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Heather Dawn Church /// Part 1 /// 339

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Heather Dawn Church /// Part 1 /// 339

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September 17th, 1991 Heather Dawn Church vanishes. She was abducted from her home in Black Forest, Colorado. Join as we go year by year through the investigation. Beer of the Week - Killer Cupcake Panda by Flying Monkey Craft Brewery Garage Grade 4 and 3 quarter bottle caps out of 5

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on stage premium for our bonus weekly, show caught off the record. We're talking about in the fashion of the Steven avery case this week, so check that out- and that is enough to be as nass all right, everybody gather round grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime, the black forest colorado,
about twenty miles. North west of colorado springs. Church family lived in a single family home with four bedrooms. The smaller bedroom was used as a family den. The house was nice and it was rather secluded Which was just what parents might in Diane church wanted, had over five acres on eastern ville road? This was a Emily of six. Mike and diane church and therefore kids, heather Chris, gunnar and sage. mike and Diane were college sweethearts and worked very hard. To build a nice and happy home for their family. This was their dream house, and diana said it was the perfect place to raise children, but things were not always perfect.
In fact, by early ninety, ninety one mike had moved out diane filed for divorce. Mike was living in an apartment in town closer to his work. Diane stayed in the home with the four children. Everyone was working through this tough time, diane not some counselling MIKE had regular, visitation, equal time with the kids and they're all. this child heather dawn church was excelling. In school. Other played the violin and even Early age, she was tall your parents, she was to be an astronaut when she grew up. Her parents played along, even though thought it was just a phase and sent whether to one of those summer these camps,
she returned. She was even more excited about becoming an astronaut and told her folks. She was the only that did not throw up when in shuttle simulator. As the finalizing of the impending divorce drew near MIKE and Diane put the house on the market, but diane the kids would Stay there until it sold oh you're, started up in september of ninety ninety one. The kids were, to being busy on tuesday september seventeenth. This was to be just another ordinary day at sea. thirty a m. Thirteen heather dawn church and her yet your brother's got on the school bus. lived out with sticks
so the bus ride was as long as an hour. Some days, heather was in the eighth grade at falcon middle school after school diane prepared dinner for the kids, she and two over boys had some commitments at their local church Middle boys, christen, gunnar, were involved with the cub scouts they had a meeting on this evening. The church just fifteen miles down the road. While the two boys were at cub scouts, Diane was going to attend a homemaking class. Heather explained if she five year old sage, tagged along, they would have nothing to do. offered to stay home baby, sit and tidy up the house would work out nicely
because sage could keep as normal bedtime of about eight o clock. Before leaving diane discussed several things. Two of the most important stage: a flu shot earlier that day and heather should look out for adverse reactions: Heather told her mother about a school dance that would be that friday. She asking for permission to go. diana agreed as long as heather went with a group of friends before leaving Diane checked the doors It made sure they were all locked. Hurried Chris gunnar into the back seat of their vehicle, She pulled out of the driveway while having the property. She noticed that one of the bedroom windows was slightly open just about five inches. She planned a call heather later on anyway,
again on sage so Diane made a mental, no to ask heather to close the window during that call. At eight thirty, diane called home. Heather picked up the phone Diane wanted to know. If sage was in bed, other says now she stay up to watch the tv show home improvement. They were watching together in the family room after the show who's going to bed. diane told heather that she loved her. In in the two boys would be home by ten p m. Diane pulled into the driveway just before ten fifteen She noticed that the outside house lights were not on her in the boy I got out of the vehicle, made their way up to the house. They were
the patio sliding door, which was pretty common diane. Found the door unlocked, so she not need to use her key. The door being unlocked was also comment. The church family had two cats and they would tip Let the cats outside for the night and diane says the kids were always forgetting to lock the door. After doing so inside the house was dark. Diane turned on some lights, tat the two boys to go to bed all three Always shared a room Diane went and checked on little sage finding him asleep in his bed wrapped up in the blanket like a burrito and went to the family room to talk to heather she expects the defined her sitting in the dark watch. Tv as usual, however,
