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Jacob Wetterling /// Part 2 ////// 71

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Jacob Wetterling /// Part 2 ////// 71


October 22, 1989 was the night of of a real life nightmare. Three young boys were returning home from a visit to their local Tom Thumb store after renting a movie. Blocks from their destination a man appears in the dark. He has the boys at gunpoint. He tells two of the boys to run into the woods. He drags the other boy away. The search for the missing boy Jacob started that night and lasted for almost 27 years. Join us as we discuss one of America's saddest and most talked about child abductions.

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some true crime The start this morning with breaking news in the Jacob watering investigation sources, say the suspect in the case led the f b I to remain, are now being tested for dna in the last forty minutes party, whether linked texted wcs, just as me, murphy, our hearts are,
and we have no words wcc, as Jennifer merely learned of the significant developments in the last two days and she joins us now with more origin. The man named as a suspect in Jacob white orleans abduction letter, f b, I agents to where he said, they'll find the missing boy's body we have heard they have found remains. This all happened in the last few days as agents press danny, heinrich for information on the nearly twenty seven year old, mystery sources tell me that the fbi took heinrich out of jail at least twice this week. It's during that time that heinrich told investigators where they'd find Jacob's body. We know searchers have been at a site in Stearns county for several days. Eleven year old, Jacob watering was on his way home from tom thumb, with his brother and a friend on october, twenty second nineteen, eighty nine, when he was abducted by a man with a gun, the attacker, the two other boys to run and not a or or shoot them
yup was never seen again. Danny heinrich was arrested last october at his home in annandale prosecutors, charged him with several counts of child pornography and named him as a person of interest in Waterloo's kidnapping, we'll have more on just how early heinrich was looked at in this case in a moment, but again, sources tell me that the man suspected of kidnapping, Jacob widely has told authorities where they'll find his body. Searchers have been at that site for the last few days, heinrich was also scheduled to be in minneapolis federal court. Yesterday, at two thirty, we were prepared to be there that court hearing was cancelled early yesterday. It really is a stunning development. It is alright. Thank you. Let's take it
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the boys road, their bikes home. A man suddenly emerge from a wooded area with a gun and force the boys to the ground. First, he told trevor to run and not look back He told errand to do the same when the boys did look, ass, the man was gone and their friend in brother Jacob, whether light was gone as well without a trace, Now that was nineteen. Eighty nine, where we left off was two thousand and three where the Dan Ras was on the hot seat. He had been a big part of the investigation, call him a suspect. He lived right by the crime day. Tartu These are absurd that night and he was a local music teacher. Well the following year. They get another tipp. Ok, we're going through tips. It were coming in and One of those steps is what led them to believe. Dan brassiere could have committed the crime, but- following year, we get another tipp this time, it's a man in his late twenties who live in cold spring as a child
Spring minnesota is about twelve or so miles from Saint Joseph, where Jacobs, home town was and where he had disappeared from the man's name is jared and you can look it up and you can find your last name, but for the majority of this investigation and for the majority of the times that he comes forward to media, He simply known as Jared will give him that respect jerry, comes forward any says, you know he has story very similar to Jacobs. Jared was abducted. and had a gun, the man threatened to kill Jared from my understanding. This was a bit of old news. First The investigators whom had known about this attack the whole time this attack. Is it took place nine months before and tat miles away from the abduction but Jared The boy was even interviewed a dish. times after he was attacked. They they reviewing his case again and when and interviewed him again. I
This was about six weeks after Jacob was taken because the attacks sounded so similar, There were so many similarities. Mainly the verbiage of the attacker was was the same. Chaired was directed by a man and a car, the car had stopped. asked jeered for directions, jerry closer to the car. when the man stepped out of the vehicle, and he said I have a gun and I'm not afraid to use it. Get in the vehicle, the man inside of his car he had a police scanner. He rove jared to a roommate. I take back my comments about one egg, please skinner! Yet I want one aim. I think bad guys are using these four four four I promise now not a bad guy. I'm not gonna buy one. So after he has the young boy in the vehicle he drives jared to a remote location and he sexually assaults him. then drives chaired back toward the town where he had taken him from now. All this time he that he's driving him back there. He keeps asking him asking you
Over and over again, can you recognize me. Do you know who I am? Would you be able to recognize me questions like that nature and Jared very wisely constantly g, just as no no, I wouldn't be able to recognize you. I don't know who you are. I don't know what you look like and it's probably because of this that Jared was to lie. to tell his storm, he was released yet. So Jared was just twelve at the time of roughly the same age as jacob wonderland. Jacob utterly was eleven. and he and his parents would eventually move away from cold spring. Some time after Jacob was abducted because even though he had reported the crime to the police and His parents had reported the crime to the police it it was. This is a tough thing for him to go through and I dont it's an easier than I mean well enough. Tough is the right word well
