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By all accounts, the engineer did a masterful job of bringing his train to a stop. It had taken a screaming, screeching half mile. By the time the engine shuddered to a standstill, Conductor Jerry Tomlin was on the radio notifying an approaching train on a parallel track to stop because some boys had been run over. He also called the dispatcher. "Have you got injuries?" The dispatcher asked. "No," Tomlin said. "We've got death." -From "The Boys on the Tracks" by Mara LeverittTonight we discuss the case that many wanted to keep quiet. Two teenagers are run over by a train in the middle of the night. Was it an accident, a double suicide or a double murder? Join us in the garage for the tragic story of the boys on the tracks.

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the. welcome to true crime garage wherever you are whatever you are doing, thanks for listening, I'm your hosts, nick and with me, as always, is a man that was all set to play. The role of penny wise until the director found out that he's not a clown he's just a damn fool views, The captain. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you It's good to be seen, and it's good.
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The website check out the store page. We have all of our old episodes available there for purchase. They are available for purchase at the itunes store, as well that's enough. Other business everybody gather round grab a chair, gravel beer. Let's talk some true grab Please I had integrated a number of corrupt cops judges and politicians into high level positions to ensure the continued success of the drug smuggling money laundering operations. All was going well until a fateful night in the fall of nineteen. Eighty seven on august, twenty second nineteen. Eighty seven cabinet spent the night with his friend on Henry. They left
and home around twelve. Thirty or quarter to one on the twenty third of august early morning hours and the next thing we knew the head run over by a train. Theirs to be a smaller, strengthen the area, been sidings and reports lol airplanes. Very low, with lights off in the area, I believe I saw something missing I've seen three weeks later, There were ruled accidental by the state medical examiner. Family Malik. and we disagreed with that ruling, because we thought the evidence pointed to homicide that point we had a lot of questions and no answers. and the facts didn't add up to what he was telling us. So we decided to get a second opinion. And met with resistance from all france, both with
local law enforcement with state crime lab with every body. We turned to we obtained court orders weak requesting sample. of everything that the crime I've had for a second opinion and very malik. I resisted court orders. He refused to obey ultimately was proven. The dawn Henry had been stabbed in the back and Kevin I've. Skull had been crushed prior to the placement of their bodies on the railroad tracks. However, matter stood by his ruling that the boys, it simply fallen asleep on the tracks malik, had been kept in Thus, at the insistence of governor Clinton for a number of years, despite vigorous public out, I do having removed as Ms mavericks rulings, please the governors off as or state the least. They were left to stand, no matter how implausible mattocks, avi
lack of medical knowledge reached a pinnacle when he rule that James mile em, who had been decapitated, had died. Natural causes yet Clinton who power to remove melick from office insisted he stay there. Allegations of tampering with evidence and murder cases. There were nations, perjury, indifferent case It didn't seem to matter what mallet did at Clinton protected him he made it. uses such as he's over worked he's just stressed out: he's her paid, they gave him before ten thousand dollar rays, which was an insult. to my family as well as well others in the state who to this. We are struggling with
ass an iron rulings in the children of children, another loved ones. I was outraged that protecting political, crony Clinton, was more important fact that two young boys had been murdered. Dan harmon wishes to local authority in the town, a bit north and south After dawn henry and given ours were killed and abolish place on track run over by train. He approached the dives in the Henry family about trying to help him he's. A manipulator gives a great closing argument in court he's been trained for years to play the game. He knows how to do. It he's very good at it. Mr harman can win your confidence and make you think, he's the greatest guy in the world
You did that love. He helped laden down a path that absolutely lead nowhere. On this case, I got involved in education immediately. Harmon now try to discredit me without even knowing me I configured out, I run across a young lady named charlene Wilson, who told the horror story that I didn't really believe at the time. So I started searching for evidence to substantiate just part of what she had said. Harmon went, ballistic, called and threatened me threatened share prison threatened captain jean donald with chief dept,
because our talk to this one woman that people have the track that night to my knowledge, were dan harmon, Keith, Mc Caskey, la rochelle, the on Sunday august, twenty third nineteen, eighty seven to teenage boys were run over by a train travelling through bryant arkansas. What followed was invest
geisha by local law enforcement. This is the salient county sheriff's office who refused to investigate this as a possible homicide. They saw no evidence of foul play, but they were really looking for any publicly. The sheriff's office spoke of the incident as though it were an accident and to the families of the two teenagers seventeen year old, Kevin ives in sixteen year old don henry. They talked as if this were a likely suicide. The medical examiner this is the captain's friend farming malik, ruled the deaths and accident do too wanna intoxication while he wrote these deaths the accident due to his to pity months after the deaths to men present themselves to the families of the boys. This is richard garrett and he brings in Dan harmon, who was appointed as a special prosecutor in this matter, working with the grand jury trying to piece together,
double murder case and gear and harm and will help out in this case they do get it overturn from accidental death to a possible murder. Yes, and then they start investigating. Looking for the killer or killers of these two boys. Last week we took you through the night. The two boys were run over the medical examiners. Finding and even though the sheriff's office in the medical examiner both decided. This was an accident. We showed you I can to which showed significant evidence that both boys were dead before they were placed on the tracks and that both boys were murdered in place there, so that their bodies and all other evidence would be destroyed, and we can clearly see that dawn was stabbed in the back, and we also concede that Kevin. yet a skull fracture saw somebody and we have eyewitnesses that saw possibly a police officer hidden him with a object in the face.
