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Lauren Smith Fields ////// 556

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On December 12th  2021, 23 year old Lauren Smith Fields dies under suspicious circumstances. The Bridgeport, Connecticut police fail to do any type of real investigation into her death. In fact her family is not notified until a day in a half later. And it wasn’t the police that broke the news to the Fields’ family, it was her landlord. How did this young woman die and why did the detective refuse to investigate? Join us in the Garage as we try to get to the bottom of this one. And as you will see the bottom is the best place to look because the Bridgeport Police Department is about as low down as it gets. 

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if you are listening for the first time, thank you for joining us. You are long time listener of the programme. Welcome back whether you new to the show or an old friend we're all here for the same reason, now, while there may be many different reasons for each of us coming to the garage today, there is. One single reason the same for all of us,
each one of us has a little detective in them I don't know where it is. For each of us, Maybe you have the mind of a detective, maybe detective at heart, where the Texts have been. You come straight from the soul, wherever old, Sherlock comes from within. You are a detective, at least when you are with us now: why are you a detective? Well, It's not for the reasons that you think not because you recently purchase john douglas as new book. whether you have watched every Keith, morrison, dateline or because You binge true crime garage at work in your car and at the gym, Oh, you are detective for two simple reasons: one you, love a good mystery and to you, hate, mysteries,
You love a good mystery because it draws u n and challenges. You know it. Everything in finding the answers compels you to expend time energy. And wit, and you hated because each at you especially when the story is left unfinished without a solution. Without answers, for some of you without punishment. its unresolved. It is still a mystery like so many things in life. Your passion for these true crime stories to become a lot. in hate relationship now that we have established that on some level. All of us here are detectives, Then it would be easy for one to assume that many of you have even pictured yourself in the shoes of a detective, sir the crime scene for the first time. Looking for clues better get evidence well here is an opportunity
thousands of us little detectives to daydream together, close your eyes. You are the detect if you receive a call to respond to residence, when you arrive yours, what greeted by a man his panicking He takes you to a woman who was unresponsive. She is lying on her back with blood on her face. There are no visible injuries to the woman, So you're not sure Why she's unresponsive the mail? says the woman lives there Are you her husband? Do you live You're too, you ask now. He says What's her name, you ask, he provides a first name He says he tried giving her chest compressions, but it didn't work said The woman is dead upon your arrival
what she is removed from the scene. The coroner will do their thing, but this they mysterious death, a call you responded to. Goes and most jurisdictions. That means you just caught a case. This woman's mysterious death is now your investigation you are in charge and while you wait for lab tests to be run the core to provide additional information the cause and manner of her death. You are like at the scene and there is work to be done We have seen to secure and sir for clues leads in evidence abbot. Collection and inventory? photographing. The scene, processing it according to police procedure, may have a. Witness the interview plus other possible witnesses to seek out who, else was here what
Our time line of events. Do you see anything that would indicate that a crime was committed were possible. Multiple crimes having been committed in to speak with her family and asked them the appropriate questions as well as or your quote: witness what do we Do with him too to process. This witness request physical specimens vote. Grab him in, to search his person doing to read him his rights and remind him that maybe he should have a lawyer present. There is so much to do, but today you're going to tell you a story that I think might make your team. but your boil good little detective because the true story we have for you, the real life. directive did very little, hardly anything once woman's body was removed. This it's true crime garage- and this is a-
case of lorn smithfield. This week we are going to see side, bridgeport connecticut captain I don't know do we call this the bumble, murder case or the bungled murder case They bumble murder, because some are saying a young woman in this is a Lauren smith. Fields met with foul play after meeting a man on the bumble dating app and I say, I'm confused because that's of two simple facts here: one we have twenty three year old, lorn smithfield die under mysterious circumstances after a first date with a guy that she met using this app. But then there is no, investigation into her death, that's right! The bridgeport.
medikit police detective in their office. Failed to investigate and failed to know fi laurens family, that she died. So what's bumble according to their website. The bumble app is more than an app it's a movement. I love These companies these days, work where more than this were more than that nope sorry, you're. An app true programme grow it is more than a pact for more than a pod gets a lifestyle. That's right so accord the bumble it's more than an app captain, its movement. They say we encourage integrity, kindness, equality, confidence and respect during all ages of a relationship with online or offline bumble is where or go to learn how to establish and maintain healthier connections. I I agree with that. I applaud the people over humble they say when members of the opposite sex match on bumble, women are required to make the first move shifting old fashioned power
dynamics in encouraging a quality from the start. I think that's a good way to start things off now. What happened to twenty three year old lorn Psmith fields? Well, we go back less than two months ago to the morning of December twelve, twenty twenty one emergency services receive a nine one. One call about an unresponsive woman at a residence emergency services arrive. It sounds like a police. Officer. Was there shortly after he empties were on the scene because most of the articles state that an officer found law, lying on her back on the floor with dried blood in and around her right nostril. This is according to the police, officer says that they found a frantic man, a quote, frantic man who identified himself as someone who had only known lorn for about three days, the man said he been doing chest compressions after being instructed to do so by the imf.