for obvious reasons, but for the reason that I'm gonna get into is theirs. There's other kids. and kids can be cruel and he he's getting. Out of this is after Jacob has been abducted, he's getting pulled out of class constantly to be interviewed. You know they. Never really said they had announced that there was a similar attack on a boy they took. About nine months before Jacob was abducted, and but they never didn't say who the boy was. You know rightfully so, but when you're pulled out of class in your seen talking to the sheriffs department climate, a high mariana they there get a good idea that year that boy and sometimes sometimes kids can pick on a child, that's a victim because they don't understand, they don't know any better to be honest with you. Or or not, or their despair? There dumb mean, carries dickhead many homes How many kids did you go to school with a reduced super dickhead
well eventually jared in his parents, move away and part of that may be because of the kids part of it may be because of the investigators He does kind of tell them who, by one two. If there was this kid, has this fear of this this attacker, you know he'd sexually assaulted by the sky, and then the attackers saying can you reckon me, and now with this other kid gone missing, I wonder if there was a thought or so maybe he was scared that this attacker is going to come back after him. I think you're, exactly right. Moving away is a form of defense and getting your child out of there, and especially now, because the stakes have been raised because this guy could have could done this to somebody else, and this child is never resurfaced again. I think europe equally right there. He eventually moves away, but it's in, two thousand and three two thousand and four that he comes forward to remind everybody. You know I was attacked nine months before
and it was very apparent to me by the questions that the investigators were asking me that my case was probably related to Jacobs case and, if this guy assaulted me any assault jacob he probably did this to other boys as well. We be able to get enough people to come together. Tell there bits and pieces of their story that they know of and maybe we can figure out who this guy is. I mean we're talking about. Jared was able to give some specific details. He gave a description of the vehicle saying The man had a police scanner in the car and give up give somewhat of a description of the man himself yeah. Think also haven't be fort. Years later I mean maybe there's a possibility that he's resurfacing to go. Hey looked if this happened to anyone else come forward now and maybe at of years older fourteen years, older or whatever age, that this takes hat. If, if some up
she, when you're twelve, maybe you're not likely to come forward and tell them is about it, but may be. Fourteen years later, you'll go hey. I had this thing and I saw this guy- this guy came upon me and told me he had a gun, but I ran away or maybe you had somebody that tried to grab you but wasn't successful in right. You have a description of that man in the vehicle that he was in. You know these little things can matter. These details can manner. two thousand and nine that we're talking about tips and leads here, in two thousand and nine. In my opinion, we get this. strangest lead in this case. So far in this very lengthy case, and in irrigation would come. This, strangely, would come about in january of two thousand and nine all the way from Milwaukee wisconsin and we're going to bring in my one of my favorite characters in this whole case now on december of the previous year a saint francis barber- he was sixty two years old. His knee Vernon seats and
He tells his psychiatry said that he had. Two boys back and nineteen. Fifty eight and want to throw this in. Here, though I I found several counts of what the doctor said right on one occasion she says the did that vernon. its had said, he'd kill boys and nineteen fifty eight on another account. She- as the he had said. Nineteen fifty nine, so man tells his psychiatrist that he had killed two boys and nineteen fifty eight and or nineteen fifty nine frightened who is this guy? This is the guy that we talked about in part one. Where are you? We talk about the psychics that were come into the weatherly family and trying to get some permission and saying hey academia, some of his clothing- and maybe I can see something for you- and maybe I can give you a psychic reading. He is one of those guys that were cut mean to be a psychic gatt and he would drive it's like over four hundred miles to get too of the weather house.
and and meet with patty wetter link on two occasions and tell her I'm a psychic. you know I'm trying to get some information on the abduction and, by the way, here's a painting that I did of of Europe dumped at sunrise, asia. We this we got this guy, claiming to be a psychic way unlikely It was a barber and then he ah amidst his doctor that he killed kids now you'd start, thinking. Well, maybe he he asked to be something that we need to look into further on the Jacob case now I know for some people out there are thinking well, what about you know. Doktor client, privilege here you know, should this doctor be notifying the police, but I I dont know what what the law is exactly on, that I'm sure there's some legal jargon that I wouldn't understand, but the psychiatry says that the reason why she came forward was because she he had been
see seeking her help for quite some time. This was not their first interaction. This is somebody that he had been going to for a while. She says months. I dont know exactly how many months, but she said that. The reason why she notified the police is so. They can speak with vernon seeds because He is ready to make a confession. Well before the police can get to MR seats to interview him. He asked he dies of natural causes, that's very on yeah, and you would think that This strangeness ends there, but it does not. given the information that he may have killed boys and nineteen fifty eight or nineteen. Fifty nine, the police get a search warrant to search mr seats, home and property. Now keep in mind. He died in his home, heres a list of items that were found in vernon seats home First all hold on them and prepare myself to be kept.
I don't know what you're gonna say and I'm going to warn you in advance. This is a long list. Ok said already, don't get mad at me here our man, I'm always manage you first found newspaper articles posters and laminated photos now some of these posters were laminated as well ring and notes on some cardboard boxes one of one of these posters missing persons put posters that they found was of Jacob wet and it had been laminated there. found children's shoes now keep a mind. This man lived alone ok. He didn't, he didn't have a he didn't. Have a big family europe or children living with him found children show, thank god. One shoe was a size two and a half. The other shoe was a size three and a half contained dna and were later sent for testing. They also found sir ro books on cannibalism, one of em, was titled eat thy neighbour.
