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Holly Bobo /// Part 2 /// 147

2017-10-04 | 🔗

Holly Bobo /// Part 2 /// 147

(Part 2 of 2)

On April 13th, 2011 - 25 year old Clint Bobo wakes up just before 8am. As he starts his day he sees something that he cannot understand. When looking out the window of his home he sees a man dressed in camouflage walking his sister Holly into the woods. He calls 911 to report the incident. Before he hangs up the phone the police are already arriving. When police get there they quickly search the area. Holly and her abductor cannot be located. Tonight the Captain and Nic discuss a case that rocked a small town in Tennessee.Beer of the week - Country Roots by Tennessee brew worksGarage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps

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Twenty year old, nursing student, holly bobo went missing April thirteen, two thousand and eleven. Now, where we After off, we had gone through following years, and we have a situation where we have several men who are arrested: this seems to be that the key for these arrests seems to be a confession from Dylan Adams. His bow, there's, Zachary Adams is the first one arrested and charged with first degree murder. And then we have their friend jason archery, who was arrested in charge with first degree, murder to more brothers mark and geoffrey percy are stayed for accessory after the fact. and then we have shane Austin who seems to be working with them. Police and some form now he was granted immunity early on, in this case We have the police an investigator saying that they may see charges against austin at some point
because he doesn't seem to be completely honest and completely forthcoming. Help them in their investigation. Now later that year, after three and a half years fertile out of looking for ali bobo. Her remains are discovered in september of two thousand and fourteen when we left Yesterday we said that we were gonna, get into these suspects a little more and that's exactly what we're going to do so Now we mention that shane austin. We said that he was offered immunity in exchange for information regarding the location of holly, bobo's body police checks, trains, phone records and those indicates that sheen Austin was in contact with Riyadh him several times on the day of holly's kidnapping and the poor he's believe they asked and help dispose of this body. now this agreement between Austin the authorities. granted him immunity from various charges in the case, including all charge, arising out of the disposal, destruction
burial and or concealment of holly bobo deceased body. It also klute, a provision granting austin immunity for drug related criminal activity, not to incur would any drugs administered to holly bobo, the agreement urged on bobo's body being recovered from the place where Austin said it was buried, the didn't happen. So then, The agreement was withdrawn after Austin was unable or unwilling to lead them to the body. district attorney released a statement that said it has not been completely truthful, forthcoming and cooperative as to any all aspects of this investigation after them, Jane, austen attorney, filed a complaint against the state asking for an immediate and permanent injunction, preventing the state from charging him in this case, so in February two thousand and fifteen. By now they said we have holly's remains recovered and eve
for that we have people charged for the murder charge for the kidnapping and some too es after the fact, a man once thought be a witness in the holly bobo case was found dead in an apparent suicide in florida. The bar of shane Austin was found in hotel room and bar to florida There was no sign of foul play an evidence pointing to austin committing suicide awesome The attorney blame the suicide on the continual threats of the prosecution, as how is the witch hunt style of india? irrigation where, according to His attorneys priorities relied on rumours instead of evidence, ostend attorney sister, he had nothing to do with the murder of holly bobo, and that asked in cooperating fully with the police I watch your thoughts on this oak well like I said he seemed to have been working with the police for some time round
for whatever reason, either he was unwilling or didn't act, exactly know the whereabouts of her body, because it's not found where he said it would be found. the possibility that they moved it passes well correct. Now, Oh his ties to this case. He has several ties to this case. One being he is a very good friend of the zachary atoms who we already said have been charged with first degree murdered this time he's actually the cousin of jason archery, who was also charged with first degree, murder We have this confession from Dylan Zachary brother, and then we have shane working with the police, their gathering information, but at time in the instigation. These guys are all kind of turning on one another and each one is saying that so and so had did this sounds did that I had not to do with it. We got this circle of idiots. All kind
Turning on one another wah, the facts are that each of these players or to these suspects were involved on. Level but where they're turning on each other is cut up. Let me point: finger at you, so that makes me look less guilty. Like yeah I did some bad stuff, but I dont killer right now. two shane asked in the guy the committed suicide a heap. He hung himself in that the that tab flora in a hotel room. Now he and Zachary Adams, who, like I said, seems to be the centre point the focal point of their vested maybe he's the ringleader of this group of idiots, but They seem to have some kind of drug ring going on in tennessee. They they nancy, I'm guessing, they fancy themselves some kind of some kind of fake gang.
