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Lisa Stebic /// Part 2 /// 272

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Lisa Stebic /// Part 2 /// 272

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Lisa Stebic lived a rather quiet life. She was a working mother with two children and a failing marriage. She had her routine, a day at work, then home to her family and then out to the gym for a workout. On April 30th, 2007 the routine ended. Her husband says she was last seen leaving their home on this day. He has since been named a “person of interest” in this baffling disappearance. Where is Lisa and does her husband hold the answer? Beer of the Week - Sleepy Bear by Werk Force Brewing Garage Grade - 4 and a half bottle caps out of 5!

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the welcome to true crime garage wherever you are whatever you are doing, thanks for listening, I'm your hosts naked with me, as always a man that told me. Nobody goes there anymore, because it's too crowded, he is the captain yeah. He can't find place the park, its to be seen and good to see you thanks for less than thanks for tom a friend.
This week we have selected sleepy bare by workforce, brewing and playing field, illinois garage grade four and a half bottle caps out of five. We feature that Yesterday I failed to mention coffee. There's. A good hint of roasting coffee here makes as well with the chocolate caramel flavors and thanks to the following for going to our website, true crime, garage dot com and contribute into our beer fun. First up thanks to Julie and rio, rancho new mexico and a big cheers mates to jennifer in covington township pennsylvania. Next up we have a shelter, Matthew, madeline in north augusta, south carolina also in south carolina. We have a lisa and fort mill and put on your tin cap in a pig here's the maggie spirit If there is an brooklyn new york next week, cat and west convener, california and last, but certainly not least, we have harry in finland thanks for the rounds of beers friends, make sure you check us out a true crime garage doc
and on social media and for all of our old abbot, so make sure you check us out on the stitches, abbey and check out our show off the record, which is on stage or premium, and that is enough of the bees, Well, that's right! Everybody gather round grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime: the on Wednesday July, eleventh two thousand and seven police and news conference pinpointed lisa's husband, craig stebic, as the sole person of interest in LISA stebic 's disappearance, plainfield police chief donald bennett, said craig stebic has been of minimal assistance to detectives and refused
participate in searches in part, leading them to name him as a person of interest plus they said he has refused their repeated request to talk to his children, who are amongst the last people to see their mother alive twice. He has refused request to have police talk with these children said bennet, adding that such action has clearly hampered the investigation. It is. The police is believed that the children have via for info that could assist them in their investigation, craig stebic and his children somewhere along this investigative timeline? They cut off all contact with LISA's family smell that smells a little fish yeah. This is a bad situation, not only they not working with the investigators and his children. You know per se, I believe we can believe that this is at his own doing or not talking with investigators as well, but we also find out at some
they're, not even communicating with leases family, which I know and that there might be some bad blood, especially with her missing, but that shouldn't should not really change the interaction between his children and her family right now. This case lisa aesthetics disappearance in what eight or police would pretty much officially announced as suspected foul play and they even go out and say they dont believe lisa is alive. This case was receiving a good deal of state. I'd news, publicity and national news coverage in the beginning, but
We have seen in other cases and in other states. Eventually there are distractions, and I mean cases that take priority and the news spotlight and cases that took the spotlight came relatively quickly and became big news over leases case, and this is as follows. On june, fourteenth two thousand and seven christopher VON murdered his wife and kids and Shanahan eleanor Chris yusupino on october, twenty eightth, two thousand and seven, Stacy peterson vanishes from Bolingbrook illinois drew peterson use a piece of shit, then, as long time garage listeners very well know in one of the cases that fascinates me the most the february. Second, two thousand and eight lane bryant store shootings, intently park, eleanor unknowns aspect, each piece of shit now, even though this case faded from the spotlight
King justice for lisa needs to go on and I think there are a lot of important questions in this case. So let's go through some of these here captain. So the divorce is in full swing, as it appears. This is often a red flag, but in this case it seems clear that both parties wanted the divorce and both were moving forward with it. Now there could be some motives ensue, I all of this right, the police were called to the house again normally a red flag, but here it appears there was no type of physical, altercation, right and crime was the one who called the police the later missing individual lisa yeah agree with that, but also we have some of that used to be a private investigator. This could be some kind of a set up. Yes in them
