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In december, two thousand and ten suffolk county canine officers stumbled upon the skeletal remains of a female stuffed in a disintegrating burlap sack two days later, police would find three more bodies discarded in the same manner, along the same stretch of the north side of ocean parkway in march and April of twenty eleven four more bodies were discovered in another area off of the parkway, as police extended the search down the nassau county border. Five days later, the search was extended. Once again, this time authorities were searching for bodies in nassau, county, the finding of an additional set of partial remains, and a skull now would put the body count at ten on december, thirteen two thousand and eleven the remains of shannon gilbert, were found in a marsh a week after the finding of her clothes and her belongings. police believe shannon's death was an accidental, drowning channel twenty three minute phone call to nine one, one prove otherwise the chain,
ghost, locate the bodies and return them to their families. We will never know. but what we do know is the police were not out looking for these girls not to sorry using the words serial killer. Welcome to the garage you are in the garage. Shit turned the crowd. Well, we're in the garage we're in a garage. Be lonely sitting out there in the garage listening to us, broadcast from from a grudge were hiding, were hiding So, as the guy said over the music, we are talking about the long island serial killer, the guy setup you're, the guy, I think, that this story. What do you know about the story? Captain phantastico on everything I hate this story. What am I it's no it because of the podcast. Fusing! That's why the story? It's like! Okay, so any time, there's a sea,
oh killer or mystery, or, as you know, some kind of solve case? You always want more information. I almost feel like this one has so much information. That is that's where you get turned around and can't come up with a conclusion that if everything is linked together, but we don't know if the rolling, ok. So how about we go through the findings. First will go through here's what he does. I say things just stay in your own head talk. However, you want. Well, what does that act? Like you didn't say anything right where will go through will go through the you know that means and things that were found and and will determine if linked length. That's what
I don't know if we're going to determine anything but we're going to talk about it. That's the point of the show is as drinking beer, speaking of which, later when you're ready for the truth remind let me know your truth. Let me know when you're ready for the truth, I don't think you can handle the truth. Is it Paul pierce beer, who's, Paul, pierce, the basketball player yeah, the truth? Alright, let's get into the story before he leaves
Is everybody completely so I r a lawson April twentieth, nineteen, ninety six, two female to female legs April? What twentieth? Nineteen? Ninety six! That's my birthday! Two female legs, wrapped the show's, not about you. Two female legs, wrapped in plat in a plastic bag, are discovered on fire island west of Davis park beach. That's the first findings that could be linked to this case december. Nineteen, two thousand. The first of two human torsos is discovered by hikers and a long island, pine barons and manner ville. This is often halsey manner road, so anybody that this zone crazy, but if you ve done any arm chair, detective work on this case at all or want to. I reckon
and getting a map, because some of these things are very close together, others are little spread out, but its anybody for me with long island. We certainly makes this case interesting on July, twenty six, two thousand and three, the second human torsos discovered in the pine barons. This is not far from the first. The remains are identified as jessica taylor. Remember that name A twenty year old escort from Washington dc last seen earlier at the port authority bus terminal, manhattan. Ok, so those are those three aids or are lesser known about ok, the remains that were discovered in twenty two and by the canine officer by the suffer canny canine officer were excuse me the soldiers and
July, ninth, two thousand seven marine barn, his last scene in her room at the super eight hotel in midtown, midtown manhattan, she's, one of the four that's found in december of two thousand and ten okay. So we're talking about now is when they found the four bodies, all at once, guess as well as as we're going to go through when those four plus shannon gilbert go missing right, but you are, I gave lead in stuff that was found that possibly could be linked correct. But if you look at a lot of the stuff that I looked up was on the forty eight hour specials and I don't think they brought up any of that stuff so that's kind of new information to me well you're, on a lot of the documentaries they discussed, the fort bodies were found in pr in pretty good.
Detail because they have some idea of when the last time each of these four girls were seen, and then they have lot of information. Regarding we believe as shannon gilberts last night being alive right. So that's five potential victims. Of those five shannon's found in a different manner, she's found in a marsh and her death, is actually ruled an accidental drowned. She at one point was quite a bit more water there than there is now they think this Got disoriented, she got caught up in the pines lots of bramble there and, through her. Struggle. Somehow are injured herself in in that caused her to drown in the water or is she drowned in some fashion? That's what they claim that does the tricky thing is her clothes and her belong.
