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Holly Branagan /// Part 2 /// 237

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Holly Branagan /// Part 2 /// 237

Part 2 of 2


On Wednesday, March 28th, 1979 - 17 year Holly Branagan was murdered inside her family’s home. The following day her brother found her lifeless body, laying in blood on the kitchen floor. Through the years many have speculated as to who could have killed her. Her own brother has been considered by some to be a good suspect. Tonight we talk about the murder of a young lady and the events of that day. Beer of the Week - Project Dank by La Cumbre Brewing CompanyGarage Grade - 4 and a quarter bottle caps out of 5

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the nineteen seventy nine seventeen year old, holly bran again was killed and murdered inside her home now, throughout the years captain, there are still four very prominent theories regarding this yes- and I think we should take this time now to go through some of these now, while some of we're very general and thought they may leader. some more specific theories with inside each one. I've listed the in order of what I consider to be least profitable to most probable, okay, the first theory is a mob hit related to her fathers work. Now this one, I put his lease probable, because I absolutely fine. That had to be a very ridiculous theory. Can't find reason for this to have even occurred to you, be probable at all. I think The reason why this comes up is it
have a man- that's doing pretty well for himself doing well for his family, So there is a thought that there's money, their money involved and his company that he works for is based. Add of the new jersey area. So I think what we have here. Captain is just some cream, if mines, or either maybe look easy mines coming up with that doesn't really seem to hold any weight. Well, not so fast because he's in concrete gregg so leading to the idea that he's involved And- and this is a industry, construction, hugely connected to organised crime, and so possibly what their thinking is. Holly called to see if her dad was available, so possibly some of that was there to see her father, then
takes her out and then that the supposed accident, but the brother that could be mob related and then, where was that power washer? This eyes poison. The together owns power, washers poison, serve you connect them all. Put em all under the umbrella of some kind of mob hit. It just see to when I specifically look at the situation with holly. It just seems to me to be a very strange court on co hit to show up, hang out and the house for a while. Presumably not bring a murder weapon with you and then hang out for a while after the murder leaving the house, it's it's it's interesting, because the thought of the cleaning up the scene afterwards would go to that of somebody with experience the
well. My have with it is. It seems to me that this person that the killer spent an extraordinary amount of time inside the home during the committing of, smarter and afterwards, and that to me, doesn't seem to be very quote on quote professional, as is using a weapon found inside the home. Again, maybe the perpetrator was trying to wait for brother to come back home well and then that sets a good leading captain too. To this second theory, that's often discussed in that that sean bran again the brother was the killer and the thing about this one. I put this more towards the end of not as probable. Why? For so many reasons that we discuss yesterday, but a few things that we didn't talk about where this one plain and simple. I couldn't find anything to suggest that shot, was not a good guy that he was not a decent guy. He
holly's mom, as we stated, had passed away from leukemia just three years prior to holly's death it was one of those unfortunate things that actually brought the rest of the family closer together. Everyone said no one hour ever says that he didn't love his sister. Ok, everyone says he loved his sister and we have no signs of embassy in violent towards aim bay else. No, no! and, furthermore, the whole the who motive for him being a suspect this is all I could find was did sean that the police, saw sean as a guy who was kind of going nowhere in his life. Yes, he attended hi university, but was more or less just kind of going through the motions he didn't really it didn't seem like he really cared about attending the universe. It seems like he was a cargo ass, his real passion was fixing and building cars, and he was Morgan
working with his hands as a mechanic then going to school together, thing here too, maybe the kind of wait two, how lack a day Oh, he was about his education. Lehigh university is literally right next to freedom, high school, which is where on graduated from so it's kind of like Our I want done with this school gonna high school number, two dad says I need to go to further. My education aren't I'll go to this one now but he has a lot more goin form then and then a lot of people in this world and he had a passion, passion for automobiles, and so maybe some people didn't see that. But I think that is that's the first stepping on some you know accessible in while that might have been looked differently in the seventies. Lace. These early eighties was crazy. Is the talk of today is to go into a trade
You know people were being advised to go into a trade, learn a skill that most people don't have and guess what There are so many people with cod college education cease day. So many people with degrees these days that some of these tradesmen and trades women are standing out from the crowd and they're able to make very good money and have very good careers yeah. I have. I have huge respect for that, so it seems alike. Jealousy was what the police thought sean's motive b to kill his sister being holly was bright. She was a young girl. She go to graduate soon and she was gonna move on to better and big things in our lifetimes gonna, ten penn state university, wallace's act for low, but so basically the cops or say this individual doesn't really give a shit about higher education, but he's so jealous of his sister, because she is smart, that he's gonna killer, that the seams