They seem to run around a lot together and were known to be mathematics. They cooked They sold drugs to people in and we have. You know as I do he's the cousin of the other guy who's been charged in the murder and at sea That that the real connection of jason, archery too AK in his cousin, Jane austen, see, to be his own drug addiction. It seems to me like he was going to these guys to purchase drugs. on a regular basis, right now Let's get into those two brothers remember we said we have Jeff and mark person, in July, two thousand and fourteen percy brothers were arrested and charged with accessory after the fact and temper with evidence they were arrested on the basis of allegations made by geoffrey Hershey's former roommate Sondra king
king alleged that in may of two thousand and fourteen june. Had shown her paw of a video showing Zack Adams assaulting holly, bobo, who was tied up and cry she all police that she only watched a small clip and did not see Your sexual assault during this clip police arranged for sondra king to make a recorded phone call to Jeff, where andrew told Jeff over the phone there, video of holly. If it had been you in the video I would have watched it to which replied. I know, sir. Your king also alleges that Jeff's brother mark was the one that shot the video but to be clear They are saying that they have knowledge that this view, exist or existed at least at one time when Saunders said that she had sought. Now, authorities had
located this video both by others denied that any type of video anything remotely like this existed at all and Jeff percy denies knowing the other men who have been charged in the crime Jeff claims He was unable to hear sondra during that recorded phone call conversation and that here Ex wife's name was also holly. The alleged videotape, as I said, has not been found. Police have analyzed over twenty phones twenty cell phones, but have not found any video on those funds. Charges against both men. Were eventually dropped. Gather charges were drop, a calmer will catch up to here's the thing We talked about John d in Adams. He goes by Dylan Adams he's the brother of Zachary Adams. Well, just the kind of this kind of clear up this suspect pool very quickly, but
we move on to another. One So we have all these suspects. We have one who's dead and gone, so we can kind of forget about him. He's no longer a concern. We have the who brothers that were accessory after the fact police believed, but eventually they dropped the charges against the percy brothers. So let's go ahead and push them out and off the sidewalk, a smaller group, to be concerned with now one of them. people are still this Dylan Adams, he's, the one that confessed to observing holly bobo sitting in a green chair in the living room of Zachary Adams, home wearing a pink teacher, and he also says that jason archery was standing just a few feet away when he saw holly bobo. He also all police. The jack was wearing camouflage shorts, that black t shirt with the sleeves cut off in the deep green pair of crocs Dylan also reported that zack had told him that and raped holly and yo taped it eventually dillon.
Be charged with rape in this case. Related to this case dylan later recanted the confession and alleged. He was coerced right, but confession led to the arrest of Zachary Adams, jason, artery and shane Austin Many of the details can contain. in that confession were eventually found to be inconsistent with the no evidence at the time plus the process? fusion has been heavily criticized for their referred it's to produce evidence against the defendants missing. More Bull, discovery, deadlines and for making for quaint changes to the charges against the defendants with little or explanation at all. The other can is how long it took for the state to share evidence with the defence of these characters. The arrest take place in early two thousand and fourteen, but it wasn't until July, two thousand and fifteen that it was announced that the d
it's finally received access to all of the evidence against them right now. The fast forward to this year. This is for news five in nashville this aid granted immunity to jason archery, who was accused of killing and kidnapping nursing student holly bobo, a shocking development that legal, analyse, said means all tree likely knows something about holly bobo's death. According to port documents, jason archery victor dinsmore ma go alexander. An shane austin were all granted immunity agreements. In this case, Why is this important because we're finally going to go to trial? In this case, have charged Zachary atoms with murder and his trial is. approaching at this time. We said Jane austen, who was somehow connected to Holly's death. He is the one that committed suicide a few years ago,
he jason archery, who was recently granted immunity He was already in prison when he charged with his alleged role in holly, bobo murder. He was serving time for of gun charges of some sort. jason archery has always maintained his innocence, though The agreement that they reached will protect archery by keeping his testimony from being used against him artery. Still be prosecutes, for his alleged role and holly's death, but not for any that he may testify about against Zachary atoms so this move by the prosecution obviously points and proves how come show jason arteries. Testimony will be for the states case against Zachary Adams. The boy was so decompose that its prey hard to get a lot of friends, evidence off the remains your exactly right last month in some number of two thousand seventeen z,
gray Adams was the first to go on trial. The price solutions case was circumstantial. was a as there was no dna or other forensic evidence tying Zachary to the martyr jason archery, of course, was the states key witness and on day, for the holly bobo murder trial. He took the stand and here's a clip his testimony, holding his driveway and the jury. What food into the driveway the first I noticed was far bar on the second day was doing.
