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hello and welcome to another episode of true crime barrage. I am your hosts nick and with me, as always the fantastic one. How are you captain it's fantastic as always. Well we're in the garage. We got our beer, we're talking. True cried! We want to thank everybody for going to true crime, garage dot com and leaving your questions in your comments and thanking everybody for going to itunes and leaving your reviews. Therefore, us
who do we got from the website this week we've got a couple of shout outs, couple of people that we'd like to cut of their jib. The first one goes out to matthew from the uk he's a newcastle fan which myself I'm a newcastle fan, so newcastle brown ale, the the brewery there. You know who grew up right next door to the brewery know who Brian Johnson the singer of ac DC, while those about to rock we salute matthew, yeah, so matthew, Brian Johnson, loves the new castle as well. Who else do we got to wait? Matthew? We, like the cut of your jib. The next shot out we got is rachel part of the sick crew, where's rachel from she's from salt lake city and we'd. Like the cut of her jib wait, the girls have jibs yeah girls have jibs sexy, gibs, that's what they have and rachel recommended a couple of beers and vodka, and sometimes we drink a little vodka on the show. But we're not going to talk about that today. Who else we got? We got tyler from fort worth texas,
when he was. He really wants us to do a show with an ending something. That's been saw, how great he's going to hate this case. Yeah. Well tonight we're talking about sam shepherd and for those of you out there that are in the know. This case is unsolved and went to trial twice. So tyler I'm sorry buddy, but we do like the cut of your jib. Alright. So that's enough of the business! Let's get down to the cakes. Let's talk some true crime.
This is true, crammed arise in this case doktor sam shepherd July. Fourth, nineteen fifty four independence day. They village ohio just before six- a m, MR mrs, how right at the home of doktor, samuel, marylin, shepherd SAM is beaten and heard. The home appears ransacked and maryland is lying dead in her bed maryland start as pulled up exposing her breast and herbert John about him, sir pull down exposing her lower body.
Marylin has been bludgeoned to death,
salmon maryland son lay sleeping in his bed. The police arrive and doktor SAM shepherd has taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries after investigating the crime scene and canvassing. The neighbourhood police are left with several clues, but only one suspect, doktor sam shepherd. Fifteen days later, on July, twenty first on the front page of their newspaper, the cleveland press wrote, do it now doktor garber, demanding the coroner to action. The next day, city, coroner, doktor garber, holds an inquest examining maryland shepherds death and murder on July thirtieth the front page headlines reed. Why is it sam shepherd in jail that night doktor SAM shepherd is arrested and charged with the murder of his wife? Marylin shepherd all right. We are in the garage welcome to the garage wherever you are.
Whatever you're doing thank you for listening, we our case- and we got our case, a beer yeah. Why before we get to that, if anybody actually listens to the show in the garage send me an email or a picture, I want to see a picture of somebody in their garage. Listening to the show a picture of your garage yeah. Is it as cool as ours don't get we get if we still got the hottam around the beer is so just before a little bit on the case, real quick, so the case: takes place in bay, village, ohio. So do you know where that is yes up Cleveland yeah so we're in the columbus area cleveland up to the north. bay, village, ohio, if for those of you who have been there for those of you have not beautiful community. This is this is an area where people with a little bit of money lived there. the beautiful homes, place to raise a family. I've been through there a few times, love
city of bay village. So the key tonight is the case of doktor, sam shepard and his white maryland shepherd their home in bay village, it backs their property backs up to the lake erie, which is one of the great lakes. our beer tonight is dortmund gold, which is from. The great lakes brewing company, and now this like super excited about the show, because tonight, because this is a great case, but this is also a fantastic gaze, a beer I mean this is one of my favorite beers problem. If I had to make a list The like my top for five like these are the only beers you can have for the rest of your life, this boy, would beyond their so for those you have not had it. If you can get try tried dortmund gold by the great lakes burrowing company,
another poor. all right now that we got that out of the way you should have seen. Em is really excited to hold up his phone missus low, but no there was a real beer poor, while they don't need another okay, so the case of doktor sam shepherd a lot you out. There are going to know a little bit about this case, because there there were. There was a tv movie that a hundred years ago there was a tv series and a movie in our lifetime, the fugitive with the harrison ford in that's the one with the vader guy vader guy darth vader, now that was enough. No, but the fugitive was the movie where harrison
for their he's he's a prisoner and their transporting the prisoners in the bus. Like Rex he survives the wreck but He fleas the scene. Well in the movie, he is innocent of killing his wife and It's a crime that is in prison for and Tommy Lee jones is part of the. U S, marshals and he's track. down harrison yet the fugitive yes that the vicar fugitive, the famous part where there in the tunnel in harrison ford's, got the gun and he looks at tommy. He any appoints a gun at enmity says didn't kill my wife and then he says, ok, yeah, that's something like that, the the fugitive, the people that made the movie. They say it has nothing to do with the sam shepherd case. I know a doctor and some of it- he was a doctor and eat. His facts were loosely based off the his
character, didn't have the same name didn't have sam shepherds name. However, there was a his character, as there was a bushy bushy, haired man, the intruder in my home in that's who killed my wife and that's the same thing that SAM shepherd said to the police off so that's why a lot of people think that it will start at the beginning, ok, so back sam, effort is born december, twenty nine nineteen, twenty three in cleveland, ohio when he's in school. He, you know he's very smart, he's very Let it be played. A lot of sports is offered several athletic scholarships to smaller, oh hi, schools, turn them down because he wanted to become a doctor. His father was a doktor and his brother where doctors as well and he to follow in their footsteps. So while he's in high school. He meets marylin, reese She would later go become his wife in
he goes into after high school. It goes into studying, asked you half a medicine now forgive please. forgive me because I dont understand medicine. I dont understand I'm not a doctor but you you're a doctor of crime. I guess yo path in medicine is the use of a caustic and or toxic medicinal substances in and dangerous surgeries. So this is. This is not type of medicine. That's typically practice! Today, it's more of an old school thought you known nowadays they wanted. They wanna be nice to you. You know that I want to do dangerous, surgeries and- and the path. Medicine was all about correcting your body, no matter what was wrong with it. He he would study this at western reserve university in cleveland, and then he goes on to complete his internship in and a residency in neurosurgery.
