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Jessica Johnson /// Part 2 /// 283

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Jessica Johnson /// Part 2 /// 283

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June 2017, Mississippi - A mail carrier out on her route discovers the unimaginable. As she made her rounds on a rural road she sees the lifeless body of a woman tied to the post of a black metal mailbox. How long had she been there? How many cars passed by the mailbox and never saw her? How did this happen and why? Beer of the Week - Paradise Lost by Southern Prohibition Brewing Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps

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thirty seven year old jessica johnson, was found dead in june of two thousand and seventeen. As we said yesterday, captain basically tied to a mail box post in a rural area. This is in missis be now we started to talk about the photograph. There is what you could call a famous online photograph regarding this case. Law enforcement has called this a sewer, I'd, her friends and family say no way. This has to be a murder. You- and I agree- is ITALY.
stay mysterious death, while lock your job is to serve him protection. When people of the community that arbe law abiding taxpayers, they say- hey look, we know the person we think this is suspect. Is at least investigate it. Yeah in yesterday we talked about what the photograph depicts and what can be seen in that photos. Have we also told you where you can find it to view it for yourself now looking at this photograph, because this is essentially possibly the biggest piece of of information. We have left in this case without you know. we do have some eye witness statements and things like that. But this is a big piece of this case that has remained so. We europe,
first your initial reaction. When you see this photograph, what what jumps off the page to you is there anything in particular that the jump off the page to you? I think the first thing that we talked about on the phone last week is that around her neck, the shoe lace, that's around her neck, also has Arr caught in it yeah her her hair is in that in the shoelace yan and to me of somebody was gonna. It would be like a subconscious thing where maybe, if you're going to put something around your neck, especially a female that has to deal with a lot of hair, that she's going to pull that hair through the shoe lace and so to me. that is kind of points meme, I lean towards idea that that makes it seem like some I put that around her neck and that she didn't put around her neck herself, the first
that I think jumps off the page to me immediately is the positioning of her body. And, as we stated this post this mailboxes about thirty, eight inches high. So the positioning of her body, she's, almost squatting sitting down, she sitting on our feet right and why thing we talked about was the if, if this was an attempted suicide or if this was a suicide, one thing, keep in mind with the position of her body, she could have just if she would have panicked at the last second, she could have just stood up and it would have stopped. It would have stopped the the shoe strings from constricting around her her neck. Now we did talk about our clothes yesterday and I'm saying that these are clothes that the family are like fan. We don't think should wear. These now
She did pick up her friend. So I would like to know from her friend. Was she wearing these clothes when she soller or was there a change afterwards? Oh yeah, five fifteen and I and I'll get to that later on I'll bring up the point again later on, but again, then you see this purse and you see that this charter is coming out of the purse. I had a friend my friend morgan, was looking at this picture and he was saying: well maybe you know if it was a sewage I'd and she's gone well. Maybe these shoes strings or be this charger cord yeah. Maybe that's why it's out of the purse? That's other thing I don't know the length of that charger cord. But if you were. Looking to pick an item to hang yourself with. If that court is long enough, that's what you're going to pick over the shoestring, sir, I opinion and keep it
and I find it strange that the shoes are found very far away from her. You know the police, report is weird reads, weird about: where the shoes were found It seems that indicate that they were either found up near the home or inside the house itself, and this is you know at least a hundred yards away, and she Got the shoe strings there with her? The other thing that jumps off the pay
to me, his wag, okay, that to catch off and be rude, but I'm going to pull a captain. I would like to know what the condition of her socks are or her feet, because that would show us something which we can't see and write a photograph if they, if she took off the shoes, you know if it went down like the friend jesse said where she was making threats that she's going to kill herself, and then she threw her shoe somewhere and and decided warm girls start walking with the the shoe lace. We would have some evidence that of that on the bottom of her feet, the other thing to keep a mind regarding jesse statements and others in other people's statements. Its believe she was last seen if we are to believe them. She was last seen, six p m the night before she's found
around eleven a m the next day right, the death report, dates that they believe she was, she died some time in the early morning hours. So if that report is correct- and we ve talked about in the past of questioning the time of death in it's not so it's not such an exact science, while the time all of the time is not black and white. Where would she have been four we're talking about our sea so either If you go to the earliest point right early, in them that morning, the earliest point- be twelve o one, a m that still six hour difference at the very earliest point. The I think that to me is another red flag. We we know that the time of death
what am I like? You said there, the smaller window, so we haven't seen her since six o clock well, so she was missing for how many hours before she decided to take her own life, like that this seems fishing and me that's a red flag. We need to investigate the details of that nine, a little bit more and see if these guys returned the truth, because I I just don't believe so that I don't think the last I'm sure saw by these guys, was six o clock and I'm with the the general public who have view this photograph seem to believe that the her purse looks more like it was placed there after she will. You know, was killed. I would agree that it looks that way to me as well, but then I have keep in mind what we know regarding eye witness statements. We do.
