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Lauren Spierer /// Part 2 /// 92

2017-03-22 | 🔗

Lauren Spierer /// Part 2 /// 92

Missing Person /// Lauren Spierer

Last Seen /// June 3rd, 2011 Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana University Junior

Age: 20

Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes

Tipline: 812.339.4477

Email: Helpfindlauren@gmail.com

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Last seen, leaving her friends, apartment, jason, rose and bomb. Now he watches her, leave. This is about four thirty in the morning and he watches leave any says that he sees or walk up eleventh street, and now this is the last time that she has seen since her disappearance, there has been several theories that have come about as well as obvious suspects, thus being her boyfriend and the three guys that she was hanging out with that night will thus dive into the first theory, and this is the foul play theory. Yes, originally the police. It said that they expected foul play from the beginning. They thought that this would be involved, because Lauren had not communicated with any one since her disappearance. Now this could mean a lot of different things and at what one thing that it could mean is that may be some one had picked her up. You know we had said about her size, she she's smile,
well she there's things going on that night that make her an ideal target. If she was where her friends say she was, she was small shoes, intoxicated and she was alone yeah. All those factors would make her easy to grab easy to control, or let's say that you didn't want to grab her, because you didn't want someone to see you doing that now. I don't I'm not saying that this would be true with Lauren, but we do know that a lot of killers have got a lot of victims into their cars with the promise of drugs, yeah and wealth, but the dollar thing that I have not heard anywhere that we do have one witness saying I had to pick her up carrier backing and she lost her shoes. Her phone at the bar then loses her person, and all these other belong he's are keys on the way back to their apartment.
what if she was just walking alone and that this was like. I am going to stop here to rest, I'm tired, I'm just going to lay down for a minute. Now you got this. hast thou individual on the side of the road. That is not that heavy. So this could be a very opportunists thing It also made driving around, and especially in these highly you know, I can't speak for Bloomington. I can just speak for a high state campus, but if you go there on a saturday night friday, saturday night, you know that scene is is, is busy, you know, there's walkers, there's community, there's people out and about there's a lot of people. If I was looking to harm somebody and looking for easy prey, a college campuses, a perfect location, oh yeah, there's all these weird alley, ways and there's you know: there's tons of under age, people, intoxicated and why king and then walking alone. So you know she could just been passed out some
it's a whole community of pedestrians and a lot of them on a friday night, late thursday, there walking back to their place. The thing here, though, captain is the surveillance footage You know we we went through the timeline. We discussed all these different sightings of her on these different cameras by using camera footage from different apartment complexes in such that saw her walking with corey back to her apartment and then seeing them walk to his apartment, The problem I have here, as you know, we ve we ve seen what they ve released. You know they release some pictures of her. The problem is where Why are we seeing more of this surveillance footage? Because we have this story of these? stating that she left on our own, but she walked out here by herself now, if, if your theory is possible foul play or your theory is that one of these guys might have
and something if we could see this. What is on that surveillance footage that you're not releasing an end to be honest with you captain, it's very uncommon for them not to release Is this surveillance footage from bright and I think there's you know there have been some clips cause I've seen some little snippets. My question is: is there surveillance footage of her leaving her friend's apartment yeah because it cause? If so, then, all those old eyewitness accounts somewhat checkout up to that point. Yet now did she take off walking to me it'd be more likely that should run into somebody else that cause foul play outside of this group of four or possibly even the ex boyfriend ex boyfriend claims, now, let us talk about his alibi. He claims I e finnish watching games six and then he went to sleep. So now is roommate states that this was true, but they really don't have a
solid alibi for where he was. You know cause he could have went to his room and his roommate goes to sleep and he gets up. You know took to o'clock four o'clock in the morning, whereas he wears his alibi, yeah yeah, you're right- and I don't mean to correct you here, but it was. It was game two of the n b, a finals, not that I said in six, you got excited, they did go six games now. The thing here is your exactly right. He says he's at home watch in this game. The game was over just around midnight. his roommate states that he ended up going to bed? Jesse went to bed at two thirty in the morning right? Is it? How solid is that You know how concrete is that information? What happened after two thirty? Could he yet on it, and I'm not saying that the roommates a liar understand the roommate might not know in the other possibility is that she'd may not have left those apartments as well and that of their stories. Don't tracker!
