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Emma Fillipoff pt.2 ////// 53 26 year old Emma Fillipoff has been missing for almost 4 years now. There have been plenty of strange leads in this case. Emma is spotted and photographed in a nearby city sipping coffee at a coffee shop - or so they thought. A strange unidentified man gets upset when he sees Emma's missing persons poster. He rips the poster off of the wall and tells a store clerk that the picture is of his girlfriend. Then there's the stalker. Was Emma stalked or was it as he puts it "we were just friends." Emma's mother Shelley Fillipoff spends 2 months in a city far from her home searching for her missing daughter. After criminal charges are filed against her on an unrelated event, the public eye has now become very suspicous of the mother who arrived in a city far from her home the very same day her daughter was last seen there. Grab a beer because there is plenty to talk about tonight in the garage. Beer of the Week - Dirt Wolf by Victory Brewing Company Garage Grade - 4 1/4 out of 5 bottle caps Cheers, Nic & The Captain

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I have too many. I mean be too many or sorry have too many many slew bunny. We make fun. We have part two of our disappeared case. We are talking about emma philip off who disappeared from victoria british columbia. She was aged twenty six, she disappeared november, twenty eightth two thousand and twelve so we have a missing woman here. Captain writin and some say she had been acting strange, and it also appears that maybe she might have been planning something on the day that she went. Using maybe a move or a travel off somewhere. We don't know
I am wondering we talked about this. We wondered if the van was operational that she had that was towed away that morning and we believe it was operational, but maybe not to have the ability to travel long distances yeah, because it could have just been needed in need of repair, and we in this van okay after she disappeared, they figured out that there were some items, some personal belongings of hers that were found in her red mazda mtv. May I read those oh yeah reed off your belongings, her below So I was a red mazda and what is the mp the yes with a ninety three, so for those eu they dont know an mp v is actually very cool van I've always wanted one. It's it looks like a traditional.
minivan, but the cool thing about the v. It's an actual or all wheel, drive vehicles, a four wheel drive to end the vehicle. They found a passport, a library card, a digital camera, some clothes, a pillow, a laptop and recently on. I checked out books from the library yeah. She frequented the library. There were books that she had checked out and they also found a several of her journals. Now, They talked about her movements on the twenty eighth on the day that she went missing and we know that she went to the seven eleven twice rang and on one occasion she picked up a prepaid credit card and on another occasion she came back and picked up. A pre paid, cellphone now. What are the leads in this case right? Where do we go from the point where she disappeared, so one would want to track either that cell phone or that prepaid credit card right. So we have the prepaid credit card,
was tracked down. They found out that it was being used by a man he used to purchase cigarettes. He purchased cigarettes with the card. The man was located, he was questioned, fingerprinted and even polygraph. His claim is that he found the card in the street. This was about, I believe, ten km amateurs from where Emma had talked to police, where she was labs around the hotel, I believe hm and ah he had used it. He said he'd found it in the street and because question him thoroughly and they gave them polygraph. They believe him to be totally honest about how he came about finding this credit card her prepare. card. Yet this individual also contacted Shelley and Shelly is emma's. Mother Shelly runs a facebook group on. I don't know if she runs a budget
very involved. Finding Emma a facebook group might want to check that out, but he contacted her basically saying like I, I told the police what I believe, but I'm alcoholic and I could have blacked out and I'm not one hundred per cent sure where I found this item, he could have found it. Somebody could, I gave it to him, he could have bought it offers somebody sometimes. I have even said that he could he got it from her. He doesn't know that's interesting and well. Here's the thing with the polygraph, though right, it's it. If, if he's telling you what he thinks happened, it's my he's, gonna pass the polygraph, I mean if he, if he just has no frickin idea how he got The thing that you can't catch them in a lie. He just doesn't know right. We don't know what questions were administered during that test and but for whatever remains, probably started off. Where, where did you find the critical idea, yet that probably one of the clashes but
for whatever reason the authorities believe him to be as honest as he could be about how it came about finding the cart now. Regarding the pre paid cell phone, this cell phone has not been located, but according to the company, the phone has never been activated or used so that lead kind of dies down, but I think what is coming. You goin what this, though, is that it seems to me that she was we to leave based on getting the appropriate pre paid credit card and getting the self one thing that I would ask whether we can ask myself but I wouldn't you have asheville light. Why wait? I would ask
anybody involved in this case forever, why? Why do you need a prepaid credit card when she has a debit card that has access to just under three thousand dollars? Is there or is there something that you can't purchase using a debit card, that you need to purchase with a prepaid credit card, or is it just for the fact of you don't want that purchase tuck linked to you ran a you know, because you don't have to give a name when you buy a prepaid credit card. if you just have this set amount that you can spend on whatever that's an interesting point. You know I'd always wondered about that. Now you touched on. Ah, you talked about emma's mother shelly. Now we should point out that her mother, stayed in the city of Victoria and again this is very far from Shelley's home. She stays there ass a country yeah, it's
