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Jennifer Dulos /// Part 1 /// 378

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On May 24th, 2019 at 6:59pm the New Canaan, Connecticut police department received a report of a missing woman. Her name Jennifer Dulos. She has yet to be found and everyone suspects a homicide. Beer of the Week - Juicy IPA by Squatters Craft Beers Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps

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July two thousand and seventeen during court proceedings. Forty eight euro, jennifer dulles requested an emergency
custody order, begging the court for sole custody of her five children. A portion of the request reads as follows: quote I'm afraid of my and I know that filing for divorce and filing this motion will enrage him. I know he will retaliate by trying to harm me in some way, He has the attitude that he must all ways win at all costs. He is dangerous and ruthless when he believes that he has been wronged during course of our marriage, He told me about sickening revenge fantasies and plans to cause physical harm to others who have wronged him. For example, flying a plane over an ex clients home and dropping a brick on his house. I fear for my family
safety, and I believe him to be highly capable. For enough to take the children and disappear jennifer's, has been forty nine year old photos, dulles denied, or Jennifer's assertions responded the jennifer, unstable and unfit to parent their children. He said She took the children from him without warning. Judge thomas colon nine the emergency custody order instead putting him lisa plan of custody whereby the and would share legal custody while the divorce was settled. Judge Colin wrote it is clear that in the weeks immediately preceding the filing of this action, the atmosphere in the parties home deteriorated. The plaintiff was upset over the breakdown of the marriage,
She perceived to be the defendants controlling and aggressive behavior. The defendant became upset because he felt, but he could no longer control the situation and unilaterally dictate the outcome. Arguments followed, including in the presence of the children. Those were said in anger. However, the court is hopeful, that once things settled down and cooler heads prevail these extremely well educated and accomplish parents will be able to reach an agreement on mutually acceptable parenting plan, with the assistance of their and talented council, but as We shall soon see cooler heads did not prevail, since two years later on may twenty. Fourth two thousand and nineteen at six. Fifty nine p m the new canaan connecticut police department received a report.
of a missing woman, her name jennifer dulles. This, report, was filed by phone by a laurel. What's this true crime garage, and this is the jennifer, dulos, Fotis dulos up in greece, part of a large traditional greek family. He both king and water scheme photos attended on university, graduating and nineteen. Eighty nine with degrees and economics and applied mathematics after photos worked for some big name firm, such
Ernst and young doing management consulting. He got his mask degree in finance from columbia university this in nineteen. Ninety seven he married his first wife and two thousand, but then he met jennifer farber in the aspen airport. Jennifer was the beautiful and privilege daughter of hilliard and Gloria farber because of hilliard successes. This was an extremely wealthy family, Jennifer also attended brown. When foetus was there, but they know each other back then jennifer too got her mask his degree, this was in writing from and why use tisch school for the arts, she was a very busy rider. We are talking journalism, essays plays and screenplays, and even a novel she loved eating and travelling. It's not clear when exactly jennifer and photos started seeing
each other, but it is clear that it was when fotis was still married. He divorce in July of two thousand and four and jennifer and photos were married within months. They lived in the remington valley area in connecticut, where photo started up his own company. The four group a prominent residential builder constructing custom luxury homes in the well farming, Farmington valley and fairfield county areas of connecticut. focuses emma, was to build a mansion or even a small development and move family into the new home until it sold jennifer and photos had two sets of twins and a baby girl in quick success, yeah they had a total of three boys and two girls. The family was very busy with multiple nannies employed at once. People were
coming and going from their homes constantly this, because foetus ran his business out of his home whichever house he was living in at the time right now before we get. too far along one thing. I really want to point out here. I want to point this out now because later in this case, there will be lot of moving pieces. So please just note that foetus runs his business out of is home. So when we say the office or his house either way it's the same location. This did not always go over well with the neighbors, because Imagine this you're living in this very wealthy upscale area and This guy's got trucks and men coming and going constantly in. What's supposed to be this quiet residential area, also not to mention that he is of a different ethnicity, so sometimes that doesn't play too well in these areas. One neighbour on the four group built
called a sack of for homes. This in an area called Avon, called the police, on photos numerous times for things like residential zoning violations and noise violations. former neighbour, recounted to us. The focus was in re. By this and confronted her on the street on a number of occasions on which occasion threatening her in her own driveway. Despite this foetus was generally kind to be charming and charismatic by most. However, you can see by this. Behavior He was a hothead right. He insisted on getting his way. He was, in my opinion, rolling and arrogant as well also seems like he was such a a bully towards women. At some point, the family to farmington the address was for jefferson crossing. This was in fact constructed by phone
his company. This is a massive brick mansion with six bedrooms and a thirteen thousand square feet of living space. While now this area. You play baseball in this house. twenty of my houses in that house, miss eyre of the farming. Tin. Hills is very upscale. Photos was developing a number of properties in this very immediate area. It's not clear, actually when the marriage started to go south, there was some good and some bad as there is with most marriages. It is said by friends of jennifer that she Some point was suspicious. She suspected focus here a wandering eye. He as wait, though, put that I on a leash, so she met him. Why, while was married. They had a fair that sleep. She knew about.
