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Grant Solomon /// Part 2 /// 689

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Grant Solomon /// Part 2 /// 689

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On July 20, 2020 a 911 call came into Gallatin, Tennessee emergency services. Aaron Solomon was requesting help because as he told the dispatcher his son’s truck had just backed over his son. His son, 18 year old Grant Solomon was trapped under the vehicle. He was in need of rescuing and medical attention. Grant did not survive. This tragedy was quickly called into question because of allegations made against Aaron Solomon. His children have accused him of years of abuse. Supporters of Grant, Gracie and their mother Angie believe that this was no accident and that Grant was forever silenced by his father. To view photos from the scene and to learn more about the Solomon family and Gracie and her mother Angie’s fight for justice for Gracie and Grant go to www.Freedom4Gracie.com

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The today we're gonna start off gap with discussing the scene in more detail. What can we start off by a round of applause for first responders, given their so quickly, yes, first responders, thank you forgetting quickly. Getting there weekly. The thing, though here is, we have a lot of people that are saying not so fast yo cheer the fire department- let's sheer em arriving quickly and attempting to save this young man's life, but there are a lot of while there are that are saying the gallatin police department did not do a thorough in
negation, did not do as much as they could have done to sort out this situation to figure out if this was not exactly what it was supposed to appear to be. Why did this was maybe something other than the call that they believe they were responding to I'll start off? On this note, one it's disappointing and aggravating to me that it appears that we have one officer statement. One officer on the scene: we need to point out that this is a an accident seen that that, if it isn't truly an accident salted in the death of an individual. You would think that more. You think that more police officers would be there to look.
At the scene, you would think that they would spend more time at the location the scene? For my understanding, this officer was there for about an hour after arriving. We talked about this in the boys on the road story in case that we did just a month or so ago, the wit You have a vehicular death. There are policed, treatments in agencies that have the ability to fully and the gate and even try to recreate the centre, area to see how it would play out to see how the view go would react if we did this to see if, if the way that we Things aligned with the, though the statements that were given by the persons there, and in this case just one person that says that he was there, In present he doesn't say that he saw the vehicle take out. His son aegis says it at some point here
lies. It was rolling backwards. He gets out of the way go and it is now the truck is in the ditch, realises his son is underneath the truck gallatin police. and had a. Recreation expert, an expert in vehicle accidents that person was not despatched to the scene. This person not ass to recreate the scenario, and that, I think is, is a huge flaw in misstep by police department. When you have that resource in an area that we already covered? They don't have a whole lot of crime here. Don't even have a whole lot of vehicular deaths. So you got time on your hands let's use those tax dollars in those resources to figure out exactly what happened here,
let's just take a second and look at this. If I'm law enforcement, we have this horrible accident that happens at this training facility. We have people that were driving by so my first thing. If I'm in charge is put it out to the news: hey, if you saw anything, please contact place where we want to know we want to get some other perspectives on the situation. Also, what do we know as law enforcement? We know that this kid has made some pretty damning allegations against his father, so that would be motive I would
think on why you would want to murder your son, so just just that would be enough to go. Hey less re, create this accident right, but that that that and lies the problem. Wheat. I can't first second believe that the officers responding would have any idea of those allegations. No, no. Understand that by so many of you did our investigation right where you would be. Of those allegations. What pointing out? Is I'm not trying to do to say? Hey police didn't respond appropriately. I'm saying that it is reported in by others- and I kind of agree with them, that it doesn't appear there was actually any investigation to confirm the one witness statement that you have this is actually what went down now before people
too angry and upset with me captain. I I want to make sure that I don't think it was where I hope they get so angry with you that they cancel you, but I don't think that I was well. Then we will both be out of jobs, but I'll take the shower I dont think that I was very clear and in something that I was saying earlier. There were, More than one police officer on seem right that arrived in in you know. We have a portion of this early morning where, within minutes we need to get this. it out from underneath the truck we need get him trance where did to the hospital try to save his life? So we have offers officers there. During that time we have officers, a lot of them are tending to the traffic and and rerouting traffic so that we can keep the road clear to try to now the situation now, where I am disappointed, is, after all, of that chaos as over. According to the report,
the official police report, it sounds like there's only one office that remains on the scene to try to talk to witnesses, to try to assess what actually happened, and I think that when Have a death, especially in an area where we're not talking about new york city, l, a big city like Dallas or you know they have had a lot of things to monitor. Did you personnel resources it could be applied here and that they could have stayed on scene longer and made a better attempt at figuring out what happened now getting to the access seen itself, as we told you yesterday, you can go to freedom for gracie dot com and there
several photos from the accident scene that were taken that day for let's try to put that link in the show notes, and what you have here is you get pictures of this truck in the ditch and. we said yesterday you can see the incline of the parking lot. It's it's a rather small king lot or at least from these angles of the the pictures, it appears to be a small parking lot. It's not a terrible distance. the tear you know terribly great distance from where grant would have been park to wear his truck ended up, but what you I have here on this website is a series of photos and with one. They are pointing out why this is not an accident and why this is a scene that may have been stage to cover up something else.
