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Mollie Tibbetts /// Part 1 /// 234

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Mollie Tibbetts /// Part 1 /// 234

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On Wednesday, July 18, 2018, Mollie Tibbetts was last seen jogging in Brooklyn, Iowa in the evening hours. There have been no credible sightings of, or communications with, Mollie since that time. Mollie is 20 years old, 5 foot two inches to 5 foot 3 inches tall. She was about 120 pounds. She has long brown hair. She is caucasian with a tan complexion. It is believed that she was wearing athletic clothing when last seen which could be describe as black jogging shorts a sports top possibly red, pink or black in color. Running shoes, color unknown. She likely had with her a gold IPhone 7s, a FitBit and white wireless ear buds. Anyone with information should call 1-800-346-5507 or visit www.FindingMollie.Iowa.Gov to submit a tip. Beer of the Week - Cherry Limeade Slush by Wiley Roots Brewing CompanyGarage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps

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had the police shared with you any of their theories on what happened? No, they have it didn't we an agreement with them from the outset that all that information would be kept to the law enforcement,
for two reasons: one they don't want to compromise the search to they don't want to endanger molly I know that you have your own fury. I know it's speculation, but your intuition has told you that you believe she's with someone she knows. Can you just expound on that? Why you think that? Well, I do want to point out that it really is just speculation on a father's part that has lots of time and imagination and I'm looking for a logical. Way to bring molly home, and so it's just that and I think it's taken a little bit of a life of its own last couple days, but it isn't. inconceivable that molly
laughed with someone that she knows what good morning the ugandan morning make you. Where are we every intention of discussing the disappearance of molly tippets from Brooklyn iowa this morning, she's been gone for almost five weeks now, but as we sit here in the garage? There has been breaking news in this case, her body has been found. Of course, that is not the out, that anybody wanted. But it is something now. Our intention this week was to bring light to her disappearance to bring light to the case and hopefully get the answers that the family wants and needs. So I think what we
going forward is we continue with the information that we ve collected over the last week. Go through that and see where this will take the investigation. Now we occasionally cover fresh cases like this one. In two thousand seventeen we covered the delphi murders. Just several weeks into the investigation and there was a lot of speculating that we had to engage in pulling together. Accurate, complete information and open active cases is a real challenge, for one thing. There is all kinds of misinformation out. Their molly tippets case has received a ton of national media. Attention, and unfortunately often the media reports things wrong in a rush to get a scoop or reports. Information prematurely before it has been debunked or dismissed to further complicate
others in an open investigation. Investigators, do not release all or even most of the information that they have in some cases. They even engage in encourage the spread. of wrong or misleading information as part of a strategy to help them solve the case. All of these things captain force us to try read between the lines of public statements. The investigation is very active and our original goal was to generate some tips in the case of her disappearance to lead to finding me ali, but now that we know that she has been found and she's dead. We hope to continue the investigation to find the perpetrator of her. murder! I just want to personally thank everybody that sent for the last probably four weeks emails asking us to cover this case. Mollie. Tibbetts was a twenty year old student at the university of iowa studying psychology. Her parents are divorced, her mom
or calder would lives in brooklyn iowa, a tiny rural town of just fourteen hundred people along interstate eighty molly's dad rob tippets lives in the san Francisco bay area. Bali was born in San fran. Bali has to brother my older brother, Jake and younger brother Scott molly at high school, she met her boyfriend Dalton jack. who was a senior when she was a junior at the time of her disappearance they had been together. For more than two years. Jack did not go to college with molly and I was city and said went into the family business, along with his brother working construction, Dalton His brother blake lived together in a house in brooklyn, along with blake's fiance Amy huntin. and molly was a avid runner. She was very athletic, probably five, two to five three,