at the los Angeles county general hospital. He marries marilyn reese February twenty first nineteen, forty five and hollywood california. They turn to ohio They buy a home and bay village in Dr Sam shepherd joins his father's growing practice at bayview hospital, now actually been debate. You hospital I used to have a job where I would drive around the state of ohio and I would conduct interviews and surveys for the heart. The ohio department of medicated medicate medical services, one of my trips. It took me to this bay ville. This bay view hospital now this for those of you in the cleveland area. Yield know what this looks like, but is it? Is it looks like a huge house, like you know, we're so used to hospitals. Looking, like you know, big
white buildings boxy white buildings, this is exactly the opposite. It's it's brown or a tan building. If I remember correctly in it, it looks like very large home, it's a beautiful from the outside. It can't recall what the inside looks like on July. Third, nineteen, fifty four. Sam shepard and his wife there entertaining guess these are neighbours of theirs that that frequently came over four dinners and and for drinks, and things like that. Can you say that date were more time July third nineteen. Fifty four. So there are hosting dinner for their their guest. neighbours, and there are over there in their having a good time. They decide to watch a movie afterwards. in the movie that they're watching was strange, holiday, witches way before our time it was a movie from like nineteen, forty five,
I don't know much about the movie has something to do with this, this guy that goes on vacation overseas and then, after a long vacation, he comes home and he finds that amount, Because being run by fascist anyway they're watching the movie and the doktor falls asleep on one of those like day beds or couches in the living room area ass. the movie his wife walks the guest out. Her guests couldn't remember: if she had locked the door should they left through the kitchen door when they exited the home could remember if she locked the door not so meaning like they. They here the door locked when their walking out yeah they d winnings. Sometimes you can. Can you hear me latchet well when they were ass, the next day by police, to recall the accounts of that evening prior they they were
probably specifically asked did, did she locked the door and the reason being is because police would find no signs of forced entry into the hall they they As I said they couldn't recall, she had locked the door. Not so, in the middle of the night. So this very early morning of July? Fourth, nineteen. Fifty four: sam shepherd wakes up any says that he hears cries. from his wife. He says it Here's her calling out his name Their bedroom is upstairs in the stairs, they have their master bedroom and they also have their sons bedroom. He they're sleeping as well he's in his bedroom she's in her better. Here the cries from their master bedroom. He goes up the stairs and he's going up the stairs. He says that he sees In that he does a lot of doktor speak where the
speak like you and I do like lay terms you know he's. He says I see a bypass form I have a speech impediment He says he sees a bypass form where a light, colored, garment and he entered the room to try to approach this by platform that he sees, and he says he struck from the side or from behind and he's knocked out as it when it comes to. He doesn't know how long how much time has passed, but when his enemies hit from behind he said the side or from behind and did he have like, bruises or anything blood, more we'll get to that jumping ahead. so when he wakes up here. Is slumped next to the baddies, sitting up and he's kind of slumped next to the bed. His wife is in the bed. He looks at her,
can tell that she's been attacked, violently and he says to the police later that he may have taken her paws. He may not have he does. He doesn't remember hee hee, now mind you. If his talk story is true- and he was knocked unconscious- he's probably can cost- and I mean Seen the football players they get concussed innate they wake up, they walked to the wrong sideline. So he he probably doesn't know for certain. If any doesn't know how long who's out exactly well, it couldn't in too long, because he says then he hears rockets and of it in the lower level. On the first floor, so he runs down the steps and now he's chasing after this by pad form that he had seen earlier. He chose them outside and now remember their home backs up to lake erie. So, he's chasing this part and through the yard and
onto the shores of lake erie. He catches to the person and they start fighting. their grappling there on the ground. Have us go back to celebrate because one of his major sports was wrestling. Which is good to point out because he could probably handle himself having you know, rustled in high school and like, we said being so athletic, but He is telling the truth. Keep in mind. He's can cost, and we don't know who this person is that he says it is grappling with anyway. He says, then he's knocked unconscious again a second time, but advocate were you did, does it state how tall or how big of a build he is? Sam yeah cause. I haven't been able to find it anywhere. I don't I I didn't see that myself from
accounts, I'm guessing. He was of average height and average build. He wasn't a large. He wasn't a fat man. He was very athletic looking. He was actually dare I say, very handsome, looking as well, which may A big part in this. so he's not unconscious a second time when wakes up when it comes to this time. His He says that his body is half way in the water he wakes up with his head and neck and upper. Or so out of the water and his lower body in the water he wakes up his keys covered it you know, is why he runs inside he Caesar's wife, again she's on the bed As we have said, her top was poor her bottoms were pulled down her legs. They have for bedpost legs are spread and there's the bedpost between her legs,
So she left in this very despicable position. And he then calls neighbours now this Five, forty a m so lot of time has expired, He's uncertain of how long he was knocked out both types. So he calls the neighbours and they come over there. The the house that we had mentioned MR or mrs help, and that have you ever been knocked out yourself, I I don't think so. Black town were that's. That's different book and I didn't know how long I was out. But when you get knocked out. You almost forget how the action. the latter gotta things leading up to it gets like it. You can remember fighting a wrestling, but it's you can't it's almost like
ten seconds before that did this, what you're saying is when he went into the bedroom. He very well could have gotten to a scuffle and been knocked out. In just thought forgotten. Thought that he was knocked out from behind or from the side, yeah that's interesting. I didn't think about that, but having never been knocked out, I would know yet and now The time can vary, but I've heard boxers, about how I say there were knocked out late third round that they could remember the first round the second round. No memory of the third round, so they could. three minutes now most of the time it says in seconds which you think three minutes would be a lot of time wins when a killer is fleeing your home, because you would think that they would just leave. But if that killer is actually there to rob the place
Maybe he waits until he's attacked the two people they could stop him It may be that accounts for the two or three minutes that that possibly SAM shepherd is knocked out in slumped next to the bed. Market have been out for two seconds. He could have been out for three minutes. As you said,. So when the hawks arrive Shepherds behaving oddly and he's he is visibly beaten He does have a forget injuries to him? He is. Short list and he's wearing apparel pants, the pants or wet, and they a blood stain on the knee, wet from the lake. laying in the lake now Let's pay attention to the shirt. Less point bell and was or go back to that, but go ahead. Make a little mental note of that blood stain on his knee
I come from him checking on his wife that I dont think that that shows any sign of guilt. Her death, was a very violent death. The the room was covered in blood. I mean it was just blood on the walls, blood on the ceiling. But he does say some strange things to the house like he says well before we do that was talking about, Do you wanna talk about her whose killed first lake or do you wanna? So she was bludgeoned to death with an unknown object. And later they would speculate. What that object would be. My one I give like the listener, some warning before you to start. Our graphic economy, maybe Put down your sandwich down your beer, yeah kids shouldn't be in the room when your listing the true crime. That's why those the e on the show ok, so she's bludgeoned death and then in
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A part of me wonders as a husband No, if your wife was left with with body exposed in she's, laying in that manner maybe he'd meant. Somebody should do something for her, as in cover her up or rearrange her because there is about to be all these cops show up. So a sign of respect, so the cop show up they take couple of brief statements from sam shepherd, they don't, they don't go into a whole lot of. You know nowadays win win some when the police show up to your home and a week he is dead in the husbands. There he's the number one aspect right away. I think the is nineteen fifty four and this guy is a doctor and back then we held doctors in very high esteem m and we still do now, but I think jean cheers and fear, and not only that though I it's a it's a it's a a fluent
It's a rich community you nowhere so so that You know where we're friends to go and I live. police are very respected job in it, in its in it The pay is good enough that you're class with all the with everybody else. What the teachers with with me, with phantastico with everybody and. Bay village musician, I'm not middle class, but bay village, maybe not so much. Maybe the cops are a lower level because they are public servants, and this is a doctor- and this is a rich community- is paying a lot of taxes. probably believe what he says from you can also attacked or signs of riot and in who wouldn't believe the good doctor that lives in fancy house. So in its very plausible that if someone wanted to rob somebody, they would come to this neighborhood yeah, it's a nice neighborhood, and why would The doktor have marks on him
you now, unless somebody else did it, you know I mean that it is assumed that you would think first, that somebody attacked him. You assume they dismayed put marks on his back well, not only that he is visibly beaten to the point where the the police are the ones that send him to the hospital date that you know that he he's ushered off to the hospital and they can see that the home appears to be ransacked now they after he leaves they start to get a little suspicious of thee. Of the home itself, so what You're going to find is they're going to find. As we said, Marilyn in doktor shepherds room is covered in blood, very violent attack. are some blood spots and drops throughout the house. Now this could have come from the assailant fleeing the scene, it could have come from sam shepherd.
