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Johnny Gosch Part 2 ////// 58 Truecrimegarage.com Today we cover part 2 of the disappearance of young Johnny Gosch. Last week we went through the details of Johnny going out to do his paper route early in the morning. Twice a vehicle approached Johnny and a man with dark hair and slurred speech asked him for directions. Shortly after Johnny disappeared and he has never been seen since... Or has he? Beer of the week - Jade IPA by Foothills Brewing, Winston Salem, North Carolina Garage Grade - 4 1/2 bottle caps out of 5 Sent from my iPad

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Alpha therapies, ne that's where I gathered round grab a chair grab a beer and let's talk some true crap eight and just like the captain said we are doing part two of the johnny gosch case. This is a boy that disappeared when he was twelve years old and I'll- do quick little like John madden recap of the first half for your eye. Ok, though, on September fifth, nineteen, eighty two johnny gosh, he was twelve years old. He lived. this mom and dad and his brother- and he went early in the morning to deliver the newspaper and of the other paper boys he was. He was walking with his wagon pulling up beside him and one of the other paper boys. They had a spot where they would mean up and they would collect that day's paper. While this was a sunday so too big, poor and, while he's walking towards the paper, stack he's approached by a vehicle and
Their paper boy seized johnny talking to the driver of the car, They continues on his way to go pick up the newspapers and again this vehicle pulls up to now where there are several boys and opens up the car door and he's asking the drivers asking for directions now shortly. this johnny he's. Gonna continue on his paper. Rout ned. The boys are gonna, go about their business and do their paper routes and some have reported that they saw a second man. Not everybody is on board with that, but at some point a vehicle, the same vehicle that that they had seen before at the newspapers, his seat just kind of rio, squealing tyres and russian out of the area burnt in through a stop sign and johnny gosh, his his wagon still full of newspapers. is found on the side of the road with his little dog gretchen, and
Johnny may or may not have ever been seen again. At this point, the parents does call the cops The cops are telling people in the community. They believe it's a runaway. They think there's no there's no crime scene is what they say they can't find once. Therefore, I think it's a runaway. parents also call the fbi eyed the parents are talking, to anybody that will listen doing as many interviews as they can add. Then it cannot goes called for. Why So there's a rest by A guy named pub, but nazi. So there was this pretty wealthy business in omaha, Nebraska called the fur Glenn credit union and it was run by a guy named lawrence e king and
but ass. He says that there are all kinds of parties going on at this place and there were children involved in having sex with adults, and this was going on because of the relationship of of lawrence king with the boys town organization, and they were abusing these children. They were, they were pretending to die, say ass for them, that's the allegation The allegation is that there were abusing children, and so this is Paul story, but not only that Paul says you know. I was involved in the abduction of Johnny gosh that I was there the day that Johnny was taken and we no we went around in this. This sex during this child sex ring would abduct these young boys or young girls and take them and sell them off to the individuals of perverted individuals and that this was all going on in some of these people involved in this thing were. Were more known. People were yeah people power and success.
again, those are does all allegations but, sir, of Paul story checks out now, these charges against king with later be dropped they found that there was no merit these allegations and he would go to jail on some other charges. I believe like tax for hotter something our money laundering or something like that. never getting charge with the crimes of this the sex crimes. So so that's kind weird but then Paul, but also had a civil sue against king and some other people, and he won the civil suit, none of that money has ever been paid to Paul you and there was also quite a bit a few things that happened between the time that Johnny was taken and that the piano Paul Bonatti comes onto the scene and those were things that we didn't get to get too in the first half. So the first thing that we should should note would be the dollar bill right captain, so in
Teen. Eighty five, a woman in iowa. She receives a dollar bill and change she's at like the grocery store this three years after the abduction yeah and she brought, let's not say abduction said from the date he went missing, so she gives us dollar bill and change in she reaches out to the gosh family, and she says you know I I got this dollar bill and on it it says somebody had wrote, the dollar bill, I'm alive and signed it johnny gosh and so she needed to get this to the parents and and does so and they use this to help with their investigation. Here's here's some evidence that Johnny could be alive. You know, obviously anybody could have wrote that on a dollar bill, but nor rien is going to say that that looked to be Johnny's. Handwriting yeah, of course, is a mean. That's what keeps hope alive right, but what they
What they did do, which I think is a good thing as they do. They want to handwriting analysis expert and had it compared. and they believed that it checks out was you know with some merit there? Okay, so as not just a mother, a grieving mother. Looking for hope there is some, but how Do I believe and handwriting analysis I don't know again, come a cruel joke too on a dollar bill, but you're also think about this way The old boy goes missing. Who has? who gets lotta dollar bills? Fifteen. You know thirteen year old, stir eighteen year olds in some kid doodling, high school pulled out a dollar bill on right, something silly girl, but it gets back to the mom. It's it's kind of freaky, but I think there are some explanation on. Is it real?
