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Kim Wall /// Part 1 /// 239

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Kim Wall /// Part 1 /// 239

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August 2017 - Denmark; A very strange disappearance leads to an arrest and a gruesome discovery. Kim Wall is a smart, driven young woman with a passion for journalism. She travels the world in search of her next big story. She has been to some very dangerous corners of the earth. No one knew that the greatest danger she would find was living in her extremely safe neighborhood. This case has been called “the most spectacular murder case in Danish history.” Tonight we supply some answers to this strange case and offer up some questions of our own. Beer of the Week - Lorelei Barrel Aged Extra Maple by Omnipollo Brewing Garage Grade - 4 and a half bottle caps out of 5

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this is true crime garage. The following is by far not your typical missing persons case for in this worry. You will hear about a missing man missing woman and a missing summary. You Here about the intense and heartbreaking search for all three, then the explanations, multiple versions of tragic accidents. You will hear the destruction
dreams, the tragic loss of life and relationships. You will hear the gruesome discoveries, the morbid details as we dive into the deep waters and into madness. This is the case that has been called the most spectacular case in danish history. He wore was born and nineteen eighty seven, she grew up in the closeness community in a small town in trailer borg. This is in southern sweden, just across the street dividing sweden from denmark. Now, even when Kim was young, she was very ambitious and driven she studied international. Relations and from there she went on the earth to masters degrees, one from colombia's
Internationally renowned school of journalism kim took two journalism immediately. She loved stories she specialised in stories about the fringes of society, about identity, gender and societal subcultures. Her stories often conveyed sense of social justice for these fringe groups and she won awards for her articles. Her work was published across the world and esteemed publication, such as the new york times time magazine in the guardian, just to mention a few last year and two thousand and seventeen kim is thirty years old. She is a successful freelance reporter that spent traveling, the world in pursuit of the next great story she would all over the globe to places like uganda, cuba, kenya, new york city in north korea, in august of two thousand and seventeen Kim was staying in copenhagen with her partner. Danish designer
Ali stubby when she began investigating a group of do it yourself, inventors who were responsible for cutting edge, privately financed rocket and submarine construction projects. Kim and Ali had been walking around their neighborhood one afternoon, pass the decrepit buildings of an old shipyard when they came across a rocket building workshops. This got Kim's interest. She reached out to various publications and had email exchanges with editors at wired magazine working toward a freelance assignment to write about the rocket builders. She knew of one of them, who was kids. A bit of a local celebrity, he was spearheaded the rocket and sub building projects is peter. Madsen also known as denmark's rocket manson. Now there was a clear and obvious direct competition
between two of the rival space rocket building companies. This is what attracted Kim all she knew there was a story here and a good one coming boyfriend Ali were planning on moving to beijing. The departure date captain was august, sixteenth, and this was approaching but Kim wanted to finish her article on the copenhagen sub order, orbitals as tough to save and we're going to have to say it about thirty times before she left permanently for china on august tenth, a third they came and Ali were preparing a goodbye party with friends and late afternoon, just as they were setting up for a barbecue outdoors along the water Kim got a text from Peter Manson in response to her inquiries about a possible interview? The two had never met here invited her for tea at his workshop hangar, where he worked was not far from her place. Social
figure. She had enough time to go and still be back in time for this party now you're. A quick half hour meeting with Peter manson for tee in return home to let her boyfriend know that Peter had offered to take her out on his summary. She said that over t Peter had been quote all over the place, and then she was nervous to go on the submarine with him, but it was a big opportunity. So, after discussing this kim decided to forego her own good bye bye for the opportunity to ride on the famous sob and get an exclusive with peter matzoh. Nay and you never let your girlfriend go on any other man. Suburb bode well. She, ali to join her. But apparently, at this time when this discussion is happening, their friends have already been invited over. They ve already set everything up, and it's my understanding that friends had already started to arrive by this point.