and now she's is his wandering eye So when the wonder- and I worked out in your favorites okay, but now it's not ok, you know I I always immediately think of that as well, but then I tried it put myself in the position of somebody that finds them in a relationship like this, Then I start to wonder I'm like I. I think what the way this goes down captain is that a lot of times when you are the one being pursued or you're starting up this new relationship with this man. manner married woman, I think I make a lot of assumptions or at least believe the other person that the marriage that they're in is just horrible like it's a nightmare, it's already over we're living separate lives, but it's just a matter of signing some papers, while that's what them can make, you think right right and then you get involved in this and you think well we're truly in love. He wouldn't do that to me- or she wouldn't do that to me. We have it relationship, we have five children and we live in a big, beautiful, brick man,
that we play baseball and I'm not saying this happen. First for certain gizzards Evidence of that, but I sometimes met couples, wear instant, I'm going to this guy seems a little. trolling of his wife and then I have a lot of children. It's almost like they put that in to play as a way to control. But home yeah well and, as you said, you get the vibe that he's a bit of a bully towards women. There's there one to bully a woman is in miss, treat her is to go outside of the marriage, and they these two are both attractive. well educated people. The other issue- and I think, where her suspicions come into play, is he gone, a he's, a wafer the home, a lot he's at water, ski competitions that he participated in these. in other states, sometimes in other countries, he's out scheme
and ass been or visiting greece because he has extended family there in the early two thousand and seventeen they decided to sell the home. They live, did the house and enrolled the kids in the new canaan country school. But all this blew up when Jennifer discovered in march of two thousand and seventeen, that foetus was in fact having an affair. This you know enter michel draconis will see the sky and struck She was, I believe, down in argentina. So I was just making a joke. She was involved in skiing in some form right now thing deteriorated fast once this took place on june. Third, two thousand and seventeen our media, who, by this point, has been improved,
good by the dullest for over four years. Now, as one of their nannies, she says it. She witnessed the following: she heard yelling and thudding footsteps as Jennifer ran through the home being chased by a clearly angry foetus Jennifer ran into the master bedroom and slammed the door behind her lauren in one of the children, we're already in this room, so they're in the room with her as well. And she says she could hear photos pounding on the door and rage jennifer braced, her back against the law door and photos finally walked away real. Rising. probably realizing that one of his kids and the nanny were in this as well and had witnessed the whole thing right shaking in feed Jennifer told Lauren that she was very afraid of her husband and that he had threatened to take all five of their kids away from her and move to greece,
a lord. Soon after observed another incident where she found jennifer crying in the driveway She told Lauren that foetus had tried to run down with his vehicle and she The jump out of the way of his car as he drove off in another fit of rage yeah, but to be fair alive times. If your friends goin through a divorce, you only can hear one side of whatever is happening: and especially if you've been friends with that couple for a long time. Sometimes you have to take that story with a little bit of a grain of salt and say is this actually happening? Is he being as threatening as she claims or? Or is this just to get me on side. What could be to get her on our side? The only The only issue I take with that. Is we one of these things
and she witnessed herself right where she was present there and probably afraid as well and she's luck I'm sure that they had some kind of friendly relationship, but at the end of the day, she's the nanny she works for both of them right. You know all: Leave things out devil's advocate there. These things are all adding up, of course, and eventually Jennifer is going to have enough of this behavior. She packs up her things and left taking the five children with her now at this time, the five children they range and age from eight to thirteen she's away with it, kids and she's to really upset photos further, because not only did she the children but she's refusing to respond to his calls and to his text right now. point in her life. Is she the writer. No, I think the the writing go down significantly
She started having children right because sometimes, as this divorce happens, you'll see the was one of the parents the children as leverage go away, not respond, then sometimes the other spouse uses money as leverage, but she comes from so I'm just pointing that she has a lot more options than the average mother with five kids would have. Oh Yes, your ear spot on man. She comes. Not only does she from money, she comes from wealth right. Her, her family is extra really wealthy and she wasn't like snow about eight or weird about adorning thing like that. She was from all accounts. I could. Finally, pretty down to earth. I think the major concern here and we've seen this unfortunately too many times where someone has easy access to live in another country. Right takes the
golden and goes to that other country, and then we have a hard time getting those kids back for the parent that that is here one in this scenario, we ve seen it through the throughout the time of doing this, and and learning a lot about abuse of situations and hear jennifer's and this abuse of situation A lot of times these women that that have the five kids that have no me that have no means, because their staying at home in doing this huge job of raising the kids that the spouse thence like us, eight controls them honey and these women in abusive situations have a really hard time of just it's not as easy as just packing up everything and get an out of there. So the fact that she has huge resources is is really good yeah and I think the threat of what she is afraid of his very real. Here we have a guy that could very easily just take the children. He
he's taken him d mcdonald's one afternoon, and next thing. You know there on a plane to greece and he's shacking up with family there and she has lost her children right. So she not responding to his phone calls or to his text. I think it's out of fear that he's going to take that not so much that she's trying to hold them or dangle them over his head, like some kind. A carrot here he gets upset. He calls least this is on june nineteen to report his children as missing in I'm worried about my wife and kids, because they left go to new york and I haven't been able to get in touch with them. I've been texting, and I see that the text being delivered, but no one is responding to me. End quote placed found children I'd also really like to read what those tech star, because I'm sure they're not just hey. Are you okay? Please? Let me know you're. Ok, I'm sure those texts were verbally abusive.
