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JonBenet: I Killed Her /// Part 2 /// 721

2023-12-06 | 🔗

JonBenet: I Killed Her /// Part 2 /// 721

Part 2 of 2



Child murder-victim JonBenét Ramsey was buried in Saint James Episcopal Cemetery in Marietta, Georgia.  Since, several persons have confessed to killing JonBenet.  In 2000 Gary Oliva, a registered sex offender was arrested in Boulder, Colorado.  When arrested, Gary Oliva was carrying a photograph of JonBenet and a poem entitled “Ode to JonBenet.”  Does this man hold the keys to unlocking the murder mystery of young JonBenét Ramsey?  John Mark Karr was arrested in 2006 following his confession to involvement in the little girl's murder.  Karr’s confession was lacking in convincing details.  “Listen carefully!”  We are a group of individuals that represent a small domestic Garage.  Join us in the Garage as we continue to investigate some of the stranger things that surround the murder investigation that has captivated America and True Crime buffs all around the world. 


Check out John Wesley Anderson’s book - Lou and JonBenet; a legendary Lawman’s Quest to solve a child beauty queen’s murder. 


The Family and Friends of Lou Smit continue to stand in the shoes of a legendary lawman and continue his quest to solve the murder of JonBenét Ramsey. Now you can join them in their efforts. To help the Smit Family JBR Team visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/JonBenet-Lou-Smits-family-searches-for-justice

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