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Garage Party /// Part 1 /// 499

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Welcome to the Garage Party!!! Thanks to all of you out there we are celebrating 499 episodes and almost 6 years of Garage Greatness. This week we celebrate with Angel’s Envy Kentucky Bourbon - 5 out of 5 Bottle Caps. Drop in for a drink, say hello and party with Nic & The Captain - cheers!

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welcome to the garage party wherever you are in whatever you may be doing. Thank you for listening and thank you for joining the party, I'm your host naked with me, as always, co, hosting and master of ceremonies. Ladies and gentlemen, the cap, it is good to be seen and good to see you thanks for listing and thanks for Tom friend, what a beautiful I see that you have there tat this week. We be rolling out the red carpet. As we celebrate you, the listeners us the host and your favorite garage studio this week marks a very impressive podcast milestone of five hundred five, followed by two zeros episodes, and to celebrate this most impressive of milestones, we will count down our ten greatest true crime garage the trailers of all time. That's right! It's a feature of our show that most true crime shows don't have each week the captain composes some great music and pulls a clipper.
or maybe the colonel, does a little write up for that week's case. Each case that we have covered you're in the garage is unique and each week the trailer that we put together is just as unique as the case that we are covered. So please join us, won't you, as we celebrate view, the list for making this possible back when we started in two thousand and fifteen We didn't think anybody would listen to to beer drinking dorks recording in a garage, but now it's almost six years later and we have one of the best It is the most beautiful audience in all of true crime pie, and so this week we celebrate you. many of you have been with us since two thousand and fifteen or two thousand and sixteen we truly hope that you have enjoyed the ride as much as we have this week to celebrate
proper fashion. We are drinking angels, envy kentucky straight handcrafted. Bourbon call me old fashioned captain, but I believe real bourbon comes from kentucky garage grade course: five out of five bottle caps. So to all, you out there in listener land? That's right! I'm talking to you, friends, colleagues, true crime, garage army and citizens of parts unknown wherever you are whatever you were doing wine beer, soda cuz. This one is for you. Let's talk some true, the
This is true crime. The this is the case, son of SAM, I am deeply hurt by you, calling me a woman,
I have not, but I am a monster. I am the son of SAM, I'm a little brat when father SAM gets drunk, he gets mean he beats his family Sometimes he ties me up to the back of the house other times he locks me in the garage sam, loves to drink blood, go out and kill, commands father behind our house. Some rest, mostly young, raped and slaughtered. Their blood drained just bones now, Papa sam keeps me locked in the attic too. I can't get out, but look out the attic window and I watch the world go by. Like an outsider, I'm on a different way.
length and everybody else programme to kill. However, does Stop me, you must kill me potential. police shoot me first the killer else keep out of my way or you will die papa sam is old. Now you need some blood too serve as youth his head too many heart attacks too many heart attacks hurts Sonny boy, miss my pretty princess. Most of all. she's resting in our lady's house, but I'll her soon I am the monster beelzebub the chubby behemoth. I loved. Prowling the streets looking for fair game, tasty meat them, men of queens are the prettiest of all. I must be the one
are they drink. I live for the hunt, my life blood for papa Mr Varela, sir. I don't the kill anymore, no, sir, no more, but I must honor thy father. I want to make love to the world. I love people. I belong on earth. Yahoos to the people of I love you. I want to you all a happy easter, god bless you in this life and in the next, and for now I say goodbye and Goodnight police, Let me haunt you with these words I'll be back I'll, be back to be interpreted. Bang, bang, bang, Yours and murder, MR monster
can't believe that one is only number ten cuz when you say the chubby boo. Once the e myth to the chubby female hey? I just said it to David Berkowitz wrote it yeah, but you won the the emmy for that. The funny thing here: that's episode, twenty one of true crime garage way back in the day and that one look. I promise it's not going to be this scary, the entire top ten countdown I mean between the that your friend over here, that is weird me out that you invited into the garage to to count them down ten, then that guy, the refuses to tell me his name he's just staring at me. Weird between him
chubby bohemia between him and the the son of SAM. wheeler there, I'm a edge man am on edge, is supposed to be a part I'm supposed to be having a good time: bang, bang, bang great trailer and of course, that was the son of sam who wrote that trailer essentially themselves. Captain knows how much I love any time. We have a case that involves writings from the killer or letter sent to newspapers or taunts sent to police or even tv news outlets. It's weird to be a fan of something like that, but it's one of those situations where I find it incredibly intriguing. I find it very interesting that some one
take it to that level and have to fill some kind of weird need of communicating with others, while they're supposed to be hiding from police and instead it. So it's a taunt. It's it's to mock the investigation and mock the pie a coup is afraid at the time, but it dramatic odium, he loves queens, dramatically, increases the risk that the offenders taking along the way as well yeah. I believe that was our first dramatic reading during a trailer, and I was there, I thought it was effective, but is also felt a little silly. Also, at the time cause of the words chubby bohemia, but let's get into number the.