mary? In all fairness, they don't outwardly say what a suspects motives would be. This is what has been pushed put together. Pieced together by others was nowhere anywhere to say that there is anything weird about their relationship, that there There was no motive for him to kill his sister. That's what I'm getting at and so to two peggy as jealous being the motive it soon or flimsy mean it it Holds no water for me holds. It has no legs to stand on this thought in this man. Furthermore, like we said we have, Malta people that can account for his aware for his whereabouts. The night did its best. that she was killed right and then we also have a situation where he could have had a deathbed confession and still can t. Imagine your birth
over your body and there still asking you questions about your sister. This is, this is how you gonna leave this earth well, and I think two things on that one. I think it does point out to how much the police might have thought of him to be a saucepan, because when he arrives at the hospital, I believe they only gave him like a twenty percent chance of living. In the police in this is not an uncommon tactic. This is not an unpracticed tactic. This happens a lot, when you have somebody that you consider to be a suspect- or maybe he at least Has some information that, before this accident, he wasn't willing to give you right, and so you show up- and you question the guy and he has nothing to say there. He has nothing to provide you with. He didn't kill
MR and he doesn't know who did our answer. The first theory is possibly some kind, a mob hit. The third theory would be passed by that sean was the martyr. So what is number three. Those first too, are a little more specific than these next to, but we can get into this further as we go. So the next theory would be an unknown attacker was holly's killer. In this theory, I do think is possible although there was no forced entry, so maybe the murder posed as somebody that she will open the door for maybe an utility worker or a police officer or as a friend of her fathers. As you pointed out right, there weren't any reports of any. It spotted in the area at the time of the murder, when holly called her dance office. She was not panic or concerned according to his secretary
so did someone pretend to be invited, her by her father brain. You know: hey, here to see your father like you, suggested and oh he's, not here what I'm gonna, I have to call him okay go ahead and call him right or I'm here, to do work on something and then she would say I'd. I need to call my father to see if this is ok but I think that was a ruse on some level that The only reason why the the phone call makes sense, or again it's a guy, that she has seen side that nobody knows about and she's com in the dad too kind of get his whereabouts its he leaving straight from work, or is he coming home, I'm not very fast I'm not sure. So now we have young this boy that I'm saying little tommy he's over and I need to check out
I make sure my dads aren't going to come home and interrupt us, hmm. Well that would that would be the next theory, but sticking to this one for a second here. The thing that I have to wonder about is so Richard's coworkers would know likely know that he would be out of town that night names. Not know about sean being gone or even know that sean exist, we don't know what I'm getting at you would assume that they may be would know because we just had a death in the family and normally, when there's a death in the family, then people start talking out so sad down now this guy has raises his daughter and his son. All he has two kids that sad, but I e that makes me wonder if richards co workers were investigated, or at least looked at again, nay up a time. know where you were at this time of day because under this situation,
then you have to wonder, did somebody gain entry into the home, she led into the home for whatever reason at all and at some once she realised that there was some form of a threat or but she was in some type of danger. Did she in fact run to the kitchen and grab the kitchen knife we have to keep in mind. She was, she was stabbed in the kitchen she was found. the kitchen, whatever went down, went down in the kitchen and so did She in fact run and grabbed the knife, and then the knife was used against. Her was pulled from by her then attacker rang the other thing, though it makes me wonder about is what would be the motive for that to me, there's we really two reasons to break into that home or to want to be in their home. One would be for rape or sexual assault of the victim and there, None, and there was none found to be by the coroner or two
you know some form of robbery which it doesn't appear that was what went down and again. I think what we're going to find here is some loose evidence to suggest that the killer may have remained in the home for a portion of time, meaning he didn't kill her and flee the scene. Why? We know that, right away because of the fingerprints, wiped away being wiped away, and so There were but aim bay at that time that read any murder mystery or knew anything about at all my wipe down there, the weapon correct. I get that, but at the same time captain at what I'm getting at is. If, if she was were to be this was an unplanned murder that went down during the course of the attempt of committing another crime. Often often we see
very high probability that the individual fleas the scene quickly after the attack on the on the victim brain. The other one, which is also very possible? Is known attacker? Okay- and this does. I necessarily mean that she knew the attacker extremely well or had been intimate with this person, but I think what this goes too. Where this leads to be. Maybe the most probable is the fact that there is no sign of forced and into the home, one and two when she goes back to the phone and tells her friend hey you know somebody's here. I'm going have to call you back sheet and seem to be threatened by this person, one and two. She and seemed to not know you don't I mean is it seems. I think there would be different words that would be had if she did not know this person right, I mean