the forty five minute drive. I don't know how long it takes the floor lie there. Forty five minutes of forty five hour drive laureates across the country so hard to it's a little lucy goosey right now, it's very late in the garage, but anyway victoria is where she was staying in. This is far from her home. You know she had pets and, more importantly, she had other children to look after. Some of these are older kids, but she stayed there to look for emma and to help create a ernest regarding emma's disappearance. Yes, originally her plan was then she's gonna stay for possibly three days, I was her original plan. Really, I'm gonna get my plane ticket had out there I'm going to bring my daughter, home or at least see. What's going on with her, because she's been calling me over and over so she gets out there camp finder. They do the missing person report and she figured while I'm just going to stay here. For these three days and she's going to turn up after those three days, she doesn't turn up and
If she says well, I'm gonna stay a week and she figured, I will be able to find her within a week, doesn't find her within a weeks. I believe she and as she ends up staying in that hotel for close to three in the months yeah it was. It was right around the two month or over two month mark now, but you, like you'd, said she believes she's going to find her daughter. Obviously, for several reasons, one, the authorities tell her. You know, given her age, she might just be out with friends. She might just be. You know, she's in her mid twenties might just be out partying somewhere she may have tied, went on and not come home. You know we're not checked into the shelter. The other thing to think about here, too, is she was having somewhat of a transient lifestyle, you notion staying honour on a house bo or boats. I dont know how big these boats, where, if you could even call my house boat, but she was
hang on bows asked the gap she had. She had stayed at friends homes. She had stayed in the shell, and for all we know she may have even slept the night or to an in the tree. For yet so she's living a transient lifestyle. She could turn up any day and that's really what her mother expected to happen, but did not happen and she ends up staying there for just over two months, and- and you know this is a sticky situation right. You know you want to stay there obviously, and look for your child. You want to stay and do anything you can, but you also have all these responsibilities at home and you have others that need you at home and it is truly a terrible terrible situation about this. Is your daughter gonna do anything that you can write? I think I think that's a given,
any good mother would, I think she was doing you know as much as she could, which I think you know. God bless around that, and I think you have to remain hopeful, but I also think that the cops were not only do we think that maybe she could have just like, went and hung out with some friends and she'll turn up, but most of the cops don't believe that there was foul play at this point.
right there. Thinking that you know she either is hanging out with somebody or she's. She went missing on her own terms and we talked about the documentary that had come out of finding edna and we should point out that that came about because of her mother shelly right. She got in contact with somebody at the cbc and explained her daughter story to them and they decided to cover it in this documentary, and it was because of this documentary finding Emma that it created great awareness for the case. You know it sent everybody everybody looking for emma, and this creates some leads at first and in the first one that it comes up with is a
emma philip off citing this was somebody they had seen what he or she believed was emma philip off as a coffee shop yet, and that equally, in this picture, this was Yes, I have in this was in mayor by vancouver yeah, but right vancouver, which has a huge, almost population, but when you saw this picture, what did you think? I thought the same thing that a lot of people thought it. A man looks just like her well yeah innocent It's actually to the point. Where not even to the point where you say it looks just like her: it's it is her mean in actually and that's exactly what occurred. You know in not only that captain it's in a nearby proximity to where she went missing. Victoria is very close to the big big city of vancouver. As you said there is, there is a whole population there it. So there are people by large
living a transient lifestyle. You know- and I believe I am not all- that the ultimate sentient life's here's, the other thing that I'm not certain, but I believe the vancouver is like the las vegas. Of canada, not not with the gambling, but you know how like las vegas misinterpreted? No, I I don't know about that, but but las vegas is considered like the the colony airy capital of the united states and others every expensive rest. You can think of is in LAS vegas and her having been a chef was interesting to me. That did she might find her way to vancouver where, where you could earn a good living doing that kind of that profession and as use, but but here's the thing to it looks exactly like our everybody thinks it it's emma, but not only that it's it's up oh a woman's seen in a coffee shop
she was known to have visited coffee shops ma. That's not that far of a stretch, clever bay visits, coffee shops, yeah, but I don't stay at a coffee shop. I get in the aisle I purchase something. and then I leave, but what I'm, what I'm getting at is cool is ever banquets quit sighing what I'm getting at here is that emma was known to have sat in coffee shops in and right in her journal, and in Malta and stay there for a period of time, the person that said that they had seen her and they said that she was in the coffee shop. Writing This sounds. This looks like a dog in the picture: she's ready murmur hundred percent, yet it, but what