also have this situation about. What we now know is probably reported, as fact the lisa was dating another man at some point during the course of this operation. It seems like it that the question here that we have to go back to if this would be a motive for her to disappear, on craigs part is one did even know about this other individual. Was it even something that was serious and I get that it doesn't have to be something serious for him to. Fly off the handle and do something crazy, but does one does even know about it into. If he does know about it, does even care is Something that even bothered him as said they're, both moving forward with separated from one another and ultimately it seems like the care of their children, is the concern of both of them viable. We have mixed feelings there as well. We have somebody,
saying hey at one point. We have them saying: hey we're going to have joint custody, I'm right with with the mother LISA having the primary custody or primary house is where there'd be living, but then that seems like that's going to change Well, she changed her mind on that. I question that a little bit because of a few things one, I don't it was ever filed in a way that she would be the sole caretaker of these children. I If this is a situation where we have a divorce moving forward- and she saying I'm gone to be the main caregiver of these children. Well, what if he? What if he disputes this at some point per lawyer asking for informed, She too. What what do we have to point out that you should be the main caretaker of these children right, because the whole thing you have to ask yourself if she truly did feel that he was an unfit father and the thing that I keep goin back to
and I'm probably gonna, take some criticism for this, but I want everybody keep in mind. We don't know one one hundred per cent. What was going on inside those four walls? We don't know what was going on one hundred percent under the roof of that home right. So if she truly did feel that he was unfit or dangerous or a danger to their children She did have some control under the fact that they were still all living under the same roof, and she does seem too a caring mother. That would take that into account along the way. The other thing is, I don't. I don't hesitate to say that I do think that there was some kind verbal abuse or billy belittling going on. I know that there are talks that she was attending counselling at a place that is pretty much structured for battered women. right. One thing, though we gotta keep a mind. Usually those places keep their record sealed for good reason, so I don't
oh that we have an official from that agency coming forward in saying. Yes, she was seeking counselling here or if this is just something that her family, assaying or friends suspected along. Way or something she said she might seek in the future, and maybe this council linen general, but one has to wonder. Look there's for me all kinds of rumours that come out your friend goes missing and it becomes ok. I do remember that one time that that she said her husband was mean. We remember that you I mean like right and now you're trying to you're trying to work backwards. Your friends missing. Now, let's work backwards, and now you have this husband, which yeah it's odd, he's trying to keep everything close to to the vest. But who knows what's been said about him and then at that point you go okay, my wife is missing and that sucks by need to take care of myself. I need to take care of my family. I need to make sure there
all right, because if I go away what's gonna happen to them. The other thing that could be going on here- and this is much darker than anything that we ve talked about. Is we see a couple things inside relationship a couple things going on in this dynamic that we are aware of, and that is fact so, let's go through that real, quick and look at it through this angle, and this might be uncomfortable to talk about, but it's a possibility we have craig, who is the I mean he's, breadwinner by far situation. Eighty grand a year roughly compared to ten grand a year very now is that that doesn't mean I don't mean that to suggest the lisa was any less of it, person or honour than her husband. What I'm getting at is was that a situation controlled by this man was that a situation where he goes out anymore.
A good deal of money and he's reminding her day after day. You got this job over here, it's not going to pay the bills, I'm in control of the situation you need me. You need me for financial support and you need me to keep this roof over our heads even of its joint dusty and they award her of her transport money, not gonna, be even though he may what more money side will be enough for her to live off of right and now we certainly know that she was capable of earning more. I mean she has a degree than she worked a second job for a while. I would to know what happened with their second job. It sounds to me some of the things I read. Captain sounds like it was a feelin position that she was filling in for some one right or was this situation? craig goes. You know what I'm tired of you being gone at night: you're not allowed to be gone at night. You can work your job the day. I expect you to be home during the evenings by. I would love to know
situation going on there, because you have to with this being their second time around on the divorce proceedings. Was she may? in plans to better her financed situation leading up to the eventual separation again yeah and if, if he's telling her not to work the job that goes back into the controlling factor, I I just think somebody that's going to be that controlling of somebody you think they're actually going to file for divorce doesn't make a lot sense. But again that can be playing a certain hand. Let me file for the divorce. It may seem like I'm ok with it again, a controlling factor right he's, the one that decides when they're going to file for divorce he's the one that decides when the police are going to be called. Also, We know the situation of her cell phone he's in charge of the cell phone. Both of the cars are registered to Craig none too lisa right. You know it. So