just look like, and it has nothing to do. A true crime has nothing to do with true crime garage. But if I may conversation too long with somebody that was standing at my front door. It's it's a little strange. I find it a little odd bureau. Talker though ok, but regardless it it seems meat. If, if somebody's there, there there's a reason for them to be there, there's a reason why we are engaged in that conversation and nine times out of ten. It can either go down should go down very quickly. So, let's get into this a little bit, because there are some people that have become suspects over the here's, okay, we ve already gone through her brother and I don't think, there's reason to discuss him any more. Yes, there are questions about his death. Was it an accident? Was he murdered were it looks to be in accident, but there were some individuals that were investigated,
throughout the year, while the others, I want to bring this up above them bout, Sean's death is it's as simple as a faulty switch our washer. Now I don't know much about these investigations, but I'm assuming that technology has advanced a lot further now in investigating arsons or any type of fire that we would know for sure. If that faulty switch had anything to do with the fire. We know that now but back then I just wonder as they're doing their investigation, they figure out there's a faulty switch on this power washer, but that might not have had anything to do with the fire. Just that and for me
and could change the whole perspective on chance. Death from me right so sticking to the thought and theory of the murderer. Being someone that was known to holly right was. I must get into this it's a little more specific here. Ok, there is a thought and there has been an existing rumour. The holly was suppose italy into older men, as well as guys her own age assembly This she was possibly seeing an older man, his name being george wilson, so this is how this story goes after holly's, murder detectives went through her diary. Trying to find anything of relevance they kept finding mention of someone listed as simply thirty. The number thirty three Oh so, someone listed under the possible code name of thirty sum of holly's friends, told police that thirty was george
sent a local guy, who was thirty years old at that time. This put him on the suspect list, so as george married oak my notes here, don't indicate that he was, I seem to recall, seeing something that he was married, but again in all honesty, Don't have that information here or either wasn't provided ok, but here's what I want to be very clear about regarding george Wilson. We don't know what the extent of any possible relationship in the relationship is completely unknown. This was a code name taken from a girl's diary, her for you could have the code name wrong. You know We don't even know if we act, they could but its highly unlikely. I believe I mean if she's saying hey. If she's right
this guy multiple times in a journal, scorning thirty him, thirty, multiple or friends who's. This thirty, they say is george, I No, I told you get what you're saying, but I I want to make sure that we include that, in all fairness to George Wilson, rang, ok, first of all, we don't know for certain that thirty meant George Wilson. All we have to go off of is a couple girls. It we're friends of her saying that could have meant George wilson, or that did mean wilson. Why we never dont, know the details of the journal either. That's what I'm saying we as far as the public goes we'd, we don't the details of the journal and we don't need no. The details of the relationship with this person referred to as thirty as far as no captain it could be as something as innocent is she liked this guy, and he return. He didn't have the same feelings.
you know. Maybe she flirted with him on several occasions a mention that in her diary, but he never. Were pursued, a relationship with her had no interest in it and or it could be the exact opposite. It could be a full on relationship between her in this person named thirty that that I could find, though- and I dont have the full details of this information, but it seems that the alibi for Mister Wilson was. Can armed that that information was vetted in it. Checks out, plus, we all have to keep a mine there not seem to be any physical evidence tying him to the martyrs, while the father would have this journal. So it's like, I think, if you're trying to get answers Thirdly, this many years later he could release some on the path and passages and this journal, so we can get clear vision,
what was going on in her life at the time unless, once he provided that to police, they have kept the journal all of these years, bro, and but if they did have a relationship, then you also have to look at anybody else. George was in a relationship with, and would this be a murder over jealousy or hey? You need to stop seeing my husband yeah. That's a possibility too. Just I mean hypothetically, his wife comes over, knocks on the door to tell this girl hey, leave my husband alone. Conversation escalates, maybe you know holly sane not gonna, lie malone and then there's attack cause I mean this is this is definitely a crime of passion. I believe one hundred per cent we'll get back to this case right after this quick beer break
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a prohibited by law. Eighteen plus terms and conditions apply, see website for details right fears cheers to you captain now staying on the third that the possibility of the murderer being known to are victim holly bran. Again we have to go into a slightly different theory. Okay, this is one still known to her by somebody much different than george Wilson, and for this need to introduce a guy named David L, him. Ok, he was a little bit older than holly. Everything I could find it seems like David was the same age as her older brother sean and that the two of them had actually been. Hands or at least friendly with one another again, and I have also been told that they altering him. Family was friends with the bran against.
