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Kendrick Johnson /// Part 1 /// 195

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Kendrick Johnson /// Part 1 /// 195

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Episode 195 - This week we cover the very controversial and bizarre death of 17 year old Kendrick Johnson. On January 11th 2013 Kendrick Johnson was found dead in a High School gymnasium. His body had been discovered by a fellow student. The circumstances surrounding his death have been the cause of much debate since. Kendrick’s death has been ruled an accident however many including Kendrick’s parents say different. They believe he was murdered by several students. The murder then covered up by the sheriff because the alleged killers father is a F.B.I. Agent. Grab a beer and find a comfortable chair because this will be a bumpy ride. Beer of the Week - Terrapin RyeGarage Grade - 3 and 3 quarter bottle caps out of 5

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In new orleans twenty twelve bearskin chair. I drove to an address some one had given him that didn't exist ass. He stood in the park, lot where the address should have been. He was shot and killed. I'm You d umbra, join me for the newest season of counter clock, as I die the motive behind bruces murder. a series of events that have never been fully investigated. Until now, binge all fourteen episodes of or clock season. Five, wherever you listen to pod. This spring transform your outdoors. Base into a regular gathering place for you and your loved ones, with help from actually whether you're into wicker, teak or driftwood inspired furniture. We ve got the look you're going for adam accessories, like string lights and beverage tub to take your patio party from basic to curated and enjoy cosy evening vibes with a new fire bit visit, ashley dot com or start by your local store and find affordable pricing and experts
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captain. That's enough. The business everybody gather around grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk, some true grab family and friends say their final goodbyes to south georgia. Teen found that at a high school good,
iran, J bullock. So thank you for joining us. Funeral services were held today for kendrick johnson deputies, say the seventeen year old was found more than a week ago inside a rolled up wrestling type mat time. Wilson is now live force in the newsroom tie. I bet it was an emotional time for people jade good evening it was the funeral service was held today at union cathedral in valdosta. Hundreds of people turned out to remember the team. Everyone who came to say goodbye to seventeen year old, kendrick Johnson, dressed in the same colors, some even had roses red, and but it was his favorite code ago, goody's growth to the moment. You could see just how difficult this day was for kendrick, Johnson's parents, bishop, waiters, mccray,
have the difficult task of covering all the people who love kendrick so dearly to our share when these children that, regardless of the situation and circumstances our aim, our goal of directive is to know the shepherd. The lord is my shepherd and I shall not what he gives us victory even in his favour sighed. The funeral service was moving, unemotional, hendricks friend spoke so did as football and basketball pilch hendricks father had this to say. In this connection I hope the campus not become an adult. We don't know where kendrick's friends still seem stunned over his death, although he also spent a dime, since one billion expect him to like leave this early,
seemed like it was like just two weeks ago when we were all talking at mcdonalds about what we're going to do when we grow up, and he was saying like he wanted to go to college and play football On january. A love of johnson us do that. Lounge high school was found dead inside the school investigator say they do not expect fell play all right, we're gonna, be discussing the frustrating yet intriguing case of kendrick Johnson. This is a very popular internet case, but also a popular request that we cover this case. Well,
captain. It was around nine thirty pm on the night of january tenth, two thousand and thirteen when Jackie Johnson says that she really started to worry her son kendrick had not come home from school and according to friends, he had not gone to a basket. all game that he was supposed to attend. Now around eleven p m jackie, we should make it here. She is a school bus driver for the lounge county schools she drove to the school looking for her son kendrick. This was to be the first of many trips for jackie that night ass. She drove back and forth from home to school, getting more upset with each passing trip it's not like her seventeen year old boy, not to call her to let her know where he was now around twelve thirty jackie by this point. She's frantic
and she called the police and she reported her youngest son, kendrick Johnson. As missing the dispatcher told her. That kendrick was probably just out with some friends or chasing some girl. Jackie insisted that that was not the case. She explained that even if he didn't call her, he would have called his sister or called his brother or there's always frustrates me. Help us to assume the worst must not assume the best right soon, the worst, a any time that some acres missing after Convincing a missing persons report went out, law enforcement called jackie, around four, a m confirming that they were out looking for her son kendrick Jackie's husband, kendrick's, father kenneth he's a truck driver, and on this night he was in pennsylvania, so wild he waited she sat with her mother. All jackie could do is work hurry and her mother prayed
by sought up jackie, resolved to go to the high school last place. She knew kendrick to be. She visited main office around eight thirty, a m asking if any one had seen her son was taken to a guidance councillors office. To wait. She, it and she waited it felt like eternity, I'm sure for her. Why we're they not telling her anything is what she wondered ass. She sat It was a while she was sitting there that she began to receive text messages on her phone. They say, There are ambulances and fire trucks in the parking lot. No one can in the entrance. This, of course, did not make her feel any better while sitting there fretting over kendrick missing the counsellors phone rang.
