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Maura Murray ////// 29


ebruary 9th, 2004 Maura Murray a young woman who had just left the University of Massachusetts unexpectedly crashes her car in a rural mountainous area of New Hampshire. Just minutes later police find her car abandoned and locked and she has not been seen since. Where was she going, why did she leave school so quickly and why does this case continue to haunt us 12 years later. The local police believe Maura fled the area running away from her troubles and her family to start a new life. Maura's father believes she was murdered. What happened that night and more importantly where is Maura? This strange case has left many an armchair detective and cyber sleuths obsessed with hunting down any detail about Maura and her movements. Tonight we close the garage doors, open up a beer and discuss the case that refuses to go cold. Beer of the week- Moses and the Misfits by Clown Shoes Garage Grade: 5 out of 5 bottle caps

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I The welcome to true crime garage wherever you are whatever you are doing. Thank you for listening. I'm your host nick For me, as a man that swears, he was raised by wolves the cap
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today, because they're gone fast and we have limited quantities, the sale and may fourteen get your shirt before disney and Anderson cooper shut us down there, Around grab a chair grab a beer and let's talk some true crime, the The I father her family and her friends all miss her and they think about her. Every day she is Maura murray. As a native and twelve years ago today she disappeared just moments after a car crash on route, one twelve in hambro new Hampshire today and knew him sure they will remember moura and keep her name The
the the we want and what we can in no way I can the the I am reminded of a roman hastily philosopher juvenile, around one hundred eighty. He asked a question: thirty eight gad, a gag themselves.
The issue here. at your dream, the dream they're not talking the only one that can talk and try to bring you the closer. We can give us an accurate look at what happened that night for a timeline, the fbi. I saw that we ain't. You need to be given dispatch reports, official dispatch being the official line, the nobody's offering any explanations appear that they are on mute and they're going to remain there until somebody makes him cock and the only one that can make the local police or the fbi she we want and we we can't
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missing out and by getting it you'll be dead yourself, a solid in supporting this show get pay pal hunting for free at Joe honey, dot, com, slash garage, that's join honey, dot, com, slash garage. This week's case, where featuring the disappearance of mara Murray and this one. That's probably known to most of the listeners out there. This was a pretty famous. case. This is a case that refuses to go cold had gained a lot of steam lately, especially with the different the podcast, theirs and some other social media Yet, seemingly, however, at a missing mar mary big shout to those guys very nice to the garage guys the missing Maura murray, guys in the garage guys, cases a case that has inspired many obsessions out there. Many people that have just spent many many days, many hours dig
through the minutiae of of mars. Movements and actions up bleeding to where she was last seen. so we're gonna go out. We're gonna go ahead and point out a lot of that stuff for you, so you haven't accurate time line of the things that took place. This, of importance before she disappeared. This is a case that there are found its way to the cap. In a while back, and I know you were up to you eyeballs in it for a while. When will she tell us how you found out about this case and what it means to you, yeah well you're that runs our facebook was basically told me that she is obsessed with this case and when you initially look at this case, it's pretty simple. This girl writes a note to her. School and to her work, stating that There is a family emergency in that she's gonna be gone for a week and then she starts
in up north. She gets until a vendor bender and she talks to a bus driver and then ass, cheats never seen from our heard from again, but the end the interesting thing about this is all the speculation. That's out there, everybody the nose of this case. They have a theory yeah. Well, that's what that's what I'm gonna get too is When you initially look at this case, it's like, I will care. I don't understand why you're obsessed with it, they could coax to locate some What missing, but it's kind of like the brain schaefer case if you really did break it down simple, like you're like well. This is not interesting once you start getting into the details loud can of worms yeah and this cases inspired a book. That is that should be ouch Thirdly, as well as a documentary that I know, people were putting together and we can go into more later, let's dive into the well before we get the timeline there, one the
the man that we heard in the trailer with the rich new england style, accent, it's, my man right there, that's Fred murray nets, the father of MAR Murray and he's a guy did people have met with mixed reviews. Let's say that but I admire his fight and I admire his tenacity and continuing the search for his long lost daughter. More was born. May fourth, nineteen eighty two and we are going to start our time line with her graduation from high school. So june of two thousand mara graduates from whitman Hansen high. She was track student, but more star yeah and choose the team captain. Actually, and she also was really begin to cross country which in others there is a difference. There's a deaf ear there the long distance running the other car
into play later, with some speculation. So then she and rolls into west point an oklahoma and their activities include the basics. meaning allows survival and swimming in self defense, combat and operating like machine guns and and tanks and stuff like that. Ok and where point obviously not easy to get into. You have to be pretty driven pretty pretty astute to even get a a nod from that school while mara is attending west point. There is a bit of a snafu during her stay there. Yes, she is caught stealing make up from a common salary during training trip, I guess and from my understanding we don't need to go too much into this. But for my understanding of this it was a small time theft. It was not in
Think of any large value it s the eu, still have a hearing as a student, so basically what she had to do was should get a student lawyer and though and that's stood, would represent her and in the end, the case there has been some people say that she's been. She was kicked out of west point due to this act of thievery However, I believe that its been proven that she we actually left there. She chose to leave thereafter finishing these semester, for my understanding you have it up because it is a very tough school and it requires very strong commitment that they give you that first year, to kind of back out of that that commit that could end up being years or or even lifelong again, alas, speculation here, because her somehow that believe that she was gone
The option like you were caught stealing we'll, let you finish out and then you'll transfer. So instead of her getting kicked out, she left let's fast forward two august of two thousand and two. This is the transfer the takes place from west point two the university of massachusetts when she and rolls into EU mass she's, first majoring and chemical engineering, and then she let it later switches her major to nursing, Now she arrives at work that you mass she already has a boy, friend billy roush. We should mention mentioned him and believed that they become involved together either the time of the theft from the comments at west point or gesture shortly after a lot of people believe that he was the son, that represented her. If you remember when I said when he go trial. You have a student I would represent. You allowed people believe it was Billy and Billy would go on to graduate from west point university.