yeah. She is about a hundred and twenty pounds. She had long dark, hair brown eyes and war, glasses or contacts, and she was very close with her brothers, specifically her brother Jake, with whom she even shared a vehicle with he also attended the universe. of iowa the vehicle that they shared was a silver pontiac g. Six on the aid heat of July, which was a Wednesday molly was staying at the home of her boyfriend's house. You know so this is her boyfriend's house, along with his brother and his brothers, fiance Amy. The fiance is actually the owner of the house. Now the house has been described, as quote on the edge of town. It's a large property. It has a large cornfield on this path. Pretty and then there are other fields near the property, and I think captain the
Christian of quote on the edge of town could not be more accurate. I mean a quick google search of this thing. Looking this up on maps, it is very much that you see the town just to the east of it and near this home and if you go continue west, it just gets me more and more jerry road. As you go, and have you seen a paper of this house I have seen just the maps. Just the Google maps is very, very well put together very clean, very very adorable, actually gets asleep. When you see it, you just it's like perfect little american house Now, on the evening of the eighteenth, Molly was to be staying at this home, again: over the course of the summer. Molly move back and forth between this home, which is located on west moyne street and her mothers hall. Which is near by on bay jura on bare. Dr sorry, when staying
dolphins. Molly would often go to her moms house for dinner, to have dinner with your mom and her brothers, part of the confused in about some of this case. In what items and all clothing may be missing in this case, stems from the fact that a court, Two molly's mom she kept some. her belongings at Dalton's home, and she kept some of her belongings at her mom's home. Yet it's been reported several ways like when they got back when she got back from college that she quote unquote moved in with her boyfriend, but it seems like it was his kind of like shared time between the boyfriend's house and the mother's house This complete speculation here captain, but I did put a little bit of thought into this and I think it might clear up some of that confusion. Just keep in mind. She would have only needed a place to stay for the summer and her lives near by. I get the impression that her boyfriend travelled for.
I'm too time for work. You know he would be sent off to job sites. That might be a good enough distance away that he should just stay overnight for several nights. My wife and it might be a little weird to kind of just stay there. With Europe boyfriends brother. How are your boy? You know your boyfriends soon to be sister in law while, but she was really good. Friends with the boyfriends brother or the brothers fiance yeah, in the way that I kind of get this to me is that most likely, when our boy friend was in town. She probably stated the boyfriends ass when the boyfriends out of town due to work. Probably stays at mobs raise something as simple as that we ve all done something similar to that on this day on the eighteenth molly was supposed to stay at the boyfriends house, two dogs, it blake, and Amy's two dogs, so her boyfriend Dalton was away on work. Approximately a hundred and twenty miles away, he left around forthwith. the tuesday morning on the seventeenth and was scheduled
return on that friday, blake and Amy were in aims, at the time. Apparently, Amy was working or is working in aims this summer and blake was their visiting her. There is a report that blake going only for one night. Molly went to work on the day of the We know this because she was videoed by a friend at work. They were goofing around the first p. of information that we have about her whereabouts on that evening of the eighteenth is from brother Jake, who dropped her off at the adults house where she was dog sitting room He is whole police that this was right. Around five thirty p m press nobly molly was just getting off work incense. She and Jake shared a car. He gave her a ride levies in this video of her or I did not. I mean the
when you're diving into a case and trying to shed light in trying to figure out who this individual is, and it's a very small snapshot by this. You can just see her personality and he can see how many shoes is kind of being goofy but they're, but a lot of people are goofy and- and it's actually not that funny, but she was actually funny she likely would have come into the house and first thing problem release, the dogs apparel They were kept in the basement when nobody was home after this This is when the timeline gets very fuzzy, so what we have heard it that she and Dalton did a little snap chatting back and forth and that she was sting her mom about dinner. It seems
