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Donita Cutts ////// 599

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Donita Cutts was a successful young business woman. She lived alone in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. In the early morning hours of July 29th, 1978 someone entered Donita’s home and attacked her. Donita was brutally killed and her home set on fire so that the killer could cover his tracks. This was a high priority investigation but there were problems. It has been 44 years since her murder and the killer has yet to be found. 

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What the so get something in return and look fabulous doing so good. A true crime garage come and get you some and colonel. That's enough, the business all right, everybody gathered round grab a chair, gravel beer. Let's talk some true grab, today is true I'm story is a scary one about a woman living alone, an intruder, a brutal murder, a horrific I'm seeing followed by strange events, confusion in a botched investigation.
Dorothea lange cuts the second aka de Nita l cuts was an aggressive businesswomen. Worked her way up in the real estate world. She was a friendly vibe. issues, an outgoing single thirty eight year old, who had lots of france. But some time between twelve thirty, eight and five eight a sound Age July, twenty nine seen. Seventy eight someone entered cuts Lavishly, restored nineteenth century home one. Twenty five wolf street, an old alexandria virginia and killed her, and it looks like that same someone, has managed to get away with murder for forty four years now. This is true crime garage.
at five, thirty, a m on Saturday July, twenty, ninth nineteen, seventy eight, the alexandria fire department responded to a fire at one, twenty five wolf's: three, an old town, Alexandria, virginia the firefighters fought bravely to put out the fire as this is a single family home that their responding to there's an upstairs there's a ground level, and there is also a basement and the place was well a boy by the time that they arrived on the scene, their responding to this fire based off of phone calls there
saving from neighbours having witnessed smoke coming from this home after they put out the fire there in the process of coming through the scene, trying to figure out what cause the fire trying to clean up this residents about an hour after the fire is put out, they come to a very grisly discovery, and that is the body a woman that was recovered from the basement level of the home. One. This these fires gonna be ruled and arson, so this female that they find in the basement is now he ruled a victim. It would take a little bit of time captain, but the authorities do identify the remains of this person to be that of dorothea layin cuts. The second also known as de nita l cuts she
is the home owner she's, thirty, eight years old and she lives there by herself, now a little bit ground on our victim. You know, first, I have to point out that, The captain- and I we are like lord- will four b royals. But when you hear de nita cuts is bad ground. She almost sounds like she is royalty, tell me more kind, sir, so do need a cuts or dorothea was born in charleston south carolina in nineteen forty. She grew up on her parents, two hundred acre state while- and these are people that are rich enough, that they name their property name their homes, as she was brought up much
Like her mother, her mother is door. Ria lane cuts first attending boarding school in baltimore and then briar cliff junior college in new york and then college in switzerland, the university of Geneva. So she went to some pretty impressive schools. Now d need us father, Richard Malcolm cuts died and nineteen. Seventy three: Remember our case is taking place in nineteen seventy eight about five years later he was a brigadier general in the marines and had served as an aid to president franklin D, roosevelt, and he and his father are credited with inventing and anti recoiled device for firearms. So this is a law. History of some very important and impressive people skills by did nita, that's a name that she went by since she was a child
well that's to distinguish herself from her mother who had a very similar first name now. She grew up loving antiques and, in fact, danita actually owned an antique or two antique stores at one point in her life, but in the sixties and the nineteen sixty she moved to Alexandria virginia to become a real estate, agent, this in nineteen sixty eight, where she was rather successful as a real estate agent, but also keep in mind. She does come from money. So, at the time of her death She had actually been a little removed from the agency that she worked for. She was moving on to maintain properties of her own. She own several properties, rental properties, rehab type properties that she
in the process of being her own business woman, so she had moved on to greener pastures at this time. Now it seems like we say this a lot with the cases that we cover, but there are some definitely weird things about this case, so pay attention you're exactly right. Captain. It seems like all of these homicide cases, especially the cold case ones that there are some strange details in these cases now one Detailed that I find to be rather weird is Benita had been at a town leading up to her murder so she recently come back into town right. She goes out to dinner with some friends she's having a good time. She comes home, a little after midnight, and then what we know is the fire department, as spawning to a fire at five, thirty, a m and after they clear the fire, they find her dead in the
