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Gatha Bowman /// Part 2 /// 647

2023-02-08 | 🔗

Gatha Bowman /// Part 2 /// 647

Part 2 of 2 


On Monday, February 15th, 1993 - 37 year old wife and mother, Gatha Bowman was last seen at the healthcare business that she owned and operated in Richland County, Ohio. Much mystery surrounds the events that took place in the hours following the time that she left work that day. Next week will mark 30 years since she was seen leaving work that day and her case is still being investigated to this day. Join us in the Garage for the details of this now 30 year old mystery. If you or someone you know have any information about Gatha Bowman’s case please contact the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office at 740-833-2892 or go to www.delawarecountysheriff.com

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