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If I Can’t Have You /// Part 3 /// 537

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If I Can’t Have You /// Part 3 /// 537

Part 3 of 3


This week’s True Crime story involves several disappearances and murders. It’s a case that has spanned years. 17 Year old Kara Kopetsky of Belton, Missouri went missing in May of 2007. Less than one month later, recent High School graduate Kelsey Smith goes missing after what was to be a quick trip to her local Target store. In 2016, Jessica Runions is reported missing to Kansas City PD after attending a party with friends. Join us in the Garage for an adult beverage or three as Nic & Captain go through all of the details surrounding these cases.

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captain. We have reached the point of. We are at a trial. Now we're not gonna go through the whole trial, but there were certainly plenty of highlights. It's interesting to note that kyler appeared at trial. Looking clean cut in a dark suit, almost appearing respectable an earlier proceedings, he was wearing randy, clothing, long hair and showing off tattoo in piercings. While this was a part of the defensive strategy, the prosecution painted kyler as a vengeful irrational, a young man who became legally violent with women who rejected him, saying he killed boat, jessica and cora, because he could not stand to see them moving on to other men and he confessed to six people
over the years. They said the bodies of the women were found on private property owned by a family. The kyler was very familiar with. He had been in a band with one of the family members and have visited their farm. Often the prosecution presented cars case first rhonda was the first witness talking about cholera and her concerns about kyler how he was abusive and how car wrote a poem about being afraid of kyler, which rhonda had found in her room after she disappeared. Rhonda read it out loud. It said I want to go back, but we have seen too much bad pressing charges on the one. I love scared of the person I used to love, I'm through
She also discussed her daughters, protection order against schuyler other witnesses, included friends of cars, who testified about her volatile relationship kyler his possessiveness, and they abuse that left visible, bruising on car and how they had counselled her to leave him one, the five years or so there we ve been doing the show was see this so much and we hear about so much abused in relationships specially men towards women, and this should go without saying, but real, do not abuse women period, then in jessica's case, Jamie and other family members testified about jessica's life and friends testified who saw jessica, leaving that party that night, with kyler
Photos were shown in core of the burdens on killers face embody and his singed hair when he was found at the edwards trailer in September. Two thousand and sixteen again scratches, are also visible on his face. The prosecution pointed out the kyler had scratches on his face when he was arrested for the car fire, and it should be noted that nobody at the party has ever stated that kyler had scratches on his face. The day of the party mean. that the scratches came afterwards. Photos were also shown of the contents of a burn barrel that was found on the property of jessup uncle. The barrel was determined to contain aerosol cans outside the barrel on the ground text found a black cloth, a buckle and a black otter phone case. The uncle testified that kyler Jessup in crystal were at his house on the evening of
timber ninth. He says he went inside and then the three left when he came out there was fire burning in one of the barrel, so he put it out and also testified that his house was burned down in July, two thousand and eighteen, and he knows that his nephew jessup was responsible for burning down. His house and listeners will remember that he was in fact the rested for arson of this property: brain kansas city, police, department, sergeant, Terence carter, a retired, kansas city, police department, master detective and bomb and are expert testified about the burdens on kyler and how they likely came from a gasoline flash burn, such as setting a car ablaze, Melanie fields, kansas city, police department, crime scene unit supervisor, testified tat. The girls bones were scattered over a wide area. She also testified about the photos of tyler's burns
A county deputy Dustin love testified about arresting kyler and noticing injuries on killers face and when he asked kyler about these injuries, kyler told him that he ran into a tree was too bad. That treaty fall on him and crushes skull correct when, but it's just a lie to cover for the injuries. Obviously, and here's a portion of the story that we really have to we kind of tenue along the way filling it out. But what is important to the trial and to whether not kyler is actually guilt. Surrounds a lot of this story of jessup crystal incur kyler being together on that night, right, ok, so,
here we're gonna, have a deputy that will testify about the vehicle stop when he stopped jessup kyler in crystal in that vehicle, The deputy says that he knew kyler as they attended elementary school together, so he obviously aware of who it is in the vehicle and according to this deputies testimony he said: kyler looked extremely nervous NI shaking pale in the face and had obviously peed his pants do so. The deputy strategy now exactly how nervous kyler
a man that he knew by appeared to him he's physically nervous to the point of pale face these shaking, and he says obviously peed his pants born. If you go on to law enforcement, you run a know, all the kids. I grew up with that. Have become scumbags and on the other side of the law, crime scene, tech, matthew, force, testified about processing, Jessica's, equinox and the red gas can found inside one potential. Witness this would be alfred used. The grandfather he could not testify is grandson, kyle trial as he passed away before the start of the trial, but he had been deposed in July, two thousand and nineteen and the prosecution succeed.
