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Molly Miller & Colt Haynes /// Part 1 /// 681

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Molly Miller & Colt Haynes /// Part 1 /// 681

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July 7th, 2013 - 17 year old Molly Miller and 21 year old Colt Haynes had just met about a 10 days prior when they meet up for a night with others at a party. Molly and Colt leave the house party with a local guy that they both know. His name is James Conn Nipp. Nipp is known well in the area by both civilians and members of local law enforcement. Nipp decided to piss off the police. He was practically begging them for a high speed chase, something he had done several times before. After the police chase Nipp goes home. Molly and Colt have not been seen since. Grab a beer and cool down in the Garage with Nic and the Captain. Happy 4th of July! 

Beer of the Week - Hatchback Inferno by Tactical Brewing Company 

Garage Grade - 3 and 3 quarter bottle caps out of 5 

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well. The true grab garage where you are whatever you're doing, thanks for listening, ibm hosts naked with me, as always, is a man, the reminder that if you are listening, in the car or truck to drive the true crime garage way, which is to say friendly period.
The cap wave to your neighbors, it's good to be seen and good to see you thanks for listening thanks for Tom this week. We are very happy to be featuring hatch back inferno by our good southern friends. Down at tactical brewing company ash back inferno is an e s. Be was smoked, hops, yes, He stands were extra special bitter, a style and for its balance, interplay between Malta and hop bitterness so very interesting and unique beer and flavour garage great three and three quarter bottle caps out of five and hear some unique and end thing people who helped us, philip, the bridge this week here in the garage. Let's give a praise and thank you to all of those who helped first up the cheers through Stephanie from dexter michigan and the big
like the jib goes to Gina from in wise, annulled but certainly not least, we have patty borderline and quarterly idaho, everyone we just mentioned: they went to our website. True crime, garage dot, com, clicked on the pint glass and that helped us out with this week shows, and for that We think it be that we need a bore you in beer run. If you need more true crammed around free air balls check out our boat, content. You can find it in the website store or you can find it through the apple podcast, app and colonel. That's enough, the business all right, everybody gather round grab a chair, gravel beer. Let's talk some true cried, the
the but through crime podcast buffet, you can click swiping search and find yourself staring at your listening device mesmerized by the true crime. Podcast the ferry there are so many to choose from back when true crime garage first started in two thousand and fifteen, there were only about a dozen, maybe two dozen of these shows mostly mom and pop type operations, and we works I to join the ranks, then the two thousand seventeen was like the levy broke and everyone in their cousin had a true crime,
I guess. Around the same time, the big boys started. Moving the big networks came to true crime. Podcasting this dramatically changed the space It created a landscape where the smaller operations had difficulty thriving, and so many of them would give up or slow down the frequency of their shows. Some have said: the networks were there to choke out the little guys while true crime garage ain't tappan out, and we are still an independent part gas in two thousand and eighteen, I read an article titled why It makes a good true crime podcast I thought wow. It looks like someone has finally put together a tried and true recipe for a good, true crime. Podcast. The article said that, of course, you have to have mystery, and intrigue
pod gas should have a likeable and reliable victim or victims. The counter to that is that the recipe also called for unlike able villains and suspects that are either weird mysterious or both a good true crime podcast needs to have several shades of gray across the back store. The crime itself and the key players involved, then, at a pinch of corruption, several spoonfuls of lies and deceit, a healthy side of conspiracy, the compliments, the entre, the icing on the cake in the cherry on top a cover up. Well, that was the gist of the article but I created all the food references. I finished. The article thought how confused the author or the team of writers were, with this lame attempt at some powerful piece of do it yourself, podcasting advice
a magazine that at the time had not produced a single true crime podcast, where they, got gotta completely. Wrong was scattered throughout the tired of the article, but it started right at the top right at the title. What makes a good true crime podcast Now we ve been doing this long enough that we could and an entire evening discussing ways to make a good true crime podcast. There are many out there doing it well and doing it in different ways. But the number one way to have a good podcast is to have a good case. The details of the true crime story cannot be and you factual. They are either there or they are not there. It is not about crime