The press, the media, make you think that a black man armani himself is illegal or criminal, or he was the armies of the robber liquor stores, and you know what I'm saying: that is for me to defend myself, and it should always be just about surviving know, and we have to be about the tools that we use to survive and why's of a black life, any any more anymore in a wildlife know what I'm saying. We know that they don't put the same security and then get over it. They do and whites in white neighborhoods For me to be all you're saying: don't you know, put your guns down and no violence. I said critical and talk about the violet everybody at act like the violence. Was there we as rappers? What then
with with both the violence that we've seen on the street, putting our records put putting our records for years and after three four years, people, boss, Bonnie, started to see it because all the statistics that's going on in the streets. If we stop talking about it, then they wouldn't take statistics and when they stop taking statistics, then we'd be killing challenged reasons why people wouldn't care? No more, only people that always in eight years, because you know there's been some strays and We'D- have slipped open, white, neighborhoods and keys, and I wouldn't want to be like us. You know what I'm saying is: kids in Indiana, that's trying to be like us, because they can relate to what I'm saying I don't live in- that neighborhood is no real reason for you to carry on billina. Why in two years. I've had a gamble. Call me by my limo driver by police by everybody. You know what I'm saying it's a bad week. I better be there. I've been attacked the papers about the skin have taught a blue black churches. Why?
If they see me as the enemy just like y'all. Do you know what I'm saying they can come to my house and sit outside my house just like anybody else can a skinny. What's my life is gone, is gone. Give it back to me not the judge, not the president, not governor, not calvin, but not just they came to number come off my funeral and talk pretty about how black people suffer, it was my life is gone, is gone.
the obviously that's the late great to park shoe corp. Those are episodes, one twelve and one thirteen. If people want to keep track, keep score at home and go back and check out some of the old episodes, maybe we are presenting trailers to you that you are hearing for the first time today, yeah it's a nice feeling when such a message is you and they say, for example, let's take the two parks court case and they say I just watched this documentary. I would love to hear you guys cover to parks, case and eagle.
