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Kyron Horman /// The Disappearance

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The Disappearance

It's a parents worst nightmare... You send your kid off to school and you think they are safe. Once they get inside the four walls of their school nothing bad should happen. In June of 2010, 7 year old Kyron Horman was dropped off at his school. His stepmother last saw him walking to his classroom. She left when Kyron was just feet from the classroom door. When school was let out, Kyron was to be picked up from the bus stop. When the bus arrived and let the kids out, Kyron was not there. Sometime during the school day he was taken from his school. Tonight we discuss the tragic story of a missing little boy.Beer of the week - Liquid Sunshine by Breakside BreweryGarage Grade - 4 and a half bottle caps out of 5

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hello. My name is totally irony stepfather. Every has asked me to speak on their behalf. I would just like to say pirate miss you. We love you. We need you right now we're doing everything we can to work with law enforcement, search and rescue crews to make sure that you can get back to us.
it is possible. We want to say how much we appreciate the outpouring of love and support prayer and thoughts as we wait for you, your school friends and their families. The teachers staff at your school and the community as a whole have shown how much impact one little boy smile can have on a community. You mean everything to us and until you come home, this family is not complete.
The hiring keep up. I hope we believe in you, and we know we will be back with us soon like to introduce the tyrant's father came from the parents or the parents. Children and olives are able to interview multiple times. The family know how difficult and stressful this is when your memories of statements can help us find time, you'll never be able to
Thank you enough for that help the. Finally, you would like to thank the media. It was not for you showing pirate on every newscast printing history in the papers. His face would not be known to everyone people from around the nation has his picture this house tremendously, please help us bring. Its appearance worst nightmare. Most of us have been there. You turn your head only for a minute and when you look back your child is out of sight. Your heart, thanks, your muscles tightened in your mind begins to raise your stuff
in your shocked at the same time, but just as your mind, racist toward strange and scary thoughts, you see your child again running and playing everything is fine, you tell yourself you're crazy to think such things. You reassure yourself, I'm a good parent, and that would never happened to my kid. We live in a safe neighborhood in my kids. Go to good schools where they have plenty of friends in good time sure is looking after them. We are safe. My children are safe, but unfortunately that is not always true, but don't panic its it's rare, it's rare for a child to be taken by a stranger, but even more rare and even more rare occurrence is a child taken from their school. This is not supposed to happen. Our schools are, a place where our children should be safe from a predator, but then again that, not always the case. Now our story day is about kyra hormones and he was
born in Portland Oregon on september. Ninth, two thousand and two This series is about Cairum, however, there- are a lot of key players. Alot of people that we need to discuss in this case, Lotta moving parts, as some would say- and I think we are- take some time here, captain to set this up to explained the family of cairo to everybody's before we get into this, so it doesn't get confusing later all right. So, let's start with the fact that currents, parents are divorced and cairo lives with his father and his step. Mother, the mud, worthy of the time. Yes, so the father is kane horsemen and these stepmother is terry hormone, terry wynn, born in nineteen. Seventy she was adopted ass. She spoke her younger years, growing up in california and then later her family. This is a family of five moved to organ
she married when she was twenty one married, a guy that she had gone to high school with an teen. Ninety four. She had her first kid, her son, James and nineteen and five terry and her husband split up now the following year. Terry married for the second time, her second huh and would later adopt terry son James this sounds like James is biological father may have had some trouble, keeping up with the child support payments. There were some financial troubles on his end, and with terry now, remarried she had been suggesting to James is biological father that he allowed the adoption to take place. and ninety. Ninety eight terry started college and later went into teaching at elementary schools. As a substitute teacher, she had a lot of long term contracts as far as being a substitute teacher, in two thousand and two terry and her second husband ended up getting a divorce. So now this
