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Heather Norris ////// 566

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This week in the Garage we take a look at a heartbreaking case out of Indianapolis, Indiana. A young outgoing woman goes missing in April of 2007. Her family are quick to jump into action and they immediately have strong suspicions. 

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Welcome to true grand garage where you are whatever you're doing, thanks very listening, I'm your hosts, Nick and with me, as always, is a man that together. Ladies and gentlemen, we have never fail to fail as it was the easiest thing to do. Ladies and gentlemen, the cap yeah on the ward for best listener goes out to me
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if you're, not nasty, you're not going to be able to handle it and colonel. That is enough for the Oh right, everybody gather around grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime The Heather Nicole and slit, was always outgoing. The very active young lady An early age she was quite active, in fact, despite a true love for sports teamwork and competition. She was also an animal lover and over the here's collected and cared for many pets, descent
looted all of the normal household varieties, with many did kinds of pets, but a special love for cats, Heather over the years participated in volleyball softball, but her True passion was found on the basketball court. she excelled in every sport that she played, but especially playing for the select basketball teams, these are the traveling, a? U teams she had and Perry Meridian High School, where she many friends and was very social, which was no surprise as she always had a very outgoing personality in nature and, of course, competed in sports at the high school level. Playing varsity volleyball and varsity basketball. She waited from Perry, Meridian in two thousand five and eighteen. She fell quickly for a boy three years, her senior. This would be her first
real serious boyfriend after high school Heather, went on to Indiana University in Bloomington everything here to be falling right into place and right on schedule. For this, outgoing beautiful young woman, but life has way of shifting and, of course, the older we get the more we take on while life can get pretty complicated, Heather uncaring touristic started missing classes, and then it was time to take a break from her schooling so, she found a job that she really liked, but her family friends felt like they were, seeing less and less of her, not a terribly uncommon practice, as we all get busy with work and responsible, Yes, but clearly something was not right here and Heather's. Mother Debbie knew it. She knew it for sure,
Heather seemed to be slowly drifting away. Heather did not text or call family or friends for several days. This is when her Debbie realized that Heather's phone was shut off. Heather's father went out searching for his daughter going to homes of her friends, but he could not locate her. He went her boyfriend, Josh's house looking for her, but no one answered, so they called the police and a search was launched when police checked Heather's Myspace Account They found that her last message said. I can't take this anymore. I need to get out the state. Where was Heather Norse this
true crime garage. The the post on Heather Norris's, Tuesday April seventeenth, two thousand and seven Myspace page read as follows: Drama Box checked current mood. Sad and with the words not so simply explained, the message was cryptic and alarming, and it read. No one believes me and no one understands me. You know who you are. I can't take this drama any more. I need to get out of this state, followed by a series
of exclamation marks and now captain it's at this point that she is missing. Remember we ve already pointed out that it is the police that have found this message on her myspace page. The thing is concerning is: did she take off as this post might suggest? This would be very out of character for this young lady, as I understand as she is very close with her family in particular, she's, very close with her mother Debbie now to bring everyone up to speed, aid, the police, are actively searching for Heather nurse, and this is after her, family has been looking for her and unable to get a hold of her for several days now so this information is being shared with the family and discussed with the family. The message on the Myspace page this
probably adding to the list of questions that police will have for her family trying to track down this young college age. Woman But we say this is out of character because, while the drama Box was checked, may currently lead one to believe that she could have left and her family agree with that post. There was plenty of drama in Heather's alive and we will get into that shortly. So I don't think anyone was one hundred percent doubting the Heather may have taken off may have needed, get away, but the cause for major concern was that she was not communicating any of this with her family she's, not communicating at all with her family. That is what is out of character here, while I'm not the brightest bulb on the planet, but when, when she says I need to get out of this state, do you think that's like
litter, or do you think that's like state of mind? I don't know- and I have my own suspicions about this post, meaning I'm not one hundred per cent certain that she was the one that that may have posted that created the post. This message could quit moving past that suspicion It could be stay. I I like what you're thinking there get out of this state of mind, but we do know that by this point, her life by April of two thousand and seven yeah she's lived in blooming, ten she's lived in it, Annapolis? And maybe maybe that's why I were saying, I need to get out of state I've. I've tried living elsewhere and I'm
