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If I Can’t Have You /// Part 1 /// 535

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If I Can’t Have You /// Part 1 /// 535

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This week’s True Crime story involves several disappearances and murders. It’s a case that has spanned years. 17 Year old Kara Kopetsky of Belton, Missouri went missing in May of 2007. Less than one month later, recent High School graduate Kelsey Smith goes missing after what was to be a quick trip to her local Target store. In 2016, Jessica Runions is reported missing to Kansas City PD after attending a party with friends. Join us in the Garage for an adult beverage or three as Nic & Captain go through all of the details surrounding these cases.

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the this week: untrue crime, garage. We find ourselves once again looking at the horrific and tragic case. This one is unique, but again are they all? This week's true cried story starts off over fourteen years ago in spain,
all of the way into this year. Twenty twenty one. There are three missing persons in the store and after each disappearance several suspects emerge. Some would get the answers they seek but feared relatively quickly, while others would have to weigh suffering for years the emptiness and terrible pain of not knowing exactly what happened to their loved one. then years later, when the answers do come, they turn out to be what they had feared all along. It all started back on friday may. Fourth, two thousand and seven When a seventeen year old girl decided to skip a few classes and play a little hooky. Sometimes, unfortunately, we find that the things we are
running and hiding from or actually protecting us from what we truly should be running and hiding from Many times I found that the feeling we get deep down in our gut feeling that tells us something here just is not right for those feelings are often correct. And those are feelings in suspicions that I hope and pray everyone receives those warnings loud and clear, because those warnings don't come from your gut, become from your soul. Call it the truest form of instinctual self preservation that, any little voice, just my saviour. So please remember that. Sometimes
things are truly what they seem to be an often evil has a difficult time disguising itself. This It's true. Grandpa garage the ride a may forth, the two thousand and seven we have seventeen year old car capacity had the entire weekend ahead of her, and it seems maybe she could not wait to get this friday over with em. Gone to better things, and while she arrived at school, safe and sound on that friday, she decided to cut out for while car is a student at belt in high school,
appropriately located in belgian missouri friends, would later say that car cut out early on that day, not just before the day was over, but early as in nine. A m issue. Later that day, at five, seventeen p m chorus friend Amy Clark went to the belgian police department. She was worried about her friend. She wanted to file a missing persons report. She felt that something bad happened, a car because she and none of her other friends, could reach her, so the police contact.
Cars mom and step father. This is rhonda in Jim Beck, ford rhonda said she had seen her daughter that morning, but not sense, and they too could not get a hold of car via car, a cell phone, and so an official missing persons report was filed that nigh on may. Fourth, around that same time, police contacted cars boyfriend. He said he too was concerned, and he had last seen heard the day before on may third card in turn up the next day or the next. Let's take a quick look at the spring of two thousand and seven and see what is going on in cork patsy's world, leading up to this mysterious disappearance. At this point, she's been going out with the same guy for about nine to ten months. This is eighteen year old kyler used
cars, mother and step dad. We're not too excited about kyler, but it also sounds like Cora was not too excited about her mom and step. Then she was at an age where, for cora she felt she was
old enough to do ass. She pleased and she exercised those feelings whenever she felt like it. Hence the cutting out of school on may forth the normal backfires. When the parents come forward and say hey, we know your data in this kind of guy, but we don't like him that normally draws the girl more into one into date: the boyfriend on April, twenty. Fourth, two thousand and seven. We have something of potential interest here. This is a post from car on her myspace. That says quote so: life hasn't been the greatest for me. Lately, over the last nine months of my life, I've dedicated my life to kyler. I made no other time for any of my friends nor my family. Over those nine months. I forgot the person that I was I'm trying to find that person again end quote then, just four days later after that post, this is on April, twenty
Eight two thousand and seven car went to the belgian police department and reported that her ex boyfriend, whom she had just broken up with it, kidnapped her she's, referring to kyler. She told them. She was leaving popeye's fried chicken where she worked this after finishing her shift when her ex kyler use appeared and demanded that she go with him when she refused, he grabbed her and Forster into his vehicle and then drove around for several hours, kyler fight the letting her out of his truck in grand view mazurka. What to do? I don't know if this is those situations captain where their breaking up and kyler convinced himself. If I could just get some time with her, maybe I could talk. Some sense into tour gets her into his vehicle for fully and then drives around pretty much against her will, four hours, I'm guessing
We don't know what the conversation was, but I'm guessing it was him trying to convince her to not break up with him some these controlling boyfriends bone. They they too, the I'm sorry game and when that doesn't work, they get angry. When that doesn't work, they act like their depressed and if that doesn't work, it's almost like, though, keep trying every angle just to get this to win the person back. While this bizarre act scared car enough to go to the police and she wanted a restraining order against him, her report alleged kyler, kidnapped and restrained her and that he choked her and threatened to cut her throat, while holding a knife per petition alleged that kyler was stalking her and subjecting her to emotional and physical abuse.