And he picked up during the short conversation, Jackie overheard, something she wasn't intended to hear. Someone said to the guidance, counselor a little too loudly. On the other end of the phone, something very ominous, she could clear we hear one short terrifying sentence and that was they found a body in the gym counselor then got up from his chair and left. The room and kendrick Johnson was set ten years old has a basketball player. A football player is a track star. Sophomore and this was not going to be a typical school day. The lounge high school is involved, dasa georgia This is a town of about fifty four thousand people now allows was one of two high schools in the town in two thousand and thirteen. Google had around three thousand students the the school's mascot was the vikings.
school had only been back in session for about two days after a long winter break after the long winter holiday That morning around ten a m athletic trainer, philip pipe low. He was tee in a life sports class in the old jim. So just a side. No here like many schools. There added onto their facilities over the years this high school had a new jim and an old jew. and the story that we are going to talk to you about today, takes place in the old jim that each had handed out a are for the students to take. After have, completed her survey, a female student climbed from the bleachers onto and upright set of rolled up mats. There were two Ninety one of these mats rolled up and standing upright in this area of the gymnasium. These mats are
used by the athletic department, conflicting reports here, but some reports indicate they are wrestling mats, others did they were used for cheerleading. I'm I'm too old to have an opinion, a very strong opinion of of what this is, but remembering In my day, captain at all, high school. It was very common that these mats were primarily used for rustling, but they were often they offer, served a multitude of purposes rain, so the mats we're tightly rolled, emplaced vertically pact together in a tight group in the corner of the Jim, and it was a girl that first, the salt kindred. And the man right well, she looked down the whole day. You know that the centre of one of these mats and noticed two feet visible: side one of the role of mats. She called friends over to see you know what this is to the students whore. They sought to white saw
with gray toes, there were sticking that there were still on the feed of someone's body down inside this mad guys, I think at first it is thought some moves hiding some of the students began to scream the Your sprinted over to the mats and one by one pulled them down onto their sides until he could get to the mat that the students were pointing out when he hold the man down. It hit the floor with a loud thud, the bottom end of the matter, so the the end of the man. They had been touching the floor. Well, when the teacher knocked the map over from that and out spilled halfway, spilled out the boy body of a male student with dread locks, and there is so blood and vomit. It was clear to the teacher that, person in the man- was dead. Another teacher quickly cleared the students from the gym
and the school was placed on locked down in nine when one was called, and obviously this body of kendrick johnson so Johnson was born october, tenth, nineteen, ninety five to jacqueline and Kenneth Johnson, his and who called him. Cagey describe him as a quiet boy unlikely to cause trouble. Who was obsessed with math and football kendrick was a three sport athlete. He played for all basketball and he was on the track team. He was five foot ten a hundred and sixty pounds and was no for being a hard hitting safety on the football team. There were some accounts out there that indicate that kendrick home life was less than perfect Some say that his father was living with a girlfriend in his mother was known to be less than involved but I'm gonna make a little bit of an argument here that I think can be. Argument that can be made against this as kendrick.