the majority of the conversations that should have with her boyfriend and I think, friends and family would be through tax or snapchat, or some kind of social media form One of the things confusing the timeline is that it seems that maybe molly was considering going to dinner at her moms but did not show up a core. to her mother. The last time that she's she talked to molly via text molly will asked what's for dinner. Laura response brought molly's response was a noncommittal. Ok at some point. after this exchange. Molly set out on a rod, patently sheep first to run for about forty five minutes a day several days a week and her family said that molly preferred to run in the evenings in summer before the sun went down. But you know it's a little cooler at that time she has running round that she prefers, although
she would bury them a little day by day. She would always run with her iphone. It's a gold iphone, seven s and an arm holster. Her wireless white, ear, buds and her fit bit which she wore apparently all the time, one of the few facts that seems to be undisputed is that she did go out for a run. She was seen by several people, these witnesses reported that they saw her wearing in in the eye. The division of criminal investigations seems to have accepted this description as they later made it public, and this description reads her ass, known articles of clothing is believed to be dark, colored running shorts, a pink sports top running shoes color unknown the time frame. This wrong is thought to be around seven thirty p m, meaning she started the around seven thirty p m. I do want
clear here. Captain because I did see several other reports in and if this can help in any way, we want to make sure we put out all the information I would division of criminal investigation release that statement. Ok, dark, colored, running shorts, a pink sports tie, in running shoes color unknown the other. What's that I read state that it could have been a red sports top or a dark colored or black sports top. So just in all all fairness, we need to put that out the daily mail reported that a witness who report I had seen molly around seven. Thirty, he was a neighbor. This is nate hop would He saw molly jogging on west pershing, dr not too far from the jack home from her boyfriend's home, another brooklyn man has come forward. Who says that he saw someone who he believes was molly jogging by his house. night, some time between eight and nine p m? I read that twice
light that night was around eight forty seven p m this man devon riley told authorities that he had seen the same, girl running passed his home regularly. His address is three: seventeen east second street, He told the media that after should be given out his address. Well, be there if you look up, molly tippets and you look up this case. Oh come up yet well, it brings but pretty precise map of the possible running route that it is believed that she took you can find in These addresses on here. This is also things it I didn't drive through the town asking questions. These things were found in simple internet site, is, and in local newspapers flung, like you said earlier, it's a town of under fifteen hundred individual so You'd assume that almost everybody knows everybody yeah
he told the authorities that he had seen the same girl seems to me, like he doesn't know her by sight because he's just saying, hey I've seen somebody that looks like her or the. same girl, possibly running, regularly pass my home while she has been at college so any so, he would only be seen her running that rule over the summer. So after this gentleman hoarded the potential citing to the authorities. The authorities did will walk through of his home, which he told
media lasted for just about ten or fifteen minutes yeah. It was kind of joking about this, with one of my buddies is because the guy that saw one of the guys that solar one of the eyewitnesses he he comes off like on that guy could be a suspect, but then, as explained my buddy, that anybody one. The first thing is this guy came forward later and said: hey I saw her running, and so giving information to the police is is a very good thing, but then also be unwilling to say: hey come into my house yeah and it
and so it'd be hard luck. He been in front of some cameras. Sometimes you don't know how you're coming off right and I think he does come off a little weird and not. I know a lot of people initially was like hey. You need to check this guy out, but up but mind you news. Reporters are coming to his house after he's reporting a missing girl and he's just given an interview. You know well in here the thing to he's doing what we ask everyone to do in this situation, if you think he saw something say something report it and he was at least even if he gets nervous in front of the cameras or even if he gets nervous in front of law enforcement, doesn't technically mean that he's guilty of anything he's what we've asked please come forward with any information at all and then, by the way, the way that this works or that it was a simple this police say. Would you mind if we go look around your house for a few minutes and he goes sure come on it, but you know so dances.
