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Kenneka Jenkins /// Part 1 /// 144

2017-09-26 | 🔗

Kenneka Jenkins /// Part 1 /// 144

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Earlier this month 19 year Kenneka Jenkins went to a hotel with some friends. They were joining others at the Crowne Plaza hotel for a birthday party. About four hours after arriving, Kenneka is reported missing. Police were not called but Kenneka's friends called her mother. Her mother raced to the hotel and requested the hotel staff's assistance in locating her daughter. There's good reason to question the amount of assistance offered by the hotel. Kenneka would later be found dead in a freezer at the hotel. Tonight we search for answers as we take a look at the death investigation of young Kenneka Jenkins.Beer of the week - 5 Lizard Latin-Style Witbier by 5 Rabbit BrewingGarage grade - 3 & 3/4 bottle caps out of 5

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