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If I Can’t Have You /// Part 2 /// 536

2021-11-16 | 🔗

If I Can’t Have You /// Part 2 /// 536

Part 2 of 3


This week’s True Crime story involves several disappearances and murders. It’s a case that has spanned years. 17 Year old Kara Kopetsky of Belton, Missouri went missing in May of 2007. Less than one month later, recent High School graduate Kelsey Smith goes missing after what was to be a quick trip to her local Target store. In 2016, Jessica Runions is reported missing to Kansas City PD after attending a party with friends. Join us in the Garage for an adult beverage or three as Nic & Captain go through all of the details surrounding these cases.

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when we left off captain, we were reintroduced. Tyler used a name we ve heard before he was the boy friend of missing person, Cora capacity from nine years ago, jessica did not tell jackson did she was going out with kyler that thursday night, when she did not come home now? At this time, Kyler was living in Kansas city with his gun, and father this after being released from prison just over a month earlier He was hanging out with jessica trunnions of re, more who was ass, said apparently the girlfriend or ex girlfriend of kyler friend, jackson mallet. Meanwhile, on Saturday september, tenth, two thousand and sixteen at one, forty one, a m the kansas city, fire department found a vehicle on fire at ninety fifth street and blue
river road. This is in jackson. Annie Missouri, the man who reported Horror fire recognise the license plate of the burning vehicle as that belonging to a girl. He'd seen online as missing jessica run it indeed the car which was incinerated to a smoking. Shell was jessica's equinox. It had been deliberately set ablaze with gasoline spread inside and out of the vehicle. Later that day, on the tenth, a young man named Jessup Carter called the belgian police department. He told them that he was with his half brother kyler used apparently they share a mother when kyler said jessica runs vehicle on fire further kyler confess to Jessup that he had strangled
secure and ass, she was gone, double dish, tyler told jessup. He dragged her into the woods and left her. There Kyler had asked jessup to help him destroy the vehicle and to hide it And while he was burning, the vehicle kyler got burned himself. Yes, he managed to burn his hands and face while setting jessica's car on fire. Jessup took care; learn to a trailer home and Edwards missouri Let him hide out for a while and heal from these birds, but then he decided to call the police to ban jessup didn't decide to put kyler out with a shovel authorities obtained a search warrant.
You search his mobile home. They were looking for evidence in relation to the vehicle fire and to a missing persons investigation on remember. He was also the main suspect in the disappearance of car. They collected a blue plaid shirt and an alcohol pad an acute tipp with blood on them, but, more importantly, they found kyler used hiding out just as Jessup it set of photos of kyler taken by police show that he had burns on his face. He also had burns and blisters on his arms and hands and, in my opinion, captain if you'll look closely at these pictures you can see. He also has scratches on his face and hands that came possibly from jessica trunnions defending herself. Once interestingly pointed out, that's my notes, but that's not reply,
it anywhere while since they had no idea where jessica was police did not feel that they had enough to arrest kyler for her murder. They don't know in fact that this point if she has been killed. They just know that she's missing at this time, So what they did do, though, was they arrested him on charges of knowing burning, a vehicle which, of course, is not as serious as murder, but at least It would ensure that he would be locked up for a while right, while they're going to try to obtain other evidence against kyler, but also based on what is half brother is saying. It leads you to the idea that we need to find her and chances. Are you not gonna find in I to find
jessica lie. Yes in these situations, you are looking for a live missing person until you have something to suggest otherwise, in here with jessup story that he's telling to police. We have something to suggest otherwise. Very sad and disgusting. Kyler was taken in by detectives from the Kansas city, police departments, fugitive apprehension unit on Wednesday september fourteen This was his twenty eightth birthday. He was arrested and held on fifty thousand dollars cash only bond and at this time, in art, lying captain kyler wasn t to anyone. Any more kansas city police issued a press release, conducted searches for jessica, interviewed all of her friends and acquaintances and followed up on tips
leads. They searched the area where jessica's car was found for two days. Reportedly, they collected a bag that belong to jessica, found where the vehicle was set ablaze. They continued searches for jessica over the next few months. even asking the public for any type of surveillance, footage that they may have from their homes or from businesses that word near the location that the vehicle was found, while this is like days are moved to the small town, twenty five thousand people. This just happen nine years ago, where we were looking for card and now we're looking for jessica. This whole community is gonna rally around these families. Cars family has grown rally round just as family, and I wish more communities were like this this great see in this case, so the authority searched tyler's. Grandfathers apartment. Remember, he's living there briefly with his grandfather
once he got out of prison. This was in the eighty seven hundred block of crescent avenue kyler grandfather, his name alfred, used age. Eighty five at the time told the police. He didn't know what was going on kyler, as he hadn't been around for a few days. Alfred later told us or that kyler was a good boy when he was live, with him and his late wife. He said he never saw the side of kyler that police say they were meanwhile, Jamie runnion. This is jessica's. Mother was going crazy, with worry about her missing daughter rhyme. Where could she be? While you would think that law enforcement without relayed, they basically have a confession from kyler to dress up about him strangling jessica and leaving her out in the woods her family spent the time captain conducting organise searches.