jesse operator, on the phone them, was trembling and visibly shaken and stirred. Now we should know. here that the man's name is given in some news reports and and purposes, not given and most news reports, so this man? else police that he arrived at laurens home the night before she invited him over to her place for what was to be according to him a first date. According to this and the two were having a good time. They were drinking shots of two. le for part of the night, but it's in point, lorn became ill and went to the bad Through to get sick but then later lorn decided to continue drinking so now she's feeling better and they go back to having the time the man says they draw more tequila with mixers play games, ate some food and watch the movie Lauren lived in an apartment on Plymouth street in a busy part of bridgeport.
at some point during the night. Laurens brother stop by her home to collect clothes from her now, for my understanding captain? He doesn't come to the door. I The way it sounds to me is he pulls up somewhere outside and lorn russia's out to meet him right. it even sounds to me, like the man, wasn't really certain who lorn was meeting with Whatever happens, she's outside of the apartment for brief period, a time speak, with somebody the man says he doesn't see. Whoever lorn is talking to a what Laurens brother says. Is that he's not even aware that she's on a date so the brother doesn't go inside. He doesn't even realize it there somewhere inside. It sounds like right, when Lauren comes back into the apartment, the man says it lorn went to the bathroom and she was in there for about fifteen minutes short time later. Lauren fell asleep on the couch, the man, still at the apartment at this time
He carried her to bed and then fell asleep next her now he said when he woke up that morning, he could see blood coming out of her nostril. He then, called nine one want to request help. Medics arrived and pronounced her dead, their report aids lorn had been dead. For maybe an hour or so, and not that it matters too much? But I believe you stated at some point that he woke up around three thirty and she was snoring. then, when he woke up again around six so when he went to use the restroom where something that's when he realized she was breathing officer say that they collected several items as evidence and that they would take that with before leaving in securing the apartment and next for reasons unknown. The police failed- and I say, failed not by attempting in striking out no, they fail to notify lorn smithfield family of her untimely death
to do so because from where I sit, it appears very all to no attempt at all was made to contact her family so from but from the family. There say they didn't find out She had passed away toward data have later when they went to visit her apartment, yeah and the way that this goes down here. Captain is we have a family that at some point they try to read, child too long. They have no clue that anything terrible has happened when their trial. reach out to their daughter or their sister, the family eventually goes to her apartment and when they do so, they find a note, the no side, the police, it's from the landlord Laurens landlord who said it hey. You need to contact police or contact the landlord because law and is no longer with us. She's she's now dead at this point This is not the way a family should find out about their love. One passing on here. We have, really bizarre situation and I'm not Talking about bizarre,
from the outside. Looking in there's all a question marks. When I see this, they re and I see that this thing is blown up on tik tok and we get several people emailing us dozens of people emailing us in saying: hey do you know what's going? here in connecticut an Fortunately I didn't know at the time- and I am going to say I am even more saddened to know about it now after looking into this incident, looking into the situation there in bridgeport will get into that more as we go through this case in the story, but Here we have a situation that for what reason this family is not notified and then course they're gonna have questions about their loved ones, death. why is she dead? You know what what happened to this woman. Was it investigated if you didn't, notify us weak? We have no reason to believe that you ve done any other work on this case and
she's found in the company of a man that we ve never met. We do not know this guy. We don't know who he is, and we don't know his involvement in her serious death like this. According to the male and this, jewish, they only we're talking for the last few days. So obviously she didn't bring this up your family- I don't think it's that She didn't tell her brother, hey. I have a guy over cause. Sometimes that stuff you just don't share with your siblings So I find the odd. But she's in good health, she's. Young She is not known drug user to the family, so this seems so at love. Field. She's tending college. She has her own apartment, things seem to be on the up and up with are victim lauren here now we do have the police report, which could offer some more detail as to the,
events of that night in the morning when she's found, and I think we should pour over those details here now. Captain According to this, the responding officer was despatched to Plymouth street and this was all on the report of a non responsive, female medics and fight were despatched there as well upon arrival in this is directly from the report upon arrival, a knock on the door was answered by a frantic man later identified as blank now. His name has been rejected from the police report. And again some news outlets or reporting his name and some are purposely not I, No, what side of the fence to fall on here? So what we're gonna do just so we quit the man will work to this guy as man going forward so frantic man Matt answer the door he directed me again. This is from the officers point of view he drew Did me to the rear of the apartment to a bedroom. There
I observed a young adult blackmail lying on her back on the floor. She had dried blood. in and around her right nostril. She did not. here to be breathing. He told me that person on the phone instructed him. to do chest compressions. He picked up his phone and asked if he should keep doing then he was trembling. Invisibly shaken the call girl told him to hang up and speak with me. The officer right, I told him the medics were on the way and the sirens could be heard in the distance. I asked what her name was and he replied, lord. When I asked for her last name. He said he wasn't sure, but her instagram page says it is smith he stated that he has only known her for about three days in came here for the first time last night, they met on the dating site, bumble fire and medics arrived on the scene and began life. Saving efforts for lord, when