They found a small round, though that is not a recommended reading by the way. No, no it's not They also found a small round bone. You know- and this was for testing as well. They found brown It is a human hair, blonde patches and human hair black patches of human error. Found rings and necklaces, which didn't seem accurate for a man having by himself himself a flesh candle with a catholic attached to it, covered in some strange brown substance. They had found bondage, straps and chains hanging from the inner rafters of the home handcuffs up box full of negatives. This was these were later sent to be developed. Pictures of unknown children, a picture of a boy holding a fish that was dated July nineteen. Fifty nine in illinois road map with two locations circled on it. They found him
of mill stream park. This is a location that is near jacobs, abduction, found photos, paintings and drawings of children being sexually tortured, a all that was written by vernon seats named innocent and rage. A third eight caliber gun- was that book about I don't know I did that's who knows by that on amazon? and they also found you know. We talked about notes and missing persons. Posters in a newspaper it about missing kids, some of them kids that were that he had a building. Collection of were of sandy bert us and she was not a child. She was twenty years old. Sondra went tat missing in April of nine Eighty eight from a bowling alley- was in wisconsin after telling her friends and family that she was going there to confront a man that she dating for cheating on her and giving her false last name and home address,
car was later found in a in the parking lot of bowling alley abandoned she's, never been found, also amongst these newspaper articles and posters, was that of Cora. Joe and she was twelve years old. Twelve year old core jones was now, while writing her bike and ninety. Ninety four, but this was by a by unknown sex offender. This was a case that was was solved. He later guilty too, to the murder of the young girl They all, obviously, that this guy has obsession with kids, yeah yeah bending the shoe thing is super strange, the patches, a hair super strange, You don't have a hair collection at your house, fuck, no man, that's no if anybody tells you they collect hair yeah report them to somebody yeah. One time I was at a party and this guy said I collect hair and it's a fucking ahead. They had just dropped
beer and slap. Now that never happen, but not so obviously, is he's into this, but you know I wonder using these ike missing children cases in these clippings as like some sort of like pornography de I mean like you could you can out. I mean: is that technically pornography, if it's like in written form, but maybe he like assizes about. That's why he was is it in the waterline family? You don t get it these details, and maybe there is some kind of sexual they need got off on about this. Well, they found you know of the drawings we talked about. They found rollings. They were of re of torture, gives of torture or of you no sex with children like that, and, of course, that the immediate thought is that you through them himself among
The other people that were of concern was Michael Donna. He he was five years old. He was abducted from a playground in Victoria, british columbia and march of and he. Ninety one michael, was last seen around twelve thirty p m playing at the school playground. his mother crystal was pretty the painting in a ball tournament to which father was a spectator. His parents. Were there as well. Michael was did metres from his parents, but no witnesses to his disappearance and no one involved in that has ever been identify mike was never found or seen again and the Other person of concern is melissa brain now she was five years old mullahs. went missing from a party at her apartment, complex in virginia, a ground scheme was later charged and convicted with her abduction Melissa was never found, so obvious here captain that vernon seats was not
sponsible for some or all of these cases, but it is also clear by the items that are found in the home that did This is of some very big concern. Here is very alarming. This goes beyond the level of weird. You know he was a sixty two year old barber had passed away. There were reports that the authorities had fifty two before I met a I apologize misspent, but there were reports that there was fresh sea meant, which was recent port. overseas honour for how you say that word is that you and somewhere else. With that now there were. fresh cement, that was poured in his basement and there was also fresh dirt that looked to be, have been overturned, underneath heavy snow fall. This is out in his yard. Thee, What do you think is how small bike l cod and think about all the ogre. So this makes a lot more sense. The hare sample. I wasn't
two and two together. If he's a barber these- but that's creepy, ease, cut in some kids hair unease, can at home with them. I bet it smelled like smell. Like we're eggs smell mixed with pomade yeah who'd. Who knows they If they end up the police end up coming into the house with a jackhammer later, because they want to get to this fresh cement to see. If there's anything underneath of it, they say good amount of time. You know breaking up that cement or and found nothing and they checked the yard. They found nothing. and furthermore they couldn't find you know they couldn't find any linked to him to any of these people that he had specific posters, alright rain, but there's a look a little more follow up to that. Unfortunately, this is a story that came out two thousand and nine and it was very hot when it came out and then,
is not a whole lot of explanation for these items, as we here now in two thousand and seventeen one then lay like we said he had the connection with the family gone. There told them that he was a psychic, and so it's like is this gonna. Be, it's going to be the smoking gun that solves this Jacob weatherly in case you know. Obviously we know that it's not now but but then I opens up this whole other can of worms, and so what? If he's talking to his doctor and saying hey, I killed his boys. I believe I believe whatever you say there was true. Unless, because and maybe you didn't kill him bay else. After that, I'm not. And he he I understand this possibility and so on, if you like said ok well, you know one and fifty eight or fifty nine I killed these kids, but put than ever since that time, maybe he's like not self medication, but he's like while I disk dive into these cases and enshrined
self. With these other cases, I'm kind of living, but through these other cases and then so, I'm not killing or not, molesting, whatever he's doing it it's rare there is also the possibility of some kind of mental health issue I mean. Obviously there is a mental health issue, but I mean to the point of where he might believe things to have happened that did not take place here. there is one account he has said he was a barber and so at his business the next door neighbor was a salon. and the solano owner told the media on several interviews that she Add many interactions with vernon seats that win in times were slow at the barbershop. He would come next door hit a cup of coffee, and he all I wanted to talk about his life, and she said you know his life at like a typical map, as he described it was, was tragic string. and bizarre. You know because he went in
some detail with her, stating that you know when I the child. When I was about fourteen this would roughly be around nineteen fifty eight nineteen, fifty nine did. I was abducted. Some He had taken me here. He was from racine wisconsin said that he was abducted, thereby an older man. And the man had had a her boy that was abducted as well and through the all of this abduction, he was sexually assaulted, he was made to kill the other boy using a got Jesus He later says that that during same abduction that he witnessed the death of an there boy, so it's it's unclear of him, saying that he killed two boys back and fifty eight or fifty nine that if it was his hands did the killing or if he the trigger on one of the boys forced to do so and then witnessed the death of another, the other in. Two, though, is he doesn't really stop there? He, he has told the salon owner that that,
two years ago a man broke into my home and I killed him. I shot him dead so that he has had multiple homicides and whether he was forced to do humor or self defense or what or maybe it's all made up in his head right. Yeah in the thing here is that the detectives looked into this, and I don't know if these were detectives specifically involved in the Jacob westerlund case, but I do know that milwaukee detectives in wisconsin looked into it and the problem that they had with this whole scenario was that they couldn't find any record or any any cases, that were even seem somewhat related to vernon seats stories. You know they couldn't find any record of him actually being abducted, they couldn't find or frank, any mysterious, deaths of young boys and fifty eight or fifty. right so either he d made this up or he he was a victim.