Probably the very rifle that the two boys were carrying that night- very possible fluids in the body pointed toward a slower death for both and not a sudden death like that of a being run over by a train and eye witness statements regarding the lack of blood in the color of the blood, proving that the blood itself was not fresh. We also talked about witness statements. Many of these, given to the arkansas state police to witnesses, place dan harmon at the tracks, the night that the boys died. This is why the case is so odd is because you have this guy, this prosecutor, that comes forward and says: hey, are you not this lawyer that says hey? I can help this family. I can bring some justice. It was an accident that there was a murderer. More gonna find this person but then the more you dig. You realize this person, that's claiming they're, going to help you there they're the ones that people are saying it possibly is a responsible for these murders. Yes, exactly
Now we do have to introduce a man by the name of bury seal very soon, was a gun runner and a drug runner in the eighties Barry would arrange for privately owned planes to fly guns to colombia and on return flights he was bringing drugs back into the united states. At least one pilot has come forward, who claimed to have many times flown a drug drop at the play. where the boys had died in some of the local law enforcement was in charge of securing these drops and just prior to cabin in dawns deaths, a drop at that location had gone missing. So those local long for since that there were involved in this operation while they on high alert. They were waiting for somebody to try to steal that next drop and then that night,
Kevin ives and on Henry happened by let's get to each one of the eye and what happened with them after they came forward with information where we should start off with the big one, and this is charlene Wilson. She had the statement saying that the people at the tracks that night were dan harm and keep my castle. And Larry rochelle, she also said that she believed that the boys were watching the drop site and that they got curious about what was being dropped their We know that Charlie Wilson, she ends up in prison and who puts her in prison our good friend day. Harm it right where it, while we gotta put her in prison social such run in her mouth right, and the thing is that the thing that's crazy about her confession is that this was a confession that was, she gave this confession written confession in our inner own in our own writing and this, as witnessed by three officials
three long law enforcement officials, and we know that because their signatures are on her confession. Well, when I normally confess something, I do it in some else's handwriting. Well, she confesses in front of these three in nineteen. Ninety three and then this can She goes nowhere. None of these long forcemeat officials do anything with his confession: its buried in the crime file right and in the file, and it's not discovered again until two thousand and fifteen right discipline devils advocate here, though, is it a coincidence, though, that she has put in I'll, buy dan harmon, now put away to keep quiet, or is she come out later saying? Ah, he was involved in these murders which maybe he was maybe he was. We also had several witnesses who place to polanski counting officers. This is Kirk lane and J Campbell as not
lee being in the area where the boys were killed. But as having been seen- and I quote, one of the witnesses statements as beating the shit out of the two boys near the grocery store down by the tracks, the first man was who we simply just no. As jerry who was DR does a mexican looking man in a dark blue camaro jerry after telling my crook that he had witnessed the two boys being beat up and thrown into the back of an unmarked police car. He went and told this story to sheriff Jim steed. Now pay attention cause. That's a name! That's going to come up several times. Jim steed was the boss haug at sailing county. He was the sheriff he was running the sheriff's office, Jim steed, through jerry into jail and locked him up for ninety days for unpaid child support the day that jerry gets out of jail. He tells Jim crook that he was told to leave town
else and that he was moving to california, jerry did leave town, we know exactly where he went, but he's not been seen again and Jim crooks story was presented to the arkansas state police, several months after the fact made what I would argue to be no effort to identify this man. And that we only know as jerry. Well, first of all, like I said, sketchy jerry, you gotta pay for your kids. Now, if you have child support, pay for your damn kids
Hmm that's one or two who knows where he went off to and it's a little weird. It's definitely weird, but I it's weird too, that the obviously they had reason to lock him up for the child support. So they know his name and why they're? You know maybe they're just not releasing to the public for his protection or maybe something foul play happened and they don't want that to be brought to life or does Jim Steed have a bigger role? In this whole thing, the other witness was ronnie godwin, who stated If he had observed, two police officers beat up two boys at the grocery store. The night Kevin and Don were killed. Rama is more like a convenience store. Ronnie godwin gave his statement to the police and we should be very clear about this. He gave this statement to police during the time of the
vested geisha now Linda I've, she's the mother of Kevin ives and jean duffy, who is a former salient county prosecutor- and I want to put the quotation marks up here- she's one of the good ones, jean duffy interviewed godwin eleven years after the murders and godwin statements were identical to the statement. He had given to the police at the time of the investigation, also included in the state police report. Were these interviews with odd winds, mother, sister and girl friend, in which they are reported to have said that ronnie drinks, he tells lies. need to keep in mind that when god, when was interviewed by the state police, nineteen, eighty eight he had git, he had been in jail for a couple weeks before. Given the statement, Oh, he was people have been sober at this time now, Linda
Jeanne also contacted romney's mother to discuss her statements to the state police about ronnie she told them that she had never been interviewed by the state police. She also was certain that neither god, when sister or girlfriend had been interviewed by the state police either. So if this It's true, then the state police had manufactured interviews of witnesses to discredit ronnie godwin well yeah. I think it was that he was this simple. We don't get. We don't have to kill this guy because he he's a drunk. He got he's got a bad reputation. We can smears reputation. Britain drunk he's a liar this. This is not going to go anywhere, so we don't hafta we'll have to knock this guy off, but the thing we do after raiment captain is it Ronnie told almost the same story as jerry. Did this lining up with jerry's story? Corroboree
in both stories. Godwin vehement right by but put jerry as one he shadiest dirt bag doesn't pay for it. He left town so now he's already smeared. Now we got this guy with a drinking problem. Discouraged The drinking problem does mean you're a liar. Now godwin stated that he did not tell anyone what he had witnessed that night until he reported to police He also believes that the two officers they killed the boys that night that they saw him ass. He passed by the store and probably recognized his car, another state police interview states, Richard garrett remember this is dan harmon sidekick rushed over to interview. Guy When a second time, it would seem that officials were taking godwin statement seriously, as it turns out, they were only serious about discrediting godwin rain fall.
