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15 year old Elyse Pahler was reported missing by her father on July 23rd, 1995. The report states that she was last seen at her family’s home when she left for unknown reasons. This week we discuss a case of a missing girl and the conclusion that shocked a community. Beer of the Week - Quilter’s Irish Death by Iron Horse Brewery Garage Grade - 4 and a quarter bottle caps out of 5

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were paid. I damn shirt people at the website, so that is enough of the business right. Everybody grabbing share. Grab your beer, less talk, some true crime. A royal grundy california on Sunday july, twenty third Ninety ninety five- the parents of fifteen, you're old, Elise, parlor reported her missing The san luis obispo sheriffs department, her parents, David and lisa and reported The team was last seen at her families home when she left for unknown reasons. Elise, described as five feet: seven inches tall about one. twenty pounds: she's caucasian was shorter length, blonde hair and blue eyes in the coming, weeks and months, though cool tv news and newspapers will remain.
Public of the missing team, adding that family. in france had not seen nor heard from a lease since the night of July. Twenty second, the sheriff department stated that they are attempting to locate the team but say that have no leads. There were set, unconfirmed sightings of Elise. Again these are unconfirmed the sheriffs department. They arrive She is still in the area, possibly in san luis obispo county area. As christmas approach, a tip came in the tips or stated that at least was alive and travelling with a carnival in colorado. This tip klute, a ray of hope, the collar said Elise, might call home on christmas day december. Twenty fifth ninety ninety five christmas day the polar family gathered as usual for a big traditional christmas dinner. Loved ones had presence under the tree for release, they waited
all day for the telephone to ring bringing them the message they had hoped and prayed for four months. A call home from a lease saying she was all right and she was no longer missing. That call never came in january of ninety ninety six after a lease was missing for over five months now, her grandmother, Elise, whose grand It's called her Nana made a public plea for her rand honour to return home or it is to reach out and communicate with her family. In a letter release in several newspapers, nana addressed a letter to my dearest. Elise, writing. I miss you and I love you. Everyone is very worried and heartbroken because we don't know how you are. If you are happy warm well fed and healthy, enclosing manner rights, we can work it out, you can stay.
Here with me until you want to go elsewhere? Please, please just call me so we know You are alive. The Elise paula was born April, twenty fourth nineteen, eighty, two parents, David and lisa Ann. She would be the oldest of four children, her siblings, are sisters, jennifer and christina and her brother ryan. This was a happy big family who loved one another and looked after each one
the family was active in their church and in their community. Elise excelled at a very early age at painting and she was said to be a very gifted person in the arts. This would continue throughout her life in a ninety. Ninety two at the age of twelve elise, finished first and took the girls beginners title at the nepal mo tennis associations junior singles tournament in the summer of nineteen. Ninety five elise was maturing now aged fifteen hanging out with other high school kids, of course, and like most situations, elisa parents new most of elisa friends in schoolmates, but not all of them. As we said in the trailer A lease was last seen at her home on the night of July. Twenty second reported missing the next morning. by her parents. The early reports state that a lease- tom, for unknown reasons.
