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Kim Wall /// Part 2 /// 240

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August 2017 - Denmark; A very strange disappearance leads to an arrest and a gruesome discovery. Kim Wall is a smart, driven young woman with a passion for journalism. She travels the world in search of her next big story. She has been to some very dangerous corners of the earth. No one knew that the greatest danger she would find was living in her extremely safe neighborhood. This case has been called “the most spectacular murder case in Danish history.” Tonight we supply some answers to this strange case and offer up some questions of our own. Beer of the Week - Lorelei Barrel Aged Extra Maple by Omnipollo Brewing Garage Grade - 4 and a half bottle caps out of

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The in august of two thousand and seventeen thirty year old Kim wall disappeared after boarding the you see three nautilus submarine with a man named Peter Manson. Now we discussed they had found Peter Manson. He claims that he had dropped came off and then. eight or they find the submarine, and they find evidence to suggest that something very bad had happened to him wall while on board the submarine. But at this point they have still not found Kim wall police in an effort to do so. Reconstructed the travels of the nautilus on august
tenth an eleventh using radar signals from other ships traffic that night and they conducted extensive searches of the waters, the nautilus navigated, so huge effort made, but they do not locate cam well on august, twenty four A cyclist biking at three forty in the afternoon on a maid Island near where the nautilus went down, he found a name mutual mutilated, torso floating on the islands shoreline. So find her body eleven days after she went missing the torso, which had a belt strapped around. It was several pieces of metal piping tied to the belt as if to wait it down. The corpse was sent to the department of forensic met,
and at the university of copenhagen, where dna analysis confirmed that this was Kim wall. Peter then embellished his story about the accidental death to try to account for the discovery of this naked torso phyllis was here with a dick nonsense to say. Well, some of these details about his story came out in the press, despite a court gag order put in place so that the lurid details would of what happened to him didn't become tabloid ff well when they place a gag order. I think peter starting point flicking flicking again in september hearing to determine whether there was sufficient evidence to continue to hold Peter ending further invest. Investigation of the case. Peter told the court that he slipped win in the subs tower and try to hold the hatch, but if
el down kim, who was on her way up. The tower was hit in the head by the hatch. She fell down the ladder and bled from an open skull fracture, this is what he said. He lane that the accident horrified him and he panicked. He then hauled him up using a rope which resulted in her clothes being pulled off. Specifically, he stated that her stockings and underwear came off as a result of his pulling her up by the leg He then dropped her body into the sea and intended to commit suicide because he was so distraught from what has just occurred soon after Kim's torso was found. prosecutor changed the charges against peter mats into manslaughter now just to be
here in denmark. This is a greater charge, not a lesser charge, as it is here in the united states and denmark. This is the equivalent of intentional homicide or pre meditated murder, the autopsy results and, of course they were shocked, they concluded that Kim had been stabbed fourteen times in and around her vagina, along with it, least one other stab wounds on her rib cage and others on the body. It was it and that these wounds were inflicted quote around or shortly after her death. End quote the ought. The autopsy could not determine, whether she was strangled, but there were signs of mechanical ex fixy cause. I either strangulation or slit throat- Kim's limbs they determine were likely were moved with, saw our danish
terry divers continue to look for the rest of kim's body and the water around where the sub sank. This was in incredibly complicated effort requiring oceanography experts incur. hence in tides, analyzing likely flow of the waters they used meteorologist to analyse ass the weather patterns effect on the water in the area and recreations of some of the exact sailing roots of the nautilus. Using that rate are that we discussed earlier and again. This is eleven days after she went missing. Earl last time she was seen so they have to do this math and this research for the last eleven days, but once investigators determine where the body likely why
They use special cadaver dogs from Sweden who were trained to sniff through water. These. These amazing dogs can smell a dead body thirty metres down, even after the passage of time. Fine, He, nearly two months after Kim, went missing. Divers found her head clothing and sneakers, and a knife in set plastic bags in the waters about point six miles from where her torso was found. They also found both legs. All of these body parts were weighted down with pieces of metal, piping or tubes, as they were described this being similar to that that was used in the nautilus in the submarine one. There are so many cases that we cover that law enforcement will screw something up or the investigation gets screwed up or you even feel like there might be dislike of effort, and then in this case
you see. Law enforcement- and you see this team of people gather around together and really, go above and beyond. Well, despite these discoveries, captain Peter stuck to his story, then the king had been hit in the head by the heavy hatch and died and he disposed of her body He denies killing her. He denies dismembering her. However, a post Madame examination of Kim score conducted once her head was retreat from the bay, showed no sign of any kind of fracture or violence to the skull, meaning historic is not true it's a lie, but not only is it a lie, but we also have evidence that shows that your wife Jeanne videos where goods the giant has been stabbed and then her vagina stab fourteen times. I that's. What can a coincidence?