and that's why I'm calling into question about the surveillance footage. You know that they had footage of the two of us walking into that alley, and then they have footage of them coming out of the alley on the way back to cory's place if she would have to in the same room, and I dont know that she would have, but had she taken the same route to get home or to return to where she was going you know, do they have footage of her going into that alley and then not footage of her coming back out. You know that all these things would point us into some better d, action, rather than these, these four theory yet is very blurry area that we wish. We had more answers. Basically, while that leads us to police theory number two: this is the inner circle theory that someone in her inner circle had done something bad to her. You know this could We usually mean her boyfriend or any of the other friends. The guys that she was hanging out with that night right and, like I said, I think, initially its low odd. You know normally
Well, that are dating in their early twenties or they're, not as mature, so to have a bunch of friends of the opposite. Sex might not be the coolest thing and the fact that this guy is just like. Well, I'm just going to stay home and watch the game hey you gonna, go hang out with three other dude. by the way you're going to also get drunk with them all you're, going to be alone in their apartments with them, and I don't know about this yeah One thing I did when I was researching this case was I had to kind of step back and take away and and kind of throw out what I thought, maybe lorenz motives were for that evening. You know I I just I just have to kind of chalk it up to me if she just wanted to go out and have a good time. I wasn't trying to girls. Just wanna have fun yeah, because I think if you try to read too much into what you know any one of the people in this group was trying to accomplish at night. It really could sway you in a weird direction: and we're gonna stay on this inner circle. Theory here- and I tell you why, captain because, really when you, when you
Look at the police theories, the first initial for theories. You could really kind of encompass all of those theories into this inner circle. Theory and rainy of those could be. Possible with any of these members of the internet yes, so we have that the boyfriend s now his motive would be that she was out with some guys and maybe that he was jealous of this, and so therefore he murdered her retaliation. Now I think his well. You know his alibi has not completely
solid? I think it's a reasonable alibi exactly, and I think with that. So let's just put him to the side for a second guess, then the next guy you have is the guy she's hanging out with the most corey right, and we now know for the record they're, just friends, but his motive could be sexual. You don't men are dogs, that's how we are as possible yeah, it's it's reasonable to suspect and so that the iD I the idea here would have to be that he wanted to have sexual advances with her, and that was not happening. So there for he killed her or he raped her and killed her. But the problem with this is they hung out with you know he hung out with her so much Even though lorn was small, shabby cheese, this party in rock star right, maybe a glorified that too much but
Now, anyway, she's hold in her own an he by the time they get back. He carried her and I think that to me as a sign that this guy's trying to get lucky like why carrier back in mind you. This is the part that I have a big issue with with court is that they are at her apartment. There are physically inside her apartment there in the apartment complex and he could have delivered her to her place and left her there and in that happen for one and we don't know we don't know. Maybe lorn was part of that saying. No, let's change my mind. These guys are jerks. Let's go to your place right with. You have to keep up they go on, but it seems to me that there there- and I want to know more about him being punched, because my thought on one level is if there is not like some solid story backing that, then maybe he did something with her and she attacked him and that's how are you
with a black eye, that's and then this guy lawyers up and says, and here's the prom again, everybody in the inner circle, the four major suspects that we need to look into. They all loitered up right. So this this talk alone- and I don't know if I covered this so the boyfriend he helps with a couple searches after a couple searches. His parents come lawyer, em up so now he's not talking to the police. And then corey lawyers up young and but now other lawyers say but we're being cooperative with law enforcement, but so anyway, so what the corey thing the problem I have with that. What does it make
in a sense as I I know that he's with her the most so he's the number one suspect in my eyes, more so than the current boyfriend, and he had some kind of assault, whether he provoked it or not, sometimes you're just being a drunk idiot, and somebody punches you he might have not really been doing anything shady and but he throws up and then passes out, and so he has the same. If not better, alibi, then the current boyfriend yeah yeah his his his theory or his statement stating that youth. You should believe me because I I threw up, I got sick, I went to bed, and not only that I was not the last person to see her and you have my roommate backing up my story as well. We have actually to individuals back up historic because you have to people that saw her after
and correct right. So then, you have Michael the room of corrie and he, you know, is basically forced to try to look after this intoxicated girl and he's trying to get rid of her saw again I think, there's anything bad there I mean whether he was studying at home or not. You don't actually believe that it was just kind of teasing right, but whether whether or not he's you know maybe he's just hanging out, you know playing video games. You know he's just relaxing whatever he's just at home, and that happens all the time where you're. Just like a it's a you know it's a friday or it's of whatever day of the week. It is and you just gonna watch a movie, but you live on campus, while that movie might be interrupted by fifteen drunk people nor fifteen, drunk friends or too drunk friends and then and it becomes while I just wanted to relax in evening now, I'm dealing with drunk people and there's nothin, there's prime, not much.