husband is paying terry's child support after this divorce. and two thousand and two terry met. Kane horsemen and they began and a romantic affair. At this time. Kane is still married to his wife, Desiree, his wife Desiree, is pregnant late in the pregnancy, with their son kyron Ray files for divorce when she is eight months pregnant shortly after pain and desert raise son Cairum is born. Them have cain and terry and her son James. They the three of them move in together. Desert starts having some health problems, and these seem to be. I don't know the specifics, but they seem to be pretty severe. It's some kind of hit me problem. A kidney issue like a long term deal and
he's trying to recover from them it's once she gets sick that she gives terry, the stepmother and cane become the primary caregivers for kyra one year right after yeah, so catching up with tyrants, biological, mother, Desiree re after the divorce. She would eventually marry a man by the name of tony young and they would move to medford organ go. It alone you and me her third marriage, correct, yes, oh, it's actually similar situation. When you think of both of these women, we have desert young who's, the vile, Ethical mother of tyrant, she's, been married three times by the point of this story, her first. marriage. She had a child and then she met came after. They were divorced from her first husband and they got married and then this affair happens and
they split up and she moves on with her life right now she has to children. Correct and then we have. On the other hand, we have the father came, who is was one married to Desiree has this affair, and then he ends up married to Terri Horman right, so have your head spinning right now. I apologize but, hey so Cairum lives with terry stepmother, correct and cane, his father and so a lot of times in this story. Will this instead he's in their name properly should say his father, the or stepmother, and then his mother Desiree and her husband tony they lived together so instead of calling them by their and will say mother and step father now and even though terry an came, the stepmother and father started their will ship in two thousand and two. It wouldn't be until two
thousand and seven that the two would get married in two thousand and eight, the stepmother terry gets pregnant and the two have a daughter together are so we have father, and stepmother, and then we have a coherent. We have its half sister she's younger and his step brother, that's older! one household living in the greater portland air, yet right and then about. hundred miles away. We have his mother and step father and possibly like a step brother correct. I don't know the child situation at their house, but it's, but it's the step father in his mother living medford organ, as you said, about three hundred miles away, and these characters are the main pieces of the puzzle of this case correct and in the clip that we played for the trailer. You hear the step farther tony young speaking first and then you here iron's biological, father, kane speaking second.
and not all the time when there's a blended family, is there a healthy dynamic? So what what do you think the dynamic was? You know before the disappearance? Okay, well, here's my thoughts, they seem to be a unified group of four people. We have a situation where the stepmother she's involved with Cairum, a very young age. I mean he's an infant when, when when she's in his life, which coaches kisses in the father one other the mother was pregnant. Ok, there's some things to talk about but before we get into that with the the one thing that's like that, little bit of a slap in the face, as you have the situation with Karen's eventual stepmother who she's on her third marriage, but she has her child with their verses and then she moves on gets a divorce, and we have a situation where she remarries and then she's saying you know what for
sky you're having trouble keeping up with these Child labour Maybe maybe you should let my current husband adopt your sought. Well, that's all well and good right that I mean that could make sense. I guess, but then. Ultimately, you and a splitting up at that guy and now he has taken on the deck support payments for a child that he adopt. Here's my thoughts. and I'm not trying to give advice to anybody because, as you know, the ladys their one. I am there this. This is such a dude comment: yeah, like a detail, you're missing so that they get married. Then she commences him or maybe he wanted to hey. You know the guy's pain for the kid anyways. They live together and they're like hey, adopt my kid, but I think maybe maybe was nefarious and then it's like hey we're going to split, and then she said to him: hey. What are the five fingers say to the face?