Matt stated that, after meeting on bumble, he found out that they had a mutual friend via instagram and began to chat there. She invited him over for a date asking him to give her forty dollars to at her nails done and to bring a bottle of tequila. He said he arrived at her home at approximately nine thirty p m and tried to contact her via instagram twice, but she did not answer. He said he does not have any direct contact information for her. You know us phone number, etc. He only has this instant bumble information, a lot of times when somebody meets on line, though contained to communicate with whatever method they originally met and they want- seems like cell phone numbers, stuff, until maybe they know, it's gonna, be more serious. At first he said he thought he was stood up and he left, but then lord called him to come back
a short time later saying that she didn't answer his call because was putting on her make up went on to say that they began drinking shots of tequila and Lorn became ill. She went to the boy the room to vomit and was apologetic when she returned they there. decided to drink the tequila and mixers. They played some games. Some food and started to watch a movie lorn was acting with some one and then told him than her brow There was going to be dropping something off to her she went outside for a few minutes, He says he never saw the brother when she came again. She went straight to the bathroom and she stayed in therefore approximately ten to fifteen minutes. He thought it was odd, but didn't fit It was his place to say anything as he didn't know her that. Well, they can and you to watch the movie and finish the bottle of tequila. This is a costume costs, amigos tequila, big bottle, lorn fell asleep on the couch,
He carried her to her bedroom and laid her in her bed. laid down next to her and fell asleep. He says he woke. Ben, approximately three, a m to use the restroom and lord was snoring at that time. He woke up again. approximately six, thirty a m and she was lying on her right side. Blood coming out of her right, nostril onto the bed and she was not breathing That is when he called nine one want a bunch of things to go over this one he's telling you we started our conversation through bumble. Ok, let me see the app. Let me see that communication get them. We continued our conversation on instagram. Ok, let me see instagram. Let me see that car station. Let me see your phone and let me see her phone. We know her phone. Is there, but do they try to access it, and maybe they can
because of passwords or whatever, but you could at least have him access those two things and you could take screen shots of those and then send those too the officers phone weathers. All kinds of miss steps that are gonna, be taken here, opinion here captain now. This responding officer is not the same as the detective, so I think where we, our message things up is once this is handed off to the actual detective it looks to me that this officer and again I am not familiar with bridgeport connecticut police. parliament procedures, but it Here's to me that this responding officer is doing all the normal stuff right talking to the people on the scene right, securing the scene making observations, taking a report now the report goes on to say what this officers actions were after
this young woman, unfortunately, is pronounced dead, so it would be at six forty nine, a m when the medics told the officer that lorn had been dead for it. Least in our. Maybe more matt gave it written field statement to his of the events of that evening, this officer the reporting officer notified a sergeant and request. The detective bureau supervisor be notified via dispatch, So this is just simply a responding officer that is doing their job and now they're going to have to hand it off to the higher ups right. We gotta get a sergeant involved, I'm going to notify the detective bureau that we got the serious death. We have a death investigation that needs to happen, and there you are off the ball and hoping that they run with it and run with it in the right direction goes on. Say that this officer contacted the meadow examiner and the
officer, found a: u s: passport, identifying Lauren as miss laurence, Psmith fields male with the same name on it inside the apartment. It mastercard that name on it and one thousand. and three hundred and forty five dollars in cash. There was a I'll phone on the couch that Matt identified as lorn Psmith fields phone, there is also a male to some other people here and I don't feel comfortable. mentioning their names, because I dont know how they fit into the city. The given former roommates yup or she could have been. How sitting herb or collecting so These male could been any number of things. The detective- and sergeant were notified and the sergeant morales and detective cronan arrived on scene at eight twelve, a m and they met examined arrived on the scene shortly after he goes on to say that the officer made contact with a hector Torres. He the landlord and lives. On the second floor, he said that
and smithfield has lived. Therefore, almost a year, he that her mother stops by occasionally, but does no her and has no contact information for her. He it was issued a complaint service form and asked to give it to lorries fields? Mother, the next time he sees her detective cronan gave Mr Torres his contact information before he and sergeant morales left the scene after the body was removed. I locate the key that fit the front door. I made sure all windows and doors were secure and all lights were off and locked. Both locks on the front door and left miss smith fee old money, key passport, mastercard and cellphone were all turned into the property room for safe keeping, slash further investigation, as still seems like they could do some kind. A background check on her and and fine, maybe some phone numbers that they could try to call, so they could try to reach out to her family. Yes,
it certainly does seem like they could have done that, but or even look up prior addresses that would be in the system and and drive by to see every that serve parents, house and I'll raise thing directly from a cnn article here, and there are several good news outlets that we found in regard to this case, this from cnn. The police not notify smithfield family of her death. Instead, the family found out a day later after visiting her apartment, finding a note from the landlord on smithfield apartment door, quote the mom had been calling because christmas dinner was supposed to be at laurens house that year they rove over. There found a note on the door from the landlord. This said, if any one was looking for, lauren call me. The landlord. The police never tried to reach out to the family. They just took her body out of the hole, the family