We certainly do away with shirt off. Shame was welcome. Get the hell out of here and help when the shot was fired. Can you repeat your last statement? You say she couldn't yeah when approving in there was fire burning barrel. Durham Adams was standing at the door of the trailer Dylan was standing at the door. The trailer Was a short of. Shame was walking around in your house. Get a goddamned hell out of here thus far.
Posted on rat, said Jane, was standing at the door of a former. Follow me someone front too. I used Go to MR aroused and about the eu. one hundred milligrams rob directly by To the painter crozier, Ok, I've cooked Alan two minutes later I got it lot back. Does it so before they saw her, I understand that door, I need you to bear this body. We must dare to joke here a little.
I suggest that we training he to get inside jason. Malignant names try and he should Holly bobo. Some days before that without money for some peos image at jeremy's. There was talking about caring for the girl. There was also another relationship and or another connection between Joe that train was there. I want a connection point that she never does a child both of them have. With the same woman, we respect that a drug deal news, there's
stuff it happened, the challenge. Maybe I was, wish that I didn't know holly bobo. He says well pictures tv pictures and stuff like that. So, let's be honest, you really care about finding the time. I do not scrap it. Where the body was and what you did after that the body was learn
artie colored farm black in fine style. Blanket did look like multiple colors wrapped in the blanket laying up against back. So the truck is sitting here. It's leaning against the back still a long ways. It's an in display from the knowledge he figured out that help with holly or help with the aftermath. the there's a worse He asked me what I have been buried body and ass. There is no real, he said but ass, it is under way I won't leave our somewhere statue. Shame
adele, and you know it DA the news. so I shall here must meet me at the outer space church, the courage and I'll get The trouble with you Joe and never came out of the trailer. continuing birds. The say please The smile. The smile wasn't an apparent of count. Fuel I may add, those large blaze. There was tat and you could smell the smell of meth smell. I cannot say I never.
Never mind that far down I never made it passed the door. before friday. I never might pass the truck first. The trap door. You said earlier that shane was saying: y'all got to get out, or did he say why He had a satellite. and there was coming to install satellite needed. No, what can he'd be there? Science, I got cable guy coming There are doing it. No shirt on and they never came. Now I screwed this conversation took place between you and Zachary Adams there between his truck and your cruiser, that's gripped
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The I really do corrosion back there. yeah spanish church body, and when I walk down the road, He was backing out of thirty hours time row. He picked me up. I got in the truck, we go Toward six forty worn down p rome, mr I have now with a guy says there is the tell the jury, Don't go on down the road abilities
senator renault shovels and pay taxes in the truck. I wouldn't worry about it. No shovels pickaxes, he looks, may lead to disaster. and ass I dont know of no were american disposal I can get the shovels and pick axes with the dead body and to be continued on. As we go you say there is nothing that does nothing to dig suggested by me. I told him that some years back. Did I had ban, interstate forty bridge- and there was a body thumb-
and I told the only thing holding the body up was the intestines and we said we circle was their direction. it's been in the deep end of the. I told him the pair that slew turtles and she had eighty to dislike at the thought of opportunity
The only the body up was the gases was the gases good slogan. Does that from the river you see their face down thy home reserve is gases in your desk as the same as it was you getting got down again stay in the years ahead. Mr Adams, we went one third, I believe, as do many wonder, to frame rather stay Bridge crosses the tennessee river, underneath it we made the entire discovered out.
