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JonBenet: Poems & Pornography /// Part 3 /// 725

2023-12-19 | 🔗

JonBenet: Poems & Pornography /// Part 3 /// 725Part 3 of 3www.TrueCrimeGarage.com JonBenet Ramsey was murdered in late 1996.  Her body discovered in the basement of the Ramsey family home on December 26th, 1996.  But now here we are almost twenty seven years later and this murder remains unsolved, why?  That is what we will be exploring this week.  This was not the perfect murder and after what you will hear this week, I think you will agree that Boulder was not the perfect town.  This week we promise some in depth insider information about the “perfect people” from the “perfect town” of Boulder. Anyone with information for the Zell brothers should email JBRTips@Gmail.com Subscribe to Off The Record.  Off The Record is our other show available with Apple Subscription and Patreon. Happy Holidays and be good, be kind, and don’t litter!

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