So Ali says: hey look. We got all these people coming over if we both go were really doing a disservice to our friends here. One says you: how passionate about our craft kim was she's. Gonna drop everything tat s. But out of her life and this one moment, so she can go, get her story right missing, potentially missing, most of or all of a good bye party for her she's planning to move very far away just six days later, so I want to discuss this submarine real quick, because it's a bit of a big deal. for many reasons, because this is what Peter Manson become a minor celebrity. Let's say the may Two thousand and eight launch of this submarine made him a minor celebrity. This was manufactured by the sub orbital company, which was founded by him and another guy. Now the submarine,
in that they made they named in the eu, See three nautilus, this awful name this or at least at the time hold on. If you grand name of submarine, what's it going to be? Oh, I have never thought about naming a summary one. Two three go believe land, You can't have the word land in any water. That's what made reza so it makes it so good here I don't! I have no idea, that's why don't name submarines so, but thing here, captain the nautilus at one time or maybe still to this day it was the world's biggest privately built summary The! U see three is a fifty eight foot sub weighing forty tonnes built from donated iron and other parts, its diesel, slash, electric and the end.
your featured a galley, bathroom, bunks mess area bridge and engine room, do another square footage of this. I don't I do not, but it's me fifty eight foot decent size sub from my understanding, but regardless you know, we seeing the hunt for red october, an under siege and well that I don't think that took place in a sub, maybe at some point it did but artless. We know that this is, can find space, ok and even though that its fifty eight foot, we discussed the rooms that were there. You know that the galley, which you would expect, which is basically a kitchen- you have the bathroom bunks note that they state banks and out of bed room, so that should give you an idea that it's, a small, can find space now Kim set off to meet peter at this. really. She was wearing an orange fleece, a skirt and a pair of white sneakers. Apparently these sneakers
special to her in a way like these words, something that she always wore when she went on these different reporting journeys. Later lucky sneak may be lucky sneakers part the uniform kind of deal you know people have that thing going on. around seven p m. She text the boyfriend some photos, and this was of the submarine she also text photos of the windmills in the water and herself at the steering wheel. These photos of Kim and in peter were in some of these photos as well, and I guess they can found online have only been able to find one or two of them all that I have listed here, but I have seen a few in article did. I found stated that you could find these pretty easily now Kim continued to text ali periodically with her last text in I'm still alive by the way, but going down now I love you he
on coffee, meaning he is Peter. Madame brought coffee and cookies, though a while later Ali was at the bar barbecue with all the friends and one of them, comes up to him and says: hey Ali look and points out off into the water where he could The submarine setting off to see and Kim is waving toward him from the hatch. The good bye party went late and continued later on at a nearby bar since king had promised to be gone. Only a couple of hours Ali did begin to get apprehensive about the fact that he had not heard from her since the time of seeing her wave to him in the distance. The two were, postal leave for a wedding very early the next morning, and it was unlike him to not stay in touch his thoughts, and this is where my head would go to is. Perhaps
no cell service. I mean you're in a submarine. You know at the bottom of the of the sea right rain Why don't we have you know we don't know what their relationship was as far as a texting goes, but as far as this day, she texts him. Several pictures have several messages, and this is pretty much in a short period of time from when she leaves the the party to get on the submarine. So you'd think that, right when they come to service right when she, service. A to herself on that she's gonna be taxing something well, and we have to keep in mind here too, that they lived fairly close to the law. cherry afford this submarine. You know one. She discovered this place when they were just now on a war in the in the area near their apartment or whatever they lived in an in from there. already from their I'm guessing their backyard.