To make sure no one in the area, there's a boat ran Of ourselves in there also, there is a beach, we've circled the boat ramp down by the beach turned round come back out, not not back out, but back up to the breed. My circle, you stop it about everywhere. It's, a lower limestone rob generally about their sex Changes to something larger than a dinner plate screw you say: stop aside
backed into a pile. Is this an area that you haven't been to before that's correct? This is an area you know whether or not Mr Adams had been to that area before I'll. Believe you're. All you tell me where to turn or know where to get it on his own. Okay, flu bug took to the rip rip the production, the first two, this We did back all the way against me said that he hated the spots to the jury box gifts. That's five, six foot room. To get out drug with the right hand, The upper torso miss mobile.
jack come around. Let tailgate down. About europe, but also to the end of the day, a where he grabbed legs I said he hated the robbery and only regret in the bed of the tree. Their debate a small amount of blood. He was stalling out. The bed of the trip it was reached, let the bed of the truck and it looked black. It looked deserving her destiny
Let's get it over and blankets. At the upper end of the tour so that that grab small blows. Most of the size of our maybe the size of an orange. Never never.
In her body around and you get the top or the bottom part. Without wrapping the grab the back of the slug, he will dish shirt for the body. Didn't worry very much that was a pretty good chance say, shape, I'm pretty good chance. I get. I grabbed the blanket disliked about death The desert, the tailgate of the truck at that time, grabs legs. We set the body down the upper torso on that pile written with the child, to show that we just discussed Mister Adams goes to the
driver, sad picker outstanding I'm standing knows the top of my money. The c mon, found a distress sailor hello the boy the entire my The door no. Mister Adams with digging into I was just conveyed still ass. We just stopped for shock
I want to draw up a toe jefferson she heard my name called me talking and know tat. he was right. to the other side. Picker, our former picker peoples I say same versatile. posted on Mr Austin sad thirty. Ro and ass a rule, I said: well if people say her lines, stop you doing something bad, or did you say, whoa for another, is possible. for another reason to go. Look now
wait across here to about this area that way to simplify the system to sit down. The two hundred and fifty yards is a long, pretty long stretch out here to the next cart. I looked round when I moved back around the stadium there, or did you come back or stay here, working back and forth watching what about looking the other way? There was nothing. I look back this way and I told him
doesn't go way. This just shortly notice that will not come? I the doesn't come closed, clear something to that effect, I need a the girl You saved me rage. I don't get it back. I, though, started my way back this way sailor. Then undertake It's just one shot, but it echoed underneath that range all the way down that damn river bottom.
The So that's the testimony of jason archery. describing how he helped Zachary adams with her, bobo s body and then discovering that she was still alive, exact user in the back of the head, what happens after this is fearing that the noise of the gunshot may tracked attention. They decide to load her body back into the truck. And then at that point, zack drops jason off, because now this is it. This jason artery is a strange dude. He's he's a scary dude. Plenty of reasons why, first of all, you hear him say you know he the body with somebody else thought it was george because this guy money to sack and his friends ray
And when he's told no, that's not Joe Joe, that's holly bobo and the the the state ask him you know: did that mean anything to you or did you care simply says no, he didn't care whose body that was an that's me. why one he's cold, hearted bastard, and on top of that he's this dude. It has like a five hundred dollar a week, drug abbot right. So the only thing going, through his mind, according to jason archery, when he shows up there He didn't know that he was going to see a body. You don't know that he was going to be asked to help spoke of a body or who was right all he. thinking about when he's presented with the problem that zack and these guys have in front of them is that you know it by help these do they're gonna they're gonna o me big time
and this is my that these are the guys that I go to to get my dollar morphine pill. hundred milligram morphine pill than he send a half he cooks, up with some math, and then he shoots it now. He said that his meth his meth, would typically last him too three days, one pill would usually last him about one day. He would do the same it's a day and several times a week. He would by one of these pills so really all he's thinking about all all he's doing is they're gonna, homey big. I can feed my drug habit for free For a while, because I'm helping these these ma sisters Why wouldn't his body? Even if it's not for free? This is my connection, so I want to burn this bridge and the the you know. I said why he's a scary dude, but he's a range dude, because it seems to me, like jason, artery, the only thing that he is afraid of,
now mind you. This guy gave about six hours of testimony. and you learn when you listen to this testimony. The only thing he seems to be afraid of is his girlfriend. Because the whole reason why he has act, drop him off before zack goes in dumps. The body is because, supposed to meet his girlfriend for lunch, and he saying to zach at some point, look dude. I got this place that I have to be at this time. You got a drop me off. You gotta get me back to my peaty cruiser. So I go on my lunch day. while sad because it way he talks about is so nonchalant like this that big a deal you know these. his actions that we did in this. These events that you know lived through they're not a big deal at all and that his person and in a manner hoo hoo. This person was
don't matter only person that matters is him and his drug am it anyway Artery would testify. The zack later said that he took hollywood, his body and did in a spot near a place called kelly ridge. Now the part we and get to yet is the actual abduction. What presented a trial is the zach shame dylan so Jason archery, not the guy that we just heard from, but Zachary shane in Dylan went Holly's residents supposedly too, each clint bobo. How to make math According to this story, holly came out of the home, she's screaming and hollering at the guys, and that's when the men decided to abduct her the ass, presented the situation that shane Austin, the guy that hung himself in the hotel, was actually the man that clint had seen walking
holly bobo into the woods the ring, why they presented this is he's the only one that would fit the size of the person described, apply clint and there's always a way to say this. But then the three men. korea, Adams, dylan atoms in shane austin, these days, sexually assaulted, holly in a barn that was owned by the grandmother of both shane austin and jason autry. Remember their cousins right. I thought he caught sexual assault. They raped her and write her fucking pieces of shit, so the reason for this whole this Our look, I watched enough of this trial and I, when I watched enough of clint bobo on stand and seen him in interviews closer to the time that his sister went missing. In her abduction. They were there too.