Before we get into that. I do want to tackle a couple of the other air quotes suspicious details regarding the situation so I don't love when I see a situation where I feel like people are piling on with whip with what might be unnecessary information, because I think it takes away from the really important Information and evidence in a case, so one thing that I've heard stated multiple times is that while aaron solomon statement has to be false because grant solomon would have never have stored his baseball gear in the bed of his truck there. It was eight eighty three degrees that morning when grant left his home to get to the facility, so it's a very hot day very hot summer day, and they any person that
there is a baseball enthusiasts, that they play baseball, especially at a high level that they would never, Leave their equipment out never place it in the bed of their truck, especially. He's got a large cabin. This truck tacoma has a large cabin as a back seat. Could a place all those items in the back, see that an athlete level would never put their very expensive baseball gears. If, for those who don't play baseball, Google you see my baseball gear, its quite expensive, but these people say that one would never put their equipment in the better their truck because due to the heat, I don't like this statements, though, because we who he'll know every action or the intent of every person. We don't know if he was in a hurry and even if he wouldn't typically do that, then maybe he just threw it in there and took off the other thing too, is like that: It stands to reason very well with me because last time I checked baseball's an outdoor sports in their playing in the
So I don't know that I would make a strong argument against aaron statement based off of well. He would never put it in the bed of his truck due to the heat it was. I'm sure he's play baseball in eighty three eighty five, ninety degree weather and that the equipment is outside the baseball glove is on his person during the game, so that doesn't make all a lot of sense, but for those who say this is a cover up, that this is intentional homicide. There are some eggs at the scene, captain that don't make sense, they don't go along with the statement given by him. father aaron solomon. One of those is that there is grass between the parking lot and between this rocky ditch area, where the truck is found, the grass that goes from. this between the parking lot that the truck would have.
Had a roll down through with great underneath of it. There is no like the grasses and pushed down. There's not obvious signs that the truck rolled that way into the ditch there's not obvious signs that a person was drug under a car under a vehicle through that grass and into the ditch the reverse? That is people point to another picture that say here are marks on the sidewalk once this truck is miss moving. It is. It is partially on the sidewalk and the front of the truck in the ditch rear wheels on the sidewalk and people point to marks on the sidewalk that are said that the left rear tire these are tracks. These are indications that this vehicle drove forward over this.
Walk? One I won't say is that I believe that one hundred percent, I will say that there are marks that appear, that a vehicle did forward over that stretch of of sidewalk. I can't say that grants truck made those marks, but what I can say is the reverse: when it comes to the grass yes, grants truck and grant may have. move through that grass. But there's no indication in these photographs did that happened, nothin obvious to point that that happen, The other thing that's very troubling is the statements that grants head was facing the parking lot and that his feet were face. The street now that to me- and so many others does not-
true that he standing at the back of the truck the truck backs up over him and pulls him into the ditch, his head should have been facing the street his feet facing the parking lot unless he tumbled, underneath the truck as it drug him into the ditch The problem with that, though, captain is there's no injuries on grants. Person according to the medical record. This that he tumbled, underneath the truck so his body position, doesn't align with the story. Yeah you're, an arrest- and in this case you you have to take a look at these pictures and and will take a lot of these pictures and pull him off the website and throw em on our social media sea can see those, but it's a quad cab truck, so go back to the equipment, makes more sense that you'd put it in the
quad cab and not so much the the bed of the truck, but I can agree with that. You wouldn't want it to be rolling around in the bed of the truck You would prefer that it's more secure in the quad cab, we do have several people, they have stayed The air and solomon has changed his story in that regard, that that no, oh, I must be mistaken. He might gone back to the rear door rather than to the tailgate. retrieve his his gear. The problem for us here in the garage captain, we can only report and make an opinion on the the effort It's as it is, as that we can view with our own eyeballs. People can give those statements, but not heard air and say that we have not heard aaron changes story on record and we ve not witnessed- or
reviewed a another written statement that is different other than the one we have picture of the crime scene, so important hub. I will play devil's advocate again, look at hat this parking lot. This is not like a parking that is hidden away from a major road. wait why all the people passing by a very and it's not like this ditch- was hidden this ditches towards the main road. So too, it becomes very difficult because you go if, if he's going to commit a crime, he is making, he is committing a crime out for everybody to see, but again, most of the time people don't plan to murder someone in most in most homicides.