I believe, including her cell phone and her pocket book in her ideal in her shoes are found: a quarter of mile away on the other side. Of the march, so ok, I'm running for my life disoriented. What am I want to do I'm going to take off my clothes in my shoes in my pocket book in in just free through the marsh yo naked and free through the martian they claim that she was in hysterics out of her mind, but that doesn't seem like dozens
seemed like something that normal people that anybody would do given the given the circumstance yeah, but they had a team of investigators go through on a day that that that was similar to the day that, like similar kind of weather and and climate and everything go through, and it's so swampy that you would lose your shoes and you would actually dip down like pretty far so then, if you, if your pants, are covered in mud and they're, so, maybe maybe to say screw it You know if you make a run for it. If you lose your shoe to go back and get your shoe, but you're, ok, so you're a woman running at night in a scary place it you ve, never been before and you're in lets. You know the wilderness, but
and the shoes are you going to shed your shoes and your clothes, but what kind of shoes high heels bright you might shed your shoes, but are you going to take your pants off? Depends on how soaked you get? Are you taking off your shirt? What it? What if you get? What, if you get stuck in the mud up to your knees,. I'm just saying I that's not something that I think that I would end up doing all we can test this theory and in it it doesn't it you're either that there does. She was shedding them ass. She went along its like ok, here's, my stuff. drop all my stuff and then I'm I myself another quarter of a mile and accidentally drown. You ever agree with actual accidental drowning the theory
So what do you do? You agree that that she might have shed all of her clothes as possible. There was never any possible, but were not hear me into the argue, what's possible. Why we're here to argue, what's likely, isn't that the same thing in a lot of things are possible? What's most likely, I don't ya, never run in the marsh lap. I know if I'm runnin in the mud and my foot get stuck because you think about that. That's happened. Multiple times run and in your in your shoe, get stuck in. It gets pulled off like depending on what I'm running from or who I'm running from. I might not go back and get that shoe. You know what I mean. so both your shoes, your pants you're sure and your pocketbook- got stuck in the mud all at once. While we have a thing about your pocketbook again That would be the first thing I would throw down. I think it s, there's mace yeah, but if war
from here on in an eu, keep fallen in your fallen into the mud and you're like actually impact in the mud. And then then you go to pull out the pocket book, but it stuck in the mud at if you're disoriented fuck the pocket book. He won't keep movement. Of course, a pocketbooks versing too, ok, so marine barnes goes missing just last seen July, ninth, two thousand and seven her room at a super. Eight hotel in midtown, manhattan, Melissa, Bartholomew Goes missing july, twelve, two thousand and nine Last seen outside of her apartment in the bronx, this is the girl that the next month and we'll get to this windowed too, to this in more detail later. The next month, her sister amanda starts receiving phone calls from a man claiming to be a killer.
The next girl to go missing is shannon gilbert them, which we just discussed. What will discuss her evening more detail here short She goes missing on may, first, two thousand and ten. Its followed up by. Megan waterman june. Fifth, twenty tenders Pierce from a holiday and express on long island as she's last seen, heading toward a nearby convenience store on foot and then september. Second, two thousand and ten amber lend castelo leaves her home in new north Babylon. To me, a client and she's never to be seen again then December, eleven police discover a full skeleton, wrap them in burlap and then december. Thirteen. they find three more sets a remains near. The first set of remains, and none of them are shanna gilberts.
These four were all killed and wrapped in this burlap and they were placed approximately one tenth of a mile away from each other on the north side of ocean parkway, now. This is a long straight road and its in the city, so very dark out there at night. So this is kind of an ideal place if you're, if you're there to dump something, because at night you we see the headlights from the other cars for four. Probably several miles would give you plenty of time to get back in your car or to make it look like something This is going on before the car approaches. You January twenty five, twenty eleven.
Suffered county police commissioner richard door more in the self accounting district attorney. Thomas spoofer spotter amount per. I apologise, Mr Thomas, but that they publicly acknowledge that the police are looking for a serial killer. So so, at this point, how many bodies, found. So at this point we ve actually found seven sets of remains. However, They only. They only think that they did For that are all wrapped in burlap having been found on parkway are linked. They don't they don't are too even look into these earlier findings until once they're starting to piece together that that their pride looking for a serial killer that could have an unknown number of victims right right so on my
twenty nine twenty Evan police. And a skull, hands and forearm later verified to be additional remains of jessica tail. So she was. She was the one that a portion of her body was found July, twenty six two thousand and three and she's in the pine barents sea. Now remember, there was another human torso that was found their three years before hers was discovered, so if you can believe that the or shall remains of just get taylor there are found in now your proximity to the fore known long, island, serial killer victims. If that links hurt them enough for you, then you got to believe that that other torso, that second torso that was found with jessica, tailors torso in the pine barons.