is that where, in the interesting thing too, is as we should not only sticking with his story that he didn't kill her, but also that he didn't dismember. Her and this is even after divers found a saw, with a blade, consistent with whatever tool that was used to dismember Kim Kim's bought brain, so sometimes late october, two thousand and seventeen the copenhagen police were. Ordered that Peter now was ready to change his story once again. Regarding that night, in august, now alleging that Kim died from carbon monoxide poisoning. He said he was up on the deck of the nautilus and a car monoxide leak down below, where kim was caused by a sudden drop in the subs air pressure. This is what killed her and he states that a vacuum effect kept him from being able to open the hatch to go down and save came by. The time
was able to open the hatch. He said, I found her lifeless on the floor and I squat next to her and try to wake her up slapping her cheeks Peter claimed he tried for an hour to lift Kim's body out of the sub but final he gave up and decided that the only way to get her off of this submarine was to cut her up. So at this point, two months after Kim's day, peter finally admitted to dismembering her body in the bathroom of the nautilus, using quote whatever tools were around. He told the court that he then weighed down and dumped kim's body parts and changed his close. So soon after this partial confession, the police found in arm. In kobe again it was weighed down with
perhaps in eight days after that they found another arm in the full indictment of Peter manson process. Prosecutors allege that on august, tent as part of a plan to kill Kim war Peter brought on board the submarine the following: a saw knife sharpen, screwdrivers, straps, zip ties and pipes. There are so reports that the indictment mentioned a video camera which was missing a memory card and stating peter bound Kim the head, arms and legs and then repeatedly be hit, cut and stabbed her before killing her, possibly by choking or cutting her throat. The indictment set now trial captain would begin on march, eighth, two thousand and eight, let's hold up real quick, because how many times how many stories, as he told so far for five he's, let's say for four- seems right as he going to keep
in the story cause. I mean the show's only hour long well, this is pretty commonplace, especially with these kind of maniacs, with these kind of months have just as a side path well, what they do is ok, they're they're presented the story. Okay, this is what It happened and we need an explanation, so he offers one up egg as a war happen was, and they just lying out of a stupid. Fucking mouth by authority does right well If the evidence is later found and presented to you of any changes, then they changed the story. I mean, let's just go back to the one where he freaked out and didn't know what the do again, you call nine one. One yeah yeah yeah asked for help. You do whatever you can you do then to say about you know now his story, basically is you know he must think that everybody on this earth is so stupid that they're gonna believe this idea that all past she did she died in the night.