I don't know where in the his is handwriting writing analysis is not used in court for criminal cases, because there is no general school general schooling for this to be certified as a Handwriting right, analysis, expert, ya, think some online, as that you can take. I could probably get it like a diploma like tat like from jamaica. You might have to study for wind, blew, probably just send fifty dollars and some shipping and handling and they mail you value that diploma from Jamaica I mean I don't know I mean I don't know if this is a dollar bill from from Johnny. It makes the story and arresting yet on the other thing, though, here to captain that I wondered about, is when you know you look like you said nineteen. Eighty five johnny went missing an eighty two, so even if it was Johnny that wrote that on the dollar bill who's to say that he didn't write it two days after he disappeared, you know
that right it. This is just now surfacing for some reason I wondered about dollar bills. Don't stay in circulation really normally that long, though I do apply, didn't know that, but one thing I was trying to do with the documentary a watch, the documentary who took honey nand. You know they showed the dollar bill, the actual dollar bill in the documentary and I paused. I pause the documentary and I got right up on this. Been trying to figure out, you know look at the dollar bill, real close and everything, and I wanted to see the date that that dollar bill was minted, because you know that would give us some kind of idea. You know if this was a dollar bill that wasn't printed until nineteen eighty, four It was wrote. Somebody wrote that, on their than that's that's even more interesting to me than if it's a dollar bill that came out and eighty or eighty one you know I wanted to want. I wondered right on this two days out He was abducted. Did he right on it a week before now found us dollar here? What did he find DC? Could you see? I could not see the date I found,
I think I was hoping to find a larger print of this picture on the but I was unable to do so, which raises a hair of suspicion to me if, if you really think This is some sort of evidence that proves that this kid still alive, then why one it I mean yeah hundreds pictures. Instead of johnny on the internet. Why not post this as well yeah what they do post if you'd look for johnny gosh dollar bill? One of the things that people are trying to point out is that owl have you ever seen. The owl the dollar bill. So if you look at a dollar bill nor made the right corner where it has a wan there's a kind of a deep down and in this deep down is an owl A lot of people have been talking about this lately, or maybe it's just my crazy ass talking about this lately, because if you look at a dollar bill, like I said kind of like in the sloop of the
if the one in the right hand corner is a little out, and what does this mean? What does it mean? Ah well, there's this there's this area called the bohemian grove I dunno, if you've ever heard, of this I've heard of yup. So the idea is that that these rich powerful people meet at Bohemian grove and world leaders- and they have these weird retreats and they have almost these like satanic, satanic, ritual type, aa events and the and a it's like a mock sacrifice. They claim they don't sacrifice anybody, but if you watch the any video footage on this, it's it's it's a mox they're, sacrificing a child. So it's a little strange and Paul benartzi talked about bohemian grove. I
for sure- but I believe that's one- the places he mentioned about these parties parties would take place. It were fund razors and things like that right, which, which would have been like we said, eighty five or so yet, and it just while we're on a subject that I want to go into this for just a touch on it for a second. He would say that the at these parties, typically what they would do as they would get these children organizations like the boys, town and indifferent groups where they would bring in kids and have them work the party in that they probably helped out with things like serving in you know, waiting tables and in cleaning up bussing tables things of that nature. At these these these fundraiser type parties, and it wasn't until after the parties. You know that that the party would go on. It would be the successful people wearing with and sometimes with their families their with their wives or you know,
and this would be a legit fund raising party, but afterwards is when the when the bad stuff went down. You know that that some of these guys came in from out of town and they would stay for for the next day or two or sometimes these parties after midnight got got crazy and got at out hand here but see what's gonna happen in somebody's listening? Listen right now gone. The captain is crazy conspiracy, captain and that's not true, because this is not a conspiracy people, the bill. Humane grove, still an invite. Here's! What odd about the whole built bohemian grow for me, as when officials have denied it and denied it and now and hide. It was until somebody got video footage and said see you now at point has not conspiracy, its isn't. What what is how may not. These events is it. Is it? Is there some dark twist after the fact,
razors over, I dont know, and there's no proof of that. But we have allegations there's allegations and you know when the feds, when they raided the franklin credit union they came across like I think it was over, like twenty thousand documents of of strange things and who knows what's on those documents, this could all just be things of embezzlement and money laundering. It could be all I mean, that's that's what they went to jail for yeah, and it could be that's all that these documents could say. We dont know why, because they see old those documents and we're not going to be able to review those in. I don't. I don't think that they have even put a release day on them. This is stuff this programme, less that's what the government does all the time you are maintained Well, the kennedy assassination, the files that were, both to be released. A number watchin. What's his name's movie, the j f k movie
and thinking Oliver stone, oliver stones movie unthinking, ah couple years from now we're running these days no everything now That, at least, is the push the date back. Who who are they trying protect? I dunno are they? Are they a cover up some sick child sex ring I wanna, or is it just that Money was tied to this organisation that was tied summit that was bigger and yeah can money stop this stuff? Given money stop? that this information coming out? Oh yeah, see it all the time we're seeing more and more now, either with this election and and I think, as hackers git more experienced. We're gonna have more transport, parents say, but it's not gonna be because the officials are given it to you. It's gonna be because people want to show people's truchen
first and I think we're going to see that more and more often so real quick back to the dollar bill right, so yeah I know we kind of got sidetracked there, but this government conspiracies case is very easy to get sidetracked and actually we had an email. Somebody was, you know, pointing out a lot of things that we did not cover regarding the franklin credit union and some of the in this, this sex scandal, but we're not we're not here to cover sex scandal, you could do two or three hours on just the on lawrence king, the franklin credit union in that sex scandal, just like we said in the first episode, we're doing We're doing a show and johnny got yet and why I, as some have or scarred she caught him. Larry king scarred, m listeners. Scarred will his name is Larry king and lawrence e king, but it's not the larry king that that we know from from t v from CNN lawrence e king so anyway back to Johnny gosh right,
we have the dollar bill now, I'd I'd wondered too. You know if well, if I'm, if I'm being captive right, how does this dollar bill this dollar bill gets into circulation? Somehow you know it was if let's pretend that Johnny did right on the dollar bill now it had to get into circulation somehow did he give it to steady purchase something with this dollar? bill or did how did it get into the store? How did it did it end up in a bank and then the bank, you know they're making change for the store. Somehow this, or bill. If we can believe it came from johnny again from johnny to the store into the hands of this person, they got it change. Now, if I'm johnny and unable to write a little note like that, why wouldn't I just say why, wouldn't I tell somebody hey, I'm Johnny gosh and I would like to go home. You know this. This creep guy captured me and I want to go home? That's a lot easier said I mean look, we know or a fact and a lot of these case