It looks like or looks like her and it's describing actions that she was known to have done right. So here we go it's her. We solved it. We found her, but then here comes the wrinkle well well lit before the wrinkle. The philip officer shown the the picture and they say, like you said it's over. The case is over. We found our daughter right now give us the wrinkle. While then, the boyfriend of this girl contacts the authorities and says this is not emma. This is my girlfriend and that's basically it yeah, but they they ultimately locate the girl and know that when maybe it's not the boyfriend, I might have screwed that up. You did screwed up a little bit him. They end up. Locating the
girl and she turned to her. Well now she came forward and that's what it was, and I watched a lot of stuff on this man and it's not her. Unfortunately, it's not emma. It's just somebody else that it's cooler than me that sits in coffee shops and journalists, but the next lead is of well okay. This can only be described. There's a few different names for this next lead. Some people call it the missing poster man, some people call it the green shirt man. I call the green shirt man, you call it the green shirt man, I call it the weird dude man this again is taking place. Nearby vancouver. This is about six months after Emma had disappeared, a man of course wearing a green shirt and jeans enters a small store. That kind of boutique type store yeah and he had. He had removed a missing persons, poster of ama right and he's got it kind of like wound up or crumpled up in his
and you can see it, I dont do I pictures ray. I don't think they saw him removed the the poster he D had a crumpled up postern his hand, and he pretty rudely told the clerk that the picture was of his girlfriend and that she was not missing and that she just wants to be left alone. Or they get confused with coffee shop yeah, and he and he's very rude about this right, here's, the thing, the man, the weird missing, poster green shirt, man dude he's not been located. You know that the authorities want to speak to this man, well, let's go further cause. I might have some information that you didn't find fantastic so, There was with finding Emma facebook page again. If you have any information, go check that out. But
on their page. They were posed in pictures of em are just posting different post, so this bar from vancouver light one of the things I was talking to the post was about the green shirt man we're trying to find this guy and like a like, and maybe this bar, so the bar joined the group like this post and at some point said like well look at that are something like the comment was looky here or something like that and so meaning go at LA. I don't know what it means, so they pose a picture like. Are they so? Are we supposed to look for something in the picture there? Just posting a comment gathered is so so they facebook group posted a picture of the green shirt man right on that picture that this bar liked it and then made somewhere comment. While if you go to the facebook page of this bar- and you start sifting through their pictures- guess
sitting at the bar, the green shirt man in a green shirt. I don't think he's in a green shirt, but that a guy matching the description of the green shirt and right, and so I I believe the- and this is what is been so great about the facebook group they're, not just sharing. And social media there actually gone out and hid in the pavement and trying to follow these leads and really helping out Shelley and philip all family, so big ups to you guys on the facebook group so I believe they went out to the bar and ask questions and eight, but they can locate the guy, but still a little odd, yet ended the store clerk from from the convenience store that we are talking about. He is the one that notifies the police after this encounter after he's on the wrong end of this rude verbal despair,
by the green short man. He notifies the authorities and they did have video footage of it. Like you said there, some still pictures as well creation mandate, they call him the mean shirt. Man- and you know this guy his this. money that they obviously want to talk to this. A man that has not come forward? I'd like to talk to him in which, as you know, which is very troubling yeah. It's such an odd comment, and this is my girl. and she's missing again the only thing knife again, maybe there's some weird mental thing going on with this guy, maybe that alcohol. I can these two saying some weird stuff to say, weird stuff. There I want to know what his intentions are for saying this comment know exactly and that's what that's what everybody wants to know. That's the million dollar question and that the interesting thing here too, for me, is that you know when we talk about these different,
He says whether it be disappearance or murder, or anything like that. We have these weird heresy incidences from time to time. The difference here is this is captured his picture. An image has been captured by the the you know. We can see it on the footage from the convenient store. So we know this is not just some store clerk calling in saying this happened and we have to go off of what they're saying we, we can see it with our own eyes. We know this happened. We know they want to talk to the sky, but we don't know who he is. What are our other leads on this case here? Captain I mean we, we talked about some some small leads right. We talked about the cell phone, the the credit card, the the green mean shirt, man, the the spotting of what we originally thought was amain turns out not to be heard. These are all these are all short story: three
we have a couple long stories. I think that our our our potential leads in this case. Would you Dive inter friend Julian again yet wheat. Well, we should You know yet, let's, let's kick it off there: okay, so again, We talked about part one. We we, this guy Julian, that becomes friends, new friends with emma, and then she laughed in Perth they become. friends in mirth ontario right, which is on once either country all the sudden. Julian is in victoria, and this is very odd, because what are the chances that you strike up this relationship with this girl, their relationship is then several and then a couple months later you end up in Victoria and he runs into Emma and we have to point out here. Julian by his own words, states that he