Will you do have some things in here where it looks like we have a guy, that's kind of controlling the whole situation. This whole Emily and then later on the or or is it a logical plain? I'm gonna put or my name, because I'm paying for the tags, because I'm paying for the license plates because I'm paying their insurance does on pay the gas money, because I'm paying for the car right. Is it just logical, then? Well, why would I put in someone else's name? If it's mine will ensue have cited money troubles as a possible motive. While we're on the talks of motives here a pair They did have a second mortgage on the house and they were getting ready to separate, but they owed quite a bit more on the home than the value of that home, but that's always good. Now, then we had the eviction papers and again this this thing is a tricky motive here too, just like
everything else. We have the situation where she has filed for a petition of eviction of this man whose probably paying most of the bills as we discuss with. The amount of money that is right and that that parts not trickier mean if your pain, all the bills and the yacht eviction notice from the person not pay the bills. Ah, I'd be super past I be abbe captain mac copyist. Well, that's where you wondered. That's where people are going to say hey, he must have known about and when he found out, he lost it break. But that's that's the weird speculation has do. We know if he knew about this his claims. He says he never knew about this paper work until after she went missing right, so we cited money troubles possible money troubles. We cited the eviction papers and the normal red flags. We would expect with a divorce as it's going on. We also
situation captain where police announced to very vague by interesting things to the media over the years one they have ruled out several people and what I mean by this exactly is They have talked to several people. There saying we ve ruled other people out in this disappearance. We can't rule him out that makes me wonder about this individual that she was dating, named man he's in the papers he's unnamed. To me, knowing his age, the ages reported in the media. This points to me that law enforcement knows who this guy is, and they ve probably talk to whom they have investigated him. He would beyond listen and if they are saying that we ve cleared every one else. Well, that man that she dated again- don't know how many times he must be on that,
the people that have been cleared by law enforcement yeah. I think that safe to assume and then to craig static is law enforcement, soul person of interest. We know this from a statement released to the public and I think that this has to stem from three key factors. One craig is believed to be the last person to see LISA. or at least he reports having seen her at their home and hearing her leave sometime around six p m that night right, we don't anybody else to say that they saw her after their time We don't have any activity on her credit cards or cellphone after that time, re to the small amount blood found on the top and craigs truck. I mean that's just that blood just doesn't magically appear again. You're not going to be able to get a murder charge out of that, but it seems awfully suspicious, then
three, it seems like law enforcement, have good reason to believe that craig static has access to places that might make it easy for him to dispose of leases body and hide evidence. We talked about the property that his family, out of state? We also have a situation where this guy he's a pipe fitter. He, around a different job sites. You know we just talked about a case last week where the husband berry, the wife and children at one of his job site. So what happened to LISA, you know what did Craig do. Does craig not submitting to alight Hector tests mean anything. I think what it means. It is he's not a total idiot as we discuss. Those tests are unreliable and the results can be damaged by the proctors up
in and several times we have pointed out how you can end up with false positives, to deception. Regarding those tests and with specific questions, he claims that he has turned down this polygraph request at the advice of his attorney. What are the other possibilities well, like did craigs dad help in any way. This could be an interesting angle, but the thing I have to wonder here captain is, I feel, like there isn't much on his testimony as far as what he was doing or where he was, but I would
to guess? I would wager that this was probably looked into and was investigated. I mean it could be a possibility, but I also think that it's quite unlikely. I think that there would have been something connecting the dad to it are connecting the dad to Craig as being some kind of assistance in all of this by men. Some eyewitness yeah and I think it s getting spent a good amount of time on this case we talked about, the searches that were involved not just in the static home in the greater plainfield area, but although searches inside the home and of the vehicles, you think that something somewhere
would turn up, and I really want to know or have a good I'd like to have a good understanding of what information we could pull from her phone, because we know that she is on a site looking for a gym pal. It you know, are we just hearing that she looked for a gym pal and it was only female? Is there more to that story, because our car's still there right and everything goes missing, so it's like that makes a lot of sense. If you go yeah, she came home, we gotta prove that we haven't been able to prove that Think that's on her husband approve thing it's on our kids to prove, but then, if she's at home- and she leaves we have witness- is not that much later over some some ice,