No they D, the second male carrier that showed up when, when the first male carrier saw this panicked, called a colleague, Second male carrier shows up in did go through the purse because we know that he gave the driver's license to do spotting police office by in which might be the reason why there, the court is sticking out raises this cords aren't super that there are some stiffness to those cord. So if you just can't pull some stuff out, any bumpy tickets be hanging up. see the purse by itself. So that could be a reason for that well and also could very likely be the reason why the purse appears to have been placed there after she was killed, because if, if this person picked up at the male man picked up the purse. To retrieve the driver's license, judging by
this picture. He would have placed it back down at some point right so that that could explain the cord being out. That can also explained the positioning of the person, self warm and where say some of them? I know that, there is a picture, the picture that you weren't tk only fine, it's just a guess, faces blurred out, and that becomes an issue and explain why? Because if you look at this post, the main post that's gone vertical, so there's three post one that goes vertical and then that one goes horizontal that holds the mailbox and so those come to ninety degree angle. You can see the shoe lays, has slipped
down in between on right and is probably stopped on a nail yeah? So what's interesting is if you look at the way cause, I always thought the ah shoelace being tied one time it's not like they doubled it up for strength or anything. It's there's they're too connected to make a big sur to make a long, a long length of rope ripe. But so what we do know is that when I first looked at it it looked like, was there just a single strand that you know did? Did she tie the shoelace in to some kind of a noose, or is it just a big circle that she took in twisted around her neck and then put the other end up over this post. Well, it's been it's been described as basically a figure. Eight. Ok with
with one loop going around the neck. One loop going the bigger loop going around the the mailbox post right where and that you can't see the back side of where the other good shoelace would be coming out of the back side. Does it make sense, and so I think there is some things that are kind of missing here, but at first. It does look like somebody put her there or its staged for some manner, but the more I All about it. The more I think about this, the mechanics of olive. It is very possible that she could it took her
I might buy this and maybe not even meaning to now where the argument becomes with. That theory is while, if you weren't, meaning to take your own life she's in a position like you said, if she started to struggle boom she's, all she has to do is stand up yeah. But the argument I have here is what, if this is the speculation, but what if it was one of those things kind of like the pass out game hm so you're not cutting off when you do the pass out came you're not cutting off your airway you're you're, basically cutting off the blood circulation to your brain. So is it possible that she put herself in this?
position and then she passed out and then because of passing out and because of the weight that would cause the strangulation it's possible. What's so, here's the the big question that I have won. I see this and I've. You know I've blown this picture up as much as I can I've I've you know even got out the magnifying glass and and tried to really see as close up close and personal as possible, but from what I can see here is okay. So if you look closely, picture of jessica tied to the mailbox, her head is actually tilted up and the lace around her neck is clearly visible, it doesn't seem It seems weird to me that you could possibly hang yourself at this angle and and furthermore,
It does not appear to be cutting. The lace does not appear to be cutting into her throat or causing much constriction at all by its and what I mean here is there doesn't appear to be any kind of ligature marks are indentations from them. Pieces which now, if you blow that up, which surely would have dug into her throat if she'd been there for hours right, but if she was there from like six to whenever they found her, but I don't think she was there that long, but it's definitely causing a day into her neck right.