And then she was missing for days weeks and months as we almost We see in these cases the parents of the missing too. Major in the sheriffs department have differing opinions and theories as to what exactly has taken place. The parents always fear the absolute worst and law enforcement has to look at the known facts of the situation and any possible leads and let those circumstances lead. their theories and opinions. So more detailed information would event come out in this case- and I think from this story and the information that comes out you and possibly see why there was a difference in opinion here. The story the comes out and this from a leases, grandmother, Elise, walter- and it was reported in this santa maria times newspaper and the report says the night. She disappeared,
at least had been watching a movie with her family when she received a telephone call from a friend at about ten p m Walter said when a lease received a second phone call, a few minutes late, Walter said she abruptly told her parents. She was tired and was going to bed. She said I love you and I'm going to bed. The phone call Walter said was from a boy who had been suspended from a grande a high school in march of ninety ninety five. After Elise told officials, the boy had sold, six, though her father checked, to make sure Elise was okay after she went to bed a second check by
a leases two sisters, a short time later found pillows, had been stuffed under the blankets to make it appear that Elise was present walter, who has spent the past eight months, searching for clues to the whereabouts of her granddaughter said. Elise had snuck out of the house a few times prior to her disappearance, but had all returned the next day by dawn when she didn't return home by the morning of July. Twenty third leases father called the sheriffs department, so this is where I think we're seeing the difference of opinions. As far as the shares department is concerned and her family is concerned, right, the family is concerned because there are two phone calls They are aware of that came into the house just before she may have left on. Her
oh you know, everybody knows the old trick. We ve seen it in the prison escape movies. We ve seen kids, do it in movies, where you stuff a couple pillows or stuffed animals underneath the the sheets are blankets to appear that somebody sleeping in the bad, but the family is concerned about the fall. cause and that she didn't come home. The sheriffs department on the other in their concern about a couple things one. It appears that a lease left the home on her own right to go off and do what we don't know, but it is that she left on her own too. It's already reported that that she has left the home several times before snuck out in the middle of the night. She was her parents, say and grandmother says running around with the with a bad crowd at that time in her life- and we have these unconfirmed sightings of her elsewhere,
If the police are looking at this going well, she might have snuck out in the middle of the night she this time she may have just run away, and now Seeing we have these sightings of her elsewhere now the only issue I take with that is a fifteen year old blonde high school kid bright. I mean to do a dozen right, and it would be easy to to believe that you are seeing her somewhere, and these are, as said unconfirmed sightings. Now, there's there's a lot of reports that she had a french door. She she lived in a pretty big house and she was not as close to other rooms and for whatever reason they keep an almost every report. I read: they talk about how that she had french doors Note tat by the has french doors there, the easiest doors to break into there also easiest to sneak out of arthur. Well, I
I don't know my home growing up what well one of the homes that I grew up and I dont know if it was the location of the of the door itself, but or if or if the french door was just quieter, when it would open and close. But that was my door of choice for sneaking out was the french door yeah. So does a safety note, if you have french doors, make sure that you have some other locking system on them than what comes with them? I also think I'm as far as the family goes with their gut feeling, when she's missing in the fact that they think that she is no longer with us. I believe that's coming from some kind of maternal instinct, awesome gut feeling, maybe not so much evidence, but also as parents in law enforcement, you have to go. But what are these calls and what is the motivation? Are these
just cause that have nothing to do with the fact that she left the house or are these individuals, airborne hey, come hang out with us, come party with us. Is this a way to get her out of the house? Oh, I don't know exactly what activities of releases that her parents would have been aware of. You know what she was up to when she was not at home, but it's seems to me that the big question mark in red flag that I have here is when we said law enforcement to follow. The leads has to take the known information, the known facts and come up. An opinion there. it seems like the family has some general knowledge of the person that called the home. This doesn't seem to be like they're. Just like
phone rang twice and went on lombardy right because they're, giving a little bit of a description of a boy who was suspended from school. We know that it was a boy you have to wonder: did they in fact, no the boy name or how much information did they know about this person? That called, and was it the same person that called twice that night or two separate people that called right and if they did no, this information, I'm assuming giving their feet where's that they stated earlier on. We were fearing the worst. They were fearing that she was murdered even when we have these sightings come in, they still publicly stated that that was their feet. and you wonder again, I think that's just a gut feeling, yeah yeah and we this where parents fear the worst and law enforcement tries to keep a level had about it. but, but what's all on all on got always because sometimes law enforcement is gonna. Look we think, there's foul play.