where worse, amazing, abducted, no matter what age they that they will talk about. How yeah I was just in this place for awhile, then all of a sudden now I'm outside and now we're going to the grocery store. Now we're going to fast food and- and now I'm like in piety and white. Will why don't you ever tybee who knows lament, who knows what the captors taunt them. They could say. Look is your twelve year old boy and you seem to be very close with your mother in your father they say hey, look at you run away. I might not be able to find you but know where your parents live right. I'm going to kill your whole family by an end, think that's enough of a reason or enough and depend on your relationship with your parents but May I add that would freaked me out and so yeah ok were, whereas mcdonald
or or wherever we're at, and I have this opportunity. I have to give this money to the cashier, pull out a pen, real quick. You know There was a rumour of of a boy coming forward in saying: hey, I'm I'm johnny gosh, you known in and I'll tell the story best that I can because, like I said it, it may just be a rumour. I couldn't find any. You know multiple people come. You know, reporting this story, blot this episode, is, is really just all the interesting things around this case again with it dollar bill? Is it? Is it him? Is it not him? We don't now hard to say sorry to say yeah when I think of nor rain believes its. If it's a sign from him, then possibly but that's the eye
of this episode of his brain up this interesting stuff, whether its true or not, you know, that's that's for the listener to determine now. This story actually took place about six months or maybe a year after Johnny went missing and from best I can tell a boy roughly the same age as what johnny would have been at that time. You know so now he would have been about thirteen thirteen and a half ah approached a woman in a I believe it was a gas station parking lot or some kind of small business parking lot and set it. You know very quickly, ran up to her and said I'm I'm johnny gosh. This man has taken me or the or these men have taken me something to that vat rate. And the rumor is that then two men grabbed the boy and in left with him in a vehicle mine. If you watch the documentary, this is not the documentary
Yet I have a hard time believe. I think this is probably a rumour, because there's there's a few things missing from this newgate like have you ever? Have you ever seen a situation where you're out and you question the situation- the esp? Surely when it's like, like a child longer time, I'm I'm questioning the situation. We now know I mean if I go to like one time. I went to a restaurant years ago and I walked past this boy, this little boy that had a black eye and he's sitting there with his parents, and I couldn't quit watch staring at the parents all the time while I'm eating I'm trying to see if they're going, I mean to the boy, you know what I mean. So what I'm getting at is, I think I think that most people react and behave in similar manners and that my my approach would be if, if some kid can to me whether I believed it was Johnny gosh or not, if some kid came up to me and said those things, I would pay attention to the vehicle that these
oh god into you right having examined, grab and the kid and saying right, you want to get this katy yet come through, but even if you, what I'm doing it, that's what I'm getting at is. Even if I didn't believe the boy for whatever reason I would still be paying a tie. you know what's going on, I would I, wouldn't you say and whether right, but whether or not I believe him or not and has taken that kid. But what I'm saying is this is why I have a hard time believing the story, because there's nothing going along with whoever right ever said this they didn't say well, it was it was to white men, but there's no. encryption of either man there's no description of a vehicle theirs nothing other than some kid ran up to me and said I am Johnny gosh and he was about the same age and then, yes, you guys took him. Ok die, then is what was the age of the person? said this is what, if it was a sixteen year old than then I think the story has more weight. This kid came up said I was Johnny gosh. I like what what
shit, you know and then gosh it might be the person who I don't even know who it was, but I think if there was any validity to this story not nor even be, and so on, active in this case, I think if there was any validity to it, she would have that out, and we would see that presented on the documentary yet johnny. That's a good! That's a good thing right, their captain, your your exact right, nor even if she believed the story, we would hear the story a hundred thousand times. That's who newt, nor even if she would go out and she would scream this from the mountain. Yeah, which is great, I mean that's what all parents should do and I really think that her actions in this case have really changed. Way. Some parents have reacted for when their child has been abducted, Did she sat a good? apple, even though some people, you know, there's a lot of critics out there that think that she's crazy, but on
I wanted to mention my opinion of that story, because that's like a good to me, that's a caviar to our listeners, okay a lot of our listeners are arm. Chair, detectives and you know webs sleuth somewhat their trolling. The internet are beautiful. People they're, not trolls, were beautiful, beat mother there wanting the internet more in clues and in trying to help out is what they're doing, but and a lot of times. You will see these different stories and different eyewitness accounts on These cases that we do the one thing that I look at when when I'm reading through these these eyewitness accounts is I'm looking for someone this telling a story with specific detail. Rules, because there are more likely to be telling the truth when their able to give you specifics, rather than just this very vague, foggy story of a of a boy
right, randomly running up to me in a parking lot, so that this is my caviar too. To the arm chair, detectives out. There are at least skins the next and arresting tidd bit after this quick beer prick steel metals dead, loves tools that work is hard to see us, so this fathers give a get his love to use right now say fifty dollars on the steel essay. Fifty seven battery dreamers, it said include, if I say fifty seven battery tremor plus the eighty in battery and l wanna, one charger offer only a hundred and forty nine dollars and many mind since real steel, fine yours at steel dealers. Come one. Ninety nine undermine emma s authority offer about through six eighteen, twenty three eh participating dealers while supplies last
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held lazy or them yeah yeah, so they seem lit the I mean look when you have a search party of thirty some people. Thirty to forty people in and the chief please comes out and says hey. This is nothing more than a damn runaway. Well in after after some time, this was police chief orville clooney. He seemed to not he's the one that came out and said the kid's just a damn runaway and he ends up resigning from his job. There's an investigation that goes on into his acts, and he, after about six months into this investigation, he resigns and the way that this this investigation is brought about again or who clooney is eighteen police officers under his command start complaining in their filing written complaints from everything from from orville
linking on the job to fixing tickets to racism and as well as him interfering with an investigation regarding case. It involved his son, while in the documentary they also point out this argument that happen because you're not gonna family, said hey these. You know this chief thinks this just a runaway, and so they hire a p. I and the chief of police was pissed off about this. he came in and was screaming at them. In our own house. So yeah he was let go again now. This leads to that speculation. That this is this bigger conspiracy, this bigger sex trafficking ring and that maybe this chief of police work,
involved but knew some people that were involved, and that was the reason why he was from the gate go saying hey. This is runaway. What one other story! That's interesting regarding norwegian gosh in the private investigators that they had hired, that the GOSH family hired and the police chief, getting all all up in that business, the the then private investigator wanted to run a little bit of surveillance. They were going to park some vehicles and so veiled the area where Johnny went missing from now. They wanted to do this on a sunday at about the same time, so they would be able to see what kind of cars what kind of people were going through this area at that day in that time now these this would be if you thought, if you thought that this was a crime of opportunity that you just you weren't watching johnny that you were used.
