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Kenneka Jenkins /// Part 2 /// 145

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Kenneka Jenkins /// Part 2 /// 145

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Earlier this month 19 year Kenneka Jenkins went to a hotel with some friends. They were joining others at the Crowne Plaza hotel for a birthday party. About four hours after arriving, Kenneka is reported missing. Police were not called but Kenneka's friends called her mother. Her mother raced to the hotel and requested the hotel staff's assistance in locating her daughter. There's good reason to question the amount of assistance offered by the hotel. Kenneka would later be found dead in a freezer at the hotel. Tonight we search for answers as we take a look at the death investigation of young Kenneka Jenkins. Beer of the week - 5 Lizard Latin-Style Witbier by 5 Rabbit Brewing Garage grade - 3 & 3/4 bottle caps out of 5

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In new orleans, twenty twelve burst catch. Here I drove to an address some one had given him that didn't exist ass. He stood in the park. What were the address should have been? He was shot and killed. I'm You d, umbra, join me for the newest season of counter clock. As I die, The motive behind bruces murder, a series of events that have never been fully investigated until now binge all fourteen episodes of or clock season five wherever you listen to podcast asia, it connects an ode to part casts connect the alarm J the part cast. You stream connect this news. Ten more minutes to dream, connect a shower lather up with the news sports talk, comedians or movie reviews connect with that three. our philosophy show change the drive into work and trap. so slow connected dishes, two voices, they glow thing, You too, the geniuses of spoken audio,
and the stories change of respect connecting changes everything agency I the.
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I've got mine. You need to get your oars, that's enough for the business everybody gather round. Grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime. This is true crime garage. Then this is the key can you get things right
everybody for coming out power here today, because we need an open find out what happened to connect you sitting here, looking at her mother Teresa Martin, who one august sixteen under one, a double mastectomy and a couple of weeks later she travel to the crowd, was a hotel in search of her daughter, explicitly telling them and asking them to help her find her daughter asking them to show the video take. Because she knew her daughter was on the premises up to today's date. We still have not received the entirety of the video showing what happened to connect I would ask you to come here today, because they ve been a lot of things set out there in the media about what happened, including that there is some video
Take this showing and displaying her walk into a freezer. We ve been given some snippets of video I'd say less than Forty minutes, a video out of thirty six hours and none of that he'll shells can make a jenkins walking into a freezer. So still today we have the question and we are committed to finding out what happened to click it changes. snippets, show a young ladys, disoriented, lady, is in need of some attention, she's trying to find her way no one's from crown plaza hotel response to her. No one from crown plaza hotel is seeking to provide assistance to her for over a day approximately a day and a half. Apparently she was some. How down in this freezer- and they have no way
When are they haven't of his daily at house? one got into an area that clearly or peer was not being utilized and a freezer that apparently was on that being not being used in function function. So Mr Martin has asked us to conduct an independent investigation, we've committed to her that we will not stop until we get all of the video we will not stop until we get all of the recordings will not stop till you get all of the statements, because we want to give her an explanation. if she's entitled to an explanation as to what happened to her daughter and that he I can tell you that my line of work I have come across some very strong. But after hearing some of the night, when one takes, you haven't
that now mechanical smile, I've never met anybody strong. What she could do for her daughter was Limited are going to hear I'm sure they're going to end up releasing the nine one one tapes you're going to actually see- hopefully they'll release it today. Hopefully, we can get today. the video we ve been asking for for the last forty eight hours, but you wouldn't want to hear when those tapes are released. Martin call and asked time and time again, please check the video tapes at the hotel. My daughter is missing. She went after having an infection in her chest after having a double secondly stepped over five o clock in the morning, begging the hotel to please just shut the video games in a vacuum that may sound innocuous, but will be spent.
You, the media What a and thirty hours of faith. they never looked for they never check they never searched. They never did anything wildly. Nineteen year old, disappointed, groundless sitting in their freezer. It has to be an answer to how that happened. There has to be an answer to what, Why is teresa sitting here having now to go over to the corners to pick up her child? on their reality in their hotel in their freezer. All they had to do was watching. I guarantee this guarantee. We will get to the bottom of it. We will only go to other facts, leaders for once we are. There
we will have that. I promise that I promise there are a lot of people wondering what happened to this young lady. This is a community concern she's a nineteen year old girl who was apparently found in a freezer after day after day and a half of being asked for, she's been asked they asked for videos for day, and I have the money into the front desk asking, will you please look at the videos from the very beginning that nothing but resistance from the proposal I didn't ever see contact there. All of you have been able to reach reach me and call me, and we have never seen yeah well, it's not like they don't know where our rogers and smithies bring the tape out. It's the heart that that's what you Stu Ottawa sound like the national. That's what you call spin what would happen? He read their mad because the protest
If going to tell you anything they want what we want to know if they offered it. I can't send a messenger. They can send somebody over here with the tape right now and they could prove us wrong. So that's my point. What we want to do it? Where is it? We want to see I'm not gonna, worry about the last forty eight hours. I'm gonna worry about the next forty years. I want to know windless a mother you're a grieving mother is going to see the paper in the next forty eight hours. When you can answer, then, when they can answer that can be forty dollars. Get us to take math get us the tape that yes, I think Betty first love him I want to know what happened I want to see all I want to see her actually walking into this freezer and closing, as I flipped in is freezing freezing to death ratio is not important to me right now until I know what happened
some of that come up, but they may be good. I don't know as of right now am I concerned about looking for or what I'm not, but I'm not trying to do. I'm not trying to have an answer and get the facts to support my ass. I want to have my facts that will lead me to the answer, because that's what it'll do to her if this was a Are they come in here and give use whatever spent? I want No- and I are gonna, do that you want. We truly- you wanna know what happened so that we can have this poor woman. No, what happened the day. That's all this is we had a child who is dead, a mother doesn't know why and that's the only thing. And I are trying to get everything
I can go to the wayside, because I know what it's like to be a father and I know what it's like to have a sick child. I can't imagine what it's like to have, one that is deceased and you don't know why. That's all we're trying one of the first thing she said to her when she called was, did you call the urgently needed help she's on tv asking the same questions find out she stole into the front desk not getting any assistance, and I told I'm glad you gotta help I don't know what Mr Holmes army didn't. I have no idea what, finally, to our investigation, its aroma. I understand is the media case. I understand that, but that really doesn't affect us. We're not moved by any protests were not moved by any any protester.