had no prior knowledge of where emma was planning to move too. He had no prior knowledge, he he says he believed she plan to move out west somewhere somewhere. But you know that's a forty five hour drive between perth and where she ends up. So there's a lot of places west of birth right he. He knows that she plans on moving out west and he happens to pick the same city. yeah and he did the interview with the night time: podcast r, buddy, Jordan, Jordan, did that interview with him yet checked out that out, nighttime podcast in its, I think, the third part right yeah and you and it he goes into more detail. Any explains how he decided to pick a victoria but he's also honest, like I had a good relationship with this girl. Even those
severed ah had a fascination with her she's, a positive person, my life, I kind of wanted it stay in my life, so yeah. I hope I would see her again. So he work in and one day he catches this girl, as you know, her eyes and its emma and they talk for a minute and he's at work and he's on lunch break, and she says I won't you know of a good run into you. Wept catch up and she's. Ask him about his work, scheduling and stuff like that. Yet he says that she is evidently surprised by his by seeing him- and maybe you know, maybe she's one- those people- I believe- ok, some time past and and maybe she believes that, Universe gives you ve certain things that you need an and sometimes the universe points you into the right direction. So anyways they that's at lunchtime. He says tour
and- and I applaud him been being a gentleman had you want to come back later on, will catch up and take out. He and she says to him. Will you know I don't like to plan things up? That foreigners now I believe, choose the saying that as a union, Nice way to say no, but then he runs a tour a couple more times now and he he says you know we we can go off of restoration of what you and others two sides to this story. We only get to your waters three, but and the one side that we get. The here is his and he says that I did. I did not try to You ask her for a number or you know where I could find her. I told her where I worked, because it was just you know, couple doors down where they bumped into one another, and I think she ass like what are you doing here? I'm workin yeah and he tells her in you know that if you ever want to hang or if you ever want to catch up with me, you know where I worked just drop in and and ask for
Sometimes I think I think that's the best approach that you can have a mean you ve had situations where maybe you're pushing the issue to have this friendship, maybe too much and saw tat. He was doing right thing there? Where he's like? Ok, I still am infatuated with this girl. I still am hanging out with her. You know he I mean. I think I made the comment that these ten minutes that they talked were like some of the ted ten best minutes of his life, but I mean who knows it could just be great conversation and that something that I love but go ahead, but what I mean, but whether he's still infatuated, whether or not it might be a great ten minutes for him because he's in a new place? Maybe he doesn't know anybody yet any scene. Familiar writing furs and run and now that somebody that he considered to be a very good friend that he obviously wanted to be long term,
friends with right, and so then he he claims that he runs into her a couple more times, but the next time he runs into her she's. Definitely something's off she's, not pleasantly surprised to see him the second time yeah, but it. But it's weird, because it's I and I don't want to go into too many details, because there's so much stuff in that interview that you need to check out, but basically the the the short end of the stick is that he ran into a couple more times, and there was some kind of a friendship that that went on now, what he told Jordan and the interview which he never even told authorities was. He saw her the day of november twenty eight and he soller from across the street, and she had no shoes on, and you know just like her other acquaintance said, and he thought something was up. But again he didn't want to push the issue. Cause he's done that before so he just makes the statement tour a if you will ever want to hang out some
I'm any any kind of talk store, any leaves now. What where we go from here is that we know that emma went missing. While there julian gets involved in the group. Now it's point here at some point. Julian sends facebook messages to Emma's father and then I think, eventually sense. Facebook messages to Emma's mother, but Julian gets involved in the search well and even before that he had sent a facebook message to her father because there was a con in Victoria that he wanted to go to right right and he was going to go. This wasn't something like he saw Emma and he was like. Oh I'm gonna go to this concert, mothers is causing rarely wanted to go to any thought. All I have some.
We hear that I now I could invite her and- and I think it according to him, he says in the facebook message to her father James. You know if, if she gets in contact with you, if you can get in contact with her, let her know I'm going to concert I have an extra ticket and she could just drop by my store right. He works at like some kind of outdoor store. I don't know exactly what that means, but yeah I'll try and summon up quick because, like it's a long interview and there's a lot of details- and so few really wanted to have in that check on the night time podcast but so there are some weird stuff in it and in one of the facebook messages he he says that he was stocking now this coming from a guy that is french. So some of his the choice of words that users sometimes off right. So interesting that he saw her the day she went missing and then he gets a part of this group
well, then this is work, it's weird as because now people gone this guy's gestures, there's some creepy stuff I think he is well aware of that to an end, I think most guys have been in a situation where it may be a little too infatuated with somebody, and he do some things. border line. Creepy may borderline stalker, but you don't see it at the time you just see. I like this girl, I'm a nice guy you're. Here I mean like oh yeah yeah. He checks all those boxes. Yes, yes, Yes, yes, yes, he checks all so then, as can't find Emma more. He becomes a suspect and he he then sense removes himself from the group and has not really help much and in.
