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Liko Kenney /// Part 1 /// 388

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The deaths of Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay caused so much suspicion and speculation. Some of it wild, some of it true, all of it fascinating. Grab a chair in the Garage and join us for a True Crime case that just might blow your mind! Beer of the Week - $1.29 Tea by Other Half Brewing Co. Garage Grade - 5 Bottle Caps

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alright everybody gather round grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime. according to statistics reported to the fbi, one hundred in six law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty incidents in two thousand and eighteen of these. Fifty five, officers died as a result of felonious acts and fifty one officers I'd in accidents, fbi.
dot, gov sites, nineteen different circumstances in which the fifty five officers were lonely asleep killed of those two officers were listed as killed, while conducting traffic violation stops and two others that were don't worry, involved in vehicle pursuits, so you can see. Thankfully, this is a rare occurrence this week, We take a hard look at a case, involves a traffic violation. Stop a vehicle pursuit the murder of an officer, but in the line of duty incident, resulted in two deaths and much of the incident recorded via dash camera in the officers police vehicle why are we left with so many questions? The dash cam but footage was later released on the internet. And on youtube. It has been viewed over one point: four million times this no doubt is
extremely tragic and horrific story. However, one would think This would be a simple, open and shut case, but this is just not so There is little doubt the bad behaved, in bad blood, was the fuel for murder, but does this true crime story have a hero. Is there more than one murder at this crime scene and was the fallen? officer, a good cop, bad cop an evil man with a badge
the was a cold dark snowy night in late january, two thousand and three this in new hampshire. When frank police. Corporal bruce mackay was driving his usual patrol route spotted an older model, white Subaru in the parking lot at the entrance of the Fox hill park. Now special note here This is an area that is surrounded by woods. The subaru was parked engine off and the lights off. It appeared to be
and it Mackay called in the license plate and learned that the car belong to a michel, Kenny bouquet got out of his vehicle and approached the subaru, he spotted a young man sitting inside with the driver seat reclined, all the way back, This was nineteen year old, legal kenny, he told officer mackay. that he was just waiting for some friends to come back from a super bowl party. Then leave who started the engine and asked the officer for his name at this officer. I requested that leeco hand over his driver's license and it was the last normal thing that happened in this confrontation, which is viewable in its entirety. Thanks to the dashcam, an audio which is available online. There's three videos are three parts to this arrest. and there's another video. I will post all four of those videos on our website at true crime garage dot, com,
This is january. You, where you twenty six, two thousand and three at eight thirty, nine p m. If the dash cam clock is correct and on the first, media the audio starts at one minute and twelve seconds. So when officer mackay, requested leakers licence, eco, initially refused to hand it over. He wanted it why the officer wanted. He became combative and belligerent almost immediate. Lee arguing with the officer challenging mackay authority to take his license, demanding that the officers flash not be shined in his face. Maintaining that he was allowed to sit in a public place undisturbed by police officer? Mackay finally got the license and took it back to his cruiser. Run it when he saw the name on the license officer mackay said quote: oh I was wondering why you had such an attitude and quote
clearly. The name on the license was one familiar to the officer according to the book bad, blood mccain knew this family by reputation, let's listen to a couple audio clips from this initial arrest. In two thousand and three Y o l, I am pedal people and the nineteen, a very rural poor, the mop at the apartment, which is on down
Get back in your car, why are you rushing me? Why? Why can't I just go because we do not touch, we don't quite get rid of them. I'm asking the question in the fucking car: The twisted my arm do not put your hand on me. Why are you putting your hands on asking when do I get? Don't need to think about that? Oh, yes, thank you to court for rockets. What are you doing? I'm simply asking you like giving you in order to get into the people around. You are not fucking gone. Why are you giving me an order? You have no reason to order me around cause. I have another book that you have a state cop come here, I'm doing harass, you're putting your hands on me, you're telling me. I have to sit in my car
yeah, I dunno what your new one. What are you doing? You know that I've already put my life back. No, why am I waiting get their hands on me? Why you put your hands on me because you should be sitting in my car right now. I should already sitting in your car right now, because you're disobeying, an officer. Why isn't officer even calling me to do anything? Why? Because you're not gonna whine complying with your orders, to order people around, you are here to serve and protect the reinvestigate, and I'm here to protect your right to investigate you essentially give me what that's it. Why you put your hands on me? I told you why. Why didn't you put your hand to attempt to happen around you not to put your hands on me? You don't have that authority. I don't have the authority to tell someone
