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Garage Party /// Part 2 /// 500

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Welcome to the Garage Party!!! Thanks to all of you out there we are celebrating 500 episodes and almost 6 years of Garage Greatness. This week we celebrate with Angel’s Envy Kentucky Bourbon - 5 out of 5 Bottle Caps. Drop in for a drink, say hello, and party with Nic & The Captain - cheers!

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The The welcome to the garage party wherever you are and whenever you are doing. Thank you for listening and thank you for joining the party of your hosts naked with me, as always, co hosting and he's also. in charge of the coach. Second, no, if you are checking your coat
loose change will be lost. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the captain yea. It have to be afraid. in psychopath to wear a coat in this heat It could be seen as good to see you thanks for join us here at the five hundred but sewed party, it's time to take your pants off in the wild, that's right This is where the heroes come to play in the champions of listener. Land common to kick it with us at the five hundred club, Yeah, a big thank you to everybody and all the support and the first five hundred episode, It's all downhill from here because of you that this is possible captain. Let's continue the celebration. The party goes on. Let's hear the next stop on our account.
well. This is true crime garage, and this is the killing fields
trilogy interstate, forty five or I forty five,
is a highway located entirely in the state of texas. The interstate is just over two hundred and eighty miles and length connects to major. U s: cities dallas in houston from Houston! The highway continue south east down to galveston There's a portion of I forty five that is known to Houston residents as the gulf freeway, a short elevated section of I forty five I've and southern downtown houston is known as pierce, elevated and fifty miles. Stretch of desolate land between Houston and galveston is called the highway of Hell. a mile from my forty five lies: a twenty five acre patch of land that borders the colder oil. This is known to all as the texas killing field It is just rugged wasteland, but it is here that for decades the dead have appeared
starting in the early nineteen seventies and to this day, The bodies of murder victims have been found within this area and the killing field. many girls and young women have gone missing. Several have never been found. There are some similarities in these cases all the victims are. young girls and women between the ages of twelve and twenty three and most of the located victims were found in or around water the texas killing fields, orders will involve three different counties and twelve different laws. Enforcement agencies have work these cases, including the fbi. Despite exhaustive efforts, very few these murders have been solved. Many officers say that the fifty mile stretch is the perfect dumping ground for serial killers and the killing field has described as a place that, even if you yelled, no one would hear you and if you ran, there would be any where to go. This is the perfect place for kids
someone in getting away with it. The disappearances abductions and murders span over thirty years. Welcome to the killing, trilogy five under episodes on. I have realised that a higher was one messed up place, but so is texas. That's right! That's We took the flying garage ship down to the great state of taxes for the texas killing fields, episodes that was episode, one thirty, two from that trailer, but that's the start of the trilogy. So one thirty two through one thirty four, I love the music there and I love that guy that's ridden pass he's sounds like a wonder.
Person tavern smart. I, like the precaution, is it sounds like he's playing the beer bottle there, but shall so me, like it's? Probably a toy two answer or about half full yeah he's same guy, that did the the voice over for the numbers nigher for the creek guys it's hiding over there that keeps staring at me with those dead black eyes. Guess where he's hiding the bottles? You don't the know, couple beer shouts here- captain bill I too share in west colombia, taxes anna shadow to any beth and plymouth Michigan. W w r? U n be around that's right. If you want to help us fill up the beer fridge, you go to true crime, garage dot, com, there's a little button there you can click on and it helps the show, and you know what we say with the spill over, we like the called the spill over. We like to help some of our friends out there in the true chrome world, in the truck
I am world that is correct. While we don't having time for hesitation or masturbation. So let's get right, and into number I the This is in the prime garage- and this is the case of the boys on the travellers
the by all The engineer did a masterful job of bringing his train to a stop. It had can a screaming screeching half mile, by the time the engine had shuddered to a standstill conductor. Tomlin was on the radio notifying an approaching train on a parallel track to stop the boys had been run over. He had also call, Call the dispatcher
Have you got injuries the dispatcher ass no tomlin said we've got death, I'm sure we've got death, they passed under us, it has to be dead, has to be definite yet and for all the true crime garage super. And we know what that cases boys on the tracks, the boys on the tracks. That's one of these cases that we receive probably the lowest praise for me yeah? But it's funny because people go. Have I listen to jonbenet ramsey six part episode great work. Even if they don't agree with with what we or our thoughts on that case or Brian Shaffer had loved your coverage of that, but then we'll discuss it