in having his deposition read at the trial. Alfred's son kenny is killers. Father offered said that on may fourth, two thousand and seven he had coffee read. The paper did some lawn work and then he and his wife doris went to the nursing home to visit his sister in law, which has killers aunt. This was at one thousand two hundred and forty five. They stayed until two hundred and forty five went home and napped then watch the news wheel of fortune in a baseball game before going to bed, isler wasn't living there. At that time, but came by often brake on the fourth. He stopped and in the morning, sometimes between eleven and eleven thirty, two get gas for his truck alfred and kyler went to a gas station where he said, did kyler put eight to ten gallons of gas,
in then kyler met them at the nursing home to visit with his aunt around one thousand two hundred and forty five stay for about an hour and then left at one hundred and forty five kyler seem to be in a normal mood said his grandfather. The application was the killers morning was unaccounted for until about eleven something I am right. We know car disappeared after she left school at nine nine team, but this is a little more in favour of kyler right, because we have a witness whose putting him while accounting for more of his time that death more of his time and also his demeanor gap. As for jessica on September eighth, two thousand and sixteen kyler was staying with Alfred. He said that day awoke at six alfred dropped, kyler at work at eight kyler work.
three hundred and fifty and Alfred picked him up. Then he went bowling and didn't see kyler again until september ninth, which was a friday morning, both got up around six for work and alfred drove kyler to his job at extreme bumper but he picked kyler up around nine or ten. A m tyler left work. That Dana coworker testify. The kyler had scratches on his face and looked as though he didn't want to be there again. Kyler
I'm between when he left the party with jessica around eleven forty p m and six, a m when Alfred saw him again is unaccounted for. Well, that's a very good testimony because, like I said no bay at the party sees him with scratches next morning, he's out work and co. Workers say hello, keys, act and strange. She doesn't want be there in his cuts in scrapes on his face. Well, this leads us captain to crystal taylor. This is jessup widow who testified for the prosecution about the incident where she was driving with jessup and kyler. On the day, Jessica's car was burned re. She said that when the officer pulled them over kyler started freaking out saying in part my friend
because my french is just start very good quote: oh my god, someone might just as well fucking kill me now. She was asked about the time line on the day. Jessica went missing. Crystal said, the jessup was home on that night and everything was normal until the morning of the ninth kyler called, their mother, demanding to see jessup so jessup and crystal went to Kansas city to meet kyler at his grandfathers home when they picked. Up. He seem like he was in a hurry to get out of there. is when they went to jessup uncles house, kyler, told crystal he and just good broken up mutually, but, worse still in touch. While she was talking to him, he got a phone call from sir
one asking if he had seen jessica because she was now missing and he suggested that the collar file, a missing persons report crystal, was scared of kyler at point. She says because she knew he was a suspect in car as case and now she's learning on the spot. This other girl jessica is missing as well. Then up in kyler went somewhere on their own, for maybe forty five minutes. She says she does not know where they went or what they did is pie when they're burning her car when they got back, she said the jessup looked, shocked, scared and uneasy. The three of them went to a friends house at this house. Jessup went upstairs and got a gun and slipped it. The crystal telling her to hold onto it according to crystal kyler did not see this take place.
Kyler asked her and jessup to take the batteries out of their phones out of their cell phones and he had already thrown his out. So at this point they left Kansas city to drive to edwards Missouri, where the plan was to leave kyler hiding out. a trailer.