Or activists we are only moved by trying to find out what happened other than that, I don't make it, but I don't care because that doesn't get me to where we need to be, which is. Why is committed, That's where we need to be. the mysterious death investigation of young nineteen year old connected jenkins. It has led us to this captain we ve, you ve seen the video we ve talked about what we saw in the video, but We would be remiss if we didn't talk about what others are saying is hiding in the frames of that video and to give this car
have a good overview, is that there are a few spots or out these little video snippets that we ve seen you know some of these might be shy. those that some people say that they see a man waiting to jump out at can ega. Some say that they see two guys. or maybe even a guy, in a girl following her at different times during the these snippets that we ve seen there's one portion in particular where people say that they can see a hand reaching out from aside hallway. This is where she kind of turns back to the camera stumbles a bit and there's a hallway to her right. It would be to our left, as we view her, where it looks like almost like. So much is very quickly sticks out their hand and tries to grab her her jacket or her life. This very well could be I've looked at this portion of the video over and over again, and I in full honesty here there have been a cup
times where I thought I saw a hand, the majority of the time I think I'm just seeing a shadow or some kind of reflection, and that may give an appearance of something coming out from that hallway. While I think it depends on how much you've been drinking well, the the other thing too. As you know, I don't know that everybody's this way, but I am if I sit there and I watched something- too many times in a row, I might start seeing something that that isn't there, you know what I mean but but my overall opinion of that is the dad is some kind of shadow that she is casting on the corner of that wall as she's moving closer to it, one all these clips, her pixelate. It saw him in some of that makes a little bit harder to distinguish what you're, seeing now there's one spot. In particular, that's been of
great interest, and this would be at the end of the video- and I say the ended- the video, because these are all kind of snippets it are thrown together- to create this full length, quoting quote full length. Video we ve seen, we know we're not seeing all the footage, but there's a portion where she walks to what I believe is some type of freezer or back portion too that kitchen, where they say that you can see a guy or arm trying to grab her p her in that direction. A lot of people, including myself, believe that that's where that freezer is located, I hate to kind of flip there hang on its side and tell you that we are wrong myself included, but I have heard of a recent interview with one of the gens men. You heard the two gentlemen there that are representing can he could Jenkins family the two lawyers? Yes, So there is a recent thing they came
interview with him where he stating that after they had walked the hotel and after they were able to compete, what they saw on those video snippets to what they saw in real life, walking, hotel. Looking at the walls and the floors and the doors and everything he saying that that kitchen we see her in at the end of the video it it's not the freezer. It's not the same kitchen that she was eventually found in ryan, like we said before that, there's these kind of remote kitchens that they set up for different events if they run out a ballroom or something like that for a wedding or reunion or something so it's possible that shoes and multiple remote type kitchen and that doesn't mean that there is not a person they're kind of grabbing. pulling her leading her in some type of direction. That doesn't mean that it just means that you know when you they're ok we're seeing the last seconds before she's going into the freezer. That
probably not the case, it is probably more what this gentleman says that that's not the kitchen that she was eventually found it. I did get on the hotels website. I you know captain. You know that I'm not the best guy for these type of task for internet, I couldn't locate like a like a lay out or for plant of the hotel, but you know if you go the library with them, help take you that card catalogue, you how it's done you're doin skippy, but the thing here is kept. I did notice when I was on that particular website that particular hotel. Had multiple. They had multiple there's a restaurant there's like kind of a quick grab and go kind of thing So it wouldn't surprise me if we're dealing with multiple quit kitchens and then on top of that, this is considered like a conference centre type rosa.
