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This week’s case starts with two calls to 911. The homeowners are reporting a break in at their home. When police arrive, they find one person injured and another dead. Beer of the Week - Razz the Roof Garage Grade - 3 and 3 quarter bottle caps

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Alright, everybody gather round grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime one of the top reasons the people purchase. Firearms is for protection protecting themselves, their loved ones and their homes. from the dangers beyond their walls, keeping the bad outside.
No one ever wants to have to deal with a home invasion by a dangerous intruder. In today's case, we have just that a young couple expecting to be safe. sure and their own home when they hear someone breaking in to their house, the husband grabs his gun. And confronts the intruder then goes wrong and instead, of the intruder being shot. The husband and the wife are both shot with their own gun. One of them will not survive the incident. The other is left to answer A lot of questions. This is true crime garage, and this is the case
he fergus. The we begin, several of our shows with the nine one. One calls that signaled the beginning of law enforcement's attention to a crime. Of course, the call for help usually indicates that something is very, very wrong This case there were two nine one. One calls from different people to different callers asking for help at the same crime scene the audio for these calls has not been released, but the transcripts have. The first call was made to the ramsey county emergency communication center on April twenty fifth, two thousand and ten, the call came. From seventeen. Ninety four west, many ha ha avenue in the city of Saint Paul minnesota. This.
was a residential neighborhood in which the small bungalow style homes were packed together in fairly close proximity. The color we would later learn was a twenty five. an old woman named heidi fergus yeah, heidi furkids is married to nick fergus and they live in a house that they're purchasing they they own the house correct. So this first nine one one call It's pretty short and really the only information is communicated to dispatch by heidi. Is that a somebody's breaking into their home be she's trying to communicate with them her location, their address, and it never really fully gets out in this first call. What ends up happening is there is allowed. Boys, heidi or somebody yells, no, and then the call ends abruptly so this leaves dispatch with one
and oh k well what's going on there and where exactly is this place located? They try to call her back several times, but this is not successful, then a second when one call came in from the same address the collar this time was a male. We were not able to find anything that would tell us how much time elapsed between these two different calls on the reason why cause please have released the time of nix call but not of high. These call right did the crucial piece of information. That would be very helpful for us to know, but it's not been release. All that has been reported is that this Nine one one call came in as squad cars were still responding to the scene What information we do have here captain is that the second nine
One call came in at about six hundred and thirty a dot m, and what we can make out from this call. Is it it's coming from a man's home who violently invaded by an intruder, and the man's wife was shot in the melee. She appears to him the man on the phone to be dead. He sounds hysterical, and who wouldn't be an unknown assailant was in his residence, his wife was shot and he was shot in Likely went down very fast and, as we said, captain this is supposed to be a quiet sunday morning here calling nine one one and he stays on the phone until the officers arrive on the scene, for I witness is in the neighborhood also state that at the time that it would have been
daylight or almost daylight at that hour, and what we're going to see is, as the police investigation begins, there was a frustrating lack of detail to go on what actually went down in that house in the early morning. Hours of that sunday, before we get in the nitty gritty of this case? I've got to say heidi and nick fergus. This seems like just eight totally normal everyday american couple. Heidi Erickson grew up in falcon heights. She played basketball and tennis in high school. She was in the choir and loved to draw and paint she was known for making beautiful cards she gave to her friends. She was close with her two older brothers. Her parents describe her as a very trusting, but maybe a little naive, heidi and nick met in two thousand and three at the calvary baptist church youth group right after heidi graduated from high
they got married when heidi was twenty years. Old nick was twenty two, so they were married for five years before the shooting happened. Heidi recently started an administrative job at a financial services firm where her father worked, and in fact the two had met for coffee at work on the friday before heidi die. We know that nick fergus, while he grew up the area as well, and his family was very active in the church where nick and heidi met and two thousand and ten nick was the rector of operations at crew to camp dry, which was a local carpet. Cleaning company by the accounts of every single one of nick and heidi's friends and acquaintances. The two had ideal marriage