Come from both but the home itself, it appears cops almost think that its staged, because. when they see like his desk and they see dresser drawers all of em are pulled out the same distance, the same amount Distance, like somebody kind of wine in there and kind of, did it all right. You know and there doesn't appear to be a lot of things missing, but old sure, like nice furniture as this, stops, ended drawer. if you pull it out, order some of em, don't n, you pull him out just enough so that they don't follow rain. Not did that not that the robber would care, but yeah, maybe maybe he would who knows, and we don't know the motive as a whole. De so the do end up finding a canvas bag and they find this in the shrubs.
In its not clear to me whether was the backyard of the shepherd home or if it was closer to the beach of lake erie. But. they find a canvas bag and in it It has several items of value. in this they find, you know, shepherds watch. In some other items of value that were taken from the home. now. One thing that we need to point out here. Doctor say am shepherd, is not a regular dude. Ok, he's a dime And not only is he a doctor, but he worked. bay view hospital gene. Who owns bay view hospital. His father s eyes, the hospital is run by his father and his brothers so being came to this hospital is a lot different than
any other suspect is found themselves in you know If, if I were suspect in a case- and I was injured. I would be taken to a regular hospital. Where I don't know, anybody in the car would come up and they would interview me there. Well, that's They do with sam shepherd, they they come in there the next day and they want to interview him there, but playing on his turf and he gives them the same statement. He gives him. I saw this bypass form wearing a light, colored garment and he said these things in doktor speak, which really throw the cops off at really rubs them the wrong way they did. They think that its a weird that somebody would speak like that, but I, heard theirs, sounds from neighbours and friends of the shepherd that say that that's just how doctors shepherd spoke. He spoke that way all the time he was. putting it on so to speak, so
that's ok, so here's the list of items that they found. And the canvas bag in the shrubbery, this is found behind the house among watch. They also found a key chain and a key and they'll found a fraternity ring of doktor sam shepherd, so some items of value, the tie time goes by ok, and this is reported big time in the news. This is big time, cleveland news for everybody. for those of you that lived in the area at the time I telling you anything new. This is not new to you. This was front page news. La arm. detective body, the skipper this. Ah, you big shot out the skipper. He was saying those big news and all ohio yet is clever, well as I said, we're we're from columbus ohio eventual.
this would be tried in Columbus So it was huge news for the whole state of ohio and it actually reached national proportions. So the the legal and press on the twenty first of July, so this is less than two weeks later that right, math Oh it's later than that is what about it's just less than three weeks later They're saying. Do it now doktor, garber, doktor garber is the city corner. So. This is kind of the news in the media, pushing the hand of justice or the prosecutor. So the coroner then the very next day on the twenty. Second, he he request an inquest. And they they do an inquest into the murder in the death of marilyn sheppard,
then, on the thirtieth of July. The front page headlines, reed, wise and sam shepherd in jail, and you know what that later that night, the police arrest, doktor, sam shepard, and they charge him with the murder of maryland chaperone as gradient. They created a agenda and then there now to follow it through So local media they run like salacious stories. You know the front page news stories and these are stories of of the mai. about the marriage, tween marilyn in doktor, SAM shepard and sam tells the police did. They had a happy marriage, However, it is, kind of known to the people in their circle and the people close to them, that,
marylin had had a rough birth, her her have their son, who was sleeping in the other room. The birth was very troubled, let's say, and after the birth of their first child, only child. She was not very end the sexual part of their relationship, which probably was an important thing to the doktor. Now we shall probably well However, she was actually pregnant. the time of her murder. She carrying a baby. While she is, I think, it was about two months into the pregnancy. Make a little side noted that noted to the side so cut
of your job of the job so Ok, so she's pregnant it is time to answer he says that their marriage is happy, however, the neighbours that they had had over that night. They tell the police. They say you know yeah? The marriage did seem happy. You know that any time there were around them hanging out with them, everything's good everybody's. Having a good time, Nobody knows of sam shepherd to be a violent person. However, it it's kind of known to the family, the friends that there's affairs going on so with both of them where only with sam shepherd so His multiple affairs by sam had multiple, like he's had few tryst here and there, but it's
with these nurses at his house. But how old is he at this time? There was so he's thirty one their low thirty, once armies, still young he's in the prime of his lies hormones or region raging, doktor, home hormones. Doctor aging doktor hormones so he's having a. He had a three a roughly a three year affair with one single nurse and he's had these other things suspected other things from time to time now it must be and because this sounds like every dateline show that you ve ever seen where the wife ends up dead. What state on the bastard husbands having sex, affairs with some younger women, just because he's he's a cheat dirt bag does not mean that he's a killer right so agree with that. But this back in nineteen. Fifty four. Makes him a killer to the police, but don't you think
I was more, don't you think affairs from the mail was more There have been more often back then breadwinner I speculate because it yet was a different time period in and women were treated. Lesser than they have a write to man, be like stop corner graham grandpas whores, so, but anyway, that Like I said, the local media is running salacious new, stories in they. They have no support. There's no facts to back up all the bad things that they're saying about the marriage, all the bad things that they're saying about sam shepherd, but but we do have the couple saying that we knew of of of affairs nor are they closer together her or they closer to him? No, though, that they only know that of the affairs with him, there's no suspicion of affairs with her. Ok so, two clear that up right now to toss her surrounded bus right, but even though we are saying that they know affairs with him.