so it's a larger one where they're going to host events like you had mentioned weddings and thought and stuff of that nature. So, who knows how many kitchens are in that hotel now But to be honest with you, there is one spot, there's only one spot for me that I have a big problem with there's a tiny little spot on the tape that ice, the I feel I see something that if these videos are not altered in any way. Well, then this shouldn't be there. There is just a split second when she is this, is I guess, when she first walks into the kitchen, where I see can add down, and you can clearly see her hair hanging in front of her and but you see a face and it's it's not connecticut face it. It appears to be like a a young black man's face wearing a hoodie or a dark hoodie,
I can't say with one hundred percent certainty that that's what I'm seeing it could be some kind of illusion. It could be any number of things. Reflections shadows are anything like that, but I believe that I'm seeing her with her head down in something or some one. That might be just to the side of her. You know walking walking with her she's on her feet, but if this is true, what I'm seeing it almost appears like this person would be guiding yeah. It's definitely a hundred percent, not true. I have seen because look freeze the frame it does look like somebody's behind her holding her up. Maybe there's arm round her waist and there's a hoodie, and you see a face ring if you freeze the frame, but the couple steps it takes her for it to get into the kitchen you don't
by now. I get that and you don't see anybody afterwards right so did this this anomaly. Does I mean you, don't know what what what persons are saying is it. This is what you said. Well, hang on a site, you put words mamma, you just said can remind the tape now. I know what I said, but I want. I want to be very clear about this. What people are saying that you are seeing their did? They have photoshopped somebody out of the video and this was a portion where he is visible and they did not catch it before they photoshop this out. Ok, so you're saying they foot there, and this is what the conspiracy guys and girls are saying that there's there's been somebody photoshopped out of portions of this video rank, more so than the than the one that I say I see something you know they're talking about
her being followed in the hall ways and in there were shadows that were forgotten to be removed, that they just removed the person. All I'm saying here is, I said I can't say with one hundred percent certainty that I'm seeing a person there, what I, what I'm saying is for a second there for that split. Second, I see something that I cannot explain. I cannot say if it's connected by yourself, I cannot say if these conspiracy, people or or wrong. You know I I'm just when I there's one very tiny little spot where I see something that I can't say with one hundred percent certainty, what I am looking at like I said we just watched it so that ad that one spot it's like well, that's weird can't explain that. But again you have very bad cameras. You got a lot of pixelation, so it's very hard to tell
You know it'd take a lot of work to photoshop somebody out. I think, when the reasons why, when you hear this conspiracy theory and make some sense is because the way in which she is moving is so unnatural at some point and right, leaning back so far where it's like. It's almost like she hats, you know she has to be being guided by something and- and I think that's when you watch it and then it's amazing, if some I said to you here, watch this clip and by the way some eight is walking beside her, but they photo chapter out. He go while that makes some logical sense, but you know how much work it would take for them to photoshop Somebody I'll know I understand it. It would be very difficult and that's why. I think that if somebody did do that, there's a chance, they made a mistake somewhere along them along the lines there
hear me out to you? Don't follow the money if there is this suspect that is guiding her from the party we should assume from the party and led her in to the freezer, then this is murder. You charge that person with murder is the hotel at fault, or they liable for anything odds are no, I think you're onto something here, because I think I don't know the legality of the whole thing as far as law suits go, but I would have to believe that, yes, if you have video somebody leading her to the freezer you're a lot. Less liable than if she's walking by herself yeah. I believe that I think you're onto something there and you're right so who has control the tapes so you're going to say that this hotel is so
there there either trying to cover their ass so much or their so racist that they photoshopped out the suspect. Well, I'm not saying that they did not saying you I'm saying, but What I am saying is that kind of set them so was up for that in may, when you don't, when you hold onto the tapes when you make a delay in releasing them, when you won't at the mother, see them You delay getting them to the police. Will then people on question what they are seen and why why it takes so long for it to get to the rest of us. I don't,
question them on how long it took for them to get the tapes to the mother or to their attorneys or to law enforcement. Don't question that because we got lot of footage that they had to sift through and may be again. Maybe they had a call. I t person, there are people, you know I I'd play in chain bars n. If there was a problem with the sound system, they didn't have anybody in town that could fix it. There's plenty of sound companies that could fix it in town, but because they're a big chain. They have one guy and he lives in florida. So we have to fly him right, so there could have been some. I t guy that attic. You know, fly out or drive a couple hours.
sift through all the information cut. The clips like we were saying before the five seconds here and there that make no sense. You don't need those edit em down, give them to the people. I'll have an issue with that. The big issue I have with the hotel and what frustrates me to no end- you have a mother that comes down that is, you know, seems like a very nice person seems like a very intelligent person Sheets dream she doesn't yeah she's, not screaming, and especially on the name when one cause she's very cop, come could collect. She comes down hours after her daughters found missing or, if not found missing, but reported missing is asking for the tapes. Then you should be reviewing those tapes. They should review those tapes and look at it.