was not in the family. She was not in her bedroom diane search the house. He could not find heather at all. She went outside and walk the property around the house, shouting, heather's name in the dark, still nothing, no heather Diane was worried and afraid she called her husband MIKE. She asked him if he had heather was she with him? Mike said, no He asked if she called heather's friends or the neighbors, then he asked Diane Does it look like someone came in the house before dying
and could answer MIKE said? Call nine one one. Now we start off captain by jumping right into the search for a thirteen year old, heather dawn church. Now, must keep in mind how large the church, families property is. Now that guy that we just heard said it was over, five acres. There are two really good books on this week's case and we will have those is this weeks recommended reading, and maybe next week as well one source says the property was six acres in the other list: the plot of land. At five point Acre so both probably very accurate, but that's what size of proper
We are dealing with now because of the remoteness of where they lived, Diane heather, mother, she was thinking that heather must have gone outside, maybe in search of one of the cats and walked too far. be she fell, twisted and anger or busted or knee could walk back to the home. That sort of thing On the other hand, we have heather's father mike. He had a completely different feeling that night MIKE said immediately after the phone call with Diane, where he tells her to call nine one. He jumped into his pickup truck racing like a jet to get to his family's home later. He would say he knew right away that someone took his
yeah, they have that's your stress already by their family. Separating diane did exactly as MIKE said, he she called nine one want. Her call was rooted to the El Paso county colorado, sheriffs department. It was not customary for this shares department you take a missing report until the person in question was gone for more than twenty four hours. Sadly, this included teenagers as well diane requested that a deputy at the very least come out to the house. This request was denied. Diane was told by the deputy on the phone that she's
be calling heather's friends, because ninety nine percent of the time missing kids are with a friend or at a party. Diane asked her. What about the other one percent, because the sheriff's office would not send a deputy diane started, calling her friends and family asking if any one would come to the house and help look for heather, by the time MIKE arrived, others were already there looking for the missing thirteen year old after Several more calls to nine one one, a deputy was finally dispatched to the house arriving just before. Midnight down, we don't like how they handled it initially, but at least they sent on a cop yap regard.
Of how the nine woman calls were handled. The deputy that was despatched to go to the house. The churches have and had nothing but good things to say about this officer. We are talking about sheriffs, deputy, less well again. Less was very young, and very green officer million went right into action as soon as he arrived on the scene, he he took control the scene and ordered the EL paso search and rescue team to come out to the property, a sap. Unfortunately, they never found heather that night. In fact, they did not even finding. clues as to where she may be, or what could have happened. Diane later said, it was like the girl just vanished into thin air. The next morning the questions started. The officers wanted to know everything everything about heather, the house there may
I urge the divorce everything so there look around the house door, con friends and family. They can't find her now they want to know. Is it possible that should want to run away for any reason, yeah launch made their speculating here. Captain they want to know. Could the thirteen year old be upset about the divorce so from what from my understanding, this was going to be fine I know the divorce was going to be final just before thanksgiving, so it was coming soon. Could she have been upset about the situation in maybe she took off die an believed know that could not be what happened here. She tells the officers that MIKE moved out of the house, my before and heather did not seem upset or to be having any difficulty with the situation at all. So she's explaining here this isn't anything new. This didn't just happen this week, or last month this has been
Going on for months and me as apparent and my my husband living elsewhere, us his parents. We ve not seen any indication from her that she struggling with this. In fact, she's excelling in school diane told daily, sent. No many reasons why her daughter heather why her life was great. I should not run away citing that heather was a very reasonable kid. She got really good grades. She was recently accepted into the gifted in talented program at school. She asked about going to the school day on that friday. When we talk about usually when people were making plans, they don't have he's underlining plans to disappear. Well, I understand that law enforcement has to look at all these different angles, but it's sad that you see in so many cases that parents
love ones have to try to convince law enforcement of of what they believe. Yeah. Yeah, they didn't sheet. She also point out back to the dance she said you know I've. Not only did I her permission to do this thing, so it's not like we got in some kind of argument. She wanted to do something, and I said no I for permission to go to the dance to which we have heather telling her mother great. I have a new outfit, I'm going to save that outfit, to wear it to the dance. It seems like something this is looking forward to seems like something that should make making a big deal. to herself ass. She recently applied for the school yearbook staff as well. Now, obviously, we don't know all that was said, two investigators or exactly how they arrived at this conclusion, but I will that very early on the sheriff's office said publicly