mara is involved in credit card fraud. Now this is not a huge thing. This again more like her theft from west point. This is a credible fraud. This be fair, its little bit bigger than the stealing make up from a little convenience store. Yes Mara had wrote down the number of a door mates credit card that she had found pay receipt in the guy image and wrote down the credit card number, and then she went on to use that to purchase food from a pizza shop. The charge was listed as credit card fraud under the amount of two hundred fifty dollars, mainly, I think from dominoes I think she would not be my first choice, but I think that's where her first choice was probably the closest pizza place to their daughter, where she had some people that she knew at work there, okay, we're going to fast forward to february of two thousand and four. This is all
things that we know that took place within just days of mara leaving the umass campus so february fit two thousand and four is a third at seven, seventeen p m mara, Murray has a twenty minute phone call with boyfriend billy her shit supervisor this takes place, while she's at work, her shit supervisor says the morrow. shift had started, seven p m and that they were not allowed to use the phone during their their work time. There has been speculation that maybe this conversation, involved, a break up or maybe happier things. valentine's day plans but obvious. He's probably here the ears what's funny about this case. Respect nation. Then it was a break up. Car has also speculation was happier things. Well, that's what drives me it's about this year, but I think both is both would be warranted, because you would suspect that if there is a
call being place during work time when you're not supposed to be using your phone, did it B of something of important, something that you can put away and just wait till the end of your shift or till the next day. That's where we would assume, but I mean that's what people want you to assume all assume that stuff? What I assume is that most people don't give a shit, but their job, and so there, like all, wants from beyond the phone whenever I want at nine fifty six p m. She has another phone call again during her work shift. This is a ex minute phone call again with boyfriend Billy at ten ten p m mar calls her sister kathleen thou. This call takes place while she's on break now what is her job sheet? She is a student. She does student security at the university now this far, Call with her sister takes twenty eight minutes, so we have her on the phone for approximately an hour during first, three, two three and a half hours of our work schedule is again employ where,
or there is something going on there- something something bruin that we don't know about, you I mean Look, I'm not gonna try through under the bus, but every bit as she's she's young at this point means you know, still young. Well. The first thing I thought of was when I had worked night hours or when I worked shifting, and I did security. I had somebody sitting next to me and a lot of times as stated on the show before we were really only there unless something you know, if something happened yet are there no matter what but right but ninety seven percent of their time- nothing happened. So you just assume nothing's going to happen after while in so you do you, you know, hey chuck, could you cover the desk, for if for a little bit, while I call my buddy that took place right, where you know, maybe I was that guy that didn't give a shit. Maybe I thought well, maybe that her situation was similar to mine. However, the thing that there is resting on one second, I gotta take a firm is she was working with her supervisor
yeah, but you know she's friends with the supervisor the supervisor you get a sense like you said I I I. I believe that there was something going on in the supervisor felt that it was just like hey we're good too handle what you got a new deal with this, so you can be better for later. I need you for later so, and this this again hints at something going on in the way hours of february. Sixth, this is now friday at twelve o seven just after midnight, MAR Murray calls boyfriend billy again Now this is a seven minute phone call, another event that takes place on campus. Just after that, twelve twenty, a m you mess you mess student is found by law. forcemeat he's unconscious and he's lying on the side of the road. This is the treat vassiki and this what ends up being a hit and run now
poor, mister vastly he would. He would be in the hospital for quite some time and it would be a very devastating accident or very devastating hit and run for The vast. This is in our time line because people refused to let it go in and in refuse to not discuss it, we can get back to if it means anything to this case later. This brings us to about one a m in the morning now this is a court two Karen may out. Who is Karen may, while that is more, murray soup of supervisor at her work. According to Karen, she escorts, MAR Murray back to mars door. This is after mar receives a phone call in which more becomes very upset. She says some things like all my sister alludes that something is going on that there's a family matter that has upset her she's she's
scalded end relieved of her duties for that evening. Now this is only about six hours into our work shift, while this, important because there on campus, but it's still telling that the supervisor fills necessary to escort her back her dorm. We have no movement of barra that morning friday morning and a lot of that is due because classes at you, mass or cancelled due to snow, they received a big snow, Dorm market have spent the day sleeping who knows, but what we do know that we start seeing activity on her phone at six o one p m when she calls to check her voicemail at six thirteen p m. More receives an incoming call. We don't know this is from, but this call takes about seventeen minutes at ten o two p m mara calls fort sill. Now this is for sale, oklahoma
This is where billy roush her long time boyfriend his station. This is out a ten minute phone call february. Seventh, two thousand for now this is a saturday. This is when Fred Murray he arrived to visit mara around noon to twelve thirty p m that day and according to fred, they shopping for a used car. He had brought some money with him. They went out shopping to look at used. there's a may go back and landed at purchase. Some you had to get this money He had some money with them and fred winner, in kind of a strange way, and I let you get it well. Fred gets about four thousand dollars, but banks are normal clothes or his bank? Could this be close all the time on Saturday? That's the captain used to be a banker, so the captain was banker I always wanted to be banker anyways so