They don't have to have the mom, see those tapes, but if there were a review, those tapes there would have been able to find her daughter and possibly should still be alive today and that's what that's my biggest problem with the hotel I agree. I agree. I dont think that they did everything immediately that they could have in should have and therefore who know just go ahead and say kisses programme garage. They didn't do the due diligence right right and who knows what the outcome would have been if this process was sped up quite a bit bonn. This is not the only footage that we need to discuss no cause there. There is footage of the actual party itself inside the hotel. More and it looks like you, said about thirty people in there and probably ages. Eighteen to twenty five. I would guess that's what was reported as roughly about thirty people yeah, I didn't count heads
when, when I was view in the video but I'd say roughly thirty people, some of them hard to watch, because the do not professional camera people at tat. Yeah? This is filmed on somebody's phone and at times the party scene during this video anyway seems very loud, I believe, people are smoking in hotel room? There is there's only really two things that I want to point out once kind of small and one is very big, in my opinion, the first one, it is. There is a man they're young man whose, in the in the middle of the party and at some point I clean really hear him say to another person that all was at the manager or all the manager just left it. What gather from that. Is that at some point the manager programme, com, this room or to that floor, because the party was so loud, probably not on the door spoke the somebody for a brief second or two, and then what I was a little surprised by just five minutes that I saw
on the video that the party wasn't broken up there lately seem to me like they were. They were doing things on this video that shouldn't know been allowed in that in within the walls of that hotel. That makes you wonder, though, did they know this manager, I mean you can't smoke in a hotel anymore, and I can't believe I from what I saw. I would be shocked if, when he opened up the door here, she the manager, opened up the door that they didn't see. obvious signs immediately of of that rule being broken as some people just don't want to do their jobs, though so it's ike. I guess that's the first thing that I that I spotted now that I think the big thing that I spotted is that allow these women do not look twenty one and its clear that people drinking right, so you know
it's the smoking or the drinking. It's like hey. Well again, like I said. I believe it would have been very easy to spot that there are several rules or laws being broken within those that hotel room that would have been cause to break up that party or notify the authorities. Why need a break up this party were quick, will be right back hapless click beer break, let's take a second and talk about two of the grossest words in the english. Language dog food dog food is literally how we describe food so grow. our tongues. One touch it with a ten foot. Pole economic sense. Kibble is
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I am doing, diane repeal and I'm jessica, saint clair, and where the host of the deep dive todd cat, no just you and I spend every week talking about mother products. We love grieve. It's basically of girls, night weary don't even have to wear pants and honestly we're having a lot of fun doing it hope you join us on the deep die, listened to the deep diamond stature, apple plot cats or wherever you're. Listening to this now the the our rights cheers made. We are back. Ok, we're talking about video foot, from the actual party itself. There was for
on somebody's cell phone. Yes, orgasm like facebook live or maybe snapchat, and to give a kind of a quick run down of what the video is it appears that somebody is one showing themselves at this party, but also they kind of cannot go past each person almost and in one side of the poor. and as they do that you can see behind some people that appear to be sitting down. You can see connect behind these people. If not can ega it somebody that has the exact same hairdo an exact same outfit, on ok, you're, exactly right. So then, where near the end of this, video is the thing that I think is a big deal. It shows, I believe, three girls. and the restroom the doors open and they all appear to be king in the mere and may be fixing their hair fixing their make up. There are other, but I'm guessing. There might be
drinks that are being made at this counter top as well, and the reason why I say that is that one of the girls, when she's done doing whatever she's doing it's hard to see her, like, I said, there's multiple people in a small room and you're, seeing it from an angle, You can clearly see her leave the restroom with the drink, and she says something to the fact of this drink. As for her or I'm gonna give this drink to that girl. Oh now, when the wind, the film the video shuts off she? seen walking in the direction of canada. That leads me to wonder the big question that we have had from the go on this was she drugged? Did somebody feed her? Something did put her in this state that messed up this bad in this Is it not one hundred percent proof? You know it's not open and shut case here, but it seems very strong,
to me that I see this girl saying those exact words all this. This is for her. This drink is for her. I'm gonna give this drink to that girl. Almost like she's telling her friends dad don't take it yeah. I doctor this one up. This aim for you guys this is for her and I'm walking in her direction special drawing not a lot of girls in that same direction that she's walking there or other girls. It could been somebody else than she was talking about but there is not a lot of other girls in that direction. She was walking what super fascinating the mean. Clearly wits had to stop. cause. I didn't see what you saw originally and you can clearly see like it's almost like girls are scheming in the bathroom. Ah, and then it clearly says hear her say when she walks out of the bathroom I'm going to give this to that girl over theirs or something like that, and but once she walks past, it's like
There wasn't enough time to hand her the drink, so she there said the drink down on the table and it was like a drink or was for some way further in the room, but ah, but the video cuts off right about that time too. Well, yeah, yeah yeah, just just shortly after she, Just past can eat. I guess they that I find most strange about. This is in the clips that we just watch these out after facebook lie videos or step chappie, his whatever the thin. As most fascinated me as every time that you see can ega that I don't see a drink in our hand right, so that that is how they it's so drunk so fast. You re right and if somebody didn't drug her, I believe she was a man I mean I said, and less of it says I can't hold back. I mean, I think, that's this extra proof now, these clips are very small, their minutes long in, but you
you see, or at the beginning the video no drink, compliments go buy. You see her again, no drink so someday. So my walk around like a zombie, he, how doesn't get that way you know unless she had a drink in your hand and that girl leaving the bathroom clearly says. I'm gonna give this drink to that girl over there. Clearly says that, and you cannot see what's going on at the on that countertop in the bathroom. Who knows who knows the elbow yeah? What did she give her, that drink I know, but what it is evidence of is that there are people making drinks for other people yep and so the possibility of her getting a drink that had something in it like roof heat or whatever. I think that was planned, though, and this is like I said this is not just like a death.