As you can really do being somebody that maybe saw something of importance that was just going about their regular day living their regular life, the imo points. My friend was this: you just don't know how you're gonna come across and I think it necessary allowed people thought aid. This kind needs to be checked out. Check out. Finally, a person came forward and said that he They have seen molly that night, through the living room window, as he was watching tv. He says the woman, he saw was walking not running and he is at sixty four jackson street. This is Roger thompson. He said he quote almost certain that it was Molly that he saw any or all All of these I witnessed sightings, though we have to question if they are accurate. These are people. our calling with information trying to help, but if she,
An avid runner, like you, said, running several days a week. Did they get the date right was the times right and was the that they saw even in fact molly. So that's pretty, It's all we know about that night and until the next morning, when people are going to be texting, her boyfriend is going to be texting. Her mother is going to be texting her and she's not going to be replying to anybody. She also misses work this is gonna, throw up some big red flags year. It will. The red flags will start thursday morning on the nineteenth around seventh, I e a m her brother Jake texted molly, to see if she he did a ride to work. She didn't respond. Remember they shared a vehicle, so I went and this is common communication between the two of them. Accordingly, her boyfriend Dalton, he text her a good morning early that day but received no response. Molly was supposed report to work at eight, a m but never made it there. Her work was about fifteen
isles way, Dalton, texted, again around lunchtime, just to say hi. He said later, he didn't in a later interview. He said he didn't at the time, really become alarmed until her friend from her work called him. Looking for molly re work had called her one apparently but it was going to voicemail the friend- told- that molly had not called in and had not shown up to work. Dalton checked his phone at this time and noted that molly had never even open any of the messages that he had sent her. So this is some tea around early afternoon on the nineteenth he called Molly again and again and again, and it always went straight to voice mail I don't think we have them information on when his last messages were sent to her now like. If did he send messages at seven pm and they weren't open, or did he sentiment, six p m and they weren't open? I don't think we have that
mason, no, not times I'm going off at his words and his were words were I sent her. Judge in the morning and then another one again around lunchtime, but those weren't fair bomb, saying we're all of his messages. The night before tracked. That's a great question captain, because what we know from dolphins words is that he checked all the messages that Molly had sent to him on that night right. We don't know is what he sent her and if all of it or any of it, was checked which might help us pinpoint a more accurate time of win trouble started. So soon in the afternoon, on the nineteenth, this is family members and her boyfriend Dalton, they were called all family and friends looking for Molly ma Mom laura called the police around five fifteen p m and reported her missing. According to Dalton, he started rushing home when the sheriffs apartments,
what up at the house. They found the door unlocked and seemingly nothing disturbed. The dogs according to Dalton were found in the basement when he arrived at the house. Remember, the basement was where the dogs were usually kept when no one was home so Reports say that the basement door was locked, but this is not confirmed according to dull. There was no sign that either of the dogs had fought with an intruder or had been distressed, her agitated and any way. Just to be perfectly clear, though, there are reports out there, it's a bit confused seeing as to whom arrived at the home first, there are reports that state that Dalton arrived first. There are reports that state that law enforcement arrived at the home first. The
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the police investigation. They start investigating pretty much right away. They talked a molly's family, and determine quickly that this was not consistent at all, with any of her past behaviour, searches were conducted by air, they use helicopters and said planes and even drones were used on land, they search with canines and two hundred volunteers. We an issue here, though, captain because the town of brooklyn is surrounded by tall tightly, packed acres of eight to nine foot tall corn fields, which you can imagine, is extremely extremely difficult to search. Blake, J, told the media that investigators and sent dogs had searched the property quote a bunch of times sheriff legal told the media that he was confident. Every home farm, barn and shed in brooklyn had been searched. Molly's fan
we in the week or so the following her disappearance. They continue to try to call and text her, but her phone went straight to voicemail the f. I joined the case around July. Twenty fourth, I believe sending a large number of agents to assist in the investigation, particularly because of the technical nature of much of the evidence or potential evidence. On the tuesday after Molly went missing. This sheriff's department held a press conference on the local, a b c news affiliate sheriff Tom Cregan said he was concerned that it was an abduction. He said his department had a