Am I've had so many discussions about jon, Benet, ramsey, Brian Schaefer, the delphi murders, so many other cases, but boys on the tracks? It's really just like boys on the tracks. That was a great job. No, got your right. Doesnt seem to need any discussion, and I think a lot of that is that people appreciate that we are trying to write a wrong with this case, and we do that with with many that we present, but we weren't the first ones to do it. In fact, we decided to cover this case for a multitude of reasons, but one back in the day it was one of my favorite episodes of unsolved mysteries and these segment that profiled the boys on the tracks case at that time was known as the friends forever case, because it is about the murders of Kevin ives and don Henry. Both
bryant arkansas and the piece that I'm reading from there in the boys on the tracks trailer. We should point out that that is episode. Ninety three, that was a four partner boys on the train, but the piece that I'm reading their captain is from a leverage. Nineteen, ninety nine book boys on the tracks- ass, the nile and a mother's crusade to bring her sons killers to justice, and in fact, that book went on to win some awards and rightfully so more leverage is one of my favorite, true crime, authors I find that I think she's very underrated and the world of true crime, she's written the devil's knot and boys on the tracks and she's fantastic when it comes to there's, probably nobody better when it comes to writing about true crime in the state of arkansas, I like to give a bears out to christopher and
if the market new hampshire, christopher likes anything, that's new, that's why he lives in newmarket new hampshire. How about a shout out to hopefully in boston, spa, new york. She likes things that are new as well. The abbots way I should prefer are goerck knew, but everything now she prefers all our eyes the search, get a number three! Let's hit him with number. the
saint Michael. The archangel defend us in our day of battle, protect us against the deceit and wickedness of the devil. May god rebuke him? We humbly and you prince, of the heavenly host by the power of god into hell, satan and all the evil spirits who roam through the world. The ruin of soul. Saint Michael, is one of the principal angels. His name was the war cry of the good angels he led them in the battle fought in Heaven against those led by the dragon, who was, in fact the devil or satan the devil and his follow
were defeated and they were thrown down to earth. According to scripture, christian tradition gives to St Michael for offices to be champion of god's people to fight against satan, to call from earth and bring men's souls to judge to read. you, the souls of the faithful from the power, of the enemy, especially at the hour of death, tuesday march, third nineteen. Ninety eight monroe wisconsin two men, both priest, are driving it's about eight thirty, p m father, Alfred Kunz The passenger is getting a ride home from his longtime friend and pal father fiore, a dusty wisconsin snow was falling fiore. in had a seventy mile drive ahead of them taking,
all the way to the tiny town of dane wisconsin with a population of only about seven hundred hard working and god fearing people. Dane, was only a small blip on the big wisconsin map. It was where father Alfred Koons had called home for many there's an for many years. He has loved and taking care of the good people of day. It was a beautiful night, one of those clear march nights where the snowflakes melt when they touch the pavement about half way home father coon's became silent He started to climb up fiori, looked at his friend and said how you have been a good and for so many years- and I love you for then there was a long pause and father coups looked up. There were large tears running down his face. You could say was, I know, I know
Around ten p m that night, the two priest had arrived at saint, Michael church, the destination for father coups. He got out of car father, fiore rolled down the car window and shouted hey I'll, make sure you get yourself something to eat. I will concealed before heading inside and out of the cold likely within an hour or two of arriving home father coons starting a noise, woke him from his sleep. Someone was in the building a stranger stepped out of the cold night and into the church and home of father Koontz. But this part of the story, It's a mystery because we don't know the strangers name and we cannot the strangers face. we can only wonder if father coons knew the name or recognize the face regardless father coons would have greeted the stranger with warmth and how kindness
help you my child but the stranger was not seeking the love of god, the warmth of the church. He only wanted one thing from father codes: the stranger would greet coon's with anger, maybe an accusatory question. A death threat or words of hatred the stranger, russia's, the old priest and attacks. It forced to defend himself father coon's fights back as he is being hit repeatedly after a long struggle the stranger gets up and he pulls from his coat at knife. Father grabs at the blade with his bare hands, trying to pry the knife from his assailant. Sadly, He's unsuccessful. The stranger put the blade to the side of Kuhn's neck and slits the throat of the beloved father. The stranger now covered in blood injured and probably cut stands up and as he gathers himself, he curses the priest. Then he steps back out into the old knight, who was this stranger, was he