its reactionary, good point in again, that's what I think I dont think that anybody- or at least I don't believe that that air and solomon is like all once we get. There parking lot. I'm gonna kill that kid and here's my plan. Now I don't think that's what happened at all. If, if air and is responsible for the death of his son, his son died due to severe head injury, severe head injury is super reactionary. When we have an altercation between two individuals person a pick something up, that's heavy and hard and strikes person be in the head, her face with it resulting in the death of the individual, but its reactionary. The person may have taken a swing at the other person, not even with the intent to kill, but the attempt to justly intend to
attack or lash out with them, and so if, in fact, air and is responsible for the death of his son, I think we're Where, where examining here, is he react? there there's an altercation verbal altercation that leads to some kind of physical attack and then all sudden we have person a who's going holy shit. I have to cover this up now. What can I do what can I do all I can put him in the ditch and and and and drive the truck over him and it'll. Look like it'll look like the truck rolled over him. The other thing too, that's difficult about the scituate, and again, no eye witnesses, and I get what you're saying yes, this looks like a busy road in this parking lots not close to the road, it's not far from the road at all, but these are people. The people on the drive on the street are
going to work there go and thirty five forty miles an hour. They have places to go and it would if, in fact, this is an accident in the truck rolls over grant, Their likely going to see passer buyers may see that growing backwards. They're, not. I see somebody underneath the truck and it's only going to take a split second for that truck to start that truck weighs about four thousand pounds. So if it's not in park or once it starts to go and go backwards on, this incline is going to move rather quickly and it's gone whatever's in it's. F, it's gonna, knock it down in either drag it or passed over it rather quickly the
The the. The all right, we are back, shears mates cheers to you. Colonel cheers. Everybody out there, especially the people on the back, look try to stay water in this situation right we're we're two guys standing on the fence defence. It is divided or light beer, a community here, people that say this is intentional homicide. People who say that this is an accident.
Staying water in looking at this situation? Some of these pictures, the state of the truck to me, looks like it was involved in the exact accident that parents, solomon and saying that I have I mean if you get the bumper the damage to the rear, bumper, the damage to the rear of the truck it. looks to me and makes sense to me that that truck went down the incline backward hit, those hit that ditch with the rocks and when it was so that the truck is going to take the shape of the incline itself right. It's going to be at the same angle as the incline itself and when it hits that ditch that the damage to the back of that truck looks to me like it hit that ditch going backward into the ditch. So that would stand to reason with Aaron's statement that he gives to police budgets on point.
that that damage to the vehicle would happen whether there was a driver in there or not. The other thing that is interesting to that also points to confirm. Aaron statement is the rocks that are seen in the devil strip, right that that that strip Grass, between the curve of the road and the sidewalk right there are several rocks that are of the exact same size of the rocks in the which they have now due to the truck going backward into that ditch, have kick them up into grassy area behind the truck. So those are some physical things that we can see in these photos, that would say, or
just to somebody like me, a garage guy that that truck did exactly what errand solomons edited. The thing here is, though, and the thing that I want to keep circling back to. Is it I'm a garage guy, captain garage guy, guess what not vehicle accidents seen exports So we can form an opinion we can deliver our opinion based off of what we are seeing here. Just no. We are not experts in this realm guess who is a person that work for the gallant In police department who was never despatched to the scene, so we should not be sitting here. Three years later. With all these questions, this should have determined by somebody who has the expertise. The knowledge. the education, the resources to form an exact expert opinion
the opinion that actually matters in this case you would have to be set, your listenin to two two garage guys talk about the accident scene or crime scene, murder scene? If we had that expert there at the scene, to assess the situation and document everything sunlight captain rp, but if our law enforcement, wise and officer stay in their longer into an a more thorough investigation of the scene exactly. But I must say that this mistake.