The newspaper articles that are coming out do not have anything to do with those particular affairs that the things that their claiming in the newspaper and are claiming on local radio. Is it's kind of theirs? that has no proof no facts from nothing to back it up and actually most of them were later disproved to be untruths. So in an among that there's. A radio show that broadcast a report About a new york city woman, who claims to be a long time, mistress of sand shepherd! Claims to be the mother of an illegitimate child of his now again, no proof to back any of that up. No dna evidence here, The problem, sure, he's arrested. That's what all these stories come out the newspaper: that's when all this stuff happens on the radio. That's when that broadcast comes out where a woman from
What city is the mother of it illogical? doktor sam shepherd child. the jury is never sequestered the jury he hears all of that stuff? The jury reads all of that, though. Basically their theory was okay, we're going to put out all this bullshit, then the process Leaders like hey, listen to all this bullshit, and then they say they. They asked these if he's having a affairs, he's sleeping with a bunch of women. That means it, equals to be a murderer. That's plus there is evidence of the case. Obviously right, there's some evidence of the case, but, however, I think the jury convicted him off of those newspaper articles and convicted him off of those radio broadcasts. This I dont know that this was any giant plan to conspire against doktor sam shepherd. What this as was news papers trying to sell newspapers, radio shows trying to get people to listen and this
The hottest java in town and. You got a prosecutor who wants to win his case and you gotta lack a daisy called judge and it doesn't want us request her. The jury so they go to trial. The trial doesn't last too long. Doktor SAM shepherd does testify, and now nurse cities had the long time affair with she testifies as well. Now. after the trial is over, The jury deliberates for four days. On december, twenty first nineteen, fifty four they come back with a big guilty verdict for doktor sam shepherd, big g sentenced to life wire, You you would assume that you'd be a sentence to live now. Was he charged with the murder of her and the baby? I d just her because of that,
a period of her being I've. Gotta be honest, I don't know how the law worked back then, and I dont know you know a lot of that. Especially nowadays depends on the age of the fetus and this was like, I said, of cancer logic with what we now stick, but we know that we know that he was yet the facts MA am and he was Convicted of the murder of his wife. So right or wrong. in the conviction theirs lotta fall out from this. His wife is dead. Their son is orphaned. Basically, because now the father is imprisoned he's in the year penitentiary and all january seventh, nineteen, fifty five ethel shepherd this The mother of SAM shepherd, she commit suicide,
is just I mean this is less than a month after her son is convicted of murder. She herself with a gunshot so some mental health stuff going on in their family. There well yeah, but I mean it's also, nineteen, fifty five. It was a different time back then, will you do your son? His dirty laundry is heir to everybody, and he now you think he killed his wife and in I mean who knows, maybe she was on the edge already. I do. I don't know her situation or her mental state, but But we can just assume there some mental this on well, not only that, but this has to do with his conviction and the murder of what is her daughter, I mean you know, that's her daughter, longer, it's it's just tragic and then This is eleven days later on january, eighteenth, nineteen, fifty five doctor
church shepherd. This is doctor. Sam shepherds, father he's the the one eyed or of the right of the hospital he dies fur a bleeding gastric. Also you know it, no is brought on by stress in it, but but he also did have stomach cancer and their prey not just stories about shut, coming up with pride, stories about their family coming out as well, I'm sure, there's all kinds of dirt. This stuff was selling newspapers. This was getting people to tune in on their radio dial back when people bought newspapers and back when people had a radio dial if you listening on your radio dial, this is true crime garage. Yet by the way, if your listing on your radio dial, you can also listen to us on itunes in stature. So now doktor sam shepherd. He attends the funerals of both his mother. His father? He attends a few in handcuffs
nineteen fifty nine sam shepherd takes in cancer studies now, cancer studies. Back then, we're still studying it today, god bless us someday. Hopefully they got it. They got a cure for the shed, but anyway nineteen, fifty nine, he agrees with these cancer studies and and what what these. what these mean as their injecting live cancer cells into his body. Well, yeah Hopefully I dont know what this, what the point of that it I mean. I know what the point is to try to cure can't but you know his father had the cancer. So maybe that's what prompted that, but in february thirteenth. of nineteen. Sixty three ms riis commit suicide. I think I don't, have the method
that he used. I think he hung himself the facts I think he hung himself in a clean. It was, but I do know, is an cleave on a hotel on east cleveland hotel. Now, thomas reese is marilyn shepherds father, so we have a death. It was probably brought on with some haste with with, with with sam shepherds, father, who had witnessed goddammit cancer, so we have now marilyn shepherd she's martyred. Yes, then, Now, then sam is pulled away. These found guilty so he's gone away for life there mom commit suicide by gun. the father dies stomach With stress related well balanced, Cancer, but also the correct and then her father, hangs, observe, hangs himself.
So I mean incredible amount of fallout and kind of shows you the sigh. The you know that this of the time back. Then you know this was a horrible disgrace to everybody. Everybody involved and. ok, so backing up just a little bit before the suicide of thomas race,. In July of sixty one of nineteen sixty one sam shepherd attorney, he dies, he passes away. Oh now, here comes a name that that every he's gonna, know ethically bailey. Do you know fully bailey is now actually don't know idea. So I've heard the name a bunch ethically Bailey a famous from this case, and he went on to have a very famous. Is a lawyer he's a lawyer and he's had a very extent. Of career, let's call that he was part
the dream team of the OJ simpson trial. He was of human johnny cochrane in several other people represented only ashen, yeah kardashian was involved in that as well, but f lee bailey. He was also involved in the boston strangler case, and hopefully maybe this one will cover later little little so anyway. F Lee bailey takes over and he. He wants to press the the issue He once he wants to say you know what sam shut did not receive his right to due process. He's filing appeals. Sam ended efforts being if the news of the news is printed in a bunch of bullshit. And they're letting the jury here all that stuff, while them that's not right and what
he's guilty or not. Everybody deserves a fair trial period. Well exactly, and actually you called it bolshevik, but what we I want to quote f Bailey and famous quote on the case after were granted the appeal he told press did The case against sam shepherd is in pounds of hogwash in a five pound bag. There. You That was printed in many newspapers hogwash is good. I also like the term horse shit, so they go back to trial. he's granted his appeal. July fifteenth nineteen sixty four doktor sam shepherd is released on bond board. The the way that this appeal works is that the that the judge
basically throughout the guilty, converge conviction. And whether you must send conversion. I would have there was the door wonder dogma well, he's had like six beers already set the de facto. Talking right now is pretty good so either. the conviction and which we both agree, it should be possibly thrown out. if you're live the jury here stuff that they shine here well, in the federal judge, the overthrows, a conviction He says you know We had Emily baileys quote there. This is the federal judges quote, it was he says, there ever was. Trial by newspaper. This is the for example, that's pretty powerful. so the way that it works is after the appeal after SAM shepherd is released on bond, they
The state of ohio has sixty days to to bring forth charges on him again. Okay, so children on the same track. Yeah yeah. I think I think that the way that it works as they either have to bring charges against him again or they have to appeal the appeal appeal the overthrowing of the conviction and they do they do just that. So when the when the murder conviction is stricken down its It was overseen by the: u s supreme court and they voted eight to one to strike it down. So now the state of ohio, they file their appeal. on the overthrow of the conviction. Three days later after the release of doktor sam shepherd, he'd marries some far from area
her name, is horrible to say she's from some other country. Ah, ok, so it don't really matter air area at night grande. Yes, then a singer, I think Ok, so he was Mariana. He he marries her him He marries her through. This is three days after he released from jail heat, but he's been in prison for likes ten years and We know doctors say I'm shepherds had that appetite diner horny yeah paging Actor horny, okay, so now question you may not know the answer, but. What's she one other affairs she now. None of this was a pen. Pow this is somebody that started writing to him after he was imprisoned, kind of a romantic now, keep in mind he was he was it
a handsome young doktor may all pictures, though he wasn't now, but what well? What I will say is he was thirty one and thirty two when he went to prison- and this is ten years later, the dude looks like he aged about twenty five years and that ten year period prisoners rough, yes, specially for a doctor, a wife killer. Anyway, so he marries this check and eight nineteen sixty six. The new trial starts now one big difference between this trial and the first trial f baileys, a genius huh Doesn't it make sure that doctor SAM shepherd does not testify, because when whence shepherd got up in the first trial and he testified, he gave, same talk that same doktor speak in the trial that he,
to those police that were so turned off, I saw a bypass form wearing a light colored garments. He saying words that people dull naturally say one. Since I am putting away Sometimes you can explain to your body: hey you shouldn't this way and and and their intelligence levels is what well, why not the way I speak speaking like gabbett, you don't find it's off pudding Well, not only that actually bailey gets susan haze, susan, hey, whose susan haze she's the nurse that SAM shepherd had the three year relationship with the affair. He gets hurt now new york, lady, my bad she works at the babe you hospital with sand yep, another sidetrack they ve had. This would relationship heavily bailey make sure that she doesn't testifies well, because you know it.