Weren't, specifically looking to abduct him. It's just you were you, were you know, young era? I don't think anybody was gone. Hey! Here's this johnny gas, kid we're gonna, take him. I think as more the idea that here we know paper boys or out, I think you're right and I think that's what the private investigator was onto and he parties vehicle and they wanted to survey the area and the police chief had up police officers, basically harass them, so they couldn't do their investigation and I believe, nor even said that they even may have arrested the the private investors hmm, so just just another thing to to really tick you off. I mean if, if they're not going to investigate the case, at least let the ghosh family do it rang at least let them try to their son- don't get in the way if you're not gonna, be helpful at least back off yet again, but, like I said this goes with this idea that who did the police chief,
now- and maybe he knows somebody that is you know, hey this job, you're gonna kick back Whatever it is, I think I didn't like northern gosh is what I think it is. I think he had approved with her, and I think I do. I think he was unprofessional. We see the other acts of drinking on the job ticket fixing racism, rivalries and unprofessional dude and he let is it. Then he let his feelings. His ill will feelings about norwegian gosh, get in the way of doing his job or letting his other officers do their job, not think. a problem with a lot of people, and then that can and then obviously he had problems with a lot of people. If you get all these britain, it's enough where you gonna resign, so I don't think it was this singular towards, nor even now, let's fast forward to nineteen. Ninety seven, you anything to present before ninety seven, because something big happens in this case and ninety ninety seven gulf war. We have
noreen gosch! She is no longer living with her husband. A big johnny jet, big john, is what we were calling him about. Ten years after Johnny went missing the day ended up getting a divorce so that most of most of the time, when a couple has a You know my child even die or no missing. It normally is kind of a us, a kind of a spear yeah now and then and something that is hard enough to remain a couple just during normal. times let alone to have a kid go missing the out a lot of times marriage will not survive because of this, but there divorced and she's living by herself and this is in march of ninety ninety seven, and she says this was very early in the more about two thirty in the morning she getting a knock on her on her door. Man
persistent knock. She says in it to the point where she gets up answers the door now before answering the door, the she looks outside in their city. She ceased to men and she recognised as one of the many eyes and says you know this. This he's got the same eyes, my boy and this man introduces himself as Johnny gosh. His mom? It's me I'm too! It's johnny! She, let's these two guys into her home, and they are not clear if it's, because sometimes it's reported that it's johnny older alone older version of johnny, and maybe a boy we were younger but depend on what website you paid or were you find this report from it's not very clear? Now? Actually, it's two completely opposite store, he's right. Captain I've read one story where it's you said johnny and a boy right and then the other
tori I've read was it was johnny and a man and it looked like Johnny was the man was like giving him the nod on things he was allowed to say and not to say. You know that some kind of two very conflicting stories, regardless nor rien, says in both accounts the other man was whether it be a boy or a man was not introduced and did not speak very often, but johnny spent I've again with the store I've heard as little was an hour. I've heard is as long as may be too in two and a half hours, but he spent a considerable amount of time I'm in norwegians home discussing had been going on in and that he was yes. He was involved in this he's been a prisoner in the sex ring and that they will. That he's afraid he can't go out and live his life again. He can't return to his family because they've made it clear to him that they will kill him that his
it is in danger, and primarily as families lay and he's not even supposed to be there talking to her era that exact time. Yet this is a very strange in this comes out because she's at this court hearing and our help analyses court hearing for the civil, the civil try, yes, they're asking are all these questions and happy. I think it comes out. Have you seen johnny or anything sense, his disappearance and- then that's when the story comes out. She claims to that. You know was like you can't tell anybody because they'll kill me. So that's this is the story. A lot of friends Why not follow our show? You know how I I can just put out feelers, you know so we're talking about this johnny gosch case was when my buddies and and one of the coach from Ohio I was telling me this- is a story that he just doesn't buy
Were I to him, it doesn't come off genuine I dont know what to make of it. I mean I don't buy it either. What weird because one you dont telling bay for years to is about two years here and then yeah I mean you shall lie under oath. He sent lie ever but you're goin in that then say it. You know tee to yours, towards gonna bring up in court. That's gonna be printed, you know it so the coach from our up north was told me. He thinks it's just a way to keep this laurie keeps the momentum of the johnny gas story goin, because the more
I can talk about it more more likely. You can get answers and that's kind of what he believes norwin was doing. I think a I think. A couple of things happened here: captain okay and one thing that they didn't. Actually I don't know if they said it in the documentary or not. but I dont believe that they did, nor even was actual. She was on national tv shortly before this happened. So this was not just a random knock at the door. One night she was on national tv. I believe it was the liza show. You remember, the liza shows one like afternoon. Talk shows no kind of a rip off of Sally jesse Raphia, so she's on the show and on the show, this national television she says nor in gosh I no longer live at at our old home johnny harp. Your parents have gotten divorce ice. Live in the area. This is where I live. This is my address. You need to reach out to me
if you ever want to come home. If, if you can ever escaped your captors, here's the problem, It's very tough man! You! I understand that she wants to help her son in that that she's doing everything she can, but if, if you're gonna put sure address national tv there's, a decent chances from a whole might might pull a prank on you. I don't that that that's what went down but that's my suspicion. I think somebody, some jerk and his friend probably knocked on our door. Probably said: hey it's johnny, I'm home. You know- and I think that more forfeits than this the brilliant, ignoring this made it up or possibly possibly I think regardless. I mean, of course, that's what I think happened. I think somebody pulled a prank honour. I dont think, but I dont think that if that is the case, I dont think that she believed that it was johnny. I think what happened was she got on the stand and there
grilling her in their saying you know Why are you even testifying in this in this trial? Well, because this is what happened to my son. He's he's been abducted in this sector. And he's being traded and sword, Well, how do you know that that happen? How do you even know he's alive why he came to see me and exactly what you said. The other problem with this. The biggest problem with this story is the real for keeping it secret, are the same reasons that this story cannot be true in my mind, you, you didn't Well, anybody for two years or two and a half years you kept to yourself because you were afraid for his life, yet you weren't afraid enough to to to to not say it on on stan. You know it in. Like you said it's released in the papers, then on tv on Sally jesse, Raphael months later and she's
I have the story again Sally just was she insanely? She was yeah, nice glasses and I dunno the the tough thing about this is with no rain. I feel that she's authentic. I think she she comes to off to me as authentic as she comes off as carrying very intelligent. I don't know how much I buy the story, but but that's what makes it difficult because it seemed like she do. You know she's a good orson saw one a believer I'd. I just don't know how much that story makes sense to me, no you're exactly why she, I agree, she's a very good point: she's done great things for trying to find her son she's, really you our diet. This case
but allow it right, but you put its not just it. She turned it in from not only is she still trying to fine get answers about her son, she has done work to help thousands and thousands of other families there there's is that go missing every day and for whatever reason and in because of her effort, she has changed the landscape of this well and if you're at home or wherever you are thanks for listening, you in your goin welt, how can they defend mooring, gosh well just hold on here? Second, You know, let's keep in mind, shanty game by saying that we got good, listen, I know, but keep a mind she's a victim she's lost, I she's, she's been lost,
mentally and emotionally. Because of this horrible thing, that's happened time things you'd been launched by in the wrong number one in the process. You know she did change. Remember there was a seventy two hour waiting period for the police to investigate johnny's disappearance, the reason being back then. In the early eighties, they didn't distinguish the difference between an adult sing, adult and missing child. There was no difference legally, the police, so what she has done she has made that change in iowa. That has changed. That has also created change in other states. Now, where the police and f b, I have to distinguish the difference between adults and children, and now, when there's a suspected of dukson or missing child they are to investigate immediately, and we all know that we all know from, having done this for so long that the in forty eight hours is the most crucial to any missing persons case out there, you're more like
define them alive if you can find a lead or find them within the first forty eight hours, so she's made that's a huge change in then, their thing that we talked about as well. She gets involved with the walsh family and other families of missing children, and they form the national centre for missing and exploited children, which, which has gone on to do great things and sense. The induction of that organization, the the the success finding children and finding them alive has gone up greatly. Yeah, I mean so hands down our whatever you think of her work. I don't think a base at home, goin why're you defending her. I think it's lord, how that's shall joking alright, so yeah, and then there was some pictures found. So you want to talk about this picture and how about you tell us about the pictures? Well, there's a series of pictures. Really. Yes,
this was in september. First of two thousand and six nor even gosh, says that she received some anonymous. Anonymously receives some photographs and there's a few different photographs. Like you said, there's one of it looks like some. Some young teenage boys tied up on a ban. couch and then there is one of a single boy that appears to be tied up now. It's the single boy in as far as a documentary goes and and there's a lot of norwegian interviews out there. I recommend watching watching most of them, there's always something interesting in her interviews and especially if, especially, if you're as fascinated about this case as I am, but she does say that the the boy, the one boy she can see what appears to be that birth, gone on the chest that she that we spoke on the days earlier. Johnny has a discolouration on his chest.