His bank could always be close on Saturday or the one that he normally goes to. So he asked to go to atm to withdraw this money normally have an atm limit of four hundred bucks herself. So so he'd have to go to ten atm to get this money, and then he goes to visit mar and there are supposedly gonna beast shopping for a used car. It does seem us like a strange way to get money. You know, but stuff happens, I mean you know it he might have had a conversation with her at some point and then realized also I'm not gonna, be out to get to the bank was take out money this way, and they do. They do purchase of vehicle, so there has been some people speculate. What were their actual activities day. However, there was a phone call it for thirteen p m. This is a three minute phone all to a business called reliance otto, how they may just calling to see if there are still open or maybe if they had a particular car and their inventory, regardless the call
ass three minutes and that's pretty much the end of the search for the used car your words- and we don't have a time on this- and this again is, according to Fred Murray, that fred mara and mars friend, Kate, more complex. They want to have dinner at the amherst brewing company- hmm, that sounds delicious afterwards. They make a quick stop at a liquor store and it's uncertain of what was purchased at this liquor store but it's a quick stop at about nine o one. We have a phone call from mara. She calls cates cellphone at ten p m mara drops off fred at his. hotel room. Now she would continue on in freds vehicle expertly eleven p m mar Murray and kate more capitalist. They arrive at their friends homes. Sorry, Sarah alfie airy sorry always have trouble with that name. They arrive
that dorm room- and this is for a party- is also been that may be was just a hang out as a party that his generated a lot of talk over the years? This is the part where kate Sarah have trouble recur in the night of the events of that night in and who else may have been there if anybody it all and who is sarah to kate in more importantly, mara, Sarah worked with more at the art gallery on the thus on the. U mass campus yeah morrow worked as a security guard. She also worked at the art gallery yes now. This brings us up to february eighth, two thousand for we're on sunday now at two thirty, a m murmur. and kate marketplace. Leave the party at three Thirty, a m there is a call to you. Mass police mar was involved in a car accident,
ass. She had hit a guard rail while driving too, while driving freds toyota. Now the new vehicle so probably caused a little bit of stress her, where some between her and her father. Anyway. She would she occurred about thousand dollars and damaging to the new toil at three through seven, a m officer mark riddick, arrives at the scene of mars acts as for twenty nine, a m, the tow truck leaves the scene with mara, Murray and the toy oda. Now, let's note here- mara used triple a for that that tow truck at four forty five, a m theatre truck driver drops off more murray and at the motel where freddy's staying okay. So I heard that choose drove off by the police officer, but that really doesn't matter to me. so she was either dropped off by a police officer or toad truck driver yeah and with the important thing
is that she is returned to where her father staying at the motel and at five thirty a m five. Thirty, eight a m. There is a call to billy roush this. My friend from fell from fred. Somehow I think we should take. We know Billy's the boy from my mouth. But yes, oh yes, she gets an hour rack and then she's like I got a call boyfriend. supposedly her phone must be dead or damaged or something at this time in and she needs to use her fathers phone to call belly this. Eleven minutes. Phone call and So just shortly after this phone call, this it's five. Thirty eight a m have a minute phone call. That brings us up to five forty, nine, a now the calm, maybe
dropped or whatever, but billy calls fred cell phone and there's a five minute conversation between one in one, thirty p m fred drops mara off it kennedy hall, and then he drives home at eight thirty, Seven p m mara calls and checks her voicemail and at eleven twenty six p m mar calls her father get Yes, oh there's no longer activity on Sunday but, like we said before, the school was closed on that friday, so now I mean you also you d sky wreck, the night before last at a party So you're, probably its eureka every day rank sundays, the recover from kinda. Well, now that you ve been in a car accident, you rector fathers new car. You ve probably had some stressors that night and you're wrong. You're ready to wind down may be catching up on some sleep, but again there's not lot of activity from her later that day now,
on February night, this brings us to Monday she is using the internet until about four a long. Just after noon. That day, at twelve. Fifty five p m more calls to inquire about condo rental and new hampshire. This is only a three minute call There was no condo rented to morrow. As a result of this call the owner of the condo, doesn't remember speaking with mara, but she ensures us that there was no condo granted to her that that day or later that She also went on to say that what does remember of the congo that she was, sk in about was it there was a to bed, condo, ok, just well, just after that phone call. That more is going to call in check her voice mail twice now for the young folk that our listens. show that the cap has been dropped from old man. Knowledge on you,
This is two thousand for so most important texting at this point, because you had to call people it's weird but you had to pick up the phone you dial their number and he had to call them they left a message. You check your voice mail, a lot. I know most people want check their voice males now, but yeah you'd have to this. Common thing in two thousand for an alley there I believe she actually had to voice males that there was a dorm phone that you could proceed voice as well as her cell phone that would receive voice. May I add that would be what we call were old people call the home phone sophia cellular phone and home phone after checking voice mail mar calls one eight hundred go stow. This is a ski resort in new england, more then cause Billy, but billy's on the phone with key, more at this time, so he is unable to take the call to is he he doing on phone with kate? He is a social butterfly. So