he's on trial for murder? We don't want to constantly be bringing up that he's. Having relationships outside of the the marriage right. It puts them in a bad light, so he doesn't testify. She doesn't testify now this is where bailey really gets in really earns his paycheck. He Its doktor berber remit garber he's the coroner, the city coroner, who call for the inquest on the murder. He doktor garber to admit on under oath in front of the jury. Gets him to admit, No murder weapon was found and there is actually no evidence that ties doktor sam shepherd to the actual murder, while that's been a big deal, and so on on november sixteenth of nineteen sixty six, the jew he finds doktor sam shepherd not guilty. He's released,
he's gone through two trials. He spent ten years. Imprisoned. His wife unfortunately has been killed and now He is relieved, arraignment, wife, right he's really of this burden of having been convicted of killing his wife three weeks, After the trial. Doktor SAM shepherd appears on the tonight show with Johnny Carson say now that not this point that this huge national news- yes, I mean you're a big star if you're on the cart, our dry, carson, Carson, there's nothin, bigger this nineteen sixty six johnny Carson, chow nothin. or so he's on there later. Nineteen. Seventy five fast forward about nine years, Johnny Carson tells this is, does a broadcast everyone he tells a guest on his show, a nineteen. Seventy five george pepper
and on I'm not funny. So in nineteen sixty nine. That night, sixty six. of december? Nineteen sees doktor sam shepherd is on the johnny. Carson show then fast forward nine years to nineteen seventy five and johnny Carson, tells one of his guest ok, so on the tonight, show. In nineteen. Seventy five they have a guy named george peppered peppered hard, I'm hoping I'm saying his name right, but these these are people from before our lifetime, so you forgetting dead. Now, who is george? he is a person that is an actor hoop aid doktor sam shepherd on the tv, on the tv movie about the case. So why talking to him while interviewing him,
carson says something I found really interesting so Carson says hey during a commercial break when I talking to sam shepard and nineteen Sixty six, he as to me you know johnny if I would have been convicted this in time now. Keep mine. He was out, he was out of prison. He was showing up the court. My he was out on board As you know, Johnny if I would have been convicted that day in court. I would have committed suicide in court. shot myself in court while it's crazy yeah and but where was the appeal process? Not a big deal back, then no. No! No. I just. I just think that here I mean he was out. So here ability if he wanted to maybe sneak a gun in there and he's heat johnny, Carson.
One on one, when nobody else can hear it more, maybe yeah, but maybe there could have been line he could could have been. You know, voice during, but but but we can only guess interesting. Maybe that's also do you know you know a cosy, maybe hated prison. So much except one I think exactly I don't think it had anything to do with guilty or not. It had nothing to do with him being guilty or not guilty. It's it's. He didn't want to go back to prison so anyway, after after Isn't doktor sam shepherd, he writes well, he helps Him in a writer put together called endure in conquer. And what this is is this presents doktor SAM efforts side of the case. And also discusses his years in prison. Now his wife, the lady, that we said he married just days after getting out of prison, she
goes on the road with him, so to speak, to promote the book, and during this time, they have have a decent marriage, not ass, he practice in most him again he was here was issued his medical licence. How There were more than one now Practice suits, they came against him, And he lost at least one of those and when he lost that law suit. They took away his license so I see so you do in the book for money yeah he's doing the book for money and well foller, father away, so he's now he probably inherited along my that way. I don't know how that works, but I do know there were brothers involved right. Two years into the marriage. Second wife believes him
she returns to germany, she's from germany. Okay, this is good da das is good. Okay, guten, dog and desert german or dutch. Anyway. She returns of germany and she files for divorce. Now, He tells the papers, this could all be slain We don't know, but she too, the papers, Sam's violence. made her fear for her life, so yeah. I see that I mean again, that could just be a bunch of nonsense, so Sam doctors am shepherd his hit rock bottom multiple times, but now he's gonna, he's gonna hit, brought item again. Nineteen sixty nine, the guy in practice, medicine. The the guy's got there That may be? Some people bought what
he's not on tv anymore. He's he's it he's not famous. So what happens he becomes a professional ressler. Yet in august of nineteen sixty nine at the age of forty five sam the killer, shepherd. He has his rustling debut against why probably pile shaun, he's probably called the killer because they made a will of course, tv series about him well and not only that rustling puts up tents and they sell tickets and you sit in the bleachers. You put the asses in the bleachers who do you got? We got the killer. Everybody wants to see the killer, so he Marries again for the third time he marries colleague, stricklin she's The daughter of george stricklin joyed, strict
Is a professional ressler and he's also the guy that trains sam efforts to become a wrestler still strange, though So while he is a ressler, he rustles about forty to fifty matches and his professional career, but It creates a new submission, hold called the mandible claw Now what the mandible claw is its where you, when you take I've never seen it an action, but. It sounds like you. Take your middle finger in your ring finger and youth you like shoved in the persons mouth and your work it so that the the ring finger in the middle finger fingers the gun at the time under the terms used. So you know what the manual clause the effort that is its not, but that's what they call it That's what he called it, but the sea invented in its one hour, oats pressure, important move that cops are top exact. you're exactly right so and you
so you know this using you take the thumb and you like push it up. push fingers down inside the mouth. I guess I've had some traded that doing tat in. It supposedly. What does a duty like it's put? The pressure points are supposed to seize you up, or while I mean it's just like any other pressure point, it hurt you or whatever kind of makes you so. The finger The fingers are kind of jabbing at this, the soft tissue in your mouth under your tongue, you, so you kind of control, a halt, the whole body by controlling the head, it's Madame move is anyone who is both liquor fighter off here? Well, you have opened the rustlings fake we might well. We would. We would thank aroused this old forty five year old, doktor washed up doktor get his aspect, but anyway, I guess mic foley mankind I know who he is, but I've never seen
don't think I've seen any of his matches, but I guess he did the same move like he was I kind of own the aim of his things. It was one of those things so anyway in a all six of nineteen. Seventy. Doktor SAM shepherd is found dead in his home at columbus, ohio he's. He He passed away from liver failure. He was a drinker super drinker. There's nothing wrong with that yeah, but we're casual drink dawn. Dont. You judge me disk. This guy was a Super drink to the point of liver failure, so anyway, he was buried in the enforced lawn memorial gardens in columbus ohio. Now his son. sam reese shepherd in teen ninety nine, he sues the state of ohio, Four wrongful conviction of his father this: First time now keep our minds.