I kneel down beside her and I couldn't do anything so I decided well. You know that song it brought on the boat today, let me dismember her ah tie her body type pipes, tour body parts so that they drowned and nobody can find them and then I'll never mentioned her when when they when they rescue me after I fake drowning, my submarine the fact that this moron believes that anybody's gonna believe his story. I mean it's just that shows how crazy this individual as well. I don't know that he believes anybody will believe him. He didn't have any other options. At this point I may win when he offers story, and then they give him, I mean other than confessing. Yet it's the you're, your corner away for life, I'm guessing they don't have death penalty now- and actually I don't know that they do-
life in prison might not be the same as our life in prison. This is it tell me that this is a country in in a lot of countries out there. They Leave and rehabilitation and Adam don't believe in that. Well, our country tried that at point- and it didn't work out very well for us, so we I believe in rehabilitation as much as we advertise that we do, and I think it's four lessons learned while this trial Captain was presided over by one professional judge and to lay judges. This was an option. Peter Manson chose as opposed to a jury trial, this seems reasonable seems like a likely option for him if he were to be tried by a jury, they would prob. Really be immediately shocked and horrified what they would learn about
individual to be of a quick guilty verdict, so he's going to take his chances with the judge. yeah, just one I praise on. I think I praise them yesterday for putting forth great effort, and I you tell me that this guy could get out of prison well apprehension ever. You know apprehending somebody, the effort made forth, and that is one holding them for the rest of their lives is is a different thing. We have to keep in mind too, captain we're also might not be dealing. that normal, typical situation. What I mean by that is one we oriental I've been listening. We already discussed the incredibly low murder rate in the area where I am not trying to I'm not trying to downplay this or their effort in any manner it, but in other
areas of the world when some when something goes unsolved forbid a time. The detectives working that case catch another murder case some point: another file lands on their desk. Another investigation is to be had an. We see that a lot with case but we ve covered here in the united states and that's why sometimes cases go cold because it just not enough man hours or people to work. Those case amis, but this this incident is especially different yeah because it shows you mean the shows you how messed up the whole world really is. Well, that's that's the sick. This not the whole world, it's not all world there is that there is a small part of the world s powers, and I have to tell me where right mary, but it's everywhere. It's happening everywhere- will of course right, but so does tell me the place that is opening and let me go there- we have to go where there's no people cannot, while Tom
where that's act as I'm gone it among the brake. Well, that some bore, attempting to go to mars and at some point and live in occupy that spain, while c on mars than we abbot, there's more than if there's some people there. point there's gonna, be a great I mean look, it's aids, the outcome, on the show until there's a martyr on mars everywhere that there's cats in birds, a cat kills a bird. That's just the that the world what chance about cats it's the way though the world whartons. Ok, so we are talking about the trial here, Peter stuck to his story about kim perishing from carbon monoxide poisoning aboard the submarine, but on the stand he was almost seemed delusional at times he was referring to himself in both the first and third person and frequently switched.
Queen present impasse. Past tense, saying things like Kim was having the time of her life and peter is talking a lot and he is happily sharing his dreams with Kim per the indictment prosecutors argued that Peter had planned. The her. Furthermore, the prosecution intended to show that peter intended to make a snuff film directed by him and storing what would later be the victim. There were thirty five witnesses in this trial, which lasted five weeks. So do they believe that he was this faking, this nonsense on on the stand, or was this somethin if they think was happening? Naturally, I think this was happening naturally,
I don't have any of their opinions on on this, and this is not a trial to determine his state of mind. This is simply a trial to determine his guilt and this situation, where you have a guy that appears to be very guilty and there's evidence as such, is also more orton as to what he is in fact guilty up he's guilty of something. What in fact was that and keep a mine, it's the premeditated murder that they are accused, him off. So Peter now has an answer as to why there are stab wounds on the torso, and he states that, when in panicked, when trying to get rid of the body he stabbed the torso to release the natural gases. That would you know, allow the torso to think so.
float up and be found easily found. Well, that's gonna make it could make it difficult for the prosecution to determine how she was killed or if, in fact, she had died from that carbon monoxide poisoning as Peter what, suggesting what they could find is we have scientist who would testify during the course of this trial, and they would testify stating that there were no toxic fumes found in the lungs of Kim wall, meaning she didn't breathe anything in that would kill her, and they also testified that, while an event like that is possible, the event that Peter described is possible when we have to keep in mind the guy practically built by himself. This summary I mean with the assistance of the the company.
he founded he built the submarine. So he fully understands the way that this thing would operate as well as the way the defects would take place in accidents could occur, so when he gives you a detailed statement of this is how she died, because this happened well he's to give you something that is likely or or that is a possibility italy's, let's say so, while the scientists would agree with that possibility. The thing that they pointed out is for that event to have occurred, the way that he stated did there, what it had been some kind of extreme heat event on the submarine a fire and explosion, or something of that nature causing the heat to rise to such a level that that event occurred. Well the but with peter story is when they look at the submarine and evidence and on the submarine it would be obvious if that kind of event occurred to begin with, to tutor.
