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Las Vegas Crime Stories /// Part 1 /// 574

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Las Vegas Crime Stories /// Part 1 /// 574

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The Luxor Pipe Bomb Murder; May 2007 - In the early morning hours of Monday the 7th a bomb goes off in the parking garage of the Luxor resort. This sparks an investigation and a manhunt. Join us in the Garage as we gear up for Crime Con 2022 Las Vegas. This week we are talking Vegas True Crime stories. 

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Well. Welcome to true grand garage, where view are whatever you doing, things were listening. I'm your hosts naked with me, as always, is a man who would like to remind us all that you shouldn't worry about the horse being blind, just load. The wagon. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the cap.
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lots. Oil las vegas on the strip, his own operated by m gm resorts. The lux or as one of the most recognisable resorts in las vegas, because it's basically a thirty story, pyramid after the city of luxor in Egypt, the resort, situated on the southern end of the las vegas strip in Paradise, nevada according to some local folklore, where the alex or sits was once a pop miller, burial ground for the victims of the mob victims, whose spirit,
might not rest so easily. So when there may be, one should expect the unexpected after construction was completed, the lux or opened its doors to those looking for fun and excitement in Ninety three: the property features a one hundred and twenty thousand square foot casino with over two thousand slot machines and eighty seven table games hotel capacity of over four thousand four hundred rooms, the property also includes twenty nine retail stores, twenty thousand square feet of convention space for swimming pools and a wedding chapel. Should the mood strike you Certainly we should mention the lux or sky being at over forty two you can della the luck source. Ibm is the strongest beam of light in the world on a clear night. It is visible up to two hundred seventy five miles away by aircraft with such an impressive prob.
And so much money flowing in and out of a large casino one would expect Topknot security systems and personnel and in the lead, source, twenty eight years of operation. It would be quite interesting to review. All of the strange shenanigans that have been captured hotel and casinos security cameras on Monday may, seventh, two thousand and six around four in the morning the luck sores roof top garage parking lot. Security, camera filmed a most unusual situation, the black, then why video shows two people, my man and a woman walking an arm through the hotel and then to the parking garage as they approach. They parked sudan. The couple leg of one another, the lady walks to the passenger side of the vehicle and the man to the driver side. The man appears to spot something small sitting on the roof top of the vehicle. Then
A second later, a flash burst on the surveillance cameras. The man and woman are no longer visible to the parking lot camera. The author These were notified immediately, the something strange frightening was happening at the lux or what was that blast and, more importantly, where are the two people? This is true crime garage and This is the lux or pipe bomb murder may seven, two thousand and seven just outside of the left- sword casino in resort at about four
I'm in the morning security cameras watching the roof top of the parking garage located directly behind the lux or pyramid witnessed a burst of light, a blast which was quickly thought to have been a bomb authorities were notified and in rout once on, seeing the parking entrances were sealed first responders made their way to wear the explosion, a place from the security cameras view. It appeared that the blast occurred when the man reached for small item that was possibly sitting on the roof: top of a parked vehicle authorities quickly located a man and a woman near the sudan, the man. Lying on the ground and bleeding from his head a couple of his fingers. his one hand, were missing the explosion and rip them off. The woman was lying
face down on the ground near the passenger side doors. She was wedged between the car, where the explosion came from and a second vehicle parked just to the right. She too was reported to be in bad shape. Law enforcement is going to quickly seal off the entrances and exits to the parking garage, with these entrances to the lux oars, parking sealed off. No one was coming, and certainly no one other than the ambulances we're leaving. The two victims were rushed to the nearest hospital. The eighty f was brought in to assist in this whole situation and the investigation that would follow authorities were going vehicle to vehicle with bombs, sniffing dogs. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, the man unfortunately, was pronounced,
dad the female victim was injured, but she was going to make it after a long morning with a lot of personnel working. The scene from several agencies- las vegas police spokesmen bill cosette, was ready to update the public as to their findings, and he offered up the following information: one. He denied that a backpack exploded too. He denied that the lux or received threats, or that the lux oars employees received threats three. He said it was a small boy.
