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Henry McCabe ////// 264

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What would you do if you received a strange and unexplainable phone call in the middle of the night? What do you do when a loved one disappears? Henry McCabe called his wife from his cell phone and then he disappeared. It’s hard to say what was going on during that phone call. The only thing that can be said for certain is that phone call has everything to do with what happened to Henry. Beer of the Week - Wheatstone Bridge by Tin Whiskers Brewing CompanyGarage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps

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you ve all us on social media snapchat facebook twitter graham all that stuff at true crime garage- and there is another- our debate is nay aside. Everybody gather round grab a chair, gravel beer. Let's talk some true, cried it's a voice mail, anything you ve ever heard before there were two minutes.
worth of noise is bizarre very little actual talking authorities confirmed, the disturbing middle of the night call came from Henry mackay cellphone. It was labour day cept seventeen to twenty eight. In the morning the caves worry wife heard the message his and my cell phone connected minnesota community policing services is a non profit agency and acts as a go between with police and the liberian community leader is trying to help the family makes some sense of this. Recording the rules turned a high, all right. All right, he's moaning and pay like moaning and paint a treasure star. There is silence, then someone either
ray or another person says, stop it. I tried a picture where he was when it might have been like what circumstances would have made him sound like that. The blows mail is in stark contrast to other articulate recordings of mackay speaking out in a bed his estate auditor, or is it a month in the message, is one piece of evidence mouths view police are reviewing. Their police chief tells me either The fbi is analyzing. The recording and voices for clues did she says the investigation two deputies here tuesday device greek report which borders new brightened mouse, you and freedom all areas where mccabe was reported scene or cell phone ping placed him graves, accounting, water, patrols surge
came up empty there you just heard it portions of probably the strangest phone call most mysterious phone call. We have played on the show, and we have played some strange ones over the years. Brandon lost comes to mind the west mesa body pick case. There was strange phone calls. at one as well. I know niner a brief overview of this case. We have henry mccabe. He is a a soda revenue department employ on September six. Two thousand and fifteen he's thirty two years old and he goes out to a club with some friends during the core. of the evening. Henry has several drinks.
Later, Henry and a friend are heading home when Henry supposedly convinced his friend to let him off at a gas station, though no cctv footage was found of henry at an area gas. asian to confirm this. That was the last time he would be seen alive. Then, at about two. Thirty, a m a voice mail from Henry was left on his wife's phone on the call you can clearly here screaming and groaning and pain immediate. which is where Henry mccabe would reveal nothing right and there's not much here. So, let's start with what we do have, and that is the audio from this voicemail now there was a full length version of this on the internet, but for some reason it has it's been taken down where we think there was. I mean this could be like urban legend now at this point, while right, but there
there seems to be signs of this or evidence of this or even speculation of that right, because there are people online, who have stated hey. I know this was available at one time. I can't find it any more than we believe that the reporters actually using the clip from the internet that the police released correct. So this, like you, said the thought. Is it the police release this voicemail at some point, I We have some suspicions on this and my suspicions are, I wonder if they release the full two minutes. I write. I dont think they did if I had yes, because you ve seen the way that things are copied in printed in pay stood in and left on internet is
seems to me like. If there was once the full length audio, I think it would. There would be some version or some way of finding it still today right. If anybody is a internet expert, could try to find this clip, I'd, really love to take it and dissect it and to see if we could basically analyze it. We did with the brain and lawson case, and that was our first go with this. Actually, you- and I were quite excited about this case because we were told hey at the centre of this young man's disappearance. Is this strange, horrifying phone call this voicemail two minutes long and we thought wow oak We can do exactly what we do with brandon loss and weaken dissect, We can really listen to it piece by piece inch by inch and kind of guy. our own opinion of what we think is happening during the course of that two minutes, because you heard that quick clip there there's some really strange
horrifying is really the only thing that I could that I keep the word I keep coming back to when I hear that only in the screaming there's some stuff. It's almost like unexplainable too, that you know that A great deal is almost like growlin, but there Also, this weird how it goes from a lower pitch growl to almost like a high squeal and very unusual so the clip that we played for you during the trailer is by far the most famous most popular clip of this audio. So if you do a quick search for Henry MC cave, nine, one one call or Henry mackay voicemail Henry mackay.
Audio any of those things it will pull up. Usually that news clip first will be first in your your your find there yeah unless says, be clear: it's not a nine one. One causa a voice mail to his wife, correct correct. I just said that, because that's a common google search in this this case- and I believe it's also confirmed that it was coming from his phone one hundred percent? It was confirmed that it was coming from henry's phone now. Here's one thing that I really question This is why I question: if at any time was the length audio released and that's because in every book report I could find they stay you hear screaming you hear moans you hear groans and you clearly here someone they. They very specifically say someone.