And you have a mother or father saying, hey. I I think she's still with us, because they're hopeful, sometimes hopeful, but sometimes are gut feeling is telling that their child is not passed on right now and in you can explain that now. I understand some of these sightings because a lot of these sightings or like very lucy goosey, where they're saying We saw a blonde girl matching the description of the missing teen at a convenience store or addison for in this area- and we are talking about he's sightings- are actually in the same county right in which she was living. So this seems plausible. I don't, I dont know why, and I don't mean to laugh, because this is a tragic story that we have to tell today, but I am ass, but the this worry of she's alive in travelling with a carnival in colorado. Super bizarre number, one and lake when, when I'm fine
Information and looking for information of this story and of this case tracking down our own leads. I come across their I have to like double check the year of the story, because, unlike might This was ninety. Ninety five right, let me double check that, because, if something I would expect to hear like nineteen sixty four ninety ran away. I join the cannot join the carnival while there also rumours to that she left to go to allay right because she to be a movie star. Yet she, I guess there were some murmurs that she wanted to be an tourists yeah. It's just so sad when you were view this information and you even if the parents or the family did not believe that there was a chance of this happening. It's still sad to read the on christmas day. There was some kind of hint of hope that they were going to receive a call from their missing daughter right and, of course, we
that that day came and went without any communication from Elise to her family at all, or my frustration with this is the idea that the family is saying that we think are daughter has passed on, there is no evidence of that. But I also wonder if this is a tactic by law enforcement to go. Hey, there's, no evidence that there's foul play we're gonna, assume, there's no foul play and that causes them to do less work in general or they believe some of the sightings. Coming in right, where the the troubling thing, though, is looked her elisa parents publicly state that they believe someone the caller the boy on the phone, lord, her out of the home night and that the collar then is very likely the one responsible for why she never came home after that run and so they were very public about this I mean hell. We spent all of last week discussing a case where someone called
the home of a youngster and lord her out of that home and into a location where he could abduct her. The tricky thing here is your your most This probably coming at christmas time, even though she's already been missing for a few months. We know that that call the call that they were hoping for did not come in, and that is when really. I feel that the panic truly set in in this case in big time for the family, because it's been months since One is last seen in her and now the hope is drawing up. Her grandmother makes that very point plea on the news and in the newspapers in january of ninety ninety six- and we heard a portion of that letter in the trailer I can say for sure which theory the grandmother was going with, because I'm She was on board with the family, but in that same at her. She praise the sheriffs department for all their hard work and maybe believed some of the unkind
sightings out there as well yeah or possibly the rumour that gonna call and then once the call didn't happened, she thought okay. Well, if she's out there, I'm gonna put the statement out there. If she's out there, she will make contact yeah and we didn't read the entire letter written to her. missing granddaughter bite, but from top to bottom it The plea for at least two call or to come home right so other these unconfirmed sightings and the rumours there really not a whole lot going on with this investigation, unfortunately There were, in fact, no leads in this thing- giving longed for forced my almost nothing to work with. But this was a pretty safe area fairly and you'll. Hear the people oh and read the people in the area. Talking about that area, kind of changing during the night, andy's. There was a bad air
meant to the area- let's say right, but almost when you thought nothing was going to happen with this investigation that nothing was going to happen in the search for this young woman, something strange hat. This is on march, fourteenth. Ninety ninety six, so apt Fifteen year old, Elise polar had gone missing, vanished, to the night was missing for months. A young man with dark brown, hair flowing here, way down his back. He he's a thin young man. Five foot tenants frame, he walks into the shares department and he has an all. Unbelievable story to tell this is seventeen year old, royce, casey rice said a couple of his friends
The missing girl then royce explain that he and those friends murdered Elise polar now uncertain. If the boy was telling the truth, the detectives asked him if he knew where the girls body was located, he said he did. They asked if he could take them to her. He said he could and he did royce casey, led detectives to a rural area just a little more than a quarter of a mile from where at least had lived there sure enough, just as the boy had said, they found a badly decamped posed by. If you had the chance to be brought back to life hundreds of years in the future. Would you take it wonderings, newest podcast, rose and head hosting ashen alina of the hit show morbid tells the truth.