mentally ill drifter or some sick twisted satanist or is he someone the priest had trusted? This is true crime garage, and this is the father, Alfred, the father africa lamp for you on there their like the nice. children singing at the gets. Dark then gets dark very dark, real, quick that was a that was a case at first when you sometimes when we put the cases on the schedule on the new look back at it. You can't remember what why do we put it on the schedule on initially to do didn't seem like there's much there were. There would be that interesting and then also sudden two days into researching
hastily that you just give wrapped up into it, yeah. That was a weird case and probably one of the lesser known cases, its honour trailer count down. There were featuring this week. That's the murder of father, Alfred coon, still unsolved. Ninety ninety eight case out of date was constant and I think that would have come to us I wait of listener suggestion, because I don't know that that's one that we would have found on our own. I'm with you captain. I can't recall where it came from, but it was the same thing it's like on the surface. You go There is a really story here, because it seems I kind of a random, misunderstood murder, to the point where the the police and detectives have been up up front. An honest saying: we're not even one hundred percent. What the motive here right was and then you start peelin back the layers, and there is a lot to the story
and I remember it was difficult to write the the trailer piece. You know you you putting together the music and me putting together the words there, and it was difficult to come up with something for that tat story to lead us into that story and I relied on my one of my favorite- quotes their captain from Stephen king, who said when all else fails give up and go to the library. So I remember writing a good majority of that case in that trailer at the local library That is a fantastic trailer and actually it's one. That is so good, of course, that it made the top three of our top ten, so hoss, but it Well, I mean we're not talking about anybody else's show here today, for that would be weird if we did a top ten countdown of other people's shows. That would be. It would be bizarre, but
it's all enough in our catalogue that it's kind of it almost forgotten by myself. Right, like we're getting to the point now done so many cases, and so many shows that I don't want to forget any of the victims. I dont want forget any of the shows that we've done, and so, I worry about that, and I fear that in when we were putting together our list. This was that I remembered as soon as I saw the title and the title is the devil. Did it and it's episode one twenty six so way back in the day yeah I tend to remember the earlier stuff, because it's when we tried this It's like look when you're reading your transcript
now and then little double double voice comes in and we try that for a couple of trailers and sometimes that works, it really needs its right place. But it's like also like that was one of the first times that there was a separate piece of music before the theme actually started, and- and so I kind of remembered those more but even like when people rag at crime, con they'll go hey. Have you covered this case? Yet sometimes you go. That sounds familiar but you know we ve done five hundred episodes but think about the amount of cases we ve looked into just to put on our our master list of cases to cover eventually yeah. That's incredible when you, when you put it that way, My mind starts racing because it's easily five, I'm a number of cases that we ended up covering at twenty five hundred cases of
we read about in the last five years. Fritzl, that's a lot of kill, kill, murder, kill well in. Unfortunately, yes, that's exactly what it is, but it's also got to the point now when we receive our you know: people email, that's our preferred way to receive a case. Suggestion is to email it to us, the the blog is there in. I love the people that that want to get a case out there and they say. Look. I wasn't sure where to put this, so I'm just gonna put this here on this week's blog. That goes along with this week's case. So God bless you for putting it wherever wherever you can, but if you get the opportunity we love to perceive them via email would love to have the blog continue. Hopefully the good converse mission that you and I put together for that week's case and everybody out in listener, land in parts unknown can expand on that and put in our own ideas, their thoughts. Their theories to
I love when we cover an unsolved case and I get to hear a theory that we didn't present or an idea, that's outside of the box, because those are the things thinking that way. Those are the things that will ultimately help get. These things solved. Definitely- So, just a quick recap: a number ten we had son of sam number nine. We had to partial core number eight. We had west Memphis three number, seven bt k, number six, unabomber number, five killing fields, number four boys on the tracks; number three: the devil did it: let's take a quick beer break and we'll get to the top two trailers of true crime, garage the
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All right party people cheers party animals are people party animals added to data. Have you ever seen a group of animals together, partying down, I saw a guy on. I think it was a tiktok, video or something, but he had a muzzle on a well hyena, oh, and he had he had a hyena on like a dog leash. Oh, he was trying to control it walking down the street and it was like trying to attack people it's when the scare is to his eyes. I do not want to cede had I've I've, I've tarifa, that's one animal that I'm terrified of it and it's not like, it's not like a metal, muzzle or anything it's like makeshift muzzle, but yeah. You can't put a re. Their muscle. On that thing, you need us soup up muzzle. I mean that that's the one of the creatures, I'm terrified of. I think it's partly because there there very-