Do you see that? Are you ok in the very front there, it does appear to be constricting right, but for strangulation, like the pounds of pressure that you need to strangle yourself, as I think under twenty pounds, you can strangle yourself. That's why I'm saying is: is it possible that she passed out whether it's from cutting off circulation tour to her brain or or was it a pass out due to the drugs and then that caused the accidental strangulation right? But I want to back you up to something you said just a second ago. You said you don't believe she was there for hours that right yeah. I don't think so. Well, if, if that is the case, if she wasn't there for hours, then then this
is this is not what it seems. This is not a suicide why? Why is that? Because if, if the cause of death is correct and she died in the early hours of that day and was not found until eleven, a m that could be as long as eleven hours right So what I mean by that is, if you don't believe that this body was there in this manner for four hours, then has to be something other than a suicide him. It means that she died at some point and somebody put her here, though. What I was trying to say is that we have people at this party or people that were hanging out saying we haven't seen her sick since six p m, and what I'm saying is, I think, that's
Only bogus, but let's say that's true, then she's wandering around four, however long, but whenever, if it is a suicide, then she did it decide to do this to closer to daylight. If that makes any sense. and so I don't see why that would determine whether or not it was suicide or not No, I'm just going off of the statement that you said you don't believe she was there for hours that that that was just unclear to me and while maybe I should said that, I didn't think she was therefore sense. Six p m as one arms where I had. I don't think anybody thinks she was the absence, I think whatever happened. Tour and, however, she was placed there that was closer to the break of day.
Right and again, though, if, if but to me that doesn't determine whether it's a suicide or a murder or even a accidental death that somebody tried to cover up and make it look like a suicide. You know I mean it's, it's very possible. You know it's very possible that she, oh deed on something you don't. I understand that they took a toxicology understand that they took a toxic Gee report, but that investigate this as anything other than she took her life. But if she o d then again, it's not what it seems right yeah. I agree. So I mean what what we're working with here is. A few a few troublesome ideas, One that she was potentially last seen by these people at six p m if the death, if the death
living was correct, not so much in the suicide but the time of death. was the early morning hours than we have. minimum a missing block of six hours of nuts, or a missing block of six hours, and they the other thing too, is you know it for, for those? Are you out there listening look at this photograph? If you, if you choose and in the thing that I would question is due. you believe she, is there and in this position for hours and the reason why keep goin back to that is because that, is the only way that the that law enforcement findings are correct? Is there she would have had to have been here in this position for our right again, which, like you said, a grades at least a minimum of six hour gap. So we have a six hour gap and she found on the property it cause for investing
yeah and that's not to say that she couldn't have been Wandering around or doing who knows what that still a possibility, but it seems odd that we have a six our way No, and you touched on something that's very interesting to because you have law enforcement with finding of suicide, the family and friends say no, it was a murder and you bring up something that we talked about. We looked first looked into this case last week, the potential of did she o d. We know that This ox ecology did show high levels of drugs in our system right good, something else have had in to her And then she is later placed here. This manner tat Well, yeah, I guess the covered up, but that also seems weird to me too, because while you do something shit when you're on drugs, gabby, a ban on math, but I'm guessing. They do some really really strange shit, arms. I'm sure I'm sure, but
But it seems to me, though, that if someone here one? Oh, these accidentally, oh these in your house or on your premises right a great of covering up- is not to hang her for a move from the mailbox. the sitting in front of your house in order seems like a million other things could have been done so that you don't up in trouble for that somehow right there, also million other ways to live your life, that's better than smokin math, right yeah, but it'll. So the fact that it makes zero sense makes a lot of sense. Jermyn. Now, like the fact that, as I see your point
but I I I fail to the position where she setting doesn't make any sense. The the fact that you would try to take her life with a shoelace doesn't make any sense. The fact that the hair is between you know is you know the hair is between the shoelace in the neck. That doesn't make any sense to me that the hair doesn't bother me one bit that doesn't making sense to me and again the clothes that the that the family said that she wouldn't wear. So that doesn't make any sense, then the shoe- instead, they said sure whether shoes that doesn't making sense. You know where it, where you going with that. Well, I'm just saying when, when all these things don't making sense, sometimes it's like well.