We have lawrence pilgrim, a lifelong scientist who plan for death his entire life because for him, death wasn't the end. It was just the beginning once this dream to be frozen and brought back to life in the future, pulls us into a cryonics soap. Opera filled with dead pets, grenades, family feuds hall in baseball legends and frozen heads, lots of frozen heads The story about the desire to avoid death, the links that people will go to that a reality and what it means, to be alive to begin with? Listen, the latest episodes of frozen head where ever. You find your favorite podcast The orion were back, cheers mate, cheers to you, captain happy halloween to everybody out there make sure you check your candy, make sure you still some candy from your kids. If you want,
more true crime garage, we have a show that is on stature premium, called off the record. You can find that by going to our website also, if you want some old episodes, if you wanna hear how the captain sounded just as a little boy, you go and get the free state europe and listen to all of our old episode, There started the show in a seven and a half, he was seven and a half and drinking beer in the garage he had a very high pitched voice sounds shameful, sounds like nick's voice. Now, alright captain now it would a few days, but it would be on Monday march, nineteen nineteen, ninety six, that publicly identification of the body is announced to the public, and they do say that this was the missing girl. We have found fifteen year old, Elise parlour.
law enforcement during this time, while their working to make that identification one. They already believe that it is her because they have this teenager. Who has the story to tell that that may, in some friends killed this teenage girl. So they are in communication with a leases family and even before the Jennifer was announced publicly her father. There was in the paper stating they found a lease. Our fears were confirmed right But he also says too, that there are going to be details in this case that comes out and when you, hear them. You won't believe them so he's getting d sailed information from law enforcement. Before that its put out publicly, he knows that once they get to an arraignment when they have their first day and core to to officially charge.
anyone with any type of crime there will be some kind of details a come out that day and that the public is going to be shocked at what they. here so he's aware of some of the confession right. Let's call that right, some of my as for those sheets found within a quarter mile of her house, you know that it seems like they should have had some search parties or or something they should have found her body way before this year so after the identification is made the effort. should that comes out now mine at first, the suspect or suspects will not be named publicly. In fact, the the boy that confessed he's not named publicly for a couple
is as well. But what we end up learning is the fifteen year old, Elise pollard body was discovered about a quarter mile from her home. She had been raped and murdered their left there, eight months earlier by acquaintances, Jacob dullish moot joseph Fiorella and royce casey. The perpetrators apparently returned to the corpse and had said with it. On several occasions. The body was located after royce, casey confessed to the crime following his version to christianity, so rice casey. It become a strange from his one time: friends, Joseph and Jacob he approached launch. when officials admitted it admitted that he had helped kill the girl. He led authorities to her decomposed corpse, which they found split out in a south county eucalyptus grove.
So. She wasn't far from home, but she was well concealed. Then the confession Is going to have to offer up more details than just that right, so We would learn. Is that royce states that the group got together and smoked? Some marijuana, after which we have delish moot, reportedly strangled a lease with his belt, while Joseph Fiorella stabbed her in the neck with a hunting knife and casey royce, casey held her hands and arms, then casey and delish moot then took turns stabbing the girl
by a believe should step twelve times your exactly right. The forensic pathologists who examined the body testified later in court that none of the twelve stab wounds were in fact fatal, which indicated the elise died by slowly bleeding to death authority said that the three had engaged in sexual intercourse with the girls corpse investigator said,
Crl his mother told them her son, said royce and casey had engaged in sex with the body, and one of Jacob's friends testified that he he bragged about returning to the corpse, often saying to have sex with it yeah. I actually didn't believe this at at first thing in this is this is a very sick crime, one to to kill anybody is a sick crime, but then come back to the corpse and have sex with it that then, you know unless you're raping the corpse but to have three individuals do this that sounded unbelievable to me. But the fact that then you are telling me well no it's because we know for a fact that they kept coming back to the corpse, so that made it make more sense. yeah and in the thing here too, is. As you said this. This is weird and we're
here. This I mean we know that when we covered ted Bundy and in some other cases as well, that even when tat it made it to a lot of what he did. He was not up front about the acts of necrophilia that he was doing right and that's where you see a unique situation where these young men they thereby again about probably the grossest most disturbing part of this whole situation right, but these are three disturbed individuals, anyways, disturbed individuals and young individuals. My you know that The three youth altogether apparently told at least two acquaintances of the murder itself, but their tails were dismissed as a rather case and that these people they heard what these boys had to say. You know friends of theirs.