reasonable time line. That molly was out jogging around seven thirty seven, forty five, but they did not know anything later than that. He said that his department had cleared Dalton jack as a suspect. We don't know what they base this on, but the sheriffs department must know something we don't. I like. We stated before, though, he was roughly at over one hundred and twenty miles away. I also believe at this point they cleared the father because he was living in san francisco and I think they could tell that he was in california when she went missing. I also believe at this point they also cleared both of the brothers, I'm not sure why I, but they they did clear, clear them. So, in regards to all of these people, even more specifically dalton the boyfriend, when I must in here you know, as we stated, they must know things we don't, but
assuming here with Dalton that his alibi using dubuque iowa. As you said, one hundred and twenty miles away, this alibi must have been checked and rechecked it have been that he has an alibi based off of hotel room or video records, eye witnesses, or even some form of electronic tracking, but whatever police are relying on the alibi for dalton seems to be airtight same as we would have to guess, with her father and with the brothers, and this probably includes domes. others. Well, young again, any time you have a missing person case that there is some reason to believe that, possibly that Molly would take off on her own, but I think this video footage the day before she went missing shows molly was very happy and
I think, with her family and friends, knowing her. This is not an option. This is option. We can take off the table, her father actually believed in it. This was just a gut feeling, and you heard this in the trailer that that somebody that she knew took her. So we have a situation where law enforcement is saying that she was abducted by somebody. They are not leading you to believe whether she knew the person or not and, and then the father now same his gut feeling is that the person knew her. She knew the person some other information that we learn regarding that press conference is that sheriff kriegel said he did say that he believed that the snapchat opened by dalton around ten p m on the d. that she is believed to have gone missing was in fact sent that day. But that's all he would say about that right now,
the reason why this is so interesting about this snapchat. Remember. We said that he did the molly indulge would often communicate via snapchat. So this snapchat was opened up it. Be m by Dalton. The reason. adult and brings us up to law enforcement. Is he says, hey look, there's a theory She was out there jogging and was abducted while she was jogging this snapchat in her to be endorse right and this send to me. I opened up at ten p m. The problem. Is we the public Dont know win that snapchat was sent. She could have sent that took that that snapchat senate She even went out jogging that night I'm sure that is a big piece of information, though, for police as they might be able to identify whose homes was standing in or what building she was in when that was created, and this puts us in a we're in a fascinating time, because
What we do know is that she had communications through text messages, communications through social media platforms. We also know that she wore a fitbit all the time she was wearing the fitbit on a run, she's wearing her cell phone on the run. So therefore, we know that these pieces of technology might led to actual evidence later, and we also hear that again in this press conference. This is where the sheriff confirmed that Thus, it is believed that they would be able to take useful information from the fit bit data which they had been able to attain obtain, but they would not discuss that further. Obviously- and should not right in this prescott,
prince. He also stated that they had collected video footage from all of the stores along molly's, regular running routes, as well as any private citizens who might have had surveillance cameras on July thirty, first, the associated press reported that it had interviewed a neighbour of jack's. This is Dave column. He told a p the following, he had been interviewed by investigators. They had him. Data from Molly's fit bit showed she jogged passed his home on that evening of the evening in question, he told the a p what, while he had indeed seen molly on previous runs and was a regular at church with her and her family. So he could easily identifier he could easily said. her he had not seen her run by his home on the eighteenth dave, also said, invest
gaiters told him. Molly was doing homework on her computer later that evening now this is interesting, Why would investigators tell this guy this information if it were in fact true when they claim that they are taught they're trying to keep everything close to the vest right and as a spa town says, so you also run into a situation where, yes, the police were keeping things close to their chest, but some times police officers, law enforcement have people that they have to know get some of this Their chests, if that makes any sense at all. Well, if it's in fact true, you know we're talking about at the time law enforcement kind of fusing to elaborate on the time line that they had claimed that they had established.
now reasons for this information. If, in fact, now we're going off of if this Dave column guys telling the truth, he could have gotten confuse during the course of the interview or or again like we said wooden people spotted her running, he could be confused on what days. Who was out to an early work done in late, but but morning to his claims, was that night did that later that night they had police had evidence that suggested she was at home, working on homer so now? I understand that by saying that he could be confused, knows the night before. I wonder why, if they, in fact, they did tell him this information. What was the strategy there, you know was it to plant is in the public mind, perhaps to manipulate the investigation some way or were they did they want to give information into dave just to see what he would do with it. You know- They had to suspect that he would probably tell somebody about this.