Go to one hundred and twelve one hundred and thirteen, and you can check it out. I think it's so excited cuz. I don't have to wait that I have to go. I will maybe they'll put it on the list. Maybe I'll do it in a couple months, so it's already done awesome and also, I think it's just a nice feeling. I think when we started doing the podcast, it's just to see. If we could do it, I don't even remember if we ever talked about putting it out like before we we tried before we sat down flipped on microphones yeah, it was just simply hey. Would you like to try a podcast? Would you like to try to do one? Not let's put it out for the world to hear then once we did a couple were like nah. Let's just put it out and see what happens? and five hundred episodes later the people that we meet at crime com. That tell me they're, like you know, I've been with you guys since the beginning. I give them an extra big. Thank you because, I'm like you are
harry understating, ending impatient persons were you. I get up in the middle of recording and go get a beer and keep talking on mic. So it would sound like this. Hey I've going to go to friends and I the government back and now I'm back in here where I'm and I think you cleared it up and said it better than I did. I said you know when we started this. We didn't think anybody would listen to two guys in a garage but you're right, we're recording it now even with the idea of putting it alba releasing it to the world at the time. I was just something to set up and see if we can do and if, if its power, in full listen to one or two of those first early episodes. It's because we're in pain we're sitting in a garage. It was like a hundred and ten degrees. I am the heavier syrup, and yet the beers, where necessary, just to try to keep us cooled down to the point,
We wouldn t drier during the the actual episode itself and while we're doing this here, captain I wanna make sure we give out some beer fund shouts along the way so rays of the glass we're going to be raising the glass many times this week as we celebrate, but the cheers to lace in austin, texas and a cheers to jennifer and unlike ohio, lot of cool a lot of beautiful people. avon lake. You know I have a question because yet some analytics from the show. But I'd really like to know where we're like the craziest were like the most in our active vans are so on the blog this week about you go and is put your name and what state your from texas higher wherever california, California, I maybe I'll do a special like we did, though,
though higher true crime, your add shirts, may we will do whatever state wins well, and we have a tendency to see in from the blog itself that we often get the most com answer, questions about a case where people are from that area where our case took place, which is just kind, Natural thing, one thing that should have been a natural thing captain is, I should have went back and figured out when the first episode that we did an actual trailer for I know because we're kind of here celebrating these trailers. I love that we have the trailers on the show you do such a great job, putting together the music and, You know we ve been very lucky to have such a good audience as such a good, hard core audience it stuck with us for so long, but I've had some people that are trying to come up through the ranks of the true crime podcasting and they were they want to know like that, the? U
I they somehow think that you and I are holding on to some very well kept secret, which is not really the case at all, but they want to know what what is it that did? You guys do that that has said apart from some of the others and I actually think it a drinking- I think it's a trailers. I've always thought that if it puts a theatrical spin on that weeks, kay and again like we said in the up and the little lead up to today's episode. Each cases is unique and we respect I understand that when we look at each one of these cases and we try to keep that in mind at all times when we go into it, doing the research and putting together the presentation for each case- and we do the same thing with the trailer
putting together the trailer each week we was on horrible and it was a horrible idea because it's like the the amount, the amount of music that has to been l to create every week for the shows, there's a lot and it was maybe if we would have decided a every big case, we'll do a trailer every like big popular case but the other ones. We want it's a lot of a lot of music being made for the show well and those of you that have been there for
in the very beginning, or maybe you found the garage at some point and you went back in your binge- listened to all the old episodes to get caught up. You know that we didn't always do the trailers and in fact back when we did son of sam the episode number twenty one back. Then it was more common for us to do a single episode, four case yeah and- and we didn't always do the beers right out the gate either. That was something that kind of happened or initially I thought we had the beer. We had the beers, we were drinking them and whether from everywhere they were from everywhere. But what was funny was I was, I would pick a six pack of a beer. It was kind of hard to find
at least hard to find at the time, because you were driving up to see me and I knew it was going to be hot, would be sitting in the garage and I'm like. Well, you know what I'm going to get a beer that we both can enjoy, that it's not the run of the mill everyday beer to be something kind of special. So we were always drinking a special beer, but I don't think the beer of the week popped up until there's a. I think you asked me and in one of the episodes early on that basis, while what are we drink in this week and boom now, there's the YAP the at boom. Now, there's the beer, the weak boom genius idea, law and also, I don't think we ever got drunk in the first few episodes, because we were to swell in it all out. I made some somebody goes: hey man, those first episode. You sound like a dumb ass, it's like well, I sound like a dumb ass on the new episodes, but I'm just a lot clearer because I have a better microphone than I had back then
that you do their captain all right, a quick shout out to justin from hurricane west virginia and a shout to kimberley from new woodstock new york, and that, ladies and gentlemen, brings us to number. This is true crime garage. This is the case with the west memphis three, the west and following the west was telling the west the west three children missing since last night,