This is when they were pulled over for that erratic driving in cairo was freaking out one thing about this to jets: ups, not a good guy right. He has some problems of his own, so whatever he saw or whatever he help kyler do once they get into a situation where he can get some kind of weapon. He gets a weapon yup does. He is now fearful for his safety and his girlfriend safety or his wife safety, and also kind of points out that wherever they disappear too. For that forty five minutes, he heard something witness something or was told something or all of the three that scared, the crap out a jessup look, I'm gonna do say: I'm guessing Saul, somethin, Ebby soldiers cause body
because I don't think you'd be that physically shaken up just if somebody told you something half the time, you wouldn't believe him well and then the other move here. Captain is as soon as I do, kyler off at this trailer he supposed to hide out for awhile right it's as soon as get back home from dropping off, did they call police and reported kyler for the murder? So as because they can get away from this guy who called them for help their immediately reporting, hey something
terrible happened here and were pretty certain that this kyler guy is all mixed up in it and he's responsible for something horrible. That does not mean that they felt bad for whatever kyler did or felt bad for what her, whatever victim they possibly saw, but I think they called the cops because now he's a threat to them, and so, if the cops get him off the street, then I'll have to constantly be worrying what he might do to stop me from town anybody. What I saw a cell phone tracking evidence was presented by the prosecution in the form of a map, but they did not have specifics on kyler movements that day because remember he took his battery out of his phone. One thing that the jury was specifically charged with deciding whether
not was kyler in cas counting on september eighth between the hours of eleven forty five p m and september ninth at six, a m. The prosecution expert also said that jessup phone was nowhere near by at all. During that time frame as well, candice saint clair testified about the episode work or found her packing her bags to leave him, and he too, she's not allowed to leave choked her and, at some point, even confessed tat. He had killed ex girlfriends out of jealousy to her she said he told her something bad happened to cora and he dragged her body into the woods and he told her he
gone around gathering up missing persons, signs about cholera and then dumped them in her parents. Your she said she didn't go to police because she was terrified of kyler react as this guy is a frequent psychopath, and on top of that, you should be able to smell him coming. Does he he reeks of p nick yields? A former roommate testified that kyler once told him that he killed car because she would not love him and he didn't want any one else to have her. Now on the stand, he also made reference to kyler, raping and ex girlfriend, but the defence cut him off and his comment was stricken from the record. This leads us to Caitlin ferris. This is an interesting little portion of our story here. Captain Caitlin
david kyler in high school. Now before she moved to north carolina. When she got married, she told the police twice early two thousand and eleven that kyler had confessed to her about killing cora. She testified wearing a wire at the request of the fbi and trying to get kyler to confess on tape ray the feds had approached her and asked her to help them out because she was still in touch with kyler. At that time, the f b I actually paid for her to fly to Missouri and tried to entrap kyler on recorded audio. They hope that, since he had already confess tour
previously that he would do so again. So Caitlin was given a recording device hidden in a key fog and reach out to cairo. Some of the recording was played for the jury. An it kyler tells her. He is going to kill himself because every girl he has ever loved his left him. He cries and says he is always alone and that he has killed. Someone caitlin says. he will feel better now that he has told her, then caitlin suggest that the to dry
to a wooded area to play. We d, like we g board. Now they want to do, I guess, summons or say I arts and try to talk to car spirit yeah. They play the audio and video at the trial because some us, like she, set up her cell phone, like in between the two of us why their driving and he could see him like turning his head and talking to her and not one point, he's a bite in her lip and not let in her lip go, and it is very strange than his consulate she's gone well. What would you say to car on? He keeps and while car please don't hate me yeah at one point, kyler can be heard. Saying: dear cora, I'm really sorry, love kyler the jury. Also, heard, kyler referring to their excursion as the death spot of the girlfriend. I killed
later kyler is heard, saying on the audio tape that he had killed her and I dumped her in the woods. Kyler also talks about what he's going to do with his inheritance mind you ff his grandfather, who is still alive at the time of the recording dirt pass. So given what this guy suspected of man is that disturbing to hear him talking about? Not all these? Not just all these things with cholera and her beer it and what he did with her. But oh, what I'm gonna do with my inheritance from my grandfather, who still alive through this whole thing there portions, where kyler is telling Caitlin that he loves that she's, the only one for him and so on the states present