He didn't come forward meda and talk about it and because of that trauma it's been wrestling with all these demons and his head was sister in law, susan seats, I'm try to defend him postmortem, you know a say, to defend him, saying that he was, she believed tat. He was abducted, she doesn't believe that he killed anybody. She thinks that this abduction me have created some strange sexual attractions, two younger people, and that it also develop some kind of psychosis where he became obsessed with child abductions where he would follow them in the news and follow them, I mean I DR four hundred miles to go talk to the victim's mother. Yeah, I mean look. We will talk about this before that that you know a kid becoming a victim of this can lead for them to become the monster not all the time, but it does happen this
He doesn't seem to have been linked to any of the people that we'd named here specifically, but I did find some some weird. if on him, you know because night, fifty nine. He would have been young. You know it was He was an old man out abducting little kids. He was for fifteen years old. Now there there was a boy. HU, a young boy. I think I don't have the age right in front of me, but I want to say was like fives seven in that age range, they had gone seen from a camp, ground and mobile alabama. This would have taken place in july of that year of night in fifty nine now remember. We said that he had a picture of a boy holding a fish front. There was, eight july, nineteen, fifty nine and the weird thing here is that vernon seats family members, I believe, was his grandparents that lived somewhat in the area, so that's strange. You know a king,
act into some of these other people, but that's a strange weird situation here I dont know that anything came of this because in unbelieving that nothing came of this to solve any cases, because they took evidence for testing and weave We have not heard the result, so usually that means it it's a negative. It's you know they not able to link him to anything. Yet again, it's one of those things where it's like you know he had some sick thought going through his head, and there is a part of you that would feel bad for him if he, if he was traumatized, if he was sexually molested himself, then then there's a part of you that feels bad for him, because then he then he's dealing with this trauma and he never seeks a profession help and and- and maybe that's why he was talking to the doktor in the first place, but at that point too little too late, either way a minute there some sick thoughts and that guy's head as it
very strange story and one that got everybody in Saint Joseph minnesota in an uproar you know, that's a crazy. You know connection with this case. The actually drove their rise spoke to the mother made in drew, drew a picture. This leads us up to twenty ten captain. Let's go back to the gentlemen coming forward that he had driven to the crime scene, You know we said that they had ways you know Dan ras here says that I saw vehicle at the end of my driveway turnaround, damn damn as the music teacher yep, and and we'd. We don't know who this guy car belongs to you know. We don't know There is a gentleman that comes forward and states. I driving by the crime scene, because I heard the crime on on a police scanner, roman and I saw, the bikes I talked to the police agency didn't seem so I drove home and then many years later he comes forward to remind them of the story and again This is where the police believed that the vehicle-
that Dan raspy claims he had seen as well as that, your tracks are all there all accounted for. by this guy in this vehicle. Did that had nothing to do with the association for, since we don't have a suspect with a vehicle, we're gonna to assume that the suspect was on foot, though and that that makes our number one suspect dan deaths in the is going to be the summer of two thousand and ten Stearns county shares, department conduct in extremely publicize search of the home and property of robber in riga, ras here tonight, and ras years, parents. He of course still living at home, with he say, of course, means of music tat thing at this point: they pay them nothing how's. He supposed to live anywhere. Arts in this country is gone, downhill,
from the search that they did. They were moved several truckloads of dirt, as well as removing some of dan and his family's property from the house at some point, and I couldn't nailed down a date for win. This took place, as it were have not been made public but prior to the of dan brassiere. Yet he agreed to meet with patty wetter link. and during that meeting Dan Dan tells her. I dont know if this is at patties request or the investigators request or poor diana. You know I mean this guy. You know this all these. Like look he's still living with his parents than there's something going on their rights when we agree I don't know I. Initially right and maybe maybe they're older and he's taking care of them. now about. What I'm saying is that something that becomes the case of that's occurring, then
but it's too slight, here's this teacher and because he live close to where this event took place now, he's the number one suspect now and and how did that affect his social life after that, and this down and then to come back on it. Years later and go okay, well now, you're a number one suspect well. I mean I have a. I have a very close friend that lives with his father, They have a very large property in too much work for one person to take care of it, his friend of Mine- he enjoys working the land and taking care of the place and fixing things up and maintenance and all that stuff he enjoys and stuff. He can't afford a big house or a whole bunch of land by himself. He is so many hobby, so many hobbies that spends a whole lot of money on and his his There's brought. It seems very happy to have him around there there, like that, like a team now he does mention from time to time that he's gonna move out, but he's been therefore
ever so, I told her that that's ever someday I'll- maybe that's the case of of Dan ras here, but but I feel bad for the guy. Isn't she now I'm an? Obviously we want to save this. We want to solve this case. We this. You know Levin your Boy went missing and Obviously, the the law enforcement wants to solve this case, but man, the cows The casualties that come investigations sometimes are awful. You know in We got this guy that I mean like we're talking about him now and he might done, some good things with his life and all were reporting on. As that he was past Billy or was a suspect in the disappearance of this eleven year old boy, tat it this. This is the thing, though you know he.
Such a strange variable in this case, and you almost wonder if he had been removed from this case if he was if, if his role never took place, if this could have been solved faster, did. Did he just just his presence alone, get in the way of the investigation right? Was it like a big t, coy if we talk? so about him, you know we started touch upon the he met with patty wetter wendling. At some point now the you here. As I said, I don't know if this was at patties request, Dan's request or the investigators request. My guess would be the investigators and I'll tell you why, because I think patty comes off to me. And you know I don't know her personally- obviously but all the interviews. I've heard from her things that I've read that she's done. She seems dream strong, a very strong person and on of their extremely smart and kind as well. She's out things comes offer very authentic ghana.