Okay, but now once they rushed him to the hospital and we know he died now we need to investigate this a little further. How did he die blunt force trauma to the head? Okay, while there could have been altercation did his father causes blunt force trauma and then tried to cover it up? Why is the body not found in the position that you'd think the body would be found it exactly, whereas these other eye witnesses where's the statements from the first responders, Where's, the investigation into the with others background that there was no investigation in this accident and that that's where I'm saying it makes it very difficult for us to have a strong opinion, because we're not qualified to give
an opinion. No, but that's work, but the person it is was not dispatched to the scene right now and that's what I'm saying is so frustrating is because no investigation, maybe the day of maybe that's a mistake, but no investigation at all huge mistake and- and- and I don't think this kid deserved this- I don't think grant deserves, especially once you find out that once you hear that this guy was going to take his father to court to get custody custody of his sister. These are horrible accusations again of we're, asked to examine this, and the problem is: what's the proof of that, we don't have grant to tell us. Yes, that's by it. And that's what I was going to do. We have here say we have other people saying well What was going to be done? That's what grants intentions were right if there was an actual court date
if there was an actual attorney that was hired to do so. If they were steps, because you don't just wake up one day ngo taken dad to court see at ten a m brow. No, they don't work where you have to take steps to get to those court proceedings. I need to see that those steps were taken to confirm that that was this young man's intent that was his intentions, our farm law enforcement. I talked to the family, they say well, that's his intent bomb must now talk to his two friends of grant and are they say the same thing? I mean it system. it's very tragic. So what we have here regarding the medical information to grants, injuries into his death, is that you, with a bruise on his upper thigh, a bruise to his hip, a blow to the jaw area and. a single fatal blow to the back of grants head
and there are no other injuries listed on this medical report. Now I want to point out here first off that a faint. blow single fatal blow to the back of grants. Head makes total sense to me when you tell me that this car this vehicle starts to go down the incline backs over this individual who is getting his gear out of the back of the truck and knocked him down any smacks the back of his head on the black top on the concrete, and that is that that is the shot. The killed him
makes sense to me. The problem then becomes again: his head is facing the parking lot and street fate in his shoes and feet facing the street that doesn't make any physical sense to me. That doesn't seem to to ring true with the statement given to police. So I question that big time I I the other part, though there there's an argument that the aaron once at the Medical facility told told the doctors, no, we don't need an autopsy. You know doesn't want for The investigation into the death of his son, because he's trying to cover up the murder is so so, but the is when you were view, the report, its permission for post mortem examination and you're you're
your options here for the medical personnel to fill out and put an ex next to which one is granted refused, not requested they put next ex, did not request it not requested and telling them not to do an autopsy are two very different statements right to very different statements. What, if, what if Other was never asked Do you want an autopsy or can perform an autopsy according to the meadow personnel who may not have a dog in the fight they check the box. That says not requested one. This is a good pointless day on this point for a second, because we we see this with a lot of cases, especially when there's some controversy over the the the findings of a case,
One side goes now now now you gotta remember it's evidence. One hundred percent evidence one hundred per cent. True the father said eh. We don't need to look into this any further, if that is a hundred percent. True, that's pretty damning right, but we don't have any proof that that's a hundred per cent true in a lot of these cases, especially no law. These true crimes since, when their sides, the sides start making up what is factual evidence or exaggerating guys. You know, because it because by doing that, they get to prove their point right and that's where I wanted to see court proceedings in order an end
epps taken in that manner. Here permission for post mortem examination granted refuse not requested not requested is the box. It's checked. If it was refused the medical eggs, the medical personnel would have checked the box of refused. Then the next line on this report- medical legal autopsy, requested options for the medical personnel to check yes, No just says no doesn't mean that the father was asked, it doesn't mean. though the father came running to the room going whatever you do, don't do it see we're against it. It just says requested. No, it was not requested. It could be a conversation that was, or had now. If we want to point the finger at some, possibly wrong, doing or again amiss, step again garage guy, humble.
Our opinion here, but this I am echoing what alike, people in the medical field. Alot of doctors and nurses will tell you this is standard procedure, you're in many jurisdictions many counties and states across this great land. That when a person of this age dies eighteen year old, young man perfectly healthy, not just perfectly healthy, I mean goodness an athlete, a somewhat gifted athlete as well we're talking about six foot, three very healthy, aunt solomon, dies at a young age. Again, it's typical its protocol normal procedure in many areas the an autopsy is conducted that did not take place here.