being the perfect recipe for the true crime story that you are telling it's about the presentation and how it is delivered to your table. This week we bring to your table true crime story that has all of the ingredients for good, true crime story and none of it manufactured. We have a likeable relatable victim seventeen year old, molly miller, the good girl who was led by all good at sports and very close to her siblings, who grew to be a wayward tea. She started to get into trouble she had lessons to learn, but her whole life ahead of her. Our story has the unlike a bull villain. Twenty one year old, jeems con nip a privilege. Young man who stole cars, broke the law frequently thumbed his nose at authority just because he could
This story has strange suspects, several of them sent off for jail time or prison stance who had a hand in the crimes committed or who didn't have a hand in the crimes. There are many theory of what actually happened in our case this week. They can all be true, we have lies in deceit from the suspects from the suspects families. and even from members of law enforcement who were sworn to protect and serve as for aids of gray, one of the victims, very Little is known about his backstory. There is speculation on how the parties involved knew each other and why they spend time with one another at all friends. were obvious enemies and enemies, pretending to be friends an area.
Was in very well could still be rife with drug activity, a sheriff with family ties to the case law enforcement agency. That many wonder, did they look the other way on this? Did they do it? ro investigation did one of their own, have any involvement, a family searching for answers and justice, and a lot of talk across to counties about corruption and a possible cover up. Oh yeah, and this true crime story has a high speed. Our chases well, we all dress each and every one of those topics in this week's telling of our true crime store. This is the case of molly miller and colt pains
and this is true grand garage. wilson oklahoma is a town in Carter county with Population of about seventeen hundred people, love county is just south of corridor county. So love county is right on the texas oklahoma state borders both are in the heart of chickasaw country, an tornado alley. It was home. Through the chickasaw nation, then this area sadly became a hot spot for drugs, mainly methamphetamine back in two thousand and thirteen. Where we pick up this story, we
have seventeen year old, molly miller. She was born in april of ninety. Ninety six at this time. She's living with her mother and grandparents molly was described as a fun. Loving kid who was very outgoing and a talented athlete. She played an excelled as soft law. She was the light of life to her grandfather Alex. I spoke with someone who worked on this case and they said Alex was a great sweet family man and everyone suspect but molly was Alex's. Favorite grandchild, he loved to show off her softball trophies molly was rebellious feisty and had a reputation for us king her mind and, as we all know, this sometimes can get one into trouble. Our story is going to pick up in the summer time,
and I've seen several reports. Some stating that molly would be starting her junior year of high school in the fall, but other saying that she had just completed her junior year when I spoke with people close to the king, this, as everyone will see, is an insignificant detail. So was not on my list of questions now less jumped back too late. Twenty twelve just for a second and talk about molly's, cousin, paula field or paula is grown with at least one adult child of her own us that is in his late twenties at this time, Paula in molly's mother, who were and remain close. They were actually talking about having molly move in with the cousin paula, because she was starting to get into some trouble. and she was hanging out with the wrong crowd Paul about two and a half hours away. Now
between molly and her mother must have gotten better, because nothing ever came of this arrangement. Molly never moved in with Paul. Let's go back to two thousand and thirteen it. Let's go after the school year, so this is june twenty eighth, two thousand and thirteen on this day. seventeen year old, molly Miller gets into an argument with her mother melissa, during which molly storms out of the house, so she goes and decides to stay with a close friend. This is not the first time that this has happened, she would usually be gone for a day or two and then return home, but this time something was different. Some say the big difference. This time was it. She had met someone. His name is called hey And by all accounts, molly had a near instant crush on him. Cold haines was an older boy. He was twenty one here