the protection order was granted on April thirtieth and served to kyler by the cask county authorities on may. First, a hearing on the matter was scheduled for may tenth, karras their rhonda later said that kara and killers relationship was quote volatile and that he was manipulative and abusive on the fourth of may may the fourth be with you. This is the day in question. Car walked. school that morning and she called her mom nearly ass, soon ass. She got there telling her that she forgot a textbook at home. Her mother then drives and drops off the textbook to the school office and car retrieves it there, but then she abruptly leaves the school at nine nineteen a m- and we have that exact time because surveillance footage from inside the school shows car. Walking down the hallway at the school and
heard, leaving the building right. Her house is just a few blocks away, but she does not walk home Her family reported her missing that evening. After she never came home and I you said she has a restraining order against her ex boyfriend. But what law enforcement come to find out is that she's been texting with her ex boyfriend all day yeah. I think the first major red flag for the family was when she failed to show to her evening shift. She was so the work at four p m at popeye's that day and for my understanding card in norway, come home when she was told to, but it was not like her at all to miss work and shore. After leaving school that day, no one heard from her again, so she also fail to pick up her paycheck at popeye's on may ninth
so. This is just a really weird situation where I dont think that her walking out of the school nine. Nineteen. A m that morning was something that was a major red flag. I think, as you're pointing out here captain it's all of those things. Afterward there are the red flags equal. As a high school student, I mean we both were high school students. I'd say a large percentage of high school students skip at some point whether it's a couple classes, I mean look, she went into class. She did a couple of things in they days day. I'm not, could I'm not gonna be in class the whole day cars family was concerned, and this is what's interesting to me. They are not just concerned about the whereabouts of their daughter, their step daughter. Their concern is extremely specific.
They say we were concerned immediately that kyler had done something to her. Oh yeah, because this a few days ago, he basically helder against her will and they had a press charges against him. So that's where they say their suspicions were from the very beginning, but police thought that since she, you know she seventeen years old- and there was previous occasions when she chose not to come home and stayed away briefly, that this likely was a similar situation and as she would turn up when she was ready to the other thing here to captain. That's a little bit weird about this story. You know we said they're all unique and they are, but it's all these happenstance things that are odd in a lot of these cases
this same day that we have in question about her whereabouts law enforcement was stretched very thin because later that day, a devastating tornado hit nearby greensburg that same night. In fact, the? U s Nato's dot com has a fantastic piece about these terrifying tornadoes that hit in the title best describes the devastation. The online article is titled, may fourth, two thousand and seven the night that made maps of greens Kansas have to be redrawn, so there was a lot of devastation as far as this tornado goes. It was not in the immediate area, but it was close enough that we have first responders really helping and trying to sort things out due to the tornado, but cars parents emphasised
that their daughter was not the kind to run away. So on the sixth bellum peaty detectives sat down to talk to kyler the families actively telling felton peaty this you have to talk to her boyfriend. This is a guy that we don't like, and we suspect all these different things about this. so they sit down and they speak with him. He said he knew about the restraining order that car obtained against him kindly said that he had last car on the third, but he did say he got a call from her phone on the fourth. Now he thousands Stu gaiters. They car called him around eleven, a m that he missed the call and try to call her back, but she didn't answer that he said was the last contact. He would have had a car, but that was not exactly true. Police got a warrant for
His phone and text records and they were examined by the f b. I the records, showed the car was trying to skip school on the morning of may fourth and was texting some friends for a ride car called kyler at nine hundred and fourteen a dot m from school. She still in school. At this time the call lasted sixty one seconds. She left the building the school building at nine hundred and nineteen that morning and her phone received a call back from Tyler's phone at nine hundred and twenty a dot m. This call lasted a minute. Her phone sent a text at nine hundred and forty six, a dot m, and she made a call at ten
