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Malibu Creek Murder /// Part 2 /// 338

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Malibu Creek Murder /// Part 2 /// 338

Part 2 of 2     www.TrueCrimeGarage.com    June 22nd, 2018 - a father of two is shot and killed while sleeping in a tent at a campground inside the Malibu Creek State Park. This story made national headlines. This week we take a deep dive into a case you may only think you know.    Beer of the Week - Campfire Stout by High Water Brewing  Garage Grade - 4 and a Quarter Bottle Caps out of 5   Support for today show is provided by the following: www.amazon.com/tcg - type it all in lower case - get 3 months of Kindle Unlimited for just $1.99 www.YourSuper.com - use code GARAGE at checkout and get 15% off your order! www.Grove.CO/Garage - for a limited time get a FREE 5 piece fall gift set from Mrs. Meyer’s and Grove, plus FREE shipping and a 60-day VIP trial!   The full archive of True Crime Garage is available on the Stitcher listening app - for FREE. Our show “Off the Record” is only on Stitcher Premium. For a FREE month of listening go to http://stitcherpremium.com/truecrimegarage and use promo code GARAGE

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as we said in yesterday, chef in august of two thousand and eighteen officials from five different law enforcement agencies held a town meeting. This is where they publicly acknowledge that they had no theory, no suspect or no answers regarding the murder of Tristan bo debt that same month, the hollywood reporter stated that quote, two sources with connections to the malibu lost hills sheriff station. Tell the hollywood reporter that detectives are working to assemble a physical composite of the tristan beau debt shooter and our compiling a list of persons of interest. This, of course, is news to everyone, news that the l sheriffs department had anything to go on and all.
It seems perhaps that the shares department started to put some things together. Here is a weird thing, a really weird thing. In my opinion, we have not only these strange
weird shootings going on in the area that has been going on for two years now. There has also been an up taken burglaries on october ninth, two thousand and eighteen, the shares department issued an official update on recent burglaries in the unincorporated calabash as malibu areas. It read on tuesday october nine, two thousand and eighteen at approximately three a m a burglary occurred at the girl. Calabash is community center located at the twenty seven thousand block of malibu hills. Road in calabash us detectives believed that the same suspect who is possibly involved in eight other burglaries use a rock to break the front glass door. A vending machine inside the location was broken into with a rock and numerous food items were stolen, the suspect and walked away in an unknown direction. Major crimes detail
this, along with other department, resources are at the location today, conducting a follow up investigation. The most recent burglaries have occurred over a three month period. The suspect is described as a male adult slender build and wearing dark clothing. There were eight other recent burglaries that were laid out in this press release. We won't go through all of them, as it is quite a boring portion of the story, but I'll give you the dates. They were too in october two thousand and eighteen. There were two in september of two thousand and eighteen one in july of two thousand and eighteen, and then we had one in march of two thousand seventeen and then to in october of two thousand and sixteen none of these break ins involved residence. They were all professional buildings and commercials
actually police stated that they felt that the burglaries were all connected. But why did the police feel the need to issue a press release about some minor burglaries? Well, probably because there's a bunch of shootings that they didn't tell the public about. So since I got a bunch of back laugh on that, they provide that we need to come clean about the break ins will yet, and people are starting to wonder. Could the thereby a suspected connection? Could law enforcement be thinking that there is a connection between the burglaries and the shootings yo? So speaking to the media, sheriff gimmick, don said investigators, work yet ready to link the two together. He said, but we want rule anything out he said, but it would be premature to connect these cases. None the less The media had already jumped to this conclusion that the high
for the burglary suspect in the hunt for the shooter were in fact one and the same articles and tv news stories appearing during the first week of october, two thousand and eighteen reported a massive. The massive searches were being conducted by the loss Angela's shares department in malibu, counting a dozen officers on eighty these and there like decked out and tactical gear. They were riding through the park, aided by
helicopters and bloodhounds. They were pulling out all the stops for this vending machine robber who stole doritos young, pretty pathetic. When you think about the lack of attention and the lack of effort that they gave to the trees richardson, it emerged that indeed, the los angeles sheriffs department wanted to question the arm burglar about tristan murder. There appeared to be two reasons for law enforcement interest in this thief. One was that a surveillance footage there was found from the september thirtieth break in at Malibu valley farms. Construction office showed that the berger
or who stole nothing, but food again was dressed and tactical gear was wearing a headlamp in a mask and was carrying a rifle. The burglary location was less than a quarter of a mile from the camp ground where tryst unbowed debt was killed. The other reason is that a park maintenance worker report- talking to a man who quote fit the description of the armed burglar. It's not. Clear whether this man was actually carrying a weapon when he approached the park worker, but apparently the man asked for a ride out of the canyon. He wanted to go to a different area, a mile or so south of the camp ground, and he says this is because there are so many police in the area. The worker refuse to drive this man anywhere and actually his report, the workers report.