enjoyed spending a lot of time at his friends houses, rain. So little teenager right, does very calm and for you know, teenager don't want to be at his friends homes often and it might give the appearance of a mother. That's not really involved. Frankly, why should you be involved when the child decides not to be all were right in, but also the child maybe doesn't want you to be informed. I mean, as a teenager I mean you're, not telling your parents much of anything. Now they ask you how school was we go? I was good and then yeah and- and I think both of us did- that too in high school you go to high school and then at night you'd be not with your friends her over out of bodies, house yeah when you're sixteen, seventeen, god forbid, anybody ask you how your day was right right, that's, ok, did you think now now What did you do? Nothin schools prison like prison,
on the morning of january eleven that was a when hendricks body was found in the gym. Matt lounge county sheriff chris pines office was called to the high school they share. Himself was on his way back to veil dasa with his deputy, Joe crow. When he received the call about the by at the school in the interim patrol office There's an e m tease arrived at the scene and taped off the Jim with crime scene tape. The school was play in lockdown mode until police assured that there was no threat to the students classes resumed. While the investigation proceeded, it's not clear, win praying arrived at the school, but he can to the media that day that the body was that of a student, and that students, death was being investigated as a possible homicide prince office, and the
georgia bureau of investigations. The gb I for short, spent all of the day and the next day carefully documenting the scene collecting evidence in our viewing witnesses at the school here. What we know from the crime scene, report, law enforcement statements, media reports and the video of the scene so the crime scene investigator? This is james thornton. He arrived at high schools, oh jim, at approximately ten forty eight a m on january. Eleventh thornton, was briefed by investigation, staff sergeant jack winning ham? That eighteen had pulled down the manner in which feed or seen students sitting on the map and that a box had been position headfirst inside the rolled up map when m tease arrived on the scene. The victim was identified as student kendrick Lamar johnson. He was
slightly pulled out of the mat and it was deter and by empties to be deceased now, do not know how can was identified, whether he was identified by a teacher or student right or an administrator. We we don't know but Do you know that the school knew that kendrick Johnson's mother was looking form one presumably they they may have known that. Kendrick did not show up for his fourth period class the day before, right so multiple law enforcement and investigative personnel were on the scene. At this point, so we have people from the county sheriff's office. We have people from the regional crime lad and the georgia bureau in negations as well. It was noted that the old Jim contained leaders along the north and south walls and that there were
approximately twenty one rolled up mats in the southwest corner of the gym investigators inspected, the entry, slash exit doors and windows those and determine that there were no signs of forced entry into the jump. The following items were found at the scene. one was a black and white adidas shoe size, nine and a half. This was found on the floor in front of a rolled up Matt they also a yellow, folder found on the job floor in front of a rolled up map. A science textbook on the floor hi to rolled up mats near the south west wall aims, the m size, gray, hollister brand, pull over hooded, sweat sure, was found on the concrete floored near the rolled up. That's a rolled up. containing johnson's body lying in the horizontal position. On the concrete floor in the southwest corner of the old jim, there were
also be bloodstains on the south wall of the old jem. A test was like performed, and these stains were tested in and found by ETA from the gb I that they were determined to be blood. They also found a pair of black gray and orange nike shoes near the bleachers on the north wall of the old jim all of these items of evidence were collected, they were tagged and locked inside a core. belonging to the crime scene. Technician at approximately four p m, the cow corner bill watson, arrive to conduct his examination on kendrick body. Now cordial law- requires that the coroner be called as soon, as law enforcement discovers that there is a body, but here the coroner
arrive for approximately six hours after they found the body sheriff. Preen would later say that the custom custom, Despite the law requiring immediate notification, was it, the sheriff would call all the coroner only act the scene had been cleared and then thoroughly investigated so that the core wouldn't have to just be sitting in the parking lot waiting for the share of to clear the scene, but the law is that, right when a body is found, you call the coroner yeah and that was not done right. Well, let's talk about that for a second captain because here is an issue that we have seen time and time again. You know: we've covered feels like a bazillion cases, now so bazillion and one so When you have these different law enforcement agencies, a lot of them, you know like okay, so a lot of people have jobs where you have a hundred different supervisors networks,
watching what you're doing that they're kind of cataloguing your work, if you dont, perform your job or your task well or do things you're supposed to according to protocol- you don't work there for a long time. Now, when you have like the sheriff's office or these different law enforcement agencies, there is very little people to police the police, Oh, we saw the sheriff who it's the head honcho over there in the county yeah. He only has some people to listen to answer to one the governor who's not going to get involved in much because he has other stuff. He or she has other things to do. Then you also have well you know, met will make he has answer to the general public because they elect him. Well, a lot of stuff gets forgotten over. The course of We don't, we don't sit down and elect a new sheriff every thirty days. This is this takes place over some time. So some things like this get real git.