Area where they were hosting this barbecue. He could see her from the launch waving to her so and we also have the situation of peter- has that quick meeting with her and rather than her just texting or bowling alley to say: hey turns out this things, go on longer and I'm going on the submarine know. It seems to me she's the type of personality and they must be close enough to. She goes way peter. I have to go home and talk to my boy. Let him know what's going on where I'm going in such she went a bit out of our way to make sure that, was a good understanding between the two of them. One remember they have a wedding. They have to leave for early in the morning out what time they have to leave, but you'd assume that she needs to get home, so she can get ready. I don't know if she packed most people packed the night before. Do you think that would be something else on her plate? Then she had to do yeah and she took off, like I said around, like seven p m, so
I'm sorry she text him photos at seven p m, saying we're get ready go under and she was only suppose we got for a couple of hours, or at least so she told him by one forty, a m. He the boyfriend Ali gets. He started, get extremely worried now, not Having heard from her on also mean us face it as a boyfriend, you, you can also suspect that you know not suspect, but you might get worried that a deserves some kinda infidelity. Something going on this guy owns a submarine. Well, he decides to call the police and he reports Kim miss then a half an hour later. He calls the navy. Now. No one could find him. Obviously, there was no sign of the submarine either in fact separately from Ali, one of peters, coworkers fur
it very strange in very concerning that the sub had not returned yet. So this co worker alerted authorities that the use see three nautilus and peter Madsen were missing one I applaud Ali, because not only does he call the police, because the navy say what's goin on here well in you know, what's This is kind of a little out of bounds, but when we were discussing this case last week, the first thing that obviously jumps off the page. We ve never discussed a missing submarine, for we ve talked about missing individuals, missing adults, children, vehicles of all types. This, the first thing being the submarine, who would even know where to begin. Thank god you get. Maybe you can call values you start by looking in the water, ass well search for the submarine started and the two missing individuals as well. This began around.
For I am that morning now they used helicopters in ships to begin the search. searching waters around copenhagen and a call went out. Or volunteer vessels to join the search at some? I lay on that thursday night into friday morning. The nautilus was apparently sailing in the or sun straight between sweden and denmark, and this is My understanding a very busy thoroughfare for ships, the sub merely collided with afraid ship, a witness on the freighter told please that the submarine had been sailing with no lights on, which is one very strange and obviously very very dangerous in the busy nighttime waters, the freight ship avoided crash, into the sub only because the moonlight hit the summer
in a way that alerted the captain of the freighter to its proximity, and he was somehow able avoid a collision with the submarine need think they. These vessels would also have some kind of sonar yet well yeah I think some of them would this report. This was ordered I'm sorry near the island of salt them. This would be of great concern for searchers because it makes you wonder several things right. One is this marine operating correctly is it? Is it running properly and also makes you wonder if anyone if who or if anyone is actually operating the craft now they would continue to search for the entirety of the night and at ten thirty a m on Friday august. Eleventh, the nautilus was spotted
near a lighthouse and co bay near a deserted stretch of shore line, which is about thirty miles, south west of refuge Thankfully, they were finally able to make radio contact with the sub Peter reported to the lighthouse than he was heading back to copenhagen, but the sub was having some technical. Problems according to a local news report Seven, a m: we a gentleman name Christian is back he's a local bus. owner helping with the search he saw Peter manson swimming toward near by fishing boat, Peter was alive and well. He was pulled aboard the fishing boat when this boat docked at the nearest poor reporters were waiting to get the story of the missing submarine of
what are called out to peter asking. If everything was ok Peter turned around and gave the reporter a thumbs up. He said he was fine, but it was sad because the nautilus sank there had been a defect on the ballast tanks he said still. There was no sign of Kim wall and peter and made no mention of her to his rescuers super. want to learn a new language. This year, razetta stuff makes it easy to get started and they'll create a learning plan for you that keeps you on track. Razetta stone has the export and link learning for thirty years, helping millions of people build the flu. And see and confidence to speak new languages, razetta stone offers. anti five languages from spanish to chinese to polish, with the region stone app. You can learn,
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it's ten thirty p m on thursday night, so this would be just the night before the submarine sank. Police were not able to find any one who had seen Kim after this time after he stated that he had dropped her off the boyfriend haven't seen her. Nobody in the area had seen her. She had not spoke to. Anybody are reached out and early. She didn't her boyfriend. So Kim is now officially a missing person. Then the police spoke with a man said that he saw Peter just minutes before Peter was rescued. He said that he saw Peter and the submarine before it sank, when he saw peter go down the hatch of the submarine and then re emerge as the sub began to sink the sub disk beard into the waters within a matter of seconds and this man disk. Peter Madsen as completely com the entire time and said the peter stayed in the tower of the nautilus until water.