so called friends of theirs by an there like, we didn't tell anybody, because we decide these idiots were lying right. You did the story as it sounded unbelievable parenting though pollard killing had been plotted once before, and this is a core two royce casey, he tells law enforcement that not only did we killer, but we attempted to do so on a previous occasion. he said that on on this one occasion Joseph Fiorella and Jacob dellis move had it. Try to carry out this plan to kill Elise parlour in this plot, which ended up. similar to the one that that led to the girls, death casey told bessie, gaiters the trio enticed polar from her home and got her to wife.
To a spot on the mesa where there was a steep ravine and at this location one of the boys pretended to slip down the ravine as a rule, to try to get a lease polar to walk down to the bottom of this ravine might now apparent She didn't do what they needed her to do for this plot to be carried out, but even so Joe fiorello, then pulls out a knife. He tossed it too This is another individual that actually was involved in the killing of a lease parlor, but this knife the that Joseph Fiorella pulls out this occasion ends up being the same one that would later be used in her murder right now other teen remember. He throws a knife to this other guy, that other team, he kind of panic and he just stood he didn't, he didn't do anything and the
Other teen boys are shouting out. Do it do it? You know they're trying to get him to initiate the attack, on a week's. He does not do it. In case c royce casey tells law enforcement. This sounds weird. They were telling you the story of of you another a failed attempt. I guess at her murder. Well, then, Would she leave the house and go out with you and he told law enforcement? He is it she probably just now. we're goofing around right. She didn't she was aware we didn't state what we intended to do that day. She didn't really but that there was any threat there. These are teenagers didn't high and act like guph balls and she probably just assumed that they were just idiots and they were goofing around one. These idiots were part of a band right. The ban was called hatred now which which gives you an idea of what kind
the music they were playing and probably at what and at what talent level they were probably playing this museet. I think it's funny. I heard a couple people when reporting on this said: I think that's a good band name. I think it's a shitty band name, but that's just my hatred were caught that it sounds like Very ten year old, twelve year old, we're gonna joined a metal ban. What are you gonna call it hatred well and what I couldn't figure out captain, what I was trying to find was how a legit was this band right, because women are high Who everybody know somebody? That's always forming a band that never forms than it has ever practice. They never practice. They don't have any real music half of the people that are supposed to be. This ban, don't have any instruments or equipment, but I guess base of the confession heat. He did say:
add that during some rehearsals I believe, or during some practices or again, that could not be a practice. It could just be hanging out at somebody's house and one guy has a guitar there and cause I've. Had you know back in my day, I've had and practices like that, and they were going to go over to jam and you show up and there's one guy with a guitar right, but that's kind of where you have this obsession with her kind of began or how he heard about it. Anyways yeah in the whole band thing is important to this case. For several reasons, look Joseph Fiorella was sixteen years old Roy casey was eighteen and jacob dullish moot was seventeen. The state wanted to try them as adults for their roles in the killing and for the acts that they carried out afterwards and the important here for the state is they need to present this to the public and say,
look. This is how disturbed- and this is how messed up. These kids are there super violent. We don't want them on the streets ever again because of what we know about this murder in these crimes. Were it's not say for anybody for for any of these three to be walking around out in society. This is a premeditated martyred again. This is this: is it tortuous, murder, then, than the torture to the corpse afterwards? This is beyond heinous, so this state puts forward to the public some of the details about the crimes stating that the defendants, sir, that they needed to commit a sacrifice to the devil, to give their heavy metal band hatred. The craziness.