Interesting thing, though, is that Dave shares a last name, with morgan column who we know to be molly's cousin. So if Dave is potentially related or somehow related to the tippets family and maybe law enforcement told him this something that they didn't share publicly, because he was in fact related or is he a suspect at that time when you're sitting down talking with him? Are you saying you? You know what we we do have some information that she was in this area. We don't know what happened after that Let's throw some possible scenarios out there to see what he Howie reacts to it and law enforcement has done a really good job of cuban lanes close to the best, but I'm sure they're, fairer and more things with the family than they have shared with the media, and then the families do been doing a good job of keeping information that they need to hold
back back yes, but we did hear this from laura from Molly's mother early in the investigation. She had said that a quick look at internet history on molly's laptop after it was retrieved from the jack's house, suggested that Molly had been working on a homework assigned. for her roman civilization class. Now the family called a local tv new show that day had been told this by authorities the Amal that model appeared to have been working on her computer later in the evening on the eighteenth. However, this was an early theory We need to keep that mind. This was an early theory and laura would later warn us warned the public that it is unclear exactly when the laptop was used that evening and cautioned against anyone drawling any firm conclusions from that information read this
very confusing when I was looking it up because to me, if she's abducted, when she is out running to me that points more so towards somebody that she possibly doesn't now and then, if she's abducted from that house, that some individual would have to know that she was at that home by herself and yes or out running by herself, with no one to account for her for several hours after she would return from that run. But during this search for run a fund, an item and is not really clear if its molly's or if it's not molly this has been a weird thing here: captain and started off very weak and maybe it's just not been cleared up. So
July. Twenty seventh, the washington post, reported that authority said molly may have been wearing denham shorts and a red t shirt when she disappeared. Now this is completely a complete different, description than what we were told before re. Apparently behold on that goes back to the idea of. Did she make it back home. Yeah. It goes. It goes back to the we don't know when she if she was abducted, we don't know when she was abducted, ray and the thing here with this red shirt, the the reason why it could be significa is it it is believed and mash lab, think, there's good amount of proof that she did own a red sure now. Was it this one that was later found. We don't know, let's talk about that, so Molly was issued by the summer camp that she worked for a red t, shirt, possibly multiples of the same teacher. Some reports said,
she would have war that red shirt for a field trip that was scheduled for the nineteenth every bows gonna, where these red shirt, right, so it's easy for the kids are whoever's on this trip to identify the people that their with brain reports surfaced in early is that a red shirt similar to the one molly had own for work had been found in a dish. by someone mowing grass near the lincoln wild life area. This is about fifteen minutes away from brooklyn by car. This report which has absolutely never been confirmed. It provoked a frenzy of speculation. Of course, what if the whole time line was different, if Molly had been abducted on the morning, maybe even the morning of the nineteenth when she was preparing to leave for work, then she would have been wearing the red shirt or believed to have been wearing this red shirt. We have Kevin
winkler of the eye department of public safety? He told a press conference that he had quit no information to confirm that anything belong to Molly had been found. In other words, this would include the red shirt. The red certainly ditch had not been linked to molly as far as they were concerned here, but this is where the red shirt gets. A little more strange is that its found close to this pig form yen. This pig farmer he's kind of em dude. I think that's like the requirement to be a pig former, now dude, see I've joking, I used to teach a guy that was a pig farmers who was one of the most stand up guys. I've ever met just a jam like the cut off did the shot out to the farmers. You are the backbone of amerika, the ok, so this takes
captain in late July. Investigators are conducting there's a very key word here in this sends a targeted search of a former haug farm, yet targeted search, as a former hog hog farm in question the previous owner. Now this is convicted stalker wayne Chaney he's fifty six years old. I don't know if he's actually convicted, I think he was brought to trial. I heard seven times, but time there it was dropped. Do you want to go through his I do a whole or a little little round heat, run down of mister channing, let me know what he was actually charged with. Ok, that's what I heard in the news, multiple times was, he was charged seven times, but every time it was brought to court it was dismissed, will know you are those that statement is pretty accurate. Ok, he has been charged with a lot. He hasn't been convicted as many things as he's been charged with a lot of his charges as
data were dismissed at some point, but according to I will court records, he has a bunch of convictions, things that he would plead guilty to or was found guilty of. So he has been found guilty of harassment and the second degree in two thousand and nine can too the violation of no contact or protective order in two thousand and ten criminal trespassing Ninety ninety six harassment by communication and ninety ninety six harassment in the first degree two thousand and nine interference with official acts in two thousand and nine in for use of media in two thousand and fifteen. I don't know what the hell was had charge me he proper use of, maybe that's podcasting.