on a good looking young man that Molly did not know prior to leaving her mothers home in late june. Now we need up something out here, captain about this area of Oklahoma. This true crime story takes place in carter, county and love. County love county is described as a place where every one knows we want now. I know we hear that a lot about these more rural areas, but in this case, Everyone knows every one is an understatement. This prove me a dozen times when looking into this case in love everyone knows every one and they know your mom, your dad, your brother, your cousins, every but he knows everybody. I know a lot of ma in Carter county, it's a little more populous love county is just ten thousand people. Carter county is about forty, eight thousand people, so in Carter most people know
each other, but it's more of a two degrees of separation situation and carter com, so we are molly that seventeen and she has a crush on coal, which is twenty one years old, that's correct and the two spend some time together in the coming days, but its unclear. What colts feelings were formed Ali. We don't have anyone saying that he was pursuing her or wanted a relationship with her, but in this time away from her mother's house, molly through friends, found herself in the same social circles as call hands. Colt was considered by most to be a good young man. He was a pretty good student not again,
student, but a pretty good student in high school and after he had a ton of france, but he like many in this area at the time. Unfortunately, for decades, actually he slipped into drug use. Meth, as we said, is a huge problem in this area and has been where those decades, in fact, it was described to me by a local as back there meaning in the early two, thousands in two thousand and ten as it was like? A freight train of math was making regular stops in love and carter. Counties call had in on again off again: drug problem he'd get clean for a while and then he would fall back into it, and unfortunately, this is something that we would see with other p, as well in this area because of the amount of drugs in the amount of drug use in this area. It's almost
easier to slip back into drugs than to stay away from it all together. When you have this addiction, it's sad if something that stuff me and you're in an area where you can't really escape it now molly leading up to this summer. It was real ordered the she had already started to dabble with math, and some of her close family and friends were concerned about this. In fact, this is likely what was causing problems at home during that school year again, addiction is tough. It sad is something that anyone can easily fall into times it only takes one time use to find yourself on the other side of the tree. Acts, so some of the rumour some other thoughts is that Molly was hiding her relationship with cold. But that's gonna go
using to me, and I think to you as well colonel because they weren't seen each other that long, so it could be that she just what telling people about a new relationship and as we, We don't know she was intending to go home, so not sharing this relation, been even was one with her family. One surprise me if she didn't have any immediate intentions of returning home, probably not sharing a lot of things with home and her family at that time, and they by all accounts only knew each other for about a week to maybe ten days at the very most leading up to the events of our mystery. Now some of us speculated as to why she would hide this if she was even hiding it at all, but the speculation captain is one call, is older, now he's an adult. She is not so that's obvious.
two, he has a baby with another woman and three he had arrived station for getting in trouble with the law, but I want to be clear about this. The you can be a good guy, and get in trouble with the law. We have a person who is struggling with addiction and everything that I could find as far as trouble with the law came about big, of drugs. It's all drug related charges, we're not talking about a violent person. We're not talking about somebody that is stealing and robbing others where terror using others are harming others. He unfortunately has this drug problem and its lead him to other issues yet which has caused him to hurt himself in an all. These crimes are really again, will you said crimes that are against himself, as we said molly and call only knew each other for about a week or so now, here
What we know about their time together on July fifth, molly and cold its later determine that this was molly and coal caught on camera, but molly call and two others are caught on surveillance, video camera at the wilson casino parking lot. This was in a pair drug deal going on, but no one was hurt still no one is charged. This was not a police situation. Now note the date, though, captain that's July, If remember, we know that molly left her mother's house on june. Twenty eighth we're only about seven days after she leaves her mother's house. the following day on July, sixty two unnamed people went to a home and picked up molly and call, and they all went to another house together and hung out together for some period of