At least again knew each other and were friendly right, so sidney, l ham is David's father. He was a professor at north, hampton college, so a profession oh man, but a guy with a bad reputation, none the less and will get into that. According to police. polly was sexually active three days, prior to her murder. The autopsy show this I'm not really sure how they come up with that that she was sexually active three days prior to her murder. But that's the information that I found out there, and so, where are you going with the well under this theory. In the days before her murder, holly had told a few people that she was pregnant, now the odds see showed that she was not pregnant but brain it. We have a couple of different situations here. Why?
if she could have just been saying that or two she may have had sex with somebody and thought that there was a possibility that she was pregnant, are going to be pregnant right and so was keep in check that she's a junior in high school. So word of this under this theory, word of this started getting around and it seems that she was sleeping with david altering am gangway way. This is the david's same age as her brother right a little bit older than her and may have been friend with her brother sean at one point they may not. Been officially dating, but, according to this theory, the two of them had some type of relationship together
The following is a mix of facts, police theory and testimony from the people holly had spoken to before her murder, and I'm going to kind of take you through how this theory works out minute by minute on the night that she was killed, holly and her friends plan to go, get pizza. That's a fact. We know that that was going to happen at six p m holly is on the phone with a friend between four thirty p m and five pm during this call. The door bell rings. Holly then implicates to her friend, who is at the door and tells her she'll be back, shall call back by that. What I mean is one of the following: either holly literally says the name of the person she thinks is at the door or at the door right or says thing along the lines of its ham or there's a man at the door right this. Could I
imply that it was someone she was expecting or imply Holly knew who it was from something as simple as recognising a car, possibly outside of her home? Law enforcement has never announced publicly who said or who she believed was at the door. However, there are statements captain out there that law enforcement seems to believe that there was that she said something they implicated, that there was a man at the door that the person at the door was made right, so that initial report that we said was when she is on the phone with their french has had some ones at the door. But but we have reason to believe that there is more information. Given correlate you're saying incorrect that there was, one statement that was given to the public and another statement that was given or kept by police in law of rideout makes sense, though, because if that's a very strong lead, then you don't want to show your hand and frag so
continuing on Polly hangs up the phone and goes to answer the door. The theory says that it sidney at the door David's father. I've straight up asked this question, because I've wondered why the police seem to think it sidney more so than David. It seems to me almost like David would have more reason to be there than sidney incorrect, and what I've been told is that something that Holly said to her friend Or something that was later witnessed has lead law enforcement. To believe that it was in fact sidney at the home and not his son, David, very interesting parent lee under this theory, sidney is there and he's confronting her about her being pregnant or the possibility of her being pregnant right right cause if she's pregnant his sons, life is over
well, it's it's at least going to change and in his mind it might be over right. That's why me, and so he's confront her about being pregnant, and the thought is that he's trying to talk her into getting an abortion, He is worried that David is going to drop out of college because of this pregnancy. So, during her talk with sidney, holly decides to call her fathers office, but his told by the perception is that her father already left for his meeting in atlantic city, so of hits maybe he's like call your father. I wanna talk to your father right, possibly well, but two things would happen under the situation, so one, let's say the information that we saw is correct in the families did know each other. Ok, once he's talking to holly and he's not getting he's not talking any sense into, or let's say from what he wants to
happened right then he's like ok. Well, maybe we should get your father here and continue this conversation with your father, so she makes the phone call or you have the other thing. maybe this guy's a little bit of an angry dude and he's a loose cannon started to show signs that he's getting angry, raising his voice. The conversations going. The way he wants to so holly decides to call her father Jimmy coming dive into this guy's character little bit more yes, so we we will let let let me cycle circle back to that. Okay cause, I mean you'd, think like if it's a respectable father that they're just going to come in, and maybe they just have questions hey. I heard there's a rumor that you're you're pregnant. Is that true? Is there anything we can do to help you mean like when you think of, and a normal carrying father what they possibly would do one hundred percent. That may be why holly, let him inside to the home to have their cause
station. As I mentioned, this guy is a professor at a college. So he's a professional man and even though we're going to see that he does have a reputation with the thing is for it to be a professor. Our of your reputation, regardless of who you actually are to be a professional professor excuse me. You have to least be able to carry yourself certain way for a certain number of hours, each day, day after day after day right. It's not that many though okay, I'm just going to bring this point up, because it would be a lot easier for you to be an alcoholic. professor than would be for you to be out a holocaust third grade teacher, because our third grade teacher when I get there in the morning and they're they're from let's say eight to three or whatever, where a professor is going to have constantly, has a lot of different hours and then the hours that not teaching therein their office, but the law,