while many activities like travel and viking together. These were wonderful people involved at their church, even working as youth group leaders. They had lots of friends and loved tooth dinner parties at their home or even after a decade of this crime happening. I have not heard one friend fam, or come forward and say you know what heidi and nick they they weren't getting along that they had some problems That's what's so weird about this case because of the suspicions that would later come out. You would expect to hear some problems or expect to hear some bad stuff, but. It just doesn't seem to be any coming from people that knew these people closest. Their home was a three bedroom two bath house with just a touch over fifteen hundred square feet. They purchased the home in two thousand and seven
When police arrived at the focus home, heidi focus was dead, lying in the entry way to the kitchen, nick was wounded. No one else was present. According to the first news reports, this has published the same day that this all went down. This is from the pie, your press, twin cities. Twenty seven year old, nick fergus, told police that he and his wife heard an intruder near the front door of their home. Was very early on sunday morning again, we don't know the time first nine hundred and eleven call made by heidi, but the second nine hundred and eleven call from nick was at six hundred and thirty. According to nick, both he and Heidi went downstairs to investigate nick armed with his shot gun. There was a struggle and heidi and nick were both shot quote during the struggle. Nick focuses, gun went off and heidi was shot, the struggle contain,
and nicholas, was shot in the leg. With his gun, this from a saint Paul police spokesman, the intruder fled, nothin was taken from the home. This is, according to police police were able to recover the shock on from the fergus home and while heidi fergus was dead when first responders arrived on the scene, nick fergus, who was shot in the leg, was treated and released from regions hospital, real, quick back to the the gunshots, because the the police, spokesman, says he was speaking from nick's account of the events this. This is weird because, on the nine one one call nick said that He didn't know who shot him now. It sounds like the only gun that was fired was in fact necks, nick toll police that he did not know the
true to her and although they scouted the area police had no luck. Locating the person who broke into the home nick described the intruder as a male of unknown race, six feet to six feet, two inches tall, two hundred to two hundred and twenty pounds. He said the man was wearing a dark coloured, hooded sweatshirt. There was no sign of forced entry into the police would say only that the home was quote secured when they arrived. There was a witness. This is clifford mitchell who lives down. The street said that he heard a car pull out real fast screeching tires in the alley behind the ferguson's home. He estimated it was about six hundred and fifteen, or six hundred and twenty a dot m. Clifford said he did not see the car. He only heard
the vehicle. The problem with this, I witness is it's a heavily dense area. The other thing to captain is: there's no public report out there on the lapse of time between the two gunshots, brain, we don't have anybody saying that they heard the gunshots now we know they. Obviously they did take place we just Don'T- have anybody else to tell us when they took place. If we go off of the nine one one calls that was lead us to believe. Heidi's call ended as the first, shot went off or just before the first shot went off and we know basis of what nick tells nine one one that he's had he been shot by the time. He's called back to nine one one resource some time between the start of heidi's call and the start of nix call. We have two gunshots first heidi shot and then nick shot this according to our only
living witness sorrowfully only living victim s, a less, simplify this. This couples up in their bed. room. The husband nick hears something says the front door now. Does the front door mean the front door to nick cuz? You know how some people have a front door and then they have a door that they use all the time and then that's what they call the front door cannot tell you why what door means? What to this man, I I don't know him but seeing the layout of his home, it would be hard to confuse the front entryway with with any other door to the gut that clears it up. So he wakes up his wife. Hey wake up, I think somebody's trying to get in the house, and then he claims that they both go downstairs. She obviously has her phone. I don't know if he has his phone at the time. They say he sees the intruder. He struggles with this intruder. He looks to me.
about maybe nick, and he looks maybe to me, maybe five hundred and ten or so so he's wrestling with a guy, that's larger than he is heavier than he is during that wrestling. The gun goes off which shoots his wife in the back The gun then goes off and shoots him in the leg. Her wounds being fatal. His not fatal at all I wouldn't say that they're, not there weren't severe yet so. Regarding his wound, this was a tricky thing to to figure, because the report just say, hey, he was treated that day and release from the hospital. So when you hear that you're, like all you know, it's a merely a flesh, wound re right, but there have been conflicting reports. There are some people out there. That said, hey this dude showed me the gunshot
later and it was gruesome and then there's other people that do say the same thing that that you would expect all was just it just grazed him right so there's conflicting reports. I have not seen any pictures or anything or any detailed hospital reports to to get a better idea on what this looks like. But if we are to believe next story, it sounds. Like the two of them: go down the steps, almost the stairs at almost the same time, she's armed with her cell phone he's armed with a shotgun and when they get to the foot of the stairs there encountered by the intruder and now We got two men wrestling over a big gun right fights on now, what's interesting, though Why is she gone down there to me okay, there's intruder, I got my gun you call man one one right.