I cannot guarantee that it would have gave us a lot of evidence, one way or the other, but again when these measures are not taken. These steps are not take. It's hard to sit here and say what it could have indicated for us when it could have told us what that information could have honed in on while this case to be, as is its tragic, on three levels. While you have a grant eighteen year old to start in his adult life seems to be a good kid promising opportunities and his life has taken two short. The other tragedy here
That law enforcement doesn't investigate this suspicious death laid to rest. Some of these rumours you have some of these answers or you had the ability to get these answers, and you didn't do so, and that is what the public are ultimately pays. You for his servant protect and some people believe that unit protect the rights and the justice of this eighteen year old, individual. The other tragic thing here is, and it's very difficult watch and I'm not even suggesting that you watch it but of its powerful and difficult all at the same time, but, like we said, grant eighteen years old, is goin to git or tried to get custody of his sister, because he is claiming that she was abused mentally physically emotionally sexually.
Every kind of abuse from her father, and she has made a video of this and in and put out her claims out to the public. Yes, sir, she makes it gracie makes a youtube video where she is reading a letter that that she wrote or reading a document that she constructed of her own words. There is explaining the years of abuse from her father and aids on a scale of one to ten, it's all levels of of that she hits All levels when she's talking about throughout her lifetime, here's this where you're going okay. Well, that's not such a big deal, but again not in her shoes and then there's other items that she brings up in your like my god. That is terrible, but she
in two thousand and twenty one makes this youtube video of her talking about the abuse that she suffered at the hands of her father, and this is a year after the death of her older brother and these allegations accusations are in fact true, like report now in the trailer yesterday grant may have He was the last line of defence for his little sister and if, in fact, he was to take his father to court to try to gain custody of his little sister, because that's what that's the big part of this murder, an accusation right that not only did he kill his son, but he killed his son to silence him right and therefore- That implies that he sighed seeing him, because this abuse was real,
Can we sit here? We try to examine this stuff second hand with First hand, knowledge ourselves and try to make heads or tails of it. Now. Why did did the file or have custody instead of the mother or instead of having shared custody. This divorce looks to me, like a big man, In a large part of it appears that air and who is lucky, he s well he's educated, his wife, successful and educated as well, but air and is a anchored whose anchor for fourteen fifteen years in this community- and he presenting a story that his ex wife during the court he files for divorce the next year that divorces granted. Then he gets custody of his son and his daughter,
we all have heard of situations or even witness situations where one parent wants to take the kids jes to destroy the other parent jest too, to make their life miserable because things and work out, we ve, we ve seen that that could the situation here or what errand is saying- and I don't want to go too far down this road captain, because I think we could do three hours. the relationship between mom and dad here and the speculation on statements that were made by both about each other over the years, but they keep it short and sweet, Again, we don't know if this is true or not, but the statements basically. boil down to air and saying that my ex wife is crazy she's, a drug attic, she's, an unfit mother and therefore you
What system should should award me custody of my children, then years later, ass. grant is dead or or after grant is killed after his death. People are saying well during the course of that kind, steady, dad, only custody that dad is virtually physically abusive to the sun. and then all kinds of abusive to the daughter in her almost like a wife or sexually using her at times, rather than a little girl the thing here this the thing that when I look at this case that makes my blood boil, I can Tell you if Angie Solomon is all of the things the errand solomon, said. She was right or, if that she is all
things that aaron Solomon seems to have been able to convince the courts that she was there good I'll be true for all. I know. I've never had a conversation with the woman. I think they're probably, agitated, maybe even lies, but I don't know that for sure, so maybe the courts where right to award aaron custody of these kids, I also don't feel like. I can sit here with one hundred percent certainty, convinced one way or another, that this was a murder or an accident right and looked up the people that want to fight for grant fight for grace. Fight for andrew they're gonna, be very upset with me saying this, I'm just a guy, be an honest with you. I looked all of the evidence and I see evidence that supports both theories, that this is a homicide, that this is an accident. But again, if we would just head that, damn.