sheets. She just seems, like an amazing person to me, as well in jerry, seems to share those same traits her husband. Now I wonder here you know if the investigator say you know what we got this guy We can't find nothing on him other than he was a quarter of a mile from where your son was abducted. We think he did this away now We also think that he, like you patty, is a sensitive, maybe a sensitive person, and we think that, if maybe, if we put the two of you in a room together, if you can handle that patty, let's the two of you in a room together and see if he breaks because do says during some of his car seeing you know the police called an interview. He might refer to it as questioning some might refer to it as an interrogation, but he says the during some of these portions of the time that he's been question did they would play video clips of
scared her, I'm sorry have a shakeup yeah here and they would play audio clips of Jacob and, of course, this is a way to try to get someone to break down. You noted to to get person it's inside and in get them to confess During this interaction and during this meeting with patty wetter ling dan tells her, where on his property that he is afraid Jacob could be buried he actually read any heard several counts of this. I've actually read and heard several counts of this. the one that has been reported more than others was Dan stated that, because he was publicly being looked at and because here property is so large. Weird talking about his properties like twenty five, twenty six acres sets. big piece of land Dan was afraid that the real killer could return would Jacobs remains and placed the body on the property implicating dan as the murder, and there
appletons one eye, if you here, then as law enforcement you're thinking of this guy's, stating this crazy story to covers ass. I because he did kill this kid. He did bury the. body and he's using this as a cover up. So that seems a little fishy, but on in time to be in dance shoes, think about freaking out like well. Look. We have almost thirty acres, you now so, if somebody's reading the news and they could move a body you darwin and and- and did you do the body in and bury on my property, as they know that the cops are looking at me well and they end up searching all of those. I mean he listed specific areas where he thought that may be the killer would want to return with the remains of jacob and place them their brain, any name specific places in they search all of those places during this highly PA, size search. Now. Here's the weird thing, though, this inner
action between the two of them between Dan and patty has been reported many, but it's been reported differently, depending on who you check your sources with, and some of those reports come out as if Dan was taunting or tease the grieving mother of a dead child. You know that did that he's. Playing some kind of game here and then the other reports state that he's just simply afraid that he's gone to be implicated for murder. Heating can have everything to do with right. On top of that, like I said that the social employment, since in and the career politicians from him. Been involved. Now want to point out that Dan never lawyered up some consider lorry lawyering up to be a small sign of guilt. He did agree to submit to every and any tests that law enforcement saw. He submitted to a dna test, lie detector test He even did an interview while under hypnosis
and also he's agreed to let them searches, car Multiple interviews, as well as a meeting with with the victims mother was seems like he knew that he was innocent and that he was had some faith and the judge system that work itself out yeah. This to me looks very much like the behaviour of an innocent person, but- you fear that you being unfairly accused, are harassed by the public news, media or especially, law enforcement by all means man lawyer up, you know, lawyer up and submit to their test as requested, so I think he did, with, with the exception of the lawyer, I think he did everything as helpful as he could any tried to be very forthcoming in this area. The geisha in may. of two thousand and fourteen w c c. O tv reported that around the time of jacobs abduction, there were a clue her of at least six unsolved sexual assaults on boys that were never looked at as
possibility as being a lead in the Jacob waterline case. These were all taking place about two years prior to the abduction, Jacob and about thirty miles away and pains ville minnesota. This took place in nineteen. six, nineteen, eighty seven thereof of similarities here as well. The attacks are all boys ranging in age from twelve to sixteen years old. These are nighttime attacks and to the cases the boys were. Writing bicycles. The aker, sometimes wore a mask and here's the two of the victims from the paynesville attacks as adults and recounting the events of their attack was quite a while, since I went outside at nighttime. I remember I was on that before dark every night.
Those that's all. I wish on anybody. Those terrifying without the panes, no police department is seeking alex support and apprehending a mandate has been accosting young men in a painful community. So far, there have been five different incidents reported sergeant bill. Dreger painesville police department said we need help all the help we can get. This article ran on the cover of the painful press. It's not like. It was buried on page It ran on the cover is what you're, here by europa this vision, not sort happen, he's been scientists can them already.
Was that night, but I remember I was on my way home. I was coming by the zoo park and they turned the corner down come home here and some guy just grabbed me up a bike from behind. I didn't see who it was or not and put his hand around the mouse and drag me into the bushes there and said quiet or I'll, kill ya and the one about is doing whatever he wanted to do to me and what could go through your head as I was and die. Basically Y'Know I mean some guy does that and then he know as america's cut your hair or don't, and then I ran home and told mom and dad and me and dad when looking for him before we when did anything else but didn't find out and of course, and then contact the police. That was the end of an era of innocence. I mean pains that with the type of town like any town in minnesota, it was a ten o'clock whistle and at ten o'clock he went home. The sergeant, I think it was at the time, was requesting help from the community for these attacks and and boys, and it didn't sound like they were minor attacks. I mean the guy said: don't look back
well your head off, and so there was this threat of a gun. When we started looking into it a little bit and I started blogging about it, then suddenly I get other people that are commenting and saying you know, I know another guy or that happened to me or my little brother. Suddenly it was just more and more and more so five became six and six became seven and seven became twelve. He my parents were gone brother was there to keep an eye on her. We were like me, I did hang out up down and on. It was whole weekend, but I'm sure it was probably ten or fifteen feet ahead of them. Jumped out my bike, like kids, doing all letter all known down around and started to go head towards the front door the current repair you out there and we launchers, alter- and I heard something bump into
Since I seen somebody in wonder, Lastly, I am like I'm not staying around slide took off running and I gender. My brother and I said I should get some last run So we ran to the street laid her head that and I looked over my shoulder and I scene I figure there, but I couldn't see a face. It was a solid black from the neck up to the streetlight there and we just yelled for help, and luckily one of the neighbors had their window a little bit and they could hear us and they said what's going on out there, you guys need helps whose idea I call the cops on somebody just tried to grab us this group. They were all tight and they hung out together all the time and it was the same group of boys. The kept getting attack they were absolutely terrified and I don't feel that they ever had a voice and, as you know, that are that they ever felt that