basement. It's believed that the home was fire for a minimum of thirty minutes before it was noticed in before firefighters arrived. We do not have an exact report based off of their arson invested action to tell us exactly when they believe the fire was started, but through the reports that have been met, east. We know that they believe that at minimum that fire had been burning for thirty minutes social is home less than six hours before she is killed and her home is set on fire. now I'm, assuming that she was actually killed in the house and then the house was set on fire to cover up the murder. That likely seems to be the situation here. Captain
we're going to go through some of the old articles out of nineteen. Seventy eight that are about this crime, and I will summarize all of these, so we don't have to go through every word, but the first one that I want to go through is from July thirty. First, nineteen, seventy eight and it's titled death in old town- and this comes from the washington post and I'm going to scan, stuff that we ve already covered, but it says between some time between twelve thirty am and five a m on saturday, someone entered her home and this is based and killed. Her based off of what police sources are telling the Washington post police go on to say that cuts his body. She was found bound in gagged, and found by firemen. The body had been stuffed behind a basement furnace. And was lying in a puddle of blood. It was almost an hour
after they arrived on the scene. Again, that was at five thirty a m that the fire and found the body this, while trying to clear smoke out of the basement they met. examiners. Autopsy report was scheduled to boot, be released on this day. So what we see here, is immediately. This is big time news. This is an affluent area of Virginia. This is a place where these types of crimes- these types of murders, do not traditionally occur. So now, everybody in this area is going to be on edge, and this the author of this are call, John Feinstein. He goes on to say that police remain baffled by the apparent murder, arson and says the quote that he gets from the detective is, for all intents and purposes, we're right on square
on they go on to say this is one of those kind of weird old timey things that you you you question Would you hear this? The detective saying this to the newspaper a detective John turner said it's hard to Make much progress on a weekend that doesn't make you feel very good. Does it do why we just want? We just don't like to work that hard on the weaken it would be nice. Two if all murderers could take the weekend off as well, because apparently police might not be working inexact ex, apparently the This might not be working in alexandria virginia on the weekend, so cuts has found bound in gagged, and then it seems like the the murderer, moved her body behind the furnace yeah she may have bins. So this is where the rip Let's get a little weird, and we ve seen this in plenty of other cases where the longer that a case is out, there are some more information. Qaeda trickles out kind of seeps owl
get a little more details, and then you have to sit back and gotta go awry well. Both of these can't be right. So which is correct. The egg is a little want. He donkey. wording here says in this article says: the body had been stuffed behind a basement. Fern and was lying in a puddle of blood. To me that implies that it was moved. possibly moved there. Some other reports that later come out that say that they believe may be that when the killer left the premises that she actually wasn't dead and she had tried to move herself that she was trying to possibly ghetto get out of this basement. But was very
he badly injured from the attack. May now one problem that police are going to have early on in this investigation is that they are trying to contact all of geneva cuts, as close friends and they said that a lot of the people they were trying to speak with some of them were out of town. You know we know that cuts didn't grow up. In this area that she moved here for professional. and other reasons later in her adult life. One person that they do stay in the newspaper that they are particularly interested in speaking with was a former boyfriend, and the detective goes on to say that they would like to question this man to get more details about a civil suit that do cuts filed against him in nineteen. Seventy six, so two years prior to the murder- and this I guess the suit took place- also took place shortly after
anita, broke off the relationship. Again, according to this article, we don't know the details of that relationship. They also do not name the boy friend in this article there is another article out there that says something else that makes me wonder Are they even talking about the same man or potentially a different man where this other art? states that she had broke up with a boyfriend shortly before she was killed again thou them naming either boyfriend or naming the boy friend right. We cannot determine if, in fact, this is the same person we do now base off of all of the witnesses and all the people that knew her. she had an extensive social life she had a lot of friends so wouldn't be surprising to any of us that she had broke off this relation paper or for whatever reason, this relation two years prior had dissolved in she had had when