a situation as this will be a martyr investigation. Will we get a lot more to get to captain because there's also a video of Irene roberts? Now remember, I said she's the one that I believe was having her birthday party at the hotel and there's a video of her where she is. This must be facebook alive. and she is wearing a pair of reflective sunglasses- and there's a lot of people speculating as to what they can see in the reflection of a work of her sunglasses? There are some people that on a second- and I just want say to all the true crime army people out there- they have spent six hours, sometimes eight hours, watching a video like this see something and glasses, I feel for you I told you- I got lost for three days-
I went down into my basement and then I emerge said five hours later after watching all kinds of videos looking in people's glasses. Looking in the collections of meares and windows and listening to things headphones on and then with them off and then slowing them down and speeding them up, trying to figure out what I'm here now. Ok, so what what's in these classes? What do people? I think alright, so that there are a few. There is actually a lot of things that people think and think that they're hearing and seeing I'm going only go through the things that I somewhat make sense. Well that What makes sense in that? This is in the same sense, that I cannot disagree with these people. I can't say one hundred percent
what I am hearing or what the intentions of those words are. But I can't disagree with the people that have pointed these things out. The first thing that this should be discussed is that at some point, its believed that you can see can mika in the reflection of these glasses and that she appears to be paid. now on the bed- and this would be away from this irene roberts person- I cannot- say that that's not can there? I can't say one hundred percent, that it is. The genes is what see in her reflection diseases like rip jean. Yes, the gene that I see to me if I had it a gene line up, I would pick those is, as can eat his cheeks. So I cannot disagree. That there's another portion on there- and this is somewhere between the two twenty two to fifty five mark into this video, where the the girl sitting next to
green sheen leanings in says something to the girl. Now a lot of I believe that she is saying there they are in their rape in that girl, fuck, which I can't tell exactly what she saying irene, responds to this. As I told you clear to me that irene says I told you, but I cannot say one hundred percent, that that's what that girl says to her. now. The mark in this is alive. Things are going to be answered with autopsy, and a lot of things will be answered with a toxicology report as well, and so I mean there's been no reports that there was any sexual assault or anything. So why not know this sooner than later. Now. One thing I do want to point out that I spent a lot of time on and I want to save you all the time out there is that if you start looking into this
green roberts is videotaping herself on a cellphone several times during this video. She picks up a cell phone and answers a call, ok and you can eat you're her say we're in room nine, twenty six telling somebody to work in the parking lot, she asked this phone more than once I've done some surgeon. I've been able to figure out that the phone that she's talking on is actually her phone, the phone that recording. This facebook live video on, girl named mount bonita, mony fa shelton, it's her fault, her parents like her too much and too name or my feet now. What's her name Monica now have them finding after finding evidence and reports that that was the situation with the phones. I believe this to be true because at some point she does hand off the phone she's recording the video two mony fa. Who then takes it into another room there?
One part on this on this video, where people say that they can hear connect, saying help me and then people speculated well, they must be attacked. her on this bed, where you ve, potentially see her doubt or laying backwards on if those are in fact her genes. I I actually disagree with this. I do here something that sound somewhat. Like help me There is music, that's being turned on and turned off there in the video they're, trying to listen to some kind of some kind of wraps or, and this song they're trying to play it through, I believe through youtube and because- You hear you hear irene complain about the internet connection or about the phones are not working right,
I believe there trying to play this, sir. You tube in its cutting off because they're losing the connection, and you hear the vocals kind of go in and out, Is it stops they go in and out again, I personally what I think I'm hearing is not a girl saying help me I leave that I'm hearing some skewed version, of those lyrics because, like us, music is turning on and then turning off again. My problem with that theory is one will know once we get the autopsy back, but the problem with that theory is he got in the videos of her walking around the hotel room. This is something that is completely out of their mind, and so if they drugged her and then they raped her that for her to then have her outfit. Back on you, I mean an because, even though she is walking like she's in a hole.
Not on a whole other planet. I mean her outfit still intact, run Shoes are on their tied, so said the idea or the tissues suspect that they dragged her and raped her, and then redress or she was able to dress yourself. I know him and they should be able to address herself and then then they just put her on the whole range of wandering around while the put the problem with that is as far as these, here we go and what we think we might be seen we are hearing in these videos. The problem is, you know, Yes, what we're, assuming that this video was taken before she seen out, wandering the hawks in she was missing for bad for, so many hours before her body was found,
and I know that they they reported her missing it like, for I'm just call it into question what time are these videos from? If that makes any sense it at this point, I've gotten in this case- I am questioning everything gagged well, see. and what we talked about earlier is correct. The fighter flight mentality could you imagine? Let's say they that somebody did drug her and maybe she's lying on a bed cause she's, not fillin, so good and maybe maybe there is talk. You know somebody says all they're gonna rape, her or something like that. Because that's what a lot of the speculation is is that they invited her to this party and yak. She was friends with these people, but it was at this point of the relationship where it was like. You know what we're, not friends with her anymore and we're going to be
you don't we're going take this way too far and we're gonna get her all drugged up and and they're gonna raper, and this is gonna, be pay back for something Yeah I'm saying well, yeah yeah, that's the spit, that's what people are speculating, and so my thought is, though, the way she yeah. She is in another world when she's walking through these halls, and it's almost like she has some destination and and there are so many times that she leaned back so far that you can't believe. That's why people think someone's photoshopped out cause you came and believe that she stayed standing but I think she is running from something I'm what she's running from is probably what drugged her or what she's trying to flee, and I don't think, somebody's chasing her
I'm just saying that whatever happened in that room, it got to a point where she's, like I gotta, get outta here and when she took off, nobody was trying to chase her, but all that is the cause of her death and that's what's going to end up being a murder case. well. Do you wanna hear some information that has been on social media- and this is you know- I am I like when something like this happens- I'm not a big social media person, but I've seen people in the past commit crimes they brag about it. or they can't stay off a social media, and we all know how rope works. If you give them people enough rope. They hang themselves and I wanted, take some time here and present some things that have been on social media regarding some bickering, going back and forth from people that were at the hotel that night and I'll go the information, I'm gonna, have to try to clean it up a little bit as I go through it.