with their hands on being a police you've ever down the street being kidnapped years ago. This next clip is from part two of the rest in two thousand and three, the clock back get back, get back Can I request We have an opportunity that you can, I Are you took my license? I asked you what your name was. You came back to my car took my license. I asked you when I can have my that you wouldn't tell me when I get my license back all I asked you when I have my license that wouldn't give me my license back you still now you're preventing people from leaving. I have to be back with my mom
I didn't become living my life there. Why don't you give me my library and let me go home instead of doing that? Why don't you give me police assistant, I'm requesting police assistance? You don't hear me. Can I please have some police assistant your poor drain me? Why are you torturing? Why are you tormenting me? What are you doing? Why can't you go arrested, drunk leaving the bar or something why? Why bother me all? I ask you with one good imo weapons back, because I have to get somewhere by thirty nine, why are you rushing? Are you denying me police assistance, I'm requesting that you turn off the light? That's in my eyes and I'm requesting at this point Bruce mckay's backup shows up and they're going to arrest Lee co.
If you're asking me, he won't answer any of my questions. I've been asking him. He took my wife and in the car. Why are you doing it with your hands on the car? You don't touch me. Do not touch me. I don't trust this officer. Please keep him away from me. I've been trying to handle the all the documentary terminology. Please don't touch me what I haven't done anything worth noting stop watching me weed my man touching that apple Well, then, eddie the maybe Will you
no in my life- yeah I in that wow. We We get it the. in the from I didn't do anything. You are women. You bet I will bet
what the fuck are you anywhere near care why you need to come up with that? Okay, what What doing roll over on me, I'm not dead. I will not like the holly right I've been doing, I won't you, I know why the new cruiser from here. What am I John? I don't know- me it's like the one you want, then do you want to go up or you want to be
we already all. I was doing when you're waiting. Why did he? Why did you marry my awkward when we came out? I need how the name on what you're doing, or he wouldn't probably well, that's fun on the old ears, what we hear, your captain. I think we need to do a little break down because we just played a couple clips. It's it's look very low if we were to play the whole thing. Hey, you stop molest, and it's a lot of a lot of backing fourth, a lot of annoying yelling, but you can hear how this whole thing is: ask waiting as we go through. It so base What you have here captain at the start of this is leak. Oh he's not content to sit in his car,
while his license is being run, so he gets out of his car. He goes over to officer Mckay's police vehicle now. Well, let's take us one step back because when he initially when officer mccaig goes up to lico his car right away, I think leeco is going to challenge the officer by saying, but what's your name who are you? You have to prove yourself to me? I think that is the the match that got lit. That started the whole thing, and I think at that point the officer said. Well, I have a right and it's my job to make sure
we're safe, and this is a vehicle parked in a public area late at night, no lights on their allowed to run your information, but so take it away from there work On that note, I am curious to know where he says legal says. I have the right to be sitting here. It's a public place. I get that from his standpoint on board with leeco there, where my first question goes- and I know this varies by area by state and often even by county. So I'm not up to speed on this current situation here, but he's at the entrance of a park and I know here in franklin- county, delaware, county most ohio counties, the parks close at dusk you're not
I to be there so that in itself is suspicious behavior, so officer they may be right in his statement of hey you're in a suspicious place at a suspicious time by, but I also thing it's it's bigger than that too. so you're right outside this park. That's closed. Most officers are not going to care but they stop and they see their and the girl came. Let me this approach, the vehicle, hey. What are you doing here once you get that kick back of? What's your name? Who are you? What right do you have to talk to me? I think has officer to me I'd be suspicious of that person, then, but why are they so combative? I'm just trying to see why they're parked here. So if they're going to be combative, with law enforcement maybe they have a reason to be competitive with law enforcement. So I need to look up this individual
see, if he has any warrants to see, know who this individual is. yeah and that the big issue I have immediately is the I was getting at is- is low getting out of his vehicle and approaching the officer's vehicle. That's a big! No, no! Then No officer wants to see that during a traffic stop, so in or or whatever you want to call this. Even if he's just checking, maybe who who knows maybe mackay went up there with the idea that he was going off some type of assistance or just to see if Echo was abandoned. Therefore, any number of reasons- and you are right that the match was late and I believe that the match was lit by legal in the beginning, but I'm a little shocked hear that and I really want to encourage everybody to go in watch this. For yourself, because I don't want anybody, sit there go and well you got.