describes the detectives assigned to the case. Ass quote rude and one of them saying that the detective treated the family badly when they call old and met with police seeking answers about smithfield death during a meeting earlier. This months so this would be January policed, them that they did not find anything suspicious at the scene and a detective allegedly told them. There was no blunt force tat I believe also they were told to stop calling the police yeah exactly and this again from the same article, miss smithfield, mother, chantelle fields, said She didn't find out about her daughters, death until a day and a half later on the evening of december. Thirteenth and police did not notify her about it instead miss fields. So it was her daughters, landlord who put her family in touch with detective cronan who offer
very few details over the phone and even hung up on them in a subsequent call. This is miss fields quote here. My son, I presume that this is the same son that would have went. Were there that evening to meet with on one side of the news reports when the family is speaking with reporters, I believe, there's two brothers better been interviewed, perfect, so she says my son ta. to him, meaning the detective detective cronan and asked him what happened cronan said that she met a white guy on bumble, but don't worry about that he's a really nice guy and quote detective cronan said he would meet with the mother of the decision and her son at miss fields. Apartment They say that they waited for an hour and a half or more than an hour and a half, and when, They called him. You know were able
you're waiting. where are you? Are you on your way, detective chrome told them to stop calling she later. The mother later had to beg the police to collect evidence from the scene and that's according to her lawyer. This is absolutely unacceptable. Job is to serve protect and obviously you're, not serving the. And now a word from our sponsor better help, it's my favorite, bond, sir. It's the one I use most often it's. What has? changed my life, so dramatically mental is so important and something that we need to be discussing every day you need to invest time
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till I get started a if you're at the gym. This is a good story to be less than two, because you can put a few more plate on on that bore and just go to town Let your anger arise are can we have a serious issue here. We have a crime seeing that I dont believe that was looked at to you a situation where you have a mysterious death and as far as you know, as a detective until its role other you have to determine what actually occurred here and you pointed out before winter. You also have a man that is here at this woman's apartment when you find her body yet We read how the story and what went down air quotes two lauren smith fields the night before according to the news reports, and then we even covered the police report from bridgeport themselves of what went down with or psmith fields, but we
aids remind everybody that, unfortunately, a big problem with the police report and how this story is reported is why, don't have lawrence version of the events from that night. We only have this person that were calling Matt. We only this map guided, tell us what happened the night before in the morning when he woke up, and he says he finds or unresponsive and believed to be dead, that time when he wakes up at six thirty in the morning, yeah vomit them Ass, gator, I'm first into now? Is this man guy told me the truth, Okay, so like I said where are mean was honest ram and bumble. Well, let me see that communication is he Going to show me that communication, I think it's a red flag. The fact that he moved her from the couch into the bedroom Why are you doing that? If I just met somebody a couple days ago
I woke up in their care in me to my bed. I go with you the normal reaction there would just. Blanket autumn. go lay in their bed and falsely that's fine, but you did have to mover brother red flag is she's throwing up? earlier from drinking- and she goes back to drinking now, if that's me,. I'm goin, I don't know you that! Well, that's not! The propria action to throwing up. Is let's go back to drinking I go. Ah you not feeling well, I need to check myself out of the situation Yes, if your day carried you to your bed, I would I would have some questions about that thing. Why sets has big device? You see this orders on that woman, but about what we do know is that he also made the name on one cos off on the right: ass, gator I want to listen to them and one one call. We know that he was due in chess chess compressions base
off of the nine one one operate her telling them to do so. He then hangs up the phone when they get there. That's normal proper! seizure, but I'm gonna go hey man who else knew that we're here, who knew that you are talking to learn? I wanna talk to them. I want to check your criminal record Now he has one. Why does one inch yeah right slammed check to see if there is a record? Oh, what's guys background. What's his work, history today may see you come into the apartment. Are you willing to come down to the station and to do a proper energy there are you will to take a lie? Detector. He claims that was no sexual intercourse, okay, well why? Why is there any test done and the big red flag as they fine who and what the reports are saying? A use condom in the trash in a trash can, I believe, in her bedroom. Lester,
said dna, because, if lied to you about that? If that dna comes back to him? Well, now he's he's fabian on his story. Now the question becomes: are you Phoebe non your story to this, protect yourself or are you some actual criminal If he lied about that and if he lied about that part of his story, then his credibility is gone completely out the window and you cannot believe any of them. Of his statement. Now, while we sit here Defend Lauren, saying, unfortunately, she's not here, to give her so of the version of events. We should also defend. Our person were calling Matt as well, because. Fortunately we just don't know if she were here. She may tell us: yes, that's exactly how the night went down and he's perfectly innocent in this whole thing. What we need put the microscope on, though, is everything you just said. Captain are all the right questions the detect
should be asking themselves and looking at the scene and talk to this person. That was there he's the only witness, according to his story as to how things went down. You need to shape tree see what falls out and see. If you think this guy is, is credit based off of evidence. What we, here is a situation where the detective tells a family That guy that we found him in the apartment. At your dead sisters, apartment yeah he's seems like a nice guy, don't jump they any conclusions with him. I wouldn't jumped any conclusions with him. He seems like a nice guy. The statement should have been look. Where look into every aspect of this world. To see if a crime was committed and if so, who committed that well right now, again, let us assume that man had nothing to do with us he it was about a girl's house that he doesn't really know too well. She's gone sick she ends up.