Also connected? So if that is the case- and you can go along with that now we're at six victims that silly the fire island victim elsewhere as a possible seven and still leaves shannon gilbert missing right April fourth twenty eleven three more sets of remains are found along ocean parkway and on an uneven fight asian male dress in women's clothing, the skull and hands and foot of the first man er, Jane doe, an unidentified girl between sixteen and thirty two months old. So that's the toddler so now again because the product Many of these new remains that we just found too, that the previous five half one of the sets of remains are the the second half.
Of what was found in manner. So if you can believe that these new. Three sets of remains are connected to the previous five. That brings us to a an connects us to the devious mandeville. One now we're at nine and we're still missing, shannon gilbert right, confusing confusing confusing yeah, but you have to believe all that stuff, and this is also a known place that they dump bodies who but whose they, like the the the that this is just like people
view. If you're going to off somebody you're you're going out there and dumping them here last thing is it's a known site of dumping bodies for at least one person already, but I mean you got to understand that that area I mean, there's still a lot of organized crime out there there's a lot of prostitution out there. So. That's one thing so now: cubans keep in mind at all those nuth three sets of remains One of them was a toddler now on April eleventh. This is one week later, two thousand and eleven police uncover two more sets a remains in two separate locations. The first discovery fee male bones and jewelry found near jones beach, water tower its later. just by dna to be be the law.
actually mother of the toddler found a week before so we're at ten. If you believe this stuff, we are at now we're at more than that, because we we had four that were found together in burlap bag, jessica taylor that was found in the pines. There was another torso found three years earlier in that same area. That puts us at six yeah, so four plus jessica taylor. Plus the other torso in the pines six. Then we found three sets of remain the asian dude, the asian dude, some unknown, Jane doe, and then the toddler that puts us at nine. Now we find more sets a remains onto more so at eleven. It Jones. Each and dna is suggesting that the Jane doe at jones wanted the jane dose it jumped jones. Beach is probably the mother where I live:
toddler were at eleven and still no shannon gilbert right which it if it wasn't for her, I they wouldn't be looking anyways. That's that's right. I mean it's like her. Her whole evening is what led them to finding These remains if I've also heard plenty of rumours that the cop wasn't out there actually looking for shame and gilbert, you know. That's there, they ve been the police have been criticised, because of the way that they have handled the disappearances of some of these women. They date, the four that the four than Label, Jane doe or unknown asian mail or unknown toddler, those for that they were reported missing and allow
of whom were reported missing in either new york, city or long island and what they were told, especially enchanted gilberts case when her mother tries to report her missing. You know in the area of where, where that, because the. new that she was out there because her driver pack, Michael pack, tells her boyfriend where had gone and what had happened that evening. So they tried report her missing in that. Beach area and what what did the cops out their teller? Oh, you know, she's in a doll, She can go wherever she once do. She's also a prostitute best thing that you should do is go back to your hometown and reporter missing. There will not not your hometown, but where shannon's from go back to where shannon lives, and then you
their correct and that's what some of these other parents and other family members were told when they try to report their daughters in their sisters missing, and I feel like this is, I think, no disrespect to two that cop, but I don't think they were out. I don't think they were out there looking for shannon gilbert, I think the heat. out of his car to take a p or heat. This dog out to take a p or whatever there was there. It was happenstance that the day I think they stumble upon this, for there wasn't there's something about. There were practising looking for things, so here's all different rumours that the first two rumours that the cops wants you to believe, I that a we were looking for. Shame gilbert, because she went missing out there, many many months ago and all we ve just decided to start looking for. That's what they really want. You to believe if you won't believe that their
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Again, I am of the belief that they stumble upon it. For other reasons, here's the thing: why did they keep looking after they found that one burlap bag So they keep looking. This is in their defence. Maybe they were looking for shame and gilbert, because what they say is well we're gonna keep looking. We know this is not shannon gilbert. We ve not identified this body yet, but we know it's, not china gilbert. Do you know why why she had an identifier on her. She had a titanium plate in her jaw from a domestic situation that she had had with her boyfriend, surprise surprise That's the thing when you, when you dive into and look at these girls Unfortunately, a lot of them had some very shady boyfriend types yeah well, olano mean if you go