or to easy on officer too hard on legal or too hard on the officer, because I think that the My opinion of the of each is behavior of each other individuals behavior at the. the day. I'm not not one hundred percent happy with either one of them know it's almost like they're pushing each other's buttons like they're still like between them is a fire. They each have a gas can and they're just they're just toss in a little bit on it as they go and part of me. we don't know what the officer went through that day. We don't How many you hear this a lot from officers is that they start having a disdain for people in general only because their normal
dealing with the worst of the worst they're not getting to deal with just the regular citizen. Every minute of every day there getting calls out to domestic violence, drug drugs, all that stuff drunk drivers, so, but he he goes This kid is now pushing his buttons. Obviously, like you said, he pointed out this name means something now I'll think it's legal. That means something I think it's a think. It's kenny. That means something to two percent right, and I actually think that, k maybe not one hundred percent of the time, but I think most of the way he handled this is best he good. You know, I think we are a situation where legal challenges in right away and then leco approaches, his vehicle, the police vehicle, while he's running the licence, and then we have another situation where events
Aliko gets back in his car and attempts to drive off, and you hear the officer mackay can be heard telling dispatch that the subject turn hostile and was attempting to leave the scene while yeah two things right there, the one the approaching the vehicle getting out of your car approaching the officer big, no, no, no, that don't getting in your car and then moving around and having the cop have to get in their car in and maneuver in a way to you can't get out big big, no, no right, those. Those two things are big, no knows because the officer has a thing about his safety, but he also has to think about the safety of this individual well at. But but I would also argue that before any of this, there are maneuvers or tactics or protocols that he could of used being mackay could use
this the escalate the situation a little bit like pages it in your car. Don't worry about it if, if not do anything wrong. Let me just run your license and I'll get it right back to when you beyond your way so you're now giving the person but you pulled out, you didn't pull over, but you approached don't have a real reason to arrest them, but you have at least cause to figure out who they are, but just give that in you can give. Individual some direction. I'm going to take your information, I'm going to if there's any warrants, if there's no, once I'm going to send you on your way, you know you just can't sit here and the reason why, as the park is closed, so the entrance as close as well and then you let leads you let the person go
I just don't see any attempt from mackay to deescalate the situation. Yet it mean it appears, Mackay is, is content to leave bleak opened the door let's say about as to what is going to happen next right I mean he did tell him times to get back in his vehicle? and then later we have legal complaining, hey I have sensitive eyes are shining the light. My eyes will do you turned your car around and you facing my headlights now you know before, and it looked this. This is complete police protocol This is how any traffic stop is going to take place at that time. When it's dark out they're going to keep, their lights on the back of your vehicle to make sure you're not pulling a gun out of the glove box or from underneath the seat yeah. But a few things hey
So I'm going to show you respect. You show me respect right, I'm glad this is what we're doing. I think bruce wanted to act differently, obviously, but he is that he's under watch get the dash cam plus you have the audio so I think this was his way of winning, but he had to remain calm. He had to watch what he said. But again I think there was the simple tactics he could done to put a little water on the fire instead of putting gasoline on the fire. What what would you have used in that situation, gasoline would just lit the fire. What tactics would you have used to to de escalate while, like I said, I think the first thing is just letting meleco know that I'm going to check to see if you have a record and if you don't, send you on your way and end the n explain:
Why? I have the right to to check your information and then also, I think, leeco. If you're not going to be cooperative, I am going to call for backup and we will arrest you. I think that's also letting the person know hate it. If you comply with me, I'm going to let you go, to be in trouble, but you keep this up. It's gonna end in our you gonna be in jail. So I think that a couple of those things mighta calm the situation. And there I just wish legal would have complied with mackay. At some point, because we have legal asking for another officer on the scene and mackay complies with that.