Go professional, apparently part of their part of the plea here will be a full confession where you're going to hear In my opinion, what would be several motives for this murder and one of it being that they wanted to sacrifice a virgin to the devil, to make their ban play better, to make them get a contract to make them? be a big banned in one of the bans that they idolize was the ban slayer bright and anybody this familiar with their music. You know you're getting into, and I dont want to. This is not going to turn into an old man ran here because, as the captain will will vouch for me on, I, I grew up big fan of what you in a lot of metal, being a lot of what you called death metal. I was never into slayer, but I wanted to leave for, though right
The target I mean I don't want to. I don't want to disrespect anybody. I never considered them one of the big four and I almost feel like because of the tragedy with pantera that the slayer may have got elevated. right to the big for also when you're, putting together that tore, you got a lineup whoever's willing to go, and by default somebody may become what are the big four? I don't think anybody would argue that the other three are the big three right. So, while in luck, if you offer ten times that I get to see pantera or slayer ten out of ten times, I'm gonna go see, paint, one hundred percent. Unfortunately, another detail to the confession: was the Elise parlour
I'd out for her mother when she was attacked and she was on the ground praying to god in calling for her mom in these savages just continue to attack her anyway them, and I think this is some of it is now, though, the crossroads story, Robert Johnson, goes, the cross road meets devil signs as sole away and in supposedly these guys we're talking and chat rooms about this, and these, I guess they were like satanic or a call chat rooms in the people. The chat rooms were saying. Well, look of you. If you sacrifice somebody, then you can have these powers, so you have that goin on plus there there in a shitty ban and the city musicians and their city, people all round is pieces,
Well, you know what was we're too was. I couldn't find anybody that said that they had ever seen the ban play anywhere like there were some other teenagers that seem to be aware of this band. Probably just hearing these boys talk about it and boast about when we already know that when it comes to mind in other sick acts that these three certainly had no filter. They were too young and too dumb to not keep quiet about what they had done. So with with the bad thing. Who knows if it was even the we'll deal or not, but we do No, that that was what the claims were, that the public claims were that they wanted to sacrifice a virgin to earn them a ticket to hell and to become this big band. Now the representation for one of these boys would state that a lot of this
of these allegations were grossly overstated and some of them were flatly without any factual support restating these allegations are intended to inflame public opinion. Again. We need these three guys to be tried as adults, and Fortunately, that's what takes place all three of these, sixteen seventeen year old eighteen year, old, they're gonna be tried as adults for their roles in the killing. and eventually all three of them would plead no contest to her murder, brain and this was this was not an easy or short court proceedings, but What it led to was a plea of no contest to her murder and three of a more imprisoned and serving twenty six years to life for each one of these so
hopefully, but none of these lottery get out of prison, but there is that option that could happen. I am not clear, though, so we get the one guy that confesses, it was his name again. Sorry royce casey yeah he's the main guy. In this case he comes forward. He confesses, but it seems, like the other. Two then confess I just want to be clear about that. Did they end up confess? as well. I mean it appears that way right. It appears that way, but what we do know is that they played no contest brain so they're not going to fight the charges. Basically, nice casey. He comes forward because he converted to christianity him ass. He saw the light fell.