it's a shoulder area, but what what's but here's what strange. So there is a group of three boys and one picture she says the one on the right is johnny. If you look at the pictures of johnny that went missing and this boy similar, but it's like stretch it's hard to make out, while what what happened was the lead investigator of a case in point? a comes out and says: hey. We know what this picture. As we know, we know who the boys are and that boys not johnny gosh himself. Theirs, as a situation where mother assigned that's my boy and its, we have factual evidence to say no It's not now. There's this other boy and there's tons of pictures if you type in johnny, gosh and and just do it image, google search this boy shows up over and over
now here's where I stand on this now. This is again norwegian says this is my boy. Now this boy is not accounted for and if you watch documentary they talk about that. what I find interesting is that big John says it's that's not my boy He doesn't believe that his son- it's it's very difficult because you know, as you change, that your nose changes alai right so that that it's like, now, look I've only seen a handful of pictures of johnny. You know, like the paper boy picture, the famous pay per boy picture where he has all sash on he's goin on his rout. If you look at that picture and then you look at this boy, it's hard for me to tell
cause kids aid in the way, the age it's hard to tell you know. Ah, I was ass, a step farther for two boys and I dont see them often and when I see pictures of them now to changed quite a bit jamming. I can tell it them, but there's some features that are just a lot different and so I think maybe a mom would know that you would see it in the eyes. I think that you know the eyes, don't change So maybe that's what she seen idle.
I see it and, like I said for for the record, that the big john doesn't think so either. I thought that the the picture of the boy that was an identified, I thought that the hair in in the eye color, was close or or the same, and but the boy looked a lot thinner to me, which I I understand, people can lose weight, especially if you're being held captive and but the father pointed out the the size of the foot and that he believed that johnny would have had bigger feet even at the time of his. You know it we're guessing that the pictures are taken later. Obviously, so his foot should have grown rather than your feet. Don't then what we heard about this on identified boy ring if it's johnny, we don't know but I'll Paul, but nazi talks about a branding mark that these captors put on people, people that are in charge of the sex. they put a brand mark now when he said,
when he came out and said this people thought I was crazy, but then people came forward and showed their branding marks that they had on him and not all the pictures, but later on. I think the pictures that they think are old this kid now has a branded mark on. So I think that's resting that that is a direct tie to paul banalities claims and is also interesting that the kid is never identified. You know, usually you know that's that's. We had these same questions when we had it when we did our autograph interview. I photographed episode wine because that he was never identified. That means you can't roll it out. It's it's very possible could be johnny. Couldn't we could be johnny, or at the very least it's another kid that's been taken, and you know you and for all record. I have no record of any other parent, though you know, or group of parents
coming out saying: no, that's our boy, I couldn't be Johnny cause. That's our boy I saw I don't know again and, like I said, I think the mother would know you know too as for the others, you know sometimes damn I You ve had mom would have a better way of identifying him than than probably the father would yeah. I can agree with that, but nor is certainly once everything to be johnny. You know the dollar bill, the the person on the doorstep, the the the photographs, of course, and in an rightfully so, but I think I think, here's what here's, what I think is goin on here captain. I think that we have
We probably have a situation where the franklin credit union was involved in some kind of child sex scandal. I can believe that do do I believe Paul banal see that he was abused. Yes, I believe that he was abuse at some point. I dont know that I dont believe he has multiple personalities. I dont believe he was there when Johnny gosh was taken, I think Johnny gosh was probably taken by an individual, that's a pedophile that was hunting in the area for four young boy. Twelve thirteen year old boys that he could adopt an in so let's go over some things here regarding statistics, so state of iowa. Now one thing I will say, the state of iowa has a fantastic website for their cold cases and that which includes missing persons,
here in ohio, we have a database that you can go to and it's it's unsolved homicides, but I dont believe that I couldn't. I dont know one that you can find for missing persons in the state of ohio, yeah, there's one out there are there we go so, but Iowa has one as well and What are some stance that I pulled off their so for longer than the gnat, the nation wide database you can search by state city from night from the year. Nineteen. Thirty two currently the state of iowa, has a hundred and thirty seven missing kids in adults, people that have never been found anywhere or or report themselves, is still being around my living elsewhere to this day
that doesn't seem like a huge number when you go all the way back to nineteen thirty, but the fourth person listed on their disappeared in nineteen, seventy two. So what does that mean? That means we have a hundred and thirty three missing kids and adults between the years of nineteen. Seventy, three and two thousand and sixteen in the area of des moines iowa. We have thirty five in that time period and in polk county we have thirty seven in that time period. So that's almost one missing person a year since nineteen, seventy three right bombing, someone that stuff before the seventies is just not being reported, know you'd have a sixteen year old. we gotta remember the times to an end in the thirty in the forties and fifties and stuff like that, there is a lot of you. that left home at sixteen damp a dog at eighteen. Most people are expected to leave the house now and now we have. Such
patients, where you know people move back from college the another in their mid twenties. in their early thirties living with parents still, but back in the day I mean sixteens him two year old, run away that they're almost adult will take care of themselves and that's davos and reported and now, if there's going to be a lot of people going missing in one area, I think that leads to the idea of some kind of sex ring. You know I mean sex trafficking, human trafficking, we You know this is this is something like an eighty two when they're talking to chief and their talk about profile. They need to know what the hell they're talking about right and then in the last five years I mean five. Ten years ago you say human trafficking in people go at the. What are you talkin