Either Henry or someone else: yell stop it, but the problem with that captain is you heard that clip- and I have already said- that's probably the most popular of this clip of this phone call right. you never actually here that stop it portion or anybody yelling stop. Whether it be Henry or somebody else, ike in all the different dozens of audio. I could find of this phone call this voice mail, I never, found one that played that portion of the tape right and you would think that this would be very somewhere to some of the other cases where you just have a clip that they they play over and over, like that I take this, stop it and play it over and over on the news, and they they did it for as as much as I could find yeah no point. Could I find them and then the thing that's very troubling about this is Henry is missing for quite some time, and you think that this stuff
bit portion of the audio would have been played for the public. So let's go through the time line in a little more detail shall we so on Sunday september. Sixth, two thousand and fifteen henry coins at least two friends is Calvin Johnson and william papas Kennedy at p o these club is a nightclub now They are going to be people familiar with this case in they're, gonna, say nick. That is not the name of the night club. This night club has held many names over the years. It's actually referred to as three different names in the reports define for simplicity, I'm gonna role with p o these four. It issue a shia v stand for by now I dont know if it stand for anything orphanages, simply short for something said about Cobb p, o ass. Well, It is on a highway sixty five and from everything I could find.
Captain henrietta cave and his friends are at this club just before the nine o clock. Our at some point, according to the people at the club with Henry Henry, is so intoxicated that his friends decide to confiscate henry's wall it, so he cannot buy any more drinks, so obviously he's buying some drinks, but the bartender to still servant and, as friends, say, hey they're still serving em. So we need to take this in our own hands and take his wallet. There are who you're going to see a common theme in this case, and this is conflicting reports slits? Yes, there's multiple! I mean almost every detail, that we do now as conflicted in someone. So there are many people that state did Henry had a few drinks, that's their words, a few drinks
but for some reason he so intoxicated the a friend- has to confiscate his wallet. So he cannot by any more drinks. Now we all know what kind of suspicions that leads us to think of and then you wander there. Well, I guess the question. The first question is: is there any speculation that he might have been doing drugs where one his friends when it no or maybe that his friends would know? Is he slipping into the bathroom and doing low cocaine loan? candy. So here's what I would like to know one. I would like to know what is his condition. Let's say at the nine our when he arrives at the club, like you said, was he'd partying before he arrives too to party with his friends It was he already drunk the unhealthy pre game and so think about this. This is a holiday week and he's got the net day off. That's. Why he's at a club on Sunday night who knows
What's going on leading up to this? So I want like to know more about henry's condition at the nine o clock, our and Also like a little more clarification on what was the what was going on at the club. That night was packed. Was there just a few people there right? You know you and I know, just given the amount of people in the room can really add two conflicting stories and we ve seen in the past how many people The sudden want to be involved in a case that you know they really have nothing to offer. As far as informed she goes now you got people coming out of the woodwork on oh yeah, I at the That night, I saw that guy you. I think he only. To drink sprite regardless. One consistent statement in this case is that the friend confiscated his wallet at some point, so he could not buy or drinks at one, forty, eight hours to stop there is. I want it, On one hand, that makes him look suspicious.
and, on the other hand, it makes them look like a very good friend. So at once Forty a m. We have Calvin Johnson one of henry's friends. He says that he sees henry. leaving the club with the other guy that we mention william papas Kennedy. Ok, so at one forty a m, these two people are leaving the club now he's going to be riding it will be writing and william kennedys call and wisely leaving. I dont know what time it would be closing time, mean one forties pretty late, both bars and columbus close around two o clock, but obviously this is not an columbus, so we don't know exactly what time these bar shut down it could before. I am for all we know, and it could have nothing to do with closing time. It could just be he's a drunk thirty two is drunk it's one? Forty in the morning, you got to go home some time ray that that's one of my favorite lines once eliza's you're drunk go home
yeah well at two fifteen, a m. According to William Kennedy who was driving Henry Henry asked to be dropped off at a super america gas station on central in seven. Third avenue, however, so all pings place him in the erie of creek view park in new brighton, most reports state that the phone is off after this okay. Well, let's start with the idea that his buddies gonna drop him off at the gas station. Okay, maybe Henry's a smoker, maybe he's going to try to get something to eat, to sober up, we don't know, but we do know that the gas station has surveillance cameras and there's no footage of him on those on those tapes. Let's back it up, just a second shower because ok, let's juvenile! Yet let's, let's talk about this, because we have a common johnson who saying he so in forget it. I had to take his wallet
and then you have another friend going well. He asked me to drop em off at a gas station, and I did I just I just turn. Lucy was so trunk. I learned them loose a the table, maybe Johnson's the good friend and an kennedys. The the shit friend could possibly I actually found this to be very well. I I found it to be very suspicious j, honest with you and when I first started looking into The reports that I were reading. I was reading made us, I don't like it was the same friend you know right where the same individual common, skated his wallet and dropped him off at a gas station in the middle of the night. That's not true! The reports are the cow: Johnson was the one that took the wallet at some point. William Kennedy is the guy that drops him off the gas station regardless I still found this be suspicious because I'm under the assumption he knew needs a ride home again. I want to know Henry MC caves condition at nine it