into another relationship that had also not worked out what we do oh is that she was traveling leading up to the time of her death. She had just arrived. back in town on that friday remember We know that she made at home that night and She came home shortly after midnight that night, that's Her body was found on Saturday. That's why we know she was killed on saturday, but when we say He was killed on saturday and she arrived back in a town, on Friday. I keep my we're. Not talking about an actual twenty four hour window of time. There she arrives back in town. Friday afternoon me The early evening, we don't have that exact our right, but she's killed. She could have been killed very shortly after midnight or attacked very shortly after at night, we don't know how long her attacker
in that home. We do not know how they gained access to the hall we don't know how long there was between the attack and when the when the fire was set. We do know at very minimum, very minimum. We have reason to believe that that fire burned for at least thirty minutes before firefighters, whereon scene and were crazy in that, and that must have been, but we do have some eye witnesses of the crime scene. Well, these more people that new of geneva, and but this gives us a little ability flesh out the situation a little bit more here right was so we have a friend a form co worker of hers. Her name is mary, who said that the whole thing didn't make sense to her. Didn't make any sense to her, because she went on to say that the nato was very strong
she was aggressive. She was in very good shape. She jogged all of the time. What didn't make sense, to her friend Mary, is that she couldn't believe that d nita wouldn't have put up a fight or scream or something those are her exact words. She goes on to say it just wasn't like her to be docile. don't understand it. This is interesting to me here because, given the area and taking a look at old town, the fact of her friends, saying: I just don't understand. Why should I put up a fight or scream or something? What we don't have is any ear witnesses saying that they had heard some kind? scuffle or some kind of fight or
woman screaming. We don't have any of that bottom. Maybe because it happened in the base of the attack. Could happen then be harder to here. Obviously, what I want, I, that we might be looking at. Here is a situation where either a she was attacked and incapacitated, and when she came to or was able to be and is in a state that she could potentially put up a fight or cream, or something that she may have already been bound and by that time frame for the same was able to control her up to the point of tying her up and gagging her. That makes you wonder too, you're, saying that she was at a town before all this happened. Like maybe to a new that shoes
the town- and maybe they knew that she came from money and that there were in the in the house baby tried to rob it when she came home. That's a very good point and you could have a situation where? Yes, this was a planned robbery, a plan burglary. We should say and then The person was unaware that she would be returning that night, because we are a state, as she came from money he lived in an affluent area, not only that this woman once own to antique stores, antique store owners or anti collectors by nature. Her home was filled with valuable antiques one man's junk is another man's treasure. There was
another friend, and this is a man that said that told police at the two of them were planning to go out early that saturday morning to look at some property and alexandria. They d need, I was thinking of purchasing, remember she was in The real estate game as a worker, be so to speak for quite some time. now she's using her real estate investments so that she doesn't have to work for someone else and this person her friend tells police it. They were supposed to be leaving together that morning, at seven a m remember the need to cut his body was located discovered inside that burning home at about six fifteen. I am to six thirty a m at the very latest, so there might be some strange and with things in this case, but one day, that's not that confusing here is the timeline. Yes, we ve
a very brief window of time to work with the confusing thing seems to me. What went down in that window I'm right so the general timeline is this. We know that she returned from her vacation friday evening. I dont know how long she was on this vacation, but the key is she returns that friday evening? We know that, after returning home, she goes to dinner with friends. We know that she returned to her home at about twelve fifteen to twelve thirty, a m depending on which news article you read. The autopsy shows that miss cuts died shortly before five, a m. Just after five am neighbours. Smelled smoke coming from the house called the fire department and the fire
man is on the scene and actively putting out the fire by five thirty m. One thing: that's very odd and strange to me in this case here captain is that we have a situation where somebody went to the trouble to set multiple fires inside of this home and jammed the door to the basement off most ceiling do need. A cuts is fake. If you had the chance to be brought back to life hundreds of years in the future, would you take it wonderingly was podcast frozen head, hosted by ashen, alina of the hit show morbid, tells the true story of lawrence.