stalking violation of protect protection of order found guilty in two thousand and fourteen in contempt, violation of no contact or protective order in two thousand and eleven rise to this guy seems creepy but mind you. We have no reports that molly clean It should be in start well. We also have no evidence that the two would have known each other for any reason rat all so, but just go back to what you had brought up captain you are. Absolutely right. I know I just read down a whole bunch of stuff here, but he has in fact been charged with a lot of stuff that was dismissed and I dont have the particulars of why that was dismissed. Sometimes people are being charged with something in there just straight up innocent these protective aren't. We see constantly this violation of protection order. from my understanding he's handsome nasty breakups with girlfriends, and I think that he is maybe not hand,
himself in the most gentlemanly way when breaking up with a girlfriend Violations, though, can be tricky and beyond with you. If you want to watch about five episodes of the tv show, cops you'll figure out why this charging conviction is tricky to try to figure out what that may mean, but the captain was stating that red shirt was found, about a mile from their home Jamie lived in a trailer home about five hundred yards from that farm She had sold to a large conglomerates a few years before the fire located at two one, six, one, forty seventh resort for and seventieth avenue in deep river, which is about fifteen miles from brooklyn. It is routinely for two in the press, as quote pig farms and cheney, is, as quote the haug farmer. But neither is actually accurate, the farm
apparently no longer a producer of hogs, an cheney was not working. There. Any longer and had not owned it for a few years, while that would even with a lot of time on his hands. The other weird here. There was, I think, law enforcement question of at least five times and they asked him to take a polygraph. He he refused and then once it got into the media, and I think the heat got turned off upon him a lot and he ended up agreeing to take a polygraph and from the report said on that he actually passed polygraph well. The other thing to is the rumours that came about once it was made public that they were talking to this guy, looking at form area and asked about the polygraph was the rumours worth it they were searching him. Then it was a targeted search because that they had possibly law enforcement and possibly found information on Molly's fit bid to lead.