were taken seriously. I talked to the cop that knows it check is nothing new, It was just it was hush hush, after that it was all it's okay, whatever they just kind of blew it off. in all they never talk to us again. You know the cops, never came round sexual. Do you remember anything else, and he said don't remember him in know, asked We again is there anything different keen all now that event, I am to process it. Actually I gave a guy and I you know I said he was a chubby guy, but I don't he wasn't. He wasn't chubby at all I mean the guy I seen run across. Tally was in good shape and could move fast. I hope the victims now that that it was not okay, it never ok and I hope they do get some justice now. I hope they get some answers
Now you heard in the clip they're they're talking about a mask The one boy describes when he turns around and looks back. He saw you know someone run across the street, but couldn't see anything from the neck up. It was all black now I do have a description of a mask that was used in at least one of these attacks. described as a homemade mask made from candy, striped, indoor or maybe outdoor carpeting. The attack had a low gruff voice he threatened most, if not all, of the boys stating that he had a knife or a gun. You know talked about verbiage with the victim of Jared and how it was similar to what the what trevor and air and heard the things. for them and said to Jacob how the vote It was the same in those attacks. You know we we heard in that clip. There did did attack or had some of that same verbiage, you know he's saying things like he blow their heads off,
if they told anybody There is also situations from these group, a boys you heard you hurt. The one lady talking saying that the cases once they started pouring in it got to the number of twelve of these cases and in of these cases, they wore boys that were taken from a group of boys and unfortunately, out of these twelve victims with them twelve stories, only too those were interviewed after jacobs abduction, the others were not interviewed at all right. Which, in a warm looking back on. It would run a few that a big black eye in this investigation yeah and then one thing that we didn't hear in the clip was with some more details of one of the attacks from the panes veal victims. The one boy. Now a man says that when he was attacked the the man that grabbed the boy off of the bicycle then grabbed him from behind. He said
The man his hand reeks of cigarette smoke this, so this person grabbed him off of his bike in and rapped his hand around the boys mouth, so he couldn't scream and the whole time the boys smelling this. This and that's wreaking of cigarettes so there's one there's one indicator on your suspect, along with the the mask the gun, the knife, the same verbiage, Andy. You know that this but I am an age of the victims. You know in another thing that he did to was you know he told him shut up or I will kill you this is the boy was taken off his bike. He boys genes, and he had a knife on this act the assailant had a knife here and he used the knife. You said that you heard in the club he said he used to cut my hair. He used to come. To solve some of the boys sandy blonde hair off and took it as some kind of like some kind of sick, weird souvenir I
Lastly, there's a lot of peace hair in this case now, real quick here I d give some prop some. Let's give some big props to a lady named joy baker. She is one of the voices that you heard in the clip there and she should get some big props, because she is the reason that this development got brought to light joy, Baker is a writer you can find. blog online. She blogs about several things, but for, of course, some time she had a blog solely for and regarding the Jacob wetter link case, and she you heard her say there that you know this was not back page news. This was not on page five or page six wench he went out because she suspected you know if there were two boys were interviewed following the a the link case that there is probably more boys and she was the one that started- define these boys. She went to the window. The library started check out the microfilm and search through the old newspapers and found
these attacks and started reaching out to some of these victims, and then these other victims come forward, and they all have very similar stories describing a very similar guy who saying the same things You know he's got the same weapon and most of these attacks and he's you know from time to time disguising himself by wearing a mask in actually that that described. Of that mask like terrifies me. You know him. We think about is like a home made a home. Mask from glade from car You know what what is it just? Is it just like a carpet hood draped over faced with two holes. I I didn't see you know, there's no, there's no evidence of this actual mask other than the victims. Description it's very zodiac killer to me almost you know it's that's what it reminds me of thin in its it's so much like you, this person we talked about are these all of Opportune opportune
The attacks are, is something that this person is working towards or putting some thought into in clearly and this sick in this particular situation he's manufacturing these mask on his own. To avoid being, you know, o the man wearing a scream mask abducted me well, not a trace that at some point, yeah I mean to me like I said I think it's it's something that is doing a lot of planning beforehand and then driving around and right and looking for opportunities. Those boys started going forward in may of two thousand and fourteen now later that same year, in october of two thousand fourteen marked the twenty five year anniversary of the abduction of Jacob what're and there still no answers it still unsolved at this time, patty wetter ling sat down with cnn and they did the following story called five quest for my childs abductor other questions she wanted to ask, is who argue
states, I believe that somebody knows it's time to quit per day. Seeing the bad guy even if it a family member. It's time to speak up for Jacob. Please tell me who took our sun and if you are abductor it's time to tell you cannot feel good about this fine, some peace and right back the next question she asked is: is Jacob still alive says that sometimes the phone rings and there's no there's no one there its power Will you tell a marketer or a wrong number, but her heart cries out Jacob argue there my eye inch, states that she saves articles of kids coming home after long periods of time three months, nine months for months said ten eighteen years later to know what they're gonna give up hope. Yet these this can happen and she states I dont know. So I hope and I pray that you got away Jacob. We need you back. We love you more than the flowers
the sun in the rain. My heart wants to be wants to believe that euro kay next question was what made you think you could take a child yeah. She says Jacob is so deeply loved and missed by his mom dad brother sister cousin. Neighbours and friends. I have read a lot about kidnappers and child molesters and I know that they are all people human beings that need help. Maybe you. he'll bad. Maybe you told someone, but I still live with. So many questions like how could you how could any once still keep the secret after all these years, you free yourself of carrying this. Please explain this to me then she would ask why didn't you let him go yes want to know what happened. You pay what we had other boys that you victimized unreleased. I think you and to let him go in. Something went terribly wrong. I to know what happened. Please talk to me and this is such a tough.