started pouring into the tower and then pay swam away to safety saving himself. You think that you would close it so, the water, when I came into the summer yeah they're. Well, there's all kinds of problems with this one I dont want. I'm not gonna sit pretend to have a full understanding of how typically submarine sink. I will and what is the evaluation process for such, but just hear. Here's one thing: the obvious thing is the guy stating that the man seemed to be calm. I dont think that this is a calm situation. You know most people would behave that way as the submarine sank one and two this is his baby. He built he was one of the people that bill this summary? Well, that's where I argue that maybe he would become cause. He knew what malfunction was a new
Maybe there was nothing he could do about it. So therefore he remained calm. I gotcha! That's that's what why took it as One of those things is, I know what the problem is. I was here to witness this baby go down and I know how to fix. It is just a matter of time. I just need the right stuff and also there's nothing. I can do about it. So I just gotta let it sank and were also talking about a company that built this thing. So they have the money to then, when it sinks will go get it will fix it. No big deal while police quickly, reviewed cctv, footage of the area where he said that he had dropped him off, This was provided to them by a restaurant owner by the owner of the restaurant that we mention when looking for Kim But because we know that's a bad thing and you're going to get publicity saying that you know a very attractive lady got dropped off here and went missing from
restaurant or or near by yeah you're like ok, that's a great way to encourage people to come to the area right, so they get involved. They give them the footage. Here's the strange thing, though, police, do not see any sign of Kim on any of that that close caption footage and or closed circuit tv footage. Sorry. The other thing, though, is look. They had several cameras there this don't like they had one little rinkitink camera and they didn't see camp where they had plenty of cameras at different angles. Picking up large portions of that area, they don't see him more. what I find even more damning here. Is they don't see the sub? You know They don't see the submarine at any time. D king, letting anybody off anything like that. You know him. It may be another woman could easily be be mistaken for camere or not for cam or so on and so forth. But a sob is a sop right
right, so we have a weird situation where this this inventor, this engineer, builds a sub. Invites this lady onto this sub to interview him the sub sinks zone. Now that's strange, and then this other range thing of him saying that he dropped her off, but we have no sign of her and we have no sign of the sub corrects at this point. You know: law enforcement is gone. Something's not right. Here will something's not right that in you know what's interesting to me, though, is you know she's? She doesn't become missing until they locate him right. Everybody knows several people knew that did she was last with him right. So once once he's located and the sub as witness to have sunk to the bureau to the bottom- and he said he does held them until this interview. So what's weird here is where we know so,
strange- unsuspicious is probably happened, but at the same time we mention he didn't mention anything about kim wall to the rescuers or to the report is that where in the area? Well, if he dropped her off the night, for. Why would he mention anything around her rhino? He dropped her off and then boom. He had this event take place where he's in a sinking ship. So you know thinking sub right. So in that aspect you start almost one in the believe his story, yeah, you wonder well what could have happened in that area and why didn't? Why is there no footage of it? I am thinking here captain that the police likely doubted peter story from the get go because authorities stated publicly at some point- and this is pretty early on in the investigation that they are we believe that they were looking for a body. You know, while they're still can anyone to look for kim and hope and pray she's alive, they publicly stated they think they might be looking for her by
at this point- and I wonder peter being local if he just came off as odd character, anyways now would make them lean towards that. Well, the! Actually there were some evidence they are going. to point them in this direction and it's around the same time. You know when they make this public statement that they might be looking for a body. This was a five thirty I, on that Friday august, eleventh just hours after he had been rescued from the waters police arrested, peter and placed him in. What's called a quote, preliminary detention, which is the equivalent of preliminary, Criminal charges pending on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter for in this is their exact wording for having killed in an unknown way in an unknown place Kim isabel fred a wall of sweden sometime after five p m thursday,
so pardon my stupidity, but how are they jumping from rescuing em to this well one, there was one more charge and animal get into this evidence here, which is pretty, who it's it's interesting. It sad, but it's interesting He was also charge with indecent handling of a corpse now don't know what went down During his lengthy interview, you know, We do know that he told them that he dropped her off, but the indictment ravine, the kim's dna had been found on peters hands, neck and nostrils. Now we should talk about this for a minute, because I don't think this is something that's pretty. This isn't clear to us: we want. So when somebody kill somebody and it's it's in a manner that its up close and personal honour.