There is one word in particular that I will just replace it with thick newton now just replace it with really nice guy okay. So this is the first post that we have in this states. This is from one of the young girls was at the party. All we wanted to do was enjoy ourselves for renee birthday. We, that, but who would have known are smiles would have gone quickly. Changed into france can Martin. You heard it us with this one. We all was just turn up together after you knew you was to let you wanted to lay down and am apps made sure of that. Why nita I'm guessing she's referring to mony for there why neither couldn't just leave you instead of picking you up so that you could leave you. Was in our eyesight till they took you out the room.
Nobody knows w e f. What happened outside that room now in there's something that sounds like it's almost a response to that this. This is from beneath Howdy How do you responded that, while this is this for money, if I'll read it and you can take- you draw your own conclusions here says, I saw can eager wasn't behind me. We got the look in every. In tat, hotel room was lacking and didn't nobody bothered to get tee f up and help us. I look for her to the top floor to the bar I was knocking on em apps door ropes. I look The car was at and everything for you all to sit on here and keep saying shit. We know aft up, we was drunk deputy f, you all stay in san
Our fault like that shit is so f in lame man, We all want to switch the story around. I'm waiting to talk to the police. If I m F knew some, I would it, sir I would have said son told her mom, who all there. You you, the boys was and everything while a mere like her name, but I think, there's more important things to talk about in her name here now but well. My point is this: I am, I made of her name. I prohibition of his what she's, actually saying is meant in other sat, sounds like there's, some truth that we have. This drunken
vigil and for some reason they left the room, they leave the room and she turns back around and she's not with her anymore. So and then she goes and looks for and possibly as one of the people that ends up call her parents are corner mother and then what she is is doing. The same guess what you idiots yeah guess we're all drunk, but this girl went missing nobody help me out and nobody went looking for right in what you say and then she said and basically you guys are bunch of idiots and I went looking and he just set therein did not and by the way I told all the cops about you. So I mean that's what sounds like she sane and if that, if that is the true statement that I commander, because you know if your friend goes missing or even acquaintance goes missing from a party, be a freak, inhuman. And try to find her well, there's more captain and there's these are all from. I
them to be from monica, ok and I'm remember, I'm going to replace a certain word with a really nice guy a really nice guys. So we have me in canada left out the room, because them really nice guys was acting weird ain't saying no names when we left they was following us. So I told her to let's just go back in the room because they Gonna leave us alone by them. we were on a different floor. She goes to say we was already drunk bro. We no, what was really happening. They already feel in all up on canada, a lot but or irene even went live now. What I think she's owing to their is remember, I said: Irene roberts did a live video. She saying that before this point They, these dues were already feel up on canada f in really nice guy in red was talking to his friend sand,
He bet two hundred dollars that he gonna f canicans by the end of the night and this time she was really drunk. Yes, they kept giving her drinks and s and stood there on my behalf and watched her drunk okay, so they are given our drinks. and shit, is what was your second okay and why didn't know if it was just ass and then I'm then I'm wondering you know, is esa type drug lit now now science. So I am going to read these clean em up a little bit at the same time. Are you said this hand me read em, cause I'll, say it me and can Nikko split up. Side of the hotel room. Yes, we both left out. She agreed to go to the third floor I agreed to stay on that floor, but to be low, key and I should have just went with her but see they need are like otto correct answer.
Well sometimes their shortening the words. You know just to be faster types and other types of bad words. But there's there's a story, that's forming here in this and I think it's starting to get easier to follow along, so that this continues. Maybe listen. Listen, it was minute before I decided to go back to the room and when I did the really nice guys wasn't there. I was asked where they go and where is my best friend. They said they had laughed and said they was leaving, but they Russian and shit. Ok, so impossible suspects, brighton She goes on to say we was drunk in on some place dog. We should away she was drunk and on some play shit dog. We was drunk and on some place dog, ok, so that that is some kind of drug reference. I'm guessing
we shouldn't, have actually split up and went on different floors, dog When I went down to the floor, she wasn't there, of course, and neither was the guys They were nowhere in sight. Brow I started to panic. Brow, oh, am g against us he's panicking. Has she doesn't know where these guys are or a friend wall or both yeah yeah? Now I'm going to kind of some up this next portion, because she takes a lot of words to please do explained to us that she says are already put phone and keys in my purse in the room what she said. Is that that's remember they add canicans phone and keys. She saying that that took place well before can eco got lit and remember
I pointed out that she that she didn't bring a purse into the party with her that we could see right, I'm guessing that they went up to the party and she's. Like can you hold my phone and my keys for me because we're going to be dancing and and drinking and hanging out with all these, with with everybody and ones really and arresting to say the least. She says I feel effing stupid brow. I just want to kill myself brow, as before we started drinkin. I told everyone that I dare one of us to go in the freezer and stay in there put it on live before we leave that everybody knew where the freezer was, but I am trying to nail this down captain, but I have not been able to do so to say one hundred percent, but one of the girls that was at the party worked at the hotel. She had either was currently work.