This is a around that time has a oh yeah. He was working in their backyard right, so is art some of these things set ups by a guy that knew how cases worked, museums, a private investigator, or is this a guy being cautious because he was a private investigator and we ve seen people get railroaded. We ve seen people with no evidence, but a false confession by somebody else. Do in life in prison, work, git, death, death row, so how would we react if something happened and and they were putting you on trial. In the end, the media spotlight well public spotlight, and other than that small amount of blood which I mean she lived at the home. Who knows that could have come from anything, while my other question would be
long did he on the truck, because our together fourteen years they had this tarp? for, however many years, how long did they have the truck right? So is it? Is it possible? Have they had the truck for six years that there's some blood somewhere possible? Well in with her regards to her cell phone? I'm sorry, let me backtrack just a quick second. Okay. We were talking about what evidence is there against Craig there's, not much, and I think that's the big problem with this case one. You know the little small trace of blood that could be evidence, but but it's hard to make that evidence. You asked almost make that evidence brain and then too we have the be no people family. Friends later coming out saying well, no lisa was afraid of him. Well, we again, we don't know What was going on under that roof? What was going on inside those four while similar derive hearsay? So then you
people that come out and say well if there's no evidence against craig, you know and that's why I brought up the father, his father. We know they were tight. Did his father help in some way you have other people that say well craig of paid some one to get rid of lisa, and I think this too is an interesting angle. However, I think this very much falls right into the last question about craigs father, and I think this is an unlikely situation. I don't think this is what happened here, because again there would have been phone records or some type of communication between craig in the hit man, some trail of evidence connecting the two of them, and you bring up a good, a good, interesting scenario here
she in fact leave the home, just like craig said. Did she in fact intend to go to the gym that night and meet someone at the Jim who later abducted and killed her right? This certainly is somewhat of a possibility billowy, but in order for to be more likely than what I think it is. She would I think she would have him to have been adopted in route to the gym, because we don't have any one that says that they saw her at the jim that night and you have
wonder how many people work out at a high school gym at six o'clock on that monday, night yeah. But if, let's say she met this person before, then it was as simple a I'll pick. You up we'll go to the gym together, and so he picks her up or she picks her up and when it, when it comes down to it, they just don't make it to the gym hm. I mean I I she she is a pretty small, individual and five to one twenty. This is a male or female could move her. If she was deceased, you know they could move the body there's the other, though- and I know Craig has really pointed to this- you know: did she leave on her own accord? Does she go out to start
the new life. Personally, I think I would say if there were no kids, no children involved that this could be the case. But right I mean I don't see any signs or any reason that she would abandon her kids. No one said that that would be in her character. We also have some one that. Tattooing the names of her children on her body right, but that that doesn't mean anything well. It means something to me. I I feel like it. It means that they're special to her and that they hold some significant some special place in her life. Yeah. and why I think the runaway theory doesn't make a lot of sense, because one shouldn't use any of her cards. We don't have any transactions. She didn't make enough money that she could stockpile enough to kind of get a new start and if you're going to a new start again, is it? Is it possible that,
it's trying to better her life and then she just went. You know what and I won't be a mom. It happens. It happens, dads, it happens to moms, it's just, there's really no evidence of it. So I mean we can go down that rabbit hole, but until there's really ever Since I see what the point would be, we also have you know there are cases where there is all it's like an underground railroad situation, where, like these agencies for battered women, will relocate them, but it's all very secretive. You know, and it's all very much. You have to drop everything and cut off all ties with your old life. where to go on and start a new one and they never disclose than information. The thing is that doesn't happen. Lot for many reasons, the most
port and one in the most prominent one of those reasons. Is it so hard for some one that has loved ones and people that they care about in children for them to sever? All ties. And to to to move on and create a new life elsewhere, the Their thing I would point out here to captain: is the children were young there? Ten there twelve, you know these are grown adult children that are out making their own life and have moved on or moved away right. You know these are people the children that were very much dependent on her as much as they are her husband craig, I mean: isn't there? Some law generates subpoena these kids, so they can talk to him. Well, they did they did and that's where that's. Where gets tricky again with craig situation, you know they spoke with a grand jury