having all this drama, I'm having all these problems. Maybe I just need to get completely out of dodge, but it also could be. You know she went to college, it didn't work out. She now has a job. Maybe it's just. This is not the life that I want to be living. I want to be living. I need to get back on my path and regardless of what exactly is going on here in this situation, of course, Heather's family is extremely CERN, because this is really just not adding up to them. Given the quote drama in her life, her family had knew that there was this drama in major cause of concern. They see this message, they're looking for their daughter for their loved one, and They start to believe that Heather's ongoing problems with her boyfriend, as probably led to her disappearance or why they can't find her. They believe not just that she took off
We actually believed that her boyfriend may have something to hide. There. He's somehow involved are responsible for the reason why they cannot locate Heather yeah, her boyfriend being Joshua, been now from what I have found. That seems like they were kind of like on again off in since high school. Yes, that's correct, they were on again off again and then that's a and the reason why the confusion for this message on one hand the family and friends of Heather's can stand why she would want to get away from her life, her dress, but her boyfriend. You know open up or otherwise, but at the same time they can't understand why if in fact did choose to leave him leave the area that they wouldn't have any kind of communicate. in our interaction with her yea you'd, almost think that should be like hey guys. It's not working out with me in Joshua and I'm gonna move back home. You think that they,
be in the no more than anybody here. That would make a lot more sense because of the support group this she had it with her family and friends and the tightness at that family had so, let's go up here, a little bit and really kind of dive in and review the situation. As we said, Heather found her first serious boyfriend at the age of Teen captain has already pointed out that this is young man named Joshua. Being this is sometime right around high school graduation, her senior year, boyfriend Joshua being here about three years older than Heather, and while they both attended the same high school, it appear to me that they didn't really know one another during their time together that it wasn't really. the meeting until Heather senior year now, as we said, graduated in two thousand and five, but Heather goes missing in two thousand and seven and April, but within just the first few months after
The two began dating Heather confided in mother Debbie telling Joshua was abusive when things got out of control. He was beating her She told her mom. You know don't worry about this not to worry about this, that she could handle this herself and she was attempting to handle the situation, but the abuse continued and like we have sadly seen so many times. Captain the abuse escalated to the point of person. Seeing bruises on Heather and bruises all over her body and then eventually, we even have a concussion that she suffers from some of this abuse
well, we've all been in bad relationships, but I've never personally been involved in one that became physically abusive. So I I couldn't even imagine the what's going through one's head when that's happening. You know I'm we're in an argument, and now it's turning violent, that I'm to me that would throw a bunch of red flags and I'd be trying to get the situation pretty quickly. But again I've never experienced that. So I have no clue what that is. Well, I'm guessing that it did present a whole bunch of red flags to Heather in that's. Why we're going to see that this relationship is kind of on again off again over the period of time here now before them, stuff escalated Heather. Have been right when she said that she could handle it, or at least
I think that she believed that she could handle it. I don't think that that was just words that she was putting together to try to please her mom or calm her mom right. I think this sheet we felt like hey I'm in control, I'm I'm I'm a bright young when whose on on my path to greatness, I'm off the college and I have my goals. I have my achievements that I'm seeking and I'm hard working- and I can I can battle through this and battle through this doesn't necessarily mean that she's going to latch on
Joshua been for the rest of her life. Now it's probably she intended to kick this jerk to the curb and move on with things and get on with get not once tough too, because this individual that they might have a really good relationship other than this part, and you always hero a lot of people that have struggled with this said. Well, you know the partner kept on saying I'm going to change, and I and that's never going to happen. It's never going to escalate to that point again well kudos for her, because it looks like she was attempting to move on or handle it because eventually, at some point she will press charges against Joshua, but then we're Goin to see him, do the normal song and dance routine of apologizing and promising that it would never happen again now not exactly sure of when the abuse in this relationship started and
At times we see that no one really outside of the relationship is always certain of when the first offence occurs. Maybe here His mother Debbie knows, but it's clear in this case that once Heather went off to college, the physical abuse was real by point. So after graduating, Heather move to blooming tend to attend Andy. University, Joshua being was attending. I? U P, why Heather, when she started school, she moved into a dorm with her cousin. This was a lifelong dream of theirs. These are cousins that are of the same age, grew up together and not just cousins, but very good, if not best. Friends, like many other college, kids Heather, did not have a car while she's living on campus, so her boyfriend Josh would often pick her up taking her back to his place for the weekend.