you five eight, but after that there was no record of the phone and no social media post from car detectives noted the car and kyler were in constant communication until the morning of may forth, but after that they never spoke again, or at least never used her phone to speak again and then her phone is never used again after that call that she made at ten twenty five eight yeah to me and make some looks so guilty. If you're in constant contact with this individual, they go missing and you don't even reach out to him to see. If there ok seems like she took the threats and him kidnapping our basically serious, but I hate the fact that she is having any contact with the stirrup bag yeah. I I don't. I want to make sure we're paying the right picture here and we're not saying that it doesn't look to me
she's going out of her way to communicate with kyler. It looks more like he's trying to get in touch with her and speak with her now kyler He didn't change, no matter how many times the police spoke with them, but he did off up some new information he said car was running around with a bunch of different guys on the seventh belgian detective. My clark sat down kyler for an informal interview where kyler told him that he and car a data for nine months recently broke up, and he was very upset about this, kyler admitted to the kidnapping episode saying that on April, twenty eightth he and car were arguing because she was dating other guys, so he thought his drive her around and talk some sense into her, but that was it in the next police interview, Kyler admitted that he and car argued on may third, he said that they had argued on,
phone because car had a male friend coming into town. For the weekend and was planning on hanging out with this guy and of course, Kyler did not want her to spend the weekend partying with this other guy. Well, too, bad are captain. So now we take the questioning onto the next sky john harmon, so killers able to tell police who car was planning on hanging out with by name so they take this in. nation and now we're going to speak with this joel harm in person, see if he knows where she could be or when he last saw or spoke with her. So Joel confirmed to police that indeed, he was supposed. Visit with car that weaken, but he repeatedly called her on may six and was not able to get her on the phone he found out. This she was miss,
and when he called her home phone on may seventh and spoke with one of her family members and police searched some more. They noted that cars bank account had not been touch since the last time she was seen right. So we have no activity on your bank account and we have- not picking up her check at work right. These are items that you are going to look at from a police standpoint and say you know what ok, if there were some problems at home and Again, I want to be clear here. It doesn't seem to me like there were really any problems at home. It's typical teenager stuff, she's, not getting along with mom and stepdad seems to me a lot of its stemming from her relationship with this guy they are convinced, is not good for her to speak and I think the episode him forcefully grabbing her pulling her into his vehicle and driving around for a few hours by while that seems to seems to back up their suspicions about.
Sky while you they're, not gonna law, because the parents her actually given the shit there actually trying to be involved in her life and are actually trying to be parents and say: look eat you're still a minor you're still under our roof. Your date in this guy he's no good for you. You know he's no good for you, like I said there are you before the parents actually give a shit and so from a police standpoint. You're gonna look at a couple of these things and say our right. Well, even if there was some stuff that we may now, be fully aware of inside the home or between mom and daughter, step, dad and daughter heard not going to work. Ok, well, she already scooped out on school, but not picking up a paycheck and no activity on her phone or bank account does not really point you in the direction of well. She took off and she's not coming here
by this tells us something else may be going on here of on law enforcement. I want to know why she left school in the first place. Yeah. That's that's a good question here now police did go in search, kyler parliament, relatively early in this investigation, but they came up empty handed in full adding any evidence of any type of foul play. There was really nothing there that they gain from that search and as belgian peaty, lieutenant brad swans and said we don't have any one to say they solve them, meaning kyler and cora, together on or after the day that she was last seen. So nobody that tells hey. I saw the two of them together later that day after she left school or any time after that day and kyler is that he had an alibi for the day and question saying that he
to visit a relative at a nursing home with his grandfather. We need to point out here, though, captain that that was not until about one p m, that after so he may say he has an alibi for that time, but we know Cora left school at nine nineteen, a m his alibi does not start until we, p m that afternoon his morning is largely unaccounted for one's last time that he touched her car the phone well remember his words were that he called her back, that he missed a call from her call. Her back never spoke with her right, but what we have is the the search warrant on her phone records. Tell us differently that his phone call her phone at nine twenty, a m in this call