Three young boys murdered in cold blood It appeared to had been sexually mutilated, motivated about the west Memphis, I It is two hundred and forty four p dot m charged with three counts of capital: murder, in a statement given to police seventeen year old, Jessie, misskelley, allegedly confesses to watching two other suspects: choke rape and sexual mid life, three west Memphis, second graders, nineteen ninety three, the small arkansas town of west Memphis, was brought on the recent killing of three year old boy: a police investigation from murder, charges against three local teens damien,
Jason. always The charity, why the your heart, mary, What makes the army would make sure that it will pay you hi vampire life,
was it the report. Very no wonder to worry about anyone. Of course,
always see the shelling of selling the west gaining power, selling the west street, all marked fires, and, of course those are the west Memphis three cases, forty forty one and forty two and were the same on off the record. The other day we probably could have done about thirty episodes on western officers because it seem like, certainly in the early days that there was a case that both of us
I love to discuss over and over and over yeah. I think we were saying. Maybe we would just to go back revisit west Memphis, three n cover for the next two to three four years, however long it takes to figure I now know that was one of the first three partners that we did, as you pointed out, episodes forty forty one and forty two and you're right at the time didn't it feel like Three devoting three hours. Maybe a little more to a case was was a lot like yeah is. It'll be heavy lifting it's going to be difficult to put together. It might be difficult to fill the space. I think our average one partners were already starting to get into the our fifteen hour. Twenty now we also talked a little bit slow,
back. Then our delivery wasn't as good, and there was a lot more spaces. I don't think we spent as much time editing their pursued. Well, If people that will say look, they did all those documentaries on the west Memphis three. It should be easy. Phil three hours or three and a half or four never end up being but half those documentaries or just metallica songs and with rachel, yet they are not there actually talking to fill the space. There's an end to be honest with you, I think, broke it down in our coverage of it. How little
actual case information there are, and in those three in the trailer gi, the paradise lost trilogy itself now, but we both consider them to be brilliant documentaries. I mean they're they're fascinating to watch. I dont get tired of them ever look part, one of said forty hour and twelve minutes absurd to our and thirty six minutes of so three hour and fifty one minutes. This is, I think, at the point where I start relay. and it's hard when you know to to condense it down, and you don't want the episode to be two hours long, that's intimidating, yeah, it's hard in the greece and its hard in the garage and hard in the streets of west Memphis. The
The thing, too, is, I think we spent the majority of the second episode that it took us an hour and thirty, because we were- through the timeline in such detail that we are trying to show that he look while we agree that the documentary serve the paradise lost, documentaries are very entertaining and what not? They spend a lot of time. Building a case against me. buyers, and we spent a lot of time in that second episode, tearing down that case against mark byers, because when you look in you review the timeline of events that people agree upon, that more than one in the inner circles of these six families involved and the police in the neighborhood and so grant. You see that there is very little time for marked buyers to have done anything, as you know it too, to have harm these boys enough
are now all these years later, even before we covered it, we know that there are different circumstances to to look. And truly analyze during that, but it was. It was something that we were happy to put together and again, like you said captain, it was a case. It
We were very passionate about back, then we were very passionate about it in the nineties. It was. It was one of those ones that we always knew. We would cover it, but it was about wanting to try to cover it the best way. We knew how at the time- and I think we did a fairly good job of that at the time. I thought we thought we nailed it and thought it was a home run. Yeah I mean yeah. That's so pardon me one so applaud ourselves because we took on a giant challenge. Probably before we were ready. I mean, but let's be honest, like we said we we started a podcast to see. If we could do it, you know not to start pulling them out. So then, once you get to a challenge like that, you're all it's pretty good, but I remember the following week on yeah. This is pretty good, but like we could us space them out more. Maybe this should have been six parts you know, or or or possibly, even more
and so now, when I look at it- and if I mean this off the top of my head, if he said to me, you need to cover west memphis. Three I go. That's could take you about ten to twelve episodes well, and that was it a helpful learning experience for the two of us because it allows to know and understand for future cases that are of that size or that popularity that there's dat much information out there, that three isn't going to be enough. It just wolpe and look. I am happy to applaud ourselves for what we put together back then, of course we ve gotten better heck. If we ve not gotten better from episode, forty two episode, five hundred than were really what really torrent somethin wrong it and really have cod better words. There's a listener out there right now gone a boys. And to me well, hopefully, there still is because they love the shown loved. The garage to people that I love lindsey
and lay in a georgian. No, no! You don't you, that name very often cheers Nona in rogers arkansas, which is very fitting to fall there with the west Memphis three kg tavern play for the bwwn, be around these just random names that were shout now we're doing the beer fund shouts a little bit differently this week, because eight were party in enough as we go through our count down here in the garage but everybody, if you hear your name, you helped us fill up the beer fridge for. What's going on to be next week right captain because we're we're enjoying some angel's envy today, and the The.
