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JonBenet: The Master Detective /// Part 1 /// 718

2023-11-28 | 🔗

JonBenet: The Master Detective /// Part 1 /// 718

Part 1 of 2



This week as we enter the Christmas season we find ourselves once again intrigued by the still unsolved homicide case of JonBenet Ramsey.  Legendary homicide investigator Lou Smit was hired by the Boulder County, Colorado District Attorney’s office three months after the murder of six year old JonBenet.  However, Smit resigned from the position less than two years later.  This week we are joined in the Garage by one of the people who knew Lou best, John Wesley Anderson.  Mr. Anderson worked with Lou and he himself had a legendary law enforcement career.  Mr. Anderson is a former homicide detective and El Paso County Sheriff.  This week we feature John Wesley Anderson’s book -  LOU AND JONBENET: A Legendary Lawman’s Quest to Solve a Child Beauty Queen’s Murder.  We are going to take a few weeks to examine the JonBenet Ramsey case from a few different and very interesting perspectives.  This will be the first of several episodes, each with a different focus and perspective on the case that continues to fascinate True Crime buffs all around the world. 


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