and it seems like there was a little bit of a very problematic reoccurring theme here, or at least it seems that this may have happened on more than one occasion with this jerk. So at the end of the weekend time to drive his girlfriend back to her school Indiana University. He would then We refuse to drive her back right so based on one occasion her parents had to come and collect her from Joshua's place and then drive her back to school. Why is using it to manipulate her and control her?
actually right he's using every excuse in the book as to why he's not going to return her, but at the end of the day it appears to me captain this is this: is it an attempt at possessing her write? A few weeks later, the following event took place over the Thanksgiving weekend of two thousand and five Heather in her friend. Her name is Aaron they're, both home from college for the holiday. Now, during this break, Heather calls her friend Aaron, crying hysterically, Aaron rushes out to meet her friend just ten minutes after the call, and she finds Heather still hysterical. But she also finds her with visible marks of abuse on her there's a scratch on her eye and red finger marks
on Heather's neck when Heather finally calm down, she told Erin that her boyfriend, Joshua Bein, had hit her in the stomach and put her in a headlong while they were at his father's home. Thankfully, Heather said that Beans Father stepped in at some point. Putting a stop to this man is in that the police were in fact called now. is reported? He should be his sons ass. That may have happened. We all know is not part of the report, but the couple did break up that November. So we have these two young people dating there's a history pretty quickly of violence in the arguments becoming physical than we have this escalation. I mean at his own parents house, that's pretty brazen, which will then lead to them. Ultimately, breaking up that's correct. Captain now and-
Fortunately, the two reconciled on Valentine's day in two thousand and six. This is when Joshua being visited, Heather and blooming tin with a gift of flowers and, of course, an apology begging her to reconsider thereafter Heather spent an increasing amount of time with She will being in indian apple as this is because she eventually started to withdraw from classes in April. Two thousand and six eventually dropping out altogether Heather got a job after she took this break from school or quit.
In school. She loved it. Everyone says that she really dug this job, an of course with the new job Heather started. Meeting new friends. Joshua did not like this one bit and eventually he forces her to quit. That job now is to my friends or one thing I don't think you look for in a relationship when you're younger is. Is this person making me better as as person making my life better? I just I, I think you're so caught up in attraction and initial feelings and stuff like that, that you don't really or at least side in it, think too much about. Are they making my life better? Are they making me a better person? Do they want
to be around my friends and family, they should be supportive of that cuz. That would that makes you a better you most of the time. Personally, I insist that whoever I'm with that they have a job, they have hobbies, they have their own friends, because if I'm, the only person that you're talking to one of us is going to go crazy, real, quick, and I'm not that normal of a guy, so it will probably be the person that I'm with now we have pointed out captain how active of a lifestyle Heather I mean even from a young age, she's very outgoing, very ongoing nature. I mean most of us love hanging out with our friends and a lot of us love meeting other people, but Heather's friends would say that they felt creeped out by her boyfriend by Joshua being and they also say that it was obvious to them that Joshua was determined to keep Heather from hanging out with them this kind.