Doing the interviews with god when there was no attempt to identify the cops that godwin had sought No photos of local officers are unmarked. Cars were shown to him no check of officers in the area that night who would fit the description. There was no check for it cases of blood or other evidence in the back of any of the unmarked cars. Not just discrediting godwin statements by fabricating interviews with his mother, sister and girlfriends. Meaning that when ronnie drinks ronnie lies, the a true effort to identify jerry was the state police city, state that jerry and ronnie godwin were one and the same right. So was shady jerry actually godwin, godwin was shown the state police interview with my crook, and he simply states that he and crook knew each other crook at the time was mary to God wins cousin, and so, I'd when presented his story to police so
There's no reason for crook to call godwin jerry When he knew him for them god when has never been jailed for back child support. In fact, godwin has always had custom of his only child. Crook also confirmed, jerry and ronnie godwin were not the same person. They don't come out and say who shady jerry is. They do said all while he was in jail and then he disappeared and we don't know what happened to him. And now we get this. I godwin and god. When is this a drunk right, so that takes care of two eyewitnesses. But see here's where things start to get a little scarier captain, both jerry, and odd when they described three boys driving up to the grocery store on a motorcycle tom don Henry to yes, Kevin ives and what who's the third one. Well we have, we have they state the two boys get off of the motorcycle and around that same time, officers campbell and lane arrive.
A boy on the motorcycle takes off now this has to be Keith. Coney A young man who told his mother, he knew some stuff about the night. The boys were murdered right, a young man who told his father. He had seen kevin and dawn the night that they were killed and he believed the two were killed by two police officer: all three of these stories aligned with one another, three people that do not each other and this story is told independently of each other. Now, Keith also had said that he was afraid for his life, because he knew much about Kevin's in dawns, murders out, coney was killed in in eighty eight and a motorcycle crash was nine months after Kevin in don were murdered. The official report was that only had run. His motorcycle into the back of a semi truck levelling at a high rate of speed. Now Keith coney was one of the last people to be seen
with kevin and don alive. Keith had been called to testify. He was subpoenaed by day and harm to testify in front the grand jury? Now there are many people that say that his death had not been a highway accident that these witnesses had said. The Keith was attempting to escape and attack that he had jumped on his bike and tried to flee. high rate of speed and he was actually being chased by a vehicle when he swerved into the back of the truck witnesses saw Keith body, they reported that his throat had been slashed and he had the wounds that the witnesses did not believe, would have been caused by a vehicle accidents right to another, case where we have a new as a medical examiner on that farming out right. So far, me again,
it has gone well. Look. This is just suggests death by motorcycle. Well, I don't even know how Fahmy talks he he sounds stupid. Anyways, he probably said look. This is just a simple death. It's a motorcycle accident! That's all that happens. It's not a motorcycle accident. If your throat, slash yeah if you're escaping an attack, you're being chased by a vehicle at a high rate of speed by the that's called martyr, there was also reason to believe that Keith was selling drugs and was involved with some of the local dealers. So he might have known some of these people at play here right. But I think this is part of the story that I don't really like, and we can get into this later when we talk about our own theories, but this whole thing about euro don Henry and Kevin eyes. They were there goin out there and they're gonna steal these drugs rack from some drug lords and that all by the way that the the guy that end up dead on the motorcycle. Ah, he sold drugs to I think of that
is the way to tarnish. Now, I'm not saying that these kids, maybe didn't smoke pot, maybe drink a little bit or maybe even sold it from time to time. But I don't think there were known drug dealers and I'm not trying to tarnish Keith's name or kevin or dawn's names, either Berna I with with Keith, I just simply bring it up because because may have known some of this stuff that was going on if, if, in fact he was selling drugs, somebody. He may have known these people that were out that night it will it wouldn't just be that oh, it was to police officers. Oh it was this of guys, and I dont know who they are. I just bringing up that he may have had some connection. These people will now and then the other thing about it is after the pony leaves on his march. I got what he actually went to the wagon, we'll get, which was
bar and he told and that's when he told Keith mechanical yeah old mechanical. So I'll, be there is some validity clause in all their is those rumours that mechanical was selling drugs or part of the drug running. So then, why would Keith go talk to him if he d no, no exactly did not heed pride known through this So weird time is this nineteen, eighty seven rancor an end and what, when I graduated high school, ninety nine and in remember this and our ban would play yes, I was alive and around ninety nine, but we had the you know the metal, in that we played in and would play gigs and we'd have parties and stuff to kind of like promote the shows and stuff like that, just kind of what things but would normally have mostly high school kids always be like a group of college age. Kids,
there are even late when he saw me out and now a days like you could not pay me to go. Hang out with high school kids yeah I. I wonder. I always I didn't wonder back then, but once I got the twenty eight twenty nine. I wondered what those twenty eight twenty nine year olds were even doing hanging out. I think you've got to be a pretty big losers. What is going on that? You got to hang out with these young people, which makes it a little more odd that kony would go talk to mccaskill to hold onto your seats, cause we're going to get into some super creepy stories right after this quick beer break. If you had the chance be brought back to life hundreds of years in the future. Would you take it wandering his newest podcast frozen head, hosted by ash and elena of the hit show morbid, tells the true story of lawrence pilgrim