at the hotel or had previously worked like. I said they brought new the manager. Somehow I've seen reports that state that Irene roberts worked at the hotel and I've seen reports to save money, If Shelton worked at the hotel from what I can, either it's it's one or the other. It's not both but I am unable to nail down which of the two girls was working at the hotel. I don't think that matters too much well, but the thing here is, it might mean some truth to watch. Saying that that's why everybody knew where the freezer was at was did this. This is report as a portion of the hotel that wasn't being used for any he's in at all, it has actually been reported on several occasions. Is a vacant the vacant part of the hotel? So yes, I type so
if that worked, there would obviously know where this freezer was located right, but she's saying that she dared somebody to go into the freezer and do a facebook live. I don't get this either I mean you're at a party. You don't need to be. You want abroad, has that everybody for what was the point? I don't know, but I dont know what up what the point is of a lot of these these session. Of going back and forth where people are talking to each other? choosing one another of different stuff what they knew to blame. As far as who was at the party and then putting it on where a lot of people can see an and again there, sir not tanya everybody, that's at the party, in other still people that were at the party that they don't have names for and yeah, that's which I still find ridiculous. So so the question here is so she she was daring people to go and do facebook.
in the freezer and that's how people knew where the freezer was today like walk past this and then choose Ike see in there I don't know all I can go off of. Is that short paragraph? You know the other thing too is this, could just be complete ps, you know, and I'm just going to put out this bs. You know that in the aid that I think that's what it is. I think a lot of these back and forth. Social media comments are just bs and they're trying to- clever way cover their asses. Well, then, here's another separate interaction between two people- and this is from buddy going by the name of shooter, and I bet leave one of the men at the party that night mcgowan was nickname. Shooter and apparently this interaction is between him and irene roberts- and this is a lot of a lot of questions as well,
in our country you read through. This is very short, but You're says what what you go pop in fort. night you and your friends and I responds back going to this hotel. I got for my birthday. Let me, in my partners slide through try to make two hundred dollars she responds hell yeah. He says your friend dis me and I'm trying to get that. She says. Ok, don't make it obvious. I need the two hundred bucks her. I need the two hundred when you walk in. He says: ok same with you all. Are it's gonna be a Sorry, ok same with your, we are, or it's gonna be problem, I'm rape her. She was, hans. I ain't been like in that bitch for a long time, and I could use that two hundred right. So what is how this crap mean welded? Well, we're still sifting
crap here captain we are more because there there's another there's another one. This is from a person book going by the hand of young rails, I've never felt so dumb and so smart at the same time. Well, he says young. Rio says we didn't mean to kill her. She had a heart. Tat while we was rape, her huh? You all know why we put her in the freezer later. Ok. So what can we? What can we draw from any of this now, but there's there's not much. evidence if any evidence that somebody actually put her in the freezer. so do I know of that. We know what right right, because there is footage that hasn't been released bright boy again, then, why would the cops say that this is a death investigation and not a murderer? Investigation of they have video footage of people put in her into a freezer I'm with you captain. I dont think that they have that. I don't think that they have any obvious proof for evidence that that happen
I think that we have this weird convoluted situation. They got out of hand. Can somebody ended up dead but I believe there is a lot of people to blame for this. I think that there is a lot of Well that no, what happened? No, who was probably involved, they ve, not come. Forward. With those stories they ve told some of em on social media if those of those posts and every that I just read to you: are people being honest and calling portions of the story it if it slaps together a pretty quick and easy story. For me, the figure She went up to the room with with people that she thought were her friends. She partied with these people. There were this group a guy's there. There was probably up to no good. They were looking to get with a girl time, megan trouble in the neighborhood, probably get with her give this, one guy was targeting her. As you know, we have some interaction between and irene really some point. She gets drugged
Maybe somebody set her up. One of those girls are one of the guys sets. This are right, but that text message to me sounds like a plant, you know that's what, when Austria they set this up and then, when she's passing out one can eat us passing out on the bed or try To go somewhere whack out, so she can sleep. This thing often feel better. In the morning her friend mony fa decides a good idea to get her up. Or around take her out of hotel room- and some reason they're out there with this group of guys. One of them are several, them. Targeting can ega following them around and at some point they decide to speak up, she leaves her friend or goes elsewhere. Maybe connect goes elsewhere. These guys they take off, he's told when she gets back to the room and doesn't see, can eager she's told by her friends that guys left while they said they left. Ok
well then I go back to where I think can he cares and she's not there are neither these guys aren't there either. You know so I, think it you painted that, but with a guy is santa, then she has a heart attack. Why were open gear in that's that's where the toxicology report an autopsy, comes back into play. Like you said, the toxicology could very well be the holy grail to this case, and I think- and I hope, here's what I hope. I hope that once they for when once they firm that up a little bit and an have a manner and a cause of death. I hope they dont release that the public. I hope that they keep that to them selves- and I know this is a case where everybody screaming for more information and more things to be released the public, but I think the police need to keep that themselves because it I dont know how much of these texts, facebook, post and things like that are true. I think there is some truth in these.