haiti, bregetio bad guys, but Maybe it makes for a good story for you deeds, but you weren't there took to teach clint had a cook math you weren't there. For that reason, these three guys, went there with the sole purpose of abducting this girl. and had she not been there that day, they would it back on time and attempted to do it that day, just so happens to be the clint was home and they could read that in the newspaper that clint was there and described who was taking her into the woods, so they came up with a good story. so when they needed somebody to help them dispose of a body, it makes him like hey. We didn't premeditated this thing. This is this think, just kind of happened the other thing that comes up in jason arteries testimony is At some point, Zachary atoms ask jason tree if he would kill his brother dillon.
The reason for this is at some point. In the case you know we said: Dylan had spoken to the police and go them some kind of confession, while he, also kind of he wasn't very quiet about what had happened. He was if telling other people as well, Zachary Adam started getting worried and nervous that his brother was going to get them all com, so he ask jason artery. if he would kill dylan items to which jason audrey says: let me think, it now get back to you and at some point he actually takes dylan on a hill. as a fishing trip on a boat and they're out fishing in jason, says on the stand. I thought crime hard and good about making good on that on that deal of killing Dylan when I was out there with them when particular of that remember, we said that Zachary Adams had leeched onto his grandfather and
Would you would use him for money and help him get out a trouble? Well, the and father had quite a bit of land in own several homes and had quite a bit of money as well. Agri atoms knew that his grandfather was close to dying. He was he in poor health. He was old and the obviously he made to jason archery was you know You kill my brother and then after my grandfather dies? I will you some of the property, maybe a house and split some of the money with you Maybe he doesn't offer this deal just one time, though no Now he he theirs You follow up questions. You know every time they are together. He owing to ask jason against acts. Gonna ass, jason again. What are you, do you think about my offer? What do you think about the deal that we talked about and there's one it's a time after their smoking, meth together and jason archery, tells Zack after repeat
questions about if he would kill Dylan, he says you know it up, might take you up on that offer. but if I do, you might be next saying that he would kill Zachary atoms some other evidence that was presented at the trial there were two pieces of paper. Remember we talked about a receipt and card from her school that was found, These were actually found near they were found on a road where shane Austin lift he's one of he's the person that they hung himself. The receipt was about seventy five feet from Ostend driveway, so they believed that they went back their shortly after the other and several other witnesses testified that Zachary Adams made statements implicating himself in holly's disappearance. One was beckett herb. This is access. girlfriend. She says it zack told her that he would tie her up.
It's like he did holly bobo and nobody would ever see her again. Now. Athos two caliber smith and wesson long revolver was presented as evidence at trial now remember we said or dinsmore this if the guy that we haven't spoken about hardly at all, but he is somebody that lately that just months for the trial he's wanted. guys it was granted immunity as well. This is why, because he led police to a gun and said The chain austin and jason archery traded him the gun for drugs The gun was found under water, so no dna or fingerprints were on the weapon in this case, in every case difficult, but this one in and probably with, everything going on in the world I mean there are any hope for humanity at all, Well, I think you know, let's talk about, there's a people out there.