Sam Rees shepherd he wants to clear his father's name. This is the same kid that was seven years old, laying sleeping in his bed across the hallway from where his mother was murder. He wake up. That's weird in that weird that if cheese she's calling for her husband, sam shepherd as she's being attacked. He would Up in the sun does a wake up. The glowing avenue out. I was knocked out twice. I think his recollect recollection of what's happened. it's gonna be blurred anyways, so part of The trial is dead. exude the body of maryland shepherd. How now do you Why do they do this? They do that because they want to take that they want to extract the fetus and they want new testing on the fetus to figure out if SAM shepard was the no father of without a modem motive. If he wasn't, it would definitely give motive right. So
today exude the body of maryland. The fetus is gone They actually extracted the fetus during the Autopsy and performed an autopsy on the feet, so they were unable to do any. To get any information from doing that. and actually what that pointed out to every one was there's a bit of may have in the corners office this Unknown to every body, nobody knew beforehand that the fetus was gone but they did a separate autopsy on the fetus rigs Actually that was never presented in court that was never presented to anybody. None of the attorneys knew about it. None of the judges knew knew about it and that and then essentially it was their office can push for his arrest. That's what got him arrested and- and this is pointing out- you know, suspicion that the coroner's office was concealing, pertinent information yeah
We not information as much as just trying to cover up their own flaws. well the law suit against the state of ohio doesn't really go anywhere. He and nunez doesn't doesn't really do anything. you'd think at some point. Kid be in seven at the time some point haven't talked father and I think. It's a lot easier to read your own family members. Well in in that that, basically, is the the crime scene and that's the fall out of it and that's the two trials. Now, let's go we get into yeah cause. I got a big question. We've talked about this for almost our. So why do they call it? The fugitive? Well, the sea, I think, You know the movie from the nineties with harrison ford, it spy and from the tv series from back in the day.
Which was very loosely based off of this case- and I think that says a hypothetical, a heap yeah. He was never on the run. Seem shepherd was never on the run. I think that Can the day the tv series used this case as a way to get viewers right? I make sense to those such it was up. It was a huge case if it was, it was not of the OJ simpson level, but it was. It was way up there, correspond remains connect though, do somethin, yellow avonlea bailey basically, it is proven that the card actions are connected to everything is basically what is yeah. Unfortunately, how about a little butter recommended reading before we get into ass a more tidbits about the case. So recommended reading for this week. This is
one of my favorite books to this wise so excited about today I have your sponsorship roquat, we got a fantastic beer, we get a fantastic book. What's the sponsor this, this episode is actually sponsored by the new kim kardashian mode jeez. And find those in the ituri apple store go get those now and while you're there at the itunes apple store you can buy the music from our shell and we ve had were not. I get it on itunes, not yet now, I'm waiting until we have of a volume of big catalogue. Yes, but you can go get him on the website. You get him from our website. You can purchase the songs that we put on these days. the episodes and we ve had some people download, em, already warner, cable, you guys apple Seko's. Thank you, girls. recommended reading for this week is american justice, great crimes and trials. Now this book. This is one his books, where covers many cases,
Has a good good chapter on each case they die things like the lindbergh kick kidnapping the man, in family in this case as well, the same shepherd case. This is, american just as great crimes and trials this by Paul bag and martin Vida now For those of you that dont know Paul bag and martin fido have collaborated on many books. Many true crime books now ma fido is one of my favorite ripper. just they're, both ripper allergists. Now, who is vida okay, so martin fido has been in all in many jack, the ripper books, and paul bag is helped him out with some of those as well. So. I highly recommend this book this. If you want to learn about Al Capone or or ted Bundy David Berkowitz,
Gilmore, this This is one book that you can pick up and learn about all of them. So before we get into our list of pros and cons on Innocence or guilt of saying shepherd weed We must note it. We must note there was a suspect in this case other than seems. correct, but this was years after the trial. So In nineteen fifty nine detectives question richard eber link about various burglaries in the area, so lincoln fast to the burglaries and he showed detectives things He had stolen from homes. among these items. He did show them to rings that both On two marilyn shepherd, but ever link stole these items in nineteen. Fifty
This was years after the martyr and he stole these from sam shepherds brothers, home after sam shepherd was already impressive. he was a handyman window, washer kind of guy that did work in the area and he did they do that he did work at the shepherd hall now later in life he was convicted killing somebody he did. He killed a woman, he strangled. Her and he was put into prison for that. And he was suspected in it or to other possible it as well. I don't have details of those, but it should be noted that that he was in consideration. After sam shepherd was imprisoned and seems like a path they should went down of further further. Yes, yes, yes,.
So our pros and cons lists that we have here. This is we're gonna, discuss one sam. Do it evidence to show that he did it and then we're going to we're going to present evidence that he didn't do it and we're going to kind of go back and forth here. So what do we have fantastico? What? What is the first it points out the yes sam shepherd. Did this martyr? Well, SAM's confession? Ok, so the big confession! This was the big yes, so in in the jacket of the book we spoke about, that he went out on tour to to promote he. He signed, you know he signing doing book signings to promote the book and One of the books They he signed on the dust jacket to the book of dern conquer, he there. There is a big headlines on the dust jacket this, as did so
do it and then somebody wrote the word yes right. Underneath of that now, she claims that he wrote that. is that when he signed the book that he rome yes and then gave her the book. Who who knows? Who absolutely that can just be somebody trying to get? She could erode it where she could have wrote it and she could have got a lot of publicity out of it, so that that's, God, that's one that says he did it what's. One As he didn't do it well, He had the wounds and though was that he had from the fighting with intruder would be hard to inflict get himself So the director of the trauma centre at the the bay view hospital where he went for his injuries. is that it would be almost impossible to be self inflicted injuries. He he as clearly beaten up now was this. He was be. Not by the person that killed his wife, or was he beaten up by his wife?
as he killed her brain ok, what's another one says he did do while the shepherds, havin a dog and that dog didn't part yet nobody reports hearing their dog barking, but which imply that either that Did the intruder or the killer and or the killer was known to the dog that the dog had no reason to bark, but we re all know where the dog was and then there's also separate. I mean these are big houses with some separation, so the sun also didn't wake up. That's that's. That's odd. To ok, so what points out what's another one that he did marylin on his lap observed he was innocent. This maryland was on his up. This is their guests there, their guest from that evening. There just saying you know everything, looked kosher to us that the interaction between salmon marilyn that evening looked look nor
To us, everybody appeared to be happy there and appear to be any kind of problem between the two of us basically sand and the there were affectionate around people so by at the same time you can? You can be pretty affectionate with you. Significant other. Then they people leave and it's like. Well, why did you do this, or why did you do that with the other thing too? Was people would always reported that that, when they were together, everything seemed to be fine, His doctor, horny nannies happy go lucky right, so let's go back to did he do it. evidence that proves that it was the lack of force entry. Yeah now remembered the police could not find any sign of we're century, but they did question there. our guest from the night before? Did she locked the door?