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The again, thank you for joining us here in the garage cheers to you all. Let's put on our our diapers cause, it's gonna get weird in here. That's where I talk hands in the air to everybody out there in listener land, especially the people in the back yeah. There are two really great artist Come out after the fact right, we were talking earlier about articles. It came out shortly after the murder shortly after the arson. The ex article that I want to home in on comes out. In november of the same year of nineteen, seventy eight again I'll read my summarize version of this article. In it reads the principal homicide detective assigned to
investigate. The murder of alexandria, socialite d need a cuts quit the force two weeks ago, so this article comes out late november de nita was killed late July of the same year. This articles about four months later and its telling us that the lead investigator, the detective assigned to investigate this homicide quit the force two weeks prior to the release of this article, and the detective says that he quit the force because he was angered over the police forces handling of a
aspect in this unsolved case, Sir Joseph sous is the detective that we're talking about and at the time he was a nine year veteran of the local police force right. So it's not his first rodeo exactly and he said that the Denise cuts case was quote. The final straw in the department's series of recent failures to quote live up to the high standards needed in police work. Seuss, who has since joined the alexandra city sheriff's office, so he didn't leave the bay entirely right. He quit the police force.
be over this matter and it sounds like there was a lot of concerns he had leading up to this unsolved homicide of miss cuts, but it was the final straw for him to quit that force and take a job with the sheriffs off, but this is as strangers if he'd this resigned from law enforcement period. Correct? He? He clearly has an issue with that department with the department that he worked for worked with four nine straight years so his resignation was effective, the maid part of november and he says was the latest in a series of incidents that indicate growing morale and discipline problems within the two hundred and twenty eight member police force. Two hundred and twenty
members of the police force, and yet you have another detective telling us ass difficult to solve these weak economic zone. The murder of geneva cuts again thirty eight at the time was found, beaten, gagged and bound July. Twenty ninth in the burned out basement of her wolf street townhouse. This has remained a mystery to her friends and neighbours in the east fluent old town section, the detective goes on to say I personally have never been involved in a case that was so poorly controlled. According to the detective, the only worthwhile suspect in the case was allowed to be questioned by half a dozen detectives who showed the suspect photo was of the crime scene later, according to no yes later. According to this detective, the suspect made statements about the murder, two detectives, but
detective seuss. He says he was unable to determine whether these statements were the result of reviewing the photographs or whether the suspect was really the murderer. Appoint the detective sue said be crucial in determining whether or not to charge. That particular suspect. The detective goes on to tell us hope these diapers iran that's that's, what he told us that those with the captain told us at the top of it. As we say, that's that's weird that he brought up diapers. I brought up diapers, so the detective Zander tell us he meaning the suspect mentioned some things like a house, on fire, a woman in a basement and a door being blocked at the same time, I'm he denied that he had murdered anyone. He read hold on about visions, the devil and about being a profit.
so you can see why it would be very difficult to tell whether this particular individual is reciting for you, things that he learned about the crime from the other detectives things that he learned about the crime from seeing photographs of the crime scene or if he's telling you about something he actually participated in or was responsible for. Somebody talking like this go to mental illness. Any striking in more. Maybe this guy's gets a frantic and and
and he doesn't even know that he he he's not classifying what he did as murder. He burnt down the building or the building got burned down somehow, but because he bounded gagged her she was able to get free. So she is a victim he murdered her but see how so me I could see how somebody that was not mentally stable could not see it in those terms. Yes, in this aspect is troubling for many reasons, yeah, you think the other part of this too. That incredibly, concerning is the detectives handling of this suspect, who seems rather fragile to begin with, if you're asking me based off of those very brief statements here now, just like the boy for or boy friends, this suspect is never named in any of these
articles, but a little more background on this guy. We learned that this suspect was arrested two days after the cuts me This, when the suspect was found hiding under bushes, outside an old town resident, so he's in the same neighborhood two days, eight or hiding in the bushes outside of a home. He was picked up. He was charged with attempted by gallery and then released the next day the police arrested the suspect. Several days later, according to the detective, when a butcher knife and a pocket watch found in his possession were identified as items taken in a nother old town, home, burglary, yangtse. I again you wonder this guy doesn't seem mentally
a boy he gets into this area, he starts breakin in its houses. I broke into a house that the owner wasn't there so that he could to spend time there he could squat there. He could have been squatting, therefore days he took. What we do have is in both of these incidents. He was picked up outside of home, where its believed that he was attempting to burglarize that home and then later he's picked up again after being imposed sure of items that were taking taken in a previous burglary from that same neighborhood right. So he does make really good suspect, even though he doesn't seem to be all their and your detectives
We have screwed up some of the questioning process. The the control process that you want, when speaking with these individuals and trying to get their statements and collect evidence may be hiding in the bushes. I mean this guy to go to the top of the suspect list, and we know that he was previously in somebody else's home illegally, and we know for a fact that who killed, the need a cuts. We don't know why they were there or for one purpose, that they were there, but we do know that they committed the murder in the attack inside the home now this guy was charged with burglary. He was held, in jail and then was sent to a state mental institute. and this in marian virginia. Where and your exactly right here, captain based on you know your earlier statement. This man was diagnosed skits a after he was arrested.