and that this is a reality. That word is becoming more aware of you now. Some about, I think, we're an. I dont think we're dealing with they with it with a six child sex ring here. Did that's plucking children off the streets of the boy? Not I. Why do I don't think? That's a situation. I think the situation is. We got one bad dude out there that did it has done this multiple times. You know we a couple of the cases from that area so. We have eugene Martin h, thirteen. He went missing august, twelve, nineteen, eighty four, while one of the kids that went missing nor Rien actually got was contacted. Shoes contacted before had a lead. I don't know give it to her, but it was basically the idea that another kid is gonna be taken. This is the day, and this is roughly the time
and then another boy went missing The new arena. Ah got in contact with the family, while the family was then told beforehand, don't talk to noreen gosch about this stuff, she's crazy, but she, but she also had a date and time of when a kid's going to go missing. and a kid went missing. I don't know anything about that, but I want to talk about eugene martens case okay, so he goes missing august, twelve, nineteen, eighty four, this would be twenty three months after Johnny goes miss. And this is a story that you're gonna say well. That sounds familiar because it is the same story you
Dean Martin leaves his home approximately five a m that morning to deliver the newspaper. He goes out on his paper out now. There's multiple eye witnesses again in this case as well. Some report between the between the time of five a m and five forty five, a m that eugene Martin is seen talking with a clean cut white male in his thirties. Other persons report having seen the same activity between the time of five, forty five, a m and six. Oh five m. Now between six ten and six feet, keen his bag is found. His newspaper bag is found in his got ten papers in it. This is found by the rout manager. You know you talked about your district manager and our first episode What happened was they were starting to receive phone calls of people not having received their paper? The district manager goes out and he finds the paper bag and he picks up the papers and he just delivers the rest of them and
its later determine that eugene Martin is missing and we have a problem here right. So what would happen shortly after? That is that the already send out a nationwide bulletin to be on the lookout for man between the ages of thirty and forty years old, who is five foot nine inches tall com? in shaven with a medium build. Well, what do we see here, captain that we saw on on and and Johnny gosh his case, five foot, nine five foot, nine inches tall, that's the same height that did the eye witnesses described in the johnny gas gosh case of the suspect. For that case, the problem with that I suspect, has he been. He was out of the car, the one that was driving the car right, but they were able to come up with with. John, all right, the general height and worse
the same as a lot nineteen years over me to tell you how tall you are if you're standing up than when you're send down in a car. I one hundred percent agree with that. Now we have another cakes. We have mark Alan age. Thirteen, worse, ok, johnny is twelve. Almost thirteen years old, eugene martin is thirteen years old mark alan thirteen years old. He goes missing march. Twenty, ninth nineteen, eighty six! This is less than two. This is a year and seven months after eugene marked goes missing. Now this is a saturday evening. It's the day before easter and mark is aunt his moms home and he's leaving to go meet. Some friends he's gonna walk in me. Some friends and they might even taken a movie or something according to what he told his mother. last seen, leaving the home. His mother doesn't suspect then he ran away because the boy says as leaving save me, some pizza
I'm gonna be hungry. When I get home tonight, he he walks toward down to the street over to some bushes, and he turns any waves at his mother as mother waves from the window and that's the last time she sees young mark Alan he's he's never seen again. Yeah I mean when I was watching documentary. I think that this I don't Why this story really disturb me on the idea that I'm in here this in a thirteen year old did and now you think about their unit. You get pizza night. That was like a big thing in my household grown up. Normally fridays get the tv. I you know that What come on with our goal and all that stuff and step by step. There is this a lot of bad shows on but you get your pizza and hang out with her family or maybe a friend over. So I think, maybe those childhood memories. The does the whole I
Where he's gonna go, hang out with some friends and says now save me. Some p I don't know why, but that to me I just am a little disturbed by all that we have three boys within a four month or thirty four year time period. go missing, two of em they're out on paper rouse at the same time of day, but you're the one that gives, and so we now have a sex trafficking ring right. I don't think we have a ring at all. I think we have one guy that's going out and going you know what I know that there is young boys delivering the newspapers on the weekends. I was in the neighborhood and there's two of 'em and abduct one- and you know in all these cases, take place on the weekend. Two of them very similar. In my opinion, we see roughly the same time period where it's about a year and a half to two year gap between each each of these cases, and we are also seeing victims that are all the same age, they're, the same rate.
They come from similar backgrounds, they're all in the same area. These are all boys from des moines iowa right. But to me that leads more to the idea that this is what type of person we're looking for is what type of child were looking for and there's a reason behind that and don't I don't think it's just one person I mean I, I think it's kind of silly to dismiss everything that Paul Benartzi is saying and all the claims are the all the claims that he has made. There have been backed up he talks about oh yeah. We would take these kids to this house in colorado. All that houses there, but again there is no vehicle. There's no emilio! There's! You know he. He tells us a lot of things that are backed up, but nothing in regards indirect. Regard to Johnny gosh. He tells us about all these other things that are going on, but nothing that has to do with the abduction, or the sale of johnny gosh now, berlin.
That thing is I what he does tell you and what he and the reason why nor Rien believes that he was involved. Is the idea that he brought up things like the the scar on his tongue? The scar on the back of his leg, things that were not reported in the paper The reason why nor I believe them again to how did he does make that shit up? I don't think so. I think that's a farce, Let me try to tell me that you don't you just met at one time- and you know they have a scar on their tongue but did didn't doreen or did investigators, or anybody led him into coming up with those two to coming up with those descriptions, now but look nobody. Nobody believed him when he said by the way, there's his cabin or this house that we go that we'd. Take these kids do in colorado with. I was full of shit. They drive out to colorado all shit, there's a house there. He goes.