call nine one one. I got my gun. Let's do this. He claims that she he was trying to get her to go to the garage yeah or or at least outside in the backyard, which makes no sense to me unless again What kind of noises are you hearing a fee if, if you're just hearing a jiggle of a door handle? Maybe that sounds like one person? If it sounded like more p, Maybe that would be a reason to run to the garage or to run outside it. Just doesn't make a lot of sense to me and then you have this struggle that takes
please. I would assume that this intruder wouldn't know what kind of gun he was wrestling away, how many shots that it would be able to fire, but all of a sudden, it's like one shot kills somebody the other shot wounds, the other person and then the person decided to then take off from my teachings when I was working in security and everything that I learn their the majority. at the time believe it or not. They do say the safest place for a person to to get to in a situation like this would be to get out of the house you want to, especially knowing that it's it's the light of day is coming about bright you. Be out in public or at least in the view of other people of witnesses and you're less likely to have something bad happen to you in that situation. Now variables that are going to change that, given this situation
You are arming yourself, you're. Looking like you're ready to defend yourself. I probably would not instruct anybody to go out I'd. I mean we have the intruder. Who's believed to be on the ground level: let's keep every who's not armed upstairs, and I we'll go down and try to stay. Our ground here, yet locked, the bathroom or if there is a mass of sweet, lock, the the bedroom locked, the bathroom door hide in here, make the call. That's why rich people have panic rooms is, I think, taking barricade themselves in call for help and not have to encounter the intruder. Now hear what I, what I love about this and and often people, buy a shotgun for the purpose of protecting their home everybody the universal shotgun sound
You can usually make that sound, and if a perp hears that and they're inside your home, they are not fn with you any more. They are out picking them up, putting them down in there they're on the rack cock that gun. That's a a versatile sound for get out of my house and ninety per At the time, that's what goes down. My guess here is if this goes down the way nick said it did theirs, chance that this intruder did not see the gun until they were already fighting over the gun. If that makes any sense right cause, he says there coming down the stairs and that's when and boom bump into the intruder. Now we have a fight going on one of the problems, though, with this story, as we have no sign of forced entry right well in advance, listen to this. So I was looking for okay. I will any public report for these gunshots went off right because then
well they're, not going to tell me what time, both nine when one calls took place, I'm curious how how much earlier than the the second call did these gunshots go off, but there is no public report, for that. Is this report, a next door neighbor his aims, Brandon o connor, he as it he heard a man yelling who sounded like he was in pain. So presumably this is nix nine one one call we we can tell by the transcript that nick is yelling. I mean he he's calling for help. He saying everything you would think anticipate somebody to be saying during this Jewish. We need to go over that transcript a little bit clearer. The neighbor makes no rep and to the loud gunshots only that he heard man yelling yeah you wonder why they need to do ballistic test to see how but range when she was hit with the heidi being hit with the gun
So the day after the shooting police release, more information that was interesting idea died. you're being shot once in the back with her husband's shot gun. A second shot from the same gun. This is in this report. Grazed next lay The gun was fired only twice so both both it was fired two times one hitting the wife one hitting nick in the leg. According to nick heidi had been shot as she was running out of the room where he was fighting with the intruder, but we're unable to detect any signs of a struggle inside the home, which was processed as a crime scene, and they process this for two days following the murder. It's also not clear to us how long this struggle was. It could have been grabbed the gun, be a push, pull shot shot. The guy takes off running. You know a struggle for ten
seconds twenty seconds, and I do want to be clear: heidi death certificate does reed cause of death shock and wound the back manner of death, homicide, police, collected d, and fingerprint information from nyc to help them sort out any physical evidence collected at the scene. This, of course, is standard procedure to help them isolate any Stranger or intruder dna or prince. The police spokesmen, told the media that nick was not considered a suspect. A couple of days after heidi died, the press got wind of some information. That police said was unrelated to the case, but those following the case found it very interesting. They found a very reliable. The firm is home was under foreclosure,
In fact, the sheriff's office was scheduled to take possession of the house on the morning of Monday April. Twenty sixth, this would be the day after heidi was killed, the furnaces were being evicted. It turned out that house had been sold in june of two thousand and nine in a foreclosure sale. It appeared that heidi nick we're were living there despite this sale and the eviction notices that they receiving for months. They were living there for months without paying any thing the focuses we're going to be homeless. Now. What does have to do with the intruder who broke in well, it was known by police that the house was not all packed up, as one would expect It looked totally normal, there's furniture, there's personal possessions, there's framed photos
