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Garrett Burton ////// 632

2022-11-29 | 🔗

Garrett Burton ////// 632

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What can happen when a childish prank goes wrong? Someone gets in trouble. Someone gets injured. Someone gets killed. Sixteen year old Garrett Burton was hanging out with some friends on the Friday before Labor Day 2008. After school activities found Garrett at a local house party full of teenagers and young adults. But when four friends stepped out into the early morning hours looking for some kicks, things got bad real quick. Garrett was shot and killed. His murder is still unsolved. This week we step into the Garage and a little into our teen years to examine this cold case. If you think you could help investigators in this case, you are urged to call the Columbus Police Department at 614-645-2616. 

Beer of the Week - BBA Jesus Loves Fall (bourbon barrel aged pumpkin stout) from Holy Trinity Brewing (Columbus, OH) 

Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps 


This week’s True Crime recommendation is “Solving the Black Dahlia” series available on Audible.

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