vicious creatures. Yeah you know like, but the in the cartoons they are, ways like laughing. Remember they like do something bad. in the hygiene as they sit together, laugh about and afterwards so not We do you end up being dinner, but you are also the butt while their jokes, afterward least somebody's laughing loudly rise. They liked all the colonel was extra crispy. Today yeah, thank god. We got him on one of those extra crispy days, yum yum yum, but his his legs were kind of lighting. and all he got them chicken legs. No, but nobody. I like our bulldogs and you know like your pit bulls and, and they look like tough dogs and that's kind of what it looked like at first. But this neck is probably I dunno three and four times the size and longer to laugh. Yes, like freakishly long
as is scary, asked what the world come into. People were thinking that were leading up to are insane veil. Shaw I are insane, will trailer, but that's not coming in number. Now burn out because we had a law to allow the talk about insane villainy more James Adele arabic on Spain they caught in sales will the town of zanesville suit the garage undisclosed amount of money but they didn't when they did when they didn't, They just want. They really want us to stop calling it insane this bill. We paid them ambush light and we call it even there's a couple of other names that Zanesville goes by, but I'm not allowed because of the lawsuit. That's right we're sworn to secrecy. We signed a non disclosure agreement, yeah some some crazy people from Zanesville
well. We can disclose, is a big shot out to thomas a quarry, ville, pennsylvania and chelsea and is class washing. Does the air and the danes kill, is what other people caught to us here? They'll kill so yeah in scenes. Ville enzymes kill and here comes another large number hurt all soon numbered number. Two other sit sit there with his bottles number two, our right. So what should we get to it Number
the following is a letter written and sent. from a maryland prison You are always asking me about my murders. Here's one that no one knows about that's right. Pal I have never told anyone about this murder. I never.
go far to find a victim for most all truck stops across the. U s whores working in and around them. This is the story of a young prostitute. I killed in october of nineteen ninety five. She was working the seventy six truck stop in reno nevada. I was having a blue long nose peter bill. I was hooked up to a freezer trailer that's a trailer with a freezer. I beaten rape that bitch. in the sleeper of that truck that night until I grew tired of her, and I put my hands on her neck and I began squeezing her screams pain, slowly dwindled down to mere rasp of agonizing grunts and groans. The sound she made slowly faded away, never to be heard again. Sweet death had finally come down upon her. Now her body was just a dead carcass
laying in wait for the decomposition to start the breaking down of cells. I laid there with my arms wrapped around her dead body and slept for about three hours woke up to my alarm clock going off at five. Thirty, a m, climbed over her and I got dressed, I throw a blanket over her. Then I started the truck. I got out of the truck locked the door. and headed over to the coffee shop, to grab a bite and check the computer for loads heading east The closest thing I saw available to me that I was looking for was a load of ranch house, salad dressing. They wanted taken down to Houston texas. Was located over in sharp's nevada, which is
about twenty five miles north of the truck. Stop I decided to accept the job add coffee to go and off to the truck. I went I climb up into the cab and checked everything out off. I go I got to the warehouse in sharps. They had the low but there was no one there, because it was saturday morning sign on Nor said they were opened up at nine a m, but it was only seven, forty five, a m so I looked around and there wasn't a damn soul in sight. Nothing around this little business park. So I thought this would be a perfect place to ditch her off. your dead ass. The truck I grabbed my little army shovel and off. I went. the back of that little warehouse nice, isolated area back there
I buried her in about forty five minutes, isn't Three park wasn't very old, so the ground was pretty soft. and that's where she is to this day not for another two bodies later that I would realize what away. of all that good meat was only ending up being nothing more than bug and worm. Food I have never shed a tear for those I have killed. Nor will I down the road those sweet Young drug addicted prostitutes that I killed back in my past were pretty much dead to the world long before I killed them. they were nothing more than walking zombies. Looking for a few more, It's a pleasure from their sick twisted daily lives of shame. feel I've done those poor souls of favor if I feel anything for them. I feel only some jealousy for their pain
these are over and mine continue as I it behind these bars. Until the day I die I have enclosed, my tooth for you, we never met, but now you will always have a part of me with you. You take care. If out there, my best friend signed with a thumbprint pressed in blood the probably one of our most downloaded cases of all time, and you know what character. I actually think that it's probably up there in the world of downloads because of your music, not necessarily the luck. It's a it's! A gross disgusting, horrific letter that serial killer,