Well. The the police's statement is that they did find the children and they found them quote safe and secure with their mother now jennifer moved into sixty nine wells lane in new canaan. This is a very exclusive town of less than twenty thousand people. A suburb of new york city this house I mean it sounds like you know. I hate to keep running around this year that she comes from wealth and has plenty of money, most people. The situation would find themselves. You know dire straits. we don't have much money, we're going have to go, live someplace else on an emergency situation The house that she's renting is nine thousand eight hundred square feet home that that the zoo A website estimates it's value at three point: five million dollars or you can go from thirteen thousand to twelve hundred thirteen thousand and nine
It's also closer to her mother, to Jennifer's mother, who his quite helpful with the children and in with jennifer as she Jennifer filed for divorce on June twentieth, two thousand and seventeen and from the get go the press meetings were contentious. The two parties have filed nearly five hundred motions between them and her court filings. Jennifer claim that photos quote exe it'd, irrational, unsafe, bullying, threatening and controlling behavior and quote heck. You heard the statement in the trailer of his violent fantasies of revenge against people who have wronged him or or threatening to take the kids and go to greece. She also said the photos made a specific threat to kidnap the child and take them to greece or another country, and quote you never find us is what she says. He said. If, if she did,
agree to his terms in the divorce he's trying to control this whole divorce. Thing jennifer emphasise this Otis is scary. Behaviour has significantly intensified as the seedings went along and states that she was now afraid for her safety. The judge required the Dulles is to refrain from any travel keep the kids away from any romantic partners that they may have and to work too dabbling, a mutually agreeable custodial plan photos was losing it with this city. patient. The situation is beyond his control here. Reasserted his claims that jennifer was in unfit mother She was a pill popper. This is all in the court filings we spoke with. One of jennifer's
friends who saw photos at an age on connecticut restaurants, sums after jennifer left the whole food is in sight did on telling her over were again that his wife was crazy and that she was a pill popper and to be brutally honest here captain and I'm kind of dumping. At down a little bit. It was it went on and on and on with this guy trying to convince this person that jennifer was just Some crazy pill popping unfit Other yeah I mean he's trying to say hey she's crazy. For wanting to divorce me, even though I'm cheating on her well he's one hell of a skeer there So we already named the woman that focus was having an affair with Michel warner onus ass. We could have been more well a little background here I mean
that their relationship was pretty tight? Michelle was seven years younger than photos. She worked at four group with him at some point. She was was from Venezuela, went to college in argentina and had been a tv host and producer for a ski show on E. Pn on the s network in argentina, where's michelle moved in with photos, and she was a mother to a preteen daughter who lived with the both of them. Now Jennifer requested that the court prevent her kids from being exposed to this. women that her husband was living with. In january of two thousand and eighteen after months of bad. And fourth legal motions and hearings jennifer. Filed a request for an emergency custody order. This time a different judge found bonus head, violated core orders multiple times he lied under oath populated his kids into lying for him
a psychiatrist hired by the guardian, add light m found that focuses actions were causing psychological harm to the church for people who don't know what a guardian ad litem? Is it's a it's? Basically, the lawyer for the children that is appointed by the court, so they act in the best interests of the children. They interview the children about each parent. They also interviewed the parents and other people around them to get an idea of how the inner household works. Yes, I think this is so important, and I love that we do this, because you can't trust going into this. You know you're, you're thinking. Of course. Both these parents would have the children's best interest at heart right, but that's usually none well I should say usually, but a lot of the times is not the case. I guess right because one of em Could be trying to manipulate the system or try to work things in their favor
I understand that our judicial system is in in in the courts system that we have is not perfect, but it's things like this well, but its things like this that remind me that it is a good system that it set up to be a good system and its The better ones in the world will look, there's a lot of people there that are good parents, they're, just bad at being married, so but through that process of the disc and of the marriage? People can act like fools inside by having the guardian outlined in place a kind of coms that down as far as the parents, interaction and relationship with their kids during this process. on march twentieth, two thousand and nineteen just last year, the court definitively a warded jennifer, soul, physical custody of the kids.