less hours than most teaching professions to them, no I'd, get what you say, and I am saying this is a guy. That's been able to hold a professional job. Where he would be scrutinised by super. eyes, ears in and other people his peers throughout the years twa I'm just basin this off of I had a professor that was a coke head and it took I don't know over ten years over fifteen years for them to find work. into fire him that that's all I'm saying at some point during this conversation between holly and sydney it gets increasingly heated this was a man with a short fuse. There's there's a door that leads outside in the kitchen and its theorized. It that's where holly either tells this person to leave, who then pics the kitchen knife or she
is attempting to leave through the store, and he picks up a kitchen knife inside ab, sir, rage and, as we know, it was truly a bju, a brutal attack with the edge of the knife snapping off in holly's back. She stabbed fifteen to eighteen times their deep fatal cuts and she has a few other injuries that are considered to be defensive, wounds or mind you this. If she's tacked attacked one hundred per cent from behind and falls hard to the ground to the floor. Those what might be thought of his defence of wounds could be her falling to the floor at this point, Ali would be dead and sidney is a fine, my friend, let's say he knows there. Mom is passed away and from the phone call may know that the father is in another city, they he's already anna town, so this may lee
him to believe, or have reason to believe that he has ample I'm to clean up the scene, to wipe off his fingerprints and to pick up any evidence that he may have left at the scene and does one of some? comes in on him. He could this be like. I found her. I stopped by, for whatever reason I found her, I mean if your family friend right but You're still gonna have a lot of questions. They had, sir, if you hurt alone, with a murdered girl, now I understand amd saying that that would be a plausible explanation. Somebody has to find her. Let's go through this, because this part is pretty interesting here. So the same france same friend it Head was on the phone before tries to call back and is receiving the busy sick. Ok, the house phone stays off the hook until holly is discovered than
day. So anybody calling during that time is going to get a busy signal. I actually think that their some people that they arise. That. The phone remained off the hook, the entire time that remember she was on the phone and her in her bedroom and then she ends up picking up the kid phone to say: hey, I'm gonna have to call you back and for some reason she failed who ever return to her bedroom and hang up that phone. There's nothing release publicly from law enforcement to suggest that the the per better phone remained off the hook. The reason why you're getting the busy signal is because You do know from the crime scene report that the kitchen phone was off the hook there's a chance that she was attacked and killed in the kitchen and then the killer decided For whatever reason, may be too
ever body go undetected for a further amount of time. I'll just take the phone off the hook and people, people might call and thank all well she's, home or somebody's home. Everything must be fine, because somebody's talking on the phone right or or distant thing about took So then remember we have the friend that shows up her friend sally goes to pick her up to go out for pizza around six maybe as late as six thirty, but they believe it to be about six o clock. She goes no one answered the door, so she decides to go, round to the back of the house and try the kitchen door, but gets a quote weird feeling end quote and leaves without going up the stairs or going knocking on the back door. So, while publicly the publicly known statement of sally having a magical. Weird feeling has been told kept her away from the house. There is a chance that that is not
Through that there was no man. Go weird feeling there's a chance under this theory, and what this theory believes is that she saw something something that made her want to leave. The house now some say hey that she could have seen a car in front of the house some people say that may be once she went to the back of the house that she saw person moving inside of the home, so the car under this We would have to belong to the ultra hymns, so she could have thought one of two things: either the car was there because d David, who has some kind of relationship with holly, ms inside and she I want to disrupt anything. You know her her friends and therewith, her guy right or a little he bone key or she sees the altering him car in the front of the house- goes around to the back and the person that she said
through the window is not David. She may not even recognizes person, she may just say it was an older man. So basically, the police have to witness is an eye witness possible, I witness an ear witness, and the thought of this theory is that those two between to at least one of them, or both of them can put sidney there that day, around the time that holly was killed. So there's possibly some evidence that puts sidney at the crime scene, but is there anything other than now admit. That would make us believe he's even capable of crime like this. He is a college professor be perfectly honest with you. There is no strong indicators. That would say this guy is likely to commit murder. Or to have been involved in hollywood