on display pictures on the wall. Stressors are full with clothes right because also have everything was packed up and you go well. There was a struggle, but there's no sign of the struggle. Of course, there's not me now or not obvious signs of a struggle like holes in a wall or anything because everything's packed up, but that's not the case with their house. it appears captain that there weren't even boxes or crates to be packed up and heidi had not told anyone about an eviction or moving or anything. Some people procrastinate though, while after nick was these from the hospital this on the twenty sixth, he and his parents sat down with high these parents and he told them about the eviction at that time. Nick assured them that heidi knew about this. But John and Linda Erickson, her parents, they weren't, buying it high parents
well the media that their daughter had not known that she was about to be evicted right. So this becomes a possible motive. Linda says that heidi talked about looking into a short sale of the home. would be apparently because she wanted to live in a different house. Have some kids raise the kids in a different home? In other words, they were sintering selling the house, even though they knew they would not make any money off of the sale they've not been in the house very long. The thought here, Linda Heidi's mom says was that they were going to downsize to an apartment this, so they could save up money for a different house. Apparently nick was present. For that conversation,
and her parents would later say that nick remain totally silent. During that entire conversation on Tuesday April, twenty seventh, the sheriff's department was on site as soon as the I am scene tape- was down this to ensure the smooth takeover by the mortgage company the The alright cheers mate cheers nick fergus told police that he struggled with a man who broke into his home
Well, eventually, he managed to come up with some details about this man in MID may police released a sketch of a suspect based off of what nick told them. This was not your typical sketch compiled by a police sketch artist. This was created by a private artist hired by nix attorney is not known. Why? Nick and his attorney chose to use a private armies rather than a trained police sketch artists to create the rendering and the shares departments said that investigators preferred police prepared sketches now, even more strange, remember, nick could not provide police with aid detailed description of his attacker, including the man's race, but in this sketch that he paid for
We see a drawing of a black man with very detailed facial features and with the sketch came a new detail that the attacker was estimated to be between forty and sixty years old. It seems a month after the attack nick now MA magically realizes. I did get a good look at this cat and my memory of this is better now than it was the first forty eight hours after my wife was shot in the back. I do want a point captain that the police did receive a few calls after the release of the sketch. After heidi's death reports came out that police executed a search warrant to collect the couple's financial records. Luckily, for us, the local papers published excerpts of this warrant and police
correspondence. It indicated that the couple was underwater financially it in fact that red severe financial problems, including foreclosure, unpaid bills, large credit card balances and a lifestyle of wanton bending outside of their means, the media had a field day with the wanton spending terminology. This was the phrase of several headlines. Navigated also confirm that heidi fergus did not know about the couples financial plight or that they were being evicted from their home. Apparently, the two recently took a trip to hawaii, which heidi told her mother.
Nick paid for with some bonuses he received from work. Captain you went to hawaii a few years back. Tell us is that a cheap trip was sorry on the worst present. Ask is actually done that expensive, so that as expensive as I thought it would be, but it was, it was still a few thousand hours, but I always heard when I was younger off. You won't take a trip to why I've spent.
Grand or so- and I was Niven close to that, regardless a few thousand dollars from people that are not paying their mortgage credit and the house was full of brand new purchases, recreational items dead, they obviously could not afford. It appears that nick handled the finances and nay chronically overspent bomb. We hear conflict from her family that there is a kind of a neat naive day that you went through life with heidi, and so maybe once I got married, it was like all my husband takes care of the finances and I trust him so we're fine per The affidavit it looks like nick is trying to cover up the mounting debts even from his wife, and we have words like investigators interviewed. Several members of heidi's family and her close associates they found no evidence that heidi was in any way aware of the day
or financial straits. The couple was in they found no evidence that heidi was in any way aware of the eviction or the foreclosure on their home, and why is this important? Because I think one side, her family and friends are saying look. She had no clue about this, and this is establishing a motive for neck. Why would he want to kill his wife? They didn't seem to argue about anything he get his head so abundant water and that she was going to have to deal with these quinces that we might have led I've seen this happen with plenty of families, family businesses and things like that were they're gone under and the other spouse has no clue of what's happening, and once this all comes out its lies upon.