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exactly how Kim wall died. Okay, now, what they could conclude was that at some point, heir to the lungs stopped. So that could be the result of several different things. However, all the other evidence point toward her being murdered. By Peter manson, and these things were as follows: one we have people co workers of his that would testify those items that the prosecution states that he brought on board. The saw the screwdrivers knives zip eyes, things of that nature, all those items that they listed. Those coworkers suggested in said on the stand. These are not items. We would expect somebody to bring onto the sub, These were items. If you would expect some one to bring if they were going to murder, maybe torture and dismember somebody rome. So we
have that testimony as well as we have the prosecution who would focus on those. The cliffs from the snuff films the torture porn. Whatever you want to call it, they would focus on those cliff, so people courtroom the judges and the journalists that were there. They were forced to watch some of these clips now, after, while the judges said hey, you gotta stop this weekend, keep showing these things all day long, one us as judges can't sit through this and the journalist can't handle it as well yeah. And then everybody had put on boots because Peter drool in so much other watching these clips, well is going to be a lot of this kind of stuff that would lead to the unanimous decision that found him guilty and he was guilty on all counts in the indictment
The three major charges were premeditated murder, aggravated sexual assault and desert, creating a corpse. The judge declared the sends without hesitation or delay, saying this is a cynical and pre planned sexual assault of April, carefully. Brutal nature on a random woman who, in connection with her journalistic work, accepted an invitation for a sailing trip on the accused submarine. Explaining the rare decision to hand down denmark's most severe sentence life in prison, now again the possibility of pearl. Well, I it's again it their system is not the same as are, just to be completely clear. This is a rare decision to give out a life sentence in an I said earlier that I didn't think you got life. What I mean by that is, we Even in this country, life does not always mean life right, so even
it's unusual for life sends to be handed down for the murder of a single in denmark, it's rare because mean we mean here. Is prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment serve an average of sixteen years. They are, then. entitled to periodic reviews of their sentence, beginning at twelve years. And usually only serve sixteen denmark places. Heavy emphasis as we said earlier, on rehabilitation there are currently only twenty five inmates serving life terms in that country and peter ass. It was only the fifteenth person in ten years to receive that sentence now is another option that may keep Peter manson behind As for longer, this is a term called safe custody, so this would be a legal alternative which would keep him behind bars indefinitely as law is he is deemed dangerous that he cannot be in society with anybody else.
So I don't really want to put an estimate on how long peter will be in prison. I don't feel comfortable or confident in an answer that, because I dont fully understand there sit there system, yeah, ok, a lot is always gone thing, it's sad that someone could take somebody's life and then only spin that short amount of time in prison. I just think that's always would be ridiculous to me. Will you fully in this situation, life will mean life and let so, let's talk about this firm in it. Because, where we have a country that really fur really believes and rehabilitation examine our subject, the the person that is- now serving life in prison, and we know it and so one hundred percent. What this guy did. We have a pretty darn good idea right. We ve weave weave nailed it down pretty good. I think Deborah, even if parts of his story are true, but the
I saw something initially happened that was known to cause her death, which I don't believe at all. But if less to say that is true, then his warped sick, mind decided that it'd be better to cut her up and then again type type hype surround her body parts to try to make them sink. Yet nobody believes his story or I I don't even think people believe parts of his story and the the sentence and the guilty verdict shows that so in regard to him, and what drove him to this level of man here was a nature, was a nurture and that's always been the argument and most of these cases- and I think, if we for me give my full opinion on that. I need to tell you a little bit more about Peter Manson