part there to determine that forest. We wouldn't have to make that assessment. Here's the other thing that I want to point out. Even if this was an accident, don't we live in a world where this could have been a straight up vehicle accident. Tragic access. Till death of grant solomon, an errand solomon- is still sexually abusing his daughter. Don't we live in world, where He solomon is just as crazy and addicted to drugs, as he said that she was and he was, abusing his daughter. Yes, Think we need to make an assessment on those items for one of these
crimes to be true, and if you watch a video I mean my might take away from, as I have no reason to not believe that what gracie is stating on those. What gratia stating during their videos is true, and so why are there charges the umbrella? Two against her father gracie in their video, is approximately fifteen years of age, did the just sheer shame: embarrassment in in having put together that statement and then release it to the world for her to do so, and up over that potential, shame and embarrassment. God bless her that not an easy thing to do. She's fifteen approximately the time of their video she's fourteen at the time of her older brothers, death and that took place in twenty twenty
the divorce was finalized in custody given to air and solomon in two thousand and fourteen six years prior. She has made claims gracie is made claims that he was in some forms sex lee abusing her very young age and all this carrying through up until around the time of grants, death I'm with you. And I I can't see anything in that statement other than I I believe this little girl and the the other problem- I have is these allegations of abuse by greasy were presented to her school at different courses at different times in her life. There's documentation to back up my previous statement
And I want to live in a world of course, where parents don't abuse their children, but what do we tell our kids, that if someone is abusing you have, someone is harming you of somebody's, doing something to you that you dont like or that they shouldn't do. Who do you go to? You tell me are you tell dad or you tell him both, but it takes a village people, and what do we tell children that are not ours. If your abuser is one of your parents, you should be able to to your school officials and tell them I. to live in a world where win that abuse child goes those school officials and reports. This and says you know the stuff. My dad does weird and its hurting me, and I dont know what it is. I want in a world where those school officials take it to the next level, take it to the next step and do something about it not
and the child away not hand them back into the arms of their accused abuser. If that abuse is true,. This community failed this little girl one day for for all the listeners to allow us for this to be our job, because, as a subject, that obviously were both fascinated with, but this case was very difficult, especially with them, and I use algeria with the gracie videos is very difficult, but where, where we stand today is again, why no investigation into this death and also where we stand as far as were gracie is concerned, she is, she is not in the custody of her mother she's in the custody of d.
he s so again, when we have these accusations by gracie wire? Is there we have these allegations against the father is thereby vienna. Is there an investigation being looked into two? These allegations, Exactly and look we all want to live in these are families in a nice neighborhood in a in a nice community, Gallatin tennessee is a nice community. Nice area franklin, tennessee, nice area, where these people live and and worked, and is, we want to live in these nice areas and these nice communities. The resources they can prevent a murder or investigate a homicide, investigate this death investigate these abuse. Alec allegations
and none of these resources seem to have been utilised in this situation, it seems very backwards to me. I can't sit here and make a full assessment or form a great opinion of war I confidently believe happened in grand solomons death. I can't form a guy. Confident opinion in what happened in their divorce or who was right or who was wrong or whose we have had custody of children, but what I can here and say that the above This allegation, the reports to the school, the reports to other people that could have stepped in seem to have sidestepped. This situation, rather than looking at it in the eye and facing it head on I encourage one of you to go to freedom for gracie dot com freedom of the number for gracie dot com. Look at the formation there. It is a view. A one sided website. But you
look at the information and do just what we did here. We didn't fall on the side of homicide with everything that we were viewed from their website. Go there, inform your own opinions on these the information is presented there anymore, Fortunately, one thing I do want to give the website kudos for the people to put this website together that they do offer resources those out their quick reference resources to those out there that if you have some any abuse or know someone has if you
you or someone you love? Is the survivor of sexual abuse, rape or incest do know that you can call rain, which is r a I n n, the rape, abuse and incest national network at eight hundred six, five, six, four six, seven three or you can visit their website to chat with a counselor, we're not saying that there can be charges brought in the death of and we can say that there should be charges brought in the abuse of gracie, but what we can say with certainty that should be proper investigations both allegations. the I
the and what a fascinating case We want to know your thoughts so good, a true friend, garage dot com leave those thoughts on the blog page colonel. Do we having recommended reading for the beautiful listeners this we captain. We are recommending solving called cases, investigation techniques and protocol by JO de Kennedy and hogan healing solving cases extremely difficult and many are left unresolved. This is a book by retired. In c I a special agent Joe Kennedy talking about how he solves cold cases
includes details, the methodology that he created to solve cold case murders. He offers an in depth behind the scenes. Look into why cases go called how they are investigated and what is needed to successfully resolve them. This book provide detectives and true crime enthusiast the tools to investigate coal cases in their own communities, check out solving cold cases, investigation techniques and protocol by JO de Kennedy. in hogan hilling? You can find that great title and many other wonderful recommendations on our recommended page true crime, garage dot com and until next week be good, be kind, and don't
with the.
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