ok, let's let me this pause for thought these two love birds. Would I don't think their love birds at this point, this it my theory, but there seems to be something brewing, yeah and sometimes that's when you talk the most yeah supply. When you not taught the most. When you should put your phone down, walk away, take a bunch, a deep breath and go for a walk. The other thing here is she's just calling resorts, and you know condo and ski place and then shortly afterwards trying to reach out to Billy. Is that a good thing or a bad thing for the sign right now? What's the sign? Okay, so mara calls billy, but he's on the phone with kate mark police. He must realise that he missed her call and after he gets off the phone with kate, he calls mars phone three times. All three calls go unanswered at three things p m to four thirty p m. This is where things get very murky, because we have a few different sources claiming different times and
when events taking place at different times. Some of this is from police. Some of this is from newspaper and magazine articles. So this is between three thirty and four thirty p m we have got on the monday, yet We are on Monday february night. More and leaves you mass campus. Now I've put several question marks by this. and being is because at four p m mark emails, some of her teachers, and I have one. Source. That has told me that email teachers plus work supervisor stating that she would be out of town for several days due to a death in the family, she could be gone up to a week, the other source states and the other source being the police states that she only emailed some of her teachers, not the work supervisor. Ok, ok, but the police I would say that that email went out at four thirty p m now there.
was more visited an atm according to the asked and globe they say it: three: four p m that day, another. So says around four o'clock clock, regardless both The sources agree that she withdrew to honour and eighty dollars from her personal cow. Now there is surveillance footage showing her alone police have not least this village to the public. I'm not sorry. Adam and relates to the family, either correct and I I have a suspicion on that people will get worse talk a little bit. Ok, but we should note that that two hundred and eighty dollar withdraw- that is not all all of the money that she has and that account, but it's almost all of it. It's a good majority. The magazine article, would state that mara left a note for her boss at the art gallery around five p m. We can imagine that this
probably a similar note, stating that she would be gone due to a death in the family and may be gone for a few days or weeks. Now again, she works at too, Instead, she that at the art gallery and this as a security guard so she could at ye mailed this curdy guard work and then left a note for thou art gallery who spoke similar jobs both of them taking place on the? U mass campus right at four thirty: six p m, more than calls her voicemail again to check her voice, mail some point, she stopped at a liquor store and she purchases about forty dollars worth of stuff from the liquor store we don't have. a list of those items at seven, twenty seven p m faith. We, men calls nine when one to report a vehicle in the ditch by their home. She states on the phone. That there is a red glow. This is from the police report
and she also says a rat red glow in the passenger seat, correct in and she states that the reports from the passenger side. The police report would would note this as a that she may have or to a man smoking in the passenger, see we gotta talk about this for a second here captain who was faith westmere so now This point mara has made it all the way to havre new Hampshire, so she's trap a good amount, a distance from the? U mass campus. This is it seven when seven p m faith. Men were held on assisting dummy timeline row quickness for my brain, so she says she's call on billy trains up ski resort. Large, something she leaves a note. Then she goes state atm and she's heading north, and she stopped at the liquor store and then she still heading northern now she's in yes, she's
havre new hampshire new Hampshire at this time, but just to be fair to the timeline all those events that you just discuss, they all took place and nobody. Nobody's doubting that, but what should be done? did here, is that its uncertain of the order or the exact time that those events took place? whereas she was leaving the EU mass campus, so faith, west men She lives near the place where Mara crashed her car and, of course, there's some speculation as to whether there was a crash or not, but we will just go through the events that took place around that time. Just shortly before the crash There is a person that is known as witness a who would claim to have seen a police suv. Now this is police. As you read numbered zero, zero one. She claims that the vehicle had passed her twice nick because all the cop cars in this area. There all a dance except
at zero, zero one, which is an s u yet and shortly after faith. Westmere makes that call at seven twenty nine p m and officers despatched to go to the scene of the accident at seven. Thirty p m butch at where atwood arrives at the scene, but atwood is a bus driver, he would he was done working for the day. He was on his way home. He two lives near them men's and lives near the scene of the accident. He stops any briefly talks with a girl who we assume is more now what he says that he saw is. He saw a girl It was called. There was shivering that appeared to be scared, and he offered to call fire and police or a mass and police. And he also offered her a ride back to his house to where she could get it out of the cold. Now it is a very cold night. This is a mountainous area,
been snowing quite a bit seven, forty p m. This is after votes at would arrive at his home. There's a nine one. One call attempted by butchers common law, wife now butch atwood tells the wife again this that he saw a oh, who look called and frightened- and he had offered it to call for help, but she says note you dont need to I've already called aaa now: butch atwood lives only a few hundred mile, I'm sorry a few hundred yards from the excellent, roughly about a hundred and fifty yards from the accident. Seen. Thank you healthy lives, three football field, the it's hard to read my chicken scratch, sometimes seven, forty six p m cecil smith, an officer he arrives at the scene in the ball, goes out at seven. Fifty four p m for a female, approximately five foot: seven there is on foot
A ball is of beyond the look out for at seven fifty six p m. The s arrive on the scene at some. Fifty seven fire arrives at the sea. Eight p m there's a call from billy cell phone to bob mcdonald. Now this is a phone call. It takes about thirty four. Minutes. Bob mcdonald would go on later to tell people that mara was not discussed, are mentioned during this phone call. Now this is eastern time. Eight p m at eight o p m ot. The officer cecil Psmith, instructs ems to leave the sea. He also sends fire trucks away at that time. At nine, twenty six p m The officer leaves the scene to respond to another nine one, one call to another.