A recording of to jail house phone calls a kyler may to his mother. His mom says that she loves and supports him, but kyler tells her that he dragged jessica into the woods because of her and that she was never there for him. So this is just one of many confessions this time too jessica's martyr as soon as he confessed at any point that would listen to anybody, we to spend more than five minutes with this guy he's gonna start telling you that he killed somebody this time. He's too his mother, as he's sitting in jail waiting to go to trial, hey, I I I dragged jessica into the woods because of you,
because you were never there for me or partly that's probably true. You probably has some early childhood trauma and he's probably has some abandonment issues, and so, if a girl leaves him, he doesn't know how to deal with that as a dolt as a as a human. So therefore I who take this individuals life. So they can't leave me yeah and the interesting thing here to captain just look at my notes. This must have been this conversation between tyler and his mother must have been after he was arrested for setting jessica's vehicle on fire before her body was found because he blames whatever he did to jessica on his mother which his mom response he's playing with him to you know. You know tell people where jessica is right? Answer
He then hangs up on on his mother, never revealing the location of jessica or exactly what he did. We have megan an this is jessica's little sister. She testified tat. She was devastated after the loss of her sister, that she wanted to end her own life, and it sounds like she almost did so. Instead at some point she decided to do what jessica would want her to do. She says so she graduated with honors from school, Amy Clark. The friend who reported car missing testify the two weeks before car went miss. Car showed up at her house distressed about kyler. She was trying to leave him kyler called and called her phone. She says maybe twenty times that day until car finally agreed to meet with him, she
for a bit and came back to Amy's with a swollen lip and choke marks on her throat courses. Control induce bag afterwards has two then does keep connor and harassing her well. The prosecution is going to argue Ok, we have these bones that we found the remains of the two young women. Fortunately, there were only about fifty bones of each were found the process, she's gonna say that remains were consistent with strangulation and they ve shy.
Time and time again with all these witnesses that this was consistent with killers, treatment of other women. Women who survived on the flip side of all of that captain, the defence tyler's defence mounted a vigorous defence. They allege that the police suffered from tunnel vision and focused on kyler when others such as jessup were equally viable suspects and were never investigate what course that's what this giant pile of dog shit is gonna. Do he refuses to accept responsibility for his actions, and so he throws everybody else under the bus head. Go look at these other guys that there were seen Oh by the way go. Look at my half brother he's a person of interest, yet his defence tried to poke holes in the case the evidence in the methodologies used by the state. They said that there was zero physical evidence linking kyler to the crimes
they portrayed kyler as a lost little kid a talented artists day, goofball someone non threatening and misunderstood. They also said that kyler had alibis and could not have killed either jessica orchestra. In quite a few instances. The defence witnesses testified only in front of the judge in an offer of proof. These witnesses were not heard by the jury, because the judge refused to allow them to testify in open court, and then the defence tried to re suspicions about Jes ups involved,
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arrive. We're back cheers You silly will you will easily were back, so I may think about this. His defence yell. First of all, we know he calls Jes up his half brother to come help him. Now we don't know exactly what jessup helped him do. We are, we all know of jessup was involved in and burning the car. We know you possibly was there, but there's something that startled Jes up and that's why I believe it was a body, the movement of a body or something like that, something startled jessup. That's why he told his wife hearing that that's. Why
Well, the defence pointed out that it took jessup six hours after dropping kyler off at the trailer to call police, so they wanted to present the obvious question of well. What was jessup doing during that time, and the defence pointed out, the jessup was the one who started the fire, a pause You know they wanted to imply that maybe he was destroying some kind of evidence. They also question why crystal and just got married in two thousand and seventeen this after fifteen years together was it so that she could not be forced to testify against jessup.