Probably not much more annoying thing in the world, then being sober around intoxicated people. It's extremely annoy added. The thing here captain, you know, I'm I'm leaving the boy front aside, like you said, ok, but I want to focus on these three guys, corey Michael J fox, and if we are to believe corey, Michael and jason, they all have the same story. You know that the same time on if we are to believe their story works then I opinion this Michael guy, the roommate of cory's. He actually has the he would be the least slice. It likely suspect me out of the three of these got seems to have the least amount of involvement with this whole I don't know what his motive would be other than all this drunk girl to showed up, Now I'm gonna murder yeah and he and he seems to have passed her off. You know taking her to jason's apartment right. You know this of being
around three thirty in the morning, so in under this scenario, you have corey, who spent the most time with her and a little convenient that he doesn't seem to remember anything after being punished in the face, or even remember much of that incident at all, yet which is crazy because he says I I blacked out, but then how do you know that you carried her like it's one or the other any in the thing here, though, is that Michael takes her to two jason's and he's there for about an hour according to jason, and if these stories check out jason the last one to see her before she disappears thus too making him the second most likely? I still keep corey silky korea that number one spot right. So then, what's the third theory by the police, the third there is that she would have been drugged at the bar or drugged sometime during that night. You know she's out
partying she's drinking a lot. Somebody put something in her drink very possible its view. Possible. I actually think that if someone put something in her drink that it would have been somebody, she was hanging out with that night. I know it it's. It can happen that they just happened to stop off this bar for forty five minutes in someone's slip, something in her drink their doctrine. That obviously can happen, but I dont seeing how that works out, if it's a stranger, does this guy just kind of follow them around and stand around and wait till four thirty in the morning to see her again alone. You know what I mean. It seems a bit random to me. I wear it. Yeah, I think, if she was drugged is probably more likely should drug by some reason, shoes hanging out I would have liked to have known how intoxicated she was at the bar, you know was: was this file? falling down drunk was this something that they saw coming or was this something that just all the sun was brought on? Ladies
Gentlemen. Trust me we ve now. This is what ninety two episodes are something that we have talked a lot of lotta cases where we talk about the date, rape or or drugging surveys drink, be careful when you're out drinking make sure that your watching your drink and your friends drinks everybody not His ladies everybody be care. I'd said, ladies and gentlemen, we didn't know, thank you yeah and the thing too, they say always make sure that it's the bartender handing you your drink, not somebody else while, but will you need to watch the bartenders as well, because of the joy of the butte case that we're talking about you know I've been diving into some new stuff there and there were some reports of you know. I have some friends that have been. Ah, this is speculation, speculation that, but I do have some friends that have been at bars in that area, that hat they. They believed that they were roofing and they watched their drink the whole time and they think the only way.
it could have been date: rape, drug or roofing would ben by the barton- and this, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason why the captain is a recluse. No one knows because the howard hughes, so please theory, number four. This is the drug overdose, theory that something that she overdosed that night. We talked about a lot of fun in going on that night and that her friends or a friend got scared and dump the body or hid the body somewhere because of the overdose right, which I, I think, okay, a couple of things, one we we do not have a body we do now. Nowhere lauren is so we do not have any kind of toxicology report or anything. So I don't know how much of anything was an and her system right. It's. It's believe that she was soon quite a bit of alcohol. We are told that she was also
doing cocaine and snorting klonopin, you we heard the rumour of possible ecstasy being involved and then that's crazy cocktail. Yeah I mean any any three of these four together would be crazy we also have the finding of the cocaine at her apartment that that may back. Some of this up, in my opinion, is certainly points towards backing it up a little bit but but I guess you could go either way again. We. I still think that we need more information on the whole situation. She did have that long queue t syndrome, though this would be a heart, can because I'm not a doctor, but I'm guessing that having a heart condition and doing potential drugs that could increase your heart eight or slow them down or can views. Your body would would even make a potential bad cocktail lethal, yeah,
you don't heart disease aside, I mean we already have that report that cloning pen is a very deadly. You know a thing, a drug to mix with alcohol. You should not mix it with, thing, and you should not be using that less directed by a doctor law. His family has plenty of times voice their suspicions about her friends. Did she was hanging out with that night as well as her boyfriend, pointing out that they have all refused police issued polygraph too they all have retained lawyers very quickly into this investigation over the disappearance of lord right. So it sounds like laurens parents are at at the very least, believe one or more of these dudes no more than what they are willing to tell us. Why definitely think they do, but I think some of that is that they have a reputation and they don't wanna. Come out and say was on this drug. Do you know that a lot of wholesale ha ha
and data while I was hanging out with her, but you know, hubs just drink and I wasn't doing that other stuff. You know well, and I think you touched upon something that I was thinking about too- was that I think you could make an argument either way on this situation. You can make an organ. four laurens parents that these guys have not cooperated. But I think You on some level could make an argument that they have cooperated if, in fact, she did leave on her own accord. How how response for how much are they? How much do they have
be involved? I guess, is what I'm saying as far as the investigation goes. Well, they were they weren't force in her to drink and they weren't forcing foreigner to do drugs. If there was no roof he so you know she is responsible for that. You know I think he'll comes down to some somewhat privilege. You know- and I think now, let's just be honest shoes she's, a white female all for suspects are white. Males family probably has some kind of financial back and you know that the boyfriend helps for two days at your girlfriend since high school, and he help for two days, and then you lawyer up that's low fishy and everybody else. Lawyers up way in yes, it's a police, polygraph and I now how much I trust that now you tell me that some of them actually have taken polychrome