other than just that cut him mix. Mash of what I just gave you of facts in theory, police theory that does include some testimony regarding see in that whole theory now earlier, you asked about his background, while I couldn't find anything one hundred percent definitive as far as his police records go. I could find stories to indicate that he was I had some run ins with the law. Let's say: okay, and one of the stir stories refers to multiple times that the police were called to their home over the years, and it's believed that these were for cause of domestic disturbance. Now what this? civics of that would be is not known, as is also before the days of police shown up to houses and enough there,
any sign of injury that they take somebody away writers back in the day were of some he's, not gonna press charges, they're not gonna, do anything. Correct now we do have one instance of sydney who was arrested for assaulting a police officer by running into him with his car and the way that this story works. Is this the police showed up to the elderly, I'm home. and when he arrived there, the police officer arrive there. He parked his car behind sidney's car in the driveway. He goes out and he's trying to confront sidney. Who does not want to speak to the office sidney, tells the officer repeatedly to move his vehicle, so he can leave the property and his vehicle. The officer refuses to do so because he wants to speak with him. Sidney gets in his car and decides to go through his job
Hard to get out of you know out onto the street and drive off when this house. Bins is when he runs into the officer with his car. I'm human here? Captain that it's one of those situations where, as soon as the this realizes what sidney's doing he thought I could jump in front of the vehicle men in this, is a sane man. This is a college professor. This is some one that would stop their vehicle and apparently no That's not who this guy at least in that moment. According to this story, he said are smart. Move, copper, you're gonna beat my car yeah, really the the here's, a very weird story- and this is the sydney attended, the american detective school in bethlehem to get a private investigators licence. Apparently he was work
to solve holly's murder and going around town questioning people trying to collect information so very, stuff. Not that weird I mean, let's is thus just first second assume he's innocent and has never convicted of this murder. You know we are weak. We we got to arrogate assume that is your you're right, I'm sorry! But if, we're in a small town, this girl that you know your family friend. Let's assume that is correct, but a lot of people are pointing the finger at you and Layla. Suspicion has been pointed at you the best way to, if you're an innocent person to get that suspicion offer. You is to solve that
he's right? Maybe he thought he was smart enough to do so, and I want to be one hundred percent clear when we you know when people think about this sidney individual. Does he look like a good suspect? Yes, we if you can believe in that theory. First of all, second of all, what makes him a good suspect is that it is here say it is one hundred percent here say, but these two witnesses, the girl on the phone and the girl that showed up at Holly's house, saw something or were told something they indicate that sidney The man at the home around the time of her murder and what I mean by hearsay, its things that police within the last handful of years. So not not guys that worked the crime the day that it happened, not guys that work, the murder case an investigation within months of the murder. These are a lot of cold case, detective
these are a lot of individuals that were able to review the case file, they told individuals that they believe sidney is the guy or the its tied to sydney in some fashion now we do know this, though sidney during an was brought in front of a grand jury several times over the years and as recently as two thousand and ten, and it seems that they law enforcement have people to play it's him there, but very little physical evidence in thus were on able to bring him to an actual trial city was diagnosed. With pancreatic cancer and it spread rapidly. he knew he was dying. The lead him two gator at the time Tom Galloway, went to visit sidney at the hospital many times. but sidney and his wife refuse to let him in on all occasions, sidney
I'd on february, twelve, two thousand and sixteen his son david altering him does not want to talk about holly's murder case and some to this day say that it's just a well kept family secret. Now, captain I tell you what chicken, but cases we cover here always remind me of one very important thing and that is to enjoy life and enjoy it with the family and free that you have in love this story this case especially points that we should always appreciate the time spent with loved ones, because never know when they will be gone. Researching this case, several Times I found my mind: slipping away and trying to put myself in the shoes of richard bran again man who had to go out on the road, often leaving his fate At home, for sometimes several days at a time, but working very hard to provide
for his family, and then the period of just three years. They are all gone between ninety seven six nineteen, seventy nine richard lost his wife from illness, his daughter for murder and his son in a tragic accident, so from family of four to just one solo voice, one voice looking for justice richard bran, again remarried in shared in the lives of his new wives, children and grandchildren. Richard lived in the house where his daughter was killed, until he was well into his nineties and then relocated to and assisted living facility. As of this day captain, it is very sad that her father is, add, and there is no one left in her family to push this investigation further.
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And don't worry. you can go governing continental is the smart choice in taxes and a hero with streams, anything further guy who finds that one party, or they made up of chilean engineer, yeah, really really really continental available with this now entire.
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