asked in the bomb, was not a terrorist act or a mob hit, but an apparent murder of a man who worked at a business inside the hotel, deputy police chief ted mooney, said quote: this appears to have been a small device that was constructed in such a way to target a single individual victim. It was successful in doing that, unfortunately, end quote, and for the safety of the surviving victim, las vegas police did not identify either the dead man or the injured female victim. This is a crazy and very scary situation here captain and we talked about these types of situations in the past on true crime garage but picture this. You are in a very public location, I get that its four a m, but right is the city that never sleeps, and so we have a public aid public venue and there's this bomb that goes off in the parking area and
I already know that we have one fatality. We have another person who seems to be Injured, or at least was taken to the hospital, and now the authorities on the scene trying to figure out exactly what happened. There the place where you got a lot of people coming in and now at all hours of the night and fortunately is not wanted he's shooter situations and apparently based off What we can pieced together from law enforcement, who are filling the blanks after working the sea. And they're saying hey public, don't worry! This appears to have been a targeted attack. We believe that the target was probably unfortunately killed in this attack, but if you're law enforcement, you have to be hopeful that, because it's such a public area that you're going to have some kind of surveillance, maybe not in the garage but in other businesses surrounding the garage correct, and so we have spokesman bill. Cosell said that this was not a terrorist event and detectives
believe the victim was the intended targets of the device and characterize the slaying as a homicide within unusual weapon, that from KEN ridder reporting for the associate press, trusting situation here. Captain a bomb goes off that police quickly tell us. It was a small homemade explosive device left sitting on the roof of this sudan. There was parked at the lux or so reports state that the woman was not injured. Others say that she was not extremely injured, so I'm a little unclear of her injuries, but either way she would have received some form of treatment at the hospital. I'm guessing ass. She was awfully close to the explosion. Obviously the other thing here being a large venue in a public place. We are very lucky very lucky that there was. not further damage or greater loss of life. The other thing here, too,
pointing out here captain is: we are going to get lucky that there is surveillance, camera monitoring. This area, in fact, report suggests that we would have had at least two cameras for this area, if not three Those cameras captured the explosion. As you know, captain and betting man. Well, I would be willing to bet that this small explosive device didn't magically, fall from the sky and land on this poor guys car. So of course, detectives will be watching viewing all of that available surveillance, footage to see that bomb found its way to that man's vehicle. Who put it there, where we also have to be hopeful that the survivor makes it and then they can give us information. Let's review the damage done here, captain
the murdered victim was identified as well. A baldos durrant is Antonio and sadly he was just twenty four years old. Mr Antonio was attempting to get into the driver side of the vehicle when the bomb went off the vehicle that the bomb was placed on top of was confirmed to his when the device exploded, a blue, a twelve inch hole, and Mr Santer It was nineteen. Ninety six dodge stratus the bomb tore off some of his fingers and sent a piece of metal through his head. Oh that's awful, which killed him so, just like. We saw here captain with the Unabomber case with ted Kosinski. He planted these small motion activated or his pressure bombs. It's not necessarily explosion that kills it's the shrapnel. Unfortunately, that was the case here, well and often is the case with these small explosive devices
age in your fingers. Being blown off seems like you didn't die instantly, though it seems I may possibly died from me now he died from the head injury. Yes, so we covered the unabomber case. In April, two thousand and twenty one episodes. Four hundred and eighty two and four hundred and eighty three, if anybody would like to go back and give those a listen annabelle trailers on those episodes. By the way, the captain doing gangbusters work on the music and yours truly doing his typical robert stack lead in a asa people call those
genius you're, not saying they are the same. Some people say that I call myself a robert stack. Wannabe on this moment is a call myself. A guinness right are victim. Willa, baldos Antonia worked at the lux, or he worked at the nathan's famous hot dog business, which was, and still is, one of a handful of non could see no businesses that remain open all night located on the second floor at the food court near and arcade in their several other shops inside. The lux or pretty kick ass, hot dogs. There, too hashtag not a sponsor the lady that was walking with him. Captain was reported to be his girlfriend. Her name is Karen challis. She worked at nathan's in the lux or as well with this man and, as I said, this was small explosive device. Clearly, a home made devise described as a small metal pipe bomb. They contained