yeah. So this is the the guys have responded to the spears public suspicions by saying that they have taken privately administered polly as well as well. And from the fbi. Now that statement is a little refusing to me, because I'm not sure if that means that all of them have taken an f b. I administer test or have just one of them has and if they have, if all of them have I see no reason why the fbi test shouldn't more than suffice for a blooming, tin police department test break no blooming tend to me as it is a college down. It's not new york city is not washington DC. I would think that the fbi have better test. You know, then most larger police agencies and with a lot of funding and a lot of resources, and I would love to know what questions were asked, not love to know what the results of those tests were. Yeah. That's that's something key their captain bill
worthy softball questions. You know where these pipe privately administered, polygraph that were at the request of their own lawyers. You know we ve seen situations where defence attorney will take somebody on as their client, but they subject polygraph test, because they want to get a feel if the person's actually innocent or not They know how to construct their investigation, that you know the defence of their client yeah. It's really hard for me to think that if I'm party in with people and someday o deed, that I wanna be calling nine one one right away. I would party with your body for it like that, for the next two hours now you're taking a waffle house like governor weekend Bernice your had danced dance me around no by its ache. Look at you, I think, there's some privilege here, but all think-
you know when the when there's a retired, f b, I agent that's on this case and one of his things and one of his theories is that she oh deed, and they got scared. The last thing that Young twenty, some you're old guys want is the police involved? Know them ass, they they want is there for their present data, part yeah right to o d, and, yes, you are you are on drugs, but you can call the ambulance like to me. That's the first step. I mean these. Obviously these guys are at this higher court, unquote higher education right. So you know that the idea that they would just take her and dump her into the ohio river opposed to calling the ambulance seems a little ludicrous to me and the thing like I said before mrs say that she was doing cocaine and calot open borders. witnesses those same duties because the then you can take it. Take it either way:
aid. They ve come clean with what they know: Ryan David admitted to illegal activity or how they're making some shit up, because they ve done something even worse, right right, but then point: it's not about eau de. Maybe these individuals were, you know they did some sick shit. I was it, it was a a raping martyr dump her body into the river he now, but this whole idea that their while there they just want to call the cops They to they wouldn't call an ambulance. I mean you could if the last thing you want. The last thing you want is a dead body, but the second thing you don't want is the cops well, okay, there's a step in between somebody dasso deed, thus call an ambulance. You don't have to call the cops. You call the ambulance or you drive that individual to a hospital I did it makes you know these are people. or are friends with her or at least acquaintances with her there, not just gonna, like hobo shit. What are we gonna? Do
this brother in a bag and dump dumper in a river that doesn't make a sense to me- and I really like most I'm I'm very on the side of fbi agents, but for some reason, every time they go to that theory, I just you know, doesn't make a lot of sense to me. We got some even stranger theories to get too right after this quick beer break this, whether they find it. If a gift for the dad who loves the perfect yard right now is a fifty dollars on the steel FS. A fifty seven battery trimmer set set includes the FS a fifty seven battery trimmer, plus the ak ten battery and a. I want to one charger offer only in forty nine dollars in ninety nine cents, real steel, fine yours steel dealers, that come what may nine ninety nine emma s s our pe offer ballot through,
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Sometimes we lose that don't know it's still fun when fun, sometimes a well and an easy one, and one makes me love it. That's why nationwide is on your side, nationwide mutual insurance company and affiliates columbus, ohio. All right. We're back cheers mates. I want to go through this newspaper article that came out April two thousand and thirteen and it's titled.
Remains are found in Indiana remains, were found in a remote area of Indiana and a lot of people suspected that these would be the remains of college student lorn spear la months. That's pretty interesting brown, county chief deputy corner Earl, piper told fox news that they remain discovered, belong to twenty six year old, Kate MC who was reported missing in April two thousand and two the remains were found on a private property by two women. Looking for mushroom boy, that's what I normally do! Well, Finally, they had just found a skull, but when they called it in and the authorities came out, the other remains were found. piper said that the identification was made through dental records and no cause of death has been released. Now, while the bones were found a couple weeks before this article, it actually come out, they waited till they identified them
authorities began to investigate whether they had belong to missing women in the area. This, including spear, so so think about this for and you are a family member of Lord who has gone missing or or a loved one, our friend or whatever, and this new comes out that there are remains found, and I imagine that this is the nightmare that all of these people, all these victims go through, and these disappeared type cases they. me time somewhere in an area close to where they went disappeared? If, if remains, are found now you're drove back into the store you re living the night, again you're hoping and praying that it's that it's not or maybe you're praying that it is heard We can finally get some answers and bring her home right. Orkut some closure, Kate, the was a girl
do it of indiana university. She was last seen leaving for a solo hike near her mothers home in brown county, her father Jim, he lived in Nashville indiana, told the india atlas star that he believes that his daughter had died from hypothermia. Again there was no cause of death determined as of mid two thousand, and sixteen so were yet to see a more recent update than this. But the brown county corner did state that what they do know is that she had died in the place where she was found in these days. The foul play is not suspected, but I only bring that up because, when you're going through these cases, like we set any time this news pops up, these family members are friends there out somewhere. They hear this news on the radio. They see it on the tv or maybe in their local paper. There immediately the phone or they're, getting calls from investigators wondering if this is a connection, yeah you're yard,
is out to them, or any beta has had to deal with that let's get into some of the stranger theories and some of the stranger coincidences that have come up since the disappearance of laurent, the fur one being that of the ex khan and the white truck on the night that lorn disappeared. Police said that a white truck was spotted on surveillance footage not far from where she was last seen. So there is a possibility that this vehicle could be involved. The blooming to police department were investigating any potential link between this truck and law spears disappearance. You know the thought here is: did this driver happened to be driving down? The street saw her. at an intersection and immediately pulled over Maybe this is exactly what he was looking for talks or into the vehicle. This could take just a matter of seconds and then at that point he's got any takes her too.