If someone can say what would it make any sense to cover it up this way, maybe because it a lot of it doesn't make sense than it makes sense that make sense. Now I and I open, I see your point. I know where's are drug attics, their morons, that their there's people, that o d and that they take the the body and drop it off in a hospital. The stuff happens. We see that would make sense to me. That would make sense to dropping. The body offer the harsh ever there's also people that o d and then they go bury the body that would make more sense to me than this. None of it makes any sense to me. You know like if there was some o deed call the cops,
What about all the time right where we know that that makes the most sense to me right, so the fact that this doesn't make any sense, while none of the the other stuff makes sense to me either and I'm not saying that that's what happened, I'm just saying that that's a possibility, but that also warrants an investigation Right well, yeah, I'm here would be it. This should have been rolled a suspicious death and therefore a suspicious death has to be investigated. That's that's. The There is no getting around that now. What the photograph does not show is the arm the arm, jessica's arm that we discussed that had these marks these bruises these sites, Abby marks in abrasions on her arm my that the family all when they were at the corners office, I believe, and they
photographed this arm in his hand, and so let's talk about these gabby marks in the end, the bruises and the print there is also a print on just his arm. Now no one seems to know we're here. idea where these bloody marks could have come from as far as I witnesses go. The mark Don't concern me as much in the way hey, that maybe this is just some kind of repercussions from doing the drugs right like you burn itself during the drugs. The bruising concerns me more than the print is very concerned yeah Lyndon Johnson says that she is absolutely one hundred percent certain that these marks, none of them were on
ass, a girl when she left her house on Wednesday evening. What about our friend? That's the that's the present. We should be wondering, because if she went to pick up our friend kate, you would think that should see these marks. On the left hand, at some point from her driving or if she wasn't driving than jessica would have been in the past. Where see so, the left hand would have been. Very, visible tour, and did she see any of these marks before him, because it also makes me wonder to like what these bruising of the rest was. She, like, you, said, He bound somewhere else or the other possibility is, did a carrier somewhere and are there bruises on the right hand, that would match the left hand and yell a grabber arms grabber feet will take her out the mailbox.
Well, I believe that the bruising on her wrist that there appears to be three bruises to me, is what I see I believe the bruises on her wrists must have happened before death and It looks to me, while one proper autopsy prove that more yet post mortem warner and that that's the problem beer, but I scientifically, though the way bruising works, it would have to happen before she died. So this is a lot of people have question- could possibly be caused by some kind of restraints. You know what she tied up was she or then just a strong hand around her wrist it doesn't to me. It doesn't look like something she would have done to herself based on where its located and less and less
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make that a reality and what it means to be alive to begin with less. the latest episodes of frozen head where after you, find your favorite podcast Alright, we're back cheers captain. I do want to point out one more thing before we move too far away from the photograph itself in one in what we can see or questions that are raised by what we can or cannot see in the photograph. The the strap tat. Curse. You know we mention the shoe laces being an odd choice for for anyone. We. we talked about. Maybe the phone cord would be
a more likely go to for some type of strangulation, be suicide or murder, but chances are that the court was a long enough for that right. But then that's where I go to the the purse, strap seems like seems like another option, another thing to to point to the shoe laces being an odd and our choice. But again we don't have the d, the lengths of those items in front of us for comparison. So back to these schemes, remarks? The on the hand we talked about the bruises a little bit, the scabbard marks Lyndon Johnson says she's, one hundred percent, certain that these marks were not on jessica when she left the house on Wednesday. You brought up the friend katy that she picked up from work. This would have been at five fifteen