spoke of powder and a nine volt battery, which was hidden in a plastic cup that was partially filled with that spray foam insulation stuff. This was placed on top of willow. Baldos die. Stratus the device exploded when he picked it up to remove it from his car, so that Ocean activated the bomb, we'll baldos Antonio, sadly passed away at the hospital two hours after arriving. The meadow
examiner determine that a large fragment of metal entered the victims, brain creating a seven centimeter furrow. The autopsy also revealed torn skin and abrasions on his face a mangled right hand and missing skin on his upper right arm. The explosion occurred on the roof top parking garage, the shrapnel penetrated near by vehicles and pieces of the bomb were scattered across the parking structure. The parking structure and the casino, though, were not really damage the casino not at all. Just some of the visa, rules but nothing significant to the parking structure and, of course, the distance that it went off did not allow for damage to the casino at first people thought that this might be a terrorist attack right. We hear bomb, we hear explosion, that's what our minds go too, but quickly law enforcement said no
not a terrorist attack and that they had no reason to believe that any one else was in danger of a similar attack, because this was a planned targeted. attack and the hotel was not even evacuated- the general business opera patients were not interrupted by this explosion, with the exception of that parking garage area, jen, very sad that this young man lost his life, but we were still lucky that more people were not hurt or kill. We also well, we get lucky in the investigation process and here's how captain first law enforcement were able to find on surveillance, how the bomb got to Mr Antonio xvi Surveillance, video shows a silver shiver, lay cobalt drive around the rooftop garage for a while and then pull up in park next to Antonio sedan. This too
place approximately ninety minutes before the bomb went off when looking at the footage. This all went down in the top right corner of the garage. If you are looking at this on a television screen and reviewing the footage yourself think about this, so they are telling us This is a targeted attack, but how dangerous is this whole situation? We that had already killed one man, but whoever places bomb on top of his vehicle. least it. Ninety minutes there before he walked up to it, moved it in was killed by the bomb right. Anybody walking through their could have picked this item up off of his vehicle, or you know it could have been a worker. Come through and clear off some trash and throw it away a teenager, a young adult somebody else in the area bump into the car I mean there's any
of scenario that we can look at and go hey. We know that this is targeted, but because of where the target takes place and where the attack takes place. and where the bombs planted anybody could have could have upset that bomb and become victim to that bomb. Not just the target. A couple things here, one I think because there's two victims one survives, but I think she only survived because he took the brunt of the damage, but this material that they use we're not talking about expensive items. This was very cheap to make. So once you have possibly one target, how many other bombs. Could this individual place on other cars and that that is just terrifying to me, and we talk about this often on the show how quickly life turns on a dime. I guarantee you this man who woke up on that day, who fell victim to this bomb, father was going home. That night thought he was
adding another day at work and was going to you know, go, do his thing after work. While we get lucky here to camp, then we get lucky A second time because, as you pointed out are survivor are other victim. She survives- and this is Mr Antonio girl for Karen, she tells police some much needed information and this probably, where they're getting the hey. We don't feel Anybody else in the public is at risk. Here we don't see any kind of threat to the general public or even others at the lux, or this is based off of her information is what I would believe, Karen and Antonio, walking arm in arm through the hotel to the parking garage. These are her words. They both had just finished a late night shift at nathan's. They were working together that night they get to car and, as we said earlier, she goes to the passenger side. Will a baldos goes to the driver side? He then makes a joke