lasted for one minute for sixty seconds. So we don't even know if she's technically like skipping class right at that moment or if she's leaving the school to maybe make this phone call to talk to her ex boyfriend, and maybe he says something what that lords her out at least talk talk to him. You know it could be something I miss you, I'm going crazy. If you don't talk with me, if you don't visit me, away commit, commit suicide, or something like that. Possibly I actually don't think that her leaving school had anything to do with him, because we have friends who stated later that she was trying to get a ride from us, yeah, yeah, she's, tax and other people, but yet- and in after its after this, that she doesn't get a ride that she leaves now again she lives very close to the school, so she could have just intended
walking home after leaving the school. But if this douche burger was aware that she was trying to leave school, he could go and drive up again. He could nap her light. He did the other day yeah and we have her statement that she gives, when she request the restraining order that he is stalking her. So this could be a situation captain where she he's actively following her around those were her words. We don't know if it's true or not, but where he could have actively been following her around and seen her leave that day or. When somehow that she was attempting to leave that day, we know that he has actively told police but she was gonna, go have this other do this weekend, and I wasn't happy about that, though we got cut a lot going on leading up to this point of her walking out of school at nine nineteen. On that friday, several weeks after car disappeared, Kyler did an interview with the kansas city star, so he's
spoke with police multiple times, they've interviewed him by this point they ve interviewed a multiple times. They searched his apartment by this point, but this is also several weeks after she disappeared. So thing are starting to get cold at this point leads are starting to dry up this When he talks to the Kansas city star, he said the car was fun girl who wanted to live life to the fullest. According to kyler car had talked about running away to mexico, saying quote: lately: I've been kind of pressed about the whole thing. I have no idea where she is and quote per k s age be dot com, belgian police said kyler passed a lie, detector test and had an alibi for the time of cars disappearance, but the community was not happy with letting kyler go free.
In late june, two thousand and seven some citizens of belgian circulated a petition demanding that the state step in and take the case away from belgian police department in general. It was fun Did they had treated her case dismissive really, assuming that she was a runaway and had not investigated as thoroughly as the family wanted? The family ate by volunteers, and even former law enforcement took it upon themselves to search for cora in one crazy circumstance: a secret team comprising of private investigators, criminal psychologists and Others conducted secret investigations, tracking down rumours and even conducting a search of a private home with a civilian cadaver dog. This was a house
they had been rumoured in online chat rooms. To be quote, the martyr house were car was killed, sure enough in the home, the dog hit on something in the basement and kudos to K s age, be dot com for doing gangbusters work on the story, including an entire podcast. On the case, one portion spoke about their search of the quote: murder house. That says our cameras followed group members inside and abandoned building that look like the set of a whore film. The walls are sprayed with satanic messages and references to car quote. This here says car is gone said a group member who, like all members, says they feel
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alright, well, just search for car and get pets, be Kopecky has been excruciating for her family friends and for law enforcement and especially difficult because there seems to be so few credible clues. Karen kopecky was last seen the morning of may four, two thousand and seven by the security camera at belton high school. Her mom says she was excited about getting her senior picture taken and was looking forward to her final year of school, but something mysterious happen, the cairo that may morning she left school, either on foot or in a car with some one else. Her last cell phone call was A ten thirty I am when she didn't show up for her after school jaw. Prepare
Its became worried and reported her missing on may seventeenth. Kara was reportedly seen with a young man that a gas station in louisbourg, but that has never been confirmed. Despite many searches, are reward fund and even national publicity Cora has never been found. Will tomorrow is car keepeth case twenty first birthday, the reward for information on where she is now stands at eighty thousand dollars. They call the tipps hotline at eight one sex for seven, forty ip
if you have any information, alright, we are back, cheers everybody cheers to you. Can everybody have a great week so couple red flags, one controlling boyfriend? Don't like that? That's douchey! We have this situation again. It could have just been a heated situation, got a control. Maybe it's just a one time thing, but she took it serious enough where she says hey, I needed to get a restraining order against this guy he's stalking me, but the big red flags for me when this ship princess dingle donkey is pointing every witch way all well. She was supposed to go. Hang out with this other guy. All she was seeing a bunch of other guys, so go look at him. Go up! Look at this other guy and by the way she also talked about