So if we are to believe jesse story that she was last seen at six p m that forty five minutes before six p m you brought up, did katy see the my guess is no. I don't have a definitive statement from katy in front of me to back them up. The are pretty obvious, apparent scobie mark so and I and I know that's not of a great term to be calling these but the something that if you were talking to someone you were in a car ride with someone your going to miss these marks on the back of her hand now and So I feel like had she in fact seen them we would have some some statement of that Yes, I saw those when she picked me up, and we don't have that. I think it's it's more
likely that we don't have a statement from her regarding the specific item that it points more towards they weren't there on her person at that time. Yet and if you look up math burns, there are similar type burns now. Not all of them are gonna. Look like that, but more yak, as that is something to get like. I said to consider But again those bruises are so strange that it doesn't have to go with math with the using of math louder. You know, yeah and the more. I look at the the bruising. It doesn't look like it's a like a thumb mark and then another thumb mark. Initially, that's what it looks like, but the closer I'm looking at it. It looks like like there's a like, strap like there was a strap around the wrist mm. I mean there's like even in dance on her wrist. Where I could like draw. This is where the strap would go. Then that's very strange
yeah. Regarding these. These marks, though, according to Linda Johnson, Jessica's mother, the coroner chalked it up to some kind of contact with a gravelly surface or a possible insect and that's possible, but her arm also could be pushed up against that post hmmm and that post would have woodgrain. And and it kind of resembles a little bit of a woodgrain pattern. While I think you- and I are talking about two different things here- I am talking about bright red scobie marks now about the indian. Yes, so let's go to the indent now, because that's an interesting thing, because There are some people that have brought up that it looks to them. This is of like an impression almost like tracks and I
I mean injection marks or anything like that in an impression on the arm that some have pointed out, looks like it could have been a boot print of some kind is so people say that if they look close enough, they can see an outline of a boo or shoe early on the left side of that print. This could be the mean this could be someone stepping on her arm after death, perhaps while tying her or moving her others to see what wealth it can be from it could be from the goddamn police stepan honour by accident when they move or because they decided park there. Please cruisers frightened light right on top of a basically the other thing that some people online say that day, they believe as it possibly so, if you were to believe it was a boo or shoe friend now, talking likely murder situation or they chose to cover up this.
Drug overdose in the weirdest manner possible. Yeah, I loved I'm with you, like the likelihood that so we but I'm the salem, not roll it out, because these guys the seem very fishy to me dear. What the, people say that would point more towards suicide. Is that what they believe this The impression was made by the mailbox post itself as it was pressed against, as our arm was pressed against the post. That's what makes sense May yeah. You know what's weird about that, though. That's why. I look at this photo of her hand and arm and then I go back to the photograph of her at the mailbox because I'm trying to look for the angle- and I know that we can see that arm in that hand, because out that's the one that would be behind the posts there so yeah it is.
Up against her arm is up against that post in her shoulders as well, but the wood grain. is going straight up and it's not impossible for The wood grain to have made those ma on her armor that impression on her arm. I think it's less. Likely cause, because the positioning of them in the way the angle of them on that arm. What I think that makes it difficult to say definitively the it's not the wood grain is. It appears to me so she's technically behind the mailbox right so have you were in the street delivering the mail. Have the mailbox write directly front of you, the post behind the mailbox and then she's behind the post. It appears to me- and this is very common, especially in on country. Roads is the the group.