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had I shares. We believe that deep down inside of every investor is a better and faster one. Let's just waiting to be let out explore. I share it. He asked and insight visit iciest icon for more information. Welcome back to true prime carriage by captain we have to. Cheers mates, cheers mates. We have to introduce a man by the name of grigory collins. Now it is believed that collins had information on the Kevin ives and don. the deaths? In january of nineteen, eighty nine gregory collins died from three shot: gun blast fired at close range. Now one shot hit collins in the face. His body was discovered in a pine forest and a county south of say, lean,
collins had been called to testify to the grand jury, but he had never appeared now. Newspaper reports that garrett and harm in question him privately about the train death case, great question him or threaten him. I guess depends on how you look at it anything here, though, captain is you no law? what is known about what he may have known about this case He may have known something because apparently he was interviewed or, like you said, possibly threatened by garret in harmony and private, but he can shot three times with a shotgun. Now we have a little more farming malik should against going on here, because this is, that farming Malik would rule a suicide. So, if you believe the medical examiner railway Malik say it slowly, for me, sleigh, say the stupidity slowly for me
So if you are to believe the medical examiner far far me malik, then you would have to believe that Gregory collins drove out two of remote place went into the forest with a shock. And managed to shoot himself three times and one of those shots being to the face. Where presumably that's the shot they killed him. It's not impossible that somebody could shoot themselves three times? But I find it highly unlikely jacques, with a shock on it would be very. It would be extremely hard to do to shoot oneself three tile shock. You know that this far, maybe in farming you know that's the farming be infamy. Yet that's just for me doing whatever the hell I once about yeah or what is paid to do by other here, exactly round that that that's other thing too, as I am not saying that he's a dumb ass, he might not actually be a dummy,
but when you have higher up their right, one writing your check and you got people yeah. I Mrs dying around you, but what then are you, gonna do here's the other thing, though. Captain too, we talked up remember: farming malik got a nice. He got a handsome promotional promotion, but he got a raise law yeah. I said I think forty three percent, but as a forty one percent rays, which was announced be what like fourteen thousand dollars was the actual them the money amount there was fourteen thousand. So if that's a forty lets, you say it's a forty percent rays, That means he's making an ominous show my dumb math here, but that would mean he's waking in the ball park of what forty two forty five thousand dollars a year before that raise, give take you so now he's making under sixty. I would think that people that are importing hounds of cocaine and moving them would have,
the means of buying MR malik off pretty cheap? Probably if the guy's only making to grant a year. It probably doesn't take a whole boat load of money to get him to you know what not. do we need you to say that this was either. Accident, our suicide but you're the medical amateur, nobody else is going to follow up on this. Whatever you rule, this is probably what going to sit as forever, but they, but they did follow up on many cases If you know you, I mean, like people eventually started, goin, hey there's something wrong and that's what frustrates me about this whole case yet is not only did you know families came forward and said: hey something's, not right, The powers that be gone all the way up to bill Clinton, which was this governor at the time he was imprisoned at the time, but goes all the way up to that jack wagon right and he
comes back and says: hey, look! It's none of my business. I think he's doing pretty good job. Yeah he's doing a great job. Yes, value bill, okay, alright, calm down there captain! Well, this is just you know. It's ridiculous! I mean three shots. You know three shotgun shots to the face rwanda, the face her right to of the chest right, but gonna, shoot yourself twice in the chest and then one in the face. Let us keep in mind a shot guns are pretty powerful shot to that. We really hard to do anyway. yes, I mean the recoil alone, would probably mess up your hand on some level, or I would argue that nobody would that very few people would even have the strength remaining after one shot to fire an additional two shots. I mean: is this just asinine? Really? Next we have Daniel
riordan, who went by the name of bunni bunni, was from alexander arkansas about six weeks after they discover gregory collins body in the forest police began, searching a nother, remote area for the body of this bunni guy, and he had he was another person that was asked testify defy, is, is priceless suicide. Well, he he was actually missing for about eight months at the time that they started searching for it. So they were no hurry to go looking for him right police they only went out there because they received information that he was buried near the can solve river. They went out there they searched and they found nothing so sky is, is unaccounted for suspected to have been killed and buried somewhere now, a person by the name of woodrow may testified that he would
was the middle man in a local drug trade but he also stated that three other people had similar arrangements with the guy that he was getting his drugs from and in this sense, May he also says that two of these people harm and knew personally and may have had some key. Of arrangement with them. The reason why bring woodrow is because, in that same statement, woodrow stated, the bunni was one of his distributors so again we're seeing the drug trade, the drug trafficking right going on wrapped around this whole case right, and this also brings us too- I witnessed james mill yeah. We talked about melema little bit earlier, but we didn't identify him by name. He had it mason regarding the eyes and henry deaths as well. He was scheduled, he You know they had a long list of people that they were going to talk to with the grand jury. He on that list. He didn't get the opportune
to do so, though remember he was the guy that was found decapitated, but for malik had ruled It was a it was natural causes that here, from an arm and are also yeah yeah yeah, which apparently, that that you haven't also your head pops off. That's that's my! According to farming malik, that's what happened in and we put here's the crazy thing. He's decapitated and farming malik claims that the dog ate the head right. Eight, the head of of of his owner now. The thing here is his whole story got all screw up. When do we know what kind of dog that is good, it's probably a very small one, am in the market to buy a dog and I'm not buying that kind of dog. Okay. So that's what Fahmy Malik said cause when I die from all sir in your head pops up.