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the Alright cheers mate people in the back to the people at the front, more importantly, cheers to the people being bussed in from out of town wheeze love. You cheers to Sarah and dan and Cincinnati and Christie, who is very mysterious, says she somewhere between portage and spring, pour up michigan. So I hope that that doesn't mean that she's lost up there captain somewhere between extreme. We agree in extremely sexy, so figure there are one or two cats dial that up to now that one in see what captain you get
alright, what number so those those were our first three right that was a first through yes, outings, not our best! Now we have we're we're drinking the hard stuff this week, or maybe it's called the easy stuff by my calculations. Captain were put us around number seven re down down three already: seven to go parties kickin parties happening. Let's go
number the following is a bt k, offender criminal profile his profile was written several years after Beattie ks first set of murders. It reads: the attached analysis is only as good the information that has been provided. In addition, it may be necessary to totally change
If modified this analysis, if new information is developed, such as additional victims, more forensic evidence or more information obtained from research, multiple homicides wichita Kansas the murders of the offender known to the public. Only as the bt k are, the result of a fantasy acted out. A fantasy For the first time in his life, he is in a position of dominance. He is an inadequate type, a nobody who, through his crimes, has placed himself in a position of importance. The bt k strangler is now a somebody who is receiving the recognition, feels is a long overdue. He is.
even very original and his crimes. He is patterned himself after other killers, such as the son of SAM in new york city. Most of the verbiage used by the offender in his letters probably comes out of recent publications and detective magazines. The subject is alienated. lonely and withdrawn. He would not be expected to have any lasting relationships with others and would lead a solitary existence dominated by fantasy magical thinking. His killing is an attempt on his part to find affection and acceptance. He fears everyone, including himself he would not be expected to have had any normal relations with women and probably has never had a normal heterosexual relationship with one when he is not killing. He experiences intense feeling.
That he is not normal and therefore he kills to cope with this disorder and attempt to escape within his own fantasies. Thus he can be expected to kill again and to do so and a compulsive repetition pattern that he is already established. His victims can be either male or female, who are both loved and outgoing. His victims will be in a position of vulnerability where he can totally them helpless. His victims represent his own feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. His own life has been disruptive. He probably comes from a background where his family-
it's broken. He was raised by an overbearing mother who was inconsistent in her discipline, and his father was absent either because of marital separation or death. This would have occurred when he was a youth. Your subject may have been raised by foster parents. Your subject was an average student in the classroom. However, he was more adept to disrupting the class by using profanity. to pranks his language and statements make us believe that he has some military experience and or is a police buff probably has had run ends with the police in the past, such as assault and or breaking and entering during these break ins items taken will be items of incident wickets. These items would have been taken because of a fetish or to feed a strong urge to take an article of clothing or an item that he is fond of, or the satisfaction of committing.
the crime. It will leave little evidence to investigators. Bt K may have a history of voyeuristic, activity. We may have an arrest record for these types of offences. He hunts his victims by selecting neighborhoods, where he can Peru different houses without being detected. Furthermore, his victims we live in an area where, if need be, he can have an easy escape rout such as a neighborhood park where he can hide to elude police killings are impulsively, motivated and without delay. Bert planning, he seeks out targets of opportunity. Such individuals of this type suffer from insomnia and thus find it difficult to hold steady employment control of himself and of his invite.