lies, pon lies in its almost very somewhere to when somebody is having a long time, a fair with somebody. It's the mountain of lies that this person told you that gives you a reason to go. I can't trust this personally more, I I have to leave them yeah, and this is what is very, the call for us on the outside looking in because we don't know the coffin and if you will conversations that were had between husband and wife I'd. Know that we will ever be able to say with one hundred percent certainty, heidi, didn't know any of this. I think what we can base our thoughts and our speculation off of is what the police and investigators are saying to the public, what Emily is saying to the public and the police are saying: look we in find one shred of evidence that heidi was aware that any of this stuff was going on ram
We also have here. This is is a bit strange. This is a little more evidence that nick was covering this mess around the time of the four closure. The couples insurance agent. His name is Kurt brown received a notice that the couples home insurance was cancelled cuz of the foreclosure was an old college friend of heidi's parents called nick he says: hey. I got this notice about your home insurance being cancelled. Nick tells him quote or somebody was stealing his paychecks, and he was seeing to resolve that issue with the bank this leave the young man, but he also in all of his years of working in the business, he had never had anything like that ever happened.
one also being somebody that worked at a bank. If there was a suspicion that teller was taking this money from this individual and they caught the teller, the taller one would be fired immediately and they would refund the money immediately until they could figure it out. They don't just go well, we got to hold this money back and in before we figure these out. The bank will front the money to you and make sure that they do a proper investigation. The day before she died, heidi and a friend went to the mall of america and did some shopping together. The friends said later that that heidi about wanting to have a burger for dinner and getting a petty cure. The next day her friend dropped her back off at her home around six p m. This was on that saturday, okay, so she is, twelve hours later if she was planning on
time at a nail salon on sunday. Then it doesn't sound like she was planning on packing up and moving out remind you. They were scheduled to be evict from that home. On monday, she's kill the early morning hours of sunday and again, no boxes no crates to me. It doesn't look like while I'll What we know that the couple made. Let me count them. Oh zero arrangements, who live elsewhere right, the dave no arrangements with mom or dad or in laws or anyone to go anywhere after sunday. I think the question for a lot of people
Is this motive another this motive for murder- and I would argue yes because we ve seen this and other cases before our- I think you could argue, like the christian Longo case, with the guy getting his head so underwater that this becomes a rational way out for this. This person. Now I dont think there's a lot of evidence to show that nick received a bunch of money or that there were some insurance claims, because I I I just don't see that an end After all these years, nothing has come out said stating, while once she died, he collected half a million dollars or something right, but I think it's motive enough that this person wanted to get out of this situation. if this individual is lying to his wife, we're talking about
not one might not to lies not through lies, possibly through and of lies to lead them up to this point. What else is he lying about? What other secrets were in his life that he didn't want his wife to find out about this reminds me a lot of the john list case. where we have an individual who is living a lie and he's not is living the lie from society he's living that lie in front of his kids, his wife and his mother yeah good point, and what did John Still he even pretended to go off to work every day to a job he'd no longer had he go sit on a damn park, engine read the newspaper because he had pretend to be gone for a certain amount of time each day so that his family continue to believe that he had a job that he was paying for the house that they lived in, that everything was fine. That's what I do every week, then you have to wonder too. Like I mean this is.