to this area or had found the fit bit itself now, both of those that's just speculate probably not accurate web, but law enforcement can be line on the idea that you pass the polygraph ass, we dont. Now I mean if they have this information, that the fit bit took them to the location. I mean this is your prime suspect them, but we don't know what they're holding back the the in an interview that I found from fox news janni. He he appeared to be mary nervous, he was anxious he was fidgetting, but he made a statement that I hated was at one point. They said. Ah, sir law enforcement has question he multiple times he yeah they're, just wasting my time like well, sort of waste. Your time dick knows, but we got a missing girl here wound, she's a lot more important than your precious time. Dick knows he
so said in the our view that the fbi had question him for about two hours, but he remember what they had asked him. They couldn't. He couldn't remember specific questions regarding the lie detector test or the polygraph. I should say The information I found he had stated was that he did not know the results of that task. To be clear, as or, as I could find as of this morning, he's not technically been named a person of interest in this case, although there must be something for some reason for them to have questioned him so many times and searched his former property now we do know did they searched his trailer? They were searched. Garage and portions of that quote. Unquote. Pig farms, while to be fair to captain diagnose, pick farmer. It there's some others aspects that the media has been talking about
well to other men were were looked at into that we know of there could Be- many more, but the to that- or on the radar so to speak, was stemming first from stemming from a scenario in early august when police in dubuque this is a town on I was border. The border with wisconsin in illinois. They arrested. A man accused of assaulting a jogger assistant, police chief Jeremy Jensen, told fox news, the job had stated two investigators she was running near the city's fire station on July, twenty ninth, when she was approached by man who had offered her flowers and then tried to grab her. The dubuque police department statement about the incident red the male subject later identified as gregg lang, gale age, twenty two of Dubuque grabbed the male victims arm when she refused to give him her phone number. She was a
to pull her arm away and kicked langdale when he tried to grab her again. The departments said they tracked. A suspicious vehicle observe by traffic cameras in the area of the reported assault back to this individual, he has been charged with the sole and was taken into custody. As of now. The case currently has no eyes, tamales disappearance that we know of. No, whether lingo had been targeted had targeted this jogger, specifically, they knew each other. Although the flowers there. That's just super weird or it would seem to me to indicate more of a specific interest in this. Individual maybe or is this a complete creep and he decided they, I got some flowers and hears us joggers, hey you want some flowers. Are you dont want flowers from a stranger? Let me grab your arm mean well.
other incidents took place in pella way she's an hour's drive away from brooklyn police took a man in for questioning on July. Thirty, first after he was cap, on surveillance, footage taking pictures of female joggers. The man turned himself in two authorities when he heard that they were looking for him. Pella police chief robert, both kinsky, told w Joe tv that the man quote as conversely, as he possibly could took foe, out of the female joggers unbeknownst to them. It seem to be very creepy an quote how we should be We got it, we gotta make sure that we state this here. This man did come forward, they said we're looking for you. He comes forward says I was the guy taking the pictures of the joggers law enforcement and pella comes later in says: hey we spoke to the man, he told us why he was taking the pictures. Were
releasing that information, but we want to make you make it aware. We have not charged with any and it's not illegal, to be in a public place and take pictures. So this man's not been charged said anything since the wolf said beef he just gonna drive around and take pay for their people without them knowing well, but again, he here, splain why he was taking the pictures. We don't know what was explained to law enforcement out by july, twenty eighth, a reward amount, skyrocketed over three hundred thousand dollars now tactic that we have seen before captain the pair declared that the award would be available even to the abductor. Her parents also started a facebook group dedicated to the case and there were believed to be some sightings of molly, while she was still missing one
included a citing at a truck stop in Kansas city Missouri information. I found captain while it was huge speculation at the time in and widely regard by the public that hey molly could still be alive. She could still be out there. She was cited at this truck. Stop. We had Family that came out said: look if she was abducted, she would fighting this individual, though there, if she wouldn't have been sitting there, so you know willing to be their right or just unless she knew the person correct, and the information that I found captain says that it turned out that its believe that citing, is not accurate, that that was not her. There was cited on that day, and this is this is like that citing heard around the world because the number one trending thin on facebook that day yeah end on august fifth, another incident, Have a body of a white woman was found? Who up
to be in her mid twenties turn up in the lee county, which is an hour's DR south east of brooklyn iowa. This turned out to be eighty alvarado aged twenty twenty year a twenty eight year old man, her boyfriend, believed to be her. Boyfriend has been charged with her death I said earlier I mean I, I receive personally hundreds of people asking us to cover this case shine a light on the on her disappearance and now the day that we decide to record the episode and release it to the world. They have now found her body eyes, but pre tough day, yes in our hearts and our thoughts go out.
Molly's, family and friends. The I want to thank everybody for listening thanks for telling a friend thanks for sharing on social media and thanks for giving us five star reviews on itunes. That means and here in the garage. We are working very hard to get part two out of this case today. So please join us here in the garage until then good, be kind and don't let.
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