God so using and out with these nuts rank and their doing stuff, say ten ec stuff a call to stuff in there and there listen to that, this death, metal, music and then they decide, and one of the members has this obsession with her and so therefore we're going to lure her out of her home at night and we're going to kill her have sex with the body and then one of 'em. At some point, I I don't think it's as simple as that he just found christianity. I also think heats was convinced that the other two were going to kill again and possibly kill him. So I don't think it's as simple as look I found god and look at me. I am the rights as one the one confessing I think part of this was to save his own ass. It could be I mean I can't see what's going on in the mind of rice casey, but what has been reported is that he needs
one god and he wanted to own up to what he was a part of. He will now. We might just beginning his version of the events, but, as you stated, they they played no contest. We would get public statements from the other to eventually that would make it sound as though they confessed on some level. Ah Elise, as parents David in LISA and polar they would. your claim that these slayer songs, post mortem and dead skin mask from the albums in blood and seasons in the abyss, gave the three killers detailed instructions to stalk rape, torture and commit acts of net failure, so this is a lawsuit that has filed in Initially it was filed twice now, both times the lawsuit was thrown out. Jacob Del issue himself stated in washington, post interview, quote them
it is destructive, but that's not wireless was murdered. She was murdered because Joe Fiorella was obsessed with her and obsessed with killing her brain. We do know that David parlor stated to the newspaper shortly after the arrest of the three young men that he believed the his daughter, was being stock by these three boys. They were in fact, acquaintances, and what little he knew about these boys. He could say at one time a lease road, the same school bus as two of the three now We have a situation where these three boys are that there being a different life than what elise was. We do know that she might have been running around with the wrong crowd at that time, just be in fifteen years old. But one of these boys, in fact attended a different school was was a member
private school ray the other two boys road, the same bus as a lease, and it was these two boy Her father David believed were stalking her. They were maybe obsessed with her. We don't what level of friendship or relationship that they had, but the two boys they rode the school bus with her at one point. they were certainly in and out of trouble leading up to this at the time of her murder. Neither of those boys were still attending that same school because I've gotten so much well that they were told they had to leave my what am, I believe, was already enrolled in another school somewhere in the area and then the the boy was attending home school law. On top of just plain in the ban and being kicked out of school, these kids had some drug use as well correct, correct? They were selling drugs, and I dont know what drugs they were pushed
but we do know at the very least that they used marijuana too Lord her out of her home that night to go, and why they were, your guys opiates, an ardent, not opiates, amphetamines, well and that's where I reference the bad element in the area. There were several people that, after this confession and after these men were put away. They stated hey, you know. Marijuana is one thing, but we were seeing opium lloyd's amphetamines. We were seeing crack and chris math my being introduced to the area and in people a lot of people partaking in those activities.
and I understand why the parents sued slayer, or why they tried to sue slayer. Because specially this story, it seems like all all the individuals were saying. Well, we all listened slayer in and that might be a part of the equation. You get these idiot kids ones obsessed with this girl. There go into these chat rooms. I think on some level. Maybe these chat rooms are little more responsible. You know them than a slayer record would be, but also believe in free
of speech and I also believe in capitalism and then, if you have a band singing songs about shitty things that you know you want, if people don't listen to, it eventually goes away. So so I do think that's on you know their parents on some level and you're in you're always going to have that argument. While these people were playing video games and those games caused them to kill, know, I think deep down you're a piece of shit. And that's what caused you to do what you did not not because you listened to slayer record yeah, I'm I'm fully on board with the the lawsuit itself on both occasions because What I'm going to attempt to understand here is that, when my daughter is taken and killed and murdered, I
Will attempt to understand just being angry at everybody and wanting to hold every body responsible, I'm fully on board with that, The other thing to is that this and something that the investigative just made up all boys were listening slayer and they and they killed this girl, this and something that they made up. This was part of the confession, and so therefore I yet that- and I understand that from the parents perspective, I would be upset with everyone. As well and wanting to hold as many people accountable as possible as well, given the situation but its, but it's, as you said it's you can't you can't old band like slayer or some other band accountable for this, because it just start, it is not fair and it doesn't work for society. What are you gonna do take every movie your game book every out there that maybe ever moulded these boys