and final decision making authority regarding the children vote was awarded only regular, supervised public visitation, an recorded speaker phone telephone calls with the kid Specifically, he would be allowed to see his kids on these days and alternating fridays and saturdays for a couple of hours at a time, but again only in the presence of a court appointed supervisor and in public places. He could not have private conversations with the kids or speak to them in greek, he was not permitted to enter the home where jennifer and the kids lived under any circumstances, Communication between jennifer and foetus was also restricted and was to be monitored by the court. May twenty. Fourth, two:
thousand and nineteen. At six, fifty nine p m, the new canaan connecticut police department received a report. Jennifer Dulles resided at sixty nine wells lane was believed to be missing. This was filed by phone by a friend of jennifer's laurel. What's the friend received all from jennifer's nanny, remember: lorn. We have a laurel and unlearn who was with the with four of jennifer's children in new york city. The way this comes about captain is jennifer, missed three scheduled appointments that day, not only that jennifer is not answering the nannies, calls and text something she said never happened and remember by this point in time, In our timeline, Lauren has worked for jennifer for over six years, so we seem to have a serious situation here. Jennifer Dulles reported missing
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Our alright cheers mate cheers to you: captain after police, The call to officers drove out to Jennifer's residents once they are. They are trying the usual tactics knocking on the doors, and we I was looking in the windows and calling jennifer cell phone. They are getting apps, lately zero response so for many failed attempts to reach jennifer or get someone to answer the door lauren over the phone. One gave the officers the code to the keypad on the three car garage, the officers made their way in a media they spotted quote suspected blood evidence this
found on the floor on the and on the driver side of a range rover parked in the middle bay so right away. This welfare check this possible missing persons all is going to turn into a full blown investigation. The investigators five additional evidence. Specifically ever all suspected fresh bloodstains on the garage floor spatter. The wall drops of blood and partial bloody shoe prints, a black two thousand and seventeen suburban as you ve, was missing this according to nanny, so the very smart new canaan pd contacted the connecticut state police, western district, major crime squad for investigative and crime scene processing so almost immediately. This is a joint criminal investigation between canaan pd and the connecticut state police, yeah, plus
where we some point we're going to get others. All this will include federal and other local agencies at sixty nine wells lane what this whole place now. Obviously captain is a crime scene. Please, quickly established a timeline of jennifer's morning. First, she drove her suburban and drop the kids off at school. This at seven, fifty eight, a m surveillance footage collected from the area shows she returned home immediately thereafter arriving at a oh five, a m parking, the suburban in the garage, the door closed behind her She was not seen after that time and no other vehicles left from
Arrived to the home until the suburban left, again at one thousand and twenty five, a dot m even more troubling around eight hundred and thirty p dot m that night at waverley park. This is just three miles from the home. Jennifer suburban was found abandoned the black one yeah. So this is a three hundred acre park in new canaan and it's a fancy park there are, wooded areas, but it say city park, not a state forced ran at this. and the new canaan police issued a silver alert for jennifer and her family issued a statement to the public as well asking for help and or witnesses. So by this time, captain law enforcement are searching, both the park and the home
go through their findings at the went to work swabbing the garage and surfaces inside the home as well. They found blood spatter in the garage on the wall and on the driver side door of the range rover, as well as a large stain or stains on the garage floor. That appeared to be cleaned up blood this was wiped in a manner that left obvious stains to the trained eye, put so bloody shoe print impressions are found on the garage floor, droplets of but in various spots on the exterior of the range rover while seems like there Add evidence all over this garage there, even blood that was found on the both garbage cans and on the hand. one of the garbage cans as well. All of this blood proved to be of human origin. Now
a little side note here. There are many news articles that state that blood was found on a tablet and cell phone, which was found in the master bedroom. This is not true not through the tablet. An cellphone were found in the master bedroom. They were taken into evidence, but they didn't have blood on them and the push it a step further. Its unclear whose phone in tablet this was right inside the house. There was no indication of a struggle or confrontation. The attacks seem to have been limited to just the garage. As for the suburban there was found in the park when it located its lights, it's running lights were on and its transfer should was in reverse blood spatter
Other blood evidence was found on both the interior and exterior of the vehicle, including the rear cargo area, the weather tech hashtag, not a sponsor rear cargo mat was missing from the vehicle ass tat can be lots of them on his right. I love whether tech investigators fooled jennifer's phone records and determine the following. The last text from her phone was to the nanny, to lorne Seven fifty seven am on the morning of the twenty fourth yeah. Then the phone left, the wells lane home or one ten thirty a m and arrived at the waverley park around ten thirty, a m It remained there in the same location in the park until it was disconnected from the network at a Oh nine. Nine am when at last pinged near a tower
or on a tower, I'm sorry near the park. The phone has never been located that we know of if it, if it has been found, we've not been told that by police ray police did demand, they did so much work in this case. It's very impressive, not only how much work they did, but how quickly they moved and how smart their movements and tactics were here. They collected surveillance footage from new the eighty sources Primarily, this would be neighbors and businesses near jennifer's, home and the park right, so they got footage. from all the major roadways in between new canaan and the farming to an area. Video showed that out around ten twenty five, a m, a black two thousand and seventeen chevy suburban, pulled out a where's garage and drove off various cameras com richard it driving a route toward the park where it was eventually found.