and will go up. You know, at an angle near the road once you get closer to the street, especially at that man box, and if you look at the picture closely it up, here's to me that the front of the mock, the mailbox might be on higher ground in the back of the post or where she is her arm is here and so what I mean by that is, I you know If you say well, her arm would be straight down to Her side to the left side of her and leaning up against the posts in the wood grain could not have come that indentation because they're going the wrong direction. What say is heard what, positioning of her legs and are right arm could be like or because of the ground, is elevated there. And her left hand and arm might be bent somewhat as they rest on the ground. Therefore, the the wood greatness
does not need to go straight up and down for it to be the would bring the the other also you have you have grass right wing, So I think, that's probably the more likely scenario that it's not just her arm pressed into the wood grain, its its debris and grass and weeds that are smash between her arm and the post itself. Right and like I dont think you Will you go any direction right and I don T. You believe that she was tied to this mailbox since six p m well, but even if she's tied at six,
a am, and I find her at eleven. Well, that's five hours. If I sit in the grass for fifteen minutes, I'm going to have some in dense right, so five hours. What's that going to do and where's the week her weights, leading to that arm, so you're going to have a deeper in debt? That's not going to go away once a transporter, so that that makes sense to me right. So, let's get to some witnesses and suspects are right. So what about the p? bull who were actually with jessica before she die? We have jesse isaacs, the homeowner and garlands friend both to a local news channel on camera,. But his face is obscured in this. In this footage he does say here that there were up to six people,
coming up and down going to and from the house both wednesday and thursday, others say there were more and we actually know of three women who, they're just to see jessica. So if he says only six people came and went from the house on those. You know through the course of that time. The time in question that means we have three of those were women. The word there to see her to see jessica, so so that only leaves three other additional people. That seems like a small number to me. Almost did somebody's not being included that there were more than six people going to and from that house and there are people that say that they seem to have saw a lot of traffic during It was two days going, who in from then house, one jesse
The lying or stupid, or is just so high on drugs that he doesn't know so it it that becomes a conflict of trying to get to the with, because you dont know, if he's line of each just high we also don't know the if he was actually present for the entire your time on wednesday and thursday at the home. Right. Ok, so, conflict that we have in the stories here is we have the homeowner jesse who says that only see people came to and from the house on wednesday and thursday, the again the problem with that is it. Three women came to see jessica. We have jessica, we have just goes boyfriend got, we have the rumour of him being with two girls, so you know public school math right there puts me at seven people. Now, let's talk about friday,
because that's when she was actually found Joe, see tells w m c tv quote: knees referring to jessica just she just appeared out of nowhere. It feels like, because I mean you had people riding up and down the street all morning he's talking about you know, just passer buys people passing by on the road not to mention the night before why thing. That's interesting here, though, to captain is at six p m in in june in mississippi. Is daylight, you know- and I know that- and neither of us believed she was there at the mailbox starting at six p m, but that last time that she was seen, in fact on whether climate yeah sunset wasn't until eight eight o three p m that day jesse says.
Jesse seems to believe that jessica's body may have been placed at the mailbox shortly before it was found. He says whatever happened to her. It didn't happen here. And then he goes on. He thinks there's something suspicious about jessica's death says the way she was tied to that was kind of settling you know what I mean. This is what he W m c t lay so turn over the tapes, so we can see what the the footage, in the mailbox he goes on to add that kind of gave you the feeling that she didn't do it herself or she didn't do it to herself and again. That statement to me is enough of a red flag to go hey. We need to investigate this. You know I I understand that she was a drug user, but she was also a mother and she is a person and lot of people get
on this stuff through through the dumbest reasons, they hurt their hand at work and now they're on pain, pills and then the pain pills don't work any more. So then they switch to heroin or meth or whatever. So there's a lot of good people. Get wrapped up in the shit, and a of that is the big fuckin pockets of pharmaceutical companies that are doing stuff, that is, that shouldn't be done and given drugs to people that shouldn't be given these drugs to n, but she's, a mother and she's somebody. Community, and this is very, very suspicious and they should have they should investigate this to the fullest. Well We also have garland heart gave jessica's boyfriend and no he's got to be the obvious suspect in most people's minds, and he has, of course he is in mind as well. The intro thinking about him, is, is several things, but the first one is.