the search any more but law enforcement wants to talk to them, so they bring a man and he figured that they're going to question him but help the disappearance of emma. But how does he get involved in the search right? He he bumps into her mother yeah, but right no, but he actually hears from one of his friends that Emma's missing right. So so that's because it's national news at this point, so he inserts himself into the search, but I guess she would too I mean. First of all, growers from Perth, where you're from and now she's in Victoria, where europe now and she went missing, and you don't have any friends here are a small group of friends. If you have any and so suit yourself in the search, because this is a good person that you admire, that you had some fascination with and you're gonna
try to help any way you can. I agree with all that, but what I'm saying is he doesn't like walk into a police station and say hey. I knew her from Perth and I've seen her here. A couple of times now can I help know he bumps into her mother at a library, the library that have emma was known to have gone to from time to time, and was he going there to help and look for Emma? We don't know. Was he going there to look for him as mother and then insert himself into the the search for the investigation rent? We don't know. Is it is it is it we don't know what engines yeah. We don't know what his agenda was and- and maybe he thought simply. I I I'll help I'm going to help them fight. Sure and then a brownie points for me you know so I can get closer to Emma. I look, I don't know Some of this stuff he did was low, weird and laid his head at borders. Creevy borders stocker some of it
he's put in his toe over the line, kind dancing but anyways the they give him a lie: detector right, We passes the polygraph and heaved and states in the interview that I didn't think, we're gonna talk about murder, they're, gonna, talk about her disappearance, and so when they started asking questions about you know to do murder, ama he'd, just I think he could just kind of shut down altogether again. That said, once the finding Emma documentary came out here, went and had a conversation with Jordan, our body doing a podcast, and I like if he had something to hide that he wanted do an interview it's a long interview and what jordan, it was I contacted them. I talked to him our on the phone. He didn't one do the interview and eventually to discard back and said I'll? Do it because he wanted to clear his name:
starlight? Did he take the polygraph? But he also did this interview on them tom podcast and he was in the documentary as well yeah yeah he's in in and that's some on camera interviews for the documentary. So he seems to be helpful and I know that two years the reason why the nighttime podcast interview is a must, listen because it's a lengthy interview, its extra namely interesting, but our well produced, but here's the other thing right. There are a lot of things that he says in there. You know not our friend, Jordan, obviously gillian the suspect, there are a lot of things that Jillian says in there. That makes him sound very guilty. There are things in there that he says that make him sound, very innocent and there's there's a portion in there too. I
can't remember if it was right at the end or near the end of the interview, but it sounds like he is he's breaking down a little bit like he's getting choked up emotionally he's the only answer coming out while again in an eye- and I mean in a way of somebody that is truly hurt by the disappearance of this but not only is he probably hurt that she disappeared, but he's also her that he's being after this documentary came out. You know, even though he he was cooperative. He pass these test peoples, EL pointing the finger at this guy and I think that really bothered him, because he is a site and I a bothers them too. I mean thing about this way People go all well you're, her acquaintance. Well, do you, I guess it and definition he was acquaintance, because there were only friends for a little bit of time, but though,
We are building a friendship and it and a friendship has to start somewhere and he considered or friend. He considered some aid as positive in his life, and I think it sad and yeah you can see some creepy stuff and his interview, but at the same time he's open himself up he's allowed himself to be vulnerable. I didn't have to do that, and and I commend him for doing such an. I think I think it cleared a lot of stuff in my mind because, as you start diving into the case, you start going well. Maybe this you know quote unquote stalker guy and we only call him a stalker and those people only com, a stalker, because in one of the ems emails to the father he used the word stalker and that's how he's been labelled by others by the general public he's we're not we
I mean to label him. That is just but law enforcement does not label him as a stalker and yeah, and they they don't know. If he's even involved in anything, I I don't think he is. I I Think ok, that's fine eyes, a little misunderstand with you on that I think he's misunderstood. I think I dont understand him, that's for sure and yeah, but he doesn't come off as their there. There is some sweetness and not an his tone, and I moved them. I agree with that one hundred percent, but the thing that I keep kind of going back to here is on a scale of one to ten. How weird is it did he ends that he goes from Perth to Victoria, an inch He's in Victoria I mean come on on a scale of one to ten, that's at least nine right very close to the ten. I wonder sometimes, if it's just may be heard conversation in passing, so when he was,
picking. He is like oh yeah, what this victoria checks off all these things on my you oughta reasons for going there you're exactly get one had tons of reasons and an his current employer when he was in Perth wa had people that had rentals out there so was like. Ok, I want now, I know where I can get housing had a lead on a job and but I think It was something in his back of his head that, like maybe this comment that Emma made where, if she was going to go out west, it would be one of the cities and I I think he knew that on the level and was just hopeful. I dont think look. I mean it's a very difficult thing when you find some the and you really enjoy their company, really enjoy. Looking at them. It's subtle that I mean it's big risks you got to open yourself up to them and and try to- and you have. The fear of
rejected. So I don't know I mean there, there's parts may that fit, but there's parts when I listen to the interview that I feel bad for all definitely yeah. I definitely feel bad form on on some level, but that you know it. Ok, here's another weird thing to write: Shelly Emma's mom states that you know they paid the parents paid for amazon flight to get her to Victoria. However, beforehand she was so ready to go that emma had purchased a bus ticket to ride out there and Shelly believes that the emma would have walked around with, bus ticket in her back pocket and that that somebody that new her may have been able to see that bus ticket. Whether she had told anybody exactly where she was going or not. I will end sees me.