police surmise, the jennifer's phone was inside the vehicle because her cell phone arrive in the park area at one thousand and thirty, eight, a dot m, basically the same time as noted. This foot showed no vehicles arriving or leaving jennifer's property other than her black suburban. So it looks like the person or persons involved in her disappearance, and this is from others, others statements entered the residence from an area not covered by surveillance, cameras and quote accord. Police records surveillance footage also captured a vehicle traveling northbound on the merritt parkway, going away from the park and toward farmington this at eleven twelve m, just three minutes after jennifer's phone went off of the network, so, according to the time frame, police had now stand,
wished. There was a thirty minute gap between when Jennifer's phone arrived at the park and when it was, down at a Oh nine, a m right three minutes later. Just three minutes later someone is seen on video driving away. At one o, one a m on may twenty fifth, the new canaan pd called Fotis dulos and asked him so airy basic questions. One of these was the date of his last visit to new canaan. He responded that it was on, may twenty second, when he had last had supervised visit with his children. The day after jennifer was reported missing, may twenty fifth photos met with new canaan police at headquarters. This was at two forty in the afternoon very polite
in the manner that he showed up about three hours late. these scheduled meeting detectives. Sit there waiting on him now, upon request, focused, did hand over his eye phone and gave them the past code to the phone, but run he very quickly demanded it be returned when he realized they intended to keep it like one and want to just look at this for a couple seconds dude we we were going to analyze your phone and he's like all crap. I need that back players this embarrassed by all the dick pics he had saved the police informed photos that he had the day had secured his phone with the intense of obtaining a warrant to search its contents, basically they're saying we don't have the warrant yet You've handed us your phone, you want it back. We only as because we intend on getting a search warrant and I'm sure there are wait. I m
there's no reason why we wouldn't be able to secure this warrant. You use you're at a loss here. Buddy so immediately when this goes down. Foetus says end of interview. Any leaves He did have an attorney present for all of this. This going on here, now a forensic exam of photos of cell phone plus. A second phone that he was required to turn over pursuant to the search warrant that we just mentioned gave police some more information according Do they search and seizure affidavit focuses phone. I answered a call on the morning of may twenty. Fourth, that's the morning in question: at eight twenty four for I, but photo The attorney made several public statements about phone is having an alibi phone call presumably this was it suppose, play a call from a friend in greece, but there was more. They also discovered the following from approximately
Ten p m on may twenty third into one. Sixteen p m on the twenty fourth focuses phone was at his residence at four jefferson crossing, which again is also his office by the old on the cell phone had gone off at four hundred and twenty a dot m on the 24th and was manually shut off immediately thereafter, the phone state at the home and received I'm in calls in text but showed no outgoing activity at one. Sixteen p m, the cellphone left photos residents and travel to another home owned by his company. The four group this was at eighty mountain spring road in farmington, tend one miles away it I've there at one thirty seven p m the phone state.
Air for more than two and a half hours before travelling back to four jefferson crossing this at for seventeen p m, then at five twenty one the phone returned to the mountain spring road home and then went back to jefferson crossing again Then at seven ten p m the phone travel too. albany avenue in hartford connecticut. Now anybody that has followed this case knows what's going to go down here, because this was all over the news, before we get into that? A little explanation of geography is in order here from the upscale farming in an avon suburbs, where photos in family bounced around from new construction to new construction, albany avenue is the most direct route into downtown hartford and just add or of four or five miles off
avenue, takes travelers directly to the inner city along with photos, his phone on albany avenue for half an hour between seven. Ten and seven forty one p m was true codicil phone and tree. by this movement of the phones, investigators, uptight and the surveillance footage from the hartford pd cameras that are located throughout the city by this is going to be all that how many people are in the car, possibly yeah, while they were talking about the footage captured a black ford, raptor pickup truck, making multiple stops stopping multiple times of multiple locations, are expensive trucks. This is along several miles of albany avenue. Now surveillance. Footage did not capture the license plate of the vehicle, but police were able to determine that the raptor of bore many similarities to one own. By phone us
of footage, showed several black trash bags in the bed of the truck. So what was the truck doing driving along stopping every hundred yards or so well make it a caucasian male wearing a baseball hat in a light, colored shirt emerging from vehicle at each stop and placing garbage bags and trash receptacles. One portion of the video also captured a woman of thin, build leaning out of the truck another piece a video showed the man inserting an object into a storm drain at the corner of albany avenue and garden story. Did you say incinerating did inserting an item in the sea team should it got morgan to say these lie that survey footage, also showed the man disposing of a rug, or could it be the missing weathertech mat from the rear of the suburban
investigators, pulled video surveillance from foe his neighbors homes and see dance. It think that people don't they were their date. Does murderous brains have not caught up to technology, yet ever He's got a camera on their on there doorbell. Now everybody cameras there their cheap to install weave advertise several great britain, on this show you put them on your house and guess what? If your neighbors are up. dirty deeds done dirt, cheap, cheaper doing them. You know some deah deep. Do it yourself? Dunder can't even talk catch you on camera in What we're seeing here, captain they see video surveillance from his neighbors homes that show the ford after a rising at four jefferson crossing at eight twenty that are eight twelve, that night right. It would have to