and through the media, and this is an exact quo. It's unlikely, the girl ran away, in fact very quickly in The investigation, the sheriffs department brought in the fbi to investigate this as a likely abduction, but it was damp morning that next morning, where things would start to get a little weird. So it's during this questioning that Diane members, the open window. This is the window to the master bedroom. She opened it and forgot to call it before she left and install it open when pulling out of the driveway re like stated before she went around locking all the doors making sure that her kids were safe when she's point driveway, she notices this window, but the fact that your hearing this the next day, I think you in
raise a little above all alarm? I agree. I agree she tells lawful meant that she meant to tell heather about the been window when she called home and eight thirty p m the night before, but states that she forgot to shoot them that all of the doors were locked when she left the house. But when she came home the sliding glass door to the patio was unlocked. She added that other than couple of items? Nothing was out of place. No signs of a struggle forced entry and in fact, five year sage was asleep and perfectly fine, and when she arrived home at ten fifteen p m, neither Think we know this information, like you, said one re, one site reports, five point: eight acres, one report, six acres, but I
or how far away from the road the house actually was. I don't know the exact distance, but the description that I've seen a few times is that it's a long driveway that we're talking about right that there's a decent amount, a distance between the house and and the yard, so if you're an investigator, I think I get what there their thinking about. I mean you're. Looking at this thing like well, is this even a crime scene? There there's no clues here, no evidence and I'm guessing, but I would bet some of the detectives were probably wondering if heather went was one willingly or open the door willingly. For her then abductor right, because it could be a friend that she went with possibly a boyfriend or a male friend that she'd, maybe hasn't told the family about. Yet we do know about
dance ram. Now the thing about this master bedroom window Diane went to show them show law enforcement, exactly which window she was talking about he found the window was now closed. She told them she did not close the window and they asked every one who was there that nice looking for heather? If any of them had closed the window? And everyone says now, so they are dusting the window and other areas of the for fingerprints. Upon further examination, they found that the screen to the window was askew, so they take the screen, often quickly notice, it was actually in the track, but it was backwards. A technician inspected, the metal free
all in all windows and the screen, the tec found three possible fingerprints and so remove these fingerprints or latent fingerprint. These were submitted to the automated fingerprint identification system or avis for short and hopes that a match would be fine. And in the national databases, but no such match was found the invest The gate did not like that. The churches called so many friends that night people who walked through the house and property, possibly disturbing the crimes but I mean what are you gonna do if you call the sheriff's office and they offer no help, you have adverse, I mean you're, going to call your friends. Relatives in such for help sounds like Bunch of malarkey and a bunch of horse shit mean, like you, said it it's very similar to
germany ramsay case where they have a lot of people inside the crime scene. Basically, but, like you, said, when you call for help, and nobody shows up what What else is most so? The more after the disappearance, after questioning diane She got tired of doing nothing, so everybody is out that night and all the next morning, looking for heather meanwhile Diana supposed to just kind of sit tight inside the home. She As apparent you gotta be going frickin crazy here she said got tired of doing nothing while everybody else was out looking for heather, so she decided to calm herself. cleaning the house. She started off by doing some dishes. And then she turned on the vacuum: cleaner, she's, vacuuming the carpet when one of the investigator standing out side he's just outside the house right. He heard the vacuum
He heard the noise he went running into the house and he yelled at Diane wanting to know what she was doing. Why are you doing this? We need to process the scene in the day. after heather vanish lieutenant bill, miss strata of the EL paso sheriffs apartment cap the media and the public informed. He said the fbi, I was brought in and the f b I was conducting interviews at heather's middle school, the sheriff's department, in the f b, I together were questioning classmates teachers, counselors friends, neighbors and church assos, its but ground in aerial searches, turned up nothing. Lieutenant miss strata said the case was taking no positive d action, and we are just continuing at it with no new leads the.