so we know molly colt were together again on this day on July six. Now here's where things get incredibly strange sunday July, seventh, two thousand and thirteen molly is trying to get her friend jessica and from everything I could find these to a really tight jessica's, her best friend so she's trying to get jessica who she was staying with. After leaving her mother's house to go to a party with her, but jessica is refusing to go. There's peep There is probably a drug element there. The she's interested in being involved with. In fact, she's trying to help her friend out saying molly idle. wanna go, I'm refusing to go, you shouldn't this party, either ma he decides to go. She wants to go to the party anyway, and it's my
leaf and many others believe that she knew. That call would be there and that's likely why she wanted to attend yeah party is kind of a loose term. I mean these are more like small gatherings, but it, but we think they're called parties to these individuals, because there's gonna be drug use, europe or alcohol user, or something because handful people hanging out exactly all teenagers and people that have lived through there Twenties they know that often times some people were calling something a party you show up, there's five people there and is this: it's just friends hanging out really having a good time together. That is what this appears to be they called it a party. There is only a few people at this location at some point during this night. This as a sunday molly and cold, decide to get into a
vehicle with a guy who is known by the name of cod. So who is caught com is James. Con nip he's age, twenty one and he knows called. He knows molly, but he and cold don't really like each other and apparently he amali of known each other for a very long time so jack khan nip is a spoiled young brat. That's the best way to describe this dude he lives with their grandparents hulu in love county. This is about thirty minutes away from where molly was staying, he lives on a what's referred to. As a compound. Do in the woods, surrounded by many many acres of land. I had a heart I'm figuring out how just how many acres as its reported to be
anywhere from ran around a hundred to some people, saying that is like a thousand acres of land. So very or to determine how large this property is. But we know that he lives at this home with gray parents, and it also sounds like the home and the properties large enough- that there are other members of this family they live on this very large property. Now the nip family. Is well known throughout the entire county of love, counting. and they are known because a they ve had some success, and now that, but their family has ties there. They ve been there for generation after generation after generation now con as he's known as had a reputation for getting into trouble. This is much
print them. What we talked about with coal pains captain con. Yes, he has drug use in a history of that, and we will see that in his from the court records we have, but he also gets into trouble he's just an asshole like he. He enjoys. causing havoc and he seemed so always get away with the things that is creating he. Never there. Never seems to be much in the way of consequences for james com nip so as far as police record, goes leading up to two thousand and thirteen captain in two thousand and ten Into thou eleven court records stated cod, has history of criminal charges and drug abuse- he had been convicted of possessing
possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia in twenty ten case and convicted of driving under the influence of drugs and twenty eleven Now, as we said, every one in town, every one in the county, they know the nips molly is in fact a distant cousin of the net family. And has known cod for where the majority of her life, or at least known his family rights, so that sir connection tomb exactly as we said, hot and cold don't really get along. There's a lot speculation as to why these two wouldn't have got along the we. We pointed out there the same age about twenty one, but one of the real maybe that con at one point dated a former girlfriend of cults in fact that is the woman that he had a baby with, and
Its well known the con was very abusive to this young woman or this girl. She may have been a girl at the time of their relationship, because they dated around two, maybe even three years prior to the events that we're talking about here today, only he said is known to like being an asshole, yes very much so so this girl, this woman, leaves COD and and starts dating colt. I can't say for one hundred percent certainty that that's why these two don't like each other, could be a it's likely, a multitude of reasons, I'm guessing. Eddie savage is this woman's name and the baby that her uncle had together is named jagger haines He was only ten months old. At the time of our story, katy said that this is one big, mystery, p,
within all the other mysteries that come with it in the story captain we said that call. And molly they get into a vehicle a con. Why? The hell? We call get into a vehicle with a guy that he does not like in its known that he doesn't like well that's drugs for you and what every on his said is the only reason these two would have hung out together or been and the same com. Meet together would be because of drugs Hey parks and wreck fans rob low here. Did you know that parks and recollection is back, and that's not all we wanted to shake things up but to give us some new life, so my buddies.