in a way to go check that out over there always constantly pointing the finger and other directions. So you don't look at him as a suspect. It's like a suspicion that you find in the job in a ramsay case where you have some of the police department. Looking at the family as being responsible, the family is handing them a list of seventy to eighty suspects that they think brain could have kidnapped or killed their daughter and so you're right. It's are they given us a fool's air, and here too, to run around then in kind of a weird bit of this story and you d, see. This in most cases, is there's like public backlash where the community saying we don't think that our police department has done enough, and the police department in return is saying. Look we question
the boyfriend he admitted to breaking the law right yet mean heap essentially admits that, yes, everything that she can, about when she got that restraining order. I did that then, according to police, he passes alai detector tests, they searches apartment. They don't find any evidence of foul play there. So I feel, like the police departments kind of saying, in return here. I know that you but all these rumours community. I know the public has seen all these rumours in online chat rooms. We are conducting an investigation here, just our major lead, which would be the boyfriend or ex boyfriend. Whatever title you wanna give kyler at that point, major led seems to be going nowhere. We have kids earns that he has an alibi for a large portion of the day, we have concerns that he's passed. A lie, detector test, and so on, and so on. So he's he's kind of checking off boxes
they say that he should not be a suspect, won't look. This is a suburb of Kansas city rate, twenty five thousand people roughly, but this is a very tight community. So when you grow up in an area like this you're, normally pretty good at one talking to authority and also talking to parents and one of the things about kyler, a lot of people say that he was a charming kid, a believable kid. So I think that played against law enforcement, but I think the community started speaking up when they got when that this alibi. Wasn't one hundred per cent checked out properly? What do you mean checked out properly, while there was people at the nursing home that that law enforcement never ended up interviewing?
and they couldn't find yeah. I mean I mean that might be hearsay, but that that's that's what I want it says in the documentary, but that's what some of the room and around town were now. I know that I'm not disagreeing with that. I'm saying that I dont think to me: it doesn't matter about the alibi and I and that's why I went out of my way to point out earlier than hey police are saying we have concerns, he does have an alibi for large portion of the day, but on pointing out that lets that the alibi is true, even if it is true which it does seem to me to carry some wait right. But even if it is true it it's right like if, if there's of a bank, that's robbed at ten o clock this morning it doesn't matter. If I can tell you where I was at three p m today by his his alibi starts at one p m that afternoon she left fine. We have any evidence
she's alive and well and is not about it or anything like that has happened to her is nine team that morning, so we have ours that have passed before his alibi even starts now. Basically, a three and a half hour window right. so police. Of course they are aware that the public's not super happy with their investigation here, as you pointed out, captain tightening community there, probably I dont think that that their suspicions so much as coming from this alibi portion, I feel like a lot of its coming from hey. It's twenty five, some people. We know her family, her families quite loud about her being missing, and I think it's really just people kind of
owing to gather here and questioning the authority on on who is supposed to be leading this investigation yeah but good for them. I mean I'm not say that you're talkin bad, but just the way it came off was like the family. Being loud, you need to be loud of the family doesn't show that they care they communities, not gonna care exam, Finally, and in fact, we cover to case last week where I am convinced that the reason why the body is still unidentified is because nobody bothered to report the visual missing to begin with. So if, if the families not going to speak up for the victim, then then likely nobody is going to now in response the belgian police. This is in response to the house being searched and spray pan on the walls and what not, in response to this, the belgian police did searched at sea
house where the cadaver dog hit on something their official report is that they found nothing at this house. Meanwhile, the police threatened to arrest members of this secret team when news of its activities came out, the police chief, his last name, is person police chief person said in a written statement. I can say that the belgian least department and f b. I have searched many locations and properties, some with the assistance of dogs. Some sites have required the use of specialised personnel and equipment, including excavation divers, canine equestrian. Information technologies either way. Police and civilian groups were having simply no luck, locating car, no matter what side of the fence you were on their not finding her They're not even finding additional leads to lead them. Further along the trail and