and I think that somebody in that group has cook their goose man and I think that once the police have certain amount of evidence and a certain amount, and they have reason to believe that this was a homicide. I think they can go to some peep some of these people, and I think you get some of them to talk. Yeah my and they might not even need them to talk that might have the information right on social media, and I think that, like I said, I think, they're several people in this group, that may be. They don't know one hundred percent, what happened, but I think there are some people in this group that start peace in their stories together. It starts to fill out that timeline quite a bit and we can narrow thing down a bit now. There's another insane were rumour that has so there's another kind of
there's another rumor out there. A big rumor that is a whole nother rabbit hole. Yes, and this would be that this, this murder, let's go ahead and say Kenny, because situation was a murder and that her murder would be tied to a previous one. and this took place in two thousand and fourteen there's a man by the name of Joshua Martin. He, along with some other people, killed. I by the name of Corey Williams. How does this tie in well actual martin. The rumor is, is, can you cause older brother? Did there there related, so basically, her older brother killed somebody, yes and then this would be a revenge killing yeah. a fatal shooting I some type of shootout possibly, but we a person and in I've been on the fence about this for days, because there there are two people that are named. Two guys that are named in social media with
first and last name as people that should be suspects and I don't know that I can say their names and and I hate to hold back from your. But the thing is. I don't know that I can confirm that these people were at the party Now there are people in this inner circle that are saying these people were at the party. But what is the time in here other than just josh, joshua being can Yucas older brother, while the tie in is that This person who has been named on the internet is supposed to be my niece as boyfriend and somebody that has supposedly been seen in videos of the party now don't know this guy. So I can confirm that I saw him in those videos. What I can say is if this person mony fas boy- friend and will give him the name th if he was at the party or and if
in fact, mony fas boyfriend, I've, I've seen video of him and this is another one of these facebook live deals where he appears to be bragging that he's no longer in chicago on this. Facebook live video and the rumor is that he had left shortly after kennicott was disappeared or was discovered that he left Chicago shortly after that, and they have not been able to locate him or contact him to speak with him about that night was praised, simple th right, so this report's gonna come out, The reports are going to come out, they're going to start investigating this as a murder and that th is going to stand for the hunt and they'll start hunting this individual. I tell you what captain here's here's my deal right now, I'm at a situation where I've seen kennicott mom talk. I've. I've watched her and interviews
I do want to throw out there. I know that there were protesters in front of the hotel. She did something that I commend her foot. Or she told all the protesters. This is to be a peaceful gathering. This is to be a peaceful meeting. we're trying to make awareness here we're not trying to make a scene, so I Men her for that I I want to be sad for her. I want to be for her. The problem is this is where I'm out right now, I'm so angry about this thing. I haven't got to the sad part, yet I could not for me, and I see it on her face and I feel I feel for her, but I am. I am so angry that this happened. This girl in this hotel surrounded by people that were supposed to be her friends, and I cannot get over the fact that I've I believe I dont know what the true this here captain. I know we presented a lot of different things, but I believe, as I said before, I say it again. I think several
people there that night have a good idea what happened and there are keeping their mouths shut or the talking to the wrong people and we need to get this thing clear. I'm so angry at these people. I really am an end. number they angry at these very nice gas well know here problem. This is what I'm very angry about its people. She went there going. She went there that night thinking surrounded by people that were her friends and I've. I've seen several things go down, they tell me I don't know she had a friend in that entire group at a threat, a thirty people, not if any, if in the end, it was a decent human being in the well in the thing here at a thirty people, not one person could have been her friend that night, when it counted when it counted so I hear
Here's where I don't write a comfort myself and where I try to feel good and feel better about this. I think this thing solvable. I think it's very solvable. I think once they clear at their toxicology, like you said once a clear up this manner of death, I think they're gonna. They have a small circle of people to work with, I think if they can enter view and locate everybody. I think I think that we are going to see some justice and I think we're gonna see it very soon, the right, colonel recommended reading for this week. We do this week. We are recommending the crime of the century, richard speck in the murders that shocked a nation by Dennis brio and will J Martin. This is about a famous, very famous chicago case in the hunt,
for a brutal rampage killer back in sixty six richard speck stabbed strangled and killed eight nurses in one night and a violent sexual rampage and a side note captain. I actually believe that this is a case and a story that ted Bundy probably followed, fantasised about committing any way, make sure that you check out the crime of the century, richard speck in the murders that shocked a nation by Dennis brio and william J Martin. You can do that by going to true crime garage, dotcom click on the record. did page, we have everything that we recommended there. as well as our amazon. Bandages click through the banner pick up your books pick up. Your movies helps out the show. Little the long angry drive home until next time, garage, friends and garage family be good.
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