nine p m. Did he? How did he get to the club? Did he ride there with William Kennedy right? The thin ice wonder ass not talked about a lot is, is his while I'm gone pointing or, as is while it back in his possession at this point. Because you're gonna drop me off at gas station for one for what and one I need money and did he have money? outside of the wallet I'll take my wallet by still got some cash on me, so I can get something that the gas station I was able find an interview with this william Kennedy and he offers the shot a little bit of light on the subject to which he adds he says, look I wasn't like really good friends with Henry. We, we just kind of knew each other We weren't best friends. We didn't run around in the same circles, acquaintances, exactly that's exactly what he says that their relationship was so
I had changes, though you know when than when the person in out sometimes in these cases, some Will quickly say eyes, my body and then once there once they think there are suspected site. My we weren't that close It's only thirteen minutes later there at two twenty eight a m, a call his place from Henry. phone and, like you and I had already said, it's confirmed that it comes from Henry's phone and this call goes to his wife korean. The call leaves a tomb at voicemail that, according to media, include, sounds of walking falling groans, moans and things to the nature of like he got her or hurt right and then towards the and this is according to media- I have not heard this portion. Of course to the media towards the end of the voice. Mail. A voice says, stop it now. Do we know if that was? female voice for a male voice,
We know that doing well. Having not heard it one I dont know, but the thing that I fight interesting here is the its day. They are very clear to say to specify the its doesn't have to be Henry yelling, stop it. It could be. Somebody Is there not certain nobody's claiming to know who sang stop it, but with them saying that could be Henry or it could not be Henry. My thoughts is leaning towards. It is probably a male sounding voice right and if there was of the voice had any female characteristics they might allude to that as well right and then it's the following day, monday september, seventh, two thousand and fifteen korean mikhail contacts and files, a missing persons. or with the mounds view police department. So the following day on tuesday the police conduct a search of the super amiss.
a gas station and the surrounding areas all right so continuing on the timeline yes in there's a lot of confusing. mason out there regarding this voicemail, like I said at the centre of this case, this strange voicemail and what I mean by confusion is if we have the wife says She receives the call henry's wife, However, there are reports out there. This state his brother, was the one that received the voicemail. I believe that the reason for this confusion is actually very simple and very clear. I think that I am very happy to clear it all up for you right here right, nothing more than you itself to me. The call one hundred percent came from Henry's phone and went to his wife's phone voicemail left on his wife's cellphone. However, the person that brought the
voice mail to the media and released it and gave it to the media was his brother. I make sense, that's where the confusion lies. So it's very simple. He left this voice mail, for His wife now regarding his wife korean he's actually in california. This takes place in minnesota. According to what law enforcement have stated, korea was in California. Preparing or a move. The whole family going to move to california for summaries right now. in an interview with corinne, she simply says: look Henry was bending time with some friends that he had seen in a long time that statement I find to be Weird when we have the other gentlemen saying hey we're just acquaintances right says the she evidently might thus be simplifying it by lumping them all together, we'll get it he's going
the sea. One friend ends up hanging out with a friend an acquaintance. Once again, that's the problem with this case with this nor what's going on at the club, how many people was he meeting up with at the club right. You know so anyway, I've thousand right so, spending time with some friends it he had not seen in a long time. She said Did she actually spoke to him that night and she believes that she spoke to henry around the time that they were getting ready to leave the club at that point he says something like I'll call you back later, that point she say, he's coherent right, then she gets later much later. She gets that strange call in the middle of the night. That's left on her voice, mail too, she tries to call him back and she then says the her calls are going straight to his voice, mail,
at that point, so now she's worried in the next morning. She reports her husband as missing and also if it's going straight to voicemail you're, assuming at that point his phone was dead right and so here's some other things that we should throw in their it's. It's been reported that the Mccain were experiencing financial difficulties at this did they had defaulted on, their rent henry had received a bad review at work and was reportedly having work issues at that time. Now there are no one is. How do we know issues I that Now we have the specific information of he had just received a bad review at work. Might, if, usually, if a bad review. You are having some kind of work issues leading out so there is no report or indication of marital problems between the two and, as we said,
green was in california with their children at that time, and she did Return to minnesota on September tenth to aid and search efforts yeah, and you also wonder at this point: okay, this married guy he's still pretty young. Has two kids he's gone out drinking with his buddies now? Is it a you know, a different area, codes area codes, type of situation, as he just gone out to drink with some buddies, as he look into try and find a lady to hook up with well so these search, we mentioned that the searches started at the super america. Gas station in the surrounding areas, the super Eric a gas station. This is the way that they planned out these searches. Let's put everybody at this gas station, where we have been told, is the last local last known, location of Henry mackay re write and we're gonna have everybody fan out and search from