her family was left to wait, wonder and work to keep her case alive. They lovingly remember and describe car as someone who loved animals and butterflies love to shop and was loyal to friends got in over head with a boy named kyler and feared she couldn't get out now. The greens burg e f, five tornado that destroyed ninety five percent of the greens, burst city and killed over ten people. The store nato this this thing we we should cut a break this situation down a little more as distracting as it likely was in the moment. because the reports I've seen captain was this was a series of tornadoes that hit over the course of fifty six hours, and so was allotted devastation hitting the state,
very hard in just about twelve hours after car was last seen at school. This certainly did not help to kick start the missing persons investigation. There were other factors that stalled the investigation along the way as well for one while kyler was their best suspect. He was not. Law enforcement only suspect in that case and cap that off with one month later and just about twenty miles away. Another girl just out of high school in,
We are eighteen years old, vanished from a target store parking lot raw. Like he always say. Whenever we have a teen girl gone missing from school, you can ahem, have to do the old, scumbag pervert round up and so not much time passes and we have a very similar situation and if I'm a law enforcement, maybe I'm jumping to some conclusions, because car didn't have any there's no sign of her after that day right, so I'm kind of, expecting the worst and so there's a possibility that there's a serial killer out there yeah. There were some other things that that we don't need to get into, because there's a lot of information in this story, here that I want to make sure that we cover all of our basis. But there was a weird bit in cars disappearance we she had a look alike, somebody that looked a lot like her about the same age that lived in it.
or town near by so those sightings of this other person, which they were all later confirmed to be of this other person, really kind of distracted. Some of the investigation as well. The incident that you're talking about where we have a situation where we have a similar, we have a similar victim. Ology really is a big distraction to this case as well. So this takes us to june. Second, two thousand and seven. This is less than one month after car capacity went missing. This is a saturday night. Remember car went missing on a friday morning. Here we have Kelsey smith she's eighteen years old and a recent graduate of shawnee mission west high school, just before seven p, m he arrives alone at her local target store. She is gone.
with the intention of purchasing a gift for a close friend, so she parks her car walks to the store's entrance and goes inside Unfortunately, she is unaware that there is a monster on the prow in the area that night and this human likely chose this area because it's a saturday evening- and this target is right next to a mall. So this will be a busy area with lots of potential pray, so kelsey enters the target. She does her shopping purchases, her selected items and then security cameras show kelsey, leaving the target stories. Seven o seven p m now kelsey makes a call, while still inside the store, Sadly, she does not come home that night and based off of ever
thing her family, her movements or lifestyle and personality there is zero zero concern that she took off somewhere this is a situation where, as soon as the minutes start to turn into hours- and she is not back that night- her parents are very aware that something terrible has happened. To their daughter. So now we have a situation in our family goes out. Looking for her about four or five, hours later, kelsey vehicle is located by her family. They find the car abandoned, but it's not at that margaret parking lot where they know her to have been earlier that night. No, they find her car in a parking lot located just outside of the mall across the street from the charred now, even more troubling, all of her belongings are found inside of the vehicle. The family, Codifies the police in the police determine that kelsey was most likely abducted, so local, pity
darts their investigation immediately. They take a look at the surveillance footage from both inside the target store and the target parking lot, and they can see her being forced into her car at approximately six. ten p m. They go to the mall and see on the mall camera footage. Someone pulls up parks, kelsey sphere, all leaving it abandoned in the parking lot at nine. Seventeen p m. In a very smart move. They decide to see if they can figure out kelsey movements by checking cell tower records. As per the reports, kelsey cellphone last pained and grand view missouri. This is the night. Did she went missing very sadly, just four days after kelsey went out alone to purchase a gift for a friend local law enforcement, along with agents from
fbi. They were able to locate her remains in the afternoon of june. Six, two thousand and seven Body was found near longview lake in the woods about twenty miles away from the target store where she was last seen alive, kelsey after being abducted and herb her in killer using kelsey car in the commission of committing several felonies, was strangled with a bell and left in the woods now we in a very short order. Go from look thing for this young woman too. Now, looking for her attacker and detectives r R, with some very good lead in for asian here, because god bless you captain This is a story where the security cameras were rolling. They were working and the people in charge had the cameras recording or that's a shot so from the surveillance footage investigators identified in order models