psychologically, this case is, is being on bizarre because then you have to wonder: is there some kind of weird level where hiding never ever knew that nick was a bad guy. Heidi I never ever knew in the course of their relationship in the entirety of her life. That nick wasn't who he said. He was to the point that He led her to believe that there was an intruder she shot in the back. She dies she may, if she didn't know anything wrong, was going on. If she didn't know that they were about to be evicted, she never knew that
and she never knew that it was next fault and a really good point that was brought up. I was watching brain scratch. One of our favorites are buddy John, and he brought up the point that it wouldn't be that hard. If your wife is deep into sleep- and we know this is less say, this is happening closer to six. It m. It wouldn't be that hard, if you were less say you're up all night or you woke up earlier whatever was it? Wouldn't be that hard to shake her In immediately with no sounds with no nothing, you could convince somebody hey noises. I think somebody's breaking into her house- and in way their brain would go. To that mode. Ok, what are we gonna? Do you? I mean so
I don't think it would be that hard to convince somebody that something bad was happening, even though there was it possible any evidence of that. Well in here that there is the other. problem. We need some evidence of the intruder right because, with the intruder theory investigation. If the authorities I too believe that nick really did struggle up close and personal with the intruder. You would think he would be able to describe the man that he fought with, or at least what the man was wearing and we don't get any type of really good description until almost a month later and here's a statement to the media that says, investigators have tried to locate witnesses. but have not interviewed anyone. They canvassed the area in didn't interview. Anyone who said they saw an intruder go the home or flee from the home
you pointed out captain the neighbourhood is densely populated and it was light at the time of the incident, so police felt wha yam. They stated publicly. We really believe somebody would have seen something walks. Not just somebody would see something but nick witnesses something because it would have been lighter out. You go luck if you, if your house, if you have one Lights off in your house, and you go down at three a m and you run into an intruder, You might not see anything, but your target six o clock in every based tonia that it pretty much daylight already out there you run this intruder, you gonna know and you struggle with them. You gotta know his race gonna know roughly the size roughly his weight, what he was wearing, I
I just don't buy that once you're on this nine one one call it's. I don't know it's almost like. He planned this out so perfectly, but a couple of things he just wasn't prepared for war. What did the man look like? I don't know what wherein I don't know, maybe a sweater. It just seems like once he got to that point of the story. I mean what a great thing hey you go to the raj you call nine one one once you realize that she's on the phone boom. That's when you shoot her, because now we have audio evidence that something happen, and then now you to shoot yourself at, but then on the nine one one call they are. He saying Somebody shot my wife, somebody shot me you're, the one that was holding the gun you're. The that shot, her you're, the one that shot yourself, even if you're
I struggle with somebody: don't you think that would have came up, in the nine slash one conversation, my wife shot, who shot her, struggling with a intruder in the gun, went off diane from asian is left out in the nine of one call, so it seems to me, like he, and certain things out pretty well, but other things he couldn't figure out and didn't even wasn't even able to come up with a plan to month later yeah. So aphid David did have some other interesting information in it. It states that nick told police he was upstairs with his wife when they quote heard noises downstairs and they thought someone was breaking into the residents. He says he grabbed a shotgun and they both walk down the stairs at this time. She calls nine one one when they walking toward the back door to escape to the backyard
countered a person wearing a hooded sweatshirt nicholas stated. He struggled with the person in the shot gun discharged, striking his wife Nicholas Did he continued to struggle over the shotgun and it discharged again striking him in the leg? He said that the person ran away. He said he went to his wife and he used her phone to call nine one one again. There was no explanation of how or why the first nine one one call was made by heidi and and why it was disconnected- and I think that's the key thing. Why was
that first call disconnected, and I also want to make sure that we talk about some reasons why the intruder theory here does not track to me anyway, while again, okay, so as to stay on that one point: real, quick, it sounds or what the dispatchers have stated. What police have stated that there's this loud noise- and I know by somebody a scream of no people when they hear this, I guess claim that it makes the most sense that the gun went off in nick story he doesn't reiterate that the He's on the phone and that's when she was shot, will the other thing too? If she shot at a total surprise to her and she's the one on the call in nick says I mean his work. Where he went to his wife so
assuming they're at some distance. You pointed out something good I'd, love to know the. If we could piece together the trajectory of that shot, right and peace at either because here's the problem, we don't know how the phone got disconnected again. That's that appears to me to be an action that somebody had to make. She didn't just get shot. the ground and then the phone hangs itself up. She hung up the phone. He hung up the phone. The intruder, ran over and grabbed the phone and hung at high old. I let me get this for you. Right, hang up, so here's some other it. Don't matter to me, captain end and you chime in where you win
where you want to, but I have a. I got a list for you. Ok, so one no sign of forced entry police try to determine how the intruder could have got into the home. They couldn't find any evidence of how the intruder made their way into the hall right. Let me let me try men roquat, no fingerprints course the person could have been wearing gloves. They didn't find any. They did some touch. Dna forensics evidence. Nothing it's no scratch marks, there's no broken locks, there's no broken glass right in the the other. Difficult thing for the intruder as well is the front entry way to the home. Where nick said they heard, the intruder has a vestibule. You know it's one of those there's a
there's an outside door than a small entryway than there is a second door into the home. This means the intruder would have had to get through to doors and yet left no trace the time of day. This is confusing to Why would the intruder wait for it to be light out before entering a home, to rob caesar to see. It's well. This is a sunday morning and you know something we'll get up early? They like to drink coffee, maybe they're getting the paper off their front porch or their driveway, and nobody sees a man sprinting from the home after two shotgun blasts, blast Then we have a pair. We pair that with the report from a or about screeching card as from the alley. But this alley was behind the whole. The intruder according to to neck, came through the front door, not the back door closest to the He would have to run around the house out the gate and then to his.