slap slap I've been she's like now. You gotta pay form enough for the rest of your life until he's. Eighteen, yeah. But what I mean here captain is I'm not trying to give anybody any advice on what to do you, gonna analyze, your own life. Your own situation make your decisions on what's best for you, but you kind of hinted on something there: Second, because my thought would be as the second husband I thought would be well But I really care if this guy can't keep up with the payments or, if he's having some financial trouble, I'm I'm assisting my wife in paying for the raising her child anyway, the kids taken care of right there we're not, increasing any any financial. Jason that I already have
by making this a legal deal here, but I am assuming that the step father did it because he loved the kid but it, but that's also nice too, though, for the step father, because once they did to force ah I mean I think he would have some rights. I could be wrong since he legally adopted the kid he would have rights to actually see the kid yeah, I guess he was paying a small step in every month for the child support and, at some point, terry had requested an increase of out. Now that see that's wrong. It was pretty small, though she, but he was paying like a hundred and twenty two hundred. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but I was pretty small, is like a hundred and twenty dollars a month. Let's say which is? It is not enough to raise a kid obviously, but, and I think she requested that it be increased to five hundred
a month which is probably more accurate, what it takes to help raise the child, but it seems like a significant increase when we're starting to talk about one hundred and twenty a month right, but also, if you're gone after child support. Let's go after the biological father to pay this So it seems like a lot of time and effort to kind of keep screwing somebody over but her defence. We don't know how that marriage turned out or why it ended right now all we know this, you don't orton One side of the story, but you know, if I told you hey while they got married and this guy became very abusive and controlling and possessive there. We might not be thinking that she's such in the wrong for doing this, and then we have the situation where she meets cain and cane at them. At this point,. His wife is at home and she's late in the pregnancy with their child. Now and then some type of relationship begins between
Harry and cane, and then he's gotta get a divorce. You know his wife desert files for a divorce very late in her pregnancy, as written somewhere that I and felt and fidelity and marriages goes up quite a bit during pregnancy during the pregnancy, which is pretty sad, yeah again, though I guess it's another one of those situations where we don't know all the ins and outs of their relationship. You know, and the thing is I I it's easy to point out and go you not this king guys a pretty bad dude for run around on his pregnant wife. Yes, that's that's easy. We can easily say and I think everybody would agree with us. The problem I have. Is that I I learned later in my life, to try to quit. Judging who the guy or bad girl is in these relationships when they don't work out or when somebody's doing something wrong, because I've proved myself incorrect multiple times just from people.
I've known growing up in throughout the years? You know where I might think this has you know I'll be friends with both of the peace were involved in the relationship and I'll be like you know. This is my buddy. This husband, I dont know that he's he's a grey I like, he doesn't work a whole lot. He seems too really enjoy just, cannot drinking beer and playing video games now on more than being a grown up, gala does his drink beer and do a podcast yet and you're like. How does this this? This wonderful woman stay with him, and then you know later I end up finding out that she's running around on him and that's why she's gone all the time. So it's like you, know, youth. You think you know who the bad guy is, and you really we don't know. When we look friends in our family, we don't we dont fully. Note, though the completeness of the asian ship and what's going on
I thought you were gonna, show example of similar cheated that maybe wasn't in the wrong, like you know where I look cheating and bad. You shouldn't cheat on people, but there are situations. you hear the story. Any go out makes a little sense. Yeah I guess I didn't really presented from the total opposite perspective, I didn't do a one. Eighty on anybody actually ended up right. Where I start, yeah and I thought of another thought of another story of some of some friends of mine that ended up in a and a divorce and but really it's not any different than the store agents told. So we can. We could scope out there. There are some times where, like people have been in a relationship for a very long time and the other person is an affectionate or doesn't care and basically just acts like their buddy or you know, and then the it leads the person to cheat. You know eventually, but you know they
they basically dennett bound check, allows for a couple years and then they just like. I can't take it anymore and I in that's pride The only time that I'll ever tell somebody like nance polio k that he cheated you know and even though ads I'd start with how about you just break the relationship off firsts yeah. You know if, if, if you're, not bountiful manuel for a couple years than maybe it's time to move on he weighs were leaking of moving on. We should move on because now everybody's out their judging us as we are talking about people have we got that we know enough to get back to something we know something about, and then that is crime. I, unless get away from this doctor, phil stuff. Yet again, disappearance of current harmon right after this quick let's take a sec