joseph method. He wrote that we were, I reentered pound serial killer, five hundred pounds serial killers, what we called him and that's because that's about the causes of fat ass. Well, he you know he was a big guy when he got arrested for his crimes, but he grew he continued to grow and expand, while in prison and he seemed to have a good time in prison. Enjoy in writing letters and becoming pen pals with people on the outside, and that was just one of his many many letters. He was only convicted of two murders suspected of several more and he claims he's one of these days. The aid lies about large portions of his life right, and so he claims to have killed several more people than just too, but he was a monster that term it's one of those chicken or egg situations right where you go, okay did the drugs that he became addicted to today. Do this to him or was
already evil before he started down that path and, of course one will never know, but before he passed away in two thousand and seventeen, he was pretty close, if not over the five hundred pound mark, and if you want to see you think that trailer scary, the words that he says there, if you want a google picture of Joseph method. He there's some scary pictures. I will say that and here is a desolate, it's hard to say that even looks fat. Aids is kind of a big dude. He looks on human rights is even looked, the human but yeah you're right. This was one of our more downloaded episodes and I think a lot of it was. I mean look that that some music there at the beginning of after about people dont know at the music sounds like before the download the episode right. I think, but I think it is idle hundred pounds zero killer. How can you pass that up? That's true! You have to be
You have to be a psychopathic serial killer to pass up that title, so from now on. Every title is just the weight, one hundred eighty five pounds zero of the convicted person in in followed by serial killer. Maybe that's what we do. we're trying to have a successful show after this conversation everybody's thinking to themselves, if they can do it, why can't I You know what I I'm thinking the same thing, Ok great idea wish to her the pied cast and by the way we ve had a lot of bourbon. So I'm here please, please forgive us with a gun angel's envy, which was one was recommended to us by bob rough and
I thought it was is what happens couple before we forget to do them: animals, indiana you, the bar you in building a run, jennifer and rally north carolina, captain and crispy colonel love carolina in them. He have buffy in lake chop see. This is what we are about. The the beer shouts right when somebody is from a city. You say that they are in right think so, and so is in. But when the city name is lake to say that they're in the lake well, that raises some questions re. So we say buffy from lake Charles louisiana. Down there buffy yourself, I'm yourself and your brother my mind above a hopeful, on the shores of lake charles. Yet, given a tan is so frickin hot outside
as a you go outside deck sack human humid. so are we to number one? Is that where we find ourselves that I don't know if I can we find ourselves. Where do you find yourself. Where do you find yourself in if somebody told me five years ago that we would have hit five hundred episodes? I would have said nah not going to happen. I always said maybe two hundred three hundred a year once we reached the fifty mark hundred seemed obtainable yeah. Five hundred still seemed very well out of reach question for you, then do you think we can do. You think will hit another five hundred, so one of my favorite numbers
and I hate to be that weird guy, but I've had enough bourbon that I can wait. I've heard is three no one. Favorite numbers is nine, nine, nine, nine hundred and ninety nine. So I would like to get to that point. Do you stop at that weird number, or do you go to a thousand. stop at that now. I might stop halfway through that episode. Ah, just up it like you know. You know that part where we come back from the from the commercial The captain goes all right and we're back cheers. Everybody. You've already been you'll, hear violence, cheers and walk out the garage, and then I have to say, and they never solve a crime. I don't know anyway. I know that solved. Here's our number one. This is going to please in
Anger, a lot of people all at the same time. the
but I really don't think them again today round the intruder, rambling parents from that dream more to respond gives me the chills every single time. Every time hair standing up
on the back of my neck. Don't ask me why there's so much hair on the back of my neck yeah, but not nowhere else, just like on the collar wrapping right, yeah well, but technically. That was also a theme right, so we We kind of broke our own count, screwed screwed it up because there were, some trailers, not in every I'm goin off a member here, not in every we did a six part or job in a job, and that was, as the captain said, kind of the theme that started off every one of those six. Episodes. I started that with emphasis number three five five m did that, for
Almost the entire month of December yeah, we always like to try to take off around christmas. Plus people get really busy with the holidays. So it's hard for them to keep up, I mean heck. I mean we put out so much content that I hear from listeners I am as hard to keep up with the as well in hearing patsy ramsay, regardless of your feelings, if she's guilty or innocent hearing her in kudos, you captain for taking those clips and piecing them and pop putting them so perfectly into the music you created but hearing patsy patsy ramsey and there really evokes a lot of ocean one way or the other.