triggered these these big time, searches that were now seeing rain. So even where we have quote, we haven't linked it to both debts killing. But we certainly haven't roll. It out sergeant Matthew done saying, but done went on to say that the suspect, meaning the shooting, suspect the murder suspect, might be a transient living in the park. It seems that in each of these burglaries we should point out all these occurred between two a m in five, a m roughly. This is the same timeframe as most of the shootings. Now it's almost like they're sleeping during the day and to their crimes and night, and it turns out that the sheriffs apartment heads beckett, this transit actually for some time and even knew
the name of the man that they were looking for October tenth, two thousand and eighteen, repeated law enforcement, searches of the malibu hills area paid off police got their man on the tenth in a press conference held at the sheriffs department. They described the arrest as earlier today in approximately ten hundred hours, major crimes, personnel lost hills, sheriffs station personnel, members of
sheriffs department, members of the malibu search and rescue team deployed resources in the malibu cannon area, to conduct a detailed search for the suspect and for evidence related to the crimes. The plan included a coordinated, comprehensive search of a vast area located in the heart of malibu cannon. After several hours, investigators observed fresh boot prince in the ground, leading up to a steep ravine. Approximately a mile north of mulholland, highway and west of loss. Virginia's road with the assistance of air support, detectors, followed the boot prints.
approximately fifty yards shortly after they heard movement amongst the brush, followed by observing an adult male wearing black clothing, walking quickly, who resembled the suspect in the burglaries, ran air support, confirmed the individual's location, and it was learned that he was armed with a rifle. Investigators contain the suspect in a heavy brush area and ordered him to drop the rifle and surrender after a few tense moments of communicating with the suspect he opted to surrender and was taken into custody without incident. At three twenty p m, it turned out the detectives identified, anthony rwanda aged forty two,
by name several months before, but had not been able to find him right. In fact, NBC Los angeles reported that quote a variety of law enforcement sources told NBC news in July. The anthony rwanda was also wanted for questioning in the shooting death of camper tristan bo death. It seems that the sources that the new sources for embassy This was stating that law enforcement was looking for a drifter who had a criminal record in taxes and florida and who was thought to be living in the malibu hills area as. Transient. The video showing a suspect resembling anthony armed with it rifle robbing the vending machine so
five law enforcement suspicions. This wasn't revealed until later, but detectives compared the security, video with firearms catalogue, photos and confirmed that the right well visible in the video was a nine millimeter carbine, a weapon capable of firing the same caliber bullet that killed tristan bo death. So, who this guy, why Anthony rwanda was born on July, thirtieth, nineteen, seventy six and Tampa Florida he moved around a lot and is known to have lived in taxes maryland and another of another of other different locations in california. It's not really known what his family life was like, or really anything about his early life, but according to a linked in profile, he has stated he's an hour: missed an a musician at crazy horse online
did. He rode crazies right right quote. I am on my third musical project and release. My first to albums are on itunes. Google play et cetera, apologize his typing a little weird on their. I try to make unique songs with strong content, letting the lyrics do most of the work. I have been sketching in writing. Most of my life. I have never been able to dedicate enough time, though he also list his employment as a sketch artist or portraits at tony's final touch. His skills are listed as right, drawl rap. He has made references to service in the army, but I couldn't confirm if he had actually served in the army. There seems to be some thought.