this gas station walking back to his residence seems like a logical, it's a thirty five minute walk so, according to his driver, according to the man that was driving him, he requested to be dropped off. There seems like quite a distance. try to track it on your own right wrestling if you might not care so the ict, not the other thing I had to wonder about two with this friend or acquaintance whatever we want a label him as dropping. Hence off in the middle of the night and a gas station right. after wonder, you ever get that person. It's really intoxicated you're trying to help them but they're, just so. Damn annoying that you give up at some point you quit trying to reasonable? You know if, if he's throwing a fit or if he just insist and insist, insist on being dropped off the gas station at some point. is given and go all
buddy you're a grown man. oh yeah, I was trying to figure out if this gas station was known to have sex workers there, because sometimes in these small towns, you you might have walkers right. Why, when I lived in richmond Indiana, we had walkers, but there was one or two stops like a gas station here or a business here that they would. Canada hang around or like when we covered the mid, a vanishing girls until coffee they're all hanging around right, the mcdonald's, and so was this a situation where it was hey. I know that there's he I mean what is the reason that you're dropping him off right, that that would be a big reason and if he's not saying all what he didn't say. Well, maybe he said that, but this guy doesn't won't talk bad about. Guy. You think they would have to be some kind of information, because in their interview william basically says was he going to. someone there. I don't know he offers
no explanation for why Henry wanted to be dropped off. There is sound. like Henry was insisting on. According to Williams words, he just keep saying dropping off here. Be fine I'll, be fine. This is my area to which then he drops him off now later in the investing, and captain we will learn. The henry was ever dropped off at the super america. Gas station will get into that more apt indestructible, If you had the chance to be brought back to life hundreds of years in the future, would you take it wonderings, newest Outcast frozen head hosting ashen alina of the hit show morbid, tells the true story of lawrence pilgrim, a lifelong scientist who plan for death his entire life, because for him death wasn't the end it was just the beginning
Once this dream to be frozen and brought back to life in the future pulls us into a cryonics soap. Opera filled with dead pets, grenades, family feuds, huh of fame, baseball legends and frozen heads, lots of frozen heads, the story about the desire to avoid death, the links that people will go make that a reality and what it means to be alive to begin with less the latest episodes of frozen head where ever you find your favorite pod guest. we're back cheers choose to you. Captain exercise say today. So it's about three weeks into the disappearance of missing persons, Henry Mikhail, when law
enforcement, learn that he was actually dropped off at a different gas station that night. So we have his acquaintance. Who says he convinced me to drop him off at the super america. Gas station turns out, he was dropped off at a holiday gas station, which is about three miles on the same strip, but it's three miles, further away from Henry's home our rights. Here's what I wonder was Kennedy a little intoxicated when he dropped off henry, and just this was a mistake. He just said I he told the police the wrong gas station, or did he give them the wrong gas station on purpose? You read my mind because that's what I thought of at first, I'm like this kennedy dude seems very is shady very suspicious. You know he he tells them the wrong place. Hey. I dropped him off at this gas station. They can't find any surveillance. Footage of that happen. And then later there are able to disarm.
that he was actually dropped off at this holiday gas station. But that's because they found surveillance, footage of him being dropped off their. So what I think that we have here is almost exactly what you said and in You know it's a situation and nobody do this at home. You know, but it's one. situation aware who all that you'd gone, it's one. Situations where, though, I believe the least intoxicated person drove yelled at night. so nothing good comes up there and I actually think that this is a honest mistake. Let's call that because I think it's why Kennedy would stick to his story for three weeks say no, you say whatever you want in others, I don't care that there's no footage of if me dropping him off. I know I dropped him off at this gas station. Well, but now there's footage of henry at the holiday gas station, correct I'll, say so, but is it possible that the
dropped him off at the wan and Henry made his way down three miles. You know, too, to the other gas station. I have not been able to find the actual footage and I don't know that it's been released, but the way that it's been described is that it's of kennedy dropping him off at this other gas station was. I mean this. This case has conspiracy written all over I mean you got a guy name with the last name Kennedy and like the guy with the last name johnson what happened last time? Those two were an office. Well in the thing here is, we have discussed this on our show before, where We have a witness or we have someone- that's trying to offer up information in an investigation and that informed It turns out to be incorrect. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that they are lying if they are telling you the truth, but they're just mistaken
it's not necessarily a lie, and in kennedys defence I've seen photographs of both of these gas stations. Okay, so they're they're the same type of business Obviously, however, they have the same. Like colors, you know like soup america is like red, white and blue right from what I could see If the holiday gas station, its red white and blue as well, okay, guess again we have a guy named candy. Again in Johnson we have gas stations, Red white and blue what what I think they have happened here is, I think Kennedy just got the wrong gas station right, where you know just told him the wrong gas station, so The other thing too, as you have to wonder how well did Kennedy know the area you know in and the other thing to people point out. Well, he dropped him off further away from the caves home. Well Kennedy may have had no idea where Mackay actually lived right, so that doesn't seem suspicious suspicious in of itself. So