in about twenty minutes to get back to that address from albany avenue. So this is all lining up. There's a lot of things to suggest that the person that they're, seeing in that raptor that is making the stops is, in fact foetus dulles and his girlfriend. At the time. yeah. We got make sure that that is foetus in thirteen well police seized the raptor. This may thirty. First, it was just one of several vehicles photos had registered to him on a day. The thirty first, a week after Jennifer vanished detectives obtained warrants to collect dna and fingerprints from photos. Dualist and Michel proponents Who have not been by this point, even remotely helpful in this investigation sat outside of their house awaiting
the return of the couple they had a bit of luck. You know. Sometimes you get lucky in these investigations. This guy I struggle with his first name. I think his first name captain is Powell. But his last name is guy meaning he's the project manager for focuses company, an employee of focuses he drove up in a vehicle registered to the company. This is a a jeep cherokee detectives inquired as to what he had been doing. He told them that he stopped by foetus their house in Avon to remove the seeds from foetus porch porsche? This was at focuses insistence. Ok, there, the seats from this porsche. You were in the back of this jeep. This is obvious:
strange right right. When michelle and photos showed up that evening, they were ordered to drive to the state police barracks, their detectives obtained dna, hair and fingerprints sample. from both and when they did so, they noticed. Fotis was covered. In poison ivy. Now, of course, foetus is a builder his defense, no doubt that this could be from any of his building sites. what's interesting here. Is it within a week of his wife, vanishing photos, foetus developed symptoms that he was possibly in the woods at some point after word both were permitted to leave the police station. Then, just a week after his wife was reported, missing photos dollars was arrested, on june, first, two thousand and nineteen the charges tampering with
physical evidence and hindering prosecution, so they were able to positively id him on that that footage dropping trash can bags into seward's and in other places I think, did get a one hundred percent. for making that it was in fact him an michel they're, not one hundred percent on it. They're pretty darn close. They got They got a lot of things backing up their statement that they say we believe this to be photos and michelle now his mugshot, when he's arrested, focuses hey nearly shaved at this time, a form neighbor told us the photos never shaved his head before. So this is weird. Is he trying to change or disguise him? in some manner. We see this constantly photos
criminal attorney norm, pattis made in a diet, bleached blonde, like Scott peterson, did. I notice you showed up to the garage today, fully bald now fully shaved. Ah, that's the work of the lord and is criminal attorney. Is his name is norm pattis. He made public statements that foetus could not have been involved in what happened to jennifer on the morning of the twenty fourth of may, as he had on the phone. This was call he took a phone call at this time. He also said the photo girlfriend michelle draconis could provide him. A complete alive I for that morning now should point out, though, on the day that foetus was arrested. Michelle too was arrested and charged with the same charges during the arrest interview of michelle. She told detectives that fotis was.
with her on the morning of the twenty fourth and that they had been intimate in the shower. I don't believe a thing. This piece of shit has to say: She said that she made breakfast for her daughter and drove her to school. That morning photos was in the four group office with his business lawyer, Kent, more wine yeah, my winnie my whiny, something like that and at eight fifteen a m. She did errands. She ran errands between nine and one thousand, one hundred and thirty a dot m. This included a drop off of a purse to a friend who had left it at her and photos his home the night before a trip to ims, bury stop and shop where she took pictures with the store robot, you know, like some stores have amassed got of sorts. Ok, that's what I take this to be the robot Marty and in another visit she to a different friends house. She d
answer round the question of whether photos was home. All of this time. You know she said we saying when I left still there and his busy attorney was there with him and when I got back, they were both still there so that's her way of kind of saying that he was at the house the whole morning without saying I saw him at the house the entire morning re. So she says that at some point she at lunch with photos that day, I'm guessing this would be right around the time of when we have the police saying foetus phone finally leaves the house as decent alibis. We know focuses phone was by the police statements located that home all morning, long until they left for lunch. The problem is all activity on the phone is coming into the phone. None of it is going out said that later that day photo
called her and asked her to come over to the other home. This is the eighty mountain spring road house to help clean it for a showing the next day she brought a vacuum swiffer paper, towels, clorox and garbage bag She said she arrived between two fifteen and three p m, but we we actually know this to be different. It was one Seven p m: this is visible. Surveillance footage driving his suburban. This is a different suburban for those keeping score at home. Over to the mountain spring roadhouse at one thirty, six with michelle, following in the jeep, and they click early arrived at the home at one thirty seven. We have video footage backing this right, but at some point one at her phone in his phone track together like as far as late the cellphone ping technology. they? They know this to be the case and they're going.
To ask her why you know why is your phone in here phone traveling along albany avenue on the night of may twenty. Fourth, at the same time, too, Michel said: photos wanted to go to starbucks in west hartford. She had to investigators that photos drove the raptor and that he did stop multiple times to deposit items wrapped in trash bags into receptacle She told them that she did not know what was in the trash bags and that she really didn't know what he was doing. She said that she was on the phone, the entire time and really wasn't paying any attention. Michel confirmed that the video footage obtained by the police of the rapporteur was in fact of her and photos, says his cooperative on that level. Yet yeah. That's me, that's him! That's his raptor, but I don't know what he was doing and I paying attention you think you'd ask we also.
