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Missing: Marvin Clark ////// 645

2023-01-31 | 🔗

Missing: Marvin Clark ////// 645

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Husband and father Marvin Alvin Clark disappeared a long time ago. There are unconfirmed sightings of Marvin however it’s generally believed that his last known whereabouts were leaving his home in Tigard, Oregon on October 30th, 1926. This is one of America’s oldest active missing person cases. There is much question and speculation that surrounds this still missing person true crime case.  February 3rd, 2023 is National Missing Persons Day. This day is recognized annually and was created to raise awareness each for the the missing. The day was inspired by the still active missing person case of Alexandria (Ali) Lowitzer. Ali was sixteen when she went missing in 2010 from her hometown of Spring, Texas. Ali was described as five foot two inches tall,  caucasian female with brown or dyed black hair and blue eyes. To provide or request additional information please contact:  The Harris County Sheriff’s Office @ 713-274-9247 -  FBI ViCAP,  800-634-4097,  email - VICAP@FBI.GOV

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