two whereof yeah or maybe doesn't talker and forces the reinforcers are and by gunpoint. That's a possibility, but but who is this individual? That's driving this white truck? Well, they are not for certain who he is but where they are, khan, comes into play is the f b. I agent he's actually a former fbi agent by the last name of garrett, who now works for a b c news. He discovered that there was an ex convict named james mc Lish and he just happened to be released from prison from he was there for assaulting his ex wife, he was released at the time of this disappearance when he drove a similar white truck right. And so then they got a call from the the ex wife that he assaulted, saying hey you might want to check in
this guy yeah and that that's what tipp them off he he also happen. D have been living in a halfway house at the time, which was just about ten minutes from where lorn had disappeared. What were the claims that the ex wife was making? While she says the James Mc Lish had killed Lauren and then buried her on a farm in southern indiana stating that he had you know, said things to her and regards like comments that he would make to her things like well, you know what happened to Lauren and the same thing could happen to use a threat that date she is alleging. He had said to her. Why think? It's weird that he now he goes a prison for assaulting you, and why are you having any contact with this individual yeah I mean like? Ah, you know are: are you having contact because you like drama? Are you having contact with this individual because he's forcing you to like yeah? Are you welcome mean this too? I do want to throw something out
There are, though, regarding ex wives ex girlfriends, and I'm not saying that you know not. I don't want you know. I don't want anybody read too much into this, but I know regarding the long island serial killer case that, through the tip line, they were getting a lot of tips from ex wives, ex girlfriends that were accusing
former. You know husbands and boyfriends and lovers yeah it being involved. So this is something that is is actually pretty common in a in a pretty popular case, but they had made contact at the former f b. I agent care he made contact with this james Mc Lish. Now James agrees to a lie, detector test and he wants to prove that he was not involved in the disappearance of Lauren. Now he wants to clear his name. So when it came to questions about lorne James stuck to his denials answering calmly and clearly, he said he had nothing to do with lawrence disappearance, and he you know at the end of the day, it sounds like they didn't gain. Much from this lie detector that they didn't think that he was being untruthful right. They they basically thank him for his cooperation and he
else. Get you know the investigators that he wishes to them, the best of luck right. So now, if this individual was driving this white truck, then we can rule that out as a lead. But if this individual was not drive in that particular white truck, then that is still a very possible led exactly right. I think just his cooperation shows that he's probably not guilty of anything regarding law. This case. Another strange thing that took place was the biker gang theory. Now this is, from the streets of indiana there's an a notorious motorcycle gang called the sons of silence There is an alleged link to the spear case, which came in the form of tips from A former member of the group. This person's name is robert strange who goes by the name of both dean by weight, has real as robert strange yeah, and he goes by the name of bodin old, bold dean.
which is crazy to your real name is bodin and you go by the captain right as strange cousin. Strange strange, Robert strange does not have any criminal record, but he is well known to the authorities whatever. That means, I guess he's got a reputation for being what they call in enforcer. So if the gang as a problem. You know they go to him. Any kind of just takes care of it. but again no regular so going by the name of both dean. This is a former member of a local motorcycle gang according to the investigators. Now what they do Cover is an online message in which one of robert strangers relatives claimed that strange, shot, lauren in a dispute over drugs and money and then buried her on his. Property. The message reads: it's very good fertilizer, while he's talking about Lauren than that system, sick shit
they're well in these are online messages, so they could have really been posted by buddy. The thing here is what investigators did come up with. Was that you know this gang in this particular person had ties. They were and the indian apples area, and they couldn't find any link between Lauren and the indianapolis area, They used basically her cell phone records to come up to try to establish a link. They couldn't do that. Ultimately, what they think is happening here. Is it this guy, probably has made a lot of enemies over the years, and then it looks like somebody's trying to set him up, or maybe just kind of throw suspicion his way to put him under the radar of the police long. She lost her keys right so to get from blooming tend to indianapolis or for this person to be just passing by that late at night, from indianapolis blooming tin. Would
It doesn't seem that likely if she did owe somebody money or if there was some kind of dispute over drugs. If, if that dispute went down at four thirty in the morning when she just happened to be alone drunk on a street corner right it. It seems very strange to me that this person would just happen to catch her in that area at that time, yeah, but some men are just shit talkers like take the ex con right, for example, like his ex wife calls and says,
hey this guy assaulted me and he's been making threats? You know what happened. Hurl happened to you at implying that he did it because he's some tough guy, you know. Well, that's not a tough guy comment at stupid, so shut the fuck up right so and then here's another guy that you know he's a big bad, biker guy and he's part of the biker gang you know, and we we do tough shit. You know, oh man, that girl made good fertilizer shut, the fuck up. You know. Well again, though, I I think I think the investigators might have it right where I think, I'm starting to think that those are not his messages, that those are something that that other people have they're trying to insane is that these guys, sometimes like they both like ma'am, so tough, oh yeah. Now it's like this knock it off. Oh yeah! Definitely am, but there's this utterly you're talking about that was pretty interesting. This came from remember: we mention the website: fine, lorn, dot com. There is information regarding her disappearance on there and, if you, if you have
information. You can go there and submit it. They were collecting tips through find lauren dot com and it was from that site that the family had received a tip that some say may hold the best chance. An answer. This tipp led to a young man by the name of corey hammer slightly he's an inmate at the indiana state prison hammers. he was once a star student, an athlete, but he got in deep into the drug seen at indiana university, one year after lawrence disappearance, amorously had a melt down, he's he's high on drugs. He steps out of his apartment, he's wearing nothing but hat I've. Seen parts of this videos
I liked the party yeah, it's it's scary, but it's also sad right. Well, it's a little funny to some parts, but it's definitely scary stuff because he takes out a firearm and he starts shooting into a house he he is. He is then opening fire on the police once they are called in and they they tried to arrest Jesus now, so obviously he's guilty as sin regarding this he's caught red handed, being you know being a total, whatever racket do, but so, while he is serving time, I he's talking with another inmate and they're talking about this news story that comes over the tv and hammer slightly, tells the other in me about a story about how lorn had died at a house party with a group of people that he had.