footage that shows this is from the starbucks, Did she mentioned? It shows the couple entering the nor at seven fifty nine p m for and michelle. Both posted bond were released from police custody. They were required how to wear ankle monitoring bracelets they were choir to remain in the state and to surrender their passports. Bonus They got matching bracelets yeah, whether these individuals would considered flight risk, so you have to take some additional steps. to make sure that they are going to stay and actually that you will see them in court. Eventually bring the next day police executed
and on announced, search warrant of focuses house. This is when they seized the following items: various computers, servers, flash drives and hard drives, stop and shop plastic trash bags, seven cell phones and the trash can in the office. This is in the trash. Can his office, they found a document, it outlined the activities and I'm using air quotes there voters and Michel on Friday may, twenty fourth and saturday may twenty fifth, it mere exactly. Michelle told investigators about fotis being home with her and having a meeting with his business lawyer. This appears to be a cheat sheet, to help them prepare for the irrigation. You know, let's get our stories straight now. I want to talk to Michel
again, because a Zz top would say they got me under pressure. Her story is going to change. She admits that she cannot account for focuses whereabouts on the day in question, from about eight a m until new, or maybe even one p m detective when she woke up at forty a m foetus, was home, but he left the soon thereafter and left his cell phone in the home office, she says sometime around one, they had a quick lunch before fotis left again at approximately three p dot m. She received the call from foetus asking her to bring the cleaning supplies to the mountain spring road property. Again, we know that this was
closer to one fifteen at around four p m m photos, his guy arrived and again. We have video footage to suggest that this was actually at five p m. five twenty p m. She says she went home detectives confronted michelle with the hand written notes that they had found in the trash. Michelle admitted to investigators that this list of specific times and activities was written by her and fotis to quote help them remember and quote what they did on the twenty. Fourth, she said: These were all false. The notes were false to detect the refer to the notes as the alibi script right. So how are they false fares his aims. Somebody else made them up. Well, remember her story changes the no
It's that they find on this document are of the first story that she gives. Two detectives now, once they're showing hey, we got evidence that this stuff isn't real cheese walk. it back right in saying: look: ok this that these are false. Payment. So we rode on these notes. This was too yes, it was too but remember what we did that day. But there they're all a lot. She and me two detectives that foetus to her at one point in their relationship that I hope jennifer disappears, detectives told machine How did they believe fotis killed, jennifer and involved michelle by making her clean up. She said quote: I hate him because that end quote. She also said- and this this is weird- that she, in cleaning the house not cleaning jennifer, take that what you will, but I
That statement to be disturbing was she's basically implying that she is. in the house, and that fotis was cleaning the body of of jennifer investigators, said Michel continued to provide answers which were vague, evasive and contradictory. They believed that she was with hope. in a significant amount of information, and they also said that they identified several aspects which indicate a significant amount of pre planning prior to this crime. The detectives returned to the jefferson crossing house with michelle on in they were seen, searching the woods behind the home. We don't know if anything was found. During the searches, but it
is not always she walking back her statements in changing her story that she might be working with police at this time. Pow guy mean now remember he's the guy that remove the car seats from the porch, placing them in the back of the jeep guy, meaning I told them, meaning investigators, the following. He says on may twenty. Fourth, he was working a four group construction site in new canaan. This is three point four miles from jennifer's house he was driving. The ford raptor register to the four group each day of that week earlier that weak on monday, the twentieth guy meaning parked his own, vehicle. This is a red toyota, tacoma the driveway of foetus focuses place and drove the raptor most of the week this barely is normal practice. He typical
he would switch out the vehicles at the end of the work week on the twenty third. He did not see photos all day until he received a text at two thirteen and he was asked if guy meaney was planning on returning to the office guy, meaning guy their around four thirty and says no one was home, so proceeded over to the house at eighty mountain spring road also owned by the four group arriving at four fifty eight when guy mean arrived, he was surprised to find foetus and michelle at the home and ask them what they were doing. They responded that they were cleaning guy meaning to coma his truck. Was there as well guy medium photos left at five o two to shuttle the two for group vehicles, the rapporteur and a black suburban back to four jefferson crossing
Michel, stay behind with the white jeep and guy meanest coma. focus then drove guy meaney. Back to me, spring road to pick up his own vehicle, the tacoma, but it was locked Michelle had locked it and taking the keys photos, ask guy me need to just keep the after over the weekend, and he foetus would return coma to guy meaning later play need decline and photos had to call michelle at five sixteen p dot to drive over with the keys keys got into his own vehicle, that common drove home this man seem on the surface as a lot of nonsense, but really captain. What does this look like to talk to me? It looks like Focus is trying to set up a situation where he is able to keep the tacoma right and you
this other guys vehicle for what we don't know now. laid out in the second arrest warrant. Detectives have identified the vehicle used in the commission of the crime as a tooth, I thousand and one toyota tacoma guy mean he said that he had been told by photos to discard the old seats in his tacoma. Take up the seats of your truck man and thrown away and replace it. with seats taken from my porsche, this plus the fact that food had access. The vehicle all week may detectives extremely suspicious. Now they went back surveillance, footage along likely routes between Dollars his residence in the crime scene and sure enough they found the red to coma belonging to guy meaney travelling at various points between farming, ten, I road in new canaan on may twenty. Fourth, specifically, the
tacoma traveled travelled southbound on Merritt parkway and went to new canaan a school bus dash, cam video spotted the coma park, at seven hundred and forty a dot m at a turnaround on lapham road. This is one hundred ft from where jennifer's suburban was found. so. If somebody attacked her in the garage placed her in and presumably killed her there placing her in her own, suburban, drove it and moved it to the park. Who knows where it went? You know Now we have this vehicle part one hundred feet away. that you could use as some type of getaway vehicle you needed to leave the suburban there, so the rich, the red tacoma seen on video on the merit parkway. This is north bound in uk