the karen about someone leaving him a cup of coffee. This is the cup that sitting on his vehicle, ray and after making the joke, he then reaches for the cop and just as he picks up the explosion. Happens now. At that very same moment, Karen makes The life saving split second decision to drop immediately to the ground. This right, in the bomb went off, so she drops down, and she then became shielded by the car karen tells authority. She started dating Antonio about a year before his death. This was after she broke up with her
ex omar rueda Danvers omar doll. I can name change it, but I'm that disappears for a second, though, if your watch and batman or something these terrorist attacks or these bombs that are sent their normal sent to a mayor a doctor, maybe a lawyer, maybe someday and law enforcement, you don't think so. May that is working at Nathan's serve hot dogs is in the hot dog business. It's usually pretty friendly business yeah. You think so me unless oscar Meyer has an issue with him. This doesn't seem like somebody that you would target an attack of this nature, so she breaks up with her acts and then shortly afterwards starts dating the victim. Now she says that she
her acts Omar in two thousand and one at the same Carlos university in Guatemala. She became pregnant soon. After later, the two had a daughter. Now she says they broke up in two thousand and six, and by that point they were both in the united states in august of two thousand and six omar. certainly not shy about letting her know that he wants to get back together with current, but she refuses- and things really start to get weird quickly after this on one occasion, Karen agrees to meet him at a park so that omar can see his daughter after the visit omar follows her home and when she gets out of the car he tries to hit her with his.
Echo and an obvious, very childish, but very dangerous. Fit of rage. Sky sounds like a psychopath after this omar starts going to the lux or when Karen is working and threatening her. And he starts threatening will a baldos as well when he sees him they're both end up telling their employer you're about oh mars threats and on at least one occasion, captain Omar was removed from the lux or property by the lux or secure. It was bad combination, silly that doesn't like you and has a lot of time on their hands, but good for us here captain, because now we have a suspect- and we have
this vehicle description, but we do have a problem with the investigation, because the vehicle seen on surveillance while it does not match the vehicle belonging to omar brought, it seems like they have a pretty clear, cut vision of this, the the vehicle and they can even get a license plate, but I don't think it's as they are of who is operating in the vehicle correct. So what we have here, captain police they have stills still images of the vehicle they pulled up next to willow, baldos car the vehicle was only there for about twenty or so seconds is what police say now the still images were blurry, but let's bring on one a law enforcement greatest of allies, crowd sourcing notice here to captain that they didn't wait for ten fifteen. Twenty six years later, to release these images to the public those years. I
rattled off are not random numbers either. These are actual timeframes that we've seen in other cases where they wait to crowdsource something from their investigation for for ten fifteen or even twenty six years later. Good luck with that here, do it immediately captain because they know they need the public's help and boom they get it in return shop. So, with the public's help, they identify what kind of car that they were looking for and then, after a traffic stop a few days, later they end up identifying the driver, or at least the owner, we should say the owner of the vehicle, not necessarily the driver they pull over vehicle matching the description of the one that place the bomb on top of willow baldos vehicle. They speak to the driver of this car They find out that she is in fact the owner, but very quickly, police law.
That she knows Omar danvers. She says in fact she dated him at one time, but the to the romance didn't last, but they they stayed friends or because he's a psychopath. When asked If she would ever let omar borrow her vehicle, she did say yes, but she said not recently- and this is just a couple days after the closure when police fill her and on the situation. She too, tell them that recently she noticed that her spare key to her chevy cobalt with missing. The the. And now a word from our sponsor better help. It's my favorite spot it's the one I use most often it's. What has
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right. We are back to the windows to the wars. Cheers everybody thanks for joining us cheers you captain So we have this situation. This bomb goes off a media the police are aware. After speaking to the surviving victim that hey, we possibly have a suspect right away, this guy has already threatened me and threaten the deceased and his name, Omar. You should be looking for this guy, while here's what we have, we have two victims. One survives that's in law, enforcement's favor. We have this time where arm omar tries to run over one of the victims with the.