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at eight, a m skyline elementary opens early, so students and parents can tore the science fair. school sign outside reads june, for science, fair, slash, exe oh from eighty aimed at ten a m and then there's a talent show from one p m d, two forty five p m now tyrant was to take part in both the science, fair and the talent show that debt is gonna, be driven to school that day by his step, mother, gonna arrive a low, but after a m, yes and terry, the that mother she drove her husband's vehicle. That day. This is a ford, a white ford f to fifty. The reason for her driving her husband's vehicle is that for the science fair the presentation that's going to take place and every parent its had it I to one of these things. They know that you gotta transport, all of their things for their for their set up at this science fair expo, and these can be
large things. You know you have a dire rama things of that nature. certain, I believe that those items were technically dropped off the day before where they were placed in house somewhere the school and then later set up in this area that people would tour and view these things. My understanding is that terry, the stepmother drove the F to fifty two school that day with the intention of picking those items up when they were on in returning them to the home. So in the fathers truck we have terry stepmom step have cairo and then we have his half sister with them as well and she's, just she's, pretty young, correct, and so so the stepmother doesn't just drop cairo off. She actually goes into this go with him, and the reason for this is she's going to tour this science fair with cairo. and so we know that both of them were there
set up this area, where you have more than one classroom where you set these things up so there's you know, multiple rooms that you're going in and out of to view what the students have put together yeah and at some point karen, is going to pose in front of his science, fair project and she's, going to take a picture of him later. She post that to facebook, but this is also going to be a you know. Probably the most famous picture of kyron, yes, and at around eight fifteen, a m Gina Zimmerman she's the p t a president: that's the parents and teachers association, p, t a for short, she arrives at the school and she sees kyra with his stepmother in front of his science. Fair exhibit, the stepmother in cairo spend a little time touring the science fair together so kind was brought to school, as we said by his stepmother, and then she stayed with him for a while and attended the science fair. We know this because of the eye witnesses statement around eight forty five, a m
terry, the stepmother she's, getting ready to leave the school, and she says that she watched Cairum walking toward his client. His room. She then leaves the school after watching car and walk toward this classroom. At he's he's feet from the doors of his classroom, and I know you stated the date, but this is a friday, and this has been reported by several people that was the last friday of the year. but this is not true correct. There would be more than one more week of school after this friday around ten a m classes begin for that day. Remember the we said the expo was to go from eight a m to ten a m. At some point. Iron's, home room teacher. This is christina porter reports. Kyra is absent, marks them is absent. The name. Now. One thing that's going to be very tricky for us. Captain is person
involved in the investigation. Well, some have declined to provide some details of the investing asian, including when school officials marked kyra hormone as absent on june. Fourth, ok: what's that mean well. Obviously, that would help narrow down when he's last seen the issue here is a lot, early reports that came out. Still allow the reports to this date state that at some point he is marked absent. What I find to be probably more true. Is that at no point is he marked as attending so as dive into this low? But we have the stepmother saying that she takes karen to school. She has the daughter with her: they go to the science. Fair, should take a picture of current about eight, forty, five or so
Karen is going ahead to his class desk and this is going to be his home room, but the homeroom doesn't actually start till ten o'clock and then she claims like she never actually sees kyra go into the ah the classroom, but you know he's at school, so he's safe. So she leaves that's the story, but we have no record or, as far as like what the school is telling us as they came and tell us. If he's marked in attendance at home? Room corrected well as far as reporting goes, its reported that at some he's marked absent this day after this eight forty five time frame. Now What I find to be true is nowhere. Do we ever see it reported that he's a marked he's marked as attending a single class
right, but we have eyewitnesses and obviously the photograph that proves that he was at the school. He was at the school correct yet again take a tenants during the science for now now they wouldn't do that so Now we have, as the captain said, we have. Let's go to one twenty One p m: hormones, step mother, she is at home, she returned to her home and she post photos of cairo at the science fair on her facebook page, then, at three thirty p m, we have currents, father kane his step mother and his little sister. They go to meet the school bus Well, when they get their current doesn't come off of the bus and the bus driver. inform them they carmen hit. Boarded the bus after school that day. So then,