that he did, but that could be the story he's making up in his head right right with you know this. This guy is a piece of work and it is hard to it's tough to believe a lot of what he says. Aha bha me first for anybody, that's a musician is a little untrustworthy of jogging or ethnic cuckoo. I was going to say their little bit of waca dues, so if that was not enough like someone on on web sluice manage to find an e block supposedly written by this man, the skies proficient in our
It's available online, the publication information for the book states the it is six thousand words over six thousand words and was published on April. Ninth in two thousand and eighteen, it costs ninety nine cents to download the title. Is the loose affair In theory, its categorized under philosophy about good and evil, a short description of the book says this is a. in writing, in which the author tries to use the book of genesis and other documents to prove the story of creation, really gives clue to a secret knowledge that has been passed down through angel, times to the present and how the chosen select have used this knowledge for money and power. Now we have featured some of the bizarre highlights in the trailer to this case. Rise of the skies are a writer he
amuse? It were as a musician. Did we hear any of his music? I didn't hear any of the music. He claims that he's a rapper he clicked well, so he claims it is first to have been released on itunes and Google play. I don't know what those would be or because it doesn't say what the title would be correct correct. This is what I was able to pull from what a great job promoting yourself wire could do, but also,
it's either a sketch artist right. Why was the well? His skills are listed as write, draw, wrap right. Okay, so with the whole rap thing, there's a you know the the rap world as far as conspiracy theories go it's heavily drenched and the illuminati, and so that's what it seems like his book is about people using these old time, ah secret powers, wars to get money and fame, and power well yeah, an unarmed look: I'm not going to claim to have read the book. I didn't want to bother with it I didn't want to pay for it in one anything to do with it other than I found, Zella nine nine cents right, but I found some some portions of it online and that's what we used for the telling of this case
but I don't want to give money to somebody that I mean I don't know what this. I certainly have my beliefs about what this man has done and re. I'm not given him a penny, so after rest arrest, a family member of his told allays K a b c seven and the news channel, the anthem. had lived in malibu hills for ten years saying he doesn't talk to people. He is a loner when asked if they believed that if Anthony was this the shooter, the family, I said I don't think anthony- would do that. I don't know him to be a violent person. I know that the only weapon that he would carry was a knife which he uses to camp out. His family said that they did not know that Anthony had weapons charges on his record and said that most of his offences to their knowledge were simply
hetty offences and that he steered clear of conflict. Maybe that was true at one point, but we have. We have video evidence that he's carrying a gun. Well, like you said he has weapon charges we see, often when we cover these cases, that not always does the family? No, what everybody is up to right right. So, let's take a look at anthony, rwanda's criminal history The los angeles daily news reports that, according to online records, he has six convictions for illegal weapons and ammunition possession charges in california. This is both in los angeles and ventura counties. He also has criminal convictions and taxes and the state of florida he was convicted of disorderly conduct.
Eighteen, ninety nine. This was in hillsboro county florida. Later ninety nine he was convicted of assault, causing bodily injury in EL paso taxes in two thousand and three prosecuted in l, a county, california for commercial burglary and was sent to a few months in jail. Then in two thousand and four arrested again and prosecuted for being a phelan in possession of a gun and explosives. This time he was sentenced to more than four years and state prison in two thousand and six he was convicted of what previously was listed in the california penal code as possessing materials with the intent to make destructive devices and explosives right. So if it wanted to make bombs cracked, his more recent convictions, these take place in two thousand and four
team, one in ventura and los angeles counties were for being a phelan in possession of a far firearm and ammunition and for carrying a loaded, firearm without registration, and then he was last in jail in september of today.