I've come to Zachary Adams defence and said that he is innocent and, of course, his defence attorneys are going to try to make that happen in trial there alive. things that they presented and will go through those real quickly, first of all, holly bobo's remains, were found in a different location, then what jason? artery had told the police minutes clear how the body ended up. Where was ultimately found. You had said we're in, I agree with you. Maybe they moved it, I mean zachary atoms and, in the other, guys But I believe that Probably right on this situation, I betcha that date. They probably panicked and went by and moved it to a different location, I ve seen this before and other crimes there as a palmprint that was found on Holly's car all for men floating jason, archery, Zachary Adams, Dylan Adams, sh,
in Austin. They were all ruled out as having contributed to that palm print bout, but that palm print may have nothing to do with the actual case, with her abduction at all yeah. He, it could be anybody's buddies, Palmprint yeah, the defence alleged The state used unethical investigatory techniques to coerce a confession from dylan atoms. attention, because this is where it gets very strange and two thousand Fourteen dylan was arrested on federal gun charges that would have ended. lengthy prison sentence. The process who was also handling the holly bobo case. A ring. no jail. Please deal condition that he go live with a retired police officer. This is Dennis Benjamin who deal in. I did not know at that time. Five weeks later after living with Dennis benjamin bench, called nine one want to report that he has some one in his home that wants to confer to the martyr of holly bobo. Despite the fact
This confession led to the arrest of the men. Much of what he confessed to it did not match the evidence. Dylan Adams states. He's a mentally disabled ban and that they kept, up all night and would not give him anything to eat or drink and. this ended up in dylan, basically saying what do you want? to say right into the investigators claims He would have said anything at that point jason archery testify to a series of events that was drastically different from deal, Adams confession. He testified that he, self was not involved in the abduction it ok. So let's let s think about that for a minute. We have the situation. We have this dylan atoms, whose eventually charge with rape and he's going to face trial at some point on these charges. We said He gave a vague confession to police. At that time he saying it's under duress, but
you know we ve seen many times in a case where somebody that is actually guilty of a lot more things sit down with police and they will admit to some of the things in it I tell you who was involved, but they're not actually going to implicate themselves in any major crime being committed, so I personally, here's my vibe in what might get tells me, after watching all of jason arteries. Testimony I believe him to be true. I believed it did them. already of what he sang is fat and what actually happened right. after believed that dylan atoms in his vague confession that you gave the police was. There was probably some elements of truth to it. He named the people that would ultimately be tried for this murder, but I think he was kind of making it up and kind of weaving the story to pain himself in a much better light and therefore
those stories are not going to match. now remember the percy brothers. These were the ones that the police thigh. Had knowledge of some kind of videotape showing Holly bobo after she had been abducted. That hope, story. Never came up and trial this, never brought it up. There's no pending charges against the percy brothers thing seems to have kind o washed away. Maybe was just something that the police got wrong. I can't fault them they got it wrong, maybe maybe they got it right. I don't know, but this this under a king they have reason to maybe want to throw jeffrey percy under the bus. Apparently Her son who's been prison for like fourteen years. He still has to money for years left on his sentence. there's rumour and rumbling that maybe she was getting some kind of deal to implicate,
these two guys ray and holly bobo murder for a lesser sentence for her son. Why? This case is difficult, as you know, I applaud law enforcement to try to do anything. You can too put bad guys behind bars, but you have to do legally right and an you also can't how's, that fair to the genome is there's no justice there. If, if somebody's gonna give you a false confession, so there's sunk, get a lighter sentence. That person had nothing to do with this case. They be involved you don't of it if your mother wants to come forward in and testify and a case file, But that has nothing to do with you now, agri Adams. Defence allege that jason archery concocted this whole story in exchange for a reduced sentence that only some of his story could be corroborated. Well, one thing:
regarding his testimony. Jays jason arteries testimony he's asked: why are you here? Why are you testifying to day? He says because I'm here bing for leniency. In my case I mean he's. Isa is outright about he's. Like look dude, I'm telling you what happened, because now I'm going to beg the court for Firstly, when I go to trial for my involvement in this case. The state would also point out that none of the men accused by jason artery matched the witness description given by clint bobo, they were all either too tall to slammer too heavy to be the abductor As we said, Jane austen was the correct, heightened weight, but clint described a man with dark hair that had covered his neck shape. Had short red hair, depend with this, and this is what the defence would claim is that you know who that