please into who they turned out to be an and make them pay grievances it just it doesn't work I get it but and I dont fault the parents for pursuing those avenues, but I also feel- We understand why it was thrown out yet and I also wonder if some of this stuff was blown up- this is towards the end of the eighties. Too, got some satanic panic, stuff goin on wonder if some of these, like we're talkin bout before, if you know these days he desert said they're gone well, yeah we're in this metal ban called hatred in the hour like really influenced by slayer. If a comment like that is the kind of blood I hope even more- and I know, there's more comments than just that, but I think some of this stuff is kind of blown up, but but I think those chat rooms. I really think like if, if Those accounts are true and there in these chat rooms- and you have these adults in these chat room, saying well, yeah. You know, if you,
these powers and you you're gonna, get. I to a major label if you wanna so sell your soul to the double. What you need to do is sacrificed somebody and- and I think the combination of that in these kids on an venom and all these other mine altering drugs that we win look again, there's lobby with early there's nothin, with booze, I mean our show. We talk about. Booze does not nothing with we'd a lot of you. Danes are not suitable for growing minds right and, and they shouldn't be, they shouldn't be partake in until you know, early twenties or whatever. So I'm sure there's some science on that. Am I'm not a science and scientists, I'm just a captain of a lonely ship know, but I think it's
combination of that. But if you have these idiot assholes and chat rooms gone oh yeah, you should sacrifice somebody that would get you sign. I dont know if you'd if or find those individuals, but but those individuals are pieces of shit yeah Elisa parlors story was the basis for part of the story. Line in the two thousand and nine film jennifer's body which stored megan fox. I have not seen the movie, so I don't. I can't can't back that up right, but that is what is often reported in this. The You know these situations. Of course they have lasting effects and in horrific effects on the loved ones and parents of a martyred teenager, but there
as a story that came out years after her death where Elise's father David was involved in a road rage incident, and he cited that he has ptsd from living through this situation and claim that he has difficulty managing stress, difficulty managing his anger levels and actions at times because of how much he he suffered and was hurt by this whole tragic story. Manon. That's the thing that I think a lot of people wrestle with. If, if this was my,
sr. What would I? What would I have done if I heard rumors about these three individuals stabbing her twelve times letting her bleed out then gone back in and messing with the body. Like I mean this, this is a gruesome crime, that's not to take away from other crimes, but sake. There's it's like. If you're confronted with that individual would you take their life, and so you have this father. I think and why these cases- fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, family members that feel like
they didn't do anything wrong, but they didn't do anything right. If that makes sense, like there's, probably nothing that our parents could have done differently. That day, like these kids called her and somehow they got her out of the house and there's probably nothing that they could have said before. She went to bed to change that, but there is not a day that price goes bind his brain, they doesn't think or what? If I hugged her, maybe shoe and left the house may be- if, if I would have done this, that that I could stop this on some level and yeah you'd be think think will be almost impossible to let go of the anger in another strange twist in this story here, captain we have anthony Fiorella the brother of Joseph Fiorella. He killed a teenager as well. This took place in nineteen. Ninety eight way
he shot and killed a teenager by the name of Garry hunter. This was for a drug dispute. He was there to sell some drugs in it. This was a drug deal, gone bad gone wrong and anthony Fiorella killed this other young man. now in regards to the three individuals that murdered their daughter, Elise, polar the polar family stated. We want these predatory monsters to stay in prison for the rest of their lives, and we couldn't Three more are re, happy, halloween and cheers maids thanks so much for join us this week in the garage. Yet everyone, make sure you have a safe and happy halloween want to throw out a quick recommendation before we wrap up for this week here. Captain this week we
recommending call me god. This is the untold story of the dc sniper investigation. Last week, audible presented this and it came out on thursday and I downloaded it, and I cannot quit listening to it. I would not call this an audio book. This is more of a presentation, so check out. Call me, god and we will have that title listed for you on our recommended page at true crime, garage dot, com, gallic, the colonel said, be saved. Make sure you check your kids candy and make sure you still of couple pieces for yourself but be safe and enjoy this week
until next week, be good, be kind, don't let.
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