I dont know that that really has anything to do with canada. You know or or what he says happened that night. The thing here, though, is captain. We have on its two months later tomb, after Henry goes missing, kayak are found a body in rush lake. This is about seven miles away on november, so a body is found and by nova, Third, its identified as being the body of Henry my cape there are there were all kinds of talk about this body being found? Obviously one the first reports that we're coming out suggested that the body was waited town. However, all the later reports would never mention that it was weighted down and only say that it was partially submerged and it was near some brush one thing I want to point out about this rush lake is this lake is, has a very to put it,
as simple as possible. Weedy shoreline they ve. Don't you know you can see news footage of this area. It looked to me to be very the call for any one to get into that lake one. Then the question is the wording because weight down when I hear weighted down, I hear somebody tied a rope or around a cinder block? That's what when I hear weighted down but weighted down could mean weighted down by something on the shore line, and I think that's what we have because the words partially submerged in near some brush almost indicates that the body kind of got caught underneath something that was making it harder to for anybody Fine. You know it was almost two months before his body is found according to reports. What was found in the autopsy is the its ruled and accidental drowning in fresh water,
Let me get into this yak as this is given weirder yeah inheres here's a big problem that I can have with this case. So we ve viewed many cases there have been ruled accidental death or suspicious death or then later change to accidental death. Typically, what I found found is that the autopsies for Those accidental deaths are pretty readily available. You can find them right now. We know this from the diane schuller case and from kindred johnson's case. I think that The reason why that is is the case in those instances is that they look when they say it's an accidental death. They they wanted to be. Very black and white in very transparent. Everybody to go. Look you can view this yourself right. This is what we came up with However, in henry's case, I can't find the autopsy anywhere, and maybe it's out there,
but I've looked high and low and cant find the thing. I can find a bezonian reports that state what is said in the autopsy, but I can't view the actual autopsy itself right, So I find that a little questionable, let's say, and I do want to really hit home this idea of the lake from video footage that I've seen and from pictures that I've seen it doesn't appear that this lake is very accessible at all it would take some difficulty and what I mean by that is. you have one thought that he was heavily intoxicated or maybe he was I looked up by his own doing or somebody else is doing any end. In this lake on accidents, bread, but we have evidence of something some kind of struggled now. We we don't know for certain. If those noise is that we hear on the voicemail are coming from Henry, we don't know them.
but I mean, let's just assume they are because they're coming from his phone right, some point you have some basic aim. Stop it? Ok, stop it, and then you gonna tell me that this guy action now accidentally drowned. We know this odd topsy doesn't seem to make sense to have a puncture. Do we have there's no signs of a struggle there signs of a bruising. The exact wording is there are no marks on the body, no signs of trauma to the body so wallace, I'm in love. Let me point out some obvious stuff here I mean take a take the kendrick johnson case right. We have weird suspicious things, and then we have this autopsy. That says know it's accidental right and then in the connected.
in this case and in chicago, we have a young lady walkin around, like a drugged up zombie found in a freezer accidental, now. We have a guy that leaves a bar he's. Probably intoxicated makes a call leaves a long way, message with crazy sounds and someday saying: stop it and he was found in the river and now we're going to say it's it's an accident, you don't, it seems like all three victims are, are black right and it just seems to me that the with evidence like this they're so quick to come out with this accidental. It's accidental and that's done and I think that so irresponsible. Well, ok, let's say that the information is one hundred percent accurate incorrect in this autopsy. From the
reports. We are hearing about the autopsy. While this. I think this is going to be the case that we hear later, that they know, assumed the body and and and and do another topsy so for it to be an accidental drowning. There needs to be water in the lungs or in the wind pipes ray So that really only leaves you if, if there is no trauma to the body, if there is no marks on the body there. water found in the lungs or wind pipes that we'd no cause we're not seeing the actual autopsy, but if that is the case, then your kind of left with one of two scenarios either he did accidentally drown the lake or somebody held him under water right and the thing about that is those gurgle noises in the sum of the noise, as you here on that short clip, they go with both of those scenarios robot
to a point of somebody yelling stop it, which again we can confirm, actually happens, because we we can't hear that portion of the tape right. And look. Is it a little suspicious that this tape Was rumored to be out on the internet, and now it's not, I mean that's little suspicious to me The thing that I find very weird is like. I again, I really want to hit this home if he it up in that lake, with no marks on his body. I want somebody to tell me how this happened, because I've seen how thick the brushes around this lake I've seen there's trees. There's leads it's not like. There's a There's a cleared shore line where you could just waltz on into the lake that you ve seen Van I've seen where there are a couple for my understanding. There are at least two, maybe three creeks. It would feed into that
body of water bomb and I'm gonna dispute your point a little bit of a key actors. Finding this that we probably have dropped zones and pick up sound. That's a very good point that there's there's a launch point right: No for at least for the kayak an if there is you know, cause my buddy rainbow river kayak and canoe down in dunnellon florida tell the captain such a, but I do got a buddy that that runs a kayak and canoe delivery service and where they're dropping points and their pickup points, they're very clear. As all so let's get into some interesting theories because there's there's a bezonian of em, obviously, but I've kind of narrow it down. I put a shortlist together of my well. Let me put let me touch on the first one, so we can get rid of it cause one I own cry.