he does seem to have an alibi, or at least some one, claiming He has an alibi as a woman that he dated after Jessica's death. Okay and she says He was with me. The night before jessica was found, and the morning off. That's it I wish we had more, but well I wish at last of a vague statement from her regret his alibi, because the two he thing here is garland heart we have the homeowner jesse isaac, saying garland was at my house the night before we have katy who took jessica back to that house who says garland? Was there the night before, but there probably another two or three witnesses that you could track down. They would say that garland was at that house
the property where jessica was found the night before, so that should think. Well, this woman might just be lying for garland heart, but the straw, thing. Is he ends up guy assault charges because, he hit this woman he later it's a salt charges on my discuss this terrorism instead of work in that's when you wonder well, why didn't this woman then change her story if she was lying for him right? Why does she come out, say look I was protecting him with lied, or I had my knights, wrong herb remembered anything.
It seems like you have more people. They can put him there on that property. The night before then put him elsewhere, rob but was generous in those. We have a bunch of people that seem to be doing really shitty drugs, and how can you believe any of them again? Ok, We things her relationship was somewhat abusive and she's found hung by a mailbox I'm not gonna believe any these junkies words. I need to do more. Research, you know what I'm going to go on, I'm with you, one hundred percent. We need to do some more research that should have been investigated. I'm completely with you on that one. I am going to go with is actually going to go with some of these junkies words and not.
all of them. I'm gonna pick and choose, and if I cherish pick some of their statements, it goes further more to the fact that this should have been. Investigate it, a thorough investigation and should have been labelled a suspicious death because the homeowner, who has all host as many reasons to look guilty of something as the boyfriend even says on camera. I think there's something suspicious about her death. I think there's something suspicious about the way she was found. She wouldn't have that to herself he the I mean you could You were gonna make a list of suspects. He would be suspect, number two right we are on the list in an even he. Even he is This is suspicious and while right, but the things that were missing and that a lot of people are missing is ok. If we take this drug addicts,
word and he goes. We haven't seen sense, six p m, but we need to look at those phone records she call somebody and did she get? Did somebody pick her up and did you go to another party? Did go somewhere else, for I mean Let's just say that she laughed at six p m like they said Anne and she in return the her body in return till six o clock in the morning the that that's twelve hour gap where yeah and who she with you know and, like you said, the guy that owns the property, which he is. He would be, your number one suspect number two. If I'm gonna make of europe to make a list, he's number two number two and they or to suspect to saying that this looks fishy. He had this is suspicious right this the sheet.
it looked like she would have done that to herself- and then let me add this in here, which we talk about the the witness statements. Garland heart, ok when he was walking into court on that domestic violence charge, he gets first hand, information on camera. He says I loved jessica anybody. That knows me when no, I couldn't Four do that to her anybody. That's accused me of that when they see that it had nothing to do with me. as I've been cleared already, I dont he hasn't been cleared, there's been no murder investigation, so we can't believe that statement that he's been clear bodies. where he did say, everybody's cleared, he did say this in this is backed up.