and that line of work I mean you know you don't normally does fall into that in on drugs, are a big part of things and yeah and then abuse and then daddy issues. I believe that some of the couple these girls may have been pushed into it, not not I wouldn't say unwillingly, but but coaxed into their possible this by by either boy. Friends or wanna be boyfriends, so, let's go back to some of these. Girls are bad. Looking now, no other northern up Let's go to shannon gilberts evening, you wanna to you want to kick off her. What you know very evening force no okay
this would have been either the last day of April or the first day of may back and twenty ten she is, she gets. A call to go out to oak each she has a driver, and that sets her aside from a lot of these other victims, she's a little higher and yeah well- and she has a driver, she's responding to a call with the driver, these other girls- as far as
No, they were alone and that your here's a possibility. The cheese coming from pretty far away yeah. So it's possible that, based on her occupation that you go okay well, if it's in town, I can figure that out, you're not going to have my boyfriend drop me off or I can drive myself. I know that area, but if it's that far away- and you know- we've talked about what we talked earlier- we did actually a whole podcast before and the audio was so bad that we said no we're not putting that out so. But we were talking
On that podcast about and with the whole driver thing, but they're they're, all on craigslist they're based on craigslist, most of them in back page yeah, so Craig's list and back page and and and that whoever was paying these girls that this is where a lot of these can be connected is there's a couple of cases that No, I love that these these girls were offered by way more money than they would be offered at a normal job, so If their normal rate was two hundred bucks. There were offered fifteen hundred, so so there is a possibility that maybe she I have a driver on a normal basis and that but she's gonna make so much my neck. can hire. Somebody will. Michael pack was heard normal driver. I dont
that she used him for every call that she got, but she was, like you said, deafening gonna have to use them for this call, because a two hour drive. You know it's about ten o clock at night. She gets The call to go out there now she's haven't she's on a date with her boyfriend beforehand, the nice guy the broker job for, well, we don't know if it was the same guy. It was the same guy. We do know allegedly what's his name, I don't know, If you're looking for that guy, where I dont think, I personally don't think he had any involvement, but anyway regardless so he she goes out on this calls about tat clock, so they probably get there around midnight. it's an area she's not familiar with she's with her driver. Michael pack he's in his black suv she's in the as for a while doing or thing, and you know her whole job.
What you want to do while you're there the way I understand it is it you want to extend the time you want to try to get you more time because more time equals more money around book me for another hour, however, that we are not booking you, Michael packets, a call. From shannon gilbert saying, can you go to sea vs and pick up some cards this well? This is what he says. Who knows what she's, what they're asking for? I imagine. There's drugs and party favors involved at these little get togethers right and He doesn't want to go. He didn't know whether the sea vs is. He does want to go pick it up so Joe Joe brewer. Now I've got to apologize well in advance. I am going to call him Jim brewer, at least once that they're gonna go boy.
Yeah and and Jim brewer had nothing to do with this in his he and no. He is in no way related to okay, so Jim breuer, good guy, good guy joe, is Jim brewer the nice boots killer boots man same guy? I dont know that bit even second on you, dance cough munson, yeah, yeah, nice boots, yeah killer boots and so Jim breuer, great guy, who the guy in the world we want to go on the record as stating that true crime garage, we love, jimbo jimbo. You ever want to come to the crime garage or hear about ad coming to the garage full fridge of beer. For you, we got a giant for a lot of we've, got we'll we'll take some pictures, some time of parts of the garage and and posted on the website. So you can see. Are we got the biggest refrigerator you've ever since
in a hot tub in a Jim brewer good right, dude Joe brewer douche bag do she deuce king, do so job, or is this guy? He has that these are all of what they call make mansions out there in an oak beach. Does that mean I make mansions like a small mansion? So it's like mcdonald means corazza and.
he's we're told he's hosting a party, but it's all very convoluted about what kind of party this is. He says he didn't call her for sex. He calls her for entertainment, whatever anyway Joe brewer, shannon gilbert right, which is possible, though, because these these escorts that you hire that it's not necessarily dust sex. So as not like you're escort me of sex, it could be, it could be sexual favours, it could be gone on. The date was somebody. It could be that, while bachelor parties is a big part of their rights could be dancing could be stripping so so it's possible that what he is saying is that that that's a fact that look I didn't higher for sex, maybe it's just for dancing what I don't about it. Is he never says I didn't higher for sex? I hired dance.