I do not want my dog eat in my head. Ok, but listen to this camp Malik says that the dog ate the head re. Ok, then there is a big problem with his finding because The police, shortly after malik, gives this ruling. They find the head they in the head and then Malik like well, that's because the dog regurgitating did he threw up the head and then he peeped imputed up right now. More and more. We cover the story, the more. I just think that he is aid or knows that if you don't cooperate, you're gonna die of all sir and your heads gonna pop off as one I look. I don't think it's to pity. I don't think I dont think any doctors that dump. I think I really the more we talk about the more. I think that his hands were tied
he knew if he did not follow. You know the powers that be that he's gonna end up worm food. I think you might be onto something there you he he could have been afraid he could have been. Paid under the table by some of these people, or could have been a common both, which is probably what was most likely. The thing here is, though, you know well we're on farming malik story here, the key, started off as an assistant to the medical examiner and very quickly medical, examiner retired and he basic he assumed the role of medical examiner ma wonder how long that guy worked for and in what he's was he supposed to retire? Or was he just somebody that was not gonna work within their system? I was made to retire. That's your arms and that's a good question. We don't know that, but what we do know is that what was discovered farming malik had been the medical examiner reward like
seven, whose either seven to nine year somewhere in that ballpark. They realized. Because of some of these cases malik actually did not have the qualifications. Be a medical examiner. He only had the qualifications, be an assistant, so they realize this. He was even qualified for that, probably right in they realize this after he's been running the show for almost ten years, thereby is not enough bill clint can do nothing about it. Well, listen to this whole story. They date the governors office that their here's their statement They say that it's not their problem, because they're supposed to be a medical, examiner commission. This is a group of people that review and decide who is qualified for this position and who is not so wind farms malik over the position. They should have reviewed his qualifications the reviewed him as a candidate in either accepted him or turned him down for the role. The problem is when people
Going back in in interviewing this medical examiners, commission that supposedly existed well, the people that work host beyond the commission said yeah. I was on that commission at one point, but we haven't met for like ten or twelve years. We I met about anything for ten or twelve years. I didn't know I was supposed to still be on that commission, while The governors office then says well because this commission, didn't do their job. There is nothing that we do about it, we cannot remove. We we can remove, can't remove him now and at some point after was discovered, he wasn't qualified did seek out whatever training or knowledge he needed, or you know too, to become qualified for the position. Eventual right well, because he d scott wanna of forty one percent rays and then he's gettin, probably kickbacks and look again, there's the fear element when you're governor is helping other people run dry
then, and and and some boys stumble upon that sixteen and seventeen year old boy stumbled upon and they are murdered and they put their bodies on acts be ran over by trains. Ye fallen line to remain here, might do what they tell yet well when the officials of arkansas were asked. Why, You give farming malik a pay raise ass when we have but when the community hot on, because we're selling drugs People that's what they should have said. Bill Clinton should have said: hey we're selling drugs and we need somebody to cover our ass and that's why we gave him a pay. Raise with the thing here is weak. They had people, they had families they people in the community, basically picketing and calling for farming, Alex job saying fire this dude. We don't trust the sky.
can't feel safe living here. If this is what's going to be happening, and basically The official said that you know, because they were Why the hell? Would you give this guy a pay raised when all these people are calling for his job ran in an age? They stated go in one it's not just the Henry family and I've family at aren't getting answers. lot of all these victims and its than multiply it by, their family and friends, and those are the people pay your salary, but at the end of the day, you think bill Clinton gives a shit. You think anybody in power- that's gonna, paid a bunch of money, actually gives a shit. You know what they're running drugs if their willing to kill us sixteen and seventeen year old person. Do you think they actually give a shit and the people that right now there are listening going. Oh, this is just a conspiracy, this ain't conspiracy. This is a fact we're stating facts, and this is not conspiracy. But the funny thing is here: these these officials talk
of both sides of their mouths notice shit, because what happens here is went when he's first Where did the pay rakes named stay. They say that you know what foamy Malik is a victim in this whole circumstance and that he deserves to be. You know, treated respect bring an to show him such we gave him a pay raise. Well, then come back and they asked them later. There's all these people on the community saying he should be fired. How can you give him a pay raised? Then they state well he's due to retire soon, so we applied that pay race to him, not for him. First, but as a position we were upgrading the pay to that position so that when he does retire, we could work. of more. You know suited candidate for this position. well. You know I always having answers. Don't they will? You because, when you're high on cocaine, you come up with a million answers all at once, but let's keep go on with this list here. Cap
because it just keeps growing and growing. Next on. The list is richard winters who was actually at one point he was at. He was considered to be a possible suspect in the deaths of Kevin ives and don Henry, and he had he had. He had offered to cooperate with the grand jury and with gary and harman at some point and again before he could do so. Ok, he ends up being killed by a shot gun blast the face, but this was during a robbery in july of nineteen. Eighty nine. Now it's it's not been proven, but It is widely believed that the robbery was was not so much a robbery that it was more of a setup by okay that there were going to age. Robert we're gonna have this raw robbery situation and one guy's going to end up dead in an inconveniently. It's somebody that's offering to cooperate with the grand jury and and maybe divulge what he,
may know about the deaths of these two teenagers. I think it's. The obvious by now that everybody that we bring up on this list is going to end up dead. At some point I told you this episode should be called murder, yeah. Well, the thing here is one of the one of Stranger wants to me is Keith mechanical. Now, shortly before keep miss Mc Caskey was murdered. I have nightmares about this, yet he heat old people that he believed he was gonna be murder heeds. He was too his family members good bye. He was making funeral arrangements. He was telling his friends good bye he was also telling is free, in family that, like he, was being followed by by the two police officers that we had mentioned earlier, that worthless in campbell that were supposed to be involved in the deaths of the two teenagers. He was supporting our vehicles to his friends and family, stating