Are the only reason why this somewhat makes sense to me is that he could have entered from the front or possibly knew that these houses would be easier to enter to the front you could go through the house grab. A couple of things run through the back and now you're at your escape vehicle. Now was stolen from the house. We also have the police reports stating no signs of a struggle now mind you. They process the home for forty eight hours, so they spent a good deal of time Looking at the crime scene, the location if heidi's body is questionable to hide, he was found dead in the kitchen entryway. This is not new the front door area where nick alleged the struggle went down to get to the kitchen from the fire. You would have to pass through other rooms. Now, yes, it is possible that he was shot in the foyer and then managed to run or crawl to the spot where she died, trying to get away from
shooter, but on the nine hundred one call she made, she told the dispatcher quote: someone is trying to break into my house and quote not. Someone broke in and my husband is fighting with him in front of me right then we have heidi, never told the dispatcher. And she actually saw anyone or anyone was actually in the home which look. That's that's the big red flag here. You just said it she's on the phone. At the same time that our husband is claiming he is having an altercation with the intruder, and that is never stated by her it again, somebody's trying to break into our home is way different than a guy, our home. My my husband's struggling with this entry.
or what and then you have the real scary possibility that if this whole event was on purpose, the nick planned on killing heidi In this scenario, he woke his wife up and convinced heidi that song really was breaking in resulting in her calling nine one one which she the believed there was an intruder because she's the one that called nine when one this is almost providing an alibi in a way for him to verify his story, because it's so small, to have her call nine one. One then to you, call just after the fact right cause had he
The only one the call dine when one and it was all after the fact, don't you think they'd be looking at this a whole different way and probably immediately from the get go but again, here's that individual. That is not good at planning, and we know this because we have it. He has a history of this by the house. Don't plan on paying for the yellow. Well, maybe you're right outlining, and that was his plan all or possibly, but again. The hold onto the second cause, a thing that we have here to it, and this is very interesting and may of two thousand and eleven. This is almost a year after this whole thing went down according to saint Paul, Paul, department senior commander bill Martinez, who headed up the homicide unit. At that time, he said quote nick has not been eliminated as a possible suspect. Now we know
nick lawyer, up pretty quickly per the pioneer press, twin cities, article says Joe freed burg, focuses attorney said police have. Read it him as a suspect from day one and that that's why he got involved. He says it. I believe them to be wrong and I believe from the beginning that nick was a victim and not a perpetrator, but freeburg had an answer for every As for the dire financial situation, the couple was facing and the pending eviction. He commented the police either, nay, logically or intentionally misrepresented his financial condition. They said he was far or in debt than he actually was. He said my office. We did our own financial investigation and we found no possibility for any financial motive in this type of thing. Furthermore, he said it was totally false that high-
He did not know about the eviction saying we have document terry evidence of the fact that she knew exactly what was going on. In fact, they were out together, shortly before, meaning the shooting look. For a new residence yeah. They don't do they have, but they weren't right yeah. I want to see the realtor that show them around. She was talking about eating burger for dinner and having a pedicure the next day. I also think it's hilarious, how how he said- If the situation wasn't as bad as the police made out to be staring bad, but not as bad, they were going to be tat their home with no place to go. That's pretty bad and look both of their parents or are are good people with homes of their own. if they needed, if they need
somewhere to stay or possibly alone right it just a bed to sleep in for a couple months. Arrangements could have been made and they weren't. anatomy dad? Don't know that you're getting kicked out of your house and you've made no plan to have a place to stay. I just can't believe I can't believe. it's anything other than what it actually looks like we're in next defense, though, because a lot of people say look heidi was a really good person, and so she wanted to have done this. She wanted to have just lived rent free. She wanted just bet money that she didn't have there's a lot of very good people that don't pay their bills that don't pay their bills. There's a lot of good people that run in to I have reminds me: I have to call the electric company- yes, no, but there's a lot of people that are chest.