but we do know about him. We do know that he was raised by an alcoholic abuse of father. It seems as though it peter my not have been the object of that abuse meaning. There were step brothers that he had that seem to receive quite a bit of abuse as well, and I am sorry as where peter was not abused by this man, who was his actual father, and we have these statements by her as well as his family members, but the relationship between him and his father was weird, and so was that of him and his mother. The mother, left his father because of the abuse to the children to her other three sons and she took her three sons and protected them and they went to live with her. She left Peter with with his father, where peters, father, Carl, encourage peters, fascination with rockets submarines and balloon
and even building him a workshop at their home peter b an experimenting with explosives when he was just six years old and by the time he was fifteen Peter was devoted exclusively to his projects, foregoing his studies and social. life. This is when he started his own company danish space academy to which he took to stating studying engineering Now he studied engineering, but he quit once he determined that he already knew enough to build submarines and rockets, and we would see that type of behaviour from peter throughout his earlier years, where he would into like these apprenticeships for welding referred, Racial engineering things that he would need to oh and learn to further his creation of submarines and rockets. Well, in every situation, he would determine at some point that he knew more than the mentor I was learning form. I learn these gases
smarter than everybody, the smartest guy in the room all the time well surely in two thousand and four peter in a former nasa contractor founded copenhagen sub orbitals, so this was set up so that they can build so, marines and they started this off in a rusty, hangar pete. Actually moved into the hangar where he lived and worked on these projects full time. Sub orbitals built it's first submarine of the freya, which was a minor success, but then they went on to build this. You see three, not nautilus, that we had discussed so many times great summary the privately funded. This is basically a d. I Y summary, so we see this company that he founded have great success in two thousand and four. This is what makes him that local minor celebrity that we talked about, but in two thousand and eleven
copenhagen sub orbitals. They launched the heat one x rocket. Now this made Peter a much bigger celebrity Peter became known as denmark in denmark as rocket madsen by all accounts the engine and praise made manson even more strange. So look the basics of this his captain this dude, he was already a little weird, but this dude quickly became strange, more wick, weird and not in a good way right, sir when he had his first success back in two thousand and four This is when he also became heavily involved in group, sex, beady s, m and swinger events, and he also described himself at that time as a sadist, an auto, a radically active whatever that means, but in two thousand and fourteen? I'm sorry, two thousand and eleven with this new success and, as stated here,
coming even more strange he starting to get into argue hence in not getting along with any of his colleagues or business partners. The success went to his head, he's an ego mania, ok and he saw alienating himself from his colleagues, and he accused is business partner, prioritizing his family over their work projects, so in two thousand and fourteen, when he had a falling out with these sub orbit, partners, they booted amount of the company so retaliation, he started his own competing company rocket madsen space lab in a hanger across the pave lot from copenhagen, sub orbital swam. So in august, two thousand and seventeen peter was they are competing. Both of them are trying to launch a space rocket and at the same time, but peters married at this point. Yes, he he had an open mind
and I dont know that he spent a whole lot of time with his wife right. So we have Loans opened and not sleeping with them We have both of these companies competing to be the first to send their rocket into space. Ok, an ant two thousand and seventeen in august leading up to the murder of can wall peter starts experiencing some set backs with his project so the launch of his new rocket. The alpha was planned for august twenty. Sixth, this was supposed to mean a significant victory for peter over his rivals, sub orbitals, but Cash flow problems and other problems stopped. The launch, sub orbitals was also testing a rocket at that same week, so a huge emotional setback exe.
