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Jayme Closs ////// 253

2018-10-30 | 🔗

Jayme Closs ////// 253

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Earlier this month a husband and wife were shot and killed inside their Wisconsin home and their daughter has been missing ever since. Today we discuss a recent case that has gripped America. We will talk about the facts of the case, the direction of the investigation and some of the possible outcomes in this story. Jayme Closs has been missing from her Barron County, Wisconsin home since October 15th. She is caucasian with green eyes and strawberry blond hair. Jayme is 5 feet tall and about 100 lbs. Any tips, sightings or information can be reported to 1-855-744-3879 Beer of the Week - Pumpkin Dreamsicle - Breaker Brewing Company Garage Grade - 4 bottle caps out of 5

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