well, then on to it they can give and take situation. I see one individual taking and not giving one like. We said he he goes from asking for assistance and then asking to be. Let go and it's you know he and he's obviously being completely rude it's respectful and then, when you hear their arrest, you do at some point e m. A k is saying you know Leeco grabbed his balls and that it's a it's resisting arrest. I mean once you get to that point, and maybe it's not a law for arrest, but once again that point, and you start resisting, they have to do everything in their power to protect themselves. At that point, you don't matter. If you're it gets smashed a little bit if they have to put your face in the ground a little bit. That's what's going to happen and that and we have given these individuals the right to do.
that so once he starts, Jan all your molesting me you're breaking my arm, my hurt neck. You know it's like grow up kid. Yeah you! You got you kept, throwing gasoline the file you kept on poking the bear Actually, you mess with the bull you're going to get the horn well in, If, if anybody wants to scream brutality here, go for it, but that wouldn't be the hill that I would want to die on because from viewing this. So, let's go through this real quick when, when the back officers arrived, they did approach lico, who was now standing off camera. They physically seized him. he can be heard yelling for a while that the group, you know the group appears in the video frame just for a brief minute, but it does take the three officers. Three, Officers to resolutely go down to the ground. This is behind his car and now out of the view of the dash, can leave
was screaming the whole time you heard some of that. He screaming that they're hurting him he yelled over and over about his neck being broken by the cops which we know it happened while he now he was Jana. I I got hurt neck you're hurting my neck. At one point he says they they they broke my neck right because he's acting like a idiot, the problem I have here with these officers, As you know that you're on dash cam, you know that this guy, you do come into the sea, because one officer cannot handle this individual, and now you have three of you. Just arrest him in front of the car, so we can see it on camera. I don't think that was an option, though I think they're reacting to with this individual, possibly not it be possible. I mean I, I think in I think, in a perfect world, they They would very likely would have wanted to have full You of the arrest itself, because here here's what I
anybody that ones who scream brutality. Why so video have your own opinion. You dont have to believe me. What I see here is that if these three officers wanted to beat the shit out of this kid, that a code of I had the opportunity to do so and it does not apply to me from the information I've reviewed that they did, that it looks to me like they simply made an arrest. The the the the all right. Fears mating cheers to you, captain real quick. I just want to say this when I was playing all over the state and traveling.
A lot row early in the morning to get back home now, sometimes going through these small towns at four or five, a m. Only car on the road you'd get pulled over lot more than you think he should oh yeah n. I kept feeling like as being harassed and having a police officer, then later a detective as a father asking for some advice on this hey, I keep getting pulled over, I'm not doing anything wrong, sometimes I don't even know. Why pulling me over and I feel being harassed and he state the said to me. Simply hey yes, sir, no sir. That goes a long way. So when the officer would approach you, how can I see your license and registration? Yes, sir You know yes, sir. No sir, goes a long way yeah and I I
eve you to be right on all ends of that that story, because it's weird, I think it's just like a country thing to get pulled over just because you're driving I mean it's like that happened to me plenty of times and in the end you know I did the yes, sir. No sir thing too, because I always wanted I believed whether be sitting in the principal's office or at a traffic stop or Anything like that. If you show a little bit of respect and just it will end up being Therefore, the both of us at the end of the day, but hopefully in, and if not look there look there. Sometimes there is bad people out there. Yes, and no sir, and yes, sir, is not gonna matter a lick of different s right, but for most cops it really does matter if you show in them a sign of respect, in them that you are compliant and everything they're doing all
know your rights as a citizen, but you know look at this case. In particular, the actions of leeco are so immature, though hard to side with him, even if he's in the right he he is in the right on a lot of things. It's that attitude in which he presents it yeah and in almost the constant nagging behaviour and attitude of legal, and if if, at any point, you watch the video or you heard our clips and you kind of chuckled to yourself. I felt guilty about that because I did as well. I dont think you you need to or guilty for that, because it just its absurd in the longer you listen to it that the behaviour is so absurd that I think that's you kind of manage hearing your hearing and one absurd
a little bit. This is maybe some sir hasta humor. I don't think anybody was trying to make this a humorous portion of the story I found a humorous was where officer mackay can be seen and heard, speak into his shoulder mike saying quote: there's going to be complaint from the arrested party, brain and use you that, and you see him call that any new like what no kidding no kidding. There's gonna be a complaint. before we go too much further here. Captain a lot of the information we relied on in this case came from too, major sources, one of them being John Sedgwick 's. Two thousand and seven boston magazine article entitled collision course rightfully entitled collision course.
