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Mary Pinchot Meyer /// Part 1 /// 62

2016-11-22 | 🔗

Mary Pinchot Meyer ////// 62


In the 60's there was little doubt that America was changing. The debate has always been and remains, who was in charge of those changes. Mary Pinchot Meyer, a divorced smart woman in her forties with ties to the CIA and the White House is just one of several that may have been silenced in that era of change and social growth. October 12, 1964 Mary went out for her usual midday stroll to get some fresh and air and maybe a little inspiration. While out walking near the C & O canal Mary was attacked. She was shot twice, died practically instantly and left for someone to find. Police make an arrest and the trial is set. But do they have the right guy? Or was Mary killed by some shadowy agency because of an affair with the late President Kennedy and because she "knew too much." This week in the garage we take a look at the unsolved murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer and find out what we know.

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