car now, that's his hearsay, but what we do have omar on record goin to the place of her employment, where pretty much this. This attempted murder on both victims takes place, and then we have this vehicle while he doesn't on the vehicle, but he has access to the vehicle. He knows the owner it was a lot of things lining up in law, enforcement's, favor, well and there's a lot of stuff. That's moving very quickly for law enforcement and they're doing a lot of stuff really behind the scenes here. The difficult part was trying to okay this
vehicle doesn't match o mars vehicle. So how do we, if that's our prime suspect, we need to figure out how that part of the story worked? How did that work for him to still be the prime suspect and after some help from the public, their able to speak with the owner of that vehicle that matches that direct? That direct description? So, of course, now we're gonna go and try to find omar and talk to him so law enforcement, while they do just that they go and pick up this omar danvers and they conduct an interview with him. Now he of course, he's going to deny any involvement at all in the spa but hand this man a shovel here, captain and watch him dig his own grave, because after further questioning admits to driving the chevy cobalt on the night of the lux or bomb incident. In fact, he says that he drove it to them
we're looking for his daughter, ray and went on to admit to police that he followed his ex girlfriend extensively. Sometimes, in his view, go or with this woman's chevy cobalt and and admitted that he knew parents, work schedule and He knew she was dating, Mr Antonio, and what kind of vehicle Mr Antonio drove so, these willing to admit a whole lot of things that would really implicate him. this murder, with the exception of I, have- nothing to do with making a bomb or placing a bomb on this man's car here, but hold on a day a minute, his driving a car that he does. It have the authorization to be driving. He basically stole his girlfriend spare key and driving around a vehicle that he's not supposed to be driving and well. One thing that gets
really a little weird here, for the detectives is somehow police get on to some other guy right. They start to move on to an additional suspects. Are there not replacing omar as their prime suspect? but instead adding another suspect to the equation: a second individual involved in the murder, but No, this wasn't the woman who owned the shabby cobalt know this was a very close friend of o mars. This is MR preferring rio de already hooray The way that I believe that they get onto this guy is we have this issue from where they have the surveillance footage correct right. So when reviewing this footage, the person that place the bomb on top of mystery antonios vehicle break from the passenger side. So now we have to people that we're looking for. We know the car that we're looking for and we have to people
that we need to put inside that car. One of them place a bomb in one of them was driving, and my guess here captain is that they, you know they say we enter, viewed this woman who, on the car, my guess is they probably grilled, are pretty hard. Knowing that we're looking for two into yeah they held down and torture like a vicious animal and problem telling her look. We get what you're saying that your spare keys magically messing. We get what you're saying that oh more used to borrow your car, but the problem. Is that doesn't remove you as a suspect that doesn't lately remove you from this equation of when and who put the bomb on top of all mars vehicle. So she probably start saying: look. He knows it other guy you're gonna want to look at him to, regardless of what omar
tells you when you interview him law enforcement has to think of it as an aid to be situation. She has access to the car. Is she helpin omar? We know that the individual that gets out of passengers side is as a mail, so eight she's drive in the car and oh mars, the one that gets out in place of the bomb on top of the car armed with all of this information law enforcement will search omar's vehicle inside his vehicle. They find a pair of wire cutters, electrical tape, a current tester wires and keys to the chevy cobalt. Then they go to his work and he did maintenance at a condo complex and in his maintenance shed. They find a box of nine volt batteries, the nine volt batteries here this package and the other batteries found in the shed were the same type in same manufacture as the battery used in the bomb.