By the way and the back. There's this secret low passage and there's gonna, be these tunnels dug and cause that's where they live kids gabardine at that, has nothing to do with johnny gashes case now about what I'm saying is that it proves that there's validity to what he saying. Just some at his store and not only that, but all there's this branding mark that they make and then a bunch of kids come forward. We don't have a problem with sex trafficking. We have with this is a problem, and look I mean I don't know I to me. Ah, Maybe it's just random, but and maybe Paul bonatti is, you know, brought up this johnny gosh case for for no reason Anna and maybe some people, let him down the path, on the johnny gosh case, but as far as you know, a lot of his story check it out, I mean I'd, say at least fifty percent of it
yeah, there's some people that would point out that we ve never. You know, because we ve never found johnny's body, that that's further proof that he was abducted in was thrown into this check this child sex ring and kept underground and captive for all these years, but you know take a minute and review the the Jacob wetter ling case that the eleven year old boy that went missing and nineteen eighteen in a heap. We end up learning. You know almost thirty years later that he was abducted at gunpoint. Did that here held for not very long at all. He was sexually abused and assaulted and then killed shortly after his abduction and they and he was buried in a remote location. Unfortunately, when we read about cases that investigate cases like that were reminded that when people go to lengths of of such of burying people, they can remain hidden from us for a very
long time, if not, if not forever one I would love to know. If anybody has question date, danny Henrik he's the one are sorry danny, heinrich he's the one that was later that we learned abducted, Jacob wetter lange. I know it's in a different state, but it's not terribly far one another in this guy. He he comes off to me as a serial killer. I dont think that this Jacob wetter link was a one time thing for him. Another person of interest in this in Johnny's case and the other two boys and eugene martin and mark Allen would be a be a man by the name of roger matus. He was somebody that lived about an hour away from where de moyne in back in nineteen, sixty six, when he, when roger matters was twenty four years old, he attempted to abduct a twelve year old newspaper,
boy? The boy was going around on his room and he was collecting the bills. You know he's rubber you'd have to knock on the door and say hey, you forgot the pay me for this. we're going to pay me for the last six months. In really did in forget to pay. I think they just hunter pay. Their rosa gets next week. so he goes to e, knocks on this roger matters as door and roger managed tries to grab the kid and pull him into the house while the kid gets away he's grabbed by the shirt, and he adds up slip in his arms out of the shirt, and so we can get away from this creep yeah. I know this is about its in our way. It's in nineteen sixty six as night, not nineteen, eighty two, but let me describe this roger madness for you
he's described is dark brown eyes with black hair and he's five foot eight. He would have been in his early forties when the boys went missing. There is a problem with this, though he would have been living in chicago in the eighties again is not terribly far for him to drive at. The other thing we have to consider here is his parents and grandparents still lived in iowa, so he would travel there often to see his family. Now, with the johnny gosh case, we have an incident where we believed that the suspect had a vehicle that had iowa plates, so this guy, roger mantis would have had ill why license plate on his vehicle? Yet, if he is driving has very if he was driving his vehicle, he could potentially been driving his parents like we saw that we saw that with the the atlanta child killer, he could have been driving grandma's car. Who knows
the interesting thing here too for me- is mark Alan when, missing the night before easter, ok, johnny, gosh now he went missing on a sunday morning right september fifth sunday morning. What happens the first monday of every september there's a national how So what I'm getting at is for two of these abductions wring its most. You know it you're more likely to be travelling to see your family when there's a holiday, you see what I'm gettin out here, you're picking up on putting down. So if he, If he were in the area, I would be very concerned and he's somebody that I believe that they should talk to it's. If you want to talk to them, it's pretty easy because he's being held in a in the penitentiary down in texas, because not too long ago he was picked up for a job. He was not only did he have it in his possession, but
It's distributing child pornography and when they raided his home and his business, they, the the feds, found more than twenty two thousand five hundred images on computers of child rape and child pornography, and this included four. over four hundred and twenty videos, so this is what makes you so silly of a person what. This is why it makes you so silly. No, this is what made me late this morning. Nobody! who's gonna be here about an hour earlier, but I dont know what time or recording I got busies very really tracing this roger mad ass all morning, because we going to how halloween episode for you this week anyways this. Why you're so silly is open you start presenting this guy. That could possibly be the abductor of these three boys right or at least one or two of the boys,
and he has found distributing child pornography ray. I gotcha an you'd So why is he distributed for funds he's I make money off, possibly or trading. I think these guys What are you guys do a lot of trading right, but don't you think he's in the game like that that it's possible that I see what you're gonna these. I'm crazy and I'm gonna duck them abducted Well, I'm probably going to do some shitty things to him, but I'm going to sell him when I'm done like there's a bunch Seko's out there you know. So that's what I'm saying. I think, more to this Paul Benartzi case or paul banalities story that hermes. Super disturbing I mean to me just the simple they'd brand, these kids and, and so he says that that's backed up. We know that and as far as
human trafficking goes the thing that was really disturbing. What he's talks about is while. They didn't they weren't interested in me anymore. This is what Paul said because I'm not cause they need new kids. They want new kids that haven't been tortured yet the I to me, that's the disturbing thing about this whole case. Now, if you don't want that, I'd like to bring up the one, another sensational idea go ahead. Okay, so a few because though, lawrence seeking allegations in that whole ring that in other thick, they say. Is this a hoax? They say Basically that story of these allegations started from to employers either of the bank or of the young boys group that got fired that just decided to come up with these claims.
when they came up with those claims than there was his investigation. Then this money laundering and on this other stuff comes out the good jail for that, but you're stuck with these you know human trafficking claims basically by sex crime claims But there is a lot in connection with this group of people and it keeps going up. The chain keeps going up the chain all the way up to george Bush george bush senior george bush senior yeah. I guess w, not technically a junior, but just so we're not confuse we're talking about the older. yeah older george bush, the one he was one termer yan data via one termer. The thing is, is I don't know how much validity there is to this story, but if you type in johnny, gosh and george Bush there's a picture of it seems like george bush is on the campaign trail or something but he's talking to a group of kids, and I think it's over his right shoulder
there's a boy that looks similar to germany. Got more similar to me again when was this photo taken? I'm not really sure it doesn't look like it doesn't look like Johnny gosh, his aged a bunch of years by it's, it's interesting, I dont know what to make of it. I dont think it really him, but I it's something you if you're the interest in the case, google it
and check it out yourself I'll, tell you what captain it is. This is a must. Google gonna throw that out. There must google this picture, because you know I saw the picture of the three boys on the mattress. You know that we discussed, I saw the picture of the single boy by himself that we said has remained unidentified, and then I saw this picture at your urging you would. You would asked me to to look this picture up and I saw this picture and you know what I thought I was going to see. I thought I was going to be let down again, because when I saw the first pictures that norwin brought up that the kids didn't look, none of them looked like johnny to me and- and then you show me this and I thought of, of course the
it's going to have something, it's going to be disappointing and I I google it this is a. Must google captain recommendation that this kid looks more like jonny than any of the other pictures like he yeah he could pass as johnny. I had to look at it several times and I can't say for certain that it's not johnny, it looks enough like him and obviously this doesn't mean hat george bush's connected and running away. It I mean it's just you know, I just know we're there s a kid, went missing right ever kiddo. Ass in and and and a week before you went missing. He was an picture with mister t I mean we wanna, be saying crazy stuff about mister t pay the full. Anyways. What I'm saying is that doesn't mean that george bush's connected in any way it's just of this weird thing, and maybe someone things have become a little conspiracy sort taken off this crazy life of their own.