sleep or pass an hour. She stopped breathing. This is a devastating and cops, don't do their job now this becomes national news world news, Now your name is Most of the reports people are saying This is a suspicious death, possibly a murder, but you're, not one suspect so not only the cops not serve and protect lorn and her family, but they didn't serve and protect map Fortunately, we know that in many situations anybody that's watch dateline, listen to the show for any law long period of time. You know that when we have a key ace, especially of ape Woman who is is martyred often is the husband or the boyfriend, and I'm here to tell you it sounds to me If you were a husband or a boyfriend looking to off you're you're loved one, your spouse, you should probably-
live in bridgeport in and request detective cronan show up to the scene because, apparently detective cronan, if you, if use, frantic and panicked- and if you see that you did chest impressions and you were the one they called nine when one now he's gone. I deem you to be a nice guy and not want to jump to any conclusions. You know who else at him to be a nice guy, ted Bundy You know who else seem to be a nice guy when they're doing their sermons on sunday, BT gay. John Wayne Gacy was charismatic as hell. The medical examiner, roared lawrence, miss fields. Death was accidental and caused by a cue intoxication due to the combined effects of ventnor promises. Even higher zine and alcohol, and, if I may, renounce any of those you know they have revoked. My medical licence yes, but he still studying and doing research on computers.
now the family obviously is upset about a number of things, but specifically uncollected evidence or stuff. They could be possible evidence if, in fact, the crime was committed here and there attorney alleges that the family found a used car them. As the captain pointed out a steady pill and blood. And sheets and overturned plate of food and bottles of alcohol. So the spain sheet, I'd like to see this for myself, because we do know that the victim was bleeding through the nostrils and if it's just a little bit of blood than that would explain, they bloodstained sheet or sheets makes it sound like it was a bloodbath, and I can't believe that that would be the sea by a bit may here's the difference. If, if you tell me, I fell her in her, her nose was bleeding, but but that bullets gains by her knee right. Now we have an issue right. On top of that, this family look and not all family.
Members know what everybody in their families doing Is it possible that she used drugs from time to time She has experimented, she might never experimented until that day. So, but when the when the family says, look. She was an unknown drug user to us how the hell does she have that? No inner system and that's what explain to you that they're not telling you How that fit all got into a system was arrested orally was ingested through the nasal. Was it? What did He shoot up is patch desert tracked marks, and then these proscription pills pile list, thus look through the house and to see our contact your doctor, and were these prescribed medicines given to her right by a physician, or were these proscription met
asian that she was getting from somebody now and that now that leads you to evidence. If you go well, she shall these prescription drugs in system, but there was nothing to show that she had a prescription then used then go back to question man, did he have a prescription for these? How did these? get into our system, I think, is a big. How did they get to your system was where she drugged How did these items get into her apartment and the thing is- let me run a scenario by EU that is possible scenario in the situation. You have a family that says our loved ones not do drugs? We or it to our knowledge did not do drugs way and we have a man here who says it conceptually. He spent the night or was at her apartment at least leading up to her falling asleep and then wakes up finds her dead in the morning, calls nine when one don't worry active cronan says he seems like a nice guy, but now
we run run mats information into our computers and find it out. This guy's got a whole bunch of drug charges right stemming back year, now, don't you start to go? Ok. Well, maybe we have a situation here. The thing is with these items that I just mentioned. None of these items were collected originally as evidence or even possible evidence or photographs. taken of any of the stuff as well. We have One thing that I can point to again I'd like to see the sheet the bed she because it's it's left very vague. The description this bed she, but that aside, we have this overturn played a food. This my end. eight that something else was going on differently. Night than what were being told by only living person that is in the apartment when we arrive there to try to save this young woman's life? My big issues test the damn condom. Bulgaria it s a condom limit goes back to match
guys like you lying piece of shit that feels the need yes, drug somebody in order to have sex with them and then also during the autumn. Why not run of rape kid I dont know that could have been done that could have been conducted in all fairness. Read it for my understanding. I looked for the autumn, report there are several news outlets, state that it has been sealed and it's not been released to the job. Public. Well, here's the thing: if you're ruining accidental overdose, then its case closed, who gets to see those case files the family but you're, not in communication with the family, you not being respectful for the family, so manu. Oddly enough, though, captain this is not the we story that ends up this way coming out of the same area. Strangely enough, we have brenda Lee Rawls, who is found dead. The same
and again her family is not notified of her untimely death as and this is this- is all going on, not just in the same city of bridgeport but the same neighborhood boeing. believe the same officers were connected to that No, I believe that it was a different officer. So a little background on this other story is that ms Rawls worked as a customer. Sir representative for most of her career. Her sister describes her as a family person who was extremely funny. She loved the law. Often make jokes even time. She would make a bad situation into a funny situation. Now it's on clear to me and I've I've searched high and low in it. It doesn't seem, like any new information has come out in regard to brenda He rose but its unclear how she died. There was no physical signs of trauma. For my understanding or even foul play the matter.
examiner would be in charge obviously of determining the cause of death on December fourteen after realizing that miss rose had stopped responding to their text. Messages and phone calls her sister. in some other relatives, decided to go to her apartment, she wasn't there, so they went a few doors down to one of their friends apartments air and his apartment. He told them that ms ROZ died two days earlier in his home after he was, able to wake her up in the morning. It's it's airy. How similar these stories? Are calls nine on one in her body was taken away. He it some of her clothing to her family when he's telling them a sheet? Sheep away, but again they were notified by the police Miss rose, live just two miles away from Lauren, psmith fields, died on the morning of December twelve. So this is all happening within days of of one another.