my best to read through this accident report that was given by the officer who responded to the accident and in his report he states that at approximately seven thirty p m on February nine, two thousand and four now this is from cecil Psmith. So when I say I am, I'm being cecil Psmith, are so follow along with me at home, placing the ball yet. So I responded to the report of a car into it. Free when I arrived, I noted the above vehicle part facing west in the east bound lane of wild monastic roy, This is better known as route one. Twelve, the vehicle was law. and there was no one in the area. I spoke to a witness who me, there was a young female behind the wheel and there were Other people in the vehicle? This witness spoke with the female who told him not to call the police
evidence at the scene indicated the vehicle had been eastbound and had gone off. The roadway struck, some trees, spun out, I'm sorry spun around and come to rest facing the wrong way in the east bound laying the driver side of of the windshield was cracked and both front airbags had deployed in plain sight behind the driver's seat of the vehicle, I could see a box of wine I also see red liquid on the driver side door in the ceiling of the car, I made a search of the roadway in the area of the accident. I was assisted by fire e m personnel and a resident of the area. The driver was not located a later search of the vehicle indicated. The driver was Maura murray when the vehicles toad from the scene by le voice. I recovered a coke bottle that contained a red liquid with a strong alcoholic odor.
So, according to the police report, morrow murray was driving by herself and her nineteen. Ninety six after she was traveling eastbound on route, one twelve now there's a turn that occurs, it's a turned to the left it bends to the left and the right? There is old peter road, which is not really a road in the sense that we know a road. This is a this is an old dirt road. Just after old peters road, there your impressions in the snow and there a bunch of tree lining route one twelve. Now if she hit those trees, that then the the driver side, front portion of the vehicle would have hit one of those trees and spun her out of control. Leaving her on the side of the road facing the wrong way to one would think as she's gone around that curve.
Would be more likely, a tree would hit the passenger side that you know I mean and then so, if she hit the passenger side than I would spend around fitter cars still the right hand lane, but she's now face in the wrong way. Yes, so cheap! she doesn't end facing spout on a eastbound road which, where she was traveling eastbound. However, if if she was confused, the old dirt road there to her right and maybe wanted stay straight because it it's almost You can see how you would almost continuous straight there Maybe she was confused by this and then realize at the last second and turned away too late. There are tired, freshens and the snow there now we're given a fabulous confirmation that they were her tire tracks, but it is did in the police report that there were tyre impressions. the snow leading to these trees, where that's where I believe that her driver side, bumper hit the the tree and then
spun out of control, ending up the face. in the wrong way on the right. If you look at the damage of the car, I think the damage is not suffice enough. By hitting a tree, I think she didn't actually hit a tree at all. I think she hit more of a snow bank or something about. The other thing is the air black airbags were deployed when they found the vehicle. You got hit something pretty hard to have those deploy right. I you know, I don't think I never had one deploy on may mean either, but I dont think in a ninety six saturn that it's an exact science set. This plastic is it a guy that his own to saturn's and will go into her vehicle and a little bit, but I do want to talk about one thing: that's in they were the report here now the officer cod, we state that the vehicle was abandoned and debt. Did. The vehicle was also lots. but he would also state that a later surge would indicate
the driver of the vehicle was more murray, the so he some he had to come up with Mara Murray was the driver of this vehicle. Having seen her at this at the scene of the accident. So I'm guessing, he prob we jimmied the locks figured out a way into the vehicle because he does describe some things found inside the vehicle, with the the liquid, the red liquid on the past or on the driver side door in the ceiling of the vehicle and a cop could jimmy a lock and thirty seconds, though. That's not that's not a problem. Another thing here is this interesting is that it states that the vehicle was told by low voice telling company. Now there was actually there's two towing companies in the area that work and the way that it worked. Is it some night one tone company was in charge of of taking the accidents or the cars that need to be told that got called in in
what kind of rotate nights? Well? It was not la voice night to be the towing company that night and the. Why were they can't that's interesting this There is who is le voice so voice is actually a firefighter or the chief. The fire chief at the time now, so he may have just been in the area in his tow truck and heard the call go over the radio and decided that he's going to stop and pick up the pick up the vehicle rank or he's probably manning his his firemen. Radio and heard it that way, but regardless he picked up vehicle that night it was not supposed to be his night and actually the owner of the other, the rival towing company, let's call it actually showed up at one point during the scene and was a little bit upset that he didn't get the call job, because it's the agreement, they had that's his night. That's his livelihood,