we pickup truck pulling into the target parking lot right after kelsey, an smith pulled in then they the perpetrator get out of his truck and walk into the target just behind kelsey. This man is described as a white male mid, twenties wearing a white teacher in dark, possibly black shorts. The man at no time span stick elsie, but he seems to have been following her into the store and they kind of following her around the store stocking earn she's protein ivan taken notice. He does not purchase anything instead, while kelsey is making her purchase here goes out to the parking lot where he seemingly is preparing a blitz style attack, because the closed circuit tv cameras got video of this same
and now, with a gun in hand, rushing kelsey and the forcing her into her car. We were just talking last week captain about the power of crowd, sourcing, as we are still hoping that someone can identify the man with no hands. The kentucky cold case covered right here in the garage last week, so detectives and making all the right moves. They release stills and clips, showing this man and give a description of him to the public. They give a description of his apparel and the truck that he was driving while it doesn't take long because the same day that they low the victims body. We have people phoning in hey. We know this guy he's our neighbour, it's the in two and two together that made the tipster so convinced that the perpetrator see
on t v was their neighbor was one thing to have video footage or clip of a person or even just a photo like we do in the delphi murders. But if we could take the delphi we could take bridge guy's photo and connect that guy to a vehicle, then we'd have more people coming out of the works going. I know a guy that looks like that Anne has a vehicle exactly that's what they were able to do here very interesting, though, because when he abducts her, he uses her vehicle, leaving his vehicle behind to have more and more customers see that vehicle in that parking lot. That night, so in this case right here, we have a guy that looks like our neighbor this from the tipster and the vehicle is the same and by the ways the great thing about
information in this case, it's not that common of a vehicle by. I believe it was a chevy truck manufactured sometime in the seventies, and this was two thousand and seven on the old, crime garage time. All right so sticks out like a sore thumb. That's right, this mystery, so human turned out to be twenty five year old edwin Roy hall, he was taken into custody and no surprise charged with premeditated first to re, murder and agro the kidnapping, of course he denied it, but police had him on camera. They found his fingerprints inside kelsey's vehicle and so on, and so on. Eventually, this douche canoe caves in and cuts a deal
spare, his ass spice and he volunteers for life in prison, and I don't think this guy is ever getting out and certainly hope, not because he wasn't terribly old when he went in and if this dude gets out and he's still physically able. This monster will do something like this again now. What was difficult for cars case in relationship to this case, Again, it's just one month later about twenty miles away victim ology very similar. It was quickly determine that in kelsey case the target store case that this was a totally random attack. Edwin simply drove around looking for a young woman to abduct course everyone now has to wander could edwin be responsible for car as disappearance right
could he have just been driving around on it on an earlier day, looking for another victim and yeah, and where would you go if you're driving around looking for a victim right outside the school? Of course he no, but we will just have to wait and see if detectives can find any connection between these two cases and, like we said this is a very small suburb of kansas city. We have kara gone missing and two thousand and seven and another town not so far away. We have kelsey smith gone missing and her murder, but the we have another tragedy happening in two thousand and sixteen year, as we said earlier in this case captain this is a story and a true crime case that spans a great deal of length of time. So we have our case starts in two thousand and seven, there still movement on these cases,
up to this year. So we don't want to bore any one with a lot of minutiae here. So would just fast forward to september of two thousand and sixteen into the city of re more. This is a sober of kansas city and not far from the other two locations that we have discussed here on Friday september, ninth, two thousand and sixteen Jamie runnion calls the kansas city police department reporting her daughter jessica as missing now and the colonels recommended fashion, that being Port, your loved one missing everywhere and as many times as they will allow you to ms reunions. Very astutely goes to the Kansas city police department in person the following day september, tenth and