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the alright, we're back. Shears me may teach is kept in now. Let's talk up, one lead that did come in so first, we need to understand that a lot of these missing kid cases. The community really comes together, we're talking missing flyers everywhere, pictures of heather seen all over town. They were not just hosting missing flyers at local businesses. Far and wide middle school kids made big signs with pose you're bored and small wooden handles standing in crowds. And on the sides of streets holding these signs high as cars drove by asking everyone. Have you seen this girl there was also a command centre of sorts set up. This place was for in two years to meet
an man, the phone lines there were fallen, set up with a chip number. The people could call on Monday october thirteenth in the morning lesson One month after heather disappeared, a call came in the collar and anonymous female collar said there is a body at the fox run regional park area. This is in black forced this. sent the sheriffs department, thirty members of the EL paso search and rescue team, to try king dogs and two helicopters on an all day search that covered four hundred acres but turned up nothing afterward. The sheriff's office publicly urged the collar to call again, but this time with more detail because of the size of the park right. They would get another call this time, Another anonymous female collar sending
on another, fruitless search. Later em nation provided by several in law enforcement, would state that both calls were believed to be hoaxes even before the searches were conducted, but they had to follow up on all tips and leads why it's amazing how sick individuals are it's. It's very strange that the stop even happens and its unclear. If law enforcement believes that both calls came from the same person, but they have stated its believed, both calls came from a teenage girl from a teenage so in girl that says strange that somebody would be sitting there watching the case unfold and and want to make something up to waste law enforcement's time and what's the motive yeah it it just, doesn't make any sense. But to this day, captain the color or color,
others have not been identified. While there have been identified as real peace is a shit, that's that's zanger here real shit stayin here. So we talk the community coming together, but then we also talk about these ass hats of society with these harmful and her full fake calls which destroy the parents, loved ones of heather and copper search efforts and the investigation itself, but I I much rather prefer to talk about people coming together in helping one another. One of many instances was when we see this case. This is the the matthews family, they reached out offering friendship to MIKE and diane church. Jim inglorious matthews were able to offer the churches, their sympathies,
and they were to people that can truly understand and empathize just exactly what the churches were going through. Seven years before heather church went missing and the believed abduction of heather church twelve year old, jeanette matthews was believed to have been abducted from her home this is in greenly colorado about a two hour drive north of black forest colorado. Jeanette was dropped, at the families home after she attended a christmas choir concert She was last seen walking into her empty home by her friend and her friends. Father They dropped her off at the house or genetic parents found the house empty, but generals shoes place me We in the family room near a space heater with the tv on There was no sign of a struggle or forced entry, but police said,
believed the twelve year old was abducted from the home. Her case remains unsolved to this day. Now, over thirty four years later, recent developments, her body, was finally located just a little over two months ago, in July of this year, the body was found by oil field. Workers about twenty miles from her home, I believe They are putting in a pipeline in that area. That's how they found remains police. Named idaho resident in two time candidate for governor sixty eight year old, Steve panky. As a person Interesting, continue to investigate this case. I would expect for their movement in this case, and that could and hopefully come very soon what we know here. Captain with, as the police say, we're working. This case with really know leads really clues we're working it. We
to take some kind of direction Are we really know at this point? Is it something happened to heather don church on september, seventeenth night, ninety one between the wars of eight thirty p m when her mother called home and Dr Heather, how there was just fine and ten fifteen when her other arrived at the house. Young were pointed in a direction. I think law enforcement, goin, ok, based of what her parents or same base of what people are saying, around the community. We don't think that she took off on her own there's some evidence to suggest that some me came through the house, so so she if she is alive, she is in danger the search the investigation was huge, is rather big and, I think lieutenant kin hilt
of the investigations. Division of the owl paso county sheriff's office summed up the search best in his summary for the case where he states a detailed crime scene search. conducted of the church, home search and rescue teams coupled with search dogs scoured the area fingerprints, were recovered and forwarded to both the federal bureau of investigation and the collar a bureau of investigation, both local and national media took part in the quote: where's heather missing persons campaign as the EL paso, county sheriff's office and the federal bureau of investigation combined efforts to solve the case in the years that followed detectives continue to pursue. Hundreds of leads, which came in from all parts of the country, in addition to