It is essential to such a person, although he is gaining in confidence. He is still shy, withdrawn and isolated as a counter strategy technique, your department must not make any statements concerning the killers meant condition do not allow the media to label him as some kind of psychotic killer. If they already done so your best strategy, b to align yourself with the killer and not the psychiatric experts. Any press releases should clearly state that he Is a killer who must be apprehended and that he is not a psychotic animal. This approach may reduce the killer's anxiety and reinforce his own guilt feelings. This removing any psychiatric ix,
uses for his acts and leaving him responsible for his murders, extended periods between his murders, maybe for reasons when he was absent from the area either as a result of military service. Schooling, incarceration or mental treatment is not uncommon for subjects such as yours to frequent police hangouts. In an attempt to overhear officers discussing the case, such offenders, be at the crime scene, observing detectives investigating the case. All of this allows the murderer to fulfil his ego and gain a feeling of superior already. He may go so far as to telefonica, contact your department and provide detailed specific to his crimes. Your advantage in this case is his very strong self sent.
attitude will be his downfall. He will provide information to a friend or an acquaintance at a local tavern concerning information. He knows about the case. He may even pretend to be an officer working the case. He may carry a fake badge on his person. If so, he may use this to gain entry into his victims. Homes
t k will continue to kill until he is caught or killed the one of my favorite characters in the mine hunters series b, t k because you don't really get to hear him talk and you don't know when they're going to start looking for him and he's so similar to be tk in real life like books like they could you know the the cast of the
character very well well on us as the viewers we know what he's up to so it makes it even a little more intriguing when they you know when they break in then they show b t k for a little bit, maybe he's dressed up in one of his costumes. Maybe he's standing there in front of a burning barrel tossing in pictures and drawings that he's made now that that trailer is a great trailer that was from may of two thousand and eighteen, when we did a four part series on the b t k, who is one of your favorite characters on the mind hunter show which I'm hoping season three some time I hope they're working on it right now, but as one of my least favorite serial killers, I hate the beatty. I hate dennis raider would love to squash him like a bug that was another one of those guys it taunted police in the public, with his letters and what not in contact
de, I believe, even use the phone one time to call in something to the local media, to the police, but two thousand and eighteen may is when we did the four partner t K captain. I remember two thousand and seventeen in two thousand, a teen early part of two thousand and eighteen we were getting a lot of request to do more expanded, deep dives into these different types of cases be solved. Unsolved. We were getting a lot of requests for for partners. and we were convinced of your partners. We were happy to oblige,
as we have done a four programmes while birgus a few months ago. We did the uniform right well. Not only did I read the trailer their captain for bt k, I provided the screams for you at the end of it as well. That was some of an ice as when you see a bug, some some of my finest work. Yet, like george, I swallowed a fly when I knew what I did but yeah. That was some of my finest work that I've done here in the garage with those screams, Yad unabomber, not too long ago and you're right. Maybe we need to hear from the people. The people will tell us what they want. The people in the front. in the back and we are happy to. We are happy to answer. All requests were almost to the half way point
skip to number six, the the Murder is a broad and fascinating crime, people, murder for love and for hate, some murder for money, others for want of money. Something murder in a cold insane rage
People murder, with the calculating skill of a butcher. Some people use guns or knives or their hands some people, murder children exclusively her women and some people plant bombs and high traffic locales in some mail them to specific targets. New york, city's mad bomber, a case featured here in the garage was about an angry and yes, very, a madman who chair as new york city for sixteen years in the nineteen forties and nineteen fifties with explosives that he planted in public places, bombs were left in phone booths, storage, lockers and extremes in public buildings, including the grand central terminal, pennsylvania station radio city, music hall, the subway and the new york public library. For sixteen years, a period stretching back to nineteen,
already the largest most formidable police force in the nation, had failed a hustler any worthy leads by nineteen. Fifty six, the bomber handiwork showed a lethal new proficiency. He declared his deadly intent, letters sent a newspaper editors, rambling raging letter, was cryptically side. F, p. Desperation drove the police to pursue a course they never before can in the department's one hundred and eleven year, history I pity, was going to consult with james. A brussel is a kite rest with experts he's in the workings of the criminal mind. If physical evidence could not lead the police to F he may be emotional insights. Could, since a physical description of the bomber was unattainable. new or police believe maybe doktor brussel could use the evidence to draw a profile of the bombers. Inner self any most