I know that cars been following me for quite some time. The thing here is that the big problem with this story is remember. We talked about sheriff Jim steed. Well, then, was an election coming up in nineteen eighty eight and it was for the office of of sheriff. Now the thing is here: the Mc Caskey tool on the night of the sheriffs election in nineteen. Eighty eight he was out with a bunch. People, and he made a big announcement at this bar and he held up to pennies. You pull to pennies out of his pocket through them at the bar, and he stay. He said if Jim steed loses this election, my life isn't worth two cents and believe it or not. Shortly after that, he was killed. Okay, so did he lose the election yeah, Jim steed lost the election that night and we in forty eight hours, Keith mechanical was marked
I use murdered. Is what keeps me out? Yes, oh, a quick description here, which I think is very fitting for Keith, like ass which is necessary, I mean he managed a place called the weak. The wagon wheels lounge and he was considered to be a big dude. He was six foot to wait about. Two hundred pounds- or so he a bit of a legend for breaking a bar room, fights several people told worries of him breaking up, fights that involved weapons, sometimes even knives, and he would with a weapon go into this fight in break it up because he was a. Aubrey YAP an end, but but Mc Caskey com I've been a bit of a weird do, though, because he was, he was a known drug user purposes acted of selling drugs. He had allowed friends and low places, but he had a lot of police friends as well disguised is all sorts of bad countryside. We worked at the wagon, we'll he friends and low places yet, but but that's the funny thing here, though, to make,
then, as we talk about all these misdoings by these public officials and by police officers and sheriffs do you know deputies and things like that right. You need to call somebody a weird dude saying that he's got a lot of friends that are in places, but he also has a lot of friends that are police as well. I don't think it's that weird in this situation, because it seems to me, like some of the police were in pretty low places themselves right right, that's exactly right! Now, Dan harmon told Linda ives and others that Mc Caskey was acting as an informant. in the murder case, agreeing to pass along any information that he had heard in the night club, but more importantly, According to charlene wilson statement, Mc Caskey was at the tracks the night the boys work. right, and it is also believed that Keith clooney went onto too far. And mechanical and tell him what he saw at the tracks or what he had so near the grocery store that nine, with the police officers beaten up his friends so
november tenth nineteen. Eighty eight. This, like we said the suggest two days after the sheriffs election, this takes place around one thirty a m, a neighbour of keep MC gaskell's, said that he had some loud groaning noises coming from a cask home. This woke him up, the middle of the night he go. He goes to the window and ease walking around and he sees nothing. But what he says is that it sounded as if someone had drank way too much and was vomiting right. the following morning. A lady friend of Mc Caskey rules came to his home and discovered his body for what happened. How did he die? Welt Mc Caskey body was wrapped in a flower pattern shower curtain and he was lying in the car poor area of his home. This is near a door that was going to his kitchen knees cover. blood his house inside the home, completely covered in blood as well,
there had been an obvious fight that lasted probably quite some time. They had left blood everywhere. Mc Caskey had been stabbed over a hundred times. Jesus the stab that most likely killed him was there was one to the heart: all of the stab wounds were above the waste showing that Mc Caskey had defended himself and probably doing quite well making the fight last a lot longer than may be his taxpayers would have thought it would have. A lot of the slashes in stabs were to the. in the hands showing that not only. He defending himself, but he was going after the knife that was stabbing sounds like he had also yeah. This is this: is probably natural causes or, at the very least, an accidental deathray, according farming malik, no Of course it was ruled a murder, but but here's where We will actually not, of course, in this case, that's like not, of course yeah you're right, you, you have to be like
genetic sapping, oh yeah, you're like oh. Finally. Well now we We should talk about ronald shane smith, ronald chains. Was a neighbour of Mc Caskey right now. What had happened? was when the police. After after the the friend the female friend, found MC body, she calls it in the police are their investigating. Whatever is going on and ronald's father goes across the street knee says you know what I think you should talk to my son, because I think he something about what has happened here right. So they talk to the sun. Now that ronald shane. Smith is nineteen years old at the time, and he's he's considered slow at school monthly andy, can not my words these or other people's words. The thing here is, he tells them that he was over at my caskets place and that he would he had gone there to purchase. I believe he perch
a silver tray and some pornographic video tapes from a castle. The tray was going to gift for his mother, the tapes were something for himself and he had owed MC school money, so he went over there to pay him some of the money that he owed and why Were there he said that mechanical was acting strange. She was looking out the window stating that people were following him and as he's been com this four weeks yet any says, then some point: three men: they they pull up in a vehicle they bust through the door ever. What were these guys? and there were there were three men wearing clown mask. No well So why not asked why that's what they're wearing, but can you imagine well, we do have stephen kings it coming at various. Yes, I buy. What I'm saying is if three dues and clown mass showed up to my house ha, maybe you're, hoping that it's when you are for
are acting nuts, I mean I'd, be scared. By the same time. I'd be think. I'm gonna kick when these deeds in the dick well a call. Two wrongs shane smith to other guy had knives and one of them had a gun and the guy with the gun. The clown with the gun comes up to ronald and he forces him into a chair holding him at gunpoint. A fight breaks out mechanical and the other two guys that are holding knives ets, point during the fight they get. The gunman takes ronald outside and He says that during this time he could hear mccaskill in the home being killed or you'd think they would just shoot him, and then would you know with the win. The struggle happen, you'd think that the guy with the camera that just shot him and took off yeah, well, here's Think it here's what really button. That was my whole thing. I was like why the hell when they just shoot this witness right, but then I ask,
got to thinking about. Well, if Mc Caskey, was killed, but in it situation. Where was a hit? Where was planned? Murder? Well, why would. Why would you bother fighting with macao school anyway, because if you just you I wouldn't want to fight with mechanical, sounds like he could handle himself in and many others. At the same time there is a ball brawler man and thing is they are We wanted to keep this quiet. You can't just show up. You can't just show up to someone's home in a neighborhood and guns blast and everywhere and go unnoticed silencer, the thing here. Is you know? So what they did according to ronald smith, is they gave him the knife and They told him that if he didn't stab mechanical, they were going to shoot him and so he stamps mechanical and they take a picture, a polaroid picture of him at that.