nothing. New apparently was gained from that now this is a closed door meeting caesar closed door interviews, we don't know what was discussed. We don't know what was asked there, but apparently there was nothing. There was not enough in that information or answers that they provided to this grand jury. would lead to the arrest and charges being filed against craig step If you had the chance to be brought back to life hundreds of years in the future, would you take it wonderings, newest pot? ass, frozen head, hosted by ashen alina of the hit show morbid, tells the true story of lawrence pilgrim
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out there s. So with this case, I don't see the evidence or any indication that should be running away like it seems like there's deadly evidence that she wants to change some things in her life, better. Some things in her life, but not her just getting up and leaving hm well she's making moves to within the divorce proceedings. You know it's, it's not like. All this is happening. He filed for divorce and she's just dragging her feet waiting for it to happen. You know we see the situation of the eviction notice, We see the situation of her going ahead and moving on with her life, we see a situation of her getting her daughters, tattooed on her body and then telling friends that she wants the tattoo of her son's name,
These are all things that this to me all points to somebody that has a plan future things that she is looking forward to not things that she is running away from or even sitting back and denying that they are happening one. You also want or two if she's been with his gun fourteen years. That is called on quotas for bubbly abuse Did she meet somebody? That's my not trigger the best, and we just don't know about it, but she was willing to put up with that because he that's what she never fourteen years I mean it. You think that what they would find some kind of information. On the home computer right- and I think you know that's where they're going to get all the information regarding these connection sites that she was involved and because
one thing we gotta keep in mind in regards to her cell phone first off. This is two thousand and seven okay, so herself owners, automatically different from the ones that we have in two thousand and nineteen, but then, on top of that, it's it's often reported that this is an older cellphone as of two thousand and seven so probably pretty primitive, compare what we are using today, yes, Zack morris, called he wants his phone back. and I have to wonder- I'm I'm guessing here- then we have a phone that doesn't even have internet capabilities for us. This is just a phone used to call. People may be taxed people as well so but brings up an interesting question and one that is posed in this case did lisa meet someone online and then-
I agreed to meet with this person. This is possible, but the problem with this question here is this was investigated and pretty thoroughly as well. While we get the answer some of the questions, some of these questions can be answered by was he at work because he claims he came home at about five. Forty five six o'clock. Yes, as he was home at about five forty p m that night and that's because he was at work correct so do we have anything- and I know he bounces around from site to site, but some of these cars have gps tracking for different job. You know for different companies
but we solid chris watts case right to have any evidence that he was gone until he said he was well. What we don't have is anyone disputing that he wasn't where he says he was right. Oh, I really feel like the time frame in question is after five, forty p, that night, we don't have any one to say any differently that he wasn't where he says he was so just real, quick back to did she meet someone in this? Is I dont necessary? mean. Did she meet someone in decide all you're? My in shining army, are fell in love with the let's run away together, I don't mean that at all I mean someone did was there to deceive her, someone that she met through one of these connection sites, and they did something bad to her and took her from her life right and the thing is, though, like I said I
this, because some people have pointed out, look someone on their just like you talked about in yesterday's show you If somebody on their pretending to be a woman and communicating with her old cat fish and setting up a hey, let's meet up or let's go for a jog together I'll meet you at the gym, or you meet me here on your way to the gym yeah. And then she never shows up again again. The problem with this is: u you feel like did the end segregation really had very quickly nowhere else to go other than craig static, and I think again there would have been bred
Brahms found on that computer found within those connection sites. That would have said she was talking to somebody there and here's okay. Here's where I feel bad for him initially, he called we have a situation. Take the chris watts case right. It is it's it's been on my mind so from at the time. So that's a situation where he he's not really tommy by anybody is missing. He's just come and go about his business tat, his way for other people to say, hey something's up here. We need while the cops not only that he's at ease, offering an explanation that why They are not at home Chris. What is right here?
I replay they went on a play date and I don't know the person's name or where they let a piece of shit. So, but here we have a case where you go, you can say yeah. Well, he didn't call captain. He didn't call till the next day, well, they're getting separated they're, not gonna, be married anymore. This is gonna, be his normal life going forward. Maybe he's pretending it's already his normal life, she, gone out- and we said so go out of ten o clock lever clock. Is it possible that he fell asleep, even know that she didn't come home Right, maybe you wasn't worried the night before were heavy, didn't think about it. The next day he's gone were there is no right where she had just who calls the gaps gets starts going hello.