well, you just see hired or for entertainment or some crap like that, but right, but that's bullshit right and here's why it's bullshit! This is the problem I have with his little party and I totally get that he's the kind of guy that would pay for an escort or entertainment come out to interview or to entertain his other duty free to be weird if they called her out to interview the problem I have is both Michael pack, Joe brewer, submitted statements to the police. Lay at a later date in nice Thereof them mention other people and if their, if there were other people there, of course, Michael patent. He doesn't know who these people are oh brewers, not giving up any names, So if you are having a party and its not just you and shining gilbert hang out who are these other but we'd like to know- and you think the cops figure out a way to figure this out, because every
one of those other people. There are likely suspects anyway Brewer and her they leave michael pack perceives that they Probably went to the sea vs to pick up whatever it is that that they were asking him to go for other p we'll speculate. Maybe they went to pick up some drugs, theirs but if a conspiracy that we'll talk about later that that some people think is what they they may have gone out to do a third option, anyway, they return thing seems to be going as planned. She's extending the night like they want to do, and then all of a sudden, Michael pack was a phone call and in what she wants to write, Michael packets, a phone call, it's not shannon gilbert its joe brewer. He saying she's in here. This is your problem. She's freaking out come Get her out of my house, she won't leave. Michael pack comment comes in and his statement,
That he comes in and he sees her whatever from that. He walks into the first room that descended from the entrance. she standing in doorway to another room. She doesn't look the straw or anything he gets in there. He kind it. He thinks maybe she's playing a game or joking around that this is some kind of joke that he doesn't know. What's going on. oh discusses with michael pack inside you know, you gotta, you Get her out of my house. Beer pause ass to get a beer. You will have. What are you supposed to say? Are you ready for the truth? I'm ready? for the truth. You can't handle the truth. I can handle the trend, whether in the can in the camp, the blue camp
Yes, just so everybody knows what we're talking about your there's a way Columbus, ohio, there's a brewery and don't tell he's crazy box. Where were in Cincinnati, ohio called ryan geist and they have a ip called truth. So we'd love you crazy, fucks, there's a glass right there. If you want it's called the truth. so Joe brewer tells Michael pack. Gotta get her out of my house shannon appear, she goes into the other room. They follower in there. Now he's kind of a crouching down between the couch in the wall and she's on Phone with nine one wine saying they're, they're gonna, kill me they're, trying to kill me and. Joe borg goes outside. This is what I found in arresting about michael pack statement, and this is why Joe brewer so tricky to me.
He goes outside. It basically tells Michael back. This is your man you're the driver. This is now here's you know get her out of here. He goes outside so not does he pay pack. I don't know, any other than the money situation- that that is one thing that I did want to figure out ways follow the money. I should know that thou shalt meeting the shannon freaks out and she runs out the door now she's running and she's towards the neighbor's house so far, for whatever reason she seems to be a fool aid of Joe brewer and whoever else might be in this party. If there is anybody it out at all, and now she appears to be afraid of Michael pack as well, which is all very confusing to me. You think the driver would be the last person you be And then, if you were scared and you worth if you did think that they were trying to end you
would want to leave and leave with your drive yeah, but but if you're tripping on somethin right or yours, super stone, or possibly a mixture of thing, which is possible in which she did have some mental issues, some people, just maybe she was bipolar or had a tendency to freak out or have nervous breakdowns jen if she's, if she's in a manic, state and and cheese, creating this idea in our head that that it's a it's a plot to kill her, then brewer he's gonna, kill you and then brewers talking in your driver and then it could be a simple as her gone, oh god, drivers and honour this too. Correct. I good girl here too now, she's running through the neighbourhood sheep. Pounds on gus qualities, door, gus colonies, its
it's early in the morning, he's up it's like three in the morning. He they had him and his wife had to be up to go to something. They added like a two or three hour drive to go somewhat justice, howled he's pretty old. These ancient and that's, not a number he's out he's up, he says he shaving or whatever, and she pounds on the door he says that he lets wherein and she screaming something about they're gonna Tell me or they're trying to kill me He doesn't really understand. What's going on, I'm gonna go to bat for him. some of these I've seen some of these, tv shows and they seem to question his honesty. No, I I like the skylight, he a good. I like the cut of his jib. I like his jib and I like the cut of it. Nice chip, you got a nice giovanni, nobody regardless. I think he acted honourably mean. I think he is if it ask her sit down if he, if for any reason,
he gave more than one story. I believe it to be because it happened so fast. And so early in the morning that he may be just a little confused lol yeah and it's all based on who's, asking you the questions. How they're asking you those things all those little details, it's why they say the devil's in the teeth. as it's all those little details and we're talking about a guy, that's at least in his seventies and so they're just going to get mixed up in general, but again happened. Pretty quick, I mean it's only maybe a few minutes that she's involved with his guy's life. It could be thirty. I guess it could be two minutes and he seems to think that she is afraid of the person in the black suv. This would be her driver whose now Michael pack is in as you ve, trying to still trying to get her in the car
but again gus quality doesn't know that she just fled one of his neighbors homes, so he he thinks she's, afraid of him. He says something like I'm going to call the cops or he starts to call the cops he he is a little confused of no no. No. He went to the guy's window this. This is afterwards. to my recollection. He claims easy. They're gonna call the cops to shannon gilbert or he starts to call nine when one and then she she flit, she fleas his house after he says that yeah and before michael pack could pull away from wherever he was he's near gus colonies, home, Collecting goes out. Michael pack rolls down the window and says what you know what's going on or something of that nature and gus he says the same thing tat to him: either he either
as the cops are on their way or I'm. I've called the cops something of that nature. Michael pack says: oh, that you shouldn't have done that right in the now he drives away. Now he does Gas quality is unsure of which direction shannon gilbert runs, but he to his recollection he thinks that Michael pack leaves driving his as uvi in the same direction as shannon gilbert, yeah and there's another call to nine one one by another, neighbor a female. neighbor right. Yes, Barbara Brennan, so barber Brennan calls nine when one as well and we're gonna circle back to her later, when we start discussing some theories, but right now we're just gonna discuss fact calls. I wanna one as well now, shannon gilbert,
was on her cell phone to nine one one for a good portion of the events that we just discussed. She makes a twenty three minute phone call to nine one, one shannon to correct on her cell phone. Now, here's the big problem, you say: well, why didn't the police has come, you know, send everybody right then, and there you know a woman is calling they're trying to kill me whatever, You think that they would just send in the national guard. She we don't know they won't release her phone call with love to to hear that phone call, but She doesn't know where she is. She doesn't understand where she is. She doesn't understand oak beach. She tries to you, know I'm somewhere on long island. They re route.