being featured in national publications and television shows. The FBI's behavioral science unit produced a suspect profile, the suspect profile. That was really. to the media was a summarised version of the profile and it is as follows. The unknown subject is a male in his early too late, twenties shy, introverted and a loner subject. Unable to achieve sexually whatever he wants with women and has difficulty with women in general. The subject would probably have knowledge of the victim and her family after the crime. The subject would have behaviour, all changes which would be noticeable by associates persons close to the offender. Notice, changes which include an increase in alcohol or drugs The deterioration in personal appearance, sleeping disorder,
desire to be alone, possibly fail to show up for work after the abduct I'm wondering, since we have little to no clues how they get in this possible age range, but the temperature I would think that their basing a lot of this off of previous crimes that they have a similar, similar victim knowledge, or maybe even a similar supper randy, where somebody's coming into an actual home, that's very rare and abducting a child from inside the home. The victim is thirteen years, what we are also seeing here. What is what is released? It's interesting on few different levels, because one we, are getting a summarised version they're, getting there they're going. Ok, this version working to release to the media so that they share with the public, because we do need the public's
up, but there's another version of this profile that would have been given to law enforcement to two agencies actually working the cat now now I dont know how much they would very. I imagine in some cases they vary greatly, but this specific case we don't know what we do see here is typical things of what we see and other profiles. It's it's all kind of vague stuff, but they're, saying to the public with this profile. We're looking for somebody that has changed is this. The dramatic change for this person, dispersing committed an abduction It would be a dramatic change, therefore, their appearance, their behaviour, their mannerisms there there routine their drinking drug use. All of that is going to be effected in change as well because of this big change. So if you ve noticed a big,
change in your cousin. Your your uncle, your your brother, your husband, boyfriend, whomever right that might be somebody that we might want to talk to. This is also trying to ring bells with employers. Do you somebody that showed up in they met were missing work and when returned to work. Are they are the cover you know covered in scratches order they look like they ve been in a fight or something like that. I feel like some of the things we see here. Captain are kind of repetitive from other profiles: though the age of late twenties, is one that we typically see with a victim of this age, and I think that they come up with that age now. Profiles will tell you that age is by far the hardest thing to come up with, but typically when we
a victim in their early teens female victim early teens. I often see that late twenties is kind of where they put that that number for age. Now I also wonder of the as a fact I mean if you look at heather and the pictures I've seen she looks like a young thirteen yeah, and so I wonder if they take them into account as well. I think the thought with with being late twenties, is, is simply this: it's it's one, their old enough, to show some some form of sophistication, some form of, not being so impulsive and also their old enough to have committed more petty type crimes, but similar nature where they may not have been locked up. Then these may have been through where they made a pass at eta, girl, maybe it's a relic
maybe it somebody close to the offender, but maybe it was never reported. Usually those types of crimes we need those too for something like this to take place, usually there's s asian, going on that the the offender will escalate into abduction, and then I mean, I'm sorry to say of a possible murder. So, that's why I think we have the age of twenty nine plus it it's You wondered why they don't go higher than that, but you also wonder: does that factor in that that this there is some impulsiveness because of the risk well of going into somebody else's home yeah? I would also lean towards the idea, though, as law enforcement I mean this is not something I'd want to share with the family, but the way she is abducted, the lack of clue, We have no sightings symbol,
we have no leads coming in and and she's been gone for quite a while at some point you have to start leaning towards idea that that she might not be alive anymore, yeah, and then that doesn't really change approach profile much, but I think, as far as drinking and all those things those will get even more escalated because of a however, the really weird thing: the strange things to me that stand out one there's no blood theirs. Evidence of any type of struggle inside their home and then on top of that, if she wasn't abducted from inside the home removed from the home. The the little boy was sleeping right. I mean, He didn't wake up in here, screams or see anybody strange in their home This was all, if she's removed from inside that home. This all went down very stealth. Like now the case,