We don't know that I mean. Maybe there was no forced entry because the door was unlocked hour, or it goes back to that suspect that did some work for him and had a key or new awaited, jimmy the lock, ok let's go back to what she was saying. Innocent lack of previous vile, okay yeah. So before this case, he shows no sign of violence. There, there's no one that can report any sign of violence. Yes, on legal oj thing where there was concept, please reports, marylin doesn't show up with black eyes or busted jaw their nose. And appear to be anything of that nature going on, but there are a rich family and those things have a tendency to make them go. Sometimes housewives hide things and It should be noted that would be hearsay and slander, but his
second wife Did complain that she couldn't stay married to him because of his violets, wonder what third wife the third wife. He was only married to her for about six months before he died. Maybe she killed him. Knows the liver, phallus joking. I know me in my bad jokes, okay, so then, but where was sam's teacher right so This is a big one for me is the one that I've always wondered about. I I think this is you're. Smoking gun smoking gun. Yet this this is the latter leading to the to the window of the lindbergh house. where's sam's teacher Sam shepherd says that he woke up in the middle of the night having fallen asleep on the day bed. hearing his wife calling out to him as she's being attacked. Well,
he says that he fell asleep while the guests were there? The guest confirm this now. Here's what I want to know. how drunk he was. Well, I'm sure, because you know how many times have come home completely wasted, and then I wake up and no longer on me. Well, he could have been drunk, but here's what I want to know. He fell asleep in front of his wife and in front of the guest on the day. Bed right, did he fall asleep shirt lists in front of them? Did anyone bother to ask the house guest. Did doktor SAM shepherd have assured on when he was. I think they would say something about that, but are there faction, and then he took his shirt off passed out some point there would have been brought up? No, but here's here's what I want to bring up. Ok,. Maybe he fell asleep with assured off, I don't know, but that seems strange to me to do in front of guest and he didn't he didn't interior
Falling asleep P2P sat down their laid down there with the anticipation of watching the movie with his wife and his guest. He felt because it was tired. So at what point Let's assume he fell asleep, with assured on would you say the people will naturally just take their shirt off in front of guest and fall asleep? That's I deadline doesn't seem probable. So at what Why does he wake up and take a shirt off? Does Take his shirt off after wakes up, inheres his wife crying for help. What is he the steps and takes it takes his shirt off before he's attack. Does he the only way. I see him falling asleep without assure and wake in and later having no shirt on when the neighbors arrive is maybe, when he's rustling around on the beach and maybe he lose. Maybe the shirt is torn off of him. Then, however, the idiot
it's possible that he falls asleep with his shirt on a little buzzed. Canada just himself you know and you move around when you're trying to fall asleep or why your sleep he He falls asleep while the guests were still there right, but then they leave and at some point, why he's sleeping he takes off his shirt? The shirt was never found. That's the other thing we need to point out. I mean if he took it off in the mill of sleeping or or at some point before his wife is attacked. What, then, that should be in the living room? Mall it right and he can or fact is wife. There's blood on his shirt gets rid of the shirt right. Ok. So let's go back where we are now number four. The damage trophies.
so he he had all these athletic trophies from his high school days. These the trophies were were quite damaged. and there is no reason to believe that he would He would do these himself said that he would do damage this himself. He was. He was very proud of his athletic days, even if he was staging a robbery, they don't think there Most people think that he would have damaged. These trophies ok so then something to prove that he did do it was There was a delay in reporting the murder and he heads and consistency in the story. Ok, so here's another big thing. This is goes right along with the shirt here. So my first call after the murder is to his neighbours the house who come over which which is strange in itself? He calls neighbours rather than calling police and its law and the
topsy reveals that they believe that maryland shepherd died between the hours of three a m and for em now sam's watch that is found in the canvas bag outside it stops at or fifteen air. doesn't make this phone call until five. Forty now in his thence. He was, can cost any says that he wakes up half way in the lake. But also that watch could have been stopped like. it could have just stopped yeah could stop in it and had nothing to do with the attack? Romania could have been stopped two months ago at four fifteen ryan. and then the watch was found outside in the site, but
Don't we gotta agree that it's a little strange that the autopsy reveals between three and four m in his stopped? His watch happens. Stop it for fifteen. I would be more likely to believe that his watch had just been broken for days. If it was said, seven ten area, I get that eleven may have three watches and two of em don't works. Well they're right twice a day. He has actually that's why they look nice on me. All right. So then we're gonna go to innocent be an innocent, so where's the blood on his pants, yet he only has one blood stain on his pants and the room that they had was covered in blood. So that's it's a tough thing. I mean he only has that blood stain on his knee on the pants and if, if the rooms covered in blood,
he ditches shark that was covered in blood. You would think that the pants would have more blood on it unless he ditch the shared, ditch the pants put on different Hence I had some blood on him a little bit of blood after the fact. I never thought of that. That's why you're not banned half dick. All right, let's talk about sam's bloody watch. Ok, so we touched on this a little bit, but so. Is the watch out for fifteen? It stopped it for fifteen. This watch is found in the canvas bag in the shrubs outside the home, along with some other items that sam shepherd says was stolen from his home, which could be staged correct now SAM shepherd says that the blood on what now? It's got a good amount of blood on a watch and in in for those of you that, where old school watches, I don't mean these, you know iphone watches or I watches.
my watch has all kinds of grooves in it now in it, and everything its nightmare to wash the sing and get it nice and cleaning get em between our group's attitude on stabbings. Oh my, so his watch has blood on it in his got blood in the groves. he claims that it came from him. Checking has I pulse, Now remember, he told the police. I thought I'm not certain, but I think I test checked her paws now which we probably would do- is a doctor correct. So what he says is that, after I was. After I was attacked. And after I was unconscious the second time. the perpetrator must have taken the watch off of my wrist maggots loaf, That's a little weird. What he Are you out outside and then all of a sudden drops the belongings valuables that he he stole from your home little weird,
it makes it more. The fact that he's wearing the watch. makes it less likely that he'd be broken. Watch be the blood into the watch to cause it to stop and for fifteen. That makes a little more sense. Yes, SAM shepherd said what you said earlier, where the watch had actually stopped a day, two before something about He was somewhere water got into it or whatever and in his nice one. But you know have guessed coming over. You know, look nice well in its back bank. In those days it was natural for for men too, where watches and even if it didn't work. That was something you put on when you got up and went to work that day, he went to work. That day was that it was the third of July not the holiday throughout. Over here the sperm on Marilyn, so doc mohammed to hear says that the dna expert now mind.