and they're. Just sad, I mean horribly. Spectable stories to learn of a loved one, the loss of a loved one and then learn that nobody, bother to tell you that the right precautions the right. Precautions are the right. Attempts were all there or by the persons that were with the person when they didn't when they were found deceased calling notifying nine one one police on the scene, medics on the scene. Yet that's as far It goes that's it where's. It goes and bridgeport you know, summer regulating the debts as far as it goes. If your black person in bridgeport right there's been a lotta reports, come on out there, other officers and other people in the community were trying to warn people about. This is their lack of for when it comes to a black victim. Buzz absolutely pathetic. Police work and there's a lot of
cops other there's a lot of great detectives. Trying to do the right thing, Julian, job serving unprotected and the Scumbags give it the also bad name but case, like I said, Lauren his victim, but if, if is innocent, but he's victim as as well, and they should have done their due diligence to figure out where he stands, because looked so and even more to detail suspend both of the officers and they go hey! We're gonna, investigate the investigation and ammo going to investigate the death. Ok, now the elite the department is trying to do the right thing so kudos to them. But now what happens of matt goes well. This is national news. Now I better get a lawyer than people going to speculate, that while he a lawyer, you lord up scenarios guilty, which I mean anyway, and look
initial. The initial investigation be open with police and if you think that they think you're suspicious of something get a lawyer to now forget you through the questioning here's the other problems, and at this point he would have to be an absolute moron two lawyer up here. The problem too, for everybody for everybody is it the detective does not know shit at that time, right that day doesn't bother to notify the family. Now we have to and wait for the medical examiner to come to a conclusion on cause a manner of death. What days later, the the Go examiner, comes back and says rules at a homicide, you lead this time go buy. You didn't collect evidence do didn't. Do any type of investigation. You didn't take any type of photographs. Where does her case it if it does turn to a homicide. Its heads,
as a pile of shit right in the trash can now since his terrible tragedies, bridgeport mare, Joe ganum, says he's worth being on the situation and issues a public apology. We have that clip here for you now. I once again want to express my condolences to the families of lawrence smithfield and also the family of Brenda lee roth After reviewing these matters even more closely, I now directed deputy chief piranha of the bridgeport police department, to immediately put on leave the two officers who are the subject of the bridge for internal affairs, investigation and disciplinary action for their lack of sensitivity to the public and their failure to follow. Please procedure in the handling of these two matters. Let me be clear, effective immediately. Both detective llanos detective cronan are suspended from duties and put on administrative leave from the british police department. Until such time.
as the away investigation and disciplinary cases have been completed. Regarding lord smithfield, Brenda liese, Brenda Lee rawls cases to push for police department has high standard for officer sensitivity, especially in matters involving the death of a family member. It is an unexpected failure if policies were not followed to the families, friends and all who care about human decency. That too, should be shown in these situations, in this case by members of the police department. I'm very sorry, in addition, the officer who was in charge of always seen these matters has retire from the department, as of this past friday, to again make it clear both to members of the public and to the department, insensitivity disrespect, inaction or deviation
from policy will not be tolerated by me or others in this administration. My disappointment in demand for accountability in these and all other matters brought to my attention, will remain until all the questions are answered to the satisfaction of all. It should also be noted that the untimely death death of lawrence smithfield and brenda lee rolls are both still under active investigation and have been reassigned to members of the bridgeport police department to resolve want to thank tony crosland and the family and the thousands of others for reaching out and asking the questions that needed to be asked, and that still need answers. I as mayor, but also as a father, cannot fully comprehend what must be going through. I can only pledge by continued support,
train, easier pain by getting answers and holding those responsible account yeah yeah. I guess it's absolutely pathetic. Does the lack of care Again, you can do investigation, but you lost precious time and new loss, precious resource once you have access to her house once you put into an ambulance to have her go to the hospital. You know access to the full crime scene and now they've the ability so again, I think that still gotta be question marks later in that, doesn't new service to learn that doesn't deservest matt do service to the community or her family. You have to like her mother when suddenly this happens in the end, and you have a sense that there, something wrong here. Her family should applauded for point
hey, there's something not right here. Yes, both He's brenda lee rules, family, an lawrence, miss family, psmith fields, family should be applauded here because they are not just they're not just trying to solve and create a solution to this problem. The problem that affected their families they are bringing a attention, in my opinion, to a problem that is city wide right? This is a huge problem and ongoing problem in the city- and I have to. I have to read of this article- this was a brilliant article gang stirs work by the good people over buzz feed dot com. This article was just last friday, the articles by capita serena Caroline o donovan Stephanie bear and andrea click, and basically the The article is about racism within the police, department itself and art,
was title. Black officers have tried to sound the alarm on the police department, overseeing Lauren Psmith fields case for years, Buzzfeed saying that the lorn smithfield case is just the latest in a string troubling incidents for the department and I agree after reading this article. Listen, what they have uncovered as feed says in recent years, complaints from black officers have offered a window into the departments, internal culture and accusing leaders of racist conduct back in august two thousand and eighteen captain struggle. A top aid to police. Chief, with more than two dec aids at the agency. Step down after complaints of racist text had surface and one text later published in court documents this office, captain. Strabo he referred to