another. Interesting fact. Is there a picture would surface and this picture, or uncertain of the source where it came from, but its generally considered. As fact now, this picture shows maras dashboard and the What it indicates here is that the gas tank was near full. Now. This is a ninety. Ninety six saturn that that vehicle gets forty miles per gallon on highway. Twenty nine miles per gallon in the city and the salon The gas tank capacity is twelve point, eight gallons, the two most direct route from am hearst ass to choose its two two havre new ham, her. According to Google maps is a one hundred and three, before mile proximately to our fourteen minute drive or The other one would be a hundred thirty five miles to ours. Twenty two minutes now
That means that, at some time before the cap, the crash she stopped and and purchase Yes- and I imagine this was a cat- a cash purchase yeah cause them. from our atm. So we can discuss, men and we don't have a record of her, debit card or anything, and since the day board shows that the gas tank is nearly full. This would mean that she probably stopped in either hanover or lebanon, or maybe even claremont, to purchase the gas. Now this would put her about thirty or forty miles from the scene of the accident according to all counts. That is The last time that Mara Murray is seen now there is a an account by william foresee a who clay that he had seen a fee male running in the road about five to eight miles from the scene of the accident that that same night- and he didn't report this for while it months formed a report, but for
it was kind of a guitar plain. Popular guy around town, but also known to tell some tall tales, but his story that he would tell of what he saw that I was a woman running in the road wearing dark clothing and carrying a backpack Now we do know that more was known to have carried a backpack and we suspect, She left you mass campus with a backpack in that backpack was not found in the vehicle. This is actually one of the items that they were looking for, they would later conduct searches for her the following february. Tenth mars computer was searched by law enforcement. Now this would reveal the searches that she was looking up, the the condo and things of that nature that same day three twenty p m voicemail is left by law enforcement on Fred Murray's home phone. Now,
No, that fred was out travelling for work, so he doesn't receive this voicemail now Kathleen. Who is mars? Odor sis she's note: she ends up notifying fred about the disappearance of her sister mark now, d mara, Marm Murray's family will contact the university of massachusetts. Yeah. I guess it at some point late. They try to contact further, didn't get a hold of him and they got ahold, kathleen swan, I'm guessing now mara mara's mom Time is still alive, yet her and fred have been separated for quite some time. February, eleventh fred leaves work, and he arrives in havre all new hampshire around dawn. Now, during this time, at eight thirty, a m, a comprehensive search is conducted. at the scene of the accident that same nay billy in his family would arrive town as well.
Guessing that the parents came ought to help with the search. worse, yet they knew mara. She had visited their home on more than one occasion and that this was a long time long term relationship so they they knew a good deal about. Her I saw one in our view where Billy Russia's mother would would say that day. She thought of her of of thought of mara as one of her daughters that they had grown. Perhaps the day the Billy arrived, so law enforcement would sit him down and conduct a thorough interview with him and he's assisted in in represented by his parents at the same interview, no actual, there's two and abusers around it, interrogation, just with billy. Then there is another time or are they just bring the parents in and in its another interrogation? But now this time his parents are present the next day february, twelve, fred, Murray and billy rouse hold a press conference.
seeing the details about the disappearance of mar february nineteenth. They search the area again. Now, I'm assuming they didn't come up with anything or did come up with much because they end making the search it goes national. At that time, and this is when the fbi becomes involved in the case, and there is a law, speculate speculation to that the fbi was never involved and thence does not true. The fbi has been involved in this case and I would look go on go on record and say this there's a lot of cases that the f been involved in that we don't know about media siemens and yet they did their not always just out their advertising that they are involved in everything. Cracked February twenty six there there's a pair of white panties,
are found in now. These are found by mars sister when there's when the family's out conducting a search- and this is like a exclude- you know exclusive part of a trail that they find these pennies on and then those are obviously turned over to law enforcement. Now they're found there it's the panties are ripped the right. Yes, ok. Now, on february, twenty eighth, the mara, Murray's belongings, are returned to her family and then on march. Second, the family leaves, and I wonder what that is, I wonder if it is it all from the dorms. Is it also the stuff in the car cause? I mean the the crime scene is pretty much the car. So how much can you actually return? You know right. I would be interested to know exactly what was return then, on march second, fred, Murray, and the Murray family leave havre all new Hampshire as for their certain first.
Quite some time and at some point you gotta go well with looked everywhere now, it's also noted that Fred would return almost every week in continued the search by himself there. They search over twenty dates, searching the area and at some point you do have to to go home in and try and let law enforcement do their thank and, of course, the captain, and I would question how much they ve really done since then. They ve done some interviews and and claim to have done some things, but it seems like there's been little movement on this case other than people like Fred Murray, the Marie family and some arm chair detectives and the anti divers loose and themes, runner and true crime. Authors documentary people, a king of cleveland- and you know so there's this. This is when you know years after she had been gone. This is when people started becoming obsessed with this case. Now. Why did they become obsessed with this case?