In an alley wear them. When I'm watching finding big foot and some of these noises on this tape there in the weird conspiracy groups, though brain up bigfoot account of you, ve seen these tat, you can't miss some harm because of what people think that the big foot calls sound like. Oh god, that these guttural growls too high in the house, you know kaliko type sound, they would say this is a big foot noise. This is a noise that they make. This is a call. So, but again, if he comes into contact with a big foot in the big foot, is the one that puts them in the water you gonna have markings of that. I would believe I would think so. I would just assume. Look like I said I do enjoy
watching shows on big foot and aliens in on itself. I think it's fun and entertaining I just don't know if we have any scientific proof that they even exists right. It's all it's hard to maintain those theories. When you're talking about things, we have no confirmation if they exist right and then for a look for all I know bigfoot could live, on the corner of main and high street in somebody's basement. I dont know, but for my understanding and have you seen this no, but Saying is my understanding of this area is its fairly residential. That does not work. Talking about he. This is not. This is not Dennis Martin, who was somebody that was out in the middle of nowhere. You know national forest national park right type situation. This is fairly residential, so I think the the most interesting theories that I saw would be heavily intoxicated or maybe somebody drug them with g be very possible and that there is some
form of hallucination that he freaked out and ran probably could have ran seamlessly through the woods through the brush into the water and accidentally drowned in the lake or and think about this. I'm going to put some logic behind your theory here. He is on the something right. We don't know what is on at the very least, he had drinks in him right. He had drinks in him, possibly some g h, b right and he gets his friend to drop him off. He says: okay, you're, drunk you're out of control, I'm good on. Let's go, he starts making a scene and for whatever reason he tries to call to get help or maybe he's on quay luge. Okay, I know that's a drug, that's plass from the pass, but look at the scene and wolf of wall street. Where he's talking into the phone and making zero sense. He just
can noises that that's happens here now, not say this quite eludes, but it could be some kind of mine, altering drug he's, making zero sense and may be making some commotion and it. Somebody at the gas station told him. Ok, stop like stop. Acting this way, and from there he takes off finds its way into the water and then his axe down we have his wife and we all have henry's brother, these two, We argue no henry longer or better than most. If not anyone out correct. Ok, both of these individual state that some of the noises in its unclear to me as to which of the noises Both of them have stated publicly that some of the noises sound like henry to them
I'm gonna go ahead and go off of that. That they're probably correct on that that some of these noises are being made by Henry that's left on the voicemail, both well more particularly his wife korean. She insists that this is not a call for help that this was a pocket dial. You know a butt I did that she, the voice mail, is leaving noises that are picked up by his phone from an accidental call. Urca unintended call right so let's go through some possibilities with this, so because there's one big every out there in the actually. I believe it was on red it that I read it quite a lengthy three read it and read it: We were headed on red it quite a lengthy thread regarding the g h, be theory ideas. I look for all through crime fans, I think read. It is
wait. I mean, as they're, going to be some nonsense on there, of course, but there's some great information and great theories, even if it's a theory with no evidence to back it up. It's still interesting theory, any confine almost every case on reddit websites. says well, bogart, yes, both more fantastic but I'll, throw this caviar out there, and this is why neither of them are are my first go to for a case of course, because their very lengthy, usually in the threads and, like you said, there's some stuff that just boring or not important to the case, and you can have the sift your way through it as you go right so, but I'm really interesting threat, I found on there was g h b and people were talking about a couple different scenarios. First, there was, I believe, a nurse or doktor on their. There was stating hey I've. I've encounter people that have ingested large amounts of ghb and they gargle and make noises like
what you are talking about, what the clouds and wolf of wall street right and then was another individual on their. There was stating hey, you know sometimes at these clubs- and this is their experienced- I'm not hip enough to have this kind of experience or go to places. We have this going on that I know of, but this person was saying that sometimes at these at certain clubs. Raves or parties or whatever, that some people in jest large amounts of g h, be on accident. Because from what this person says, clear liquid and they had had an experience where a friend of theirs thought they were picking up like a glass of vodka a bottle of vodka kind of chugged. You know took a couple big swells out of it and ended up turns out, and it was not. Vodka wire
any pretty messed up- and we have also seen in several cases of actually been diving into this report's of actual bar tenders- that drug customers- almost as like all your city, tipper, ok, it's time for me to drug you and I'm gonna watch. You have a really hard time tonight. It's not gonna, kill you you're not really hard time but what you're saying in a scenario, like that. While then this guy was killed by something like that under this thought and theory this kind of makes a little bit of sense, because we have people stating earlier. He only had a few drinks, but on the other hand we have people saying he was so intoxicated we had to take his wallet from him, so he couldn't buy any more drinks right. So that kind of, if, if those two things are true, absolutely true
Then this theory works within those guidelines right now. Here's another interesting one regarding the pocket call, you know corinne says a pocket collar or and unintended call. Yet there is a theory out there that is some type of police cover up. Of course, you know this people get angry when somebody somewhere somebody's, very angry right. It's always big foot or police cover up the big foot working in cahoots with, the police, the police have been covering up for bigfoot since the possibly that they are the big that bigfoot lives at the police department they been covered up, for since the late eighteen, hundreds at least I mean that's as far back as I can trace anyway. This this theory works like this, that Henry was walking home from the gas asian, whereas dropped off at some point a police.