Am I enjoy and were constantly taken walks together. So again, who knows I mean he eager to see something but I agree, and I don't think that makes him responsible for her disappearance, circling back to Shelly philip off, so you know, we said that she had worked very hard to find her daughter, that's not in dispute here ass. She put up posters, she went out on the streets, she was showing people pictures of her daughter. She was asking strangers and showing pictures to strangers of her daughter and asking them. If have they seen her? Do they know her while she went on a podcast that was famous, she was doing some crazy stuff and, like I said I believe she was a big part in spearheading the idea for the documentary getting that out on the c b c, which made this a national case would be brought national attention to Amis case. There is a
but there's a weird wrinkle here too right captain there's at the a drug charge. Yes, we see a drug charge re against Shelley, and this is a what a result of her son did that her son is living with her or staying from time to time and they fight drugs and guns in the house yeah what I heard is that he was into real estate. He had for properties, I believe at the time and instead of living in one, he decide that he was leave off them, so he was gonna. But all of them on the market than he took pretty much all his belongings and then put him in his mother's house. So again tal a reasonable that you'd go in and out of your parents house, because you have things and storage, I think every base bennett pointing their life, whether maybe they're going from apartment to house in theirs is overlaps
all his belongings. Are there and whatever criminal activities he was involved in that the law enforcement were fallen him for a long time and eventually they charged him with drug charges. The majority of the charges were going to hand, but because this stuff was also found in her house, you know she's gettin charges. It's her address it's her house he's not technically living. There are receiving mail there, so she looks guilty by association. Basically, I and most people would not talk about the charges, because it's an open case she's been pretty forthcoming about her explanation of this. You can hear that with Jordan as well, yeah, and and and actually she in my opinion, one stands up very well for herself, but she's also not making any excuses for her son and
I know she loves her son very much and still does coarse and always will, but but again she's not making any excuses for him. saying whether he's guilty or not, but but she saying there was something going on there. Well, I thought detective today about this too. I just going over the case and seeing the if I just missed anything that was pretty obvious and when he was when I brought up these jerk drug charges- and I explained her explanation- he said that that's very logical to me. So I he he was on the side of she's, probably not gonna, eventually, they're, probably not gonna go through with the charges or if she is charged with them, she's, probably not going to be found guilty of them and all likelihood they're using that as leverage if they need to get more information right, they're going to threaten the mother, the owner of the home. Now what box began, isn't gonna want to turn on her son? It's a bit of a process, though, and its part of the process and if they need
more information on the sun. They might have to threaten jail time to the mother to get that needed information because you know they're, probably there probably going after a bigger fish right yeah what yeah so they'll lean on Shelley then lean on the sun and then keep leaning until they get bigger and bigger people. And the first thing I thought, though, when I saw these charges brought up was: does this make emma's actions on the surveillance cameras makes sense because it constantly looks like she's looking at you know like looking for somebody or she's may be afraid of somebody, but I I think so. I think these charges have nothing to do with the case. I think it's just one of those weird things when you have a missing in case, there's normally little information of the events have even a little bit before and then basically, all you have to go up off of is
early childhood events, maybe Some journal writings, maybe some pictures you found that aren't developed. and then it is all this randomness. So I think, because it was big news in canada that once these charges came out at digit, it was like all now the story, it's juicer but I believe that these charges have nothing to do with Emma's disappearance at all? Yet in you know, it's funny is the thing that did resonates with me the thing that I keep keeps ringing in my ears. You know we had. We had a friend of ours, a friend of the show once tell us what you don't get to coincidences and in a disappearing run or a murder case you just in it in an unsolved crime, there's not to coincidences risk. As a result,
one person being involved, and we have this weird situation here, where we have two coincidences with two separate people. We have it with the mother, Shelly she's on the phone with her daughter. Can I come home? Yes, you can come home. Can you come out here and help me? Yes, I can come out here and help you oh I'm told and turned away and told not to come out there, but I come out on my own anyway and her daughter investigates a ride to the airport same evening. These development, on a coincidence, is that are weird and then second of all, we have the situation with Gillian who were they were friends in perth and he happens to land in the same spot that she landed any happens to bump to her and he believes he sees or on the last day that she is yet, while the the whole emma go into the air or in the mom had he not that way as a coincidence, but is also coincidence that sheet the day that
He goes out there that she is report. You know, she's last seen three hours before she gets there. That's a coincidence too. You know you go out there to help her and she's gone. You know. but yes, I mean it's such a riddle of a case and We should also mention that in the area that she went missing from the others, hotel that we talked about, but there was also a bridge and there was also a ethical arbour going through their so here's the thing that we have to people that are close to her, let's say: write more ones. A mom ones have a friend, oh yeah, and two people that are close to her. That you could. They are close to the case. Are they suspects.