he's missing. Well, he doesn't call the cops, but he does call a couple of people to find out if they know where she is right, but didn't he the one of the people that he talk too, they called the cops yeah, but again the person it's its view. Unclear as to the situation right, but one thing that I am pretty certain of it seems like the neighbour that he called to find out where his wife could be right, that the neighbor was close with LISA an end it they were like friends. The couples were friends right now the husband and wife, husband and wife. They hung out together, but I feel like the neighbour that he contacted an. The neighbour is the one that goes all there's something fishy goin on here. here and there the one that this I don't think he prompted them to call the police right, but at one would argue again
this guy was a private investigator he's no dummy right, one could argue by calling other people, you called her work. you're calling people you're notifying people as she's missing year, notified right, you're, notifying the people, and on top of that you're the one that that's that's, drawn up flags his favor in his labour rights. He saying hey, you know: did he call copyright awake, no cause? He was coined people. We don't know if he would have eventually you know after five calls, maybe he would have called the police or if he returned home from work that day would have called the polite right at some point, but his corner work
in it's one of those things where, on one side, you go all that's a play, sneaky bastard and that's just you setting it up. You got rid over the night before you bought your kids candy to keep their mouth shut and guess what now you're, just you're you're dropping off this information, leading to you want to make people believe that your concern, but then, on the other hand, he go well. Maybe that's just the truth, because there that there is a logical explanation to his actions. There so it and then he goes. Here's the computer? Well, how much time did he spin making sure that they would find exactly what they found on the commission and maybe or erasing what they didn't find right? I mean by that, is it doesn't have to be like a casey anthony where it's like Craig. What came home and.
Google to how to murder wife and get away with it right. Maybe it's not something like that, but maybe it was a dating website that she was on, that he got rid of Again, I don't know what his knowledges of computers and I would assume that law enforcement has better tax that would really be readily uncover the information, the density wheezy plenty in cases where people think they're pretty good at wiping clean, a computer or device police get there hands on it and very quickly there like what about this? What about this? What about that? Because what they don't know they call it rocks. and they go wing wing wing wing is the colonel there. We check out this computer, and then you find
but when everything is encrypted I will find so then he goes okay. Ah, yes, we're trying to find my soon to be ex wife, I'm helping you, here's the computer, I'm talking to you, some things get said, and then he goes. Oh I've seen this story before and he shuts it down, and can you blame the guy blame the guy, but that again it's one of the things we are. Logically, you go one direction. Is this guy's trying to protect himself trying to protect his kids? Try to protect the family On the other hand, yo that seems fishy, that's fishy as the fish stocks that they served irma well and here's the thing too, because a lot of times- and I would say, ninety nine percent of the time. Ninety nine percent of the time. We have a situation where people are like. You know what he does
report, her missing. He does not call police that is a giant red flag against him, I think the thing that everybody needs to keep in mind here is it? Can we all agree this scenario is unique in the sense that every bit of evidence that we can find points to the fact that they were both walking away from this relationship. They were both walking away. Maybe in a situation, if, if she were in. This is not the truth, but if she were, hang around on him. You'd go well, that's a red flag. He didn't report her missing. He didn't. He didn't get scared. He didn't get nervous that she wasn't coming home, that's a red flag! No, they were. both walking away from this relationship, regardless of what was going on inside that home, so for to me, I almost feel like a different reason.
sure to her not coming home is what I would actually expect in this situation, meaning either a he was a bit upset. Oh, but she's, just not gonna come home now, oh I'll call a few people, but I'm not going to waste my time on it. I got kids, I gotta get the school. I got a job I get ashore to or the one that we ve talked about a few times here too, did he just not care if you just go wherever this is over I've? I've already Emotionally walked away from this relationship a while ago right by hold on your talking about just the fact that he didn't report irma S right. Where are we My by any people would say that's a red flag against him. I almost feel like if I were in this situation. I would think that it's a it's in his favour that he fell down.