the other was the book bad blood, freedom and death in the white mountains by casey sherman. So let's get into the aftermath a bit of this two thousand and three leeco kenny arrest, because a lot of listeners right now are gone, as is a simple arrest. What's what's big deal grabbed guys right right. So, as you just said, why would we be discussing confrontation, hardly merits discussion on true crime garage right. What were to see. As this conversation between officer, Bruce mackay and legal canny was just the beginning of a hostile relationship, one that could have fatal consequences. So mckay filed a report about the arrest of liko kenny, His depiction of the events was partially confirmed by the dash cam video, as
Boston magazine? Put it legal was the one who quote: turned heated and combative according mackay report in the course of mackay and the other officers wrestling a boat belligerent, hostile leo to the ground league, grabbed my groin and began squeezing interest officer Mackay applied, quote lawful defensive force by engaging in a protective maneuver to six fully release kenny's grip from by striking the left side of kenny's face, but leakers story different LEO said later, the officer mackay had kicked him in the head and used unnecessary force. Lucco was taken in handcuffs to the hospital and was evaluated to be to determine the extent of the actual injuries right here
had accused officers of hurting his neck arms and legs, but evaluation revealed no injuries, accept some swelling around his jaw. Presumably, where officer mackay had struck him, no broken neck, no broken neck. It's a miracle. police searched the subaru invite island. Was there any evidence of molestation I don't. I don't think so. There was none was did in the report so police. The Subaru huikko's car and a glass pipe and marrow marijuana residue under the seat found for twenty two caliber casings and two that were in legal pockets during the entire encounter. So to be clear, he didn't have a gun, the two knives he had. I'm always a has,
turn on the knife situation. You know some people make a big deal. This person had a knife a lot. There are a lot of people that carry knives a lot, especially in the country, because they use for as a tool right so I don't see anything wrong with the knives and give his age, and maybe this is partly why mckay went up and walked up to the vehicle in the first place, given LEO's age, it's not really so surprising to find a pipe with some left over marijuana residue in the vehicle. I mean that doesn't shock you does it their captain now, and I think it's that big of it solika was charged with assaulting mackay and released into his parents. Custody on two hours bail his bail agreement required that he not possess any weapons. This is going to lead us to situation that takes place in April of the same year, still two thousand and three so legally. EL agreement still in effect
as he awaited the legal proceedings on the assault charge. Legal legal uncle called the cops on him for trespassing, LEO's uncle bill reported that his now, Few was writing his atv on his property and legal was told time and time again that this was not allowed. One of responding officers was Bruce mackay, so mackay busted LEO for violating his bail agreement, because when the cops found him, he had a. logan and steel darts in his possession. act. Mackay filed a report stating the weapon qualified as the type of dangerous weapon prohibited by illegal. El agreement. As a result, LUCA was subjected to house arrest, and because leeco was a royal pain in the ass. He cut off his ankle bracelet.