Jim o hara and gregg levine are going to be hosting the podcast through I rob it is made Jim O'Hara and I played larry terry garry jerry, berry and parks and rec, and I am so excited to go on this adventure you know me gregg living parks and wreck writer, Jim and I are continuing in the parks recap tradition, going through every epoch, starting with season for years our so make sure to subscribe to parks and recollection wherever. Yet your pod guess, I am literally so excited.
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I'm to get free delivery on your first three orders offer valid for a limited time. Ten dollar minimum per order additional terms apply All right, we are back cheers made one of the guys so much for supporting the grudge flying grad ship cheers for the people on the back, and I purposely said that this week, captain because I got a couple of messages peoples it? Why do you always give a shout out to the people in the back and you and I like to pretend that it's like some kind of live cancer? We have people on the back people on the sides, but in all truthfulness, we ve had several people messages over the years. That say that I work in a restaurant back of the house and we regularly
play true crime garage episode, so the whole crew can listen to him while we're working. So, most of the time when we say cheers of the people in the back we're talking about the important people in the back of the house, so cheers to all of you out there and thank you for playing the true crime garage podcast. So so far in this case, we have molly she's seventeen we have coat. He is twenty one we have con, which is a a longtime family friend of Molly's he's twenty one, but coat and con don't like each other. If for some reason they get into the same car. We suspect it's because they're going to go, do some drugs they're either going to use together or go collect some drugs together? I think what's happened here. Is that the that molly in all have probably already been using before they get in the vehicle with khan, and, as you said there, you're going to go, use together or they're gonna go find more drugs together. Now.
our problems really start here. Captain around ten thirty p m and Since, when con with cold and molly, they stop at a convenience, store small little store to pick up some beer for the night. Ok at ten, forty six p m, we have a wilson police officer, he's actually the captain, his name ryan parsley on the captain, the through that very true. Well, this is down in carter, county captain, so ryan firstly, is a police officer for wilson for the city of Wilson. He is in a parking lot across the street from this little convenience store that the three stop that to pick a beer, everything should be fine, but no con can't help himself. He sees the police car
and he's done something that he's done many times before he decides. You know what gonna be a real jerk. He pulls up near the police. Car starts doing donuts which is now spraying. The car with gravel well of the police don't like when you start doing, do doughnuts right in front of a news flash right. They also don't like to have their crews are being hit by wrap damaged by rocks, that's correct, so he pulls off this little stunned and, of course, the police officer flips on his lights and com is now in a police chase, because one thing that can does not, do is pull over when the police flip on their lights. He has been in me,
multiple police chases, leading up to this night. He's super recklessness: did this guy's a real power, Well, let's also point out that he, as he's fleeing the officer that cod is driving a borrowed vehicle. It's not even his car. It two thousand and twelve honda cord thing which, during This police chase reached speeds of up to one huh. in twenty miles per hour, so during the chase. He goes over the county line he leaves Carter county goes into love county and the county officers ere they joined in the pursuit, but eventually the least lost him This was in the vicinity of long hollow road, which
the dead in road, but it leads to this very large property, that's owned by his family, the nip family. Now, What I want everybody to do is kind of picture, anybody has seen the you, the moon we dukes of hazard a watch. The old showed the dukes of hazard. This is what, picture pictured every time I was discussing this part of the case with people we're informing me how this went down. Basically, the nip pretty, as we said, is very large, its huge that's. Why she said anne on this property. They have a lot of dirt roads. Small marrow roads that have been cleared of trees over the years. So, if you look at this property, a satellite picture of this property, you can visually. You can spot all of these trails that run throughout this property, so he con on several counts,
germany has been involved in activity that leads to a police pursuit of him, a police chase of him, so much so that you can hear the officers On the radio saying probably car nip in that car and if it is he's going to long haul road, so his ammo that he does captain is he pissed off the police? He fleas them talk. His family property and then goes off road on these trails. Did they either can't travel, They have no idea where their goin. Now you would think a normal person would realize it all. If they know it's me in does the same thing. I do every time. Well, all eventual get busted anyway, because they can to show up at my door in the morning and knock on the door and in charge me