Lost. While we do in parts unknown every thirty days, we we elect a new sheriff. What I'm getting at, though, is this quote. Unquote, custom. This might not be a terribly uncommon thing where you have individuals, they kind of do things there. way- and it's not right It's absolutely not right. They should be following the law. However, there is not. anybody there to police that so we also have the sheriff stating that no law enforcement personnel touched the body in the gym until the coroner arrived and had examined the body. The coroner later, aided that he didn't agree with with primes statement about the custom and said that the sheriff had breach protocol with these six hour, delay in notification in April of two thousand teen it. This is in a statement from the corner. He said:
that, by the time he had arrived at, the old Jim scene had been compromised. He didn't elaborate to what that meant. But what we do here. Captain is it's kind of He said he said situation. We don't know if the sheriff prying, if to blame or is the you know was actually a real custom than in agreement that the core in the sheriff had together. This could be it is either the coroner stating look, the sheriff statement is wrong when he broke protocol war, it's the coroner just covering his own, but right, but you have these protocols, you have these laws in place to one kind of police, the police. It's also to cover your own, but because, if then, if there is some some wrong with the investigation that the police can say. Look we followed our procedures to the letter
dinner in this case- and there is also a bunch of crime scene- photos that there were taken place that they are taking where you can see the investigators just where in regular shoes, whether shoes should have been covered, those little blue things or whatever, but you can clearly see that the shoe weren't. So when you have a scene, whether you think it's a accidental death murder whatever it is. You should follow the protocol. That said, for you, the coroner observed hendricks body lying on its left side, sticking out of the rolled up, matt the rest of his body, from the abdomen down was inside of the mat his head was lying in a pool of blood. The coroner noted. The following: kendrick was wearing a white under shirt and in orange t, shirt and white t shirt, blue jeans, boxers and white socks. There was
pair of white gray and orange nike inside of the mat, but not on kendrick feet, the crime scene photos take from the end of the mat work. Hendricks feet were shown that these shoes were located at the same end as his feet, not at the end where his head was looks right. Arm was in a position that appear to cover his face and his left arm was along his body with his forearm bent towards his head. His fingers were curled on both hands. A black wire with white ear phone was hooked around his left hand at the middle finger and index fingers hendricks face was swollen and he had blood coming out of his eyes. Nose and mouth dried blood was double on his arms chest and face hendricks eyes were swollen with I'd visible in his eyes and burst. Blood vessels appear
that there is no signs of blunt force trauma to kendrick on his face for his body and also fears that there's no wounds and puncture won't do anything to his body as well. Yeah That specifically noted in the lab report by the crime scene. Technician now also found at the scene was a in black and white adidas shoe that was located on the concrete floor near kendrick head. This was sitting in a pool of blood. It was as on the other, a nine size, nine and a half matching, shoe they had previously been found intact. There was also El G cell phone, which was found in kendrick, left front genes, pocket the map. The kendrick was found in majored seventy four inches in length, so just a touch over six feet tall when standing on its side and thirty four inches in diameter. That's thirty! Four inches role
up the end where kendrick feet were position was approximately fourteen and a half in diameter at its widest point. This is the opening ok in the end where his head was position, was approximately fourteen and three quarter inches in diameter at the opening, and there was some bloody paper towels that were found in the trash can and the girls run from which is located near the old Jim. These all of the other items for evidence were collected to be tested and all evidence was taken to the crime lab for further testing and investigation, there's so much more to get into on the kendrick johnson case we'll get to it right after this, quick in new orleans, twenty twelve brisket year I drove to an address someone had given him that didn't exist ass. He stood in the park
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noted to the right side jaw. Now the coroner arranged for hendricks body to be transferred to the crime lab for an autopsy thornton HU. We talked about earlier. The technician accompanied body and placed it in crime. Coup or number two around five. Thirty p m that evening, after having investigated the scene for several hours and consulting with the corner sheriff pride in the sky, superintendent. This is west taylor released a joint statement that that reads as follows: although the exact cause of death is yet to be determined as of this year, each of the investigation. Nothing has been discovered to indicate foul play with involved, an autopsy we'll be, can did on monday by the georgia bureau of investigation, medical
examiners office to attempt to determine inexact cause of death? Taylor went on to express his sadness at the death of a student and offered dalliances for the family, but neither the sheriff nor the superintendent named. The student can Johnson's name was not released until the following day at some point on january, eleventh law enforcement met with Jackie johnson presuming they told her that kendrick had been found. Deceased, on Sunday january, thirteenth sheriff preen, received a request from kendrick father too personally identify his sons body according to James thorntons, lab report. thornton, escorted hendricks parents to the cooler room at the lab, and they identified kendrick remains Kenneth later said that his handsome son looked
nothing like himself lying there on the slab. The following on Monday january, fourteenth hendricks body was taken to the gb I for an autopsy late, tat night, the low abc new station, ran a piece reporting that hendricks preliminary autopsy results indicated no foul play and that kendrick had a visible injuries to his body. They could have caused his death. The Article goes on to state that investigators saw no signs of a struggle and that they believe that kindred somehow got into the map and couldn't get himself out. Investigators leave the kendrick fell or reach inside the mat to get a shoe and got stuck ex father immediately question the police finding stating that he believes kendrick was murdered, until may second of that year, that the official autopsy report would be released to the public and less
