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Florida Vampire /// Part 1 /// 749

2024-04-09 | 🔗

Florida Vampire /// Part 1 /// 749

Part 1 of 2 



In November of 1985 in Malabar, Florida authorities responded to a strange and disturbing call.  A young woman who had been abducted the day before somehow managed to escape from her captor’s home.  A motorist found the young woman on the side of the road.  He took her to his home for both her protection and to call first responders for help.  The woman described to detectives what the abductor had subjected her to over the last 22 hours.  An abduction case was rare but perhaps the most startling detail of the woman’s story was that the man who had offered her a ride and then tortured her in his home, also drank the woman’s blood.  The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office had a serious case on their hands and the community had a monster living among them. 


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