no idea of what you have to deal with mentally and in their if they lost all of on that day. I dont know if there's any getting through that now, but the thing is here: brian: yes, he lost. Mother. Yes, he lost his sister, but he's at a young enough age that, with the right amount of counselling with the right help, this doesn't have to ruin his life as well that heem he may be able to recover from this and live a normal life,
and you know, and that while here's the then what I recommend watching the documentary it's it's depressed It's a Debbie downer! It's it's more than a Debbie down remains horribly depressing was it a crime. Yes, there was a crime of others, homicides vehicular homicide, but it is a crime dislike. We said this was suggested by the there's an overwhelming amounts and ask I blame you guys fur suggested it and making off may super sad that day, so that thanks a lot for that will end in two too path to kind of underline was this a crime or not. I can read you the statement from the medical examiner. You know. According to the west cheshire medical examiner, the morass was quickly rolled a homicide because of all of the victims were killed due to diane's driving, regardless of talks
college findings in august eighteen, two thousand and nine. This is this is less than a month after the crash, the westchester district attorney said no charges will be filed in the incident as diane schuller was the only person responsible and dying and schuller died in the crash and the charges died. That day with her right again, it's interesting, etc. documentary- but I dont think that outweighs the horrific nature in the horrific tragedy is- with the innocent man losing their lives in, and these innocent children as well. All right officially depressed who having recommended reading this week this week. I would to recommend bloodstains by jeff budget. While this sounds like a happy book, well this this take your mind elsewhere, because this is based on a true story. Well, you say: well that's weird for true crime garage to recommend a based on a true story book, but there
for some. This is a very good story and in when I get into it here and a second, you realize why, but he says be, because there are some things and worried about some people coming after him, vodka, the it was listed as fiction, but to him it's a true story. so you have to read this and figure out. If you believe his story or not what story about. So according to this book, Jeff budget is the great great grandson of Herman Webster budget, who is better known to you and I, as doktor h, H, hopes and inject budgets. Book bloodstains Jeff says that He has some insider knowledge that h, h homes lived law. More than any one thinks h, H, homes was not put to death and that was actually involved in the jack. The ripper cases well found this. must read in my opinion, for those of you that want to find out more about h, h homes. You know we recommended the devil in the white city months ago.
Which is another h, h homes book, but this one is quite different, and I wouldn't say that this is a must read for jack- the Ripper readers, as this story really has little to do with the Ripper. But if you are like me, you, ve heard one ripper theory: you want to hear them all, and this is a great time to dive into each aids hall home But the new movie coming out with a leonardo caprio, our buddy. If we hang out with a haven't he'll be plant aids homes in a new movie come up at the next year yet, and I believe that that movie is based off of the book, the devil and the white city. So pick up bloodstains by Jeff today, and you can do that by going to our website true crime, garage dot, com and click on the recommended page, and you will see all of our other recommended books as well as of one of our documentaries, that we recommend and of course it goes with that.
Saying but we're gonna say it anyway, because it so important do not drink and drive. Please do not smoke in dr, don't buzz dr, do not text and drive. No, I don't think that texting and driving almost ass bad, if not worse than the growth in the world when you're driving down the road- and you see a car swerving and to your lane, on coming traffic, and you know that son of a bitch is a senate. Attacks now put on your damn phone, and with new year's eve coming up, we note a big party night make arrangements. Have somebody drop you off? Have somebody picking up call uber, goober knowledge cab, in all the captain. I'll come pick. Your ass up he's going to be picking people up all night long, so do not drink and drive. Treat yourself good, be good to yourself and everybody else out there and, of course, don't let litter
we'll see. Annex. Sometimes that don't know it's still fun and fun. Sometimes rolling is a way to swan, and what makes me love it. That's why nationwide is on us that nationwide mutual insurance company and affiliates columbus, ohio.
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