go through some of the report. So the detailed report states that the official cause of death of kendrick Johnson was positional asphyxia, so this is occasion due to the position of the body, the body was in a position that prevented it from breathing warehousing the debt, There was no significant injuries identified in this report. Fluid drained from the nose and mouth de composition smell was detected and skin slippage was visible on the body bloating in skin discoloration were noted as well. The body was found with Your buds and a wire there was also a star burst. Wrapper that was found stuck to the left. Elbow two tiny abrasions were noted on kendrick right, wrist and left fourth finger. Both are less than an eighth inch
Third abrasion was noted on the same finger. Approximately five sixteenth of an inch was this abrasion drug test were can conducted on the body and were found to be negative everything else was noted to be normal. There was no indication that bruising on the job was observed or noted in this detailed report inclusion of the doctors report. Is that kendrick death was an accident. The release of the autopsy report came at the conclude. One of the sheriff's office four month, investigation into kendrick's death in the of that investigation. Hundreds of students were interviewed and witnesses, or people connected or rumoured to be connected to kendrick were interviewed as well lab results valence. Video in physical evidence were all reviewed in their findings were as follows:
want to go there. You would you like to go through this? I find this part, maybe the most interesting thing here. In this case, so. This is they're going to lay out what they are Leave went down based off of the evidence that they found, which includes. Valence, video and the state of the body once it was found. So, according to this report, kendrick, last seen on surveillance, footage entering the old jim at work Oh nine p m on January ten, two thousand and thirteen. He entered the gym behind another student who went in a different direction, but was firm to have gone immediately to class. Kendrick was seen during the jim and bearing right in the direction of the mats in the corner. No one else is visible within fifteen minutes. Other students can be seen entering the Jim for class and playing basket
in the gym, and that evening multiple teams held practices in the gym without anyone noticing anything unusual kendrick was We to not have a locker for his Jim stuff. Many of the kids didn't want to pay the locker fees required to store their thing, so they would hide their items, including shoes inside the EU. up mats that were in the old, Jim lying horizontally seems a little lay down a school would make students pay for locker that they had to use for class, but god The kids would just reach into the map, took their shoes in out of sight. And retrieve them later. It was confirmed that kendrick did this He even shared the shoes he hid in the mat with another student. They would just eat use the shoes as necessary and then place them back into the mat,
So that the other one could retrieved them later. I wonder if the shoes were apart, part like their Jim outfits. I know his Part of weight, training class aren't just like any other Jim class, but at my school you don't have to change your shoes. You just had to change your outfit and then he can. But maybe this school said not only do you have to change your clothes for class, but you have to change your shoes as well. I think there's one peace that we just went over that I to highlight real, quick before we move on into this report again. So one item that I hope everybody picked up on was when we talk. about the locker fees and how many of the students didn't want to pay the locker fees. But it was noted that most of these that the suit they didn't want to do this. They would hide them. items which included shoes inside the rolled up mats in the old jim, but the mats are typically placed horizontally
there. There sitting there lying on their side on the ground, again brown the floor of the gym neck is how would you hide in the mats of it? There were placed vertically there. I was that those pretty strange, but so their normally verdict or poor normally, whereas on all that way you can kind of this stickers who's in either side and then also, if there's other shoes, and there you can kind of push those aside as well. Well, the report goes the state that over the holiday break, which had ended on january ninth, the day before kendrick death, the mat said all been moved into an upright position and packed into the corner of the Jim, the sheriff concluded that kendrick had run into the jim to get his shoes, but could find them, because the mats had all been moved. Climbed up onto the top ends and walked along until he saw the sneakers down in the bottom of One of the rolled up mats. The sheriff then says the students were clear
we used to hanging out up there when the mats were stored in this way, as they found numerous candy, wrappers and soda bottles among the mats, kendrick likely climbed, into the bleed onto the bleachers. I'm sorry walked on top of the mats and then run and to grab his shoes. He likes had one arm down in the map and the other holding on and either fell into the hole or squeezed into it trying to reach the shoe and then couldn't get himself out and then slipped down fur. or into the mat as he squirmed he couldn't reach his cell phone to call for help. Remember we said that was found in his pocket and other cell phone. His parents actually didn't know about. This was a I'll phone that he got from a cousin which the cousin did even know how he got it. The last call was made on the cell phone. I think a couple weeks before this incident, and so they don't even know if he could have made a call
If it was even being used for phone call yeah, they think he is using it as a gay, mp3 player or pipe out ipod or somethin right, and I also think, with these texting apps he could have been using some app to text. people when he had wifi, but he might I thought if I can get my phone, I could at least text somebody it's I believed that he likely a fixated fairly quickly. This would have happened from the domino organs, compressing kendrick diaphragm, tightness of the mac constricting his chest and or the mat impeding his ability to breathe through his mouth investigator said: rick likely died in the blood was post boredom purge from all the blood that had rushed to his head and as he suspended upside down and the mat now the mats wade, seven hundred pounds each in were over six feet tall when standing on their ends. They were all packed it.