So it's not like having dna, but it tells you hey your only on the right track here and, of course, they're gonna interview this porfirio too, and he as well. Captain will deny any involvement at all. You know I didn't do it. I don't know anything. But eventually he's going to admit that- and these are his words, he goes from not admitting anything to something that get some very close to making him suspect now One saying quote that he made a bomb, and he knew it was going to go off at the luxembourg to pit and he denied that he was the one that placed the bomb or activated the bomb in any way at all. But ultimately he's going to tweak his story and in again- and this is when he tells law enforcement- and this is from the record, although he was and at first of placing the bomb
on the car, because it was not his problem. He told police. He did say that he placed the bomb near the center of the roof of the car. Towards the driver side. And he eventually tells law enforcement that the bomb had been placed in a cop and then a magnet was placed in the cops so that the bomb would stay on top of mystery antonios car until someone moved it, this is very interesting here, captain, because we talk often about police, hold back information and when they d the bomb in the papers and when they're telling the public about the incident that took place at the lux or they are telling us how the was made what it was constructed of very loosely, but at the same time they're, telling us that this was a targeted attack and that's probably based off of most of the statements of the surviving victim. But there also saying there's no threat to the public, and this makes
It's here, because there looking at the psychology of one the bomb how it was made its size, what damage one could expected to do, but plus they didn't tell anybody in the public about this magnet. This was their hold back information to to that when they have the right person sitting across from them the table when their grill at home. You know tell us something that only you would know our cow. Can you prove to me that you're telling the truth, while this piece of it Mason never made its way to the public. This magnet that was put there with the idea that it would keep the bomb on top of this vehicle, thus Almost making sure that they would hit their targets closest thing. I think that long enforcement gonna get to a full blown confession yeah. I think you're right here upon intended right now, dave they also fine. What they're, calling bomb, making materials and porfirio red
since both men were arrested and charged with murder and a bunch of other charges as well came with this police public. They announced that they had no reason to believe that the woman who owned the chevy cobalt was involved in any way so no charges were brought against her in relation to the bomb. Now Strange turn of events here, captain with later learn that omar danvers ship, Francis the prime suspect, the man who was hell bent on killing his ex girlfriend in her kerm boyfriend right Omar denver was not his real name. Surprise surprise that in fact was the name of a former employer of his who he worked for when he lived in panama,. So this man's real name is Alexander Perez, so this is discovered when real omar Danvers the news of this bombing and then see
that somebody was arrested connected to this bomb. His name His own name is connected to the bombing he's, outrageously, calls the fbi and let them know, hey This is who I am I'm omar danvers, that guy's name is not omar danvers and I had nothing to do with this bombing the real. omar Rwanda danvers once employed. The man The police now know to be Alexander Perez once per as me his way to the states and ultimately las vegas started using that name. He stole that name of his one employer and using it as his item on man, your own real name law enforcement prosecutor, surmise that the two men omar related danvers, real name, Alexander Perez, whose ages, thirty
years old in performing yo Duarte Herrera. Twenty seven killed willow, bordeaux durrant is Antonio, twenty four by building a bomb and placing it in a cup on top of the dodge stratus on the driver side of the vehicle. they determined that before you was the one who bill in place, the bomb on the car and, of course, per as was trying to kill his ex girlfriend. Her new boyfriend out of jealousy omar, was obsessed with Karen and watched and followed her. Both men were facing the death penalty and they stood trial together. It took some time because they would not be convicted until two thousand and ten, the bombing took place in two thousand and seven both were sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole,
and will spend the rest of their lives in prison. Now and another strange turn here. Captain Porforio was also found guilty of planting a bomb outside of the las Vegas home depot store on halloween back in two thousand and six which blocks did shards of metal over a wide area into a busy street prosecutor said it was incredibly lucky that no one was injured or killed in that bombing by the ship bags and the ship bag. Salad already some bomb and another location. I just don't understand how omar got him involved It's unclear how these two were friends, but they were friends for quite some time and according to the woman that owned the chevy cobalt, she said that the timeframe leading up to the bomb at the lux or that these two individual,