something the following morning. While con is not a normal person, he's kind of an ass hat and he thinks he's above the law of the law and he sure he is also a drug addict. So how much drugs is jan in these times of these, please trace. Who knows the other thing, though? To is he's he's privilege
in the manner that a relative of his is the sheriff of love counting and the sheriff on more than one occasion has set up a roadblock to make it very difficult for any one in his family to get into any kind of trouble with the law. Now here's the first mystery, the first real mystery in our stored. It spin reported the sheriff Joe Russell he's. The sheriff of love county, all off the police chase that night and some have said that it was either due to it just being a very dangerous situation. More harm was going to come, then good out of this police chase. You can have damaged vehicles, injured officer,
One hundred twenty mile an hour on roads that are not lit out in the country could even end up in a fatality. So I can I agree with that side of the argument. One hundred percent, the other The argument is that he knew that it was one of his relatives com net being chased as it wasn't cons first rodeo and called it Just so one of his own wouldn't get into trouble. I can agree with both of those arguments: so again. We have molly caught in con in this car. There's a police chase, they call off the chase, but we No we're com is gonna, go he's goin to his family's property. Once he gets on this property, though the car is goin to be dead.
yeah. So what happens here can't than we know from eyewitness accounts? The con was driving, colt was in the front, see and we have molly in the back seat of this two thousand and twelve honda cord two thousand and thirteen. So this is a relatively new vehicle and he's he's gonna. Do offloading on his family's very large property, and the problem with this police chase is all reports say the same thing nobody is certain where the chase ended or when it ended. All we know is that at some point the county cruiser as well as wilson peaty stop pursuing the vehicle or the they. They lost the vehicle in the chase and the vehicle takes on so much damage going through this property. Once it's off road that
the vehicle eventually dies now? One thing that we also know is the neighbours that people that live near this large property. They have large properties as well, but in the past multiple neighbors had said you know we are constantly fixing. Our fences are barbed wire fences. because somebody keeps running them over with a vehicle. Well, you know, be a Sherlock holmes to figure out that that's car nip access, that property and different ways, and the vehicle eventually dies at a local, on this very large property. Now what have and here is a mystery, what we can gather is this com knows this property he's live. There is entire life. His family have lived there for generations. That's why I say it's like the dukes of hazard right any time they go off road and to get away from the cops member. The rascal
He called train. He don't know where the dukes her boy And they know those dark roads like the back of their hand, so that the law, Is that a huge disadvantage? And so, unfortunately, while in law and the law officers are not on drugs, so they're not gonna drive as erratic as somebody that's high on Math, where, unfortunately, the other people that are at a huge disadvantage once this card eyes his molly and cold, they don't know their way around this property. This is a huge property data.
Well, where they are, they don't know where they need to go when the car dies. Khan says to yaw smell you later you're on your own, and he takes off on foot call in mali are stuck there near where the vehicle died and something that I couldn't find. I couldn't get confirmation on so there's anybody, that's local! That could clear this up for me. Cause I've heard this property is as big as one hundred acres, which pretty big but could be as large as a thousand acres, but that's a big difference exactly our offer, little speculation as to why. I think there is a discrepancy in in the reported size of this property often times- and this is the fact that the case here as well- but often times you get these rural areas where you have a family, that's lived there for generations and they have these very large properties. Well, a lot of time
they are very large property is surrounded by extended family, who have very large properties as well, and in this case, if they all share the same last name is very difficult for us as outsiders to determine how much, that proper you were talking about well, what we it points out here. Captain is colt and molly are in them. They find them helps in the middle of nowhere. In the middle of the night, it's pitch black out. There were not talk about street lights, right, the us, the city, folk, a city folk, don't realize how how bright these the lights are. The street lights are until you get out until a place where there are none and they have a vehicle that is dead. They had their cell phones but to be perfect clear. We said their trap down the middle. Nowhere guess what, if they make it out to the road, just where they're gonna wanna go there still
out in the middle of nowhere. So this is a crazy predicament that they find themselves in now. What we do know happened here is it at twelve forty seven, a m Molly, calls nine one one. This call lasted five seconds. In fact she doesn't say a word during this call and its reported that she either hung up or the call was dropped. There's very limited self service out in this area. The operator. Tries to as protocol tries to return the call and make several calls attempted to Molly's phone, but no one ever picks up. So it's been thought.