you can make an argument that they are. I I don't. I don't see it at the end of the day, I've. I know why think, first of all, until she's found everybody's a suspect that everybody is aspect, but I also see that may be in this situation. You do get to coincidences. And maybe maybe yeah- maybe you do and one thing that makes us such fast main case, but yet, but it makes one wonder to oak eggs. She looked up emma look to have been planning something she's, making preparations for something right. Ok, so she, this is what we are, obviously, that the pre paid cell phone is weird they a prepaid. Credit card is weird. When she already has a debit card. Is she running from some one? Is she or she just running, because that,
nature is she running from because she thinks her mothers coming to town? Is she running because she's bumping into this Gillian guy that he did that she doesn't want to see that it's a reminder of perth, and maybe she doesn't want number under Perth is she trying to get away and also create no link to where she ends up. We do now. that both those items were not used by her. So that seems like a dead end right. That seems like maybe she you know if she took off, she didn't use preparations, yeah you're, one she didn't use a credit card may not her credit. Our butter bank accounts weren't touch either, so you don't you take any your possessions these, these, things that you are preparing for some reason, this the card, the phone they're gone, there not used, and I don't think I don't. to me. If she did run away, I don't they simple random
with the right mind, no, no and in ukraine worth will go down that avenue here in just a second, but one thing I want to talk about real quick is. I think that a big solution to this problem is. We need to the reason why it's so difficult to figure out her disappearance is because we don't know what her intentions were that day we don't know if she was planning something or not, and I think the way to figure that out. The answer to that, for me is the Van right chief that the Van is towed and- and we are told that he's a very she's, a very private person. We're told this by not not just one person were told this by many people right as she seems to be a very private person. She keeps her thoughts to herself her mother, says or fathers, and it's almost like with these journals that she writes poetically, so maybe she's the only one that understands them, or maybe it's encrypted. Like you said,
maybe she's the only one that gets it, and the thing that that's driving me mad here is that she left those journals behind. She left those in the van in some he also control and the thing is, we know a lot about her movements that day, but the thing that I fail to see time in time in her movements that day there seems to be no action towards retrieving that
and of her belongings that are in the van, which seems very strange to me- have a very private person. Now this might point towards what you're talking about mental break right. You know, and we had talked about the shelter she had stayed in the shelter at a month this month in a month the next you know from time to time, she's in and out of the shelter now most of the shelters. You have to obey their curfew rules and the other thing is, you can't show up messed up on drugs or alcohol. When you come into these places, I don't know the specifics of this location, but if it carries through to to the other locations that I know of what what the staff was seeing there was they were seeing increased.
Paranoia they were seeing and increased mental break. They wondered if she was eating. There was a question if she may have been an anorexic or billina kirshner. If something of that nature- and there seems to be a lot going on inside of emma- that they are saying- and they don't believe that its drug related, there seems to be she spiralling spiralling out of control, but here and who knows if that that prepaid credit card or the prepaid cellphone, if those were preparations for her to make an exit or if those were just random things that she did because she's confused again and she could be gone in and out of a manic states so that that's where it becomes a sheet gets out of that state. Maybe she'll! You know, maybe that's what really confused me as when she's com for her you know, come get me come get me and then she says: don't I wonder if it might be
fading in and out of this lake reality and she's like okay. What the hell am I doing here, where's my family, somebody help me and then she starts fade in back into some kind of more psychotic stay. Interdict known I can handle this, but you still have to make the FAO call to the mother saw I don't know I mean this. Is it's a riddle, wrapped in a mystery ministers, a tough well the thing I really worry about here and I really kind of lee in more towards the side of a mental break or a more diving into a transient lifestyle, because we ve seen type of behaviour from her in her pass at a very young age of sixteen. She seems a kind of you, went around trying to figure out things and move from place to place, So I lean towards either of those conclusions that she is still out there that she, whether because of mental issue that she's ended up somewhere or
she chooses to move around or chooses to live elsewhere I lean that way, but the thing that scares me in the thing that really worries me here is that in either of those situations could have left her very vulnerable and somebody could have taken advantage of that, and- and I mean that for the worse in- that's that's what scary here and that's what that is. What makes me wonder why we ve not seen use of that debit card We have not seen her turn up anywhere. Well, the lego sent by the hotel there, the bridge and theirs water and they did that do some diving suits search and they didn't find anything and what they said was if she did jump into the water that she would it did she would have surfaced at some point. Ah I, but I well there's a lot of water there right yeah, but the law.