Ignorant when it comes to finances, I learned a lot about finances as being a teller. I would see people that were really good about sex. in little percentages back every month. I also saw guys that made six figures easily live in the negative yeah so using people and make six figures in they can't get a car loan because they have Collections out on them for tiny little bills that they were just on a where there either unaware of them, or they slip through the cracks right and so idea that they're, like she's, a really good person, that's evidence of her, not knowing about their bad financial situation. I don't think that's evidence of that. So next defense is it possible that he knew. I don't think it's as easy as black and white cheater,
She either knew everything or she didn't know everything. I think, there's a gray area right. The and there's evidence of that cuz. When she says look we don't have enough equity. If we sold our house would lose money. We want to do a short that means that she was aware of some things happening financially and so I think there was like. I said this kind of gray area, but I still it's enough of a motive because it's lie. After lie after lie after lie, I'm going to use her words. to cannot confirm what I think was going on in her words to this is according to her mother and the mother says that nick was present for this conversation and remained quiet, he didn't say anything during the course of this conversation. I'm talking about the conversation. where heidi and her mother discuss the couple, downsizing their life moving out of their house selling their house
moving into an apartment, so they can save up for a home. There's a few problems with that. They don't just love giving out new home loans to people that were evicted from their first home loan right Second of all, if you are going to save up for a home, and you again, you have these parents with homes of their own? If really know how broke you argue, go and live with mom and dad or you go live somewhere where you can live as cheap as possible to save up to try to right the ship know she saying we're thinking about getting an apartment that costs money to. So, even though this he'd burg has an answer for everything. I think look that sounds good way to spinet positive for your client there, MR free burger, but I'm gonna call bullshit. as my man, PETE townsend, would say, it's an eminence front. It's a put on detective martinez, said: may of two thousand and eleven quote, we have a number of questions:
We would like to ask him, meaning nick he hasn't been interviewed for almost a year since it happened. He hasn't been fully cooperative in some of our request. We have strict orders from his attorney that he is not to talk to us- and this is the problem I have again- it doesn't have to be one or the other. You can lawyer up and guess what. If this happened and there's all these question marks and they- and somebody said, sir, we think yes set this up and you killed your wife. Goddamn right, I'm getting a lawyer, but if I actually care about figuring out who did this there. You, then I'm going to say, hey. We need to be open to answer all the questions and way his lawyer stated was, while they just want to talk to him and to try to find inconsistencies in his story to trip him up. No,
sherlock. That's what they do well, I've got you out on, but you have the power to did go to police if he give. If he gave up just the smallest bits of shit about his wife, he would then go to pay since eight any question that you have submit that to my lawyer. Our answer at the best of my ability, and that would give them time to know he He doesn't remember this and he doesn't know this. So we can't answer that, but you would be assisting with the police, but that's not what you've done right. You have You ve done with your life. You married somebody else. You started a family you're, probably lying to her every chance you can get and when your head sinks about underwater again you're, probably going
to find a way out to well see. I have three really big questions in this case, and really I have one very simple answer that covers all three of these basis, one why, under the advice of council, did broke ass nick refused to talk to investigators after his initial interview, why is nick not pounding the pavement. Looking for the man responsible for his wife's death, why is nick not pounding on the table demanding that police find the man responsible for the death of his wife, that's because old nasty nick knows right. where to find that man. He sees him every day when he looks in the mere nick continues to this day to refuse to respond to media request for interviews or comments freed burg is no longer his attorney nick as he couldn't pay him nick,
I married again. This was in august of two thousand and twelve, but a web sleuth or posted a link to court filings in minnesota that the new wife recently filed for divorce, surprise, surprise or an you should go to police if, if you married nick fergus re right first of all sorry that became your last name because I'd hate to somebody. A big others seem like a great person. What your last name focus. I was changed my name to that. No way shit asked name change If he was lying to you about things and lying to you about financial records lying to you about anything, you should go to police, because that would from their suspicions of his ability to lie. And into should do that. Well, frankly, I think it's shameful that nick fergus is not
in prison? I believe there is ample evidence to obtain at least slaughter conviction here in this case, police are asking anyone with information on this case to call them at six hundred and fifty one, two hundred and sixty six five thousand six hundred and fifty the one of the you guys so much for joining us here in the garage and, if you'd like, to help out the garage good. I too and leave us a five star review, leave us some stars. We need stars, we as many stars. Possible any kind. Words that you can leave us for. A nice were it really does help the show. What I prefer is when they leave five stars, but then they say like some shitty stuff
the nasty is elite, five stars and then be ike, but nick kind of socks. He briefly sucks eighty five star sucks, Five stars sucks and the captain give him negative stars, but but we're going to give you five stars anyways, I until until next time out there be good, be kind and don't litter.
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