at eleven twelve a m, the rim of a bicycle, is visible in the back of the truck it turned into the driveway at eighty mountain spring road at one thousand, two hundred and twenty two p dot m. So detectives Is the toyota tacoma footage, as well as the footage? in early or of jennifer, suburban, too, and to conclude the following phone. Is believed to have been lying in wait at sixty. find wells lane for jennifer to return home. The crime and clean up believed to have occurred between eight o five and ten twenty five, a m doulas is leave to have been operating the v, the victims vehicle, the suburban. We is carrying the body of jennifer dollars and a number of Other items associated with the crime which occur in the garage of the residence now alameda
is that the nanny detectors interviewed her at length amongst other details, she's a couple of days before Jennifer disappeared photos showed up our, early for us provides visit with the kids, so this Visitation was always on the same schedule and. Early, but he's acting confused like he doesn't know that hazy plays dumb yeah. So long said that on the morning of the twenty fourth. She arrived at jennifer's house this at eleven thirty, a m She noticed that the suburban at this time was gone The range rover was still there, as we know parked in the garage she's, Saul Jennifer's purse, on the floor in the doorway between the mud, room and the kitchen and a mug of tea and an unopened granola bar were on the kitchen counter. Lauren lost the mug
and as she reached for a paper towel, she noticed that the role was depleted, so she went to get another from the twelve pack. She had purchased the previous day, To her astonishment, two roles were left as He stated two detectives quote: I sat there and wondered what happened last night that they use ten rolls of paper, towels yeah, very Lauren also said that she noticed the rear, mudroom door which led outside it was unlocked, which is extremely strange. This is a door that was always kept locked throughout the day. The day in question she she texting and call jennifer, never getting any answer or response. Meanwhile, Jennifer was missing appointments just before seven, yeah. She and Jennifer's friend, laura watts, decided to call the police department now
they told officers that jennifer was missing and she was going through a divorce with a man. This is one part. Left out earlier, who had threatened in the past, and they knew him to own a firearm detectives add lorn view crime scene photos of the garage and she was very familiar with the set up there and, in fact, had just cleaned the garage for jennifer on the when he first so just three days earlier. She did the two things were missing: one was a cleaning supply bucket food of cleaning materials that would be used by the housekeeper this an item that was missing was a set of camping pillows. That would be used by the kids as we said, investigators conducted testing of the house at wells lane the evidence collected there. According to one of the arrest warrants,
is a mixture of biological material of the victim jennifer dollars, and that of her husband photos. Dulles jennifer's blood was all over the garage and pho His dna was found in a smear of jennifer's blood left on the kitchen faucet inside the home and that's important because he was ordered not to go in that house correct. So, looking at this you're thinking, okay, this attack occurred jennifer lost. This fight photos probably was the attacker and whatever happened. He may have inside afterwards and washed up test performed on fourteen swabs taken from the suburban register to jennifer that was found in the park provided damning evidence. There was blood inside the vehicle,
on the upholstery and on the mats this blood did match jennifer's. like you were saying to their driving down a road with multiple bags and disposing them, and they they did recover. Some of them wrecked, yet they retrieved the item that was inserted to the storm drain, but not the trash cans. we'll get into that because it gets quite a bit complicated This whole story is frankly complicated, but in the storm drain they find a fedex box inside the box to license plates both it, said altered numbers and later somebody, somebody dummied dummy them up. These plates were expired, but at one time had been registered to focus dulles re so
other piece of evidence suggesting that it was him in fact, on that video, not to mention that we have his girl, and claiming that it was them that they saw on the video they did oh and they they raided, let's those trash cans that you mentioned they conducted a free week, search of materials. recycling authority trash plant in in hartford. This is where all the garbage from those bands and dumpsters would have of we ended up asked majority of the trash collected from the twenty. Fourth. Apparently there there to burn in, and this area had not been burnt yet right, because the plant was this They got lucky again on the investigation. The plant was a day behind schedule because, of love the memorial day holiday right right, so it had not all been fully processed, and I guess
they run it through some kind of shredding process before they incinerate it. It had gone through this shredder process, so this is going to make things again complicated the amount of garbage from albany avenue area that police using police, oz is well had to sift through was piled as high as twenty feet over an area half the size of a football field, fifteen to twenty detectives went through. Thirty is estimated at thirty to thirty five tons of trash daily for three weeks police also executed a major search along albany avenue on may thirty, first 31st canines and troopers on the ground and air searches as well Trying to find all the things that were dumped by foetus along his drive in These painstaking searches police were able to recover. Some too does
evident evidentiary items which included garbage bags containing women's clothing, a with a substance on the items that appeared to be blood plastic, zip ties which were stained with what appeared b blood. A white t shirt stained with what looked like blood a bra with blood on it. A black leather work, love with bloodstains a bath towel with red stains, cleaning and household goods such as a kitchen sponge, again with red stains. These items were submitted to the department of emergency services, and public protection for rent laboratory for forensic testing on june tenth, the report from the lab came back. The substance on many of the items was determined to be blood and it was the blood of jennifer dulles.
chief state's attorney stated in an interview that police found no evidence of jennifer's actual body being in the hartford trash play for everything. True crime make sure you check out true crime garage dot com. Thank you for joining us in the garage today we will be back here tomorrow. We want to see you there until then be good, be kind
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