Those back to what we saw while she was at school? You know the excuses of refuse to return her after collecting her and having her at his place for the weekend. It's it's that possession that it seems that he's he's intent on having of this young woman, I hate to jump around too much, but what a situation of if you walked in on your son being physically violent towards his girlfriend, that would be that'd be an intense moment, because one you'd be extremely disappointed and but mine. My natural reaction probably would be to make him swallow his own t. I'm one, though, that I don't think that violence cures, violence and I think that the counseling would be could be.
potentially a very good thing for this angry young man who clearly does not know how to control himself his emotions and does not know how to conduct himself. Like a real man or an adult rank. Clearly, at this point here, a lot of growing up to do in L, a lot of self improvement to to make when, though this young man, he begs this young woman to take him back and does seem that they were able to reconcile and they start their relationship back up again. Unfortunately, something he's. Never never change some time in November two thousand and six now we have to end it produce a woman named Hazel rich. She says that she when her door her front door to find a stranger at her doorstep. It was Heather Norse on Russia's front doorstep on South Meridian Street Indianapolis, the young woman told Hazel that she needed help. She was asking too,
whose hazels Hazel's telephone she was to call her mother because her boyfriend, hedge, thrown her and all of her belongings out his car. Hazel, immediately notice that the young woman's arms were scraped and bleeding Hazel, believe Heather's, worry and knew that She was dealing with something very serious here course, Hazel allowed Heather to use her phone Heather called her mother, Deborah North and shortly after the call was placed Deborah I arrived on the scene and picked Heather up who was still at Hazel's home. This led to another breakup between Heather and Joshua, been yeah. There's. This guy is really showing how much of a piece of shit he is the.
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Shelly dot com or stop by your local store and find affordable price, sing an expert support today, Ashley America's number one furniture and mattress store, The the all right, we are back me, cheers here's to your colonel cheers, cats and well. What we're going to see here is continued violence from this Joshua being against his on again off again Girlfriend Heather Norris she's, alleging
plastic battery on several occasions against this guy multiple times pressing charges against him, and this is going to bring us to the point of early April, two thousand and seven when Heather North stop returning phone calls from family and friends. This is pretty early on in April of two thousand and seven here captain now it wouldn't be until April, twenty fifth, that Heather's mother Deborah filed a missing persons report and again the family aiding that this is after several days, go by and not being able to get a hold of Heather. So so it appears that at some point probably around the eighteenth nineteen. Maybe even the twentieth is when Heather's family starts having trouble getting in touch with her. They noticed something serious is probably happened here,
they're searching for their daughter, they're, checking all the normal places, calling all the friends even going to the boyfriend's house. The father says he gets no answer when he knocking on Joshua Beans, front door, and it will be on the 25th of April two thousand and seven when the missing persons report is officially filed. This with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department I m p d, but between that time period an April twenty fifth, going to be a lot of curious If you're going on a lot of things that are witnessed by other people during the course of just that. Weeks, and this really stems back to April eleventh This is when Joshua been missed, an important meeting at his place of employment, his super eyes or calls Josh
inform. You know: where are you we're having this meeting to which Josh then replies via email back to the boss doesn't speak with them on the phone and in the email he saying that he was sick. He couldn't come into work and apologize for not making the meeting. He then called the director of the company, so it sounds like he goes above his supervisors head to make a phone call and the director explaining his absence. Basically right and it sounds to me like the director was unable to answer the call so Josh leaves a message stating that he he was jumped and had been attacked by a couple people. and had to go, see a doctor and receive medical attention for being attacked. He's even comes up with a dog there's no like later he's providing his work with a doctor's. No a written doctors, no excusing him from work for not
it's the time that he's already missed, but for the remainder of that week, let me see if I'm following this correctly, he tells his boss- hey, I'm sorry couldn't come in. I was sick, then goes above his head and tells somebody else. I wasn't sick, I was jumped and then I had to go see a doctor because I was jumped yes, I mean which one is it I mean at some point. You his work, would catch him in this lie, of course yet, and the debt problem, though, here too, as that's not the extent of the story telling or the versions of this different story, because he does in fact go to the doktor, and we know that, because he has this written doctors, no excusing him from work for the day that he missed brain but also for the rest of the week, but when he went and received treatment from a doctor. This was at an urgent care clinic add cuts on his hands in his arms, so this does
seemed to go along with his story of being jumped being attacked by these bull and needing medical attention, however, at the doctor Vince You know they want to know what what happened to you. We, put it in our report. Why you received these injuries right and he tells them a completely different story. He says that there were, he was carrying trash, the trash bags, it contained broken beer bottles, broken glass. It was inside the trash and somehow he either dropped the bag
There are some kind of accident or incident that ended up with him receiving cuts on his fingers and for arms from this carrying the broken glass. He does ultimately receive twenty five stitches for cuts that he had on his person, but medical professionals have seen a lot of situation, especially somebody that attacks are girlfriend and the girlfriend defence himself, and then that person the bees are than has wounds on them. I'm sure when he's time, whatever lame story. He came up with that they're thinking that these don't look like the injury that you're describing the following day: Joshua being purchased a chainsaw, and a utility knife and black trash bags at a local hardware store. He also rented a rug doctor cleaner and purchased a bunch of car.