so you're going to get blood in evidence of that victim on yourself, ok or on the perpetrator? Well, and so a lot of times. What will happen is the offender, even if there are very good at setting up the evidence in cleaning off the evidence of themselves, a really great spot in place for investigators to use a d nay swab, is in the nostrils because that's a place that they don't You don't see in the mere naturally and it's a place that they forget to clean and they also swab the ears, sometimes jobs, because in the heat of the moment, when we have blood spatter specially if it's up close and personal and europe, if you're at a excited, heightened
date. You might be breathing heavily in and out inhale exhale in some of that blood spatter will end up in the nostrils yen. Have you seen Peter have I have I seen him yeah yeah I've seen pictures of yeah so one he he might have the world's largest dick nose and then to he probably sooner been working on submarines. He could have probably been flying around with those giant years. He as well one thing that was weird about this. There is a well known photo of peter, and this is when he speaking to an officer immediately upon docking with the fishing boat, that rescued him and in this photo you can. You can find this online and you can zoom in and you can see what appears to be either a cut or a drop of blood? on his nose, and you can also that he has a dark substance underneath his fingernails,
when he was examined at the hospital they did find scratches that were visible on his arms. He attributed these two injuries that came from being on the summary as our thinking the authorities were able to raise the nautilus from the depths turn. it was only twenty two feet down they empty. it of water and they searched the sub they did not find. Can they determine that this we had been deliberately sank and Local media began to speculate that peter attempted to cover up a bigger crime rate. This speculation increased when the chief homicide investigator for The coping copenhagen police said the coagulated blood was found. Inside the nautilus and later was determined to belong to that of Kim wall. The dna that they found on him during the investigation or did during the interrogation. How did they do this dna tests so quickly
that I don't know, but has done relatively fast. We Ok. So let's talk about that because you know You have, let's say somebody since your home, enable they find blood at the scene like them they broke down there, but they cut themselves on some glass break into your house and when they take from my experience the having worked and secure, Usually there's been ties where we have submitted in said: hey, look. We believe this is the dna or evidence of the person that committed this crime. They'll. Take it they'll. Add it to the report, added to the file with the caviar. Of telling you that you do that we, if we do check this at all, it could be years. It's because it's a break. It's a it's! A it's! A lower level crime but he was harmed, the committing of that crime or killed, and we all this here, specifically in Columbus, win that that real pieces. Asshole abducted that woman outside
of her work for no reason other than to ripen killer right and we oh how quickly they were able to provide the dna results too. That test they were onto him pretty quick, they ve plenty of evidence of him at the scene where they on her body an eventual You know we heard what was it a day forty eight hours it was. It was very quick, very quick. So I think that we're so a similar situation. Here, plus you know these different areas operate differently. We are also talking about an area that has an incredibly incredibly low murder rate like to the point so low that it's hard even compared to anything here. Ok, so they I do not have as many things waiting in line to be checked or to be tested right, but but either way it's impressive and it is impressive. I agree with that. So now. We're left with the big question
of what happened to him wall. We know that she was due to go on the submarine she said. Pictures of herself on there. she's waving goodbye to her boyfriend as they take off this guy. That's that's! The manning the boat, I wanna keep a king for very it is about, but this gave us submarine. The guidance peter Madsen says dropped her off obviously did upper off. They find evidence to to the fact She was either injured or killed in. That summary, then evidence that maybe she thought back ass, an even now that they found in located the sub. We still don't have him all now her parents, of course extremely devastated by their daughters, missing person, status, They issued a statement that red quote: it is with great concern that her family received the news they came
missing after an interview with Peter manson in denmark We sincerely hope that she will be found and that she is well now the, very strange thing here, though, to captain is that we talked about Kim's resume as a journalist as somebody that travelled all over the place, I mean she went to very dangerous. She took on very deep. Silence in foreign places over the years and it is so hard to believe, and I can't Can anyone thought that she could be a victim in her own land? After having gone the all these dangerous corners of the world in her own land, where it's considered to be one of the safest right in the world, but since, like I said before, her passion for her job and her craft, it's it's pretty inspiring well the next day. So this is august twelfth now this is,