emphasised that police didn't find anything of evident cherry value in the burn barrel at Paul's. What they did find was aerosol cans and their export argued that kyler could have gotten the burns on his face and hands from burning those cans and having them explode. This alternative to him burning himself, setting jessica's vehicle on fire right. The defence focus on the fact that no one had proven when or Cora died in attempt by them to introduce a witness who would testify to rumours that she had o deed on math. This was rejected by the judge, the debate also focused on a long brown hair found near Jessica's remains. Jessica's hair was blonde,
and the application was it's. Someone else was at the crime scene. The defence tried to imply that kyler could not have killed jessica based on the timeline based on phone records. Kyler was home from two a m two to forty six, a m, but Jessica's phone was pinging at three. A m in belgium. Tyler was home at this time, so he could not have killed. Her is what they were claiming further. They tried to introduce evidence that Jessica was. a pot head that had been smoking pot at the party, yet no th see was found in her brain matter. This meant that she had not died soon, The party as th sea needs time to pass through the system, so there pointing out that she must have died much later, so anyone could have killed her not isler or maybe not just kyler right. The defence points out that the wire tat girl Caitlin
moved in with kyler. After that saying that clearly, she was not scared of him. Also. They suggested that who were re playing on the audio, but that's great I mean that's a great defence, because it's absolutely in saying that you would move in with somebody. After that tape recording a basically a confession exactly because what they are saying is their role playing in this audio kyler went along with her because he thought she would put out if he pretended to have killed someone because he's as that she told him it turned her on they imply did she was that she tried to use sex to entrap him.
and he played along with it. So he could get some new Deborah half lynne who live two blocks from belt in high school in may of two thousand seven testified for the defense about something not heard by the public before she said that on may forth, the day car disappeared. She saw a teenage girl walking down the street around eleven thirty or twelve noon. Then the girl was crying and distraught on the phone with someone suddenly a dark sudan with four people inside approach, her never heard a blood curdling scream. She did not know car but recognized her quote three years later, when she saw a news report. On the case and said I knew it was her. This was her testimony across the state cast doubt on her recall, with, of course, is three years. This One of those! Don't you hate when you see one of these at trial, some some lady that saw something that
stood out in her mind and stuck in her mind for so long, because it was terrifying all the sudan pulls up and for people inside up ouch this girl, the sheer know, and then the girls gone brain, she hears a scream but does do anything about it on that day and it's not until three years later, when she sees a news report on on cars case. Mrs, oh, my goodness, it's a girl. I saw three years ago it it just casting doubt here at trial on something that you just u have to question every sentence in her state This is a strong witness to me. I don't even know I would have necessarily called well if you're the defence, your calling her but yeah you're right. It's it's one of those ones that I think just kind of models the waters a little bit. You know really gets
the waters a little bit here and gets things more confusing than they. Then they certainly need to be now one thing that we should call into question. Is this next expert witness the for the defense? It's a forensic anthropologist who took the stand and said you know, the prosecution, is trying to paint the picture that kyler strangled both of these victims and then dump their bodies. However at the crime scene. Investigators failed to locate the victims highway boats, so they couldn't be sure about strangulation, which obviously, that argument goes in killers, favour yeah yeah in.
really what your pointing out here captain and I think that we need to really hit home- is the defences going to not just cut a poke holes in some of the states case. But oh, a large part of their defence is focused around nobody being able to prove their kyler was where they thought he was during the time, he's committing these crops bright and eventually this is going to lead to the defendant himself. Taking the stand- and you pointed out mike earlier. What an interesting turn of events where earlier the defence is saying this guy's not even competent to stand trial.
And now later he's taking the stand in his own too fat line again that look you're trying to start off the argument by going argues and competent to stand trial, but now because he such a psychopath, a sociopath he's such a good liar. He comes off as believable. He might be even charming to some people again, like you said he comes into court with the shovelled clothes and now he's all dapper up. I mean this. Is this up? It's a bullshit defence put him on the stand, knowing that he's just line through his teeth, yeah and it's interesting because he gets up there and he he's com and he's kind of soft spoken at times now under erect from his attorney. He said that he did not kill either cora or jessica.