saw each other daily as far she was aware, so they were very close to one another, but it can't be understated what the words of detectives and police at the time shortly after arresting both of these individuals. They were up front and saying: look. We know this was targeted, but we we want everybody to understand just how dangerous these two men are. These two men together are you have one person that so jealous cities willing to kill two, people, and then you have another individual that seems to be into making bombs and later when florio, is interviewed and asked about this bomb and in these two bombs that he he created, he's really to me just seems psycho of weird a very strange individual captain, because the way that he makes it sound is basically like I'm at home
tinkering around, and I figured out that I could make a bomb and that he placed it at the home depot just to see if he was successful in making this bomb. If it would in fact go off this guy is such a psychopath ease, its ease, treating it like it's a video game, he doesn't care if anybody at the home depot was killed in the parking lot. Re hate me bomb and wanted to see if it worked and it would go off and if it would do its thing do what he constructed it to do, and it is a shame that want you know that he didn't blow himself up in the process of learning how to create these homemade bombs, yeah, which we see a lot of bombers, both also. The other thing to that we have the factory in is think about the the pragmatic Everyone involved in the attack that killed. Mr Antonio,
so we have the one individual, omar or sorry Perez. I keep using his is fake name, but Mr Peres, who He knows this individuals vehicle. He knows the work schedules it said when they were reviewing the surveillance footage. Another reason why they believed it to be targeted, not just the magnet, but when the vehicle, the cobalt aunt the parking area they drove around several minutes as if they were looking for something specific and then they pull up next to the dodd stratus. Someone gets out places the bomb on top of the vehicle they get back in and they drive But this was very premeditated to the point of these. Two individuals had to have a a discussion at some point of hey. I want to kill these two, people and the other loser saying yeah. I know how to make bombs okay. Well, when can place a bomb and take these two out,
So there is a lot, a premeditated planning that went into this type of attack and think about how little it took for both these individuals to be willing to kill two people yeah. Then you wonder if maybe it's money was gonna change, hands for his involvement, but both these guys are loose cannons while and we have a couple of things that take place here- captain one these two are going to be tried together by, but look at it this way, because Mr Perez is now he's not saying yes, I did the bombing he saying yeah. I knew all this other stuff, but I had not to do with the bombing and then have me, two herrera who is telling police, I didn't placed the bombing activate the bomb. But yes, I made a bomb and I knew that it was supposed to go off at the lux or so you don't really have either of them. Providing you with a full confession, and so when you trial, you're, trying both of these individuals together, not are they saying hey,
I was somewhat involved, but not fully involved, I'm not completely responsible. There also both kind of pointing the finger at one another and suggesting hey Mr Herrero may have done this on his own or hey. Mr Peres may have done on his own right and what ends up happening here. Captain we have the fast forward. to a few years later and actually just a couple years ago, is what changes MR peres, is it later is when Mr Herrera is convicted of the home depot bomb which we no took place in our time line before the bomb at the lux or re. So a few years ago, MR perry is granted a new trial in two thousand and nineteen. This is based off of the appeal that he had not been able to cross examined. His co defendants who had given incriminating evidence to the police so what theirs basically here captain is. It was known that
Mr Herrera, was going to be found guilty of a previous bombing attack and therefore could not be addressed at that original trial and now Mr Peres, who was always pointing the finger at Mister Herrera. Once the jury we in the judge and everyone to know that here. This is further evidence that I was not involved what saying his his defence in two thousand and nineteen, when it gets a new trial, is basically this look. I bought the shabby cobalt. I went to the locks or that night looking For my daughter, looking for my ex hoping that finding my axe, I could see my daughter, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and Also saying another way that he had bad luck, because he was friends with this person he's now calling a weirdo into in nineteen saying is basically a person that has a history of bomb making number one
but to an individual that was obsessed with making bombs and probably obsessed with knowing things up as well. These garage boys are here and happy to report that boom all, years later still found guilty and and yeah were excited when vegas all week in crime camp of your there. Please, come say hello and you beautiful people stick around has on part two we're gonna get to another crime from las vegas join us back here and the ranch until then until then be good behind and northward
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