Heard nine one. One call to I dont know if they dispatch it to the state troopers or to the state patrol or if they re round her nine one call in such a fashion that does she's not speaking with a local, a local person there. I dont really fully seeing how that works. But what they're saying is that we didn't know where she was so we we'd let the state handle it and that this is what year again, twenty tenth you'd think that'd be able to just trace her cell phone rang she's on there for twenty three minutes. She didn't just hang up yet. well. The cops do finally come up with its purely based on gas, his collar barbers. They call they arrive like forty five minutes to an hour after gus color
because what time is this again, this is very early in the morning gus collecting the two three near. He calls like about three, maybe four in the morning and lack goin on unless there's a shift break there. If there's a changeover than that takes time. Well, here's the other thing to this is may this may first Now we live in ohio so where towards the end of the eastern timezone. So What happens here is the sun rises a little later than it does to the people to the east of us in the same time's up so if she's, fleeing, gus qualities home at three or four in the morning in and in may we're getting close. Do you know where and sprang were getting close to summertime were at that time a day if you're talkin about four in the morning, it's not too long before the sun starts to come up before it's not pitch black out anymore.
so when she's running around in that marsh all this in all distraught and shutting her clothes. if she's covered in modes like phantastico here would have you believe we might talking about somebody that it has some light. That has some reference. The has somewhere so that they can see like it's just start to see. What's going on, like theirs it's impossible that should be covered, a mud when she's running through mud, so it's a marsh should run through a marsh, so that all goes downright right and here's the crazy thing waitin for this one. Well, you would think if Joe brewer were involved or michael
pack were involved that this would be the scrupulous if you know if you had committed the other murders already. This would be this most messed up. Thing that could happen to your your design and Two more girls go missing after this that are found in burlap. that same summer, they possibly can being killed. Earlier than this and is never found, they possibly could of being killed and been, and holding some know what I'm saying is too, with the girls it were found in the burlap, they were still. they were still alive. They were still out on their own. They hadn't been abducted yet which you would think that if you, if you do,
This is your if you're the serial killer and this shannon gilbert is a part of your your thing here, might shut down operation right. I mean, wouldn't this freak you out. If what? If you know that she's dead right, but you know she's dead, but she was on the phone for twenty three minutes with nine one one and she had talked to two other neighbors that had called nine one one as well. I mean you were almost caught. You dodged a bullet here, but depends on what questions the cops are asking and who they're asking, because the way, though you talk there than your dismissing all brute brewer I will said Jim
That's we love Jim brewer, but that's one of the many questions that all of this information led you to so they do and up finding her body after get well her parents, her family,
Is really searching for the hire attorney right correct? The attorney is putting pressure on the cops which look it's one thing to call in, but once the attorney's doing it, you kind of step up your game a little bit. I would assume this is tasty beer by the way, that's the truth, baby, it's the truth. It's hoppy, it's very hoppy, but it's tasty beer, okay, so november thirtieth, two thousand and eleven. This is a year and a half after shannon gilbert goes missing. The suffolk county police announced
going to re open the search for shannon gilbert along ocean parkway December sixth, that same year on day, two of the new search, the police move from ocean parkway to oak beach that same day they find shannon's pocket book. I d cell phone genes and shoes and a marsh steps from where she was last seen. that that evening, that she's flame to one week later december, do we know how far away from brewers house that is. I dont know offhand right, but but we can look it up correct wanted to do that. I will a minute december thirteenth. Twenty eleven shannon's remains, are found on the far side of oak beach in the same marsh
This is a quarter of a mile from her belongings before an autopsy is performed dormer. This is the commissioner of the suffolk county. Police dormer refers to her death as an accident yeah, but this is the guy that didn't really give a shit in the beginning. He he's, I dont know what to think of him, like the part of me once to like him, dormer and then pardon me just thinks he's thinks he he's incapable of this investigation can bomb. Most of them are that
It's kind of the theme in every case that we talk about these incompetent cops, which I love cops by the way, but I dunno I dunno about this guy. I don't like the cut of his jib and I don't like his job and I don't like the cut of it on December. Fifth, here the attorney general. He goes against. Dormice single killer, their theory. So what we have? The commissioner of the self accounting police saying. Shortly after they find chain and gilbert is, did her death is an accident and it is not related to all. The other remains that we have found what number we act. We were at eleven yeah suit, and would she be twelve, so she would be twelve. However, the police commissioner,