You know a mother would have to go through this, even though this hypothetical questions should ask in the last one being what was that ass- they sat Jacob said to you: yes, states that Jacob had a keen sense of fairness and always stood up for people who heath needed, an ally or a friend he baby would have befriended. You too. I need to hear his voice again or to hear the last words he said if he can't speak them to me himself. Please tell me what he said. And, like I said before I mean this is a really tough thing that a mother would have to deal with. You know her eleven year. Old boy goes missing and he's been missing for so long, but I think she took the up to talk to see an end to yoke wanna meet mean to get the message out to all parents and pray two children know where your parent, your children, are to as much as we can to protect children. Let people now that these monsters are real and there are
there, and this could happen to your family. I think she did it for that reason, but I also think should it for the reason, maybe that the the killer would hear this or that doctor would hear this that he would. This would weigh on his conscience and then maybe he would be able maybe he'd come forward. Maybe he would can confessed to this or it's to somebody or maybe somebody would hear this and start connecting the dots and maybe he's had like this extreme stress of always looking over his shoulder because of this one, bad thing that he did she's, giving him an opportunity to reach, ciao to us and take this wait. your shoulders. Give us closure tell us what happened. Turn your Then you won't have to live with this stress any more, even though she will have to continue to always live with it. You have at least should get some closure yeah in it. That to me shows the strength of the weather link family now in she's.
on the road to some form of closure, on the way to getting some answers, because in two thousand and fifteen there's a man and his name is Daniel. James Heinrich he's a man in his early fifties from annandale minnesota, and he is named as a person of first in the Jacob waterline case, daniel or danny, as he is better known by Friends and relatives was this. Of a child pornography investigation. They had found with child pornography. Most of this following young boys and they also found video tapes that apparently Heinrich had filmed himself of boys and public debt the boys were unaware that they were being filled long for obviously got a search warrant, but on those warrants c on these warrants here they have to state
what it is that they are seeking, and they have to be somewhat specific about this, and so a lot of times, if you're able to view these warrants, it will give you some insight as to what oh, what long for Many officials may actually suspect one is guilty of so for me heinrichs search warrant Some of the items that they had listed in that they were searching for included human remains a red, sure, with the name wetter link on the back, a red hockey jacket, with the name Jacob on the front most of these are very specific. I, and this is of course, linking him immediately. Yeah yeah the Jacob wonderland case so danny was facing child porn charges. thousand and fifteen. But after that he said,
makes a deal with the prosecutor in the summer of two thousand and six. This is after of heeds convicted before right, yeah, you ve, actually convicted and he's gonna spend life in jail for the child pornography, charges? Well, I dunno if it was life, but it was certainly a good amount of time. I think I I maybe I'm wrong, but I think it was life, so they can there I mean, but also mine, you that he is ordered. Gentlemen. Now so you got it. You know what a thirty four your sentence could technically be life, so in the summer of two thousand and sixteen this is when he he creates this deal with them. Secure- and I dont know who came up with the idea of this deal, but the He ends up leading them to the remains of Jacob wetter link. On September. Third, two thousand and sixteen patty, says The remains of her son had been recovered.
he couldn't yell further under whose kyle, interesting, though, cause You know they met at the head. This report that came out that they're gonna, let you know he's here. When I tell them where the remains are, then they had law enforcement out there and they did find were my remains now. next question was: is this of jake upwards? It's my ass! and I think the parents had assume right when they found out there they found remains they decide to us human braced themselves for that its programme be Jacob. yeah, and there were some details of that. Fashion. In that agreement, the plea bargain that they had come up with that will get into and a bit here, but it was on september. Sixth, the Daniel James Heinrich confessed to the abduction, sexual assault and murder of eleven year old, Jacob weatherly. Now here's the thing, The whole state that the whole country, you know that there wasn't too many people that didn't know about this case
specially in that area and you're talking about. Of course, you have a family and friends and loved ones of Jacob that have been heard like you, wouldn't believe for so long, but you also have almost had a community that was in mourning as well, and so the prosecutor came to an agreement with the eventual killer. There was a lot a backlash from the public stating you know. How could you give a deal to this guy? He ends up. Getting a deal did put convict him of of only child pornography charges. He's not going to be charged with the murder of Jacob wetter link. That was part of the deal and he's only gonna receive seventeen to twenty years, so he could pretend we get out when he's in his early seventies now right I think as more important for the family to closure will definitely and I think here the problem was that they had no evidence against the sky and the law
and a lot of times to the law enforcement will actually put skinny they'll actually put the decision on the famous here. We have this information, he claims He can lead us to Jacob we're gonna. Give him this deal. Is that ok, with you right and that's exactly what happened now. I have heard that had he not been able to lead them to the remains. There were certain stipulations of this right than the deal's. Yet, if you can't read led us to the remains, we're not gonna, believe you because then available right than the family gets zero closure and Furthermore, you know that they wanted to make sure the wetter lings agreed to this deal by this point. Of course, patty and jerry have two. They just can have to know at this point. You know The other thing to is that he had to confess and tell actually what took place and what exactly happened. and he stated that he had parked his car
down the road. A little bit he went knee head. He saw saw the boys going to tell you, though I told you there was a carnival yeah heats. He saw the boys going to the Tom thought. Thumb store movement a movie, and he thought you know what I will ambush bush them on their way back any he kind of put his car at a distance. He abducted Jacob heap. He had Jake up in the vehicle, with them. They drove to remote location there. He he assaulted the boy and he sets he says couple things happen that that Jacob asked him. If he, you know he said he was cold and wanted to go home. And the danny says I can't take you home which, which is weird to me, because I had always wondered you know, though, that this abduction and what he did almost sounded like a seer, a potential cereal offender, maybe cereal murder