a court room appearance in the involuntary manslaughter charge. Peter told the court that Kim had actual accidentally died on board, and I quote terrible accident, He said that a one hundred and fifty pound hatch had fallen and hit her on the head. She then fell to the bottom of the tower, with a fatal head jerry Peter Manson said that he panicked at that point and he used a rope to drag Kim's body up and out of the submarine. which then he said he buried it at sea. Ok, ok, so so one bury it buried it at sea. Does that mean he does in the water sounds a mining, the water, like it's a tossed tossed her overboard situation, and I never understand these people. They say it's an accident and I freaked out,
So I buried the body or lasted out into the ocean right if I'm in my submarine cause, have three or four by one, I'm in when I'm in the big one. If there was an accident- and I freaked out, you know what that freak out is going consist of may not going around the body me call the cops ride me, calling an ambulance. That's me, freaking out, break me. What what's not freaking out is when you can grab the body can touch. The body can move the body. That's not freaking out that you gonna, based on what I think that's right I mean that's. That would be the expected natural behalf, If you're in reaction to a horrible accident, you would you would go to the person see if you can
them and help them in any way, and once that's determine that it's too late for that right, it's get some real help get them to another place. You know get them in a better space bomb com I'm calling not one right away anyways, because what am I gonna help with will it the thing here is, and we ve seen this in several other cases. Okay, this is in peters defence. at least a more believable story. Given the information and the evidence that they now have right. But you can't believe him at this point, because we do have evidence that he sank his own summary, and we have dense that he lied about where he dropped her off right, o, then, all son believe this story, which doesn't point much guilt towards him. You go wait a sec. And as for all those reasons that the authorities didn't have any. You know it. They very obviously warm buying what he was selling trying to sell them.
Oh he was. They were not going to release this guy, which only makes sense, like you said, by his own statements. We, that he's lying at least once in Oh he's admitting some form of guilt, of getting rid of this corpse right and we have ever of her fighting you, we have evidence of hardy being in your nostrils doesn't happen. If she just dies from accidents will, as we said, captain the police pretty much arrested Peter Manson right way, as they believed that he harmed or killed Kim very early on well, they searched his computer shortly after they arrest him. They even recreated his profile, the profile of his mobile phone, somehow now neither his phone nor kim's phone would ever be found so? Presumably pretty easy to to use
Little bit of imagination here and figure out the likely peter tossed both of them into the water rang out. But you think they beheld to retrieve the records or even maybe the text messages they did not anticipate what they are going to find on his computers Ok, now some people have pornographic material on their computers. Well, what they found on his computer was not just regular porn by discovered more than forty videos on peters laptop, that appeared to show women being strangled, hanged, decapitated, skinned, sexually, impaled and tortured. some of these videos were animations, but one in particular of a woman being be headed was deemed authorities to be real- or at least they believed it to be real, other hard drive owned by so so we
I have videos of women being tied up and and choked and that's you know, that's one level, but then we have where they think this video, this decapitation video. They actually think it's real yeah, so some of them, like I said some of them were animated videos and others were probably drama, zation or or the we'll deal now all I have as their statements what they said to the point Look and I dont know how many of these were animations. How many were drama? How many were thought to be real, but this one There was one in particular that the authorities they viewed, this material stated they believed it to be real. Be my luck, they would say captain god the corner, watch these videos. Let us know what to think
That would be my first down the job. Well, they also checked out other hard drives owned by peter, and this contained over one hundred additional videos of that we're all similar nature. Some of these went back. as long as two thousand and four so meaning he was downloading these as early as two thousand and four peters phone contained seven text, regarding impaling women in the genital region. Even more distress, tough, a thought these were able to determine the peter had actually searched for and watched. Some of these videos meaning meaning. He didn't just stumble upon some of the videos that were on his hard drives. Some of them he was searching for a believed to be search for because they could find terms that he was using wind, searching and the terms he was using were executions and dismemberment