he saying that they were drinking and they were doing ecstasy and did she had o deed and the guy's got scared and they didn't know what to do with her. So then they took her down to the Ohio river and they got rid of her disposing of her body. right- and this is one of the places theories main area and- and this actually has more validity to it- now- when we don't know their sources of how their guinness info asian are. They only begin, this information from this in may, or they again, this information from the inmate someday outside of that for guys circle now, they were only getting this information from an inmate that was serving time with corey hammersley. So what happens? Is they they get? This information and, like you said it goes with one of their original theory,
there is also. This is also one of the more simple answers to what might have happened that night and we know for doing so. Many of these cases a lot of times the most simple explanation, as is usually the most accurate. The thing here is, though they reach to hammer, and they want to question him and see what he knows he claims it doesn't know anything. And furthermore, he also states that he's not going to help the police. If, if he, if he does come across knowledge in the future or if he suddenly remembers something he has no, he he has no wishes to help the police. In this investigation, why, ah, he is just, he is thinking screw the police. This is not about the police. You know this is about. You know the families closure
You don't yeah and figuring out what happened to this. This poor girl yeah, but I you know what I'm not going to go as far to call corey Hamm as hammersley crazy his what he did. His actions were certain. crazy, shooting at police officers shooting into a house, but he said smee as a guy that doesn't doesn't give a shit, doesn't care about much he serving twenty years in Indiana state prison. So so we can thank god that he's not gonna get out for a long time. The problem as if he does know something he's shut up about a and he's not going to give out any more information. The thing here, though, is used, you talked about, cocking, sometimes guys say dumb stuff. I could see this being that situation. You know he's in prison. He's talking to other inmates. Qc story that comes over and in these inmates they know each other. They know. Oh, that's the college, kids
He went to indiana university college boy. He ain't tough. You know, hey college boy right well, within college boys got some information, some information, all of a sudden that police are looking for that. To me, it looks like probably a pea cocking situation here right, so it may be his whole stories this little bit of horse shit, yeah, that's right! Right, Sir Decir were pretty clear about this. Now this guy was not involved. He just heard rumors about this happening on campus yeah. You believe his story and he saying is it all right? He knows how it went down. He might know some of the people involved right, but I, but but what I was saying, the reason why the please believe the story, as they have some information that some eight came forward talking about this and I dont believe it's this person. I think it's and another source so, but that to me
That's two people telling the same story now we need to dive into that. A little more. I agree, and another thing to kind of clear up is the individual, the con that the Ex wife said? Hey he. You know this guy assaulted me look into him. They actually, after all the polygraph and stuff, they actually search his property even dug in certain areas and found nothing. And then, after this they're going to have another lead, and it's a, I believe, a flasher. Yes, and this guy he's. Why did I say that? Yes, like like what he does excited while I like albert they? Maybe that's your thin man merv now,
on january. Twenty eight two thousand and sixteen the f b I conducted a raid on a home and martens ville Indiana. This is approximately twenty miles north of blooming tin, connected to a man, says suspected of exposing himself to numerous women, the fbi and other police agencies. Verged on the home with blooming tin police, confirming that they were involved in the search investigators sifted dirt removed from a barn near the property. After cadaver dogs finished their work, searchers would not discuss whether anything significant was
found, investigators did toe away a white truck from the property. Here's than white trouble, the truck- might be the one connected to the disappearance of lorn, but this truck is connected to a thirty five year old man by the name of just in wagers, who lived with his mother instead father at the property until his arrest one, this doesn't roll out this individual for me because one, I think it's weird with the white truck and just because you didn't find her. Aids on the property doesn't mean that the her remains weren't put somewhere else, your exactly what little information on just in wagers here he is as a registered sex offenders right? The aggressive data is worthy of a vehicle you guys are registered sex offender. At least one new station was calling just in the prime suspect, in laurens disappearance as far as far back.