as mentioned, was featured on. Several different tv shows, diane church he was really the one. She was the face of this investigation. She did countless interview she handled the newspapers and tv interviews on national level. She was on several programs, including, but not limited to the Oprah winfrey show and the jerry springer show the upper winfrey show captain my showing my age here. It wasn't a recent more recently just called Oprah did when did it make the change from the upper when freedom? to just Oprah I'll. I'm not the head of the thing I feel like when I was a kid it was the the Oprah winfrey show. Well now no spotlight and the huge focus on this case, even just at the local level, sparks what this week's recommended readings: author
would call the usual confusion and lunacy. This next part is from the book the devil's right hand, man callers reported heather, look alikes at a credit union in pueblo at a taco bell and cholera. Springs and add a mall and aurora diane. Would we but her missing daughter once was cited in four states in one day: as far away as Israel investigators checked out a white van, a blue truck, an old green born where satanic rituals allegedly were held? They even went so far as to research important date. for practitioners of witchcraft and satanism and road around EL paso county for hours with a mental patient who claimed information about the crime. Psychics popped up
and offered diane and eerily exact description of the last meal she prepared for heather and the boys. Saying quote you cooked hot dogs, because you were in a hurry and the boys like them, but heather didn't like hot dogs, and she told you she would fix a peanut butter salmon for herself, the woman was able to offer Diana little more other than to say she thought heather was dead. Another psychic dorothy, alison of new jersey, told members of Diana support group. Does she saw a pie pretty with lots of trees, a building with a triangular roof, a tan pickup truck and a man named brown except there something unusual about the spelling on September thirteenth. Ninety, ninety, three, almost two years to the day when heather vanished and unkempt scruffy, drifter name Timothy bell back
Walked into the colorado state police station and he had a story to tell for days earlier, he found quote a body off of rampart range road. The officer tim spoke with told him. That's not our jurisdiction, you're going to need to go to the El Paso county sheriff's office, and so he did right there. He told the deputy that down a deep ravine, that for These earlier he found a body and an old rusted out beat up nineteen sixties chevy the front door to the visa was open and the car was filled with dirt from likely a mudslide near them. Vehicle amongst some larger rocks TIM spotted, but he later determined to be a human skull. He freaked out and ran back up to the top and left the area.
The deputy, listen to tim story and then told him to take his information to the state police. A vehicle death would be their investigation, so TIM did so there he met office or quinton after being turned away twice. Finally, someone wanted to talk with them quintana in? got and the officers state trooper vehicle and made their way back out to rampart range road there, the too slowly work their way down to the vehicle, just as TIM head said sure enough. There was this old rusted out blue and white nineteen sixty one chevy impala with the door, open in the car full of dirt the office and looked around and thought that a body it should be easy to find right, what everybody to to note that winter
reporting this information all three times. He saying that he found a body, but it it turns out that there was just a skull there. He had it only in fact founded go after more searching. They did find a small pile of boats. Now the officer backed up the skull bagged up the bones and took all of this. all of Timothy's information and his full story and how and why he found the skull officer. Quinton then, with the skull went Do the EL paso sheriffs department again, where He too was told that it sounded like a car, fatality. So it was his. It was the state polices investigation, the state police case officer, quinton, put the bags in his work car and dry.
to me his family. Eventually, he is going to take polaroids of the skull and he believed it They may be that the body didn't he anything to do with a vague the vehicle at all. He thought maybe was left there from decades in decades, in decades that could have even been like a native american or anything of that nature right at this time. So now he's got these. These polaroid pictures of the skull in his car and he goes to meet his family and I believe they were meeting either to like go shopping or or go out to eat something of that nature he's meeting them there now keep in mind. This is. almost two years to the day when heather disappeared and still
at this point. In our time line, there have been rigged. put up all over the neighborhoods too too. You know cheer on the return of this girl, there were missing posters put up. There were held picture all over town. So his daughter officer, quintana his daughter, gets into his vehicle and she's rummaging around. She finds the polaroids of the skull and she's looking at them and in an enforced the officer Quinton a once. He realized that his daughter the car he realized. He had some things and there he didn't want her to see she's. Looking at these pictures and he's trying to tell her. You know hey. I think this is what. Going on that? This is. Why dad has these pictures it's his daughter. It says you found heather.