either, and the one kendrick was an was at the back of the pack. He would not have been able to move at matt without moving several other mats. One of the things that I find interesting here too, is when they talk about the opening on his shoulders were roughly about four five inches. Bigger than the opening, so meaning that it would have caused him to suffocate a lot faster, because now there is no air. That's you know that the amount of air that's en The matter is very little, but I also wonder you have people in the gym fifteen minutes after him twenty minutes after him, you have classes all day. You have practices all night, but he's at the farm
surrounded by all these mats and how much was that cutting off any sound? You know, like his body, was also cutting off sound from the map. So, if you, even if he was yelling, how much would dead in the sound what, depending on how quickly he got to the top of the mats and down in their there's a decent chance. He may have expired before those students entered the germ Jim fifteen minutes later rain. As I said in this report, they believe he would have died very quickly once falling into the mat. The fall or in the science book that were found at the scene, work hendricks its believed that he had them down on top of the mats when he climbed up and they down when the mats were moved by the teacher to get at the body along with one sneaker that was not found inside the mat, with kendrick We don't know whether, maybe just once
there was down inside the map or whether kendrick somehow managed to retrieve one but then got trapped while reaching for the other. The pay taos, found in the girls bathroom which the bloody paper towns. Yet these actually it the report states that they are poor for tat was that they were bloody paper. Towns found in the trash can later the report says that these are tissues. So they had a trace of blood on them. It was from a flag girl who had gotten hurt during a practice and used the tissues just clean herself up so that the blood was confirmed to contain female dna. So not male dna right, the dried spatters on the wall that were found about fifty feet from the mat where kendrick was later found. was determined through dna testing, not to be kendrick blood.
It is not known who this blood belongs to an. If you look at these pictures of these blood drop its or whatever on the wall. There very dark did I even look read so they almost as look like some kind of crud could not in there, for sometime yeah. I think so- and there's a bunch of arguments that impossible that these one I've been cleaned off in passing, yeah, because my school so clean that I regularly eight off the floor. The off my high school, my middle school Both were I mean their relative, relatively clear right right right. This body, I mean they weren't, like doktor office, clean, not having arrest, there. There weren't even household, clean rhino. Now this shit,
have concluded at the conclusion of his four month, probe into hendricks death that it was a tragic freak accident that had occurred because of a person storm of events leading up to it, the sheriff and deputies emphasised that their lengthy investigation had been as thoroughly as possible and that the freak accident conclude, was the only possible one. There was no evidence whatsoever. They said of any kind of struggle or scuffle, either on kendrick body or in the gym, where he was found. rick had neither fatal wounds nor defensive wounds of any kind boeing the wounds on his hands, their worst abrasions. What's what was listed as abrasions on his hands on his fingers? Ring kendrick parents were not satisfied with the results of the autopsy and the sheriffs departments. Conclusion from the big
and they were convinced that kendrick death was not accidental. They were sceptical that kendrick really could have died. You know how could he died in such a bizarre way. How could there must he'll son fate inside this rolled up man wooden there at least be part of his legs, possibly sticking out of the map which they said appear to be just a little over six feet in height and a visible to students who entered the gym just fifteen minutes later and we agree, kind of talk through another one of the key johnson's questions. They wondered why nobody would have heard their son screaming for help. They wondered how did his sneakers get onto the top on top of him inside the mat? Unless someone had placed him, there seems to be conflicting stories on the food.