a local juneteenth event that he was to attend, as in an word parade in another He said he asked a black captain Who was running to become police chief. His name is roderick porter if being the film planet of the apes, made him homesick. These are from court documents. This is He also called african americans a cancer in text. Instead he hoped for a race war. Well, that's that's! the intelligent of you there, sir struggle himself later argued in a sou and allow suit that his car many were part of a widespread culture in the agency perpetuated by the fall, our chief who he accused of regularly using racial slurs. Talking about genocide, genocidal fantasies in reference to members of the black race and saying that Former chief was drunk at work. Ok, so before
back to the article. Let's just address this. This is horrible. This global behaviour. By this this captain he called out on it obviously he's racist as hell, and gets called out on it. He he's admitting to doing it but says you know I do it because the chief did stuff like that too- oh yeah, the old, like that's like very second grade of you there, sir to go. Oh yeah, have I did it, but it was only because these other guys were doing it too. Well. Not only should the black officers be, pissed off but other why officers should be equally pissed off if not more pissed off, because this is pain in your whole department. As about racist clowns well it what it appears to me based off of the statements of this captain who it at me to what he has done is captain. Fuck head? It's confirming that? Yes, the higher ups in this department at one time and like
still are behaving this way arc acting themselves in this type of of manner to be fired and they should not get a pension. the reason why you, your your salary, Your pension year retirement your your health coverage, all that stuff is paid for by the taxpayers that you swore you run a servant protect, and you have not done so. You have. You have to you have decided its citizens, to serve and protect them with ones you won't. I would question if their serving any of the citizens at all are behaving this whack wreck, so that the chief that we just talked about this is Armando Perez resigned in twenty twenty and went to pray for obtaining his position through, zahm rigging scheme since then, a dozen black officers have filed internal complaints, about lack of training and opportunities for promotion hostile environment and
retaliation for speaking up and this comes I'm a device and polite the president of the guardians which is an organization for officers who are people of or so for them, they have some kind of representation here, the von polite, who is he battalion and half black was granted probation and twenty eighteen after facing second degree, assault charges for alleged dragging a man from his car beating him The man struck his mercedes again. This goes. Active, and I know that he's on the side of the of the black officers, but I d understand, look divine polite probably trying to do some good work. I don't know that I want a police force where we have guys that are higher up in the force that have assault charges, oars, assault convictions, but I What racist, on my part
the force either especially higher up in the police force or in any organization. For that matter, I don't even care if you're the janitor, if your races are gone, day, the janitors gonna, run this garage watcher, filthy mouth, it's the there's, no place in society. For this evening. In the same way again If your white officer and you ve set by and let this stuff happen, you just as much for part of the problem you saw the ernie building and you didn't call for help. You didn't pick up a bucket of water and try to do something. It's it's pathetic is what it is, the departure only black captains have both filed lawsuits against the agency. They see their responsibilities were curtailed. After speaking, up against leaders now, one of them this is roderick porter was a final list, chief in twenty eighteen, in lawsuits in complaints with the state he argues that the department
asked him over in favour of progress because he had opposed struggles. Racist comments, he also accused the agency of a racially hostile work environment and says Perez to hide struggles, racist messages after We learned of them and failed to investigate then into thousand and nineteen, a spokesperson, and for mayor ganum said he. outraged by the racist remarks of struggle, but incur filings, the city denied that Perez was aware of the contents of these texts. Messages and said internal affairs affairs did investigate the matter at the time noting the struggle was put on administrative leave this city also denied that porter was more qualified for the job of acting chief saying whereas quote a police officer longer and had more experience, income positions and
well liked in the community and quote now them are denied participating in paris a scheme for advocating for him to become chief. Now I don't. I don't question that one bit, but after president downplaying guilty and went to prison porter was the only remaining candidate for the job of acting chief from the previous list of finalist, but the city chose cap rebecca garcia instead garcia. As the current, and for my understanding here. Captain law last november, a judge found her promotion was also part of peres's exam rigging scheme, so Like most places, you know this is this is fairly common for my understanding and a lot of these on enforcement agencies. They use these exams. As Primary raised for why one person would get a promotion over the other. However, we are seeing in this situation. This has been ruled by a court. This is not the colonel here. Come on up to his own conclusions. It's been ruled by
the court that this was there were some legal rigging of this examine and of the support of this process to put Perez in the position of puzzle, police chief and probably promote others along the way, as well so what you're seeing here is. This police department is screwed up from top to bottom, two or three hundred community members march to the mayor's office, demanding action in lorn, psmith fields, case mayor gay, demanded that the department present him with three new finalist for the police, if job within one hundred fifty days, I would like to go act that, after we examined the rest of this buzz feed dot com article incur filings. The city said that the undisputed facts demonstrate the porter was not subjected to hostile work environment and that the decision
two select him as the chief of bridgeport police department, the acting chief or the us. the deputy chief, was not based on his race color. A representative or the city. This Scott apple be said that for me actions within the police department are conducted by a civil service exam process. Well, we need to change our process because it's broken ve already seen how screwed up the departments so far, though what goes on to say quote regarding any discrimination, complaints, the city of bridgeport and the police department. Take these matters seriously. Appleby said in via email, the city immediately refers each complaint to an outside, firm that specializes in employment matter. For independent investigations and quote ok, so they give When we have these matters that come up when we have complaints, come up we hand this off to an outside firm that smart, that's