and him saying that I cannot take you home almost tells me that, did he determined when he abducted the boy that he was going to kill him right. He then told the boy that he that Jacob needed a turn around, so that Dan could take a p and why, when the boy turned around, he shot him in the back of the head before took place. I think Jacob was getting a feeling like something wasn't going to work out when when he told him that he could take him home Jacob, it ass dan now. What did I do wrong? What what did I do wrong? It's So heart breaking story. There's there's no good of this. I mean they're there has been you know the weather had been so involved in in other helping other children and other families of of these type of crimes it It's just heartbreaking too, to recount this
shortly after Jacob had passed away, danny, he I've gone him. Danny, like you know, come Dan I don't know why. Well I apologize, but that's what he's referred to in the news and yeah, but it makes him sound like way more innocent for know I mean so so dan heinrich he he attempted to bury Jacob. He was unable to do so. He went and found it. I guess there's construction in the area he found it odd cat. You know what those little miniature bulldozer type things and he you that too on earth ground any put J. been there and he buried him. That's point. He was questioned. He was questioned in the Jacob in the Jared attack before He had a vehicle that match the description that jirga, given the police, He also had a police scanner in his car He ended up at some point here. Scared and he went
to where he had buried the child, and he noticed that he did. Do didn't do a very good job, because at some point there was, The jacket was showing was now listen. And so he buried the boy one more time in their. Unfortunately, Jacob remain, until this case was solved or late. You know last year they got the answers that they were looking for and the Jacob wetter ling case as confirmed jerry the other victim. Who was let go he he did say that yes, after seeing Dan heinrich in hearing him talk, he was able firm that that was the man that took him and its also believed and very likely, if not confirmed in some cases, that he was also the the attacker? or the attempted to attack other boys in that pains, vill area yeah, I'm in this, if used out
picture online free. You guys see his mug shots and had then later on their there there's two shots that I'll I'll send one. I think right when he was arrested early in and thousand fifteen and then one a couple years later are now, as is recent picture by grew up this beard and loathsome, little different, but either way this guy is a very intimidating and division, Normally I see these mug shots and stuff, not super intimidated by a lot of the people. You don't like bundy's, even though he's vicious does it no scare me just on looks alone, but but this guy, he he he there's kind of a chill yeah into his eyes, and everything is very, very evil not not, Can you see the monster on the outside the monster, the tiding on the inside with him it since, they almost obvious now innocent in one of the things. I wonder if he had some promising as a kid himself
he. He did that's another long story, I'm in, but I don't know that he was so much a victim. I've looked into that story. He may have been a victim, so I don't want to put my stamp on anything, but it sounds to me like he may have been a willing, participant and In some of that situation, he he's, he seemed like a lot of times, though it's like like their wrestling with something, and that may be that it won't get this far. Maybe you won't get to the point where you're actually abducting a kid? Maybe it's not good to a point where you're you're assaulting the kid is then obviously is not going led to use. abducting them assaulting them and then murdering them. An army, say, there's something either offered trauma or whatever, but gaddi wish that this stuff never.
Happen and I dont know if he planned to kill whoever he abducted when he set out that night or once he saw the boys I've. I've I've gone through his statement time and time again, and I go back and forth because you know that's like said when he says I can't take you home. What did that mean like the Jared situation, where you drive him somewhat near the languor or let him go or what meant You know what, if What if, in the other cases, the boys didn't actually see his face and what, if, in this case, he eat dad the mask off for whatever reason you know, and therefore, because jig absolves face that that he he felt that he had to kill him. he claims that he had heard a police siren at some point and he panicked in an that's when he winning killed him. I that could be an excuse that very likely could be some kind of excuse. Idle
now see. I go back and forth on that captain, because, if you're gonna Panic. You hear police irony, I would assume police or near I'm not going fire allowed gun either way this guy's a sick evil in Vigil yeah and I'd like to be like I'd like to try to be like a big, better, more peace, or person than what I am. I I don't want to be, and I I we regret hearing these words come out of my mouth, but he's going to spend seventeen to twenty years. If he gets off a good behaviour they are my seventh seventeen years and no I'm not saying that it's worth it, I'm not saying it's worth the did equals that equals out. What I'm saying is. I would mine something you know yet a little prison justice happens yet will hopefully that you know there there's some real justice and that they can act him in other cases and they can tack on charges. I mean and am glad that there are some closure for the family, but
you know I want to see this guy's been the rest of his life in jail yeah. They do. They did have some speculation, some stipulations in that agreement. I dont know that they are allowed legally to talk to him about other cases other than Jared or jacobs. Unfortunately, that That's that is right, but that doesn't mean that they can go back and investigate these cases. They know that this monsters behind jail. They have said ten years to figure it out and keep him behind bars yeah and he could have, he could have let Jacob go. That's the thing here. He could have let Jacob go. He let other people go, but for whatever reason, whether he planned it or didn't plan it. At some point He decided that few years of my freedom is worth more than the life of this child, and its I mean that the worst of the right, but it doesn't matter if you ve kept animal If you let him go anybody- that's a sexually salts, a kid should spend their life in jail there should be like ten years
you ruined somebody's life or you drastically effect. I made a slight spend them your life and present thing about what you did you stupid piece of shit. You know that's the way, I think so. Artless wrap it up. Ok again. This week's recommend reading is hometown killer and you can pick that by going to true crime, garage, dotcom click on the recommended page and see all the books, it we re mended there and use that by going through the amazon banner and making a purchase quick. They to all of you for the support of last year, two thousand and sixteen, and we look forward to doing on as many shows as we can in two thousand and seventeen, and it's all, because of the support you gave us an room, reminding you hate. The best thing you can do is give us beer money now. The best thing we can do is tell friend family member about the shell, and that means a lot. That's
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