Cleaning solution around the same time, so MID April issue, Early to MID April is Joshua starts telling his family and his friends that him and his girlfriend Heather Norris broke up and the I to explain: I guess I guess he's attempting to explain away why she is not with him. It's also a little weird, though, to hear captain, because around the same time is when we have roommates they are going to move and to Joshua Beans residents. They are going to rent a room from him. The to say that they never really saw Heather nurse from the time that they moved in now the one of the roommates was a female, and she would later say that she did communicate with Heather Norris via Myspace, but did think that it was strange. that during their time living
that she she had never seen her. You said this Myspace posts that she left that we talked earlier about, might not have been her. The communication to these new roommates might not have been her well, and I think we need to pay attention to the dates that are given to some of this. Some of these actions that are taking place, whether it be from activity on Heather, Norris's, Myspace page and then let's cross reference, that with activity that we'd know based off of witness statements that this Joshua been what he's up to around the same time. So we know he calls off work or x. Away his absence from work on April eleven, the Myspace Post, hey, I need to get out of this state drama box, checked sadness as my mood that takes place on April. Seventeenth, that's six days later and.
I'm, not quite certain exactly when the roommates moved in so am I can't say Certain win. The female roommate says that she was interacting with head via Myspace. would be right around the same time. Re It's a little unclear that portion of the story, but we, with it being. He skips work on the eleventh with the excused absence, and we know that he's not at work the rest of the week and again on the twelfth we have him at the hardware store purchasing these items, which include the chainsaw a mop, the rug doctor. in and again around the same time he's still telling people that Heather Nurse and him no longer in item B it starts doing a lot of work on his home around this time
and then we have a neighbor of his who says that he sees Joshua being driving away from Joshua was home and Heather. Norris is car, but this is weird he's wearing blue latex gloves, while he's dry, this vehicle away from the home on April. Twenty fifth is when we have the missing persons report. Okay, so the eleventh he's missing work. The seventeenth is that cryptic message on her myspace page, the twenty fifth is when the family files are missing. Persons report somewhere during all of that is when the the neighbor witnesses being driving Heather Norris's vehicle away from his house in the blue, latex glow, well yeah. One love gloves is very Dexter like and then to your say,
she's, not your girlfriend, then why are you driving her vehicle correct and you know, it's the world's a germy place, maybe he's just being proactive with the latex gloves. I don't believe it, but sadly on May eighth. This is you know the family already has all their suspicions in How can a lady a man their prey we already heartbroken at this point and really expecting to hear the worst at some point. Yeah the confer in the first confirmation that I see of this, that's going to really underline their concerns and and probably tell them that this is not going to work out very well. This is on May eighth when an officer from the indian apple, is metropolitan police department, locates Heather's vehicle, so they find her vehicle at a hotel parking on the West side of indian Apple is now all So in the same month we have jobs
actual bean and his friend David Dawson. They go on vacation together. Down to Mexico. their Dawson's GSM some really bad news, because he say in one night the two of them get quite intoxicated, and during the course of that evening? Bean starts confessing to him yet the reason why no one can find Heather Norris is because he killed her and that he did this at his home that he you the chainsaw to cut up the remains and drove around the south side of Indianapolis disposing of her and various dumpsters throughout the south side of town. There was seen in many cases where they just member the body and then put in separate bags and then tried to conceal their their guilt by
spreading, the the victim all over town. On the twenty fourth of May, the police. They executed a search, er on beans, residence during the course of this search, they detect the press of human remains in his residence. Now, So on the twenty fourth after learning that police wish to talk with him because it sounds like he wasn't present when they searched his home. You know they want to speak with. Especially after finding what they did inside his home. Finding human human remains. You think they would want to talk to him yes, evidence of human remains. Joshua bean leaves a message with the police department and stating any questions for him should be directed to his attorney on the twenty six. So this is two days later we have Joshua Beans, father and his uncle. They check in
with Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department there. the police, what the police kind of already know here, they're saying that hey my son, my nephew Joshua Bean, told us that he killed Heather Norris and that he burned and dismembered and disposed of her body. So this is when officially the missing persons case becomes a murder investigation, in that evening. They find Joshua being at the home of his cousin and they arrest him. There similar to the Chris Watts case, where the murderer confesses to their their father. Yes, that's good!