in reports, her twenty one year old, daughter, jessica, trunnions as missing, so she reports are the night before and then again the following day. But this time in person, mother Jamie says her last contact with jessica was a brief tex conversation on Wednesday, the seventh this when jessica text, her sweet dreams and jamie sent back a selfie with jessica's little sister to which jessica responds sending back a picture of her cat. So the concern started when Jessica failed to show up for a doctor's appointment on the ninth. This was a critical doctors appointment after an epidemic, tommy Jessica needed the doctors clearance to go back work, so she would not have missed this appointment. Her mother Jamie was meeting her there and waited for, but she never showed and just go well. answering her phone jamie, started
everyone that she could think of trying to locate her daughter. Now we will go this time line in chronological order. But of course some of this stuff was not figured out until after jessica was reported, missing and police began. Looking for so Jessica was living with her one time boyfriend, but it sounds like they were on again and off again. They share in an apartment, but more than once or says that at the time of jessica's disappearance, they were sleeping indifferent rooms So we have the text conversation between mother and daughter on that Wednesday night. Now that night jessica goes to sleep at her apartment and again she and her ex boyfriend, Joe
accession share this apartment. Then later we learn that, just god did respond to a post on facebook on thursday around two p m. After that, her family received no communication from her. On the last night, the jessica was seen thursday September eighth. She told her boyfriend or ex boyfriend jackson. Does she was going to a friends house for dry. into hang out. He says that they spoke and agreed to try to work on their relationship around. Ten p m, though jessica. Stop responding to jackson's text. He says at the time he assumed that her phone had died. Then jackson, He says he was very concerned when he woke up the next morning on the ninth and jessica was not home yet
captain do you want a little background on jackson and jessica's relationship or or shall we just keep moving forward? Yeah? Definitely I wanna know about. I mean he's a possible suspect. Jessica met her boyfriend's last ex boyfriend jackson, when they both were working at the fox would return. My own jackson went to belt in high school and they knew a lot of the same people by september of two thousand and sixteen when jessica goes missing, jackson and jessica, Been together for three years and where living together but as I said, the relationship was rocky and they were sleeping in separate rooms. I am not clear exactly what here captain, but it's been reported that jackson had some health issues as well, then, on friday, jessica, mrs that doctors appointment that we discussed her mother
speaks with jackson at this time. More calls on reports, jessica, missing and then the next day, Jessica's mother, Jamie and Jessica's ex boyfriend jackson. They go together to the police department and file. A missing persons report in person now Jackson is going be a key factor in this case here, because he lives will jessica, so he is going to be able to provide police with some leads right from jump street, and this is what he tells the police jessica went to a friends house for drinks on that thursday, when she was not home the next morning, when Jackson woke up, he called the person who hosted the party. This person tells Jackson that Jessica was at the party and she arrived with jackson's friend his name kyler use come
jessica and tyler knew each other from high school. The party host said the people there were surprised when jessica and kyler arrived together. Several people later told police they kyler was visibly heavily intoxicated that night drinking gray, goose in wine he's double fisted most of the evening. Even more importantly, they say that he was acting possessive about jessica and aggressive toward the other party. Goers several witnesses whole police, it just gotten kyler, were arguing loudly and jessica wanted to leave, but kyler didn't want her to go back to jackson. The host asked kyler to leave red, flag, jessica and kyler left the party at eleven forty, two p m and jessica car. We know almost to them,
when the two left and you'll see why jessica's car was a black two thousand and twelve chevy equinox with missouri plates kyler. Remember we have everybody saying this duty hammered He insists on driving, but when they go to leave, he clipped someone's car in the driveway, so Jessica took the wheel and they drove off. Now the host of the party took a picture of this car incident
which they later showed to police. So the photo was timestamped eleven. Forty two pm: that's how we have almost the exact time of when they left that, so he hit the car, they told people at the party. Obviously they took a picture and then they let them drive off correct friends at the party told jessica to text when she got home safely, but she never did tax. Surely your friend get in a vehicle with somebody that one you are so intoxicated that you asked to leave the party and then he hits a vehicle. And you still let her leave with this intoxicated guy. No one saw Jessica after that The the
Thank you so much for listening thanks. So much for making us a part of your week. So much more to get to tomorrow, make sure you subscribe to the podcast and make sure you go to itunes and leave a five star and join us back here in the garage tomorrow until then be good behind. the.
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