And they tell him that they're going to keep this for evidence. If you ever come after us. If we, if you tell on us, we're going to frame you for this murder and again his I q was something around eighty. So this is a lot of stuff and a lot of details that come up with out of nowhere. It is the story doesn't and there we will get it back to that, but the I didn't really want to. I didn't really want to poor on what his suppose it iq was because I've seen some varying. You know. We noticed this with west Memphis three and several other cases. We have covered that the accusing to be something that people argue, you know people that would be for some conspiracy there, owing to lower his iq when they tell the story and people that think that Ronald Psmith is good T they're going to raise that iq. The other it's been in question? I've seen different reports of half of the size of this nineteen year old boy because There's been a lot of people. That said well, you know
He was only five eight hundred and four the eight pounds there's no way that he could have taken down, keep mechanical. Who was six foot to over two hundred pounds it bar brawler about brain fist too, and I fight, but I have also seen reports they have rights, will smith being as tall as five foot eleven and a hundred and eighty pounds, which is not a big deal, rapid see between the two men exactly exactly but story does change upon further questioning, The story changes to that. It was not three men in clown mask. It was five men. They were dressed head to toe and black. came in it, but but there's a lot of similarities. They came and they busted through the door they took
the situation they controlled ronald smith and and they attacked Keith mechanical. They did find they ve. They found blood everywhere in the home. This fight lasted for quite some time, and he believed Ronald Psmith reported that he believed that the men that the attack took some between thirty and forty minutes, to take place. The strange thing here, though, to as Jim steed you remember the the going sheriff who lost the election while he had hired mc Caskey tool to take aerial photos of the of the tracks of the area where the boys were were killed we don't know- I don't know if he ever successfully carried out those photographs. Now he did have a brief kay. in his home they had been, all over it and it was opened, and in that wasn't fool. You know that it wasn't stuffed to the brim with with with items, and so some people would believe that something was still
and from that brief case, it could have been aerial photos it could have been. It could have been true dogs. There was also rumours that mechanical was making audio tapes of what he knew about the murders and what he and who he knew was involved. That way of something did happened to him that maybe police- Maybe one of the actual good guys would find one of these cassette tape, There was a good guide left, yeah, it's it's getting to find any good people left now the police they did go and they found some of these. some items in enron, smith's possession out behind his home. They had found and the silver tray that he had talked about. Purchasing some video tapes and they found some bloody clothes, in rond smith's story, though he says, Remember he says that he was told to to stab mechanical as mechanical was already dead.
but he was also. He also said that he had fallen on the body at some point and got blood all over himself and it's difficult here. And because you could make a strong argument either way in this case to me, but when I keep seeing name after name of people that are being called to the grand jury and they keep dying it, seems to me like Mc Caskey. Murder is probably not a one off committed by this wrong smith. It's probably connected to this whole boys on the tracks situation, now runs Ronald Psmith ends up being convicted of the murder of keep mechanical, which my gut feeling says. That is another tragic point of the story. yeah, and next we have jeff roads. Now, Jeff roads was the young man from benton arkansas. Who was
he ended up being murdered in nineteen, eighty, nine, but shortly before his death, he made a phone call to his father and taxes stating that he needed to get out of our. And saw and that he felt that he knew way too much about the boys on the railroad tracks and the death of Keith mechanical a couple weeks after this phone call. That's when Jeff has found dead, he had been shot in the head and he was they had attempted, whoever killed him attempted to cut off his head and hands and feet. They were unsuccessful with the hands and feet and they had also set him on fire. Now they found his body in a landfill. These are, does savage people, yet the thing is so we have jeff roads, ease, ease, sing for just a week right button, but shortly after he's reported missing, his father reaches out to the sheriffs investigators and states that you know he called me a week ago asking if
find him a job here and taxes because he needed to leave organs all, and this is why he needed a leave arkansas and he said, it was never any follow up, even after they had found his body they didn't reach back. to him to further inquire. What jeff roads could have been talking about and somehow they link the death of Jeff roads to this guy named Frank culture he's ultimately arrested and charged with murder, he's convicted and sentenced to life? Now we need we gotta, keep in mind here. Because of what took place in nineteen eighty, seven dan harmon he's he's a cordon quote: spare prosecute he's a sign this role here he sees ardently special right, but he's not taken- Please not an elected prosecutor, he's asleep, this role in the in the specific case of dawn henry and Kevin ives now by nineteen? Ninety, he is the elected process
And so now he has all this additional power so some of these cases it we're seeing coming about. the murder would take place and in nineteen eighty nine some of these people, we're probably convicted in and prosecuted by day and harmony. Why and allow the cover up to do, and that leads us to Jordan. Kettles in now, Jordan, kettles in he was believe, had information regarding Kevin ives and on henry's deaths. He was also believed that he might have been a part of my castles murder. Now he was found shot to death and his front in the front seat of his pickup. In june of nineteen ninety now there were, No police investigation regarding his home homicide