We, or at least appears from the outside, to have felt different yeah Biden. Look at that like that, at all I mean he could have been gone where color work work hall, some of her friends. While then you call the neighbor and they called the cops okay, while he didn't report it, but you called the neighbor so it's not like you hit it from any bright indirectly. You reported it so you I mean, like. Ah you report it. But somebody did so at that point for all No, the neighbors said: hey, guess what I call the cops or the cops came to his house and why he's calling and still looking for ok now we're doing this, you know so it is so weird because there are some things that psych you easily go sky like him smells like a third and then there's other parts. Where you go, I see you walked in on us
Sane person would do that or somebody that actually cared about her yet again, they're going through a divorce, there's anger there, but at the end of the day, they're together for fourteen years, he probably cares about are some level that the mother of his kids, the sauces it's so weird. It's like he calls. I mean this that that's as simple as it can be. He calls her work to figure out if she made it to work, that's either a cover up or he gives a shit and like that's what, where almost every piece of evidence, points and that's really frustrating and if he's not guilty of anything now this is a. I feel bad form. Well, here's the other thing you gotta wonder: right for, for the future of his life, separated from his ex wife doesn't having her around, make it easier for him and what I mean by that look. If they're having money problems there separating
going to share those money problems even after they separate it either his burden a little bit and the other thing to us. They both. and on shared parenting as a single as of now single man. He has somebody that he can trust more than any one else to watch his children a few nights a week. You know what I'm getting at is seems a little easier for him than that. Be around. There doesn't seem to be a situation where he's running around on her and just has to get out of this marriage and can't come up with any better idea than to turn in Chris watson ended all right, but well I agree with that, but then I start thinking that maybe it's a situation where he goes I'm in control, I make eighty grand he make ten grand and she starts playing the system a little bit and goes. You know what I can actually get you out of the house. Maybe I can win this house in the divorce.
because luck, anybody that's gone through a big breakups, but, let's just say you live with the person you don't have to married to the person, but several times I'd sit down at a table. You know we need to talk about what we're splitting up. Okay. This is how I think things will go,
right, that's maybe some a lays out to you, I'm going to keep the house. You keep this car. You do this right. All that can change in an argument is your I'm saying I get I get it, and so is so motive could be a lot more than money in custody. It could be a bunch of stuff where it's this person, maybe didn't really care so much. He filed for divorce, but now it's our all of a sudden shifting and she starts going while you were verbally abusive and he did all this stuff and I'm going to take everything. I can and then he's gone wait a second. This is not how it's supposed to go. We're supposed to boat. This walkaway
hmmm is that enough for somebody to snap and kill somebody, I believe so she could have threatened him with that, but from the outside. Looking in, I don't see much in the way of property. I mean, I just don't see it. You know what I mean it seems like borderlands she filed for him to be evicted from the house. Right, I mean that's evidence of that's just a place to stay until they get until the divorce is final, though right. But what I'm saying the differences is that the the communication could have been. You know you're going to you know he he paid for the house, maybe if she's only making ten thousand If you think he really needed her help to pay for the house, probably not no, no, I don't think so, and so, while I'm saying is that the conversation could have been longer, keep the house cause, I paid on it and she's like yeah, no big deal and we're going to do. apparently there's a big let what I'm getting at is its its eyes.
What you're saying that the problem in that, though, to go to the extent of killing somebody there's no equity in their home. It's not like you're losing something very, but sometimes we bore grasping at straws to hold on to some stability of life is what I mean I, and I know that sounds like eyes only by a think. If it is a strategy, is one I'm saying so, not leaning towards them saying I can see that in that's. What made like, I said back to my main point in my final wrap up of the case in my eyes, is either almost everything in this case points to that's fishy, and I can understand. Why did it
that makes sense. You kind of understand why he killed his wife. Oh no! No! No! No! No! No! You! You kind of understand why people suspect him. No! No! No! What I'm saying is like just take any point of evidence, any knowledge that we have it's like when he called her work. It's like part of me goes all that's him covering up that he did something to her and the other part of me goes no. He was actually looking for, but it's like there's so much stuff that does that were like at first he's talking to the cops that they stopped talking. if the cops- and it's like I see he does it make sense yeah well, but one thing one possibility we didn't get to yet is did some random person grabber off the street and killer and this I actually believe to be one of the more probable scenarios couple reasons one the wet.
Was not bad that night from what I could find it wasn't perfect, but what if she took off on a job, you know plainfield is a safe area, but we have covered just in ass year, at least three incidences of a lady going out jogging by herself and some snow in the grass evil? Man sees her and attacks her. So it's even though this is a safe area. You have to keep in mind. Unfortunately, this stuff can happen anywhere, and I think that this might be somewhat possible because of the items missing. You know we have. the persons a bit tricky. I don't know anybody that goes out jogging with their purse, but I would expect her to take her cell phone with her. We also know the area was safe enough and at least the There was nice enough for the father descend, well when ten year old, kids out on a bike ride in search of candy, but so that is a possible interesting.