Well, let's let somebody that doesn't have a dog in the fight examined the situation and issue a rolling, so we can figure out if there was wrong doing and if so, who we penalize. That's great. I applaud that that smart. However, According to this article, these cases are still open, and these are months and months old. It's time to get a new outside firm to look. to this situation. There are not their job either right. So, let's give to somebody that seems to be incapable of coming to a conclusion as to what happened if there was wrong doing or not drain man for a week and I'll tell you who's a ship bag and whose not, according to this article, racial discrimination with in with an the bridge, poor police man is nothing new quote. It goes back to the seventies, eightys and ninetys. End quote this according to captain porter we were under special master federal oversight for a number of years now, the bridge
poor police department operated under this federal oversight from nineteen eighty three to twenty ten for nearly thirty years, the currencies issues with race were so blatant and nineteen eighties that thirty. three black officers, all but on patrolled the most dangerous neighborhoods, putting all of black officers, basically on the front line and in the end, the danger zone, if you will, while the one officers get patrol the less dangerous neighborhoods yeah the behind a desk and do nothing but tat horrible jokes. So federal judge, had assign a special master too, ensure equal opportunity with powers to administer a sign in discipline officers which the since he had to pay for, but ever since the agreement dissolved. The ages, has been in a downward spiral. This according to the local, in double a c p, president black officers
have been calling for federal oversight to be right. Stated for months and they have been joined by advocates and city council members. One in particular, is maria Pereira. Again, Each port city council, woman, Maria Pereira, says quote: bridgeport police department has by far the largest budget in the store. of connecticut and what we get for, it is a pity, department, that is in shambles its chaos. End quote, in all fairness to that statement, all that statement to me. Yes, it's her opinion, but it appears to be true to me department isn't shambles and if she said that they have the largest budget than I believe it she's the city council woman, but in fairness, we should point out that bridgeport is the largest city in connecticut, so they should have the largest budget
what we have here? Captain, though, is a situation to where the one of later lines in this article. really needs to be underlined and echoed until this problem is solved corrected its. As this is by one of the officers, one of the bridge, poor police officer, says quote: we need core oversight if we are being mistreated in this department, with our when people. Here you can imagine what is going on outside end quote and that's What we're seeing now, what is going on outside where we have the media responding to the mishandling of the brand, early, rawls case and the lorens Psmith fields case, yet in the second investigation, second autopsy and they need to be included
communication with her friends and family to make sure that they feel comfortable. about their investigation and that they fill them Education is the as thorough as they were well what needs to happen in these two cases, especially in the lord smithfield case is because have some more details in that case than we do the brindley ross case. So it's a clear to me when I believe should happen, and I think that what needs to happen hears it and outside investigation needs to take place and outside agency needs to come in and conduct proper and, as you said, thorough investigation into both of you, situations, and it should include a civil rights probe by the justice part. by officials from the justice department and to the bridge for police department itself. I think that is, lately respectful that mayor. ganum gave and issued an apology to the families. We do have city
Also, woman, Maria Pereira who says look both of the families, reject the mayor. Apology and she says that he should have called them to his office and spoke with them. person. I agree with that. One hunter: percent, I do a point out something here. I either hoddan. That's what so bullshit about people being human, reach out to them. Call them meet them face to face. Don't just get him The camera, was like a show A girl I'm just gonna go in and I'm gonna prayed around and from the camera, but one reach out to them. These are humans that loss the there d that lost their sister, that that shows no class. Well, I do want to point out something here too. I seem to. I think I ll This maria Pereira, she seems to be a bit of a whistle blower she's, calling what they are in pointing out problems that they have I just hope.
that, she is offering solutions at some point. She is a city council woman, and I hope that in the rest of the city. Council are a part of the solution and start creating solutions, rather than just pointing to things in saying: hey the problem, and this is why it's a problem, the mayor, really look you you gotta, get you shit together, my friend, because here the problem. I understand that you are demanding that the department you three candidates for a new police chief within the next one hundred and fifty days. I believe it says no that's as lazy as what some of your upper staff in the department is doing prince me with three candidates in the next one hundred fifty days. No man you need to get in there and you need to get your hands dirty and do some damn work and get straightened out, because, right now your city is shit and you are the fat filthy, pig that is sitting in it. That is just sitting in it. Your department,
is a disgrace, and if you have these problems within Europe, stop carbon. I cannot imagine the problems that you have in your other departments you oversee as mayor this, become your top priority and look this agency, as men, up it is as it seems to be, maybe they're, not the best ones too big to be presenting candidates to you again. I also title understand why some of this stuff take so long. You could sit down with everyone. in the department and speak with each one of them individually now for this mall period of time to two to ask them face the vase gimme a couple names who you think should be run in these departments. and you're gonna see the same names kind of pop up, because these officers, the ring, elected officers, officers and ones are doing the right thing,
most of the other officers now about it. So, but it's this whole cases absolutely pathetic in it's an. I filled also bad for all the other, like I said, all the other law enforcement officers that wake up every day they put their life on line, and they tried to do the right thing and protect people, and they of their communities, no matter what race they and are system. I hope that They could do a thorough investigation and an investigation that the family fills confident and so many questions, hopefully laurens family, get some answers for everything. True,
I'm check out true crime, garage dot, com and insult, Sweet pea good because don't leave.
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