the gold description matches. It matches terry brit, so terry bread, he The stalker sex offender rapist they talked about in episode one his name. Appears in trial because zack defence attorney contends that the initial suspect in the case was terry, bread and they said, he's the real killer noting that he had never been cleared by the tv I and in fact stating It appears that the government has more evidence of his guilt than it does of the we defendants charged in this case a court. to John walker. Who is a? U s? Marshall terry brit, actually offered a plea to plead guilty. Two murder at one point terry brit, could not be excluded, as a contributor of the palmprint that was found, on holly's caught long like we said before, or or at least I thought before. I don't know if I said out loud, but it's like when he came
as a suspect. There are just so many things that at some point- and this is not a coincidence anymore something's going on here with this individual- and this It is very difficult because, with some drug addicts, it's like who believe bright and an alike and can you believe, they may say, because what state of mind were they in yoke is like whole story starts off Yeah when in got some drugs, super drugged up and now our and your hey you need me to help you berries, somebody all right, but you just got done. Tell me: did the heroin tat so aye. But again I can only go with my gut. I sat through many hours of his testimony and I believe, jason entry to be telling the truth or nine five percent of his testimony to be the actual truth very chilling,
I do want to was the verdict. The verdict well on september twenty seconds of if you're a jury found Zachary Adams guilty on all charges, including first degree, murder, specially aggravated kidnapping and aggravated rape on September twenty heard he was sentenced to life in prison without parole and to consider in terms of twenty five years, for both the kidnapping and rape convictions? Now g, an artery and john Dylan Adams also face charges. In this case, they will be tried separately and they have both pled not guilty, as did zachary atoms, now regarding for we move on, though captain I do want to mention that terry brick, guy who's been sins, To prison for multiple rapes been noticed, och women. He was considered a suspect in this case. I think he, I think, he's Would that was good. Work on the police departments end
and that he be eyes and, however, at the end of the day, they got their right guy and guys for the we bobo murder dude is set to be released from prison is currently in prison right now, but he said to be released next year. For prison, this is not a guy that you want on the streets. This is not a guy that you want living in your neighborhood with your daughter's, your wives, your sisters, your mother's female at all. If live in that area, I know here in ohio, we have block parole programme. where you can sign petitions and give the reason why you think in individual should not be paroled if you live in the state of tennessee and they have that their. I recommend you sign your name on terry brits paper. Yes, sign your real name sign your fake name sign your mom's. Now, your cat steam. Yes, I knew tat name. Jesus on arms I have been bombed out by cases before, but
so we have two more trials in this case. It would be interesting to see what comes out because jason archery was not really allow per the agreement that they had in this in and what, you can say in can't say in court, but it wasn't really allowed to accuse Dylan Adams of much bigger Dylan was not on trial, He will be so to be interesting to see what jason artery says about Dylan Adams, as I'm I'm guessing. He would be the states key witness in that trial as well. So would be interesting to see what sentences these guys get. I think they're all very guilty and, like you said cases, made you depressed, didn't The thing I sat through a lot of this trial and an eye I gotta tell you man. It is a fact. Me terribly, I I feel like I have some kind of mild form of ptsd from this thing. I can only imagine why can't I can't imagine what bobo family. I mean one
for this experience to happen to lose a daughter and then so many years later, to have to sit through the trial and hear what happened. I mean I just Europe It just breaks your heart, it absolutely break your heart also. Hopefully, there's update soon on these trials, and now once we hear something, I will let you guys now as well Do we have a recommended reading for this week? Yes, captain, I'm excited this one. This just came out about a week or so ago, I'm in the middle of it right now loving it. This week we are recommending murder and wassail yeah. The coin. Dealer killer by iran call yard This is about a stamp in coin dealer, who was gunned down in front of his shop. I'm sorry inside his shop, the police link this murder to a death in another jurisdiction, because two months earlier, the body of a we dealer in another city was found locked in the trunk of his car. This book is greater covers
the entire investigation from crime scenes two witnesses and autopsies top to check out in versailles, the coin dealer killer by going to are recommended page, a true crime garage dotcom, buddy to turn on their happy gilmore, take a load off and try to cheer up and how you, try not to call me for a week. Alright I'll see you back here next week in the garage until then be good behind kind, don't look
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