body was cremated before not topsy could be performed? Why? I have no clue what, because the hot hops these were so bad anyways, so pino, hey, thus his name and get old farming involved is probably also anyway. and I dont have definitive information about this, but it could be situation where the police raw suicide. You know he's found shot in in his vehicle, my but again we ve, talked about this time and time again, any time you have a debt that is as a result, of unnatural causes. You know in autumn, you supposed to be performed in this situation, and it wasn't while the body was cremated before it could be performed. Well right, not if you're trying to cover up cover your ass. You know we don't need autopsies. So obviously this so obvious right here. Captain we have an obvious. We have. all these witnesses. We have all these
people that are supposed to be called to the grand jury, people that have been reported to have had private meetings, private. She's situations with richard Gary and dan huh And then we see person after person. You know getting killed people person after person dying these mysterious deaths or somewhere we have people getting convicted. where we have no explanation why they died at all I mean we had we had jerry we don't know who he is here and if we believe story. He moved out of the area because he was told to get the hell out of dots right or he was killed and never found at the end. one. They refused to identify him would stated earlier in your exactly right. It would have been so easy for a share of Jim steed to come forward and say well this. Jerry was, I know who he is because we locked him up for ninety days. But nobody does that and then we ronnie goodwin, now Veronica when I'm sorry he's one of the lucky ones he still alive today, but but
least refused to believe historic more to the point where they are say that he is generic when they know damn well he's not chair. Is this a drunk can believe him? We have keith cootie, who was probably you know a witness to much stuff that night. He bubbly gave cabin and dawn arrived on the back of his motorcycle. He may have seen something go down at the tracks earlier in his death is rolled a motorcycle accident. We have carried out with a slit throat yeah. We have keep mechanical who is murdered in his own home? He stabbed over one hundred times. We have the strange with the clown masking the men dressed from head to toe and black right, and we have who could be another innocent person who is because of his murder right. We have great collins, shotgun blast the face and its rolled a suicide three shots with a shotgun he killed himself. We have jeff roads, shock, blast the face. His body is burned, he's found in the landfill and we have this
sure guide that is arrested and convicted for his murder, and we we got roads telling people that not only did he know about the boys debts in advance before he's killed, he's Hang in there. He knows about Mc Caskey tools, death as well. We have richer winters who who dies in the robbery. We have wooden kelson shot to death in in the front seat of his pick truck and there's no explanation for how he died. We're not given a ruling on how he died. No autopsy performed James Milon, who had an also in his head popped off. You know: that's just farming malik straight out, creating something here, just just making something up. We have that bunni bearded, who finished and we ve never seen him there. He believed to be murdered. They ve never look
in his body. What did he know yen if this isn't? This is enough evidence of huge conspiracy to cover up these boys is death. I dont know what to tell you yet there covering up the death these two boys and then their killing more people to cover up the deaths that they have to commit to cover up the the original too bright. comes down to the fact that they have these drugs. They have to keep running the drugs. I wanna keep having the money from the drugs and that their have higher ups, I think that are involved and this drug smuggling in this drug running and it's it's. The crime agreed to you know the murder for greed. makes absolutely no sense to me. Well, I know we probably gsm, loyal, loyal garage army people out there this this. This is huge now and captain. Why haven't we heard of this before well? somebody that lives in arkansas, because these people have been talking about this case for thirty years right.
This is no secret to the people that live in arkansas and live in this area, and if a law bells are going off in your head. Ask yourself: this ok, weave we ve mentioned over, What we mentioned ten or a dozen martyrs here right and there's, probably a few there we don't know about, because we're in our concern, is hard to find information about people that died in eighty seven. Eighty, eight, eighty nine from that time period, but ask yourself this why do we have in an area of remote area of a state where only about five, and people are reported to have been living there in the late eighties and we all of these mysterious deaths going on in a short period of time it There's something going on in arkansas, one, Maybe we're gonna talk about this. If you know clowns are shown up to people's houses in stab in him hundred times,
if a clown shows up to my house, one I'm kicking it in the I'm kicking in the goddamn dick okay. First of all, second of all, I hope that we put out a show next week. Because if someone finds me somewhere and my head popped off, it wasn't a goddamn all sir you're saying It's fine! I'm here I will vouch for yours. Your stomach is fine. Solid in that area. we have a lot to cover and the next case- and I think, It's a shame that this case has been talked about. I see this all the time when, when, in the vienna the thing absolute lee insane is the word conspiracy when there are truth there and when start talking about these child sex african rings that maybe some on the government are involved in and there are some actually there some validity to the story.
Just kind of goes. Nowhere to me, that is powerful people and rich people be unable to protect them. selves in a way that the normal person or the normal citizen of the united states, America cannot do, and I think how much was Bill Clinton involved in this- I don't know, but he knew a certain things about it. and again I dont want to become political, because I'm neither left or right I'm normally always wrong. So you're, usually half. But my point As I I don't like rich pricks- and I don't like rich pricks using people for no gains- and I don't like like people power getting away with horse shit. Well, We will try to morrow. To sum this up put a nice bo on it and open your eyes to some other goings on there was taking place and in arkansas as well all right. This wrap this up because I get it do a couple sets
at the wagon we'll get, we will see everybody back in the garage tomorrow. If you, if you don't hear from us tomorrow, notify the national guard, but until then be good behind and don't the. Had I shares, we believe that deep down inside of every investor is a better and faster one. That's just waiting to be let out explore. I share it. He asked and insight visit, iciest icon for more information
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