either she dial nine one one and decided she didn't want to report any thing or talk to them and in purposely hung up or that it was an accidental call and the call was dropped on four, only. We do not have molly to tell us why she called and one one that night and she didn't again. No words were said to the emergency personnel when the phone was picked up now, colts friends have told the media and law enforcement. then he called several of them during the early morning hours that night and he said the eu was able to give of several details as to what was going on. No, we also have molly calling people as well and they're both saying the same thing we were in a car with cod. a police chase car breaks down. We.
At an we're in the middle of nowhere. We don't know where we are. We don't know how to get to the road and We need help, we need somebody to come out and try to find us so this In the time- and we believe that molly coal or still together- but that but com is nowhere to be found, yeah Things are going to get more dire as the night goes along. What happens is at some point. Colt decides that he's going to climb up to the top of this big tree, and he is about twenty to twenty five feet in the air climbed up into this tree, because he's trying to see across the land and all the actions to see where they should be goin right. Well, this is where a bad situation gets much worse. He's up in this tree, the branch gives away and breaks.
colts, not a small guy, he's over two hundred pounds. The branch breaks he falls and, in the course of the fall he breaks his ankle and We know this because they relate this information they being molly and call to the friends and people that they're calling to asked to come out and find them. Now we need to be found, but but but now this guy's leg is broken and is a bad break. The bonus sticking out. They're asking for people to come out to help find them and bring water with you. Well, some of their friends. I it's some occur, friends actually because keep in mind these two didn't know each other until about a week or so before. This all takes place, so they don't necessarily share all the same friends. One of.
Trends with later tell police that the call that they got from coal He says he's lying in a creek bed with the broken ankle bone sticking out any coughing. A blood cheese and he tells his friend he goes look. We were in the car with con, I'm pretty certain that are somewhere between long hollow road in pike, road re. So a group his friends drive out there. They driving up and down these roads, long hollow and pike roads honking there horns flashing lights, while talking to call on the cell phone. This is how largess areas, though captain call telling them yeah. I get it. You guys are out your drive in Hong kong, the horn flashing you're, like I can't see any lights. I don't hear any horns and they're out there
Basically, circling this area yeah- and you know, if you're on a very dark area, you're going to be able to see those lights, those headlights from a good distance. But this is again where I wish we had more clarification on how hmi acres this this land is so In spite of all these phone calls and people even going out there, attempting to find them. Molly and coal are never located, and then at nine thirty nine, a m, molly's phone went dead or was shut off, and this is this is a topic for debate right here. Called haines is phone went dead or shut off at nine, fifty seven, a m content,
I now I get it. Both of them are out there on the phone calling people asking for help making a lot of phone calls. As we do said, we know, call was on the phone for an extended period, time talking to friends who are driving around circling the area but still suspicious. It's either very convenient or not. And stance at all that these phones, I'd or were shut off within what is that eighteen minutes of one another. This is fucking phone dies or shut off at nine thirty nine, a m colts phone went dead around nine. Fifty seven a m that same morning and leading up to that. Then there never heard from again via phone or anywhere else. As far as where we know after that time period, when the phones die so so low,
me I want to see a forum pick up where you put it down. so molly, she seventeen she's hanging out with co. His twenty one court has a drug problem they're, starting a relationship. We think it's possibly more than a friendship. She has a crush on em, they go to the party there. They find con Khan is going to go ahead, get in my car, we're gonna go get drugs or do drugs or something in this drive they just he decides to act like a douche bag and start a high speed, chase. We don't know when the cops stop the chase. Did they go all the way onto the property they end up talking these individuals you don't know, but we do know from this communication that molly and call