Wasn't was sixteen when he was arrested by deputies at the lost hills station. This explains how he was known to the sheriff's department and how they possibly figured out that he was there burglar upon this arrest. He was sentenced to serve a thirty day sentence on a misdemeanor charge and a ten day sentence for a probation violation. This is, according to court records than four months before Tristan's murder. Anthony was again arrested this time for trespassing, but was released. Quoted in multiple publications was a comment from a detective on the case regarding Anthony's rap sheet, says quot, it's a ten year crime spree that could make a hollywood movie anthony's most recent
address, was a condo in Canosa park that address dates back to two thousand and twelve. However, as we know, and as his family says, he was living in the hills. Law enforcement sources who spoke to the media referred to anthony as a survivalist, who lived primarily outdoors and had no fixed address. This seems like. it's a bit of an exaggerated term or title as me, and my friend, Jess were talking about the malibu creek state park is not exactly the alaskan wilderness yeah. As a us thing. It's a state park he's out living in the stain arc. Alexander super tramp. He did have extended family that is reported to live in the area in that area. Somewhere now, after the arrest anthony was booked on a felony.
large one for parole violations and was held without bail, while prosecutors built their case, he appeared in core on november twenty ninth two thousand and eighteen where he was found guilty of violating the terms of his probation. This is because was in possession of a firearm and failed to check in with his parole officer the judge, sentenced him to one hundred and sixty days. He was also required to appear on a separate weapons charge in December. This seems Like a designed to keep him in prison pending more serious charges being brought, the district attorney likely wants to keep him locked up because he's been deemed dangerous, and I mean think about this. If Anthony rwanda is the key
and is the shooter. This is not only murder, but it's also a form of domestic terrorism. When he appeared in court he was rolled into court, restrained to a chair wearing what is called a spit hood this so that you can see photos of of anthony from this court appearance, yeah he's deranged. Looking really and he's he's almost appears What happy to be their leering from under the hood that this hood
as the the name would indicate is designed to prevent prisoners from spitting and biting yeah. They used to use something that looked more like the hannibal lecter mask right, but now they think that uses net more more often now he almost looks like a b catcher yeah. So yeah like a giant hairnet, slash, b, catcher thing, the restraint was used because in a previous court appearance from november furs, Anthony went on in you know, he's cussing everybody out, he's ranten raves
He slammed the walls of the courtroom holding cell. Apparently he also try to bite spit on an attack members of the court in this earlier court appearance was sometimes his face in these pictures. Look like he's a baby that does pooped himself and his smiling about it and then there's other pictures same same day. I assume, ah, where he looks like He staring in some way down as if he wants the murdered them and eat them. Yet that's one where he's wearing the spit hood at the later court date, but all stemming from his crazy outburst at the previous court
That's right! Where will have one point? He was yelling things like I'm, not going to cooperate with the public defenders office objecting to his court or pointed attorney right now, because of this outburst and because of his behavior it was the hearing was adjourned and was continued later in the mouth If you had the chance to be brought back to life hundreds of years in the future, would you take it? Wonderings newest podcast rose and head hosting Ashen alina of the hit show morbid tells the truth. We have lawrence pilgrim, a lifelong scientist who plan for death his entire life, because for him, death wasn't the end. It was just the beginning
Once this dream to be frozen and brought back to life in the future pulls us into a cryonics soap. Opera filled with dead pets, grenades, family feuds hall, in baseball legends and frozen heads. Lots of frozen heads, the story about the desire to avoid death, the links that people will go to that a reality and what it means to be alive to begin with, listen The latest episodes of frozen head where, are you find your favorite pod guest the All right, we're back animals fears yet
So let's get into some of the evidence here, captain or at least the the charges on what evidence has been presented. Yeah the the sheriff's department said that they were investigating whether he could be responsible for some or all of the shootings that took place in that park area. Al preliminary ballistics analysis showed more than one type of gun was used in the shootings sources, told the media. So it is not immediately clear how many, if any incidents might be linked to the rifle,
seen in the security video that he was carrying in the security video? This makes sense because, as we know, James rogers was shot with a different caliber bullet. Then the bullet there was that hit polices car. So we have the car shooting and we have James rogers, who was in the hammock. We know that different caliber bullets were used in those two shootings On january, seventh of this year, the los angeles counties de office issued a press release stating that anthony rwanda was being cha
with the murder in connection with Tristan bo debts. Death further rada was also charge with ten counts of attempted murder and charged with five counts of second degree burglary. All of these incidents occurred within the time frame from november of two thousand and sixteen to october of two thousand and eighteen. The specifics of such is released in a statement. This says rwanda is accused of opening fire on.
suspecting campers or motorist dating back to november two thousand and sixteen when he allegedly wounded a man who was sleeping in a hammock and the malibu state park area less than a week later, he allegedly fired into the sleeping area of a vehicle. Rada also is accused of shooting into vehicles on three different occasions in two thousand and seventeen, no one was injured. The defendant allegedly shot at a tesla on loss, Virginia's rode on june eighteen, two thousand and eighteen for days later, he is accused of killing Tristan bo debt aged thirty five, who was shot and killed while in a tent with his two daughters and malibu creek state park, his children were not injured.