This the burglary charge. He was later released this about two week. Sorry was later released. I don't have the exact date of one he was released, but You know that he was released. Some I'm in november of that same year, so he could have been locked up or in jail for several weeks, if not several months before they let him go. He was freed on his own personal. Were the possible suspect. This is the information we do have is a thirty year old, alexander, A man according to his attorney receives a monthly army pension for mental, ability. So what you're telling me is that this guy is a suspect, a good suspect. We would both agree wareham and a agreements lately we're gonna have to that's, not good for ratings turn up the heat, a little
in the garage guillot angry, but you're telling me that so they they get him to a mental hospital. He gets better. He gets let out because he's now mentally stable, but law enforcement is going to make this statement about him. Give me that statement. So this comes from the assistant, commonwealth's attorney. His name is richard men. Wilson and his quote is. I would say that the man is one of the most dangerous suspects the sheriff has had in custody for a long, long I am shocked that it goes on to say I am shocked that the man is free while well. Let let's take this for what it is right like it would be interesting to as a powerful state is a very powerful statement, but it would be interesting.
interview richard mendelson to find out exactly what he meant by that statement- and I know, there's people out there there shaking their heads are gonna come on colonel seems It is clear to me what he saying what I am pointing out, is to what degree of truth is this statement based off of the idea that he committed this, do need a customer Right is mendelson only saying this because he's convinced that this man killed this woman when This man obviously was never charge with it. He was never prosecuted for weeks We all know, forty four years later, who killed this woman, there's a chance that he did not do it is simply basing basing this statement off of the idea that he did kill demeter cuts right, you see what I'm so it could be it's a bold statement
it's very bold. That's a bold statement gun it, but it could be a flawed statement if it's based off of of things, it are not fact yet they're, not true. Yet so, let's, let's go onto to examine this statement a little bit long run. You also wonder, and I know I don't think this is what he's implying, but it's like you. also wonder what what is this guy's military background right, yeah, but but he says the word dress rank well, and we know that he's receiving a cheque from the military for mental disability. So we also don't know the full extent of his mental disability right he could simply be pointing out like even wasn't involved in the cuts murder, this this guy scary right? Based off of, like you, said it,
be a combination of his military background and what the military says about this guy's mental disability is is easy busy prone to just at tat. people, willy nilly, for no reason at all law- and it's like. I have guys that I'm friends with that were like ex marines those guys or their deadly guys. They could be deadly right, but I dont conserve them dangerous there in control of their actions right, but that could be dangerous if they wanted to be their wake up. Fillin dangerous Is this guy b on the capacity of knowing who the enemy is right, the military's trained to protect us and in some cases, even kill or destroy the enemy? Is this guy so far gone that he is unable to figure out who the enemy is or is he so
paranoid that he believes everybody to be the enemy when here he is at all come on our home turf and he's even a very nice safe neighbourhood, at that the prosecutor goes on to say in this article that a medical report from the state mental institution revealed that the suspect was in fact fit to stand trial, but only under the influence of tranquilizers. Then Mendelson went on to tell us that he argued at the bail hearing right. This is when he's trying to tell the judge this dude super dangerous. Don, grant him bail. We can't let him out right he's telling the judge this guy is.