His nineteen. Ninety nine wagers was arrested repeatedly for exposing himself. Instead, roll indiana communities. His criminal record includes intimidation, harassment, violation of part of a protection order. there was a single minor misdemeanor charge of battery, but this was eventually dropped. So what what I am pointing this out because we're not seeing what I would call violent offender he's in he certainly infringing on other people's rights in exposing himself. He certainly a sexual deviate right, but where but that doesn't mean that it doesn't grass your executive, I mean there's a lot of serial killers than they start out as peeping tom's, and this guy. As you know, ted Bundy is one of the more famous serial killers started off as a peeping tom money.
like in his teenage years right and I don't know how many of them were flash hers. You know young ted Bundy wanted to get a look. This guy is trying to give a look tat now, but but there with the battery charges again, I wouldn't rule this guy out now. Last year they did obtain a dna swap from just in wagers, so ok, so he gave that willingly well, key but either way, even if he gives it willingly. You have to find her body to connect that to him. Right, and I want to kind of go through this for a second here, because I got a lotta thoughts on this regarding the dna Oh, we can say he gave it willingly, but at the time he was jailed
so sometimes in these situations I ain't it varies from state to state and maybe even from county to county, sometimes when you're in prison or you're in jail, and they request these things. It's not so much a request. If you know what I mean it's, sometimes you have to consent to this I don't know what the exact cases here they have obtained is dna. As you say, Without there being a body, the dna may be of little to no was it all part of wonders? If that's more of it, temptation factor that maybe if you could get this guy to start talking by as you want disguise mind to wander, if he's guilty of something you want him to think why would they want my dna shit? They want my dna because they might, they want to compare to something they ve found something. Oh, I better start talking a better. You know that now you're one chance body to tell us what you know before this starts getting real bad for you. I think that's the situation that we have seen here. This is still pretty early
regarding this. Just in wagers thing we're talking about just a little over you less than a year since they have obtained the dna and so wonder where this could end up going. If it be, if it could potentially lead to something right, injustice lawyer, he gave a statement yeah, basically just stating that his client has no knowledge of the case regarding the disappearance of laurent spear or any other missing person at sea. I love how they throw that in the other night, the other missing person that that gives me the willies ban. Will you want to hear something else? It will creep you out, yeah go for it. I'm right so we have? We have a murder that took place in two thousand and fifteen
and this has been very much linked to the lorens spear case now. This situation is strange because the woman that went missing her name is Hannah Wilson. She was at the same bar. She was at kill, voice, sports bar room and she was drinking on campus when she was when she had disappeared. My also very obvious links to the lauren case now. The way that this goes down is did Hannah was out drinking. She was twenty two years old at the time and she without drinking at this bar all night long and at dough killers she takes a tie, see cab home and she's she's, not seen after the break the
problem. Here is, of course, originally. The taxi cab driver is a suspect, in this case, of course obvious, but they have. He has surveillance in his taxi cab, smart on him and what they, what they are able to prove. What he's able to prove is that at some point, Hannah had paid her fare and left. The cab he drives off. So the really scary thing here is canada was not abducted from the bar she was not even really abducted on her way home. we don't know exactly when she was abducted, but she made it home her roommate states that they had heard the door open at some point than that night by they didn't get up to investigate, because you know- come home late the next morning, though they find her belongings and herself.
in her room and the front door is still open right would, which would kind of go to the theory of vienne drugged and then that individual has to follow the person that they drugged and then so. When she gets, you know she gets back to her house, doesn't pass out and taxi car and then then she's abducted and probably easier if she was drunk gather situation here, captain is date. They they have arrested a man for this through his name is Daniel muscle, and he was forty nine years old at the time of this he's been convicted sense that so he's an obvious suspect in this lauren cakes right. This is wait here, as they were easily able to connect this crime to Daniel because they found and your cell phone at the foot at the feet of Hannah Wilson, where he had left her body really goes to dump the body need dry,
since phone and when they found the body they find the phone. They quickly traced the phone to this Daniel metal and they go to his home and when they get to his home, they find that he's got like scratch and claw marks all over his arm. Where Hannah had put up a significant fight- and they also find blood in hair inside of his vehicle. The voting on a vehicle was it a white truck. No was a key, a spy adage, but I don't I don't know the colorado- was a small s: u v, okay, so this is definitely an individual that we have to look into right now there there are some investigators that have pointed out that a there a little concerned about Daniel b suspect in laurens cakes, and their thought is, did he he couldn't success of successfully put Off this murder and get away with it to the murder of Hannah Wilson brain that he was pretty easily.