You found heather don church, she recognized the lay out of the teeth so that the picture of the skull there is no lower jaw, just the upper teeth, their brain and she. recognized the two large incisors, flanked by two crooked latournelles. This matched up with a lot of the pictures that they had posted around town of heather, down very distinctly. Yeah. So, on the second anniversary of heather's disappearance, the state police announced They had recovered the body of miss thirteen year old, heather dawn church investigators were quite sceptical about timothy bell backs story. How did he find the skull so well hidden. This was not a spot where people go. This, isn't the Earl there's no traffic in this area he had to.
Climb down into this ravine to find the skull. Why did he tell police? He found a body when he said he only saw skull right. Why would he call a score body? Why did he wait for days? for reporting what he found. Tim story is pretty complicated but say: ok. What we know is he's he's a drifter. He is body that is may just be passing through the area right. He states that he was saying when he had money, he would stay at the pink panther motel, but on a night about five days before he led quinton a too the skull. He says he
was forced to camp in his truck, because you don't have enough money for the motel so he's trying to sleep in his turn he's sitting in their drinking whisky for his camping trip, east. He said that he saw like I don't know. If they were, teenagers are young adults that parked some distance way and they were. They were partying as well and throughout the night were kind of tossing rocks down into this ravine and when the rocks, with light and down below. He could hear them bouncing off of what he thought was metal we do know that there was a vehicle down in that ravine right. This dude does not have much money, he's a drifter, his ethan king there's metal down there, I can turn that metal into money. So the next day he decides
to climb down into the ravine, looking to pool all that scrap metal out of the ravine and turn it to walk around money, he fell the car down there? That's a good sign. He cities a washing machine down there as well. This is a place that people were dumping, lord size, throw away objects. Probably a very long time. It's he's down their conducting the search for scrap metal that he says he saw this all amongst some of the rocks near the vehicle. These rocks. Were you no bigger bigger, almost bowling ball size, but he said what sir out for him was the color of the skull was significantly different than the color of the rock. So he went to investigate
when he saw TAT it was a skull. He did in fact freak out when he returned. You know gathers thoughts got back to to normal. He thought well, if it's a vehicle fatality right cause, it's right by this vehicle, he's thinking he should report it. Because the family of this missing person should know what happened to their loved ones, exactly how tells one of his drinkin bodies: hey, I'm I'm going what I found and I'm going to report the drinking buddy quickly points out if it's not a vehicle fatality If it was foul play, they might think you did something. That kind of talk, some out of reporting a couple days ago I hadn't Timothy starts thinking
Well, maybe there would be a reward involved, even if it was a vehicle. Accidents is a missing person or if there was foul play Timothy thanks. Well, maybe I should report it due to there being a possible reward, so his whole story is complicated and I'm sure the investigators when they find out that this was a missing Thirteen year old girl, you found her skull. Yours various strange you didn't report for a few days. They you're a drifter yeah yeah. They don't like this guy there they're looking at him is: ok, not only do fine her, but we now may possibly have for the first time a suspect in this whole kicks. They walked around him and then derivation room gun shot the smell of visa piece of shit
yeah. In the end, though, captain they ended up believing timothy story, they were probably able to back up some of the things that he was telling them right. So the other thing to with him being a drifter. I dont. how they rule him out, but I know they wrote about fairly quickly. They may have been able to figure out there wasn't even in the area when heather went missing So now we have recovered the body, but really that nothing for the investigation other than rule out a runaway scenario Now they knew she was abducted and killed. they still didn't know by who and walk the Bravo True crime go to true crime. Garage dot, come and join us back here tomorrow for more on this case. Until then be good, because
Don't worry.
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