Just hearing. Are you know, speaking or crying out in regards to the the murder of of jonbenet yeah? The thing too is like because that that case to me and I'm sure, you'll you will agree. It seems like such a christmas time case. Yes, you know that not only that's when the murder took place, but just also the pictures that you see, leading up and and afterwards and so using little themes. You know from christmas. I mean obviously like when you hear sleigh bells makes you think of christmas, so to throw throw in sleigh bells
to use some themes from like oh holy night. I use some choir sounds because that's also something that you hear more around that time frame and just ah then, once you start hearing those sound clips, I'm going to say this and and and maybe listeners would agree, christmas songs become so familiar, and so there's this sudden nostalgia tommy here one when you hear have yourself a merry little christmas, doesn't matter who sing it doesn't matter if it's old version on the new version, it's like there's nostalgia there and now on around christmas time,. We start playing the same movies over and over the christmas story in national lampoon's christmas vacation.
so you start see a home alone and they start playing those over and over and over. But what's in our us in about a case as big as the dominant ramsay case, as almost all those clips at you here in the trailer or theme have we want to call it they're nostalgic now because they ve been a part of some aid. Documentaries been part of so many nights, researching a case like that where you hear those clips over and over and over so really kind of becomes a part of the your fabric of your past. Well, while we're talking about things that we, you know reminisce on in things that we miss and things that we want to hear more of a little piece in there, too, is dan. Rather vice yeah. I miss Dan rather's voice. I loved you know. I wasn't
whose guy, when as a kid, obviously your or even as a young adult but I may a maybe you are just a little bit and that's how you get the hair around your neck right. He was always air and he was always liked the poster child of the news for me and his voice is just I mean he's- got a beautiful voice you always felt like you know what no or what you know. I have different things that I could tune in to different stations to go to but when Dan rather was delivering a piece of information to you, it just felt like the gospel right, just felt like the like this. Guy. Couldn't could do no wrong could tell us no wrong, and I do miss me some time as the fact the news used to be news and not a bunch of opinions. There you go it used to be like. We were sharing this information because we want you to be informed and we want all of our citizens
you know, what's goin on and know the truth, so they can make informed decisions and become smarter people and society. the we could all grow together and now they want everybody fighting against everybody, and what they don't want, anybody to know the truth. N, I you know, I don't sad times, don't mention fighting too much with that, weird guy that in the corner that did that to carry out its whole, not one in the bottle jails law is getting is getting a little weird. Wow put the put that bottle back in on that note shout branded insane it the lord in sanger, Texas, an old sanger tanker tank, because a least it was in We reveal snug orville. I still I flew gravel thou local. You know
and gentlemen like to announce it around here for the very first time where what's it, what was the town that you just said? true! Crime garage live advantage, fluke or veil november twenty twenty four november twenty first, twenty twenty four get your tickets. Today. It's going sell out, it will sell out because we, as we have for years, yeah while three buttons you know again already said, maths, not art, so I was it sanger vil sanger yeah, well here's what happened. They said where you want to be when you grow up. I want to be a singer. I won't be sanger, they sang a real sang, a real tax rules. Saying urville sanger knows that saying did. The veil was his visage lowering l. We do on the show we create fake Cities and towns- yeah- that's right, sang her veil.
Alright, this has gone to a weird place as we thought that it might be Did we thought that it might we're not added in this. Where there'll be you can't edit with one eye open? That's we want to thank everybody. He who has allowed us to continue to sit in this garage. Thank you and spake. We want to thank you once thank you for allowing us to put air conditioning in this garage. So we we didn't, kill clover. You know years ago and when we meet people that tell us hey I've been there since the beginning, I've been listening to you guys since two thousand and fifteen or two thousand esteem when we meet people that say you know. I just found the garage and I went back and I binge all those old apps so I said liar taking away too long. I started we could go, and I finished today why and possible.
To put it, we just we just want to hug you all and thank you all for for being awesome to us and If they're going to follow you through five hundred episodes, they'll follow who everywhere a round up? The kids will grow and sang her veil well and flow reveal no your bail cod blush of her veil, though I had sway, would run on the tour sang a real. Pflugerville some known to sanger veil to float, reveal to snigger veil and then back to parts are now. I apologize captain the extra crispy colonel his god extra soggy, colonel. gotta hold chicken wings can up all the kind of guy thickly implies. I just want to fly,
Well now, the have Angela envy all right. What have you make it ever served five or one which will try to be back We know we make no promises when we said all downhill from here. Some of you like to go rate us five star review on itunes out with pre. We appreciate, And internal next week, if we make it, if we make it. They turned to figure out. If we made it a wise man once told me to be good and be kind, and don't let
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