bus driver was ass to call the school and ask where tyrant could be. She informed the school. She was informed by the school secretary. that cairo had not been in school since early that day and that he had been marked absent driver. She reports to the secretary that she did not have Cairum and therefore he was missing. You know so we have the parents, don't have him he's not on the bus and the school saying that he's been absent since early that day, right at three forty six. M the skyline school secretary. This is susan hall. She called nine when one call center using a price, phone number assigned to the portland public schools, dick district to report. The cairo was miss. the nine one. One call center then reported this information to the police at four thirty. Three that day officers from
Portland police bureau and the multiple county sheriff's office arrive simultaneously at the school and at cairo home at five thirty p m. There is a rapid broadcast message. from the portland public schools. This goes out to alert families that there is a missing student. The message is higher and did not arrive at home today, it was broadcast to the phones of parents across the school district. So we have roughly about seven hours or so of kind of confusion. Roughly about nine o clock in the morning is the last report of anybody saying that they seen him that we know of and then by the Ami's reported missing this about seven hours later, guess at seven p m a multimodal county detective notifies the counties on call coordinator for search and rescue
It's to begin in a formal, missing persons, search for current now between seven o clock and seven fifteen, the any public information officer begins to return pages from member of the media and arranges to meet them half the school at some time between seven some forty five that evening sheriff dan Stanton. calls the fbi to alert them regarding the child's disappear, then now I applaud this. This move right here that that sheriff personally called the fbi. You know you and I, when we were discussing a case that took place locally here If b, I got involved in that case, and we learned some things from that situation as told to us regarding the fbi and how they should be in winter can be in when they can't be involved in an investigation and or is what information is used at a later date: rigour
their findings and we learned. One thing from from that case was that if, if their involved from the investigation immediately you can use anything that they they found it and they will likely stay involved until the case is closed one. I also think it's just pushing your pride aside and saying: hey look that the important thing, is that there is a seven year old kid missing: let's get off on deck, yeah more more thin, often we reporting on cases where we're saying you know they were, in six months you're after the case or were sitting there going widen. They ever call the fbi we. So we have. We have the one of those rare situations where we get to see the f b. I called immediately but we do have a lot of missing persons cases alot of missing child cases actually in organ. So this is something that they deal with probably more than a lot of other states now shortly after,
eight p m. The first search teams arrive at these skyline elementary school at eight fifteen p m. We, have lieutenant Mary lindgren she arrives at the school. She meets with those present at the school and then begins emailing a photo of cairo to local television stations, and local newspapers and eight twenty five. I am the search and rescue coordinator he arrives on the scene. They have what they call mountain wave, an emergency unification and search and rescue group that arise if on the scene as well, just before ten p m at ten thirty p m officers at skyline elementary report that they have completed a search of this,
guideline elementary school, which includes all crawl spaces story, it storage areas, classrooms and outbuildings. They have also searched the cairo hormones home by this point. Ten forty four this is, this is interesting here, captain a collar somebody calls into nine one one and They are aware of the search. There are aware that this kid missing. You know. We said that that tab, that text blast went out to all the parents in the in the district this nine when one collar once to make sure that officers have checked the train tunnel, the in the area near the school she says that sometimes kids play in there, and she just wanted to make sure that some one had checked that out using that information they go in check, the train tunnel is in. There are also some woods behind,
go as well. Yes, this is a a rural area. You know when we say portland, we think of a big city, but I think this is out on the fringes you know in the greater portland area. So, yes, that their there would be woods in this area, when we talked about having the seven hour timeline yeah are that the gap? Basically? But I really think that that gap is really The important thing is more important to find out from the school when they noticed that he was missing and was that and home room because if it was home then we have like we said on room start at ten. If current never gets in The home room: now we have a eight forty five to be no ten o clock gaps about our fifteen minutes. This case is also difficult to because at some point. They got question these students, but these students or six seven, eight years old, yeah. Well, let's, let's go through that
ok. So what do we end up learning about that day, because by the end of it, a june. Fourth, we have come seven year old cairum, whose reported missing the authorities opinion, do a fantastic job of searching a good amount of area covering both the school and tyrants home as well, and unfortunate finding nothing that finding Cairum, but also not for having anything to lead them to believe they know where he could be. So, let's go, let's go through what we ve learned about that day after the fact so at, forty five, a m. Remember we terry harm in the stepmother. She says, she's getting ready to leave the school. She says that she watched Cairum walking toward his classroom and He then leaves the school after watching him walk towards that class. However, a here's, the thing we don't I cannot honestly say that we know for certain exam.