act and it's not long after the detectives pick him up at his cousins that once they sit him down, he he pretty quickly waves, his his rights after being advised of his rights, and he agrees to to a confession. Basically of the situation and in the murder that occurred- and this was a tape recorded confession being told the officers that Heather Norris was staying with him the time and that the murder took place on April tenth. So this would be the night or he has the eventually excused absence from work. He said the two of them began to argue and during the course of this argument, he stabbed Heather multiple times with a steak knife. This took place in the basement of his home. He said that he then took went to great lengths to to conceal the murder and
to dispose of her body again. Placing her remains in various dumpsters around the south side of Indianapolis Joshua, also said that he clean the laundry room area with bleach painted with black paint. He painted the walls of this basement and stairwell with black paint and the basement bath
him as well. He said that he hired someone to replace the carpet on the basement stairs we do have just like you had said he referenced the Watts case in this situation. We have his father and uncle were present for a portion of this interview where he confesses once again to killing Heather Norse so with a confession that is going to doesn't make obviously then better. But it's gloom, make convicting this murderer and putting him behind bars where he should be. So he can't hurt him, be else again, a lot easier.
Then than it would if he does kept trying to deny it and fry me, keep concealing that he's the martyr yes, oh, this is one of those cases. Where is its very difficult and its often difficult to to prove, because here we have no body. Yes, they found evidence of you, and remains, but for my understanding captain those were like in the form of ashes right here. So what we have is everyone else's statements of hey. I saw him doing this. I saw him move her vehicle. There was even one witness has said. We witnessed her vehicle his garage for mulch days after she was no longer around and it was until one of us says to him: hey, what's her car still do I thought you guys broke up. Then he decides you move the vehicle brain. So he moves vehicle of courses, as we already discussed
He seen moving the vehicle wearing these latex gloves he purchases all these strange items that go along with his confession to his friend to his father too. Uncle and then police, while Walmart and stores like this, should come up with like like a kill kit or like a covering up your murder kit, because some of these you want to be put on a list if you buy a chainsaw. Well, some of these. Some of these idiots I would buy those packages and all you're saying they should market yeah marketed as a murder cover up kit cause. Some of these guys would be like, while it's all in one box, it's a it's a good value, and then you just have a detective waiting In hiding right tackles you as you leave the store, while neither and that and like you said it's difficult because We already know a defense attorney can eat that up as far as
We already know that she was at the house and that she was present throughout the house. So there's a lot of pieces of evidence that you could argue away correct. The ash form gets a little difficult, but that's not really going to be as you're, pointing out here captain clearly pointing out that going to be the biggest part of their case. The biggest part of their case is going to be everyone's statements and then all their statements of his activities and his actions during the course of the time. She was missing and police and family and friends are looking for her right there also very suspicious, and then they go along with all of the confessions the he has made so you're What will they write? The confessions are going to make this trial a lot easier. Now we say trial, because you would think that this dude would just plead guilty. Well, he he does not. He actually decides to fight the charges, the charge of murder,
her, and he has his attorney work to try to suppress the sum of this evidence. He wants to read of his confession, to police from the trial and there was a case it was. There was a case that was referenced in leading up to his trial. because there was another Indiana case where there was no body. The kind of set the precedent for taking a case like this trial with no body, because we ve seen that being a problem. Many many times most time. We don't have any formal confession in those types of cases here, thankfully, he confesses to police and thankfully They record the confession. all of law enforcement everywhere. Please record
well interrogations all questioning all confessions, because that's the best way for that information to hold up should you need for it to hold up, and I am sure that this these detectors probably did think we're going to have a trial here when he's sitting here, telling them exactly what he did and exactly how it went down yeah, but even if they have that man I'd be tough. If you're on the jury and to hear this s obese, Dad say: hey eat. My son confessed me if he ended up taking a stand against his Now, that's pretty damning yeah his trial will only take about four days, so he's trot. He is charged with murder and abuse of a corpse this on May thirty. First of two thousand and two Heaven and the trial started on August forth and lasting until August, eighth of two thousand and eight. So he received sixty eight years for this matter.