This is nineteen. Fifty four help export of dna can you be, but he did Meant that there was a tiny little bit of sperm found on Marilyn, they did not come from sam. I don't know how they came up with this idea. However, it. I still want to know if the baby's his or not the that's what everybody wants to know and but It was also noted by police that, even her body was exposed and she was lying there in that manner that there was no Visible signs of of rape, there was no, you know it, appear that she was raped, It seems strange that you would the police saying: there's no rape, and then you have this doctor saying there was sperm found seems seems a little odd to me, but there for the forensic evidence. you know as wonder how much they could
Now we have rape, kids and things like that and wonder which they had at that time? well, and it was also reported that the the sperm sample was so small. It was such a little sample that that It may suggest that there was some kind of contamination so weak. can't put a whole lot of weight. In that case, what's going on with the whole missing table land ok, so there was a lamp in like on a night stand of the bed. and there's a lot of people that speculate, This is the suspicion. I think a lot of people think that sam shepherd woke up at some point in the evening after the guest had left and he wanted sex from his wife. She didn't want to have sex with them, they think This put him into a rage or they,
think that they were feuding about his. extramarital affairs She might have hit him and that this of put him into a rage and that he beat her to death. now there was a lamp that was on night stand before the attack happened. Oh went missing, Nobody knows what happened to the slap kind of like the t- shirt. It's probably in lake erie- is what I'm guessing and do they wonder if this lamp was picked? up and used to beat her in the in face now and you can on a bigger houses, I mean he could have tons of secret hiding spots that they just never could find it ass possible Possible, but I'm guessing that if they never found the shirt, then found the lamp good reason for not finding either of those. So this is the one. I just thing is the big
duty of a more, but this points towards his innocence. Right, yes with Shan't sam, We know we had a couple of beers. Nigh starts, learn everything it goes to SAM shepherds enters the heavy innocent. So what's his name again early eber leaned, see he stole. The ring, which we have talked about. But here's where gets really strange to me. He emit two bleeding it's too bleeding and the show at home, correct so this is what I really wonder about this case. Nowadays. I think this case would have been solved in there, wouldn't have been so much confusion because of dna and because the efforts that we made to further ourselves- yes, I portion of the investigation process might
ever link says that, yes, I was a handy man. Yes, I was a window washer and I was in that neighbourhood and not only was I in the neighborhood, but I was in their home multiple times and one time while I was there, I cut myself and I bled in My cut my finger and I dropped couple bits of blood somewhere. I may white them up. I may not. Have I don't remember, but. blood in the hall. That's that's that to me you're right! Is just as damn strange is syn shepherd, not having a t shirt on an whereas the lamp worse, Hence I am still convinced that those are the actual panty or I wished. The people at the party would have been able to know if he is, change pants or not because I got so many questions Well, here's another thing to throw nother rent and to your questions and another wrench into the case. There was no blood.
I pay found at the at the scene, so richard ever ling was found to have blood type. Hey no blue, type a was found at the scene of my readers is afraid that They would find it so that way he would have a story to makes you he has. clue of them finding what type of blood they found are not well these. These blood tests types were conducted, the test, were conducted years after he had said. I bled to see right, but what I'm saying as he says, if you there you're exactly right, but it should be noted that. that a blood type o was found at the scene. Now I get, A type o I dont know for certain, but I
What type o seems to be one of the more common blood types, however, this does suggest, is it. There was more than one person meaning more. There was What else other than marilyn or same shit? bird who had bled room now again: there was so much blood who knows how contaminated or messed up this crime scene was. So another thing pointing out the possible innocence of doktor sam shepherd would be remember. He said there was a a fuss. Haired man there was a there? Is it. yet in the movie yeah, nay so that in the fugitive now there were, other. There was to neighbours that had reported seeing some one of the same description in the neighborhood. That day now, I dont know if this was late at night or early in the morning or our beds than the handyman are exactly.
You know what they're just because you see somebody that looks like that doesn't mean that they did something. so not only did to SAM shepherd report. But she haired man that he said was the intruder, but more than one neighbour had seen a bushy haired man some time that day. All right now tell me about ever leans confession Ok, so there were, there were two supposedly so The nurses, aid for Ethel, dark and ethel dark is the person the lady that ever links That's. He strangled her now she's as that at some point in their relationship beforehand, he. This is somebody that he knew. Darken was somebody that everyone knew. And she says the nurse says that you know at one point before Ethel had passed.
everything had confessed to me and confided in me that here killed maryland shepard and he says that the did he had. James, remembered on the head with a pale yeah knocked him out. dreadful, is he told me that he had killed her. He hit her husband, the head with a pale and that bitch the hell out of me. Yeah again in nineteen. Ninety eight, he goes on to tell an author, James Neff. As the author of a book regarding the sam shepherd mystery He says to him that he he says I found myself in a bloodied shepherd bedroom. And I had never seen anything like that and I got out of their number whether these people have motives for line and that's what comics
hardly yet that the nurse could like the fame of it and the author once and I thought the nurse you know, the nurse was connected. Some him murdered so's trend of paint a picture that he's a worse person, a bigger and that that came out wrong. But that is this awful person, And then the author obviously has motive because the cells more books, hey, I have a book about the doctors same shepherd case And I have a confession in it:. Well, and it should be noted, though, that even though there that there were these to suppose it confessions than ever. lying dead a polygraph any pass the lighted actor. Now we do want to go on record, saying that true grime garage does not care for. Polygraph, so we don't believe anything that we hear when it comes to light. Detector test, and if it boy mean jack shit at all, we don't
percent dismiss it not a hundred but a good, solid. Ninety slumbers. Ninety high nine. Ninety six. Ninety seven point: seven percent So we apologise to tyler, but there is no resolve in this case is not solved. K, side, buddy But it's not a call to action, because it was nineteen. Fifty four Hopefully whoever actually did do this, whether with sam shepherd or not, they have passed away, And we're we're left to just view what happened? speculate on that in any case, I love this case. I do want to give a shoutout everybody. This kind, a true crime garage. questions left their comments. We do want to do a call to action, though we're thinking putting together show regarding the audience we ve had. Hon of feedback regarding the long island serial killer case,
Yeah. Some honor The phantom killer was a good one, got johnny wishbone, he said, and some good stuff johnny. Spain, is not a fan of the captain, but johnny wishbone actually had some really good ideas about the Panem killer case. So what we are asking you to do is go to the website and send us your information. Let us know you theories on some of our cases. We want to put together a show that this Views your there and views your viewpoint on these different cases. We are now the experts were two guys in a garage drink beer talking, dr weir We got along of iran, and but we want to hear yours and we want to present those to everybody else out there listening everybody in the garage wants to hear your theories tat and then also if you do have any questions about us personally or
The show operates her any of that stuff. favorite beer questions, all that stuff, our whole show about question and answer in theory, shell. Basically so thank you for listening, we'll be back with the next week with another full length, episode of true crime garage for all things: new go to true crime, garage dot com. Please go to itunes and review us. They you for listening to you got anything else, tat captain! That's it The dole litter see you next week.
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