oh here, and we know that she jogged in the park across the street from their home. This wouldn't require her to take her car. This wouldn't wire, her to tell anyone where she was going. One also she could have taken our purse and put it on the banks, while she is running as long as she knows that she can see the bench while she's running I Seen people do that alot. The problem, though, here captain is, you know, could this case ultimately be a dead end because hope you what I mean by this is. I am so many cases that we ve covered, there's very few. What maybe, too, that I can think of that it seems like a person just straight up vanished right and with her situation, it doesn't seem like she was in, The of going missing. I feel like between her close friends. the things it came out later. I feel like me,
it was a bit of an open book to our friends. In her close you, no relatives right and so therefore, I kind of feel like this is a situation where she may have vanished for unknown reasons, and the answer could be right in front of us. It really could, but there's nothing to Next, there's nothing solid and concrete to connect craig as one hundred per cent. Your guy that, let me just ask a couple questions or if you can answer these and I know I'm going back a little bit, but she leaves work. What turn at thirty and then this would be a pretty normal time for her to leave and what time does the kid need picked up? Three thirty So we know that she stopped in gotta sandwich somewhere along the line right so
we have her whereabouts up to less say about three o clock. Some eight picks up the kid we don't know if it's her don of the husband they get back to that puts him back to the house. The picnic get up at three thirty laden line a little bit roughly about four clock. The neighbors see him roughly around six. Six thirty, seven, no I'd, I dont know exactly when they see him. if they even claim to have seen him at all. What here, here's? What I think is concrete in this, in this case and this is coming from law enforcement law enforcement- has stated that they believe that leases it was in the home when the children left to go to walgreens to get candy this would have been shortly after craig came home from work at five. Forty p m
then, when they returned some time between six thirty six, forty five p m lisa static was not in the home, but craig was brand. We do know that they, even though that the communication was cut off at some point. Law enforcement did speak with the children right, yeah, first and so what's interests in here. As you have an hour, you have an hour that you have to now. They talk to the kid so I'm swimming that the kids are saying. Yeah are dad. Was there when we got back our mom? Was it that gives them an hour and if people saw dig in his back yard or whatever that young working in the backyard, whatever they brought dogs in nothing, no sent picked up. You think they would have pick something up case be solved, but the
ours not a big window? Well, a good friend of mine who lives in illinois, he's retired firefighter. He has a theory that basically ends with craig killed LISA at some point and was p, getting it for months and she's in the ground at their property. Really I Greg is a shout out to my buddy Greg, thanks for all your he just retired recently as a firefighter. So thanks for all your years as a first responder I think he's theories very interesting. He claims that she would be at least she's, probably in some kind of contain. Or maybe a bear or something that he put in the ground at some point and that this barrel would be at least three feet or deeper in the ground and he's his thought is that they need to use So are you know ground penetrating sooner, to see if there's anything on that property right? There's a couple of there's a couple
things that I throw in there too to poke a whole or at least question that there I think it's a good one, but. I saw that the property was listed for sale at some point. This is not a large property, would be interesting. You know you, and I have talked so many times about in these cases. What can we prove and what can we disapprove? Is there in theory or anything along our list that we can at least scratch off. Even if we can't find leases remains on the static pretty that they used to own. Can we at least go? Well, that's not a possibility because we ve searched it properly, and we know that that cannot be right and so, it would be interesting. That's not a large property, it's a regular neighborhood, so I'm guessing from pictures were probably talking about a quarter acre law, somewhere in their so wouldn't take long to scan that property and see if there's anything,
hiding in the ground there? But I would love, I would love for the current homeowners to give consent, For that to happen, and I'm sure there's someone someone out there, they followed this case, maybe even to this day there would be willing to help in that detection of if there's any anomaly in the ground there or the reason why I would like that theory, is that idea like? I said it's not a lot of time from the time that the children leave. There are forty five minutes, maybe an hour risk. I would I had to move quick yeah, but if you plan this a week in advance, while then you'd have everything ready are all you'd have to do, is killer, put her in the container and then barrier it's an interesting case, but a very sad one too cause I
I feel like, unless leases now grown, adult children come forward with something new right with something that they have not spoke about yet some. Of new information. This is a cold case and I think it might just keep getting colder what number to call. If anybody hasn't any information, we can look up the plainfield police department, the number's area code, eight, one, five, four, three, six, two, three, four one, eight one, five, four three six Two three four one: thanks everybody for joining us in the garage this week. We will see you back your next week until then be good behind his daughter
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