Sixty five of it was for the murder itself and three for the abuse of a corpse. Now he did appeal then and he really appealed everything he appealed. I mean absolutely everything he. He appealed the the confession. He can appealed the evidence basically wanted to get everything thrown out and the state of Indiana reviewed this and basically said denied he. We ve looked at everything that you sent to us. Because his claim is it every time he confessed to killing Heather He was under the influence of drugs and alcohol that he he was either ox occasion or in the as he says when he confessed to police, he had been drinking and it took. I think it was four or five Xanax pills, and I mean
Of course he what he's gotta be nervous, is held. The police know what you ve done. They co that you're a murderer and thereabout the lock you up for a very very long time, specifically here, after him reading from my notes, it says that he says that he took four to six shots of Jaeger, Meister and three or four pills of Xanax not people at home- do not do that yeah, that's not a fun drinking game, yeah, don't mix xanax in AL. here's another thing, probably don't do shots of Jaeger Meister either I don't. I've never had a situation where that ends nicely dollars, we're on that. One. That's always goes down good, where, like my father likes to say, Yeager Meister, that's the drink people drink when they don't like themselves.
Try and no matter how many cases we do you go sixty five years for murder, just doesn't seem long enough and then only three years for the charge of abuse of a corpse this. It just never seems long enough in obviously Joshua Bean has a history of violence, is prone to violence, he's a violent individual, especially when it comes to then girlfriend or on again off again Girlfriend Heather Norse it. But I have. I have some other questions here, because my questions are of course These other situations got out of hand got out of control with with Josh. Well behaving like a monster time and time again The questions I have here too, is that it to me, like she
was due to testify against him in some of the charges that she had pressed against the assault charges. The previous assault charges rain that she was set to the fight against him, I believe later that month in April, so I don't know if, if an argument started because of that there is, some suggestion and has been some evidence that he was growing marijuana in the basement and maybe an argument started because of that it is to me like there be many reasons for the two of them to be. Two ought to be arguing, but I I just question: is there a chance here that that no argument took place and that he was just a plan this? It does to be well planned out right. So maybe he didn't plan it, but I'm just throwing that out
there that it looks to me like she was set to testify against him and see through on some of those charges that same month yeah we just. We need to do a better job as a society trying to raise these these boys and men that they're just not there there's too much abuse, there's too much mental illness. There's too much I mean it's it's every week. You know and I'm sure that Joshua Beans Father wishes. He handled the situation with his with his son differently, and maybe even demanded that he stayed away from her it's a very sad case. It is a very sad case and it's a situation where I mean. Who knows I mean we, we clearly we we put these people under the best microscope that we can, when we try to tell these true crime stories, but
but we don't know. I mean maybe his father did do everything right if there is such a handbook out there, maybe he followed it to the t and in in detail and I'm not trying to throw him under the know. I know I get what you're saying in any in your absolutely. Those are some of the details that are left out of the story is like. Did he sit down his son multiple times and say? Look if, if you can't treat this girl with respect, then you don't need to be with her. I mean he might have told her told him that a bunch of times you know and he might have Joshua being mine. I grew up in a household where his father showed his mom respect and and that the men showed respect to women and were protective of women and not abusive or not I'm trying to be controlling and domineering and all those things. Sometimes people are just you know it's nature or nurture, and some people are just born. A shit bag,
You know right and that's what I'm saying in in Josh was certainly not under his father's roof at the time of of a lot of this type of behavior, and we know that the father stepped in at least once and well stepped in again going to police and saying hey. My son is fast, something very terrible to me. You need to go in a rest him so that this is a Europe absolutely right. There's, U review cases like this and you go. What could have we have done differently, not just as parents, her or families members of of both of these individuals, but as a society and and how do we bring up our young and make sure that this never happens again?