officer pulls over or approaches him with the thought that he would be arrested for public intoxication Somehow they get into it. There's an altercation and the police take henry to which he has a bad reaction. Maybe it's a heart attack, I don't know, but whatever reason he dies or almost dies from this situation, and then to cover it up, he's placed in the lake it in point his body is not discovered for two more months. I do want to throw out there, though one thing that makes us extra, tough extra, difficult level here. Is that he's he's in that lake? For almost two months, what is lost. What evidence is lost to tell us what happened to henry during the course of that time?
but what would it be losses if there is beating their bruising or any of that stuff or a puncture? That's not gonna be lost so, but the tough in about this theory is one most cops for the most part have good intentions right, they're there to serve and protect so the likelihood that a cop would come around taser guy he dies and then, if his partner is saying, hey stop it now you're going to tell me that two cops that signed up to serve and protect, kill the innocent man and throw him into the river cause, let's say he's on drugs or drunk, and he is fighting the cops that they probably have body cams or dash cams or whatever. Now you gotta get rid of that evidence if he just killed this man, but if this guy
was attacking. U n- and this was you defending yourself you'd- have that evidence on a dash, cam or body cam too then to to protect your ass, to say: hey, look. We were just trying to control him, he attacked us and then it was accidental death because of that These are I mean right. So do you have any evidence that there is any camera for his medicine from any of these officers, or do they even have these on their vehicles? well. The other thing to is, we don't have any witnesses saying they saw anything like this at all. Remember one number to the way this theory is is spoke of would be that during the course of that, but dial. What we are hearing is heading being taste or attacked by the police right and then he's killed or then he dies. Ok, like you said, no more,
on the body very little, if no trauma and all signs of trauma to the body. So there's a big problem there that you have to get over the other problem. you have to get over to that's not discussed. Is that what we hear from from that portion of the voice mail, only time the anybody says that words are spoken, is one pursing selling, yelling or saying stop it right. Everything else is just noises, so What, where I'm going with this captain is police are very vocal when they, trying to control someone when they are trying to get them to listen to them when they are trying to get them to go along with their instructions. They are extremely vocal and the the more that you disobeyed them, the more that you don't listen to them the louder they tend to get. Yes you. I would think that if this scenario is correct, Do it hear a lot of police chat?
You hear a lot of being told him. On the ground. Stop it put your and in the air put your hands where I can see him a lot of that stuff. In that Not nobody at any time says it. They hear that on the voicemail right, but we we have a clip, we don't have the full voicemail right, but but the thing I have with that is, but we, have. We do know that his wife s, brother, both have listened to the entirety of the royal mail, and I think If either of them thought that a police officer or police officers were response, for what happened to Henry. I think that when it came out in the media. And the media would have been very happy to broadcast that for us you know, especially they normally are yeah. So I I think that I can I'm white that theory away, just because I think that if their look where their smoked fire, but what I'm getting at is there's no smoke here,
but I'm not wipe away and the reason why his cause, like I said I think this case, because there are so many bitchy scenarios and because the call one look released, the call, hmm released that to the pop, especially if you say it's an accident, yeah and and have people are saying hey. This is possibly come. A police conspiracy release the audio. Let us hear for ourselves what is on that audio clip. Okay, the other thing too is released though topsy okay, let's see what happens what happens there? Okay, now? The autopsy may be released. I like I said I just can't find it right, but you find it for almost every other case right, and so you didn't find it for this one, I'm not blame you, ok, there's a lot
people in the store that I'm going to blame by not going to be blaming, you think you know, but okay, but so we have all these. Then we have the situation with his friend. Dropping him offered stayed in a dropped him at a different location than what he actually dropped him off to, but I I believe with this with the autopsy, with the with the lack of evidence other than this weird call this voicemail at some point, the family should get a collection from the community, get the supporters behind you and just do another. Autopsy have a second opinion. Look at
to see. If anything was fishy and am might come back simply. Yes, it was acts of dental drowning and he possibly was on somethin unleash. You would have answers and I think that's the least they could do because Henry deserves that. I mean this guy seems to have done nothing wrong in his life. He went one night drinking did he drink to whom too much did he take? Did he take something he shouldn't have taken? Was he was he trying to party too hard, but we can get answers. I think from the at autopsy yeah, and so I dont want anybody to think that we didn't talk about a possible animal attack because that's one of that's one of the leading theories, but you pointed out very clearly that's kind of goes along with the big foot theory right, there's no marks on the boy I want also to the fact that the other animals are probably real gear, and so, if it this
going to be an animal tat. Some people say that the noises your hearing on the voicemail are coming from an animal. That's attacking him right, but the on with that again, there's no marks on the body if this were and animal attack in less
the animal manage to scare him frighten him and chase them into the river into the lake, and then he accidentally drown. The animal tat just doesn't doesn't play out here from you on. This would be difficult to because less say a dog. I got a hold of his shirt or something that the ribs of that shirt could be somewhere to the ropes and assure once he's submerged in water for that length and in hitting the shore line, there could be some are markings on on close and that there could be a possibility where something did attack him and never really make contact with his body. But again, I think of the answers. Are gonna really lie with a second ontogeny? Just it, you know, I think he deserves. That is I think we all any by any by restless in that.