The prosecutors also said that evidence showed that roa is responsible for even more additional shootings and even more additional burglaries, which there's just not enough evidence. There has been found for a prosecution too, to actually even bring forth charges on the right. This I mean this. It is terrifying when you think of it, but this this includes the until oh now, unsolved unresolved, shooting a woman driving on thousand oaks boulevard and ensure a county in two thousand and ten, so he's charge with eight shootings. Now the complaint also maintain that one person, besides james rogers, was injured in the shooting. So this is new information we don't.
Who that person was raised at the january seventh arraignment anthony's bail was set at one point: one million dollars now he did not enter a plea at this hearing, but he did so at another hearing which took place on January twenty second, after his arrest, police conducted ballistic test on anthony's, rifle and confirmed it was
used in several of the malibu creek state park shootings, including the murder of tristram bo debt? This is from the l a times citing anonymous sources with in law enforcement. These officials also told the times the anthony's weapon of choice change during the two years from a shot gun to a rifle, but is not clear how he obtained those weapons. As we have seen, he has a felony criminal record and he is not allowed to be purchased. Or possessing firearms. The daily news reported that the complaint filed against anthony rwanda specified that he used a shot gun in the first six shootings, but in the final two shootings he used the rifle
It was not clear whether any other weapon other than the rifle were found in his possession when he was arrested and law enforcement didn't believe that he knew any of the victims. He was shooting at yeah. They they publicly state that they believe all of these were all random targets of opportunity, and but what we didn't see during the court appearances is, we don't have prosecutors, setting forth a motive in the charging documents. So where does this case stand today? Where, where are we at in this whole thing now, we know that Then he entered a not guilty plea at a court hearing that took place in january of this year. He is due back in court. This month, An remains in jail. This is
got ten million dollar bail too to post here the arrest. In the impending murder. Trial is not the end of this story. The malibu patch reported in january of this year, the quote: the shooting death of tristram odette and irvine father camping with his too young. daughters revealed that authorities had long known of the string of random sniper shootings targeting campers in the area, but had not publicized the threat until after his tragic death, and quote this obviously a big deal allegations made in the media that the sheriffs apartment knew about the shootings in the area dating all the way back to two thousand and sixteen and avoided pub.
Sizing them so as not to alarm the public. As we know, the shares department acknowledge that there were several shootings, but only after Tristan was killed. These shootings were all reported to law enforcement when they occurred, sometimes by multiple people. Yet the campground was open for business. the park- was open to everyone. All of this came about without warning to the public, so rightfully so captain in december of last year, erica
whew filed a ninety million dollar lol suit against the loss, angeles, sheriffs apart and the california state park police and that apartment of parks and recreation, accusing them of failing to warn the public about the shootings. The complaint stated that these agencies neglect the failed to care and provide a safe space for both debt in his children instead causing his death. The lawsuit is pending. Scott mccurdy christians, brother in law, told g Q magazine at some point. I feel like there has to be some accountability. There are reports of people shooting and doing things that put the public in danger and the fact that we didn't know about it, because if we had, we wouldn't have gone right. Even if we got to the front gate, if we realise that there were incidence of people being shot at or just
during gunshots. We wouldn't have gone. We wouldn't have had taken our kids there by its I don't they had so much about them protecting themselves as as much as it would be. Protecting children right- and I think it's important- that we have brother in law standing in very publicly stating have we known in this was going on. We we wouldn't have gone in their yeah. Just just plain, simple fact: it this all would have been avoided was slot a horse shit. Don't you think? I'm in maybe one shooting, maybe a couple reports of gunshots because it it is a park even though you're not supposed to hunt there. Hmm, I could see not reporting some of that stuff, not not trying to rough up the community. It is. It is a rich area and it's there's money right. We don't want to alarm the we don't want to.