Of course, the answers they're just not so simple: they they really just are not so simple here when you feel bad for her friends and family, but but also look its it's there's so many victims in these stories, one person touched so many people's lives and but also I'm sure, at some point, when this Joshua being was five six years old, that his parents and his family and friends didn't think that this is how his story was going to end. So there's just so many victims. And this and that we we need to do better at trying to raise better people well and unfortunately his story doesn't end. I mean yes, he's locked up, but his earliest possible release date is July of twenty four
So he's he's younger than you and I captain his birth year was one thousand nine hundred and eighty four he could be out at some point and and hopefully hopefully that does not happen. I think this individual should be locked up and locked away for I here there are some other little. but I do want to throw in before we wrap up for this week. Your captain, it was stated by his friend, and who pass along information that he said that he received first hand from Joshua being while they were drinks. Together, partying together on their trip in Mexico, he he would later tell law enforcement and testify against his his one time friend that that he was told by Joshua that Heather entered nine one one in her phone and three, I call police- and this was for a
to of reasons among multiple reasons here and that they they were fighting and- and I mean this is who knows if some of this stuff is true, because coming from Joshua Bean and we've already seen what kind of character he has, but he told Dawson that Heather's last week, Words to him. Were I love you Josh, and there was some I mean if, if any good could come, this: it came from Heather's family and a lot of their hard work that they have done after the murder and we have a foundation called Heather's voice that was started by Heather's mother Debbie, this a nonprofit organization that educates teenagers about domestic violence and healthy relationships. There is
moral scholarship fund that was set up there is a foundation called Heather's closet. It was set up. There was a lot of good that her family has been able to do so. This horrible portion of their lives in this horrific tragedy, the national, teen dating Abuse Helpline is eighteen billion. Six hundred and sixty three million three hundred and twelve thousand three hundred and seventeen for and the national domestic violence Hotline is one eight hundred seven ninety nine seven thousand three three, and we ask that you not forget Heather, Norse or Heather story. If anyone out there is experiencing anything anything like what Heather experienced.
her relationship or, if you know of someone that is experiencing anything like that, please contact one of those numbers help your friend help yourself. There are people out there that are able to help you in your situation and not just of your experiencing physical violence. But if you're also being, if you're being threatened with physical violence, even if it has escalated to that point, don't hesitate to reach out try to get help for the situation. Your end, The there, for join us here in the garage thanks for picking up what we're putting down make sure you subscribe to the show and leave us a five star review if you think we're worth
Colonel do we have any recommended reading this week this week kept We are recommending the murderer across the hall, a book written by Crystal O Keeffe O'Keeffe, lived with Joshua Bein when he murdered Heather Norse in April of two thousand and seven o Keefe in her boyfriend moved in with being about a week before the murder O Keefe later testified against Joshua Bein, which resulted in his conviction. Proceeds from this book will support the domestic violence network and Heather's voice. An organization started by Heather Norse as mother after her murder check out the murderer across the hall by Crystal O Keefe. You can find that great book and many others and our website on our recommend,
page. That's true crime, garage, dotcom, yeah, so many books, if you're into reading its the best way to do a deep dive into these cases. Thanks. So much for joining us join us back here and the garage next week until then be good, be kind. and don't let worry.
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