This could possibly happen to you. Your family owes it to you to disco. Halos does get a second opinion. This make sure its correct. One theory that is, I find to be probably the most interesting add of all that have been discussed is a possible revenge killing in a thought being there. A voice. Mail was no accident that the whom is responsible, purposely dialed his phone and let let it pick up whatever noises it could during the drowning process of henry, and then they, whoever killed him, wanted
the family or whoever was going to be picking up the phone to hear that that it was some kind of revenge ca then. My other question then becomes too, as this is the cell phone that he had. Is it waterproof? Is it something that you could put in water and is that the reason why we're hearing some weird sounds because the phone itself is submerged in water that a possibility? Let me ask you this, because this is one of the more more building of the facts in this case or lack of facts, could you find anywhere hard proof that the phone was found that the phone was located because This voice mail is on his wife's phone bread. You know not heard anything about his phone being found or not found corrected, that really bothered me. I dont know what we can gather from from it. If it were to have been found of asean. I just ran out gone, but what you get,
from that is, and we were know we're just drawing that's what you get when you spin hours and hours recorded in the garage you get blank brain some the one thing that I find while you yeah, but you would- the model number somebody should? the model number- and that would let us know and also was the phone to the phone hang up member when they said, hang up or go dead right because cause the call ends at some point. The call ends up some point and then, when she starts calling, it goes straight to voicemail bo. Do the same thing if the phone was submerged in water, the phone
probably record, even if it's not waterproof for awhile and that's where you can get some distortion and frequency. So let's say the phone was picking up something that was a lower frequency. Will you could then start having glitches where so, when you have this guttural ground to a higher pitch noise, these things can be altered by the phone strutton started to malfunction underwater. I don't necessarily it doesn't have a b, ah I mean he could be calm for help as the pushing them down into the water. So you just said so: then you just had a home run their I'm in a circle back to that. But I do want to clean up something that I said earlier when I said she for me to make the statement that his wife Korean said
She was trying to call him and it was going straight. The voicemail right. I don't know that. That's true, I believe her exact words from that interview were ike. I tried calling him back and I kept getting his voice mail, so I could have gone straight voicemail, but I just clean that up a little bit too, to say exactly what she said that she was getting his voice was really nice that at the last minute, the show I think we did come up with some very interesting thoughts. Were here's a thought, though? what am I gonna take a lawmaker. The third one, because I want to end a bad one. I want to take a little excerpt from what you just said where I said I think he hit a home run and I want to circle back to it. Okay, your statement. You said he could have been calling for help right, yeah. Those are your words. I think that's genius and here's where I have a big problem with this case and with the statements of those
surrounding Henry and who was in henrys life at the time of his death. Every interview I could find with corinne. She constantly says that he pocket called me that he pocket dialed me and no point there ever any mention of the thought that he could have been calling for help, so what you're saying, as you think that suspicious on her in that she very never is very suspicious. He would call her for help I I think that it strange that I review multiple interviews with her and at no point does she ever say he could have been calling for help right, but this is also an idea that through and our views or through talk him with the place or through talk
anybody that maybe she ruled that out as a possibility before she did these interviews that we we have seen true true, but I I think we're talking about a case that its very difficult to rule out possibilities, yeah I'd love to hear people's thoughts and opinions on this case. He can do so at true crime garage, go to our blog and again share this information with your friends and family. Tell people about the show. I love to hear pupils theories personally other than my. I strongly believe that another autopsy, if we can do one if his body was cremated, then at least have the first item see reviewed by outside source. Thank you so much for less then make sure you sheriff
also media tell your friends and if you need to listen to all, but such a one. I listen to the old episodes download this to trap, it's free and all of our procedure there exclusively and its own ex time ever buddy be good, be kind and don't let the.
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