and starting in march of two thousand and seventeen, these search continued in two july and august of last year as well. Most horrifying leave the night before Kim, boarded the submarine Peter Google be headed girl, agony and watch the video that showed up when, as a result of that search to the thing thou on Israel, or does it mean I don't have their opinion on this. But I do know some of the details of their views. oh. It's it's a video that was in time a young woman in pain, ass. She slowly ass. She slowly beheaded with a small knife. You know there has been a beheading videos that terrorists post on line- and I know that people have watched them. I have never been able to bring myself to
one, and then you have this guy, that's watching these perceptual gratification. I mean he's he's watching a woman, be decapitated. Why he's playing a game of flicking flicking? Will at least that's what it's I told you, I I don't know that's what exactly right, railroads and protected and not very while not in that video, but we have the police stating that one of the video which I think is real right. So again I mean and this girl I think this goes beyond because they always kind of talk about. You know the you know watching too much pornography will desensitize you on some level, but this is a whole different level, This is not even being debts desensitized. This is something that has what and I would even call this pornography at this point, this- is that it's their snuff films meno there,
torture porn, snuff films right. But you know that it's it's not him. nah your rise. But it's like you to me, it's a u! how what was broken and undisguised brain to make. Him think that this is ok to be watching well in in fairness. I guess to Peter he did deny that these videos were his pointing out that all the video, that were found were found on computers that were accessible by others, including his phone including in turns that worked at his office, he doctor this story for a little while, but he did later face up to having watched these videos for his part he did
he denied deriving any sexual pleasure from these torture in snuff films. He said to the authorities that he watched them to flee. Quote strong emotions, end quote, and also quote watch these videos to cry and feel emotions. He said hm okay, so we believe him which I, which I don't, but if we do believe him yeah, maybe I mean look at it and I hate to compare here too, like elon musk, but musk like like yours, watching the interview with the on mosque and drew rogan. There's time,
were you lawn, and you see this with them. The facebook creator Zuckerberg yet mark Zuckerberg, where almost computer like they start talking, sometimes need, and you wonder how they seem to have such lack of emotion. So it's like, if you do believe what peter saying as he did he get that far gone mentally. Where he's like, I don't, I don't feel anything good or bad. I think there is evidence that shows that he's not just watching for what he sang but again, there's there's some mental break there. Yet you have to. A pretty sick individual. To be saying, I don't feel anything so I have the watch something this awful suggests create some kind of emotion in me. Well, if we to believe him. That means he's dead inside right, he's dead inside he's void of remote.
Now by his own statement and if we don't believe and in which, I think is probably more likely, if not you have a combination of both. But then that means anything that me The other alternative would be that he is deriving section pleasure, from watching these videos right and when he states that you now and then I'd cry well, I think afterwards, like I said, if there's something broken inside yegg, you might cry after this, because you're goin What the hell is wrong with me. Why am I having to watch this to to you know, get off during the game? A flicker flicker I mean so I just I dunno it's so bizarre eden feel that bad did. He lets say he did cry, let's let's say he by his own words. He cry to feel emotion,
whatever emotions he was feeling they were bad enough for him to stop watching the shit now now now, so he didn't feel that bad. He may have felt a let's say he did that are given the fitted out. He felt bad in the moment if you truly feel bad about something. If you truly feel bad about something he's. One hundred percent or should be one hundred per cent per cent in control of this despicable action that he's doing repetitious lily right, but that He at any time could stop or seek help for this re, honest psychology level. That's what makes me wonder it's like you
I mean you look at a dahmer. Somebody like the fantasies that Dahmer were was having were very odd fantasies, And- and so it's it's, it goes back to. Was this individual born broken or did they get broken? You too, I mean, so it's just a wonder what the hell happen for him to get to this point or, if or if This made the sick. So hopefully, Everybody is all caught up on all of our episodes. If not it's very easy, they are available to you for free, of the old episodes on the who have the conclusion of chemicals case tomorrow until then be good behind and don't worry,
the. You can go governing continental is the smart choice in tat area with streams. Anything further. Guy who finds that one potholes they neither of the chilean engineer, yeah, really really really continental available with this, now entire.
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