Actively. Looking for jessica and handing out flyers, they told the media that these activities keep us from sitting at home, waiting for a phone call, adding that we can't just sit. This was MIKE runions, Jessica's grandfather, told the Kansas city star. Jamie found some solace in the only person who could understand what she was going through, believe it or not its rhonda bedford. We ve heard that name before that's because its car capet skis mother rhonda in her husband cars stepfather, they ve been actively keeping costs, case in the public eye for all these years. Now organ missing, rallies and walks in keeping the belgian police accountable, even as the investigation dragged on with seemingly nothing Rhonda told there, the city star that when she First learned on the news that jessica Iranian was missing.
That she at last, been seen with a man named kyler used her heart sank. She reach out to jamie, said her. Primary focus now was supporting jamie and helping her stay positive. She told the star quote when you're going through something like this. You have to hold onto hope. If you don't, you end up in a very deep place. That's good advice. She hoped that with tyler's arrest, some lie would be shed on what happened to her daughter car as well as jessica over the next months, with no sign of jessica. Her family held vigils, sold tee shirts, passed out flyers and tried to keep the pressure on the police, define their missing girl. They also searched ever where they could dedicating as many as three days a week every week to look for jessica-
and this is kind of shocking here- captain not once but twice. In fact, two weeks in a row groups out looking for jessica, discovered other human remains? They found body in brushy wooded areas, bodies that we're not jessica or car. At least the family thought that they were providing some type of closure for some other families not their own, but also remember if you go back nine years prior this restraining order against Kyler was that he was choking car. So now, here we have another situation where some is claiming that he strangled jessica yeah in, like you pointed out the belt priorities. It looks like they were fairly certain that kyler was the one responsible for car as disappearance way back in two thousand and seven, and they just couldn't prove it. pity lieutenant brand swans and often visited kyler in prison and made sure
kyler saw him when he was set free, so he tells the Kansas city star that I make sure that he never forgets that I'm around, and this is interesting because it looks like since two thousand and nine the Kansas city municipal court records show that police gave kyler at least eight traffic citations for everything, Failure to obey traffic signs parking in an m upper manner and running a red light mean these are all things that they should. Issues patients for anyway, but it almost gives the appearance that the police always seem to be around or on the look out for kyler gonna, let them know were watching you now that Kansas city police had kyler incarcerated for that car fire and again he finds himself being the suspect number one in the disappearance of yet another young woman, belgium,
least began working with the Kansas city police department to gather evidence against schuyler. They could help them both put murder cases together again stamp on two thousand town. He was accused of trying to choke his eighty year old girlfriend death and he was also accused of traffic kill her three cats. So what we have here captain is sadly, cars case goes coal and then all these years later jessica goes missing. We have months ago by and it looks like we are in danger of the sea, thing happening here in this case was hard to get a conviction if you don't have the body while the break the law enforcement needed It comes in the spring of two thousand and seventeen this when a mushroom hunter Keith Todd was pouring the woods near a quarry for fungi on April. Third, two thousand and seventeen
He was in the area of two thirty thirty three why highway? This is in cash county heavily wooded areas, south of belgium. Todd came upon what he immediately recognised as a human skull. He called police unreported what he found police roped off the area for any evidence that they could find and sure enough. They found more human bones, they were scattered many had been not on, and some were never found. Police called the parents of both jessica and cora to let them know that remains had been found. This was standard operate procedure. Of course they had no idea whether the remains belong to either of the girls. At that time, remember, search teams had found body sway, before on january, twenty first in january, twenty eight that were not the girls that they were looking
but rather in Jimmy, did not sleep much that night. This is what they letter later said to the media law. If your law enforcement, I wonder if they're more hope for, one remains with the other, because with the car case, you have some evidence that points towards kyler, but with the jessica case, specially with this supposed of confession, to dress up his half brother, that if you find her, remains you're gonna, billy out building case again, some because you have that confession and in your back pocket. So while they're waiting on pins and needles, then the next day a second set Human remains believed to have been there much longer were found. Now at that I'm jamie and rhonda we're sitting down for a joint tv. In our view, the call came in
rome lieutenant brad swanton, who told them I'm not going to say one hundred percent, but just my god is telling me we may have some resolution Police then summoned the families of both jessica car to a meeting at the police station. Jamie and rhonda face the media afterwards holding hands. They had to wait for confirmation of their worst fears, but they said if the mains were the girls, they were glad they were together and indeed the kansas city medical examiners office. and state crime lab identified. The first set of remains, as jessica, runs after jessica was idead rhonda cars mom acknowledged that it could take months to determine whether the older bones found near jessica belong to her daughter. She said quote in my heart: parts I believe it's cora here. We are still waiting yet again and quote the sick.