fact, he said I willingly went down there, myself, meaning the police department, because she was my best friend he goes on to say. I don't expect an apology, because it would anger me the family, the johnson family have to have somebody. To blame? I understand that I'll be that dude, but I will never apologize for something I didn't do especially to somebody that I loved, but listen to this. Listen to this. He also added, but yes, I do feel like something happened to her, because I don't think she would have done that to herself. My god, man, so the limited list of suspects, the number to suspect if a warrior hold your fuckin horses for a second, is the number one guy that you would consider to be the likely killer number one and number two. Both of them are saying this is suspicious p m, poop an boot number one and number two were coming forward in saying this shit
spacious. Now, what's what's weird and what's fishy, that that goes back to you now, because when I first read those comments that they stated unlike well, maybe they're not guilty of anything because their call they're they're, calling into question climb the sword and investigate yeah. But at the same time, though, c jesse isaacs, giving those weird ever changing answers for why he cannot produce the surveillance footage if he, like, you said if he truly felt. Something terrible happened to his friend or somebody that he knew that he was not guilty of. Why does that? or change, I'm Blaming him, I'm not saying that he's guilty of something, because he doesn't have camera footage to show us what, im saying is that he should have a definitive answer not for different answers for why he can't produce that footage. Eva may be pee, pee and poo. Poo are actually genius
that's right, and this is what I mean by that they go criminal geniuses, they gum. Well, we killed her Where are we going do with her wallace? Let's hang up on the mailbox and make it look like a suicide. Why would we do that? we'll leave her on the property that doesn't make it. Goddamn sense, that's why it makes so much sense ill, baffled people mine and then, when they roar a suicide. We're gonna be the number one suspects. If it's not a suicide and we're gonna be the ones that come out and say we think this is kind of fishy genius. Well in the. I don't think, that's what happened, though, no, but here's what I would I am willing to put my stamp on is it was a suspicious death should have been treated as such right from the get go which would have opened up the investigation,
to all you know and opened up people to questions that were asked opened up pieces of the investor. Given that would fill in the gaps on that time line that might produce some kind of camera footage they could have produce any number of pieces of evidence to show us what actually did occur that night? What actually did happen to this poor young woman and because it was not Looked at that way, because of what I am going to fly out call look, I I wasn't there. Ok, Obviously I wasn't. There is little, I suspect, known and an eye. What I'm saying is that I can't say one hundred and ten percent. This is exactly the way it went down. What I can say is from what we can view what we can find all the articles. All the information statements by friends, family statements by people that You might even consider a suspect what
can say is that this appears to me that, No other better reason. Then our lack of effort on on behalf of the police department, though this was not investigated? They did not do their jobs, they didn't their jobs their day? It was just too. Nor laziness complete laziness Let us to now Knowing what happened to this poor young woman, and had they actually treated it for what it is a suspicious death again that would have opened up investigation. What that would have what they would have found short. into that investigation is that money? is believed to have been missing from her person and I don't know who the best suspects would be if
if she were to have been killed by someone but at the top of my list would be, well, let's figure out where that money went first or why she doesn't have that money with her and let's start there, nazi, where the trail leads us Do you want better? Yes, I think, follow the money, but get there formation on the cell phone, because we're gonna find out real quickly if there told the truth that they didn't see or after six p m, because if you shop just to a house in you're supposed to be hanging out with oh and there's rumours that your boyfriend is with some other women and she was like, gonna get out of here. Who did she call. She's hanging out with shady people she's doing drug deals. She is, she has connections. Who did she call and the I am sure she was hanging out with PPM bubu there their bags it hurts, but but they might
guilty of a right but they're, not that might not be murder of users and and so did the people that she contacted if she did and she left that property are they even worse? Did she get yourself into worse situation and- and this should have been investigated and sad- it was it while in you you have to wonder too is: is statements garland and jesse pointing out that its as they believe it to be suspicious What kind of just leaving it at that is that indications that they may be who they suspect they might be afraid of but without you know, without throwing more because when I see this picture, what it it says to me it doesn't look like suicide. It doesn't look like doesn't feel that were no end. It doesn't Like an accidental death, it was was stage what it looks like to me
Is this something just like the homeowner said? Something happened elsewhere, and then later she was placed there in this manner as some kind of statement or threat to others. This looks in dreams to me like a lad, the impale or type situation and again you're right. the phone, what I've been there first angle to go with such as simple, simplistic idea, check the phone. see if you can trace her movements, see who she was talking to and here's another thing too, You could have really nailed that time of death. If you could a close the window, in short, in the length of time of the possible time of death if they could prove this, she died for three twenty nine, a m We ve got a murder here, my friends, because what that means at the very least, is that text that was sent to her
on three twenty nine a m did not come from. Her did not come from her, and that means this was a month. It's been a heated two days and the garage with this case, if you any thoughts of your own. Please go to true crammed garage dot com and leave it on the blog until next week, every be good, be kind, don't listen,.
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