I dont know exactly what happened a car. I didn't do anything to either of them and he says The families had been hounding him over the years, but that didn't mean that he didn't he didn't do. Instead, he said that his dead step, brother jessup, was involved, yeah and both murders that has his half brother. Just up is a serial killer. I wonder while kyle while Kyler was on the stand, if he was wearing himself, MR pee pee pants. Yet he said that on may fourth, two thousand and seven so we're goin back to the car case here, and this is again killers- words on the stand.
He says I may for two thousand and seven he was at his grandfathers house for a time and then went to practice with his band then, and this is a big departure from what he had been saying since two thousand and seven, he said that he and Jessup went to pick car up from belgian high school on may forth. The three of them hung out at his apartment and try to score some we'd. Then kyler left to go visit, his aunt at the nursing home and up was going to go to a state park with car. So here's a little recap from that testimony on the witness stand kyler admitted to lying to police on multiple occasions over the last fourteen years about being with car on the day of her disappearance. He said he lied because he didn't want to get in trouble, because car had a protection order against him at the time. Kyler also claim
His half brother Jessup carter was driving the pickup truck when he picked up car at belt. Highschool kyler testified. He went back to his home with cora us up and then try to get some marijuana from a friend. He then claimed he left and just to go to that friends house and then on to kansas city to see his great aunt at a rehab facility. So all this time he's stuck to one story about not seeing her that day and all the day in question for fourteen years and then all of a sudden, while he's on the stand trying to save his own, but he throws his dad's half brother under the bus saying the last time I actually solar. We did hang out that day, but I after with with jessup and when I back. I don't know one up: yeah the prosecutions, gonna say hey, he are you
most unlucky man ever to walk the face of the earth to girls that you dated went missing there, both last seen with you. You have abusive violent past with both of the girls, and you then confess to hundreds of people and tell people that you are responsible for the murders, but now you're, saying that you're half brothers a serial killer and decides to just killed girls that you dated or girls that just recently broke up with you. You must be the most unlucky man to ever walk this earth. Yet his response was any one who has a brother who is a serial killer is unlucky which has such a bullshit answer? Is the no? No, the two girls you dated the most unlucky people in the world if you're half brother is, is a serial killer. That just happens to kill.
his half brothers girlfriends. Well, that's his story in cars case, but he says that the night the jessica disappeared in two thousand. Sixteen, the jessica drove him home because he was super drunk that seems believable right based off of what we heard from the witnesses at the party and ass. It was in the car as well how he magically got there. I don't know the next thing. He said he remembers is that he woke up at his grandfathers house. The next day, again implying that he's too drunk have done anything to jessica. Last time he saw her she's fine in the company of Jessup yeah doesn't explained the scratches on your face. Jessup scratch your face when he goes on to say that just killed himself, because kyler then pled not guilty in the killing of the two girls, meaning that jessup may not have killed himself had
I largest plead guilty, taken the blame, and then it was only after he decided to plead not guilty. The jessup felt tat he had to kill him. this guy's a liar liar, pee, pants on fire and then all those people that he told, or at least the testified he had told them tat. He had killed one of the girl, are. Both of them are done, something like leaving one of them are of them. In the woods he on the stand, his fat flat out denies having confess to anyone about what he had done. So all those people who does make it out all those people line you're the only one time, the truth, and on top of that year, only one with peed, philip pants array else. Their pants are clean there, MR clean pan, that's right! you're not buying it can't and I'm not buying it and the jury didn't buy either because on April fifteen, this after fifty
hours of deliberation they found kyler guilty of terry manslaughter in cars case, in second degree, murder and jessica's case, which showed that he killed her with into the family was permitted to give victim impact statements prior to the jury's sentencing recommendation Karas mom talked about how cora it plan to go into the ethical field and she was a loving, trusting girl whose disappearance ripped the family apart and started a ten year nightmare, He told the jury that she did not feel the manslaughter conviction was enough. I agree cars step. Father, told the jury that Rhonda had been paying cars phone, bill for the entire fourteen years, since she vanished in case they needed the number for her case right. They had called the phone, often just to hear car on the voicemail. Then we have jessica,
Jamie runnion said been the longest for years and seven months of my entire life, her daughter, who was kind to every one in love, music and dancing was taken from them far too soon. She said that one of her other daughters try to take her own life since jessica's murder, her ex John just his father, said he would. Never get to walk jessica down the aisle and her younger sisters would never get to see her grow as a role model for them. the jury recommended life for the murder and fifteen years for the mass slaughter after the
Verdict rhonda in jamie address the media saying we are thankful to be where we are today, because there were days when we didn't know if our girls would ever be found by and we're just so thankful that they were found and we have them back, but this is also because they didn't give up the mothers didn't give up the mothers leading the charge. Haven't the community not give up. I think that's why you keep that people talking about That's why you vast to so many people, because people were continuing to talk about it because he was a suspect for nine years The community will not lead that go which kept that on his that that kept that on killers mind and on his conscience, and then he had to tell people about it to try to feel better about.