set of remains was finally identified through dna as car on august, sixteenth, two thousand and seventeen this with the help of the fbi. Crime lab in quantico, Jamie said that while she had searched for months and months for her daughter, she never went as far as the two hundred and thirty third street location, where the remains were eventually found. And now a word from our sponsor better help, it's my favorite sponsors. one I use most often it's. What has changed my life, so dramatically
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all right, we're back you filthy animals, shears to you cheers to everyone out. There captain how about a little background information on kyler here. What we could find says he was born in nineteen. Eighty eight. Reportedly, he never knew his mother Janine until his ten years and his father Kenny, as we have seen or heard, was reportedly a meth attic. kyler was raised by his grandparents is alfred in doors used, and he was troubled from a very early age court documents filed by his attorney site, kyler being sexually abused as a child and suffering from. Kitty s de as a result and maintain that he also was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Whenever the cause his delinquency. Court documents reflected kyler has said
He started abusing alcohol. at a very young age at the age of eleven smoking pot and aged twelve and using cocaine at age. Fourteen saying he even dabbled in heroin by age. Sixteen people who knew him said that he was very charismatic, as you pointed out earlier, but people also said he could turn angry within seconds and as a teen he started getting into line. Trouble one early arrest was from two thousand and ten this for stealing from a tattoo parlor, where he worked, for which he served ten days in jail and soon after nearly killed a woman. This is gonna cut off. Shot that story that you are talking about a little bit earlier here can one from two thousand ten, and yet this was a girlfriend of Kyler and she should be described in my opinion is very, very lucky because she is able to eventually get away from kyler still alive. This was
can't as martin saint clair kyler assaulted her some time in twenty ten, and at that time, qantas was eighteen and six months pregnant with twins, fathered bike I like the two word living together for about six months, but his behaviour became increasingly aggressive and violent, so she was trying to leave him. Kyler came home drunk one night when she was packing. Her bag to leave and he grabbed her around the throat with both hands penning her to the bed. She said that he looked deranged as he was choking her until she would almost lose consciousness, and then he punched her to make sure that she would stay. Wake and aware she says she finally passed out, but when she woke up, he was lying behind her spooning her and whispering. I love you
and telling her that if she was good, that would not happen again. Discuss a raging psychopath but this was not the entire story. For one thing: candice toll police there at two different times, kyler killed some kittens right in front of her. The couple had three kittens together and for my own sake, and everybody else's without going into any detail, he killed them. All kyler was beating up candice. In fact he brag to her tat. He had killed a girlfriend in the past and would do the same to her if she left him while the killing of the cats- that's luca, magna shit, you know you could not hata. Nevertheless, candice said that she felt sorry for kyler as he threatened to kill himself often if she laughed- and he also was the father of these unborn twin. So she kind of felt forced
stay with him at that time. She didn't report the attack at the time, but after a while with the kittens and some other stuff, his behaviour became so frightening that she laughed and didn't. Look back. good for her and after she laughed. She noticed him following her and him leaving threatening messages for her to fight for the problem is that these guys are so manipulative and they can twist words and they can make You think that you're crazy, but you have to have your are out for these creep bags and family members and friends have to have their radars out for these creep bags, and I wish people does raise better men, so women went out to put up with this shit. She too Attempted to obtain an order of protection against schuyler, Eventually she had dropped this once they got back together. They
on and off for quite some time. It looks like before was finally over candy said that she did not realise that kyler was a suspect in a girl's disappearance until she Google him and found that there was a connection between him and cora capacity born. She would have found that cars claims against kyler are the same claims that she was making, because he he does this to every girl. He dates. Then a judge ordered the arrest of kyler for failing to appear in court for each of the tattoo parlor incident and the kitten killing situations he was arrested and charged with animal cruelty. so kyler plead guilty and got two years probation for several charges right. He eventually violated his probation by failing to attend a single. This is crazy, he's order.