States that those eleven are connected in his theory is that they connected enchanting. but was not murdered. She was killed. She died accidentally, yet she got stuck in the marsh basically and. Her death is not related to these other eleven victims. Now, that's december fifteenth twentieth, January third, twenty twelve less than month later they have an interim commissioner for the suffocating police, dormer replace or forced into retirement or whatever, I'm not certain uk. So. The new commission was he fired. They say, sir. We don't want to cut of your jib. Edward Weber, announces there's, no fear. theories at the moment. What a fuckin name edward may first
Forty twelve shannon's autopsy results are shared with her family. The cause of death is undetermined, so now If change from accidental death to undetermined to under I just there's a lot of possibilities, though with hers I mean how are the other people killed? Well was them? Oh there calculation, so several the bodies were dismember And hers was it an let's go ahead and say that the the the unknown victims, the ones that we cannot name those in there. I dont believe they, I dont believe they're there
I'm gonna to go on record with saying we don't we don't know how they were killed. There remains could have been there for such a long time that were uncertain, but the four that we have identified and- and I believe, jessica- tailored as well the five that we ve identified, not including china gilbert. They have ruled their deaths as strangulation. Now there's a bit of a caviar there, the I I've been told that in many cases They will determine victims to have been killed by strangulation, because there is no other obvious signs of how they expire. When there be they bruising around the napkins gathers,
gunshots to eat about any of that. But what I'm saying is: is there bruising around the neck when they do that, or is it just? Is it just based on the idea that we don't really know so, we'll just say this as well? there are a lot of times when there's when their strangulation, there will be some fractures in the neck. Bones so they could know. First, you know in india could know for certain, but sometimes only possibly, but. all we know, we don't know week, we we're not the core we're, not the police detectives, we don't know why they ruled that a strangulation. That's what you say.
But what I'm saying is that sometimes they rule it a strangulation because there's no other obvious signs doesn't mean that those neck bones were in fact broken. Now most of these bodies are going to be deteriorated to a point where you're not going to be able to see bruising on the neck right. Okay, when we go from here well how about Peter hackett the doctor? What do you think of his jib? Don't like the cut his jim, his jim and the cut of it? I do not like hoddan second point before you get into peter hack. It will you give me some truth. Yes, ok, so I'll lead us into this while you, while you bring the truth before channing gilberts body is found,
April twelve, two thousand and eleven mary or does it shannon gilberts. Mother, thank you, sir. She could aim that she spoke with oak beach, resident doktor, Peter hack it and the days after her daughter, shannon's disappearance, hackett in his wife deny the conversations took place we'll get into that in a minute. But what what happens? What happens shortly after they speak too to Peter hack? It there go out. Her family goes out, shaming gilberts family goes out to the area and they claim that they start putting up their questioning The people in the area there looking for their sister they're looking for their daughter again. This happened with multiple girls that went missing, that some from their family would go out. Looking our question or putting up
tires, but but these were the only ones in this area that were this close to where the bodies were found. The others are looking in areas where the girls lived, yeah, yeah cause. A lot of these girls were coming from far away, and I think okay. So that's interesting to me because it's kind of like well, if I'm going to get a prostitute or escort from two hours away, then it's less likely they're going to look here so correct, if that's the case or if they're going here, if that's where they're gone, but some of these some of these people, we don't know where they disappeared from right. We only know where they were last seen right, but he's do cds
caffeine induced he's weird yeah. Well, I've only even know if it's so much do she he's he's just strange it let's! Well, okay! Well, that's that! Well, okay. First of all he's a doctor second of all, he's known to prescribe pills to people in his and his neighborhood. I'm not saying that that's duty, but but then you make a phone call to the to the parents right! to the mom and then he says that he never made the call they record of the car. He may the call from his wife cellphone Yeah he claims he never made the car. Why would I call you? We have record that you called
and then he also stated on that phone call that he was helping our through, like rehab, is treating her as a physician now now I would claim that if you make that statement as a physician that your help in this person than this person disappears from oil location that you or from that's some malpractice right, there hey yet well, there's there's rumour in beach community that doctor Peter Hackett told one or more residents that he had seen her that night. He had seen shame and gilbert that night he gave or something to sedate. Her and she stayed at his house for a short period of time, maybe a couple of hours and he put her in Michael packs.