namely upsetting for peter and egomaniac, and his company appear to his old company anyway appeared to be getting the better of him tat his right there to see a while. After this cancellation, many people would describe P. Behaviour as manic, and then we have a situation. The on august, tenth the same, day. The king wall gets on the submarine with him earlier that day he's doing it our view with a woman named emma solomon, whose are viewing him for a documentary she described as having a quote strange energy, during the interview peter stated that he might be psychopathic what I'm getting at with all of this captain is we see this individual and we ve seen this from other individuals that would go on to commit cereal murder. We see a guy that obviously has fed
the seas that involve violence and sex at the same time, very violent sexual axe, and this as if these are fantasies that we can trace back as early as two thousand and four per what is found on his computer and phone right both come on. Let us assume that he was havin some of these before you start looking stuff on the computer and phone will probably something drove him to that, but I dont need to assume anything as we know at the very least two thousand and four, and then we have thirteen years of this continued behaviour these fantasies building and building inside of this guy. As well as something else it's occurring during this time, his world that he spent so much time to create it's kind of falling apart, and he is obviously unravelling. People see this. It starts with him
using the company that he cofounded with another individual bread and then it starts. Then it continues the failure of his new company, the We weigh his new company was going to be successful in his mind, was if it defeated his old company right and when that came into into the vision of I'm not going to beat these guys. There are things that I can't get over. This is the trigger this, the trigger that they often talk about when we have people that have violence sexual fantasies, that there's something that will trigger them. It's it could be a divorce could be a loss of a loved one or breaking point a breaking point exactly- and this I think, was his breaking point, and what we see here is that at some point in august he starts inviting women that he had met kind of randomly. You know, perchance people wanted to interview him, people that,
while he was out, walking around or out in public He barely knew these people here, inviting these women by themselves on the submarine with him by himself, and I think what we see here as well. Ted Bundy had his volts wagon viii, w bug and when we talk to me that being as much of a murder weapon as any of the other weapons that he used to kill these women. This is the making to me of a serial killer. This is Peter Madsen who has already decided that his life is worth a lot more than yours and mine and everybody else's out, fuzzy's, smarter than ever, but his sexual fantasies. Are that important that they mean more to him than you me and everybody else out there, and if he get you on his submarine and get you alone, and unfortunately, Kim wall was a very smart driven person.
she was on that submarine because of her work because of her passion and it's a sit, it's a situation If, unfortunately, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, while what sucks too, is that she talked to him before she interviewed him before earlier that day and and thought he was acting strange yeah straight up, says, he's weird pretty much to to her boyfriend and unfortunately, this guy. This this monster in the making was casting a net time and time again and hoping to catch something He got her alone on that submarine, and I tell you what, if he, if he could have gone away with this, there is no doubt
no doubt in my mind one hundred percent. He would have attempted to do the same thing time and time again until he was caught on because of the stress, because these different breaking points also, and also young people that are saying that he's possibly manic or some level of manic. That's probably what got him caught, and so he should be thankful for that, because you know to create these things and go on these endeavors. You have to
the somewhat intelligent, and so I think if he was if Peter was in his right mind and maybe not manic, and he knew he could actually plan it out better. This is an individual, especially with the tools of having rockets having submarines that this individual could probably get away with. Multiple murders before getting caught, and I believe because of his the stress level and his manic states that that's probably what led him to getting caught and thank god he wasn't good at martyr because, like you, like you said and like I said, he would have continued to do this now. There are a lot of people law enforcement included that, after he was put away, that they started looking at old cases to say hey Was this just one that he really screwed up and we caught him for breast
in doing this before, and they couldn't find much of connection. There was one that did that they thought could possibly be connected, but it would have been from when he was about fifteen or sixteen years old. My just thoughts, my general thoughts here of what I can see on the surface is he didn't do a very good job with this one And I don't think I don't think he had the ability, like you said, and that's what got him caught. He didn't have the ability to to cover this up and thank god for that right, but his mental health could have been more intact when his teen, maybe wasn't having any signs of manic episodes, And- and could he possibly do something where he could get away with it? For that long, I would say possible, well
my hopes are that when they give him his first review after twelve years and then again every time he gets a review after that. Please keep in mind that it had he got away with this. He would have continued to do this and therefore that makes him that fall into that quote safe custody category, where he is a day or to society and he needs to be kept from society well and if he is having manic episodes, those don't always go away. They can go away so, but if he keeps showing signs of that and talking about himself in third person- and you know talking about situations where who's there, but as if he's not there, I think is the going on whether to listen to exclusive bonus episodes of true crime garage, and our new show off the record. Only
available. Did your premium. You can listen for a free month, just go to stitch premium, dot, com, slash through crime garage and use the promo code garage than I hear everybody's and join it Buddy loves it. I heard that its mark wahlberg favorite, shell there you go. That's all you need to know. That's quite the endorse until next week everybody be good behind and don't listen the.
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