The bad stuff. He did that's really interesting captain. I agree with that. One hundred percent the judge sentence kyler to the max, which was fifteen years. voluntary manslaughter in life imprisonment for the second degree, murder in Missouri that look. This is this is an ongoing issue and we're not going to solve in the garage here today, but often times, law does not mean life. Amazonia life sentences capped at thirty years. Prisoners who serve about eighty five percent of the sentence become eligible for parole. These sentences will run consecutively, but kyler will also receive credit for some time served which was about for years. At that point, so he could be out in about thirty four years, kyler rejected the opportunity to say anything in court before the sentencing witches ironic,
as you pointed out how he confessed to so many people along the way. This is the One time that he chose to keep his mouth shut and Can you have to wonder if he had simply kept his mouth shut to begin with between two thousand and seven and two thousand? Sixteen, we didn't have much physical evidence, this case right. There is a possibility he would not be in prison today. So we should be thankful that you couldn't stop talking. In june of this year, kyler filed his appeal for his conviction, as is his right. He will see that process through, as he rots in a corrections facility in Missouri will. Hopefully he serves the full amount of the term, and hopefully he gets a little prick.
Justice and hopefully, there's some people that find him to be annoying and don't want you stupid face and, and maybe get so scared that he what's himself and so people take out some anger on this duty, but also maybe one he's up for pearl. They won't parole him. Keith Todd. Remember he's the mushroom hunter who found the girl yeah. He later told chaos each be dot com that he has a daughter who is jessica's age. He said I was honoured that I was able to help bring this to a closure. I mean for a fee
only to go ten years without knowing where your child is is just heart, wrenching and with jessica. Seven months is like an eternity. I am just grateful that the good lord in these girls led me to the remains that day. Now before we wrap up here this week. Captain I want to use a quote from an article from earlier this year: Robert dean, Apple phd is a man that we have spoke of several times on the show. Throughout the years robert capital was instrumental in the investigations and capture of ted Bundy, the green river killer, Gary ridgeway and the atlanta child killer wayne Williams, He is also the author of many brilliant true crime books. Sadly doktor Keppel passed away a few months ago, but there was something he said in an interview years ago. That was in this recent article as well, that very much pertains to this week's
yes, and it said Robert couple says there are more serial killers than people think Everyone knows the famous once that the newspaper headlines cover nobody knows all the rest, all the rest, a dangerous. There are more of those out there that kill two three or four people. Thank you for all your incredible work, MR capital, rest in peace. Thank you so much for joy,
here in the grant of you have thoughts and opinions on this case. Please gotta true crammed garage not come and comment on the blog section, colonel too heavy recommended reading for the listeners lie ass. We do here. Captain this week were recommending deviant the shocking true story of the original psycho by Harold schecter, driven to commit gruesome and bizarre acts beyond all imagination, Ed gain remains one of the most deranged minds in the annals of american homicide. This is his story, recounted in fascinating and chilling detail by Harold, checked or one of the most acclaimed true crime storytellers of time and a friend of the show we had him on as a guest on our other great show off the record, so check out deviate the shocking true story of the original psycho by Harold
there. You can find that great title and many others are recommended page. A true crime garage stock up and until next week be good, be kind What.
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