That was issued to him by the courts. Well, that's good! Bob nope you know you don't approach the police vehicle during a traffic? Stop you don't cut off your ankle, bracelet, that's issue to you the court's you don't get in here I try to go around the officer, you don't go on somebody's property, even if your uncle's property when you are told not to you, don't carry look if you're on probation. You might carry around a knife because that's what you use as a tool, but it's against your probation. So you don't care round anything well in cutting off the ankle. Bracelet, that's a great way to earn yourself a nice stay at the county, jail down which it did LEO got fifteen days in jail We want to note here that there was a lot of build up between legal in his uncle before the uncle called the police about the trespassing, because uncle probably doesn't want to
throw his nephew in jail or get his nephew in trouble. well, and I think it got very dangerous between the two of them, because that the uncle was- Definitely doing some things to upset leco and leka was upset, His uncle what happened before there was a situation just before this situation, where he calls in the police. This is terrifying. Apparently leak oh cut down a tree. This was a forty foot pine tree and conveniently fell on the uncles home so very dangerous situation here. And now also is in fifteen. in jail yeah. Ultimately, he would plead guilty to the charges of the the assault charges of the officer and resisting arrest he was sentenced to twelve months, but would we end up doing fifteen days. This is the fifteenth
that he was in jail where all ready so time served. This is after and this this shock some people out there who have reviewed this case, but this is something that I found. This was after officer, Mackay requested, leo be treated with leniency. Now this was a key To be clear. This was according to new hampshire state officials, so I'd you take that for one is, but that's where that came from now. That's not me, but that's again, I think when you look at the initial arrest, it's an officer that you know he's he's having to reserve himself because he is being recorded, but at the same time it's like we can sit there and say you say no, sir, and yes, sir blah blah, but sometimes you just just like there's good cops and bad cops. Sometimes
there's just some dumb, ass teenagers and and we've all had dumb ass teenager moments. I've had them, I know you've had them and I won't go into those in the show, because I don't want to embarrass you in front of all your friends, I thought you were talking to the listeners. The judge did order. This is interesting that the judge ordered that leeco was to have no direct or indirect contact with officer bruce mckay, let's step aside just for a minute here and learn a little bit about leeco, Kenny and his family, so leak which means bud in the native hawaiian language. Is the son of David and his wife, michelle the chemical was rather large legal, grandparents, jack and peg moved to
eastern valley of new Hampshire in the nineteen fifties buying a four hundred and fifty eight or parcel of land there in nineteen sixty two, they founded the famous rustic, tamarac tennis camp, where kids from all over the north east would come to train the extended kenny claim all had houses on this large property. The family was known in the area for being quote adventurous and headstrong. This was as described by the new york times and fiercely free spirited, as described by boston magazine. In fact, these descriptions seem a little for having to be honest with you, the candies were aggressive, brash and wild all There seem to be talented athletes with no fear and big chips on their shoulders. They didn't get into
legal trouble so much as suffer physical tragedies as a result of their impulsive and headstrong behavior, for example, bubba Kenny. This is leakers uncle, not not the one that he ends up in what he was a talented skier who was known for his arr devil stunts. Like free, diving but bridges. He died a kayaking accident at the age of twenty five, a different uncle of uncle mike raced professionally as a scheme and then became a coach for the. U s ski team. And you may have heard- of legal cousin, bony miller- he's a famous us olympic ski racer illegals, parents split there between the tamarack tennis camp in the summer. And hawaii in the winter day, and michelle were the hippie types they homesick.