You ve had six seven in the morning and them on their way, and when is when, when Mary gilbert states that he claims that he treated her, it's my understanding that he he meant that he treated her for a brief period of time that he habit that that guy is still claiming. He never meant the phone the first place? That's what makes him look very yes, so. Here we go so she goes on a day with her boyfriend. Then she gets a com. Then she gets into pack man's car to go all the way out to brewer's house and then after a few hours couple of hours, they go or a little bit of time they go to CBS. Then they come back and then she goes crazy, everybody's trying to kill her, and then we get a phone call from the neighbor gas. Then we get
from Barbara and then so what he say is pack man then finds her takes her back to do she deuce doctors house, he sedates her and then about seven o clock in the morning he puts our impact means car and the drive away crap was was mister peck man say about that now. Mister Peck says that he drove around looking for shannon gilbert for about thirty to forty five minutes after he lass all her fleeing gus qualities home again. Couldn't find her gave up and left, which sway different story. What that was just told from yet for mr doktor peter Hackett.
How do you feel about those is about? Let's go into okay. So let's, if we look at the start, looking at suspects, let's start discussing suspects unless you wanted to talk about anything that we ve already covered. I think we're good to do that. So right now, if we're just discussing shannon gilbert's disappearance and her accidental death or murder will do. We would want to do this on a part to what time or how much time are. We aware in an hour okay yeah we listed was going to send part two and let's wrap this one up in the mall. So the so the beer we're drinking today again is what rhine, geist truth and it's from a place in Cincinnati, ohio. It's ryan, grant ryan, geist brewery, and since he has Cincinnati ohio, it's delicious it's kind of hoppy, but no! Yes,
I think we will make this part tour well before we go to that. Let's I'm going to do a little bit of recommended reading, for you yeah give me some of that. Okay, so and as as normal. If, if anybody wants to find this book, you can go to our website, click on the banner click Amazon click through amazon and here's the great thing about that help out the show it doesn't cost you any extra money. So the book is fifteen dollars. Here's the other great thing about amazon to the book is called lost. Girls I'll! Let you do that part, but that here's what's great is if you buy that new. What what was that say new? What does it say on the book? How much that cost? Twenty five nineteen, twenty five, ninety nine- now maybe you don't want to buy that new man is probable
cheaper nowadays than right, but but that what's cool about amazon is you can buy used once so. If you want to buy the book used. Fifteen bucks, you click through our website. Click on amazon banner you buy whatever, and then amazon gives us will love? That's all that happened yet and it's called loss girls, an unsolved american mystery by robert culture, and this is the definitive book on this case if you're interested in this case, this is the book to get check it out. Right. It's also available on audible, dot com. I believe we but then, sponsor yet, but we're working on that. So the thing that the thing that's great about this book is it. He focuses on now to give a little background work for my understanding, either worked for news day or the post or one of those some kind of publicity. out of new york, so
he was already familiar with the case cause I mean he's there, so he goes out to two hours and starts investigating this case and he gets to interview a lot of the family. He does there's a long interview in here with doktor peter Hackett. There's a long interview in here with Joe brewer there. lot of interesting stuff in here, there's stuff in here that you will not find in the forty eight hour. Especially the forty eight hours stuff. I watched. I think they had a two parter on this and I watch both of those in them when we got together. You know nick was just telling me all sorts of information that that was not then it in that I have some other outlets that I receive some of that information from two which will get to more and a part two,
and it's going to get a little dirty in part two. But this book is great. Robert coker lost girls. An unsolved american mystery go pick this up today. He he he pretty much just focuses on the four girls that were found in the burlap that we have all been identified and he discusses shannon gilbert at length and then, like always, we produced the music for the show. So if you liked the theme song go to our website and buy it, the money goes to us helps the shell and then all the songs that you hear under the stories they are produced by us. You, if you purchase those you know just nice little car ride, music or you know anytime, you're dumping off a body. You know, and you just need to listen to something: disclaimer do not dump bodies anywhere, I'm telling you not to do
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