Equally, when he is first marked, is absent for the day, but what we can say we don't have anybody that says they ever saw him in his first class start at ten am while yeah, the problem with this too, as it look it's not as a question. If you drop you get up at school there, science, fair goin on a picture of them at you know you probably helped them with their project. I mean, let's get real most of the time, her parents to stay private, annie- seven, you know it's. These things can be complicated to put together but they can be fun to work with together as a family. These very cute kid and I had kind of a goofy little smile and he's. Wherein is cs. I t shirt, you no effort for the science fair. So that's that's cool and But if we are to believe terry, the stepmother forts believe her story that shit.
It's a about. The site, and now we have a seven year old than roaming around the science fair. You know area basically on Chaperoned really I mean the rooms chaperoned, but the kid isn't so that our fifteen minutes of what happened, did he wandered off? Was there so made there to abduct him? Well, I think what we need to get away from is when was he marked absent? Because he's never marked as attending so in opinion that's kind of a dead and lead, because that leads to too much of a gap to me, of a window. So, let's talk about, I witness reports in state we have multiple people, multiple adults. The report, having seen tyrant and terry together at the science fair, so we know that took place. We are late. We know that we have that picture as well. I think that their statements
fall into place with what terry, what the stepmother said. The g left approximately eight forty five, a m that day we also have. We have no person. We have no, dude, and we have no teacher in that first classroom that classroom that he is walking to the the terry says that he is feet from the door. We have no person in that room. It was in that room stating that they saw tyrant in that room that day, during homer, and so I guess said a forty five to ten o clock. That's our gap, no, I'm saying is if he was feet from that door, when she turned her head and left eye, I'm going off the assumption that he was walking ass. She said into his classroom getting ready to walk into his classroom. We don't has anybody that was in that classroom at eight forty, five or nine o clock
saying that he entered that classroom. So writer, I get that. But there is also a lot of motion: it's basically I'll open school and seldom maybe He walked in maybe he walked out. But what I'm saying that to me is the most important thing, because we have an hour and fifteen minute gap. Right we do have. We do have eye witnesses that say that they saw his book bag inside that classroom. There's varying accounts of that did. It was either placed on the coat rack. You know something those little copies along the the one wall and you could place your coat in your book bag other things over there, and then there were reports that it was placed I or on his chair or on his desk by then. My question would be- and I would assume you know just having years of the stepdad role I mean if I was going to drop the kid off with a project we're going to walk into the school.
we're going to go to your classroom first and drop off your book bag and then we're going to go, set up your project, correct. I'm, assuming that's what happened. I don't think that that means Kyron had to have entered that school room that class room after a forty five, we do have a situation that takes place around nine, a m is later reported to police Cairum is ported seen by a student near the south entrance of the school he has seen alone? What is the age of the student I dont know that they are buying. They might not reported in a lot of these reports from the students that have say the aged and that's difficult, because it could have been six year old. I asked. we believe that there is probably a report somewhere that might name this boy or might given age. I him, say that, because the reports I found on this said and we're not going to name him, so I don't know
Maybe maybe there is report somewhere that reports his age. This, though, is according to dance stanton who says this may be the last time that the boy was seen now later. Mama county authorities would later backtrack on this statement, and I think this because of what you and I were kind of getting at this- is from a statement from a little kid and it could be it one of the younger students nick could be, like you said, six, seven, eight years old, so we have to decide, do we trust information. You know, did this kid actually see Cairum on that day at that time. At that location, I am assuming that the kids not lying that they actually saw Karen. I'm also going to assume that it's on that day the issues going to be Il Kim. This swallowed a bug. The issues going
it? Can the student even tell time right or does he does he know exactly what time he thinks he saw Kyron correct and I do want to point out that we he said that he saw the er. I'm sorry I shouldn't say he. The student says did they saw cairo near the south entrance of the school? I do what, Now I hear that there are eight access points to this school building. I think the interesting they d, pull away from this, as I understand that the sheriff department than backtracked on the statement by law enforcement backtracked on the statement, but we have a student's claiming that they saw Karen by himself on that day. Now, if we assume that that students right that date that
was that day and it was roughly around that time is in the morning. We have reports from adults that cairo was there with the stepmom and probably at no point especially when you go to drop. If your kid you just canal wander around with your kid he'll know where to go. You don't know the school that well right, so so the fact that the kid see current alone. I think that's evidence of something possibly its possible, but here's, my gut feeling- and I think this is why. this is my guess as to why authorities would later backtrack on that statement. Okay, so they get this statement from this. This small trial disease tyrant alone by himself at this outside any with an army he could be. Some foot tall went on ass, small, so they release the statement of the public and what I think
We have here. Is they ve they're, going to speak to teachers, students there, speak to everybody involved in it's gonna take some time. It's gonna takes days to accomplish them but you also you release this statement to the public and hopes that somebody, jog someone's memory and there You know what I was in: the back the school or where you know I was near south entrance or exit to this school, and now that I think about it. I think I saw him. There is well around that time and you home that somebody has witnessed. The same thing comes forward, I think why you backtrack on their stay is because later by the time you ve interviewed everybody and you ve question everybody and you ve put together your time line you have, and nobody comes forward. You have no other person other than this child, one particular child. This says that they saw a tyrant and I think that that's why they backtrack.