exact words are exceedingly dangerous. Don't let him out on bail, but the problem for that became what mendelson would tell us. I couldn't tell the judge that he was a suspect in the geneva cuts case right that he doesn't have evidence to two wheelers have evidence it doesnt have ale, and to nail this guy. He he's saying that in his own personal opinion, impersonal, expert, professional expertise, he did not feel confident it while he confident telling the judge how dangerous this man was. He did not have the evidence or the backing from the police department to tell the judge and good standing that this man is assessed
in a murder case law and if it was a different time, they probably could have pulled some dna off of off of her house ray and and lease showed that he was possibly that they'd give more of a ah a reason to say. Well, we think he was at least attempted to get into her house if we can pull fingerprints or dna off of like a door handle or something ballot box. See. It's not those times a couple more interesting parts to this article. Before we move on to the next one, a police captain goes on to back up the statement of the assistant commonwealth, attorneys statement. By saying this is a police captain stay that they did not have enough evidence to charge this man with murder. He does say we
still interested in this man. We would certainly have to keep him in mind as a possible, whereas possibly involved now he goes on to say that there were the the fbi was involved in putting together a psychological profile of geneva cuts killer, and he wouldn't go into the details of that psychological profile of the offender, but save you one. He did disclose that one result a profile? Was the fbi telling the alexandria police that, in all probability, the killer was mentally ill that, according to the police, captain is basically saying you guys know who are number one aspect yeah, maybe I'd. I dont, know the debts. I wouldn't say that that's his exact
I am leaving it at exactly what he told us that that his statement is, we are still interested in him. We were certainly have to keep him in mind as possibly involved the fbi profile. They told us that in all probability, the killer was mentally ill. Now. That statement is very interesting to me for a multitude of reasons. There seeing something at the crime scene or in relation to the victim and how the victim was treated and how the victim was left. That is indicating to these experts that we are dealing with a person who is mentally ill at the time of this attack and at the time of setting these five,
right now this article gives us a little more detail and that's only because its released two years after the murder and they it talks about a police reconstruction of the crime, and it says the geneva cuts came in her. Front door alone. Shortly after midnight on Saturday July, twenty, ninth nineteen, seventy eight, she climbed the stairs to our second floor bedroom, Turning on the lights ass, she went. She turned down. Her bed took off her clothes and dropped them on the seat of a rocking chair. She put on a nightgown inflict on the television set choosing channel five, which runs all night movies on saturdays. She then went to the bathroom to wash up short, we after this, an unknown person confronted cuts in her house
ass. It was an intruder who had come through and unlocked bedroom window. Perhaps it was a prowler attracted by the lights, the forced his way in. Perhaps it was a friend with a grudge that had let himself or herself in with a key. Those were the working theories two years into this investigation and again they go back to the fact that six hours after the need. A cuts returned to her home. She was dead. Remember body was found in the cellar brain the extra details we get here, it's interesting of the reconstruction, so the the upstairs portion This home must have been left in a way or not as damage as some of the other portions of the home that they were able to make out these details that she'd likely did this in this order and then the attack occurred later. We learn that of some of the injury suffered by our victim
the autopsy determined that she had been struck on the head and that she died from his fixation. This caused by the smoke from the fire. Now we should say far yours, because this article gives us the detail that there were seven fire set inside the home. Yet it sounds like a madman. So somebody looking to either completely destroy the scene or at least cover his tracks didn't set one fire then set two. In fact, there were some early articles that hinted at the possibility of three fires, this article, that gives us the most details, states that there had been seven fires set inside that home well and at this time of this article, two years later,
We have police firemen authorities telling us the same thing that you just stated their right at this point in the in the case they on a rested. Anybody they ve not charged anybody with her murder and they're saying you know one reason that the police have had difficulty developing a lead in this case is that firemen were fighting. Seven blazes in the house may have inadvertently obliterated critical evidence. I think that's probably highly likely in this situation. Yeah doubly have now beyond the strange fact of setting seven different fires,
This is a little bit where too, so they say that when cuts his body was found, she was lying face down in a four foot, wide call space ten feet from a basement window. She had been bound hand and foot with quote every in the house and quote this is coming from our detective, who quit the forced to join the sheriff's office. So I feel, like Do you feel like that, gives him a little more street credit in the other thing, is lot more gangster cohort according to detective seuss, he said that she was bound with everything in the house, and he goes on to elaborate on that statement. Saying sweaters slacks, masking tape, electric cord, even a pair of ox, so you have somebody who set seven fires. You have somebody that seems