Legal, and taught him that freedom and independence were paramount, it's appropriate did lived in new Hampshire, the state whose slogan is live, free or die, leo. In other words was raised to believe you Do whatever he wanted. The book. Bad blood tells us that legal problems with anger from a very young age and one incident as a toddler. He tried to stab a friend who took his toy one I've time friend describe LEO as a psychopath and said if you went on a hike with them you are never sure if you were going to come back like so unpredictable that he was actually banned from his family's tennis camp. While campers were around he terrorized his little sister to the point that when she left to go away for college, she vowed never to come. Act as long as LEO was around almost seems a. He has some kind of mental disorder. I am
wonder if this is something would have that went on. I note that they may have discovered later right now, legal flunked out of all this. After being diagnosed with dyslexia, he had no job prospects. As young man he was described as smart, but legal was frustrated with his failures and his lack of opportunities and his aunt continue to build this compounded by major feelings of insecurity. One of leakers best friends named siri heyward, told his father about leak out, saying, quote: he's going to get in trouble or hurt or he's going to hurt someone else and quote syria was killed in an hour. Accident in two thousand and five and another friend, was killed that same year oh, really started to become unhinged after the death of his to France. He was
disappearing into the woods and saying he needed to talk to siri, who, who is now dead and mumbling, that some was going to happen now uncle bill he's the one that got into with leko. Now goes defence bill had a schism with the rest of his family with everybody must schism a schism, the grandparents deeded the entirety of the property. Remembrance. Four hundred fifty acres to all five of their children together, meaning that they legally own the property as a group and had equal rights to all of it right, but uncle bill who as a survivalist, organic farmer, in so called eco purist, as described Boston magazine. He succeeded from the fan
an sued for ownership rights of a specific parcel one fifth of the land, so he could live the way he I too, this apparently meant meant alone in a log cabin for thirty years he tests didn't like his family. Well, it gets. It gets crazier man, uncle bill. One day decides he wants a wife, so he got away If named larissa from kyrgyzstan Don't make me say again is a set of wrong the first type kyrgyzstan, a central asian country This is like a mail order, bride via website. I don't know the name website by which men can import a woman to marry that about. We just take a minute you, let me know what that website was well. I do a little side. Note here, please don't send me any hate mail. I did not create the website, nor have I purchased any people, so not yet
reading consumer reports regarding the purchase of people, it turns out there a waste of money, don't do it. So I let's talk about officer bruce mackay, now that we know who the Kenny family is the kenny clan, as I call them, Mackay was boy. Or in Bronx will new york and nineteen. Fifty eight he attended a private prep school where he played lacrosse and was captain of the soft, he worked as a lifeguard at the local beach. He was described as handsome popular he was a do gooder who lived a life on the straight and narrow he attend new england college in new Hampshire and worked as a volunteer, fireman and empty before sending a twelve week law enforcement training course at the new Hampshire police academy, after gradual waiting he landed a part time job on the force and have euro listeners will recognize this, as
Maura murray territory, then in nineteen ninety six, was offered a position as the third full time officer in nearby franconia. He was divorce with a young daughter. He was indeed to be married to Sharon Davis. Their wedding was scheduled for July of two thousand and seven, but that captain is where the facts end The rest of what we know about bruce mckay differs radically and on the source, you say he was a bully on a power trip, others he was a dedicated cop who was committed to the rule of law and was a credit to his profession according Boston magazine the, in one thousand residents. Generally preferred not to have any government interference in their lives, and they also prefer
not to have to toe the line. With regard to pesky, rules and regulations there live and let live. Mentality does not mesh well with that of a police officer who seized thanks in black and white, and is committed to enforcing the logs, ran by Bruce Mackay mackay reportedly was responsible for over three hundred traffic stops in two thousand and six. The other two officers in town had a combined total of eleven three hundred to eleven down. When a winner, chicken dinner mackay, seemed out to get the citizen of this area for every infraction, no matter how small the vanity plate on his paw in a vehicle, a nissan as you ve read, gotcha got him
according to boston magazine mackay, once poured over a seventy nine year old woman for in expired registration sticker after she tried to explain that she was heading home to cook dinner for her husband. Apparently he made her wait in the car for two hours. Bad play rules are rules, man right bad blood sheds a little bit of different light. On these aspects of birth Mackay according to the book quote, rarely did he let his feelings get in the way of police work to me, the law was the law and it applied equally to everyone in his little we of the world he would hand a free a speeding ticket as quickly as he would a stranger. I just don't agree with that. Specially, like elderly lady, that's like tell her hey get that taken care of
be on your way. The book goes on to say that the black and white attitude rubbed many folks, the wrong way but other appreciated the fact that mckay didn't play favorites now, so there were presidents who supported mckay Some said he was a nice guy and a great cop, Y know arrested ray the police chief said. Mackay was an outstanding officer who awarded thirty. commendations during his years of service, and but they also have a quota and, and some of some of the funding for these departments come from the tickets that the that the citizens have to pay well, Others obviously felt different in. According to some of the articles, we looked at complaints from town residents about officer mackay. This was not uncommon there were nine complaints filed against mackay during his eleven year. Tenure.