statement that they couldn't find anybody else to back this up. Like you said it a double edged sword, because you have this situation where you have the school science fair going on. Yes, it's a lot a commotion, it's a lot of people moving around in a lot of people in and out of doors, but it same time it's also potential alot of eye witnesses in an of doors and walking around in in the same air right so Cameron's gap of about an hour. So that bothers me, but the other gap that we have in the story is terry's gap. I mean she is dropping the kid off so she's leaving the school she's in the school, but she leaves the school by eight forty five nine o'clock and then she there's no whereabouts of her till about water. Well ok. So let's go through that, because she's extremely important, as you point out, she's the last person that we think may have seen: cairum well she's, the last parent of
of his. So we have the stepmom. Her statements to the police indicate that after she left the school eight forty five, a m as She ran some errands. This would take her to a local grocery store. This is the fred Meyer store and she says that she ran these aaron's until about ten ten, a m because, okay, so let's let's go through the situation and we can back up some of she's actually spotted at this fred meyer store by someone else at nine fifteen a m. Ok and then she spotted at a second fred Meyer store at nine forty five, a m, and these eyewitnesses today see her with any children. Yes vote. times that she has seen inside a fred Meyer store. She is spotted with her daughter, so this is the situation
The child is a toddler. Very small at this time is suffering from some kind of earache, so the stepmother, terry goes to the grocery store, the local grocery store in search of a specific medicine for the child at the first stop at the first time, she goes to fred Meyer, grocery stores does not find the medicine that she's looking for. So this makes her go to a second location where she does eventually find the exact medicine that she's looking for now. One of these eye witnesses says that they found terry's behaviour to be somewhat strange. Day when she spotted her at the grocery store, stating that The terry wasn't someone that woods would be no often speak with her or carry on recession, with her for some reason. On that day, she went to the extent of not talking with her for quite some time, but
even wiping out her phone and showing the pictures that she had taken earlier that day at this, at the science fair to this person in the store house. The odd I! I don't see it to be odd other than the fact that this person saying that she found the behaviour to be odd, so terry after the two trips to the grocery store to get this ear infection, medicine, she's gonna head to drive Here's the old local dry, cleaner, yes, and at this stop it. This is a very quick stop! You run into you, get your dry cleaning! You run back out, she's, not spotted! Her daughter on this stop: but here again we have another witness stating that they have seen terry around this time. So we have her from the time she leaves the school at approximately. forty five, a m to that that she's last seen Over an hour later we have eye witnesses backing up these stay
Then we have a situation where we have terry by her own words telling the police that between about, and ten a m in eleven thirty nine, a m. She states that she of her daughter around town. This is an attempt to use. You know: do you try to see? the child, some kids, fall asleep very easily and a car. This kid is suffering from an ear and she saying that you know what I drove the kid around for a while to try to calm the kid down let the medicine take its effect and hopefully put the kid to to sleep because Everybody knows the best way to get through a cold. The least amount of pain is too, and discomfort is to try to sleep the thing off: yeah I don't know much about driving kids around like little babies to get them to sleep. I have no information about that, but it to me it seems like an hour and half time is kind of long. It seems
like a here an hour and a half ninety minutes driving around hoping to soothe the child. And but let me now and immensely any mothers or fathers out their main. Maybe that's not that weird. I dont think that it's weird drive them around. I think you're onto something here. That may be the length of time that we're talking about seems more strange than the driving- or I don't think driving around parts weird, but young parents reach out to Us- was snow of our and have too little too ridiculous, so a round just after eleven thirty nine she is at a local jim that morning. where she worked out for approximately an hour or kids. He said and thirty nine so like we have approved like us time stamp like. Maybe she had a check again or they had surveillance cameras, though I mean it's a pretty hard, Levin thirty!