Hot. Nobody made one big mistake: we made one big, MR your exact right, so it's like you know, take away that one mistake: do they still get their guy? They might never Got their guide than now, you have two girls gone missing from the same area and and and both were assuming our deceased yet so so I want to point this out, because the investigators dont think that this is a great led. However, the judge at his sentencing when he sentence they made up. The judge made a remark about a student. It was attacked in two thousand and nine on the college campus right. This was a drunk girl. They got persuaded to get into a vehicle, she's attacked she fights off the attacker and she gets out and she fleas. She fleecy area now she's not able to provide a vehicle description regarding the attack itself,
but I found it very curious that the judge kind of through that out there during during his trial. Maybe he knows a little more than we know where you had the investigators, it might not think he's a potential suspect. You certainly have somebody close to a murder case that seems to think he's capable and probably should be suspected and other attacks, or maybe other disappearance and lorn. Okay. So with all this on the table, where do we go from here. What's your thoughts, the thing, the only thing that I like about this case: it's I mean it's tragic. We have this missing girl. She who knows how much partying she was doing that night marine but regard or how much parties whose how much partying she was doing you know, months or years prior right, there's a couple thought
I have on this, I'm I'm pretty much a live and let live person you know, do do your thing as long as it doesn't bother me and that kind of thing, so you know she she can do what she wants. I don't I'm not going to go out and fault these guys that she was hanging out with just because they didn't take her home or they didn't put her to bed some point, we're all adults area in the thing is, I hate the expression when, when somebody has to face up to something or win when somebody has to admit this something ago or order, confronted with something that you all well, I was drunk, but that's not an excuse. It's not really an excuse as an adult whether you be twenty, whether you be thirty, forty years old, you choose to drink. If you choose to do certain drugs, but there could be concept, Is that come with those actions? Now I'm not putting this on lower and either, but I can't fault those guys just for the fact that she didn't make it home safe.
What? Whether you're a man or woman, You go out drinking when you go out parties baby. You, after monitor what you're doing, because you're putting yourself at risk, And- and so you know she was doing that- and I don't fault her at all. But you know those are but they're dangerous, behaviors and you have a responsibility to yourself to keep yourself safe and put yourself in marked situations and not bad situation. The one thing I do like about this case so captain is it see to you, know we're almost seven years world. Six years. Excuse me removed from this thing, but this case seems to like not go cold or like every couple much there seems to be a new coincidence or a new lead or new possible suspect. I do like that, because that that, to me points that we might get an answer some day right, we might begin closer to.
Through a resolution on this yet and lawrence parents of kind of reserve themselves to the fact that their daughters, probably not alive anymore, perhaps, and but they still need answers. They still deserve answers and I hope that they get them, and I think that we might see something we have these. These are, two guys that are both locked up. Now we get the flash and we got this other. This other guided horribly killed this young woman. Those are good, strong leads. The thing, though, to is these guys if you are, if you're, if you were her friend the or guys. Yet if you or dangers actually laurens friend it's time to cooperate a little more in, and I recommend you do that with your attorney at your side, but. but I think it is time to. I think it's time to cooperate a little more, and on top of that, I also think that the police should, regarding the surveillance for
How can they definitively say that she was standing at the intersection after four thirty? Eight after leaving the apartment, and was she in fact by herself yeah. I think, like you said of you guys were friends any even if your disappointments is be a man, you know with. All this talk about no strong women, strong men to be a man come forward, you know, do the right thing and- and if, if you know something, if you don't, then I do, then I do apologize and it's just because your involvement he had been thrown under the bus and I won
I cannot imagine what that feels like now. So on one side, if you know something come forward and if you don't, then you know I'm sorry, you had to deal with that, but those were also you. You decided make those choices by going out and partying with her you're exactly right. You know you have to deal with those consequences. I wish I had like a definitive theory of what I thought happen. There's too much grey in this case yeah and adjust when I start guan now. I think these guys know something that they're just not bringing up. I then there's you know this flasher guy, this other murder, and I and I think that murderers telling, I think, you're right. You know- and I think again, how are you going to get that guy to crack? I I I dunno yeah. I agree I the thing here is: I do think this case will develop more. I do think that we probably will see a resolve to it,
and the thing is it's that's. What I didn't like about this case is that there there is that gray area and it's very tough to give a definitive answer or theory as to what we think happened here. If anybody has any other leads or theories, feel free to post those on our blog at true crime. Garage dot com, do we have recommended ree for this week this week we recommending the last victim by jason Ross this this whole book thing that Jason Ross put together didn't start off as a the idea. This originally was a college course assignment, which turned into it escalated into a dangerous obsession. Back when Jason ross was eighteen years old, he was an honor student. He wrote to some very bad men: men whose bodies body counts had made criminal history. These are dahmer, manson, ramirez and Gacy. Ah, he kind of posed himself pretending
to be kind of one of their ideal victims in his correspondence with them any kind of lord them in to get some truth and get some information from them so one by one. They end up. Writing him back they showering him with their madness in their violent fantasies in this kind of thing, really spun out of control. When John Wayne Gacy said that he would like to meet jason and eventually jason goes to meet him. So pick this up is a very interesting book. It's called the land, victim by jason ross, you can do that by going to our website true crime, garage dot, com and click on the recommended page, and I can, Thank you enough. I can't I can't thank you enough, though your while canst up and she had stopped thinking you nick no thanks for our bay for listening thanks for town of friend, make sure you falls on step, chat, twitter, untapped, you tube, whatever much love tee gas and until next week be
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