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Grant Solomon /// Part 1 /// 688

2023-08-01 | 🔗

Grant Solomon /// Part 1 /// 688

Part 1 of 2 


On July 20, 2020 a 911 call came into Gallatin, Tennessee emergency services. Aaron Solomon was requesting help because as he told the dispatcher his son’s truck had just backed over his son. His son, 18 year old Grant Solomon was trapped under the vehicle. He was in need of rescuing and medical attention. Grant did not survive. This tragedy was quickly called into question because of allegations made against Aaron Solomon. His children have accused him of years of abuse. Supporters of Grant, Gracie and their mother Angie believe that this was no accident and that Grant was forever silenced by his father. To view photos from the scene and to learn more about the Solomon family and Gracie and her mother Angie’s fight for justice for Gracie and Grant go to www.Freedom4Gracie.com

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