and yes- and you know usually with these gems, we all know you have to check and you have a key card or something of that nature. They're, usually they usually know when you're there, and I also believe that this the type of Jim, where you can have them. Watch your younger child they may have a little play area or something of that nature. So you can work out, even if you have it, filed with you so she's there for about an hour and the kids with her yes and then she is, it says by war twenty p m and she had arrived home back to cairo in the hall home where she lived with her husband and how do we know that Well, we have her husband at home. Ok cause he work from home several times a week and we also have the situation where she is posting. The pictures on facebook from her home computer right. So we know she was
physically there. At this point, like you said, the husband came and he sometimes work from home. It's my standing that he worked a short day that and had returned home and he was having lunch around The time that she arrived at the home they had promised to take kyra out ice cream after school, because he did this hard work on his project kind of a reward one summers right around the corner, so this is something you can do as parents. You know it's friday. You start the weekend off nice. You know get good thing. Yes, so then, at three round three thirty p m that day he the stepmother and their daughter, walk down to the bus, stop to collect, Cairum and hopes to go to get ice cream
it's notice that he's he's been he's missing. Not only is he missing, he's been missing for quite some time and all hell breaks loose right. My big question is: what is the time stamp of the dry cleaners? You know we. We obviously have her in the supermarket, about nine fifteen, to let's say nine, forty five, so we basically have in forty five to eleven. Thirty, nine, that's the gap we have, but if we have the dry cleaning record at at at ten o clock or ten fifteen, then that shortens the gap of well and I think the gap should be shortened any. This is a good good thing you bring up here. I don't have the time stamp for the receipt of the dry cleaning. Nor do I have a time from the eye? Witness that placed her there right, but what I do have is terry's own words stating that from
ten ten a m until about alive thirty nine a m when she arrives at the jim- and we know she arrived at the jump right erected that she was just simply driving around and Nobody, there is no report of anybody disputing anything before ten ten a m, so it could be that that their son, report, or somebody knows something that she was spotted at ten o five or ten own aid. nine by right wing, but we have an hour and a half gap correct. Of driving around to soothe the young toddlers eerie our rights of the day. The disappearance, where was his mother, was karen's His mother Desiree would have been in in the city of medford with as we pointed out, is about its bell two hundred seventy five miles away so about a foot our drive from the portland area and a step farther, but is the one that said detective same
The step father was in the city of medford that day going about their regular friday daily lives so the day of disappearance. We have two gaps, we have a gap in the story. Will we actually have three gaps? They have a gap and currents timeline, they have a gap and terry the step, moms timeline and there is kind of a gap. Me with the fathers timeline as well. Yes, because all we know about his time line is dead. He goes off to work, he returns home and he then sees his his wife and plans to go to the desk Does the bus stop to pick up his son yeah, and I would argue that there, if the f b, I got involved right away, they probably have some activity on the home computer. I don't know if you can prove prove who was making that activity. So I just want to leave that as a question mark. This is just part
one of a four part series. Yes, and we got a lot more to get too with this. A lot of questionable behaviour through the next few, days and weeks coming up, but we also have a search. That's really kicking off and we'll pick up there. Demolish. Thank you. So much we're. Listening thanks for telling a friend. Thank you for sharing this stuff on social media. One of the main themes is to keep these cases and the public spotlight. So thank you so much we're going to get into the search for kyron Horman.
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