There are a lot of talking points that we got a touch upon here. We did, something in the timeline. There was a call made to billy ass phone them the day after I get a wreck now I think it's been pretty much cleared up that it didn't come from her came from somewhere else, but billy would state that he leave when the phone rang for sole thinking. You know he believed that the car was for mara, it sounded at first the statement made, was a sound like a heavy breathing in a little bit of a whimper, but again that story has since change. So what does Leave us with hair captain, we ve got this girl who goes missing she she up left the university of her own? Will she? driving out the middle of nowhere by her self we assume and wrecks the car,
and now she she goes missing. There is no more credible, a guy that stops to help her. She says: don't call the cops gap and then she This appears now we got a window now again any time you have a window to me just that window five minutes early fireman's back right, yeah. There I mean there is a lot of things going on at this time period. So does he had a little convoluted at times, but we do have some hard, hard facts and hard. Numbers and those would be things nine one one calls and when officers were despatched and things of that about we're lookin out of five to fifteen minute window? Yes, and in that fight The fifteen minute window poof vanishes into thin air. So what are our possibilities? Things that could happen tomorrow or things more would have put into action herself. What's what? What do you think is the first option here
So the first option is that she fled the scene and she died in the woods. Yes, it was very clear, out that night it was dark, it was middle of the night. She clearly didn't pack provisions with her that we know of would help her survive the elements out in the woods? Maybe she had thought that just get away and- and it didn't work out for option two option to is that when she went to flee the scene that she was picked up by somebody, ok and now anybody, but she was met with them. Play? Ok? This could be somebody she knew somebody she didn't know she been she should. Have willingly got into a vehicle. She could have been abducted, we don't know but but you're saying, fled. The scene gets away from the car and before anybody else consider gets into somebody else's car right and but met with foul play so then. The other option is that she into a vehicle
She does. She wanted to run away and she's. I live in her life somewhere else. Get she is truly disappeared off the face of the earth and she's living under assumed name. We don't know where she is father: is that she gets picked up. We have to assume that at some point she gets picked up unless she doesn't runs all away to some place. But then she gets picked up and is actually held hostage and she possibly could still be alive today or your seat theory, though she could have left the area left the scene of the crime of the. sudan and maybe even knocked on somebody's door and inside situation she read being held captive or knocks on someone's door met with foul play. Right, there's also option five, which would be that She left you mass with the intention of suicide rank and so either. She got a ride over. However, she got where she had to get for suicide
I mean you could also really by the whole hour commit suicide in the woods thing, but that's option, I guess as well but it's what makes this case so fascinating. This is why you know crime authors have become addicted to this case. This is why there gonna be a documentary out there. There are people on websites all over the place posting their theories. What they thought happened. It's intriguing because, first of all, we do not know her intentions when she left you mass, we don't know, her plan was was her plan suicide was her plan to run away or did did she simply just want to get away for a couple days and leave behind stress of school and maybe something going on in a relationship and just won a break from it for a few days and in, and to return when we don't know why? her destination was and how she intended to be gone four. Yet and james runner, tart,
this case somewhat. So interesting about this case is that there are two questions. I have two questions you have to answer Obviously, the big one were at what the heck happen to morrow murray, but that, but the other question is Why did she leave on Monday exactly so you have to, and what else people do as they think that they have the answer to number one. Why she, on Monday, and so if she left on monday, to commit suicide than this happened, and this is what happened in this, makes the most logical sense, but we don't really have a clear cut definition or we there's this. Many theories and why she left. Ok captain, so we ve covered the timeline you went. You took us through the what ifs, the possibilities of the outcome. If you've, the timeline, we got basically roughly five possibility.
we want, we really want to dive into those. What I have said, I think we're gonna have to get to that next week. But what I want to touch on before we go is, I think we should up. You know bring two speed everybody on the different characters and different players that are involved in this and will get more into these people next week. but so who do we have? Of course we have mamma. She a college student umass, and she. was missing sheet. She left her dorm she's up in new Hampshire gets in an accident she's not seen again. She's obviously have a little bit of trouble with just I generally there's rumours about things of maybe I'll, alcoholism or believe make active the things of that nature, but we don't. We don't have a lot of evidence of either of those in my opinion, but what we have evidence of is that she stole something that was point that probably forced her to transfer school and then we have this credit card. Fraud what we know for sure.