out were assuming its on cons, families lan gap, and they can't find anybody in their corn, friends and the friends. went out to look for him. The friends are are flashing, their lights, the friends are honking their horns and molly and colt don't see anything colt gets into a tree. He goes up the tree. He falls out of the tree, possibly breaks his ankle and then owned disappear, like you said one right after another and yet are at their just com so to add a little more evidence to all of those statements. We know that law enforcement we're tracking this vehicle in the chase too long hollow road which leads to the nip family, property rights, and
We don't know where the chase ended or if they were just simply call off at some point but we know from statements from law enforcement that that's where they were tracking this car to and that's where those statements kind of lead the vehicle to is their property. and then we know from statements from several people that were called by both. Coal and molly that night. They call it for out of a tree broke his leg bone staking out, can't move, can't get up and walk to two to the road or to safety. Molly there with him. They don't know where they are people while searching for them, and they they tell people on the phone about the car chase and the card dying, and I believe that You know we are on cons, property go out to the nip family property, that's where we are. That's why you're gonna find us. Please help us out.
and nobody's seen them or heard from them ever again, never again not yet ever again from. from that nine, a m hour when the phones die. There are not seen nor heard from ever again and let's expand this a little bit our time. I so, Angela Twenty second about two weeks ago, two weeks later, the vehicle in that car chase the vehicle that died on the property was found. Its honda cord, it was found wrecked in a field near where the police pursue ended, and Was determined that it had eighteen thousand dollars worth of damage to it? It was found a ban in the woods south of oswald road between in long hollow road and pike, road in love county, so you have
you're, looking at a map on the west part of that map, you would have pike road that runs north and south and then a little easter that you're gonna have long haul road it to runs. Northern south oswald road connects the two running east to west rain, and so this is found in an area found abandoned in an area south of oswald wrote which is directly It's too that very large nip family property. Now. Here's some added layers to this case mall it is reported missing by her family to Wilson city, to the city of wilson, to their police department right. They have wit so saying molly was in a car with coal and calm the last time that she was seen
Wilson pd they do their jobs and they take the missing person report. Well, molly family catches, wind of this police chase and all that information in everything their hearing from everybody. Again, everybody knows everybody in love, county somalis, mother calls the love county shares department to report her daughter missing in the county. Why? Because she. saying that she has information coming from all these people that she was her daughter in a car with cod in a car chase that ended in love county, its. love county shares departments, jurisdiction at this point where she went missing from where was last seen and heard from Molly's mothers old by sheriff Joe Russell that he will not take the missing persons report that this is not his problem. This
is wilson, pds problem in carter, county's problem. I have an issue just with that word. In anyways I mean, if you want her to call another county, there's there's a professional way to do that, you're paid to protect and serve, and this this kind of action, this kind of language, this kind of immature behavior is what's going to cause a bunch of questions to start coming towards law enforcement. In this case, you have two young adults that went missing and they were with this pile of shit of a person that is connected back to law enforcement, exactly and here's here's the other problem so called haines as an adult there's. Nobody final report for him or if they are, is its this the same old he's. An adult is allowed to not come home situation,
molly miller, is where you have the opportunity to raise the flag, raised the alarm right and say this a child. This is a minor. She went missing. Yeah, maybe she was up to some questionable questionable behavior, but nobody deserves to disappear. And you have love county sheriff who supposed to be protected, in serving people in his county thing. But not my problem oh the Molly miller situation, which have led to an investigation immediately was actually he did like a runaway situation. Where she went missing from the sheriff? There is on record, saying not my problem make sure you join us back here in the grand same bedtime, simba channel and until then.
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