again now now george bush, as part of the group of the that goes bohemian grove So I mean maybe there's some validity there. I there's a lot more validity to this this Paul but nazis stories, then maybe some are taken serious, how about some more sensationalism right. Yet we have that this story does not mean his thing between the the franklin scandal and between noreena gosh and Johnny gosh and george bush. This thing just never stops getting weirder, and now we have people who have started to suspect that a man of that goes by the name of Jeff Gannon that I get that name right. Jeff Gannon is actually johnny. Gosh yeah he's basically a white house reporter,
Yes, he is the yea some kind of white house reporter correspondent kind of dude, and I guess he was was he discredited in january of or february of two thousand and twelve? Wasn't those discredit? It is this the back. It doesnt really have any. He doesn't have the credentials that one you would assume needs to have to be a real, a white house reporter. So he's basically like some guy just wants office
with a pad and a and a and a pencil and he's like. I I'm here to take the report yeah, but this stuff happens all the time. Somebody knows somebody you know, and then you get a job, but I believe was it through credit cards or for some some way they were able to trace this Jeff gannon to some kind of call voice service to like a a mail call service where you escort service yeah. I think he was escorted at some point yeah and or he was paying for escorts. He was involved. He either he either worked for one or he was in or using one. But that's where we get this whole Jeff gannon is Johnny gosh. I believe there was also a newspaper article written about Johnny gosh a long time ago that was written by a reporter that went by the name of Jeff Ghana, not tik tok.
The same one. But it's a weird coincidence in the story now, but it's kind of like beetles clues. You know you hear about beetles clues. I don't know what that is. Ok, go for the beatles! Okay, it also I've heard of them said: there's a lot. You know it's like a few play this backwards. It says this. Ok, these clothes are great Those dead pause that right, and really allow these conspiracies to start, because one happens, then we looking for more and more clues and that's why they call them beatles clues. Don't google that by the way, because that will take up your entire weekend, if you, Google, beetles clues that you will spent, you will spend the entire weekend, convinced that they wrote a song telling you that Paul died in some kind of car accident and they replaced him with a guy. That looks just item, which there was a car accident so's, I mean there's some validity to destroy it, No, no- and I think that's the case in this John gosh. I think
One. Weird thing happens that leads to the seller, weird thing, and you really do put it in a bunch of dots out there. Are you connecting them, I'm not really for sure. I just think you're putting them out there. The the thing is, though, this Jeff Gannon, it's not a. I don't believe you know. I there's no way, I don't think he's johnny gosh, but I will say just like I said with the the photograph with george bush and this guy is not he he he he resembles johnny somewhat. Wouldn't you agree, yeah yeah I mean you could when you do the age enhancement, you would kind of the term he could potentially have grown up to look like this Jeff Gannon, Jeff, dantonism, bald, very bald man right, like no hair at all, I'm guessing you ever, but but on the other.
I don't know what bought me, but I'm joking, I'm only joking because of it could be shaved head though it could be, but no rene's description of the man that that came to her doorstep, saying that he was johnny, was somebody that had long black hair, which is very different from being bald. One also think if there was what is some validity to this story that wanted nor rain? Be saying? Oh yeah, that's my best, my boy, there you're exactly. I mean if in case after case time after time, it seems like even if there's a read of hope she is gone with. That's my boy, anna so here's this reporter and he doesn't have these credentials. Unease wrapped up in this as escort thing, and only that, like ok, if I'm Jeff Gannon right- and I am actually Johnny gosh, let's pretend for a minute and I've been abducted and I've been held- is a slave and I'm terrified for my life, I'm afraid I can't communicate with my.
family. I can't tell the police what has happened, but I'm gonna end up in the white house taken nor notes, didn't and given you know, becoming a correspondent. I'm not even credited to do so that that seems like a another huge leap for me as well. Well, back to the story of of johnny visiting nor brean than the one issue I have with this is doesn't if he is still involved with this group and now he's u noah older man, he would be like thirty, some forty, some years older, he would be. He was born in nineteen sixty nine, but but when he visited her He was a man tat. He saw thirty You know you're not a kid anymore, so that makes you were the victim and now you're the one victimizing people, that's what it that's What to me what she's implying and that's that's where I have that's up thing: words like
she has to know she's implying that right, and so that's an uncomfortable thing for him mom to say so. Maybe that goes with one of the things which would make me want to believe her more where's. It just crazy case over what and the other thing to his captain in, and we do have to wrap this up at some point, because in all honesty, with how big this thing is and how big it goes and if we were to go fully into this franklin, credit union scandal and the bohemian grove scandal if until all that into it as much detail in this strange missing persons and in deaths that followed all of those accusations we could take to crime garage season for be all about the johnny gosh case so yeah. Why posted on social media that I you I'm trying to get you to quit your job? We can do more habits per weeks. I was joking about a fundraiser. Do you have a fundraiser? You can go to a true crime, grudged camp and click on the donate banner.
a beer fundraiser, just right, that's right! If you want it, but we want you to go to true crime garage doc and get on the blog and tell us on the johnny caught gush blog and tell us what you think about this case. What do you think happened to Johnny? Do you, like the captain's theory that there's a under brown child sex ring. Or do you like my theory where there's one when I say that I agree it's a fact: there's sex were still theory is still there now. My theory is that I believe that johnny involved in it. Ok, I'll bet, you want some regular reading captains. Now I don't want to read in the knesset you're going to read this week. We are recommending the franklin scandal. It's a story of power brokers, child abuse and betrayal by nick bryant. This is for those of you that want to find out more about this case. Like we said this, this is more into the area of the franklin credit union and then scandal and the potential child sex
So if you want to learn more about that pick up the franklin scandal, a story of power brokers, child abuse and betrayal, by nick bryant, that's available by going to true crime, garage dot, com click on the recommended age and use the amazon banner to make all of your fun purchases for true crime, or for the holiday season. Yeah and you can get fain through the amazon banner. So just go to true crown. Grudged outcome could amazon banner. I actually bought you'll. Never guess it no way would be ever beheld a guess. Bought at amazon this week, red velcro. Why work for its qatar? Still alive, but who would have thought I went to buy some velcro and they had read. I thought well that's better than black something different, so you can then through their and for everything in true crime garage, but a true crime garage dot com and they hugh beautiful p.
or for listening will see you in a couple days. We have special holiday episode. Happy halloween, yes join us, for a special night of trick or treating here, the garage and we hope to hope to see you in a couple days right captain yes, sir, and until then be good behind and don't let her steel metals, dad loves tools that work is hard to see us. So this fathers date give a gift. He'll love to use right now, save fifty dollars on the steel essay. Fifty seven battery tremors it setting clues
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