We also have fred Murray. This is mars. Father now He is the gentlemen that went to you mass to go car shopping with his daughter. He picks up four thousand dollars in cash shows up in EU mass with care and he goes about a weird way of getting all this cash now, so people speculated did he did he hands cash tomorrow, and he knows it get as a going away present here so Provisions to keep you going to set you out on the road I mean here here's how you some up Fred Murray as far as this case goes theirs, other people that believe that frederick, He is genuine lee concerned about where his daughter is. She went missing and he's gonna do anything he can't find her and then there is another group of people that look into this case and think that all the stuff that fridays and is a lie and that he actually knows. Where Mara Murray is now. Why would
but come up with that. Now, so it's been spent, laid by a lot of people- that fred has lied to reporters in as lied to police, about the events of that weaken two prior to mars, disappearance now he's off so been stated as, seemingly to not real care not be very unfair. did in the search for mara when the king, rose were not on him right. but here is also reports of him goin up. We can. Every week in four months and insert Why would you do that if you knew she was alive and I think there's plenty of evidence out there that he's continued? The search for twelve years yeah, but so those are the two sides of Fred Murray, now last look billy roush, yes, billy round again. The two sides are that you now he he had a good relate the ship with mar she went missing he's very concerned. He did a bunch to help in the search. That's one side,
The other side is yeah you can. It went to the search has maybe he was involved there. That maybe he it was Such rosy relationship- maybe there was a lot- a term oil which I support the two sides of Billy Ralph. and it's all, but he was also station at fort sill, which has all the way in Oklahoma, the next person involved. We have cape marketplace. This is the friend very close friend of mars who attended you ass, an she was one of the people they went along for the search of the used car that mara wanted to purchase, and she so attended the party, the questionable party that took place the weekend before mar disappeared. Now Kate has been dodgy when asked. this party claiming that she can't remember the name of a single person there other than obviously Sarah. Or more that brings
two: Sarah alfie airy. Now Sarah is the girl who hosted the already in her dorm room that weekend before mars, disappearance one thing. We should point out here: real quick about kate marketplace. Is she what her boyfriend was bombed? Mcdonald, correct, yeah or at they saw each other for a time. That's again, We don't know how much how serious they were and now but Bob mcdonald was a friend of buildings, cracked, normally happens. You not. I had the same girlfriend for years and years and years and my best, and what does day all of her friends, so that's not how that works. Bob was also the friend Billy had the long phone call with shortly after about a half an hour after mara had rector car. Now we
So have him carpenter, whose TIM carpenter, he is the ex husband of mars sister tk We Kathleen is the one that we know that more was on the phone with while she was, work during her security job is the one that she was on the phone with her for about twenty eight minutes, I believe, and on this phone call this is kept. Leaned states that she was talking about her husband at the time TIM carpenter and how she had been on the phone or or had some contact or received an email from an ex girlfriend of TIM's talking about money that he might have owed her, and this is what kathleen MAR sister would claim. Was the the the phone call that evening that that the day talked about now. We also know that later that evening, more had become upset. In said things Oh my sister, my sister, and that's when she is last seen at work, she's, escorted out of work by her supervisor, Kate, ma
Mara has another sister in two brothers and her Mother, obviously that was alive at the time she has since pass these members of a family. Come up in conversational lot. we're talking about speculation, so we will not be talking about them. Yes in unfortunately, mars, mother, laurie. She has since passed away. She died of cancer on mars birthday in two thousand and nine. We also have a the affair. Now we mention this in the timeline, but there was gentlemen, by the name of hussein, bag, daddy, now, hoo hoo. he was assistant coach. You, mass sisson assistant, track co, train and so, but he was like a student coach, so they end up having they hooked up and suppose, supposedly that kate knew about this as well, about will be talking about him. Yes,
and he was pretty forthcoming about the the affair, but he also mentions that he had heard Mara, say on more than one occasion that she wanted to run away. Your look here, a say a lot in the next episode, James runner, whose james runner, James runner, is true. Crime. Author but he's investigator as well, so he uncovered allotted different, ease and different things like that. So you hear James runners name a bunch, some people closer to the accident. Seen on February night, we have faith in TIM. Westmere faith was Lee wife of TIM, who calls nine when one to report mars vehicle in the ditch by their home. We also have butch at what he is. The bus driver that arrived at the scene and spoke with mara and when she claims to have said not to the police he would go home and his wife would attempt to call nine one one as well reporting the accident
If we just look at these characters, most people believe that their their. I witness accounts so they're, not always a hundred percent accurate, but most people believe these people to be telling the truth throughout. We have officer cecil smith, he's the officer. That's despatched. To respond today. Accident he's the one that takes the report, the report that we read earlier, and we also have, of course, Yes and fire arrive briefly, we have the laval I toe company. And william foresee, a he is, the guy that claim to have seen mara running five to eight miles away from the scene. or that evening, but he wouldn't come out with this, information till well after the the accident had been announced later and the printing got all law enforcement now again, for what do people think
This law enforcement- some people, think that they just did a good job and there wasn't much to go off of they did some searches and they didn't have much go off of that's one side the other side is that people think that one they didn't do a good job. They didn't work hard enough. They display do their due diligence to figure out what happened this girl and because she was an outsider. She wasn't a local, they just didn't care enough. There. That's the two sides of the coin, in the Mari family has been trying to get FBI I involved as of recently, because they're kind of sick I heard that there is nothing new coming out about this case that they are not getting. The information that they want from local law enforcement yeah, Their ideas that they put pressure on the fbi. By saw you no sign a petition now my theory on that is be. I was involved at some point, I believe I believe that there are. involved, and I
they're not gonna, tell us and a petition doesn't really do anything to me. That's not how If the system works, you don't just go hey, we sign a petition. Now we want you to check out this case when you have other cases, so captain do. We have any time left to do a little bit a recommended reading before we go. You have before again to the speculation. Yes, ok, so course some of you will know that James runners book true crime act, comes out later this month. I think, may twenty fourth! zactly right, but guess what you can order it from amazon. Today, they have pre orders going on so pick up that book right. hey! You can do that by going to true crime garage dotcom, go to our website, click on our amazon banner and pick up his new book. This is this is going to be a very thorough book regarding the morrow murray disappearance in this case so Yet it today before it comes out. Do that on our website support our show, support james runner, ANG a cleveland
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