I've been digging. You know, there is also a big percentage, people go yeah. Well, that's what people assume what would happen, but there's a pie ability that she would have actually been been taken out to sea. So my thought, I think the the conclusion I come up with is as if she's having this break and then when she has the encounter with the police that might even centre off into more spiralling, and if she did, you know if she in a passing it will, I think it was through that water
If she didn't pass through there and she'd left on her own, I don't think she's left in the a proper mental state. So and maybe there's you know I I don't know how that stuff works. I'm not a doctor, I'm a captain, but did she just keep fading and fading and and completely lose touch with react? and I think this is somewhat of a shelley's thoughts to and the police have stated multiple times. They don't think that there is foul play involve great, and so they're saying that for a reason so, like we're talking about vancouver, she's been goin to vancouver lot spent some time there and looking of the big homeless population and normally basement young of there's, a huge population of the homeless that have mental illnesses. Your conclusions captain are that this the waters involved. It probably
mental break suffering. Some mental health issues are one of the two there were just going on and on and a may have led to her taking her own life more an accidental death. Why? I guess the? U dome the water if, if there was some suits sidled thought maybe that she was is having this break and it's hard to say is hard to say suicide, because Mental illness doesn't always lead to suicide. We know that in and sometimes it can lead to bouts of amnesia. two well now about what I'm saying is that, like now like? That's a tough, the whole situation, Is this a tough thing in general, but I think it would have been because of the mental illness that she would say that should think in her head. I'm gonna jump into the water yeah and I lean towards
the mental illness thing or transit lifestyle one because we ve seen both behaviors and have the transient lifestyle. This doesn't make any sense to me, like you, just leave all your belongings, here's the other thing that that is my big question, but they they may go hand in hand is what I'm saying none! I and I see that boat, but I think there's a big difference between being homeless, indian and transient lifestyle. Oh my big question and I would like to know this answer as she will. We brought up their selfies the pictures with the selfies, and we brought up that they found a digital camera. Van right. They would have. Hopefully someone would have knowledge of which cameras she had Vienna arrested if one of those cameras or missing, because I think if she's gonna take out on her own, I think that's the one thing she would not, behind your saying she may have had multiple cameras and even though there were
the camera, found in the van that she may have taken another. Was there another camera the or was she does known to have this one came, and they found that one camera cause to me. That's a that's a you know. I could leave a lot of stuff behind, but there's certain items that I connect as far as an artist goes hmm, and you know it's just mean when you go on vacation when I go on vacation, I have to take the guitar with me like. I just have to well that's my work, but I have to day. You know I can't go on vacation without a guitar and in the thing for me, captain that would would present some answers to me and helped me come up with a better conclusion would be like I said, was there? Can anybody find any evidence that, on november twenty eighth that she was trying to locate her van or she because we know the,
which she had the money to retrieve it and in being a private person. I wonder about having those journals left in the van out of her control. What that would mean to her? So that's that's one answer. I need in this case and there's there's many many answers that need to be to be solved. It's a fascinating case. It's it there's a lot of weird things that happened leading up to her disappearance and it only left us with so many questions. Afterward yeah, we're just and really I mean we could have talked about another couple episodes. Yet, let's here till thursday. This will we don't have time for that, but the main reason that we were talking about this case is to to help in any way we can. This case was big in canada, but there has been you. Don't I've seen things weathers sightings in vancouver. I've seen that their possible sightings in seattle, so anything that we can do to get the word out
and and we're gonna like us, had post pictures and stuff and- and hopefully we can. This create awareness and even though they found her passport in the van, her mother is always said that the united states would have been somewhere that she could have ended up. You know she could have easily travelled to the states, so we need to locate emma philip off. She was five foot, five, approximately ninety two about a hundred and ten pounds. She had blonde hair, a time brown hair at times fanny belong and she would be thirty years old this year and you can more information at the facebook page help find Emma. You can get a better description. There there's also ways to report a tip. I would recommend if you believe that you see
her or you know her whereabouts, you can call nine one one and anything that you can do to help and check out the facebook page help find emma and also, as we post pictures of emma feel free to share those on social media to help spread the word. So we can help and Shelly and the philip of family I mean cause, it's just a sad thing and I know we brought up some questionable things about the family that is basically to cover the whole case. We don't think there's any involvement at all again. Take a look beyond the look out to whatever you. Can I endless hope- this family out thanks all of you for joining us in the garage this week, thanks again to our sponsors and a big thank you to Jordan from the night time, podcast
check that out part one part, two in part three. He interviews Shelley and interviews julian an arm just keep doing what you do in jordan for everything. True crime. A true crime garage dot com and make sure you sign up on the mailing list and until next week be good because I don't let.
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