To attend twenty six court mandated batteries intervention classes. He fails to attend a single one like not even gonna fake it. For a little while right motors is a giant berries, shit So at that time captain his probation was then revoked, and he sends to one hundred and eighty days in jail. He eventually serves a hundred and twenty of that, but large, if you know for a fact, that kyler, if you're law enforcement, you know for a fact that this horrible human well is at this point in time and acting in any way shape or form like a human. He kills several cats that you gotta give a more than two years probation, either
with all this violence and stuff going on he's, also busy committing other types of crimes in several of these are serious crimes. At some point, he gotten bigtime legal trouble when he got caught receiving a shipment from china of quota unquote designer drugs. This was an intercepted by customs agents in san Francisco. This was a something very I'm really not familiar with your. Thankfully. This was a drug with the street name me out now. Wait so is killing cats in these taking drugs caught me out. Well, probably looking to sell them. If he's not he's taken on these kids make them and looking to sell them, because, eventually he's going to be charged with a felony of drug trafficking based off of this situation, so he sends to forty five months.
Federal prison, and he only ends of serving about twenty seven months of this, and he was permitted to live in a halfway house for two months after that and then starting in, April, two thousand and sixteen he was ordered to home confinement in his grandfathers apartment this in Kansas city. So this kind of brings us up to the point of jessica going missing in september of two thousand and six but, like you said, one jessica goes missing. We know she was last seen with tyler. Then we know through his half brother Jes up that we burn her vehicle. Jessup has also tonia you and confessed He said that he strangled earn throughout the woods, but I also find it weird, which we talk about this all the time he's your half brother, what he is of a scumbag tells you hey, choked this growth
I threw out in the woods and I need the humming bird her car he better have have damn good on you or you don't be helping in the first place, and I find it very strange that he showed jessup shows up to help. Kyler jessup shows up with his girlfriend and she's, I am- and I like to know a little bit more information on this. I cannot find it, but she had a pistol with her. Well, we have to keep in mind that often people don't realize their an accessory to crime until their accessory to a crime. you do usually don't leading with hey I murdered someone. Can you help me a lot of times its hey? I need To pick me up from here, I need you to meet me here and then sing. You know your hands are dirty as well, while sitting
also. Why wondered and was in that clear? Is it possible that kyler says hey come pick me up here? Jessup shows up in the cars are on fire and he had nothing to do with the car should be it on fire other than he was their cause. Kyler obviously got some pretty that burn marks from the fire jessup did. Yes, that is really all the information that is leading us up to win. Just europeans vanishes in two thousand and sixteen which was on september. Eighth, I do want to point out, that by the time the kyler is arrested in two thousand and sixteen for the burning vehicle. He had three children at that point now: Kylam first court appearance after this arrest was eagerly attended by rhonda backfired cars family had made sure to send someone to every court appearance of killers throughout the years. So remember
how we pointed out that the police kind of reminded kyler over the years- hey we're watching you, we don't like here. We think you're scumbag. He received a lot of traffic citations any time he was charged with something that was big enough to hit the papers over the years cars parents would show up in sitting yeah it's kind of rally behind the idea of where We don't have any answers in our case in our daughters case, but at least the guy that we are convinced did this, it's gonna be locked up, even if it's just for months, he's gonna be locked up. Ball is missing person cases where it takes a long time to find any remains swiftly when there's some kind of accomplice normally takes a very long time for the accomplice to come forward, but jessup car
law enforcement. The night that this happens yeah and that's where the story telling portion of this case gets a little difficult follow along in the time. I because what we're going to see here, captain is kyler will be around did in charge for burning jessica's vehicle, but keep in mind when he's arrested in charge with that there is no bodies. At this time we ve not located jessica We ve not located cora and it makes the story. Com if not follow, along a natural order to things so cool leon, our time line. We have kyler arrested for burning jessica's vehicle now. Remember that jessup corridor killers, half brother called the police, unreported kyler for burning
her car, but also for killing jessica. This was instead number, two thousand and sixteen in April of two thousand and seventeen an article star reported that police had been seeking jessup carter on an outstanding felony charges for a traffic, stop that went down on the day, Jessica's car, was burned. This was on the tenth of september deputies from the, Henry county sheriff's office pulled over jessup. Ninety ninety eight dodge durango for cross the centre line and drifting onto the grass on north east Missouri, highway number two as well for failing to have a working plate. Illumination light in the vehicle at the time we're kyler used and a woman named crystal taylor. This is Jes. Ups long