Where some people say that there is one shoe, you know that was behind him and one she that was still in front of him. So that's that's! It the thing to talk about? There was a shoe found on the gymnasium floor. Ok, there's a shoe found inside their shoes found inside the mat with kendrick the tree. One thing here is. We have two pairs of shoes now we also have students keeping their shoes inside these maps The loudest yeah yeah, several of them so have the shoes a kindred swearing. We have the shoes that he was presume. Going after and then we have other possible shoes belonging to other students. I don't know they were going to have a one hundred percent conclusion. In a grey answer on why the shoes were found in the positions that they were. My thought,
be that there was probably some squirming going on if he had fallen in their brain or if he was placed in there He was attacked and rolled up in this man. If he is he came to after being attacked, he would probably be. squirming as well. My so It is very tricky its tricky because it would look like somebody may have play some of these items in there, but I mean how did how did any of this stuff come about? I mean how Is there a chance if somebody drop some shoes in there after words not seeing his feet not seeing his socks in there, I mean the girl they found. Him was described having gone up on top of the mats and looking down inside, and we know that Jim, was being used regularly, even though it was the old Jim. We have students going in there just fifteen minutes. Afterwards, we have classes being can
it is well today, and then we have practices all night yeah so did some They use their jem she's for one of these practices and then there, like weight, is met. answer normally set down, horizontal, hmm, but neither vertical while others toss my shoes up there and then and then they fell on top of kendrick. Well, I think what we should do here, captain as I think we should get into the johnson's in their feeling: hendricks parents and their feelings and thoughts in that way two to lead us into these important discussions on indifferent items, so we can take a look at them. one by one, but knowing why there is such a debate on certain items so dense it was. It was kendrick father that saw his sons body in the crime lab in its its easy to understand why his parents felt that he had been beaten to death his kindred face here to be bloated, miss shaped there was
discolouration on his body there askin slippage and red eyes, though this must have been exceeded. Worryingly upsetting to the parents, to see they eventually posted picture on the internet. As you can go if you want as pre horrific after hearing the shares findings. After hearing the closure of the autopsy report. Kendrick parents began a campaign to uncover what had really happened to their son this this It's kind of way back when, because the day after his body was discovered, his parents contacted right. Bryn rows of these southern christian leadership conference. This is a civil rights organization, reverend rose promised the family that he would do anything he could to help. So we will will refer to them as the ssc elsie.
The essie elsie, began an investigation into the circumstances surrounding kendrick mysterious death at this time. The local chapter of the indigo, a c p, was voice. Entirely looking into the cases. Well, now that nonsense. They hired an attorney to help them pursue legal action in their quest to find out what happened to kendrick publics. many were made, claiming that kendrick death was racially motivated and that if kendrick had been white, the owl come of the investigation would have been different, the johnson began to I urge that there was, in institutional cover up concealing true facts around their sons. Death into it. Media outlets such as cnn, helped bolster the johnson's case by providing coverage raising questions about the sheriffs investigation and filing request for information to try to obtain
case files in evidence the cause started. Act attention hundreds of supporters began to march and rally demanding justice for kendrick accord to see an end. The demonstrations in the streets with chance of no justice, no peace, became almost a daily occurrence. After the sheriff had closed his investigation, AL sharp and attended One of these rallies seven members of kendrick family, were arrested in April two thousand thirteen for obstruction they were participating in a rally and blocking the entrance to the counties judicial complex, then a facebook tribute page was established by The family. One remember when I said they posted a picture of kendrick after the autopsy yeah. When he had to identify him, they took those pictures and they put them on t shirts and so a lot of these events
they'd be wearing, though shirts, yet in this has become a kind of a famous photo. I would say, because I believe, through this captain, you know when they were least that his parents releases picture online. They start wearing it on a graphic t right at these rules. these. In these events, I when people saw this photo. This is when the public, when the public outrage, started people really wanted this case to be reopened to figure out what had happened while it looks like kendrick was a beaten disfigured, and so, if you just hear young black student is murdered at school, and you see a picture of his face, you think Paul hack. Somebody beat him to death, but once you find out that he was trapped upside down and that all this blood is rushing to his face, that that is the reason