well portrait that would illuminate his background in disorder, brussel told them that the barber was a textbook paranoid schizophrenia. People suffering from this disease he explained, may believe. people are controlling them are plotting against them. They are typically reclusive and the social and consumed with hatred, for there are, imagined enemies for their derangement they're, capable of in quite normal, until inevitably some aspect their delusions enter into their conversation. The paranoiac is the world champion grudge, holder brussel would explain, we all get mad at other people Oh an organization sometimes, but with most of us the anger evaporates eventually the mad bombers, anger does not once he gets the idea that somebody has wronged him or is out to hurt him. The idea stays in his mind. The bomber brussel can
You'd almost surely operated as a lone wolf paranoia quote, have confidence only in themselves. They are over well, mainly egocentric. They distrust everyone. An accomplice would be a potential bungler or double crosser. Ultimately, doktor brussel was correct and his assessment of the evidence, which was simply the bombers actions words and intent. This specifically helped n y p d identify locate and apprehend a domestic terrorist that eluded them for sixteen years, the mad bomber later identified as george ma ascii was angry and about it and surrounding a workplace injury. He suffered years earlier. Brussel called his approach, reverse psychology. Today we call it criminal profiling. Decades later in nineteen, eighty after
war attacks, the f b, I created the Unabomber task during the eighties. They failed to jennifer the Unabomber and then he went dormant. The fed suspected the terrorist could be dead, but then the attack start up again and a ninety ninety three things that the task force were ramping up and a new wave of agents, The differing array of expertise were brought into work the case. It's would be assigned task, force all, received a rather large memo. Titled major case number said five dash unabomber for well over a decade. The yeah. I and other law enforcement agencies around the. U s investigated the case they dubbed unabomber by the mid nineties, the perpetrator was the most wanted serial killer in the united states and he was one that none of his victims had ever laid eyes on an visual, so mysterious and elusive
was known only by the case code name, the f b. I had given him unabomber. since his early bombings were directed at universities and airlines. Unlike the one big crude blast of Oklahoma city my timothy mcveigh and his cohorts, the universe as a were more like of the mad bombers, but unfortunately, more destructive and deadly these bombings were spaced apart. This perpetrator could wait an act over time. He was more specifically directed. He was clever. He was diabolical and his motive was wrapped in layers of mystery. This is true crime garage, and this is the case of the unabomber.
You, like Robert stack, haven't nice cadence to the major errors, and you know at one thing: we do that just polite you'll notice that we often say in a trailer. This is true crime garage. That way. If you ended up here by accident- and you were looking for a different show- we let you know so you don't have to wait till the end to find out yet how they could be will go here. I normally agree with you guys, but this last episode we were with don't seem to be on the same page and they say,
Whatever case it is, then I looked it up and ago who wouldn't cover that right wrong show. Then I then they go. Oh my god, I'm so embarrassed but yeah, but we're also plight too, because when we fart, we say, excuse me well and some people, you know, maybe a lot of people listen at work or at the gym or during their commute, and you know we're we're one of the better every on the block, but maybe but a psychopath, maybe hypo iron yeah. This is into murder. People need more than one flavour, and so they tune into different shows that they like and they get jumbled up sometimes and go. You know what you guys really really latest stinker this week and like we don't we don't know what case you're talking about so cover that one. Please direct that stinker elsewhere crime gradual flavour. Are we the drunken flavour all right? So tomorrow we will go to the top five
Oh prepare yourselves for the top five, the one we just heard, Unabomber episode, four aid. Two, as the captain pointed out earlier, in this episode, we did a four partner on TED Kaczynski, the unabomber. It, though, the world would have been a better place had that guy, just accidentally blown himself up during the constructions of those bombs in his little little shack that he was living living in their hay, but to celebrate five hundred episodes. Will you please do us a huge favor? It helps out the show, go to itunes, leave us a five star review and we'll love you forever. You can leave some kind words there or you can just simply hit the five star button and submit that awesome review. We need it. We love you. We appreciate everybody for helping us to get to four
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