time girlfriend the cops frist the occupants of the vehicle and found a knife on Jes up and a gun on crystal jessup was charged in April. Two thousand seventeen, this six months later with resisting h, ethic, stop as well as multiple misdemeanours such as driving without a license being ensured and failing to display plates but he was also wanted on a charge of failure to appear in a domestic assault. Cakes, this whole bloodline is foolish, yet jessup eventually turned himself in two authorities. On April twenty that's not clear why the charges were we're just now filed in two, thousand seventeen. When the incident took place in two thousand, the sixteen, it seems likely that the police wanted to. Pressure on jessup to give more information about kyler and what the three of us
we're doing that day after jessica's car was found on fire. So on me, Fourth two thousand seventeen. This is at the tenth annual walk for cora. We have over a hundred people here walking and observance of the tenth anniversary of her disappearance. You know, they're holding, saw in honouring the young woman demonstrating support for the family, She had still not been identified at this time. Remember and until august sixteenth that she was officially confirmed VI Dna. But my heart goes off and you have to applaud this community how much they rallied around both of these girls, cholera and jessica. and at this, at this annual walk for cora, we have her mother rada, who tells the newspaper I am far we will leave to have confirmation. We ve
for a long time that car was gone and we felt when they found. The other remains that the other set was car it's been a long ten years, and this is the start of hopefully moving forward toward a prosecution. Kyler trial for the vehicle arson was scheduled to commence on october. Twenty third, two thousand seventeen, but on the fifth of that money. There was big news: kyler was officially charged with murder for the killings of jessica and car. The initial charges included two counts of abandonment of a corpse, but these charges were later dismissed. The probable cause affidavit stated that, at least for people told investigators that kyler had confessed to choking car to death. He told some that he put her body in the woods and others that she would never be found and
october, six two thousand seventeen article said it's not clear. Why used was not charge in copeck skis death earlier and a follow up article says, might jessica be alive. Today, had he been arrested in connection with car as death, based on those multiple recounting to acquaintances about the killing. These circles are pointing out that police had witness statements months after car went missing the kyler, your brain and so now everybody's really concern that hey, we may saved alive if we could have law this guy up those years earlier, yeah the community is enforcement, can't make this mistake again right, so what we have here now: captain we have tyler's gonna face charges:
multiple counties, but you have the counties that kind of gonna band together and there, like you, know it we can afford to drop the arson charges. We can cancel that true, oh, let's all band together and focus instead on the much more serious murder case so kyler he's allowed to plead not guilty to these charges this in october, two thousand and seventeen. Now, now bronco how now brown cow. We need to go back just a minute here, because after Jes up the half brother was released. For turning himself in April, two thousand seventeen. Well, he went on a bit of a bender, his girl, friend and then wife crystal taylor, remember she was the one in the vehicle with kyler ingest upon that night said that, after the episode where jessup called the police,
as brother that he relapsed into drugs and then very quickly went down hill, he was arrested for domestic violence and she took the kids and state in a shelter for a while when Jessup was arrested again in April one thousand seventeen for failure to appear on those domestic violence charges and for various charges from the incident where pulled over with kyler crystal he's, asked reporters you know, will you come on kyler use case at this point, and he says that he could not, but that his family did not approve of what kyler had done and they empathize with the Girls, families in july of the same year, crystal turned on the new and saw jessup uncle, Paul's house okay. So this is where jessup was still
She sees Paul's house on the news because it's on fire and jessup was arrested for are sent this chasm issues, and for trying to stop firefighters from putting out the fire so he's booked into county jail on September. Twenty fourth jessup was found dead in his cell for thirty, a m of an apparent suicide. He hung himself police said a pair. There was an fbi investigation into his death, but there nothing to show that it was not the suicide. However, this is a weird little nugget here: jessup left behind a no
there has been regularly referred to as encrypted and believe it or not that no has magically disappear. Well, maybe I'm just a freak. You know maybe on this freak nasty with it. But when I hear suicide cryptic note, I want to get my hands on that. I want to know what he was trying to communicate and and then it makes you wonder why did it go missing? Jes up was the back pocket of law enforcement. So now the suicide he got a toss. That away when I make convicting kyler a lot more difficult. Your exactly right in the end was the fear, the shared fear. At that time we have both jessica cars families