have the the community be up in arms over something? That's done, that big of it the up, but these are multiple shootings, re right and in multiple accounts. Twenty, a shooting was maybe twenty feet away. Now we got yet cars being shot up on the roads are mean. This is that something you need to be reporting. That's where my head goes to as well. Captain it's like it. It's it's a really difficult in tragic, sir. or to tell because, in my humble garage opinion, what we have here is is a crazy danger person on the loose in a very public space, but that the thing that gets me at the end of the day is what you said there are so many reports of this. There are so many different occurrences of the same thing. Over and over again, you can prevent crazy. You can't
Stop some random thing like this from happening all of the time, but when you have multiple reports of the same thing,. It seems, like you, really done a disservice to everyone to not do something. While I, like you, said there sixty three spots and sixty of them them were filled possibly none of them would be filled if if there was these reports out there and and and we know that the the term crazy is kinda frowned upon, this guy's definitely mentally ill. Ah, this guy is definitely
and he needs some help number one and number two he's far too dangerous to live in society right. I I totally agree, and hopefully they can combine all these charges. It is very strange, though, too, that he would be shooting at people or shooting in where he is, and so those are just the reports that we know. I wonder how many ports reports didn't go. You know how many people got shot out at their campsite and they just didn't see a bullet hole right or didn't. You know or didn't hear it or how many times did people in the area here gunshots from this individual in it as anything else,
and this went all out or again, because it's at night they were sleeping and didn't hear. It was strange to me, though, is this guy, which I think is pretty clear. He has some mental illness that he is breaking and not to residential areas but to to commercial spots and a and it didn't seem like he was trying to steal much other than to survive survive, and so it it's, it seemed like he was gone in the wrong direction, though, because now he's wearing other swat tactical gears what they were right and then it's like what what would happen if this killing did happen, where, where would he of wrap this up to
because it if you well that's the whole thing. Why think the lawsuit is so important, because yet sir was to me like These shootings we're going to continue to occur until he shot and killed somebody it was. He then that they made it public knowledge. The shootings have gone on for a while. It was only there that they truly made strong efforts to seek out this this individual yeah What if he would have that night, my people were sleeping, he attacked or sixty campsites. right now I mean like went on on spree, so this- is why law enforcement look just do your job and well here, was deranged enough. I believe two have been capable of of just that and so late a lately update on this
It appears that his preliminary court appearance is now pushed back to march of twenty twenty so the dossier is saying that they need everybody. All involved need more time to prepare for this trial to move forward yeah. But if you, I think, if you look at the evidence, that's pretty clear what happened here and in whose Possible for yeah- and we did mention a man name zack pair,
an earlier he's, the one who wrote the g q long form article about this case, and I I want to repeat what he says here. He says the facts of this case all seem to point to a crime of recklessness which isn't to say it wasn't murder, someone fired a weapon into a crowded campground and a man died because of it. But the story effectively is that is no story, no cause and effect no logic to it at all. If he had been lying down and even a slightly different position, he likely would still be alive while this is why talking about mental illness is very important, because this guy's family and friends knew something wasn't right. I agree with that to an end, I think that There is some people go well he's not heard in himself, but that doesn't mean it
gonna turn into him, taking these kids, fathers, life and and and when there is not A million amazing dads out there and here's this guy trying to take his daughters and and raise them right and give them. You know, love and affection, and all that stuff and and now he's gone. and it's an, and maybe this guy's, not some evil and being maybe the sky is just hit with some mental illness, but at the end of the day he took somebody's life. So this stuff needs to be talked about, and when you see your loved ones, having issues not only to try to get them help but to give them help, so they don't hurt us
and this week's recommended reading. We are recommending that you check out the book hell's princess by harold schecter friend of the show, he's told me cat that he would like to come on the show eventually and do an interview he's a fantastic, true crime. Author. You can find hell's princess where you can find books and you can find it on kindle as well go to true cried garage, dot com and check out are recommended page. We will have title there, as well as other titles, for you to check out until next week, everybody bigger
be kind. Don't let the.
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