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Kierra Coles /// Part 1 /// 715

2023-11-14 | 🔗

Kierra Coles /// Part 1 /// 715 

Part 1 of 2 



Kierra Coles is a United States Postal Service employee who went missing in October of 2018.  This year marks five years since her disappearance and unfortunately her case is getting cold. Where is she?  Did Kierra really call off from the job she loved on the same day that she seems to have vanished?  Some say something happened to the young woman in the middle of the night and then someone else with working knowledge of Postal Service Employee business called off for her to cover their tracks and buy some time.  Join Nic & the Captain for this almost “unbelievable” Missing Endangered - Foul Play case out of Chicago, Illinois.  There is a reward for information in Kierra’s case, $68,000 last time it was reported.  If you have any information regarding Kierra Coles and persons that knew her please call the United States Postal Inspection Service 877-876-2455.  For more information go to Missingpersoncenter.org and search Kierra Coles. 


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