some believed mackay would rely on using force too often during the course of performing his duties. I've you the ones that I could find and well say in my humble garage opinion the The overwhelming majority of these quote use of force incidents were justified, but not all of them. Some are cause for one in particular, was the arrest and pepper sprang of college student. Sarah ember lee the dash cam footage this encounter is available online as well. This incident as mixed review, some people believe, that Mckay unnecessarily escalated things and some believe that he was totally within his rights to spray the young woman. in two thousand and five, a fellow officer. This is mark. Taylor, wrote a letter to the police chief and the letter says
based on my previous knowledge of corporal my case demeanor. This matter of fact, attitude can come across as hostile and confrontational and he advised mackay to be less confrontational. shall we get back to legal here. Captain now. Ok! So now at january of two thousand and three. This is when leeco got himself a handgun. This was a high point, forty five caliber gun. According to his family and friends, he adored this gun, shooting it into the air at parties and sleeping with it under his pillow, but in january of two thousand and seven the gun disappeared from his room. LEO knew who took it. It was his fifteen year old, cousin legal suspected this, because this
cousin took legal play station the previous year legal, confronted, the teen cousin and things quickly got physical. liko apparently strangling the kid and threatening him during the course of this encounter to be clear, he didn't kill him. He, I just I mean that, but it shows how out of concern The situation got now. This method of theft investigation didn't work for go and he was unable to get the gun back. So he called the state police and reported it stolen. The officer despair by the stadium got the teenage cousin to confess to taking the gun, but cousin, also reported that legal had violently attacked him, and this was wit is by other family members LEO told the off
sir, that he had just shook him a bit. The state trooper was required to file an assault complaint against leeco and a trial was scheduled for April twenty fourth of two thousand and seven. This would be likud's second trial for assaulting someone the first officer mackay in two thousand and three at this trial, the cousin and legal grandmother testified against leeco before this trial went down LEO ever the charmer threatened members of the young cousins family. telling them that, if the cousin and his graham all testified against him, he would kill them. Despite all of this, misbehavior echo was only ordered to pay a two hundred and fifty dollar five after the conviction police, oh really started to unravel legal tool.
his boss, at his job. This is at a grey supermarket. Then he fell like he was being followed. He told others that there ops were out to get him in the officer, Mackay was hunting him. He started Isolate himself and write about his quote last days. This in his daily planner, his parents, we're still in hawaii at this time, but his extended and began to be concerned. That leco would commit sigh, but the paranoia you start again wandering about the mental health of LEO. I do point out to somebody that might add. whole thing here, captain being the let's say, evaluation by others of LEO. At this time there were several persons. They reported that huh he was pretty much living by himself for months and months and months later. up to what I would call the final confrontation
We know at least it's my belief that if somebody is potentially suffering from something or going through something being alone for an extended period of time usually doesn't seem to help the situation makes it worse. Right, so you just wonder what he was going through now, the book bad blood details, a memo that office or bruce Mackay circular to his fellow officers after Lee goes trial. This memo was titled officer. Safety notice and informed officers of illegals, conviction and states that legal attempted to influence the witnesses at the trial the other members of his family influence them. not show up for the trial, telling them bad things would happen if they did the witnesses feared for their safety lee
so was known to own a gun, had a drug history and had a history resisting arrest. The memo warned the the for everything through crime garage check out our website. True crime garage got com and there you can click on the sticker button, so you can check out all of our old episodes their exclusively on stay here and we have a bonus- show cod off the record, which gets a loose it gets a little weird with deep dive into some cases. We have ninety three episodes of off the record if you have not check that out. Yet there is a lot to check out. Want to consume. Some of the episodes are ten minutes long, some of the episodes or hour and a half long there
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