they are now very concerned. The jessup is dead, he was expected, or at least they expected him to be the star witness in the states murder case against schuyler just copy. The once proclaim that he wanted the families to feel better at night. They kyler was finally put away mean those are his word, so you would expect him to be the star wit but clearly he must have been conflicted about testifying against kyler or you know, spiralling out of control, its really tough to say when we examined the situation here, one he had the heavy drug addicts and they was back but another little interesting nugget here captain is that at this time it was not public information that jessup had read it out. Kyler, you daddy, so I dont know if he was dreading testifying against him or what have you, but he commit suicide. The prosecutors have to forge ahead,
and they go on record saying, jessup was a problematic witness anyway, because he was in jail for arson and had to protective orders taken out against him. So while he may have had good information to offer up on the stand, they weren't super in love with this guy does he was no sane himself for guinea cause right away after this after they set fire to jessica vehicle and then now he commit suicide. Summers like he was so remorse for so so much hated that he was involved at all that that's why he took his own life seems I wait. Two main allies very well could be in also could be it it's probably a mountain of thing, or maybe he has more involved than hazy even telling people and it is, can live with himself. It looks to me, regardless of it
involvement. He was going to go away to prison himself right that might have not been something that he was willing to live with. Yeah agree with you killers, but ernie's. They were doing their best at this time to delay the trial and to dig up ever exonerating kyler and number of two thousand and nineteen. They sought the right to independently test the room. Gains found by the mushroom hunter. as well as hair, recovered from an suv search by the fbi in two thousand and thirteen. This was the view go of someone who had been looked at as a potential other suspect in cars case. The defence is trying to raise concerns about this alternative suspect bother trying to do the same thing that Carlos doin point in every direction other than himself correct and there and that's not where the twist and turn stop. With this case, he's gonna start
run more people under the bus once does his trial. Well, anything to is, this kind of leaving the door open right once jessup kills himself. Now, if you or the defender of kyler you're. Looking at this through different lens you're going. Ok. Well, maybe, regardless of what the police say he very likely, could have been there star. Witness now that guy's gone so did the door is open to a potential defence here and the first thing that they start attacking is look. There was another, suspect at one point in at least karas murder and in cars disappearance, and what they're saying at this point is
you don't think that this guy was thoroughly investigate. Was too bad, jessup took his own life because we could have got him on the stand like a few good man and said colonel Jes up. I want the truth. Give me the truth. The defence for kyler also filed motions challenging some of the witness statements in the case, because they allege that a kansas city, police officer, who was working the case was told to step back from it, as this officer was involved in a sexual relationship with one of the witnesses, but then continued to investigate the case even after being told not to so the fence question the integrity of the evidence in the end greedy of the investigation itself. At one point, the d made a motion to have the judge removed because they argued he was biased against their client. This motion
was denied by another judge and the alleged their confidential phone email and text conversations with kyler from jail. Where Properly recorded and reviewed by, the cask county sheriff saw yet it is trying to every freakin trick in the book, and there now does. Poland share their ass, thrown the shit on the wants and what stick on august, twenty third, two thousand and nineteen tyler's attorneys filed a motion to have him too, earning competent to stand trial and seeking a psych evaluation A mental evaluation found that he was in fact competent to stand trial. However, there was some back and forth as the defence attorneys objected to this finding and insisted on a second opinion. They then back out of the second opinion, but required kyler to be medicated for anxiety and depression who knows how much of it was said
can mirrors by the defence team that I'll, eventually commence in April twenty twenty one, but not before killers. Defence attorneys moved for a change of venue claiming that he could not receive a fair trial in cash counting. Eventually, both sides agreed that the trial would stay and cast county, but jurors would be imported from saint Charles county, closer to saint louis. Meanwhile, the poor families of our victims had to endure more waiting. Statement from John runnion said. We want justice for jessica and Cora, which in turn would be justice for our fan He's in our community
join us back here for part three there's so much more to get to the thoughts and opinions check out are blog at true cram garage dot com and also check out our music that I create every week for the show its on spotify or apple music, and until now accepts be good, be kind and don't live.
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