or at least part of the reason why his face looks that way. Well- and it say yeah, to put it bluntly- it's it's a black student at us, a southern school right yeah, that's not we know, we know the sad history of our country in some of the people that have lived in this country on the way, and it doesn't make it any easier to it. Doesn't get any easier to accept that this is an accidental death, giving the circumstances surrounding it, and so many questions surrounding it now Johnson's they began to make allegations about people specific people that they believe to be responsible for killing their son. The facebook tribute page named some boys who the Johnson stated had it out for kendrick. They pose that gruesome put picture that we talked about Nan with the caption. They said look what some
when did to our son. Now the johnson didn't name the boys outright that they believe were responsible, but it was pretty clear, too people in the area who they were referring to because a name day. You know they made some specific details about these end of it. rules, they made it pretty easy to figure out who they were now people the community they began to harass and threaten the boys and their family. The allegations became increasingly public appeal bring in the media through tv interviews and print publications, the job it is alleged that the coroner not being called for six hours gave law enforcement in the gym a chance to cover up. Why had really happen that day, Kenneth said that he went to identify hendricks body. The air in the cooler was not cold. It was warm, it was hot,
air. This implying that the coroner was attempting to destroy physical evidence on the body by speeding up the de composition process. Kendrick clothing disappeared, somewhere between the gb I, which conducted the official autopsy and the harrington fee rural home, which received the body improper nation for the burial, the transport company who picked up the bar from the gb. I signed an inventory receipt, acknowledging that it received hendricks personal effects when the body arrived at the funeral home all that accompanied it was a broken pair of headphones, the close have never been located right, ok, but that's it was transported from gb I to the funeral home and when, when they picked it up, there was closed there when they dropped it off. It wasn't so
That's the her! You know you want to blame somebody for the missing close blamed, the person that transported him, because if they signed that pay, we picked him up. There is close and when they dropped him off at the funeral home. The funeral home said: there's no clothes, then we know who took the clothes yeah. I don't think that this is the or misplaced them. I don't think that this is the parents blaming the gb. I I think this is the parents is pointing This is something strange that shouldn't have occurred. That happened right, so the clothing Heaven has never been found. Kenneth jackie. The parents allege that the missing clothing clothing likely can too. In evidence of physical struggle that the clothes had been destroyed by those out to cover up the actual. murder. They also point out that the original e m t's on the scene had noted bruising. There was no on the empty report, the gb,
pathologist did not note this bruising on the autopsy report, adding fuel to the fire. Abraham tired fbi agent, who looked at the crime scene, photos agreed with the family. This is Harold copious now works as a private detective. He could Sure why police didn't collect the sneakers with noble. on them into evidence So we're going to question you, don't I'm going to question anybody that doesn't tag and bag, everything that they can find, even if he don't think it has any validity at all in may of two thousand and thirteen. All of these questions led to the johnson's. This is, with the help of their attorney to get an exclamation to dig up. Hendricks remains for a second autopsy. The actual digging up of the casket was attended by family members. Teammates friends and supporters of the johnson's cause hendricks body was
two floor to florida. Pathologist doktor, William Anderson, for an autopsy paid for by the family and supporters. Doktor Anderson's autopsy report was explosive. It directly contradicted the original on top Findings of accidental death, Anderson's report stated that there was physical evidence of blunt force trauma to the right neck and soft tissues consistent with inflicted injury, anderson went on to state that the injury was likely inflicted by someone else in the death should be investigated as a homicide the kendrick Johnson, it seems as if its power
It's simple to accidental death. Then these little things come out makes you pretty suspicious that you know why. Why was it investigate this way? Why were these reports put out this way, and is this possibly murder and not accidental death. What had I think, what we are seeing here captain is that, in fact, that its absolute, that it's not that simple, that there were some quest, marks along the way there were some concerns by his family and we have now have this for the investigation that states that this was in fact an accidental death. Then once we get the the opportunity for a second autopsy we find out we're getting information that that might squash every that was found in that first investigation. The johnson's just may be right
in their son may have been killed, while thus dissect tomorrow, because low point of contention in our last debate on unless here you're viewpoints of my viewpoints in the sea if we can get to the bottom of any of this our eye. We will see everybody back here tomorrow in the garage until then be good, be kind and don't let this spring transform your outdoor space
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