be tying or up with everything that they can get their hands on inside of the house goes on to tell us that the killer apparently hit cuts on the head with an antique lamp, and this is based off of police finding a shattered base in the house and then left her for dead in a cedar closet with the door barricaded in the basement discuss an absolute animal. The detective goes on to say that cuts how got one foot free and probably made her way up the basement stairs only to find the door to the main part of the house barricaded in the gathering smoke. She must have thought of a little window at the end of the cross base. As her last chance, she was pretty resourceful. The detective says- and it goes on to say she damn near made it so he seeing stuff at the crime scene. The index
aids that she clearly was not dead by the time that the killer left the premises, and we know that died from smoke inhalation, but he jammed the killer, jammed the door shut and even when she managed to wiggle free from all of her restraints again she's tied up with quote everything in the house. According to the detective she finds the door jammed up and then try make her way to the window and unfortunately, she was on successful now the police to do go on to tell us. They never found anything missing from the house and more than one hundred thousand dollars of jewelry remained hidden in a secret compartment beneath the main staircase, no keys unaccounted for, and no windows were broken according to the detective. Also, the victim was not sexually assaulted. According to the medical examiner,
report like what you're talking about with the suspect he stating we others The fire in the you know. He he's basically stating the whole crime scene in in his ramblings before he gets his mental health checked, and it just seems like it just lines perfectly with this crime police go on to tell us that they did fine, a jammed hand gun at the house, and they say that they are leave, possibly the murderer. Use that to intimidate the victim me
be this is why she allowed herself to be bound to some extent or again. I hope that this broken base to the lamp. You almost wonder if, if he attacked our first hitting her over the head with this lamp before he tied her up to begin with yeah, I am mostly towards the there. She came home. There was an attack and then because she was can pass stated at the time than he was able to bound her up in nineteen. Eighty and article came out. They told us that there is a lot of hope for solving this case, and they point out that the current cuts murder has never been solved even too day forget about nineteen haiti. This, even though the police department interviewed, more people
did more man hours ran more polygraph test and spent more money for travel expenses than in any other investigation in the cities history. As of the time of this writing, which was nineteen eighty, they go on to tell us that the police do not expect to be able to solve the case and in fact they go on the site that one of the complications is a lieutenant arthur branch. Her who supervised this investigation and also supervise fourteen other unsolved homicides in the area, was play on inactive status. So you have one of the leads here who is not in good with his own agency and has been in charge of supervising and overseeing several homicide investigations. All that remained unsolved.
As of nineteen aid can imagine how frustrating this is not just for the family, but for the community as well. In the thing that really intrigues me here, captain is, I would love to get my hands and in view it with I own eyeballs, the fbi profile, the psychological profile that was put together on the likely offender of this murder, and I cannot get past these two very bizarre facts of this case of one there were seven different fire set in this home and two that the victim was bound hand and foot with quote everything in the house: sweaters slacks, masking tape, electric cord and even a pair of socks. These are two things that
are very different. These are outlier items very different from how many cases have we covered here in the garage hundreds billion, and I cannot think of a case that involved one or both of these situations. It's one of those cases that you would love to put in front of somebody like doktor james, a brussel or former fbi agent, John douglas, and get their thoughts and opinions. it's on this case then, and obviously, if we had the suspect's name, we could be able to go back and look at their criminal history or to go and see what they did because they were released. Did they commit other crimes, or did this person get the the the medical treatment that they needed and they're fine
I now that the gum medical treatment when something that you hit on earlier captain is the community. You can imagine the frustration from the family, but also you can't imagine the frustration from this community. You also can't imagine the fear, the fear of the people in the community, because we now that the newspapers in the reporters had a difficult time interviewing people for these articles, that they wrote about the case over the years and even years after the murder there were still neighbours and people in that neighbourhood that refuse to speak to newspapers or to the media. at the time for fear of roots, how asian from geneva cuts,
kill. Thank you so much for joining us here in the garage colonel. Do we have a recommended reading for the beautiful list? Yes, we do captain this week. We arrive amending brainstorm. An investigation of the mysterious death of film star natalie would, by sam peronne I'll, tell you what I wish this book was out back when we covered the net we would case, because samper rony did a brilliant job of putting this book together. He lays out the case presents all the facts, a lot of new facts that he has uncovered, and he doesn't tell you what to think he lets you decide for yourself what you think really happened after examining everything that he's put together, that's called brainstorm,
an investigation of the mysterious death of film stars Natalie would by SAM Maroni. You find them rate title and many more are our websites recommended page at true crime garage doc if you'd need more true crime grass for your your